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Correct Order of updating Drivers?
FED EX Sucks
Newegg got them!!!
VNF4 Ultra
MSI NEO2 Sounds problems!
dfi nforce 4 + video card
K8N Neo2 NVraid Setup issue WTF?
MSI K8N NEO2 Plat VS Gigabyte K8NS Ultra
Is my PCI bus really locked to my HT bus?
cd access times
undervolting vcore
K8N Neo2 first results...
Problems with Sandra on AMD Boards
partial to intel, but i gotta go with dfi
LanPartyUT NF3 250gb USB/Audio Problems
core center
Can't reset CMOS
Review From Anantech "DFI nForce4: SLI and Ultra for Mad Overclockers"
Are u using Ntune with your NF3 UT Lanparty
ram fsb
vnf3 wont let ram go over 2x512 go over 245
Abit AV8, Winchester, Antec PSU advice
Beta bios for LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb
K8N Neo 2 - Windows XP Pauses During Startup
My G.skill 4400 is on its way:-)
Witch chipset for MAX HTT?
MSI K8N Neo2 + Zalman 7000Cu
nf3 250gb + a64 2800+ rev.cg = burn
Need help Overclocking Athlon 64 3200+ more than 6%
I think I just wasted $30.00
KV8 Max3 Deviders
Dfi Nf4 In Stock
hidden bios features?
k7n2 Wont Post
Dfi Punished By Nvidia
A7N8X-E Deluxe and XP Mobiles?
Over Clocking a GA-7VM400M
which 1 is the better to overclock 754??
How much does should a used Abit nf7-s rev 2 go for?
Slow loading Windows on Neo2 Plat
Trouble reaching 1.45-1.5.
Is now the time for a new system???
Abit's nForce4 Fata1ity
CPU cooler on Lanparty UT NF3
DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR
NF7-S disable pci slots ??
nForce2 USB Keyboard Startup
ASUS A8V Deluxe- USB 2.0 Issues
I am lost. Can't Seem to OC with A64
K8nxp-sli Oc
bios for kv8pro
System Reboots for no reason
nf7-s v2 bios settings
All this waiting is driving me insane!!!!!!!!
512 0r 1 gig for gaming?
Building New Rig Thursday w/ K8NS Pro
Neo 4 owners...what settings for your overclock?
939, pci-x 16x & micro atx
any 1 know about nForce 4 OC performance? compare with nForce 3
modded bios really stable?
Help me overclock my cpu.
LP Ultra B - Hang on Bootup, and Crash in Games..
Short random freezes with winXP
K8N Neo2 Loosing Video Signal
Socket 754 board with SCSI?
Looking for a new motherboard
Modded Bios's worse than original?
This GA-K8NS-939 for $85 a good oc board?
Socket A Motherboard
A8V Deluxe or Neo2 platinum?
Neo Platinum 2 and corsair pc3200ll
DFI NF3 at 240-250HTT?
K8T Neo2-F.....
vnf4 ultra problems! help!
Is this going to work?
SLI boards and overclockers preference
I want to upgrade, but to what!?
My 8KDA3J problems/questions! please read owners
What else can I do, I want more umph on my A8V
Worth to fix? (K7N-420 Pro)
Need some expert o/c advice for NEo2 Plat
This sound like a board on the edge to you?
Need help with some BIOS settings
Asus A8V & Zalman CNPS7000
Urgent! Hardware problem .. please help
A7N8X-X Can't even OC 1 mhz... PLZ HELP
soltek sl-75frn2-l highest overclock
Asus A8v deluxe 12V voltage output problem
High temps on neo2 @ stock speeds
dimensions of an e-power/tagan ep-350 fx
A8V AND 3200 winnie ????
Noob SLI question?
Can't figure how to 200 fsb
Need help with A7N8X-E Deluxe WiFi Edition....its urgent !!!
Do I need a New Mobo?
Two tone siren,nf7-s and 2500 mobile
AGP problems with A7n8x-e Deluxe
Anyway to OC this non agp/pci lock board?
A8N-SLI chipset fan
KT7A Ram Issue
a8n-sli deluxe oc help needed
Crackly Audio on a k8n neo2 plat
Bios 1.51?
What makes the DFI better than the Asus?
K8N Neo4 platinum SLI supports 3500+
Problem with video signal after installing nForce 3 system driver?
Good 939pin, 1x16 pci-e mobo
nForce2 driver issue?
For those having trouble getting past 230ish on neo plat
4 x 512 MB ram at DDR333 in Neo2 Plat???
Uknown devices in NF7-s v1.2
A8V Deluxe issues (voltage & AGP)
Problem- Details inside.
upgrading to a socket 939 board, need help
Ga-7n400-L0 + Mobile Barton 2500 = Need some help
ASUS A8V-E vs nForce4 board
A8V + Zalman CNPS 7000B, how?
Which one's will be happy together and which ones will be obsessed together ?
AMD64 and PCI-express
Bios v1.36 Mod
Can you use 754 CPUs in 939 boards?
OC on a AV8 3rd eye
8K3A and Max CPU?
A8N-SLI BIOS v1003?
Which micro atx board to choose?
Having terrible experiences with these A7N8X-E Deluxes
GA-K8NS Ultra-939
How Well Does the GA-K8NS Ultra-939 NVIDIA nForce3 ULTRA OC with a 3000+
A7N8X-Deluxe USB 2.0 Problems
A8V & OCz DDR booster
Nforce 3 chipset cooler
is this board any good for 939
Problems with NF7-S2
Sound Loss
OC noob with neo platinum needs help
Problems Overclocking A8V Delux Rev2
Neo2 Platinum memory preference?
Safe Ruuning Temp on S754
Simple board swap??
K8N Neo 2 - Is Hot Memory Bad?
Which Motherboard Is Best
Want to update BIOS on NEO2...
Other than Asus which brand offers this?
new rig based on DFI - any issues?
Help me OC my POS Compaq please
Trouble Hitting FSB 250 on NFII Lanparty Ultra B
A7N8X originally designed for SATA?
A8V-E Deluxe
MSI KT6 Delta
No Post no Boot... who's the culprit?
A7v880 & Acpi
Cheap Socket A MicroATX Case
msi k8n network
Which s939 mobo? I have TCCD!
NF7-S, NF7-S2 or NF7-S2G?
Nf7-S Two-tone Siren
Please help - K8N Neo 2 O/C - where now?
NF7-S on-board LAN sometimes works, sometimes not
need help w. ASUS K8N-E sata !
buying asus A8V deluxe: revision 2?
I need help volt modding my Chaintech vnf250..
A8V - where CPU freq and Vcore setting went?
AV8 woes. Urge to smash- rising.
Asus A8V + XP-120 = Works Fine!
ATI going to make a AMD mobo chipset?
Booting from PCI Adaptec U160 SCSI
A7N8X-E Deluxe: 'Asus C.O.P' & 'CPU Throttle'
Nf7-s vers2 Serielle Question
Problem crashing when running games...
Chaintech VNF4 what's your max HTT?
might have killed my nf7-s
Abit uguru clock
Dual DDR Inquiry
MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
DFI NF4 when???
Difference between NF7's
Difference between the various Abit NF7's ?
Overclocking a GA-K8NS Ultra-939
CPU Burn In
Apparent Display Problem? LanPartyUT NF3 250gb
how to overclock ?? using msi k8n plat2
DDR2 on AMD, When?
Bought mobo from a friend and can't identify rev. #
Does Soft L12 Mod Work?
on its way
Get a load of the new nforce pro!
nforce 4 motherboard availability
New DFI lan party UT NF3 250GB owner
NF7-S Chipset voltage?
Senior Moment - K8N NEO 2 CMOS Reset
Sanding Down NorthBridge
simple question... donīt know where els to post it!
How are you guys getting high fsb with S754
DFI LanParty UT nF250GB - Sound/Audio Problems +
K8N Neo2 Platinum RAID performance ?
Little OC problems ;) [ASUS A8V 2.0 3000+ Win]
temp on an7
Is this psu good enough
Third Times A Charm K8N-E Deluxe Problem
Nf7-S Modded BIOS
OCing A8V/3500Newcastle
AN7 no cpu temp?
K8v se deluxe Oc guides?
got lucky?
Neo2 Platinum OCing locking up PCI slots
can you do the pinmod on Via KT600 boards?
Going to build a new system
Flashed bios now mem issues
Trouble overclocking my LPNFII & AXP-M
Very Very Confusing
ne0 2 pt. cant change HT
Erased bios! What can i do?
MSI Neo Plat2 Wireless card
Msi k8n neo2 plat...
help with an7
DFI LanParty UT nF3 250Gb question
Some OC Help
Switch out boards - NOTHING powers on
dual channel on nf3 250gb
AN8-SLI system woes.
New MSI s939 mobo?
need helping passing 2.45ghz on winnie 3200
Hello, question about bioses.
Corsair value select and Neo Plat. 2 = Bad
EPoX 9NDA3+ ver.2.1 test(2.55V DDR600 PASS!)
MN31/N Sound Problem Solved
NFS S SERIES rev 2.0
Chaintech VNF4 Ultra BIOS questions
Epox Warranty??
Disk Activity on Neo
A7N8X-VM/400 Question?
I Need The Best
zalman 7000b alcu fit on msi h8n neo2 platinum?
CPU Dosen't like 12 or 12.5?
GA-7VT600-RZ pci/agp lock mod?
bios 10.15+memtest (dfi nf3)
Network port doesn't work...Lanparty UT nf3
BIOS 1.5x, PS2 ports
K8N Neo2 Plat Problems
KV7 and CorsairXMS3200C2 (2x256megs)
Best 939 mobo for overclocking
PCI-E Motherboards only compliant with AMD 64 processor?
Should I upgrade?
1x PCI-E for Athlon 3000XP
My K8NS Pro doesn't seem to want to run anything over 240fsb
GA-7N400 Pro2 Vcore?
New 8kda3j Bios
Can't power up A8V Deluxe
Problem w/ Soundcard on AN35N-Ultra
Possible to mod A7n8x-x to get dual channel?
XP333r V2.1 System
Nf7-S 2.0 FSB Problem
random WIN XP freezes w/A8V
MSI K8N NEO4 Extra CPU Voltage +20%!!!
K8NSNXP-939 mem prob
2 cd-drives on secondary ide=only 1 works
K7N2 Delta good for overclocking?
take heatsink off msi k8n neo2
Changing any CMOS settings causes blank screen on boot.
CPU Fan Error
Does the nf4 ultra mod to sli really work?
What Is The Max Voltage The ASUS AN8-SLI Can Do?? HELP
Game issues with great new setup.
2 gb of ram with neo2 plat ?
new here and want some help on choosing a motherboard
Question about voltages
EP-8VTAI anyone know anything about it?
939 socket Mobo's
s754 mobo w/ pci-e
ddr4000 in nf3 250gb?
having problem with nf7-s bios
K8NS Ultra-939
dual memory problem
A7n8x - recovering dead bios
OCZ 512MB PC3200 Premier Series and epox?
Help installing windows on K8N NEO2 Sata & Raid 0
ASUS A8V & Winch 3200
Help OCing Soltek SL-75FRN2-RL / XP 2800+
I did a stupid thing
Price Gouging on the SLI mobos
a little trouble with fsb and RAM timings
Socket 754 and 939 in one board!!
Sharing my GA 7VN400 L experience...
Cant get more than 176fsb without windows crashing! HELP!
I don't know if I can be helped?
K8N Neo4 Platinum
Please help - MSI Neo Plat
nf7s v2 2500 BSOD HELP
[A8V] New beta bios 1010-002
nf3 250gb clock mult wont drop
Thermalright XP-120 and GA-K8NXP-SLI compatibility
How are ppl doing with OCing SLI boards?
Problem getting comp to work (Neo K8N)
NF7-S wont post
Which one?
Soltek SL-75FRN2-RL Overclocking
I need some motherboard input for overclocking
IDE Prob w/NF7-S2G
WOW, did you guys see this?
What MoBo for Athlon64?
Wierd problem in Lanparty 250gb Bios
Strange boot
MSI K7D Master Audio Issue
Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Super Duper Review
AN35N-Ultra - optical mouse stays on after powerdown.
Dfi Nforce4 Ultra Mod To Sli
Help choosing a Mobo for my XP3000
Overclocking Questions
Overclock failed message on standard settings
KT600a not identifying Sempron 2500
9nda3+ wont connect to the net
A8V-E Delux
8RDA3I Freezing issues
MBM Readings
Problem changing FSB
which neo2 LAN is fastest?
If It's Not the RAM, Then What?????
Patch or something to run sub-zero on a NEO2 & a 3500?
Can't pin down the problem...
Best OC motherboard
NF7-S2 not the same as NF7-S Rev. 2
Change CPU
a64 recommendation, lets hear it.
cant boot to bios
CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad
CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad
CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad
Are my mobo's days numbered? ...Leaky Capacitors...
is Abit NF7-M mobile xp compatible
AGP vs PCI Express
GA7-VAXP Ultra - Insert Floppy Now?
Question about the AV8 onboard sound
Want a new nForce4 SLI (almost) for the price of an Ultra?
High FSB on AN35N Ultra
MSI neo plat help
Biostar M7NCD
need help with m7vig MB; won't post
infinity cpu interface ..?
need help with biostar MB m7vig ver 1.0
NF7-s rev. 1.2 and paired ram (noob question)
Dumb OC Question
help ga 7vm400 amf
"System fail due to CPU overclocking" Then why does it boot, sloot
Software? Hardware? What?
Bios memory settings
HTT question
Cant break 240FSB, but 240 works pefect!
Unlocked PCI/AGP bus. How far can I push the FSB without harming components?
A8V and LDT
Epox MVP3G2 Overclocking Socket 7...
Are the Abit NF7-S v2.0 and the AN7 equally good overclockers???
Soyo 5EHM Socket 7 Mobo/Old Skool Overclocking...
APIC and my FSB are making me angry
NF7 AND EL CHEAP 0 CPU. " I need help"
K8N Neo2 suffers some SERIOUS VDIMM issues?
MSI K8N Neo Plat.
Micro-ATX NForce 3 S754
Does the L12 Bridge Mod....
MSI MaMa Board K8N Neo2 Platinum
nf3 250gb oc
bios update
Help with new rig!
DFI LANPARTY NF4 SLI-DR - Pre-Order $212.23
New Computer Wont Boot
micro-ATX mobo with nforce4 SLI ?
Problem with asus a8v deluxe and memory
lanparty UT NF3 250gb slow hard drive problems
Wierd bios problem!?
K8v SE beeping
question about new mobo's
Missing Capacitor in K7N2 Delta- L
DFI history??
Process Steps for Overclocking
A8v rev 2 OCed
Soyo 5EHM Socket 7 mobo...
modded bios
Was the NF7-S a bad choice?
Am I screwed?
8KDA3J fsb readout on post doesn't match cpuid
a7n8x deluxe bios update?? flash?? plz help
LP NFII Ultra B: slow mem creating FSB ceiling?
A7N8X (NO DELUXE!) or NF7 (NO -S!)?
Stop Please Help Help..
My OC Results
MSI K8N Mem. slots
More than 3.4vdimm with Booster on Neo2?
GA-K8NXP-9 Now Shipping!
EPOX 9NDA3J VER.:2.1 test
Is this my overclock end???
been a long time
Boot up at 245 front side, but ...
A Few Problems with the NF7-S
Alittle Help OC NEo2 Plat and 3200+ please
A8V Deluxe Modded Bios for higher DDR Voltage?
RAM problems with Neo2
A64 overclocking
HELP<<<< >> > >GA-7VT600
hitting a wall at 219 on a nf7-s v2
Choosing Memory for DFI Lanparty UT nf3 250GB?
EP-8RDA3I 4 Pin ATX12V power supply
What bios with this setup
What RAM with Abit AN7?
Brand New NF7v2 boots at 267Mhz.
M/B that works with Winchester Out Of Box?
Help with new install.
what is the max speed?
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum HT Problem
Beta Bios Flash HOW?
Modded 1.41 gave me 100mhz more
Should I do the L12 mod?
what is the fastest FSB cpu supported by the kt400dragon ultra??? help!
Help with memory for a64 mobo
A8V 3500+ G.Skill 4400 Built n rdy to overclock
A8V via drivers ?
A8V Package
MN31 and XP2400+ won't work
socket to screw!! :P
socket A boards
9NDA3J USB Problems
K8N Neo Problem - URGENT
Asus A8V Deluxe, starts up no display...
Problems with Chaintech VNF3-250 booting
Anyone know a good replacement chipset cooler for the DFI UT NF3 250gb?
network controller not installed?
Our Board + Aspire PSU: nice mix!
an OC issue w/NF2
0444 XPEW Winne 3200 and Neo2 Plat. Freezing
USB 2.0 enable on NF7-S
Just what is "DDR Drive Strength" ?
Single or dual channel
Could someone clear some things up for me?
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe trying to go higher then 480FSB
Help me choose mATX motherboard..
No booting. MSI strikes again
Neo2 platinum won't OC!!
socket 754 and nforce 4?
KT600-A Front Side Bus Help
k8n neo2 plat vs k8t neo2-f
A8V random reboots?
Heatsink mosfets & passive nb?
Is it possible to remove the NB cooler from a Neo2 without removing the m/b?
RAID with the K8N Neo 2 Plat. Part 2
MSI K8N Diamond SLI test
DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra Revision A with Mobile?
Homeless FX-55
Any way to improve this?
8kda3+ a dud?
Best budget Socket A, 754 and 939 boards
Question: what is the best mobo for O.C. out there using AMD cpu?
Frontpage Duel-Core support link
NEO2 Platinum & HyperX PC3000 BH5
Motherboard Controversey
PCi-E Qs
Neo2 Plat divider ?
Should I try for high FSB or 1:1 memory....
need advice on A7V333 problem
Boot NF7-S w/ only 20-pin power
Infinity vs Lanparty revA
Asus and RMA
Which is best board for overclocking Socket 754?
Which is best board for overclocking Socket 939?
RAID with the K8N Neo 2 Plat.
Socket A, 754, 939, or 940??? What should I get?
major issues with Neo2 Platinum
AN35n-ultra onboard sound
Neo2 Platinum BIOS 'hidden' settings
Can a BIOS ROM Checksum Error cause a misread in FSB?
Infinity Confusion
NFII Ultra Infinity HSF Problem?
help me oc my rig...plz
Need new 939 board
I am curious which version of nforce was last before nvmixer?
where is it?
Just got my A8N-SLI!
Flashing BIOS
Neo2 Plat Bios (Ht) problems...
NEO2 Platinum Memory Questions
NF-7 rev 2 voltage missreads\problems
Newbie Upgrading
How to update bios on my neo platinum 2
NEW dfi lanparty UT MAJOR issues
No Beep, No Bios, No Idea
Old A7V-133, Potential?
[Advise] Looking for a new AMD motherboard
AI7 Fan Headers / max amp draw allowed
Please help!!! SATA booting on NF7-S v2 -- won't load Windows
NF7-s2 and Amd Mobile 2500+
Where do I change the sata at in the bios?
Shuttle AN35N-Ultra, any good?
Half multipliers and memory speed