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dfi ut 250 video card compatibility
DFI 250 UT - My story
Old ECS outstrips new Jetway?
A Problem I'm having with my DFI Infinity NF2, and 3D stability at high FSB speeds
Running Raid 0 PATA-SATA on NF7-S: Can I switch back to RAID 0 PATA?
dfi lp ut nf3 250 raid question
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Problems !!!
Lucky Americans (nf4)
Asus A7V600SE AGP frequency
A8V initial build?
Help me with oc-ing my 3500+ / K8N
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Lanparty UT NB cooling
Biostar M7NCD Pro Problems - DMA?
Seriously need help
Soltek 75MRN-L Nvidia 2700 Athlon.
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe compatible with XP-120
NF8 vs. DFI A64
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What A64 for 200 or less is best ??
Found fix for Nforce2/Radeon problem
Neo Plat. NIC
asus k8v-x
Will pc 3700 to pc 4500 work on the asus a8v deluxe?
Via raid vs Promise raid
Memory question for A7v deluxe
Really need help K8N Neo2 platinum Mob
Neo 2 platinum 1:2 ?
I gain nothing from using dual channel.
Should I Update My BIOS? (Abit NF7-S V2.0)
Help - AGP Apature ???
Neo2 Pt: PS, RAM or HD... opinion needed...
Help - Ram Timings on GA-K8NSpro
EPoX = Bad Offical Site support service?
Can't get SATA working on Abit NF7-S
K8N neo2 platinum NB ?
a64 2800 vnf3-250 4Mhz ??????
BIG problem wth BIOS
Soundstorm quicky
what mobo
d26 mantarays xt cpc and d26 mantarays xt
Xpress 200 Motherboards
installing windows XP SP1a
SI-97 on DFI UI?
Help on my overclocking feat Pt.II
AGP & PCI Express..
is my power supply good for a amd64 3500 winchester?
K7N2-V multiplier
SATA and Overclocking on K8N Neo2 939
Is my K7n2 defunct?
MSI K8N Neo (socket 754) OC frustration
where to get a new backplate
MSI K8N Neo (socket 754) OC frustration
K8N Neo2 Boot Problem Solved!
K8NSNXP 939 - how to set RAM timing and ratios of CPU:RAM?
BIOS Update
ABIT NF7-S V2 Bios??
MODDED 1.36 BIOS Available
CHAINTECH SKT600 is tempature defficient...
Uber BIOS 1013
best MB for barton core 2600
Bio flash failed with 8KDA3J, need some help.
DFI NForce4 SLI (link)
First A8V OC
New memory for A8V
Asetek Waterchill set with AN35(N) Ultra?
Confused with mobo choices
Pick me out a NF7-S v2.0 BIOS!
Would like some help pls
Which of these 3 Mobo's?
my neo2 thread
MSI NEO platinum question (new build)
PROMISE controller install issues
Setting up my new NF7-S v.2.0
8rdavcore + A7N8X-Deluxe v2.0
Upgraded bios from stock and now 10C lower?
AGP/FSB Spread Spectrum What The??!?!
memory divider
DFI 250GB divider
Will the Zalman 7700 fit the AV8??
DFI Lanparty 250 HELP!
neo2 platinum problems
Question about HSF combatibility
What mobo to get?
HELP! MSI Neo2 Platinum (MS-7025) awardbios v1.3 keeps resetting to safe mode!
problems with GA-7N400 Pro2 Rev2
NF7S, where is audio software?
MSI K8n Neo2 plat prob...comp freezes
What was your stock temp?
Which board for FX-55 + XP-120?
Switching from an AN35N-ultra to an NF7 v2.0. Both nforce2 ultra. Reinstall?
Why the upgrade to NF4??
OCnoob needs A7N8X-E Deluxe help
GFX and Audigy share same IRQ, result - stutters!
K8N NEO2 Platinum DOA?
Looking for Foxconn 755FXK8AA-8EKRS
CPC on or off?
AN35N nforce2 chipset drivers weird problems
D27 Taipan 0.1 [EB] [ED] Bpl 3.19 08.12.04 Beta Merlin Beta
250GB has pretty bad sound solutions!!!
AV8 problem
Neo2 Plat probs....Please help
SLi for 209$
is nforce4 going to come out for socket 754?
APIC on/off poll NF7-S rev.2
Serious DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra B problem, please help!
8rd3a+ overclock barton 2500+
help BSOD
How to remove NB Heatsink 250GB UT
New Core-Center Fixes K8N N2 Issues <Link inside>
Am I doing something stupid?? My Athlon mobile is underclocked on A7N8X-E Deluxe!!!
Nf7 weird reboot at conservative settings
Whats the highest FSB I might get?
Help me figure out: WTF has happened to this mobo?!
NF7rev2.0 vs NF7-Srev2.0
Run out of solutions but not patience
Asus A8N SLI (Thermalright XP120)
How to enable High Speed USB 2.0 on 8k5A2+ ?
nforce4 chipset?
185$ DDR500 PATRIOT works in asus A8V-Deluxe!!!
Monitor NOT RESPONDING ....... ; ;
flashing motherboard bios
new build!
noob needs desperate help
Memory bandwidth help
Most stable board for Athlon XP
Need some help with mt 8KDA3J
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Owners - Fix for unstable voltages and high CPU temps.
what if OCZ made mb's?
does it have?
A7v400-mx Help Plz!
Abit Nf7-s V2 Ram Question
Nforce4 has AGP flavour?
L12 degradation?
How the hell do you get the video card?
Asus A7V8X-X and Asus A7N8X temperature reporting problems?
Workaround for RAM combinations for 8KDA3J
chaintech vnf3-250 & ocz ddr booster
Looking for Epox 9NDA3+ Modded bioses
volt mod and trimmer questions
need to make floppy with raid drivers on it...
abit agp voltage question
K7S5A Overclock Prob
No cd or disk with 250 gb !
Asus or Gig
swiftech NB cooler on k8n neo 2 plat ??
A7N8X-E and MBM5
Just Bought ABit. Wanna be conservative at first
What board.
AN7 startup problem
Bios Question
prob with my overclock
Which board would you choose?
Neo2 Plat Bios 1.4 official release...
JoeCamel's MSI Neo-2 work log
Mobo Fried?
Help with setting up 8KDA3J
ut nf3 250 observations
NForce3Ultra Mobo Memory Compatability issue solved
LANParty Ultra B problems
My 8rda+ rose from the dead!
Black outs, blinks, etc. on the 250
Asyncronus FSB mean anything?
Anyone ocing with a K8T800 board please help.
Computer Keeps Freezing Inside Windows.
So when is this DFI socket 939 coming?
did i max out my chip??
Dual Channel Ram
help finding a bios
Which Mobo Would You Dump?
News flash!!! Calling all Asus A7V8X-X owners!!!
Why is my BIOS OVERvolting my video card and chipset?
Flash BIOS by floopy disk?
Flashing Bios help!!!
IDE wires? not enough came with my mobo
Question on K8N Neo4
A8V System Problems.
Help getting past 200fsb on KV7
What drivers are you guys using for Neo2 Plat?
k8 neo plat and mushkin ram
a7v400-MX wont recognize processor speed properly
Big Bios Problem, Recovery Mode????
What happens if you get screwed over on BIOS on NEo2?
Anyway to tell BIOS version on NEO2 ***before*** installing processor?
8kda3j - blue screen of death help
Anyone running an NF7-S and 6800 GT video?
DFI NF3 250 that much better than a Chaintech?
Dead Board - Am I missing anything?
Best overclocking mobo for a 3500 (939) ?
939 Really Worth it?
Possible Solution To Winchester In-stability (IMORTANT)
Will PATRIOT ram Work in Asus A8V Deluxe
a8v delux bios
I'm new and have some ?'s
Interesting problem
ASUS K8N E help
On top of the ORB with my DFI NF3!!!
Can't breach the 212 Mhz FSB barrier on A8V Deluxe
Bios problem - Alt + F2 won't work
NF7-S D27 Bioses
Looking for a new abit nforce2 board...confused about the model numbers...
What bios version?
AV8 D cant find Cpu speed/voltage in bios
New AN7 bios out v18
KT400 question
DFI NF3 250GB LAN Problem
Just received Asus SLI board
NF3 250GB problems!
Which Board, MSI or EPOX
Which Board To Install? You Decide!
Voltage probleme at boot up.
XP 2200+ and NF7-S v.20 Results
How to OC with A8V and AMD64 3000+ S939
k8n neo2 issue..
USB not working at all...??
ASUS A8V Deluxe Overclocking Guide Comments
SilenX iXtrema 120mm on Asus A8V?
Hard drive setup
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum - can't do a warm reboot
gonna buy new rams. ddr566 or 600?
anyone has try: K8N Neo2 with a PSU Cooler master 450W real power?
how much of an overclock
Where is the PCI AGP lock on the A8V deluxe?
Setting up SATA on this board
How to do RAID on K8NSNXP-939
Removing stock Heatsink mount to fit Zalman 7000B cooler
Checkerboard sometimes at boot on nf7-s v2
GA-K8NS ULTRA 939 just decided that it doesn't like dual channel any more
Question regarding A8N-SLI
Off to a bad start
Why am i getting this beep? (have read beep codes)
pin trick to open upper multi's
Bios Reccomendations/Suggestions Please?
Low FSB, poor ram?
Shuttle MN31N CPU fsb limits
Help with OC my rig!
msi neo plat oc
AV8 agp/pci lock.
AMD MB 3x DIMM-Intel MB 4x DIMM WHY!!?
Ok, L12 has me totally mind-****ed
SATA vs EIDE Question with the NF7-S
New to AMD and need a little help
K8N Neo2 & XP-120
abit eq display
DFI Ultra Infinity onboard NIC fried after updating bios!!
Unknown CPU type message on AN35N-U
Possible power problem with AN35N Ultra
found a sli pci-e socket 939 mobo!
Computer not powering after new Hardware
wondering if its my mobo
Starting motherboard with no case?
L12 Mod Help!!
new 7n400-l?
[A8V] HTT multiplier not working correctly
Time to upgrade or wait?
Asus Bios descriptions
Heatsink installation mishap. (The horror!) ...a happy ending?
modded d27 bios
Asus K8V Deluxe dead after USB harddrive
Will my NF7-S run 200 MHz with 3 sticks of ram?
MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum VS Audigy 2 ZS?
i cant buy a 3200 even if i wanted to.
The best Chipset for Athlon Xp?
64 bit AGP Driver for Neo2?
question about OC on msi k8n neo2 + 3500+
vnf-250 = dead cpu
MSI Neo2 Plat + Temp monitoring?
Cant get past 240 FSB on A8V
Decent temp sensor? voltage, etc?
No way I killed my memory, no way.
I Prefer Abit, but...
Which Asus mobo? Thoughts?
So this is what I'm thinking of buying. Hints wanted.
Which bios for dtr
New Build- MSI K8N Neo2 - No boot, only fans :( Help, please!
Abit's nforce4 boards are out?
A8V doesn't agree.....Corsair CMX512-3200XL x2 For Sale!!
Neo2 1.51 beta Bios
epox 8rda+ with 2600+ M help!!
MSI NEO2 SOCK>939 chipset preference?
Neo Platinum (MS-7030) firewall- how to install/setup?
K8N No sound
K8TNeo and Keyboard Problems
K8N onboard LAN at 10Mbps
DFI 250 and 300HTT
GA-7N400 Pro2 SiSandra Memory Benchmarks below expectations
Help with Agp/Pci divider
memory running slow
how do I determine what speed my memory is running at?
Socket A Equivalent of DFI LanParty UT 754
Neo2 Bios Settings Questions - AGP / Aperature Size / etc
Buzzing/humming coming from mobo or graphics??
can the kt400 dragon ultra handle 400fsb cpu?
CPU or Motherboard fried
Posting and another question
Gigabyte K8NNXP SATA Issue
Promise controller=higher HTT?
Problems posting with 8rda3i and geforce4ti
DFI Infinity NF2, and SATA RAID
K8N Neo2 won't recognize my keyboard
Help me oc bros k8t-neo2
NF3 UT nb spacing
why are people still wasting time on an outdated board????
Ultimate PC
Best Neo2 bios
Loaded optimized defaults and killed my NIC
Need Help from the Pros!!
2 epox boards, 1 fried, need to fix the other
I got my DFI NF3 UT today..And I've wet my pants :x
support RAID in IDE mode
ga-k8ns CPU holes
HELP! - Cannot change bios settings - will not accept keystrokes
HELP - Neo 2 BIOS won't recognize keyboard commands!!!
ECS board finally died, ordered MSI Neo Platinum
GA-K8NS F9 Overclock
Chipset cooling
Help me on my overclocking feat..
Help On Athlon 64 MB With No nForce Chipset
SM Bus driver problems
My NF7-S v2.0 resets CMOS every time I unplug power cord, why?
K8N Neo2 Platinum: Can't load win98se from S-ATA drive?
Good MOBO to OC for XP3000
K8NSNXP-939 - Cant get into Bios?
DDR2 and the s939 together at last?
Worth getting the LANPARTY ultra B?
Neo2 Platinum temp probes
Changed from NF7-S2G to NF7-S v2..windows dead
new mobo, cpu and psu = reinstall windows?
vdimm core wrong?
MSI K8N Neo2 Owners Post your rig and settings!
Which Motherboard is the best
MSI Neo2
Link to a list of different bioses ??
GA-K8NS 754, no post, no beeps.
Help on Picking the Right Mobo.
Anyone Understand AMI Hex Code
Fastest CPU I can use on a Abit nf7
WDC Raptor showing as removable device
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI 4DDR-DIMM 3PCI 4PCIe SATA Raid Audio GB-LAN Socket939
backplate of k8n neo2 causing instability problems?
bios settings for overclock
Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro & AMD 64 2800
Need MB Upgrade advice
Raid problems on K8N
DFI LANPARTY & A64 3200 2.7ghz :)
LANPARTY UT NF3 250 - Performance LOSS
Do microATX 939 boards exist??
Any GA-K8VT800M users?
Activateing the Nforce 3 on board firewall
VNF3 to DFI 250GB, anyone do the switch?
High FSB w/o L12 mod
NForce4 question
Problem with temp readings!!!
NF3 250GB - Can't handle PSU
soundstorm with z-640 question
Help with 8kta+ and xp2100+!
Looking For A8V Vcore Mod or Bios Mod
Iwill kk266+ northbridge fan replacement question
A neo platinum question about dimm voltage
New system having troubles.... please help.
n7f-s2 Cas 2.5?? Memory
NF7-S IDE problem
BIG problems after using A64 Tweaker...
Will A 3000+ OC On This Board
DFI LanPart UT 250GB Problem
KT6V and xp-m 2500 multi lock ?
Thermalright sp-97 on a Infinity NFII ultra ?
A7N8X-E Deluxe thermal protection?
Asus A7V880: Does it have AGP/PCI lock?
Socket A mobo with best onboard sound
Nvidia raid 0 doesnt work on K8NSNXP 939
Setting up new Asus A8V AMD 3000+ having problems of course.
Need advice on best HD raid drives on NF7-S 2
a7n8x-vm/400 overclocking
OC'ing my neo2 and fx53... help wanted
Epox mobo w/ MCP-T?
Strange BIOS overclocking behaviour
opteron 248 and pci-e
how do i reset the cmos on my a8v?
ZZF has nforce 4 boards on their site now
which nforce4 mb are being released in december
Zalman CNPS7000-CU heatsink+fan
Help needed with my Neo2 Plat board!
Side band address is disabled
Wanna switch intel raid to raid on msi neoplat2
requires low chipset voltage to be stable
need help asap!!!!!!!!
What bios firmware to choose?
Neo Platinum 2 (Again) I've update the bios to 7025v13 but the sound keeps strange
NF7 owners still using the stock NB cooler have a look at this!
dvd drive causing lockup
Abit AV8-3rd Eye Is this a good board?
Voltage problems with DFI LP NF3?
asus a8v auto overclock question?
Ram timing options in bios?
A8V Bios
Looking for a *tiny* Skt A Board...
About MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (MS-7025) Guide (Overclocking) posted by Zebbo
Used Nvidia proformance (auto tune) program and...
Possible Bios problem?
asking cooler issue on mobo
K8T800 PRO and PCI-Express
Going from NF7-S to KT880 Delta-FSR
Speaker output problem
939 mobo
Biostar M7NCD pro please help me
Biostar M7NCD pro please help
Neo2 Platinum Nforce 3 Possible Issues
Is this MSI board worth the $10 over abit?
computer wont start
AN35N Ultra 400 onboard sound
HUGE PROBLEMS with NF7-S rev.2
I need help with my Overclock
Asus A7v880 problems
Lower than 1.65V starter/Vcore
MSI K8N Neo Platinum wacky ethernet - help!
Weird sound on start up, possible NB fan?
Its finally online, the ASUS AN8-SLI.. on NCIX.com
Dual Channel Memory and an xp120
Wrong temp whit bios 9/14
Strange thins with my Infinity nf2
Epox 8KDA3J, RAM freq. problems
MSI K8N-NEO2 PCI Problem!!
Looking for help
9F post code and AV8
Lanparty 250 has problems detecting hard drives
i just ordered nf7 s v.2 whats a good oc goal to start?
Cracking sound, NF7-S
uknown cpu crud
MSI K8N Neo2 OCing Problems
SK8V bios setting questions.
Gigabyte 7n400L + Mobile barton
k8n temps -- how off?
How do I know whether my motherboards' faulty?
How to overclock with MN7NCDpro my Barton2500+
New to A64, having trouble with AV8
everyone check out this sick mobo!!!
1T,2T What gives?
Hi, help out my friend plz
someones lieing!
highest supported ram for nf7-s?
Another promising Nforce4 mobo
Gigbye G4-7N400 Pro 2 Rev 2 Power probs
Asus a7N8x-Delus v1.1 + Barton 3200+
Monitor permanently on standby - bios issue?
ASUS A7N8X-deluxe v1.1 compatible with barton 3200+
a7n8x dlx raid setup f4 or ctrl-s
NF7-S CPU temp accuracy?
I finally gave in, that mobile will be Mine!!!
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe overvolt protection....
Overclocking question on ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe
VIA or Nforce3
uGuru Software...worthless?
Neo2 Platinum and FX-53
New motherboard, quick question....
Neo 2 and Geil PC4000 overclocking problems
Asus A7n8x-e Deluxe Wifi
Which AMD Asu board?
CPU Fan Driving me Insane!
VTT mod
3000+ 400mhz fsb barton and nf7-s rev2
Gigabyte K8NS--yea or nay?
Any fix for the AN35 Ultra red AGP LED of death?
athlon 939 and 1600 bus
Nforce3 Ultra vs Nforce3 250
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum + MBM?
Bad MSI Neo2 board!!! This sucks!
Asus K8N-E Dlx ddr volt Mod
athlon 64 s939 and pcie mb
MSI NEO2- Single channel??
NForce 4 boards?
K8V-X won't OC
Abit saved my cpu
What indicates Dual Channel Mode is Active on AN35N Ultra?
When can i buy Nforce 4 MOBOS!
A7N8X-X Temps jumping???
GAH! What can I do!
what's the highest speed grade nForce2 support??
What kind of fan
Clearence issues with NF3 250
KT7A (Rev. 1.0) + Athlon XP-M 2600+
sata lock?
K7S5A Pro keeps autoreseting in games.
Epox 8RDA6+ Port Royale 2 Problem
New Owner of NF7-S