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How good is the K7/K8 SocA/754 combo Asrock board for overclocking?
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NEED help quick
[A7V8X-X] BIOS died
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A8V Deluxe wont install Windows
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NF7-S Rev2.0 High/low beep at startup : NO BIOS
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Is this a good board?
Dual Channel A8V mobo problem
How to use S/PDIF
how to put the 8RDA3+'s fsb over 250 ?
Neo Plat FAQ
building new system...need help
An35n Ultra
installing chipset drivers
MSI Neo2 BIOS Question
Sweet Budget HSF
"invalid bootdisk, insert system disk and press enter"
Anybody know an easy “mod” to force the 1/5 PCI divider on an MSI KT4 Ultra
Gaming snag/stall Issue with nforce 3 UT 250GB
Is this normal with a Neo2
"bios file not found"
is it a dead board?
Best Socket A Overclocker for under £50?
Neo2 Platinums... Any quirky revisions I should be looking for?
A8N-SLI Deluxe boot problems (also in ASUS forum)
which 8rd3ai bios
enable 4 way interleaving on a8v dlx
Another KT600a problem
HDD problems with new A8N-SLI Deluxe
weird readings
Problem with nforce2 + mbm + mobile athlon
nf7-s and new ram
Neo Platinum and BH-5 Ram
s754 + s939?!?!
Did I fry YET ANOTHER CPU? But D-LED hangs on "Early Chipset Init."?! HELP PLZ
A8V - bios -
EP-9NDA3+ Raid/SATA Controller Question
New to OC World
K8T890 or NF4 Ultra ?????
K8N Neo Platinum Overclocking Problems..
L12 mod and Bios
KT7A Motherboard - Version 1.0 or 1.3 - How To Tell?
Question on Northbridge temps
Need Serious Help!
What Can I Do with a K8N Neo2 Platinum ?
NF7-S V2.0 take forever to go thru BIOS..
Which BIOS version with my setup?
HTT over 300 problems DFI NF3 250GB UT
Updating BIOS, will this OC better now?
best socket 754 a64 board
K8V-se deluxe, new revision?
My New Rig: K8NXP-SLI is up and running!
NF7-S Headphones ahh!
Question for all NEO2 owners running high FSB
Order to install new card
Cpu vid settings for neo2 nf3 - from lowest to highest
Structure of the northbridge
754 Nforce3 LanParty 250GB Thermal Throtting and Network Issue
KT880 and PCI lock
New neo2 temperature
New NF7-S2G system questions
DFI Infinity NF2 Ultra Better Than Abit NF7-S?
in need of help plz!!!
NF7-S2G memory bandwidth
Did I kill my NF7-S?
What's a good MoBo for XP3200+
k8t Neo Series
K7S5A overclock with 1600+ Palomino
Sound Drivers : Able to use Unified drivers but not standalone Sound drivers.
Which NF7?
Best bios?
Game disconnect . to lazy to forum search
A7N8X Deluxe
9NDA3+ Not liking dual channel
Soyo KT600 Dragon Ultra Platinum 3200+ XP 400FSB owners
new build compatabilities
Best refurbished board
Problem with DFI nf3+ A64-DTR
DFI lanparty UT 250 need help..
Bad Bios Temp Shows in Speedfan
a8v overclocking problems
Its always something
Problems with Antec PSU's & Neo2 Plat?
Debug port buggy?
ps/2 + usb jumper settings
Sata and Overclocking
NF7-S system temps
bios romchip checksum error ?
Lanparty NFII Ultra B: Which was does bios chip go.
Please Help with my Overclocking Problem!!!
SATA ports
Flashmenu or nForce System Utility
Bios Corruption on UT 250gb?
Mini-Itx for A64 ?
Bios Settings
Asus a7v400-mx overclocking help please!!!
KW7 any good for overclocking?
PCI/AGP Lock......
A7N8X-X What's the diff???
Flash Rom BootBlock is write protected??
agp fan issues on kt4
Abit Av8 - 3rd Eye - Ht Multiplier
which ram slots on neo2 pt?
DFI LanParty nF3 250GB Problem ,
old gateway with MSI 6330 cpu upgrade question
NF7-S USB power on, why not?
Problem bootin on ultra infinity.... HELP
Burning problems
bulging capacitors? good or bad?
Epox EP-8KTA questions (56k Warning)
Someone please explain what this problem, if any, of mine is?
Am I missing something?
What MB to choose?
3200+ and AN7 = 2.2 ghz locked?
A8V memory compatiblitly updated?
A7V600 Won't go past the "Welcome" screen
Prime95 slow to finish tests
A8N SLI-Deluxe 4-DIMM 1T/2T settings
Memory Timing help
New to AMD Overclocking
K8N Neo Plat boot probs...
did i screw my motherboard?
cant change the ht multi on my neo 2 plat
good sempron board
What CS driver should I use on NF7s r2.0?
A8V lockup problems and solution!
Strange overclocking issue on K8N Neo2
Better Memory for OC on K8N Neo Platinum
DFI Lanparty NF4 depreciation curve?
AGP Problems+Recommendation
1st build problems!
Having this hole in my neo2 is a problem?
K8N Neo2 Plat vs GA-K8NS Ultra?
waiting for board replacement
K8N Neo4 Platinum Part2-BIOS settings
K8N Neo4 Platinum is examined simply (NF4 is experienced for the first time)
EPOX 9NPA+(nForce 4 Ultra) Testing Report
What are your impressions of DFI
Epox 9nda3+ Test(ddr670 Pass!!!)
anyone know anything about biostar motherboards
64bit motherboards?
Problems installing Ethernet adapter on K8N Neo2 Plat
Alpha Timings and the NF7-S
Is there some guide to help me overclock....
NF7-S ver.2.0+sata raid 0
NF3 250GB No Post?
EPOX 9NPA+(nForce 4 Ultra) Testing Report
Epox 9nda3+ Test(ddr670 Pass!!!)
K8N Neo4 Platinum Part2-BIOS settings
K8N Neo4 Platinum is examined simply (NF4 is experienced for the first time)
Is it my motherboard or PSU?
Hats off to Abit
how accurate are NF7-S Rev 2 temps?
Neo2 Platinum Backplate
Huh... onboard LAN gone mad?
Questions about my future msi k8n !
RMA'ed my k8n neo2 plat...
CMOS settings
Duel PCI-E 16x
Anyone used or using Windows XP 64 trial version?
Double Post Sorry :(
K8N Neo Platinum D-Bracket Lights
Prime95 Errors at Stock
To all with Neo2 Platinum who want high Vcore
nf7 Barton 2500 won't oc at all
Where is the dfi ut 250gb tweak guide located?
Before I blow out my brains help with dfiut250gb ethernet
DFI Lan Party NF4 finally
Its now official, dfi-sli
Worlds worst tech support.
Idle/load temps on DFI lanparty nf3
No Post on DFI means SOL?
RMA time or am I missing something?
9NDA3J users speak up and tell me how great this board is
Soyo kt600 Dragon Ultra 3200+ pc3200 memory MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!
A8N Northbridge cooling
Something weird w/ DFI NF3 UT...Need prognosis
A7V Bios Update
Bad Flash...need help!
Strange Variation on the Infamous Siren
Best via based mobo.
quick simple question
Fan rpms in bios (problem)
MSI k8n Neo2 plat, where mem goes ?
A7N8x Deluxe won't let me select the higher voltages anymore.
Do the Neo2's read the voltages right?
Overclocking - 3000+ 939 and K8N Neo 2 - Advice please
Choosing 754 Motherboard
Asus K8V-X Reviews
Going A64 ! ?
Why won't you boot?
a8v deluxe sata
NF7-S and Mobile Problems
overclocking failure
ABIT NF7-S sound problems
IRQ assignments affecting games performance
Neo2 RAID Problem
HELP! BIOS ROM checksum error Neo2 Plat
overclocking a8v
my pc is locking up
Nf7-s Nb Fan?
AGP Lock
should i put heat sinks on my mosfets
YeeHaa!! What do you all think??
New discovered problem with neo2. Please try to help:)
mofset cooling
Gigabyte-K8NS PRO and Zalman 7000??
Unable to boot to USB 2.0 HDD
Newbie Av8 Buildup..this Stuff Right?
PCI EXPRESS Questions!
Please help me oc my 3200+ winchester to 3500+spec
no power to devices when ide plugged in
a nice read!
cheaper asus sli
Best Hacked BIOS for Neo2 Platinum
K7vta-Pro problem
need help hooking up NEO 2 board
soltek and volcano12?
onboard vs. pci
A8V Revision 1.02s...
NF7 still the best Abit board for standard chips?
Would a thermalright XP-120 fit on an A8N-SLI?
DFI 250GB UT RAM question
EPOX 9NPA+ Ultra
Can't OC at ALL...HELP!!
Best ram for A8V?
K8t Neo FIR vs K8n Neo2 Platinum
Quick Overclock Question
Black screens on startup
PLEASE HELP! Can't get a good OC with 2800+
What *exactly* does CPU Interface Enabled change?
Slight DFI Lanparty UT problem
DFI UT 250GB RAM questions
Overclocking problem DFI LP UT nF3
NO VGA anymore ;( (HELP PLZZZZ)
6800GT is lagging how do i Reassign IRQ if its sharing the ethernet
Max FSB on A7N8X-E Dlx
K8V SE Deluxe queston
ram for msi kt6v-lsr viakt600 fsb400 8xagp
K8N Neo Plat - Wont Install Ethernet Drivers!
Poor AGP performance...bad frame rates
How often do you guys shut down?
A64 OC questions
AN7 with sempron 2600+ overclock
ECS KV1 Vcore Problem
overclocking question
K7T266 Pro V1.0B and Thouroughbred!
Should I get a KT6 to run a Mobile Barton 3000+ with the L12 mod?
A8V 1009 Final bios
nforce 4
asus a8v
EPoX kha+ and applebred?
nforce 4 w/o sli
I need a motherboard! (help me plz) ;(
What cpu cooler for my Neo2
Ordered LP UT and CH 3400 have a couple questions for the pros :)
K7N2 delta 2 Plat oc'n
using 3 sticks of RAM
NTune 2.0
POST takes way too long!
Ga-7n400 Pro2/rev 2
Burn in time?
How do you access Vcore settings on a ga-7nf-rz
NF7-S2 multiplier
first home build went great
ASUS A8V Problems...
A7V chipset drivers - XP
temp probe accuracy
Newbie help NF2|nForce2 GA-7NF-RZ
Opinions on Soltek?
A7V880 200MHz+ fsb attempts - help?
When can I get an Asus A8N-E Premium Mobo?
ASUS A8N-SLI Del,Nforce4 U,939
nf7-s v2 question
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI nForce4 SLI in stock @ zzf
Lanparty NF3 250gb problem with PDP Patriot RAM
nForce 3's firewall? o_O
1st build+ overclocking attempt. Suggestions?
What to put mosfet heatsinks on DFI LanParty UT
Will nforce 4 or k8t890 support AGP?
Wierd boot problems...
Running Mushkin on Lanparty
IRQ problem...
NB Temp w/ Core Center
wont boot
kt880 dragon 2 issues???
NF7-S2G Several Problems
Modding the K7VZA
Frustration, and BIOS flashing. My BIOS savior has somehow become "locked"
0410xxxx K8N Neo2 Plat owners, what NF3 chipset you got?
Gigabyte NF4 here $165
Should I RMA my board?
A7V8X problem with ethernet modem!
Installed my new DFI NF3-250GB and lost performance?
Need help OC ing my barton 2600 +
Can I run in a different ratio then 1:1 with a neo2 plat?
AGP or PCI-E Upgrade
Is ANYONE running four ddr's on the K8n Neo Plat?
GA-7N400 Pro2 board No Sound
Question about A8V Motherboard
Onboard LAN NF7-S
new bios
NF7S 2.0 and SATA
ANyone have problem with D26 Seed_Fire_0.2??
CT-7VJDA and f**kedup benchmarks?
nforce 4
High Tech ATI RADEON 9800PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR
Mobiles and Lanparty nforce 250..
unstable over 200mhz
Good board?
NB cooling
Old Heat Sink As Chipset cooler?
NEO2 Platinum temp problems
K7SEM with AMI bios HELP!
PCI Lock
what is the average max fsb for the A8V?
Off to a good start (Bandwith pics !!)
NF7 Overclocking Hell
Looking for a few OC tips on my LP NF3 Board.
Newest Bios
MB for new 939 system.
Got my NF7-S 2.0 But problems!!
Need help overclock my 3200+ with nf7-s v2
939 vs 754
GeForce3 Ti200 in MSI KT6V
Contacting DFI - LAN port not working
Nf7-s 2.0 Bios
Need some help please
"RAID service U.S. English ressources" gone faulty
A8V Deluxe problem?
MSI K8n Neo Plat Memory Probs
Mobo replacement
seem to hit a wall at 150 FSB for some reason
a8v cpu voltage
A8V Deluxe
help choosing 754 motherboard.
NB New HSF for NF7-S 2.0
Prob with Neo2 Plat.
NF3 250gb issues after WinXP install
Does XP120 fit on K8N Neo Platinum?
Just got a NF7-S2 am I screwed?
Budget:Can someone help me find a good MB/CPU combo to fit under $160
NF3 250gb firewall problems
NF3 250gb firewall problems
NF7s problems, any ideas?
Help Me Find the Best NF2 Mobo
Best Motherboard / Cpu / Ram Combo
no POST...no clue
winchester and asus
NF7-s v2.0 nb fan and temps
what pc4400 memory should i get for A8V-Del rev.2
GA-7N400 Pro2 2GB Memory Problem
SLI ready AMD mobo Question
Reduction of overclocking due to dual channel memory?
Good socket939 board @ a decent price
250GB UT - Help! Nforce Audio is not working!
just ordered my NF7-S 2.0
3200+ winnie and neo2 plat, 405 MAX fsb
CPU Running At 127-C 260 F can this be possible
new mobo
A8V-E Deluxe (K8T890) USA Availability / Release Info
ASUS K890 Pro hits Japan
Zalman 7000+Neo2 plat
is there a 754 motherboard with pci-express?
Mem Bandwidth Question
IDE dvd rom problems on neo2 plat
Quick Question about Prime95 and stability?
MSI K8N Neo2 + OS Installation HELP!
new board - format?
dfi 250 - case fans
NF2 Ultra B Booting Problems
quick qestion about ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce4 and sli
what is the best timing to use?!?!?!
Where are the socket 939 pci-e boards?
CPU Thermal Throttling on 250gb
O/C=Restart Failure
IRQ Conflicts on Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Platinum
Can't boot KT-4 Ultra at 166Mhz with XP-M 3000+
Setting command rate on NF7
New system grief... :cry:
Hit a wall at only 237Mhz?
fried motherboard...where to buy another one?
RIP to motherboard?
Microphone problem on NF7-S v2.0?
K8N Plat- Core Center problem at startup
Time for 939.....Motherboard?
Nf4 Non Ultra=crap?
A7N8X Deluxe rev. 2.0 - Booting over 200 MHz
need some help
Changing fans on the AN35N
A8V CPU fan error! help!
Noob Install Question
Using DDR433 on AN51R
A8N deluxe overclocking
neo2 plat bios to fix sub-zero winnie problems! (beta)
MSI Neo2 Platinum + XP-90 Help!
asus a8n sata driver problems
nf7-s sound driver
KT7A Northbridge fan failuer
Ga-7N400 AMD Barton 2500+ running at low clock speeds
Xmas Nightmare
does faster HTT speed up system?
Overclocking the K8NS (not Pro) and Ath64 2800+...
More voltage useful on NEO2?
BIOS Problem or Fried Board?
panparty 250 and 3400 newcastle performance
K8N Neo2, overclocking and cool and quiet
9NDA3 owners?
A7N8X Deluxe rev. 2.00 Uber BIOS 1008?
Happy Holidays Shuttleheads!
K8T Neo FIS2R tips?
Can I do this with the Neo2 Platinum
Newegg has the A8N-SLI Deluxe Board!!!
will this ram work 4 my k8v-x
nforce3 vs. nforce4 decisions
Help An35 unlocked CPU
Im thinkin' about swapping my XP-90 for a 120
NF7-S question
A7N8X-X or A7N8X Deluxe
Chaintech VNF4 Ultra out
lanparty ut 250 and xp-120hs temps
Disappointing overclocking result...
NF7-S BIOS modifications, a few questions
My DFI LanParty 250GB UT is here, hmmm it smells sooo good.
lanparty ut 250 smart guardian
8rda3+ Re-booting
Best NF2 mobo
AV8-3D problems
Slowing down the POST screens
[Perfect Bios Settings] HELP ME PLZZZZ!
NF7-S V2.0 Whats your Bandwidth ?
Memory Single-Channel ONLY....uhhh ?
Need Major help!!
New Soundstorm driver
I need some help: I've lost the SATA RAID driver disc for my NF7-S
Need Help, Plus Advice!
WOW, mobo will never run again
a7n8x-e deluxe sata raid questions
Orderd a DFI LanPart 250gb UT, what to expect ?
Core center On Platinum board
Help instaling Windows.
New A64 setup
pencil mod for vdd??? help me please
9NDA3+ High Temp Readings
Enabling overclocking
Got DFI NF3 Board the last week.. BIG PROBLEMS!!!
So 939 with high vdimm?
VNF3-250 Voltage
Heatsinks for NF7-S
CPU fan failure ?
AN7 Dual channel memory errors
What board to use to OC a mobile 2600+
K8N Neo2 Plat- Windows will not install. Help please!
Looking for a New Mobo
Looking for a new Mobo...
(K8N Neo2 Plat) Can you flash the bios without an OS installed.
DFI 250Gb + A64-Mobile 1Mb@ 2720 Mhs ... Want more...
Turns out it was a bad board...Neo2 Plat
pci express
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Vcore Settings/Readings
A8V RAM @ 5:3, but the Frequency is showing up @ 217Mhz..
dfi lp ut 250 onboard ide raid vs pci raid controller
A8V and Winchester 3000+
K8N Neo2 Platinum Mosfets
DFI Ut 250GB questions.
CPU Fan Header Enough Juice?
NF7-s damaged.. won't turn OFF anymore
dfi nf3 250
Are thier any reviews @ all for the Abit NF8-S nforce 3 ?
CPU 333, ram DDR 400
BIOS for NF7-S2 rev 2?
Msi K8n Neo2 Plantium
Is there a bio that-----------?
My PC automatically restarts!
Bad Motherboard???
A7N8X & A7V8X Wake-On-Lan w/ Onboard LAN
sp97 on 8rda6+?
Yay, just recieved my msi neo k8n fron newegg..
Might seem like a dumb question...
939 mobo
chipset voltage question