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sata lock?
K7S5A Pro keeps autoreseting in games.
Epox 8RDA6+ Port Royale 2 Problem
New Owner of NF7-S
TCCD Module Listing
NF7 s R2.0 acting weird.
AN35N Ultra and 2500+ mobile computer restarts
asus MB I want
DFI LanParty 250G help
memtest question nf7-s
UT 250gb shutdown?
MSI k8n Neo platinum driver helP!!!
A64 3000+ overclocking problems on ABIT AV8 3rd Eye
WOOT!!! Vdd mod working!!
sony vaio motheroboard Qs
My System Setup
Good replacement board?
DDR / DDR2 on AX8
Best Socket A Mobo?
soltek mobo
How to get more volts on A8V Deluxe ?
What board ?
NF7-SV2 chip fan noise.
broke 24k
DFI lanparty socket A more $ than 250gb?
a7v333 mobile multi question
CPUInterface? MantaRays D26 XT
Anyone have any experience with this GA-K8NS Ultra-939?
Check resistor for me !! NF7-S V2.0
Now no post
PCI-E Mobo's?
Recommendation on mobo for Athlon 64 S754
OCZ pc3200 platinum v.2 on lanprty ut s754
SLK948u on Neo2 possible?
DIMM at 300 all day, XP corrupts at 265
LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio what should I pick for best preformance?
s754, s939, and Dual Channel Memory
Going from NF7 to NF7-S need help
[MSI K8N NEO] Boot problem
Can I get to 200 fsb without mods on 8rda+?
Driver Setup problem!k8n user plz help.....
OMFG too many choices. 939 ect...
Random BIOS explosion?
Who has AV8 D ? And how Happy are you with it!!
Absolute Best?
Dual channel on single channel mobo
vdimm mod question !!
S.M.A.R.T on K8N Neo2?
Cant dual channel with nf7s 2.0 and D43
If you bought a retail msi neo plat I have a question?
Front LCD...connected?
Having trouble getting my DFI Infinity (Socket A) to post
Booting problems
Safe to delete these NV files for UT 250?
good s754 oc'ing board
If you are having vcore undervolting on NEO2 Plat
Neo2 Platinum: retail vs. OEM/barebones
Huge Brick Wall
The Highest I can Overclock
AN35NU 2x256 + 1x512 dual channel: I can't find the same type of RAM I have 2x256 of.
NF7-S V2 or cpu
good overclocking s754 mobos
A8V Deluxe - where in BIOS to set memory voltage ?
NF7-S V2 Headers
Vdimm Multimeter questions
Do You Like DFI Boards?
MCP fan on K8n Neo2 Platinum
K8D Master 3 (MS-9161 Ver 1) + Opteron 246 won't post- Help
NF7-S, NF7-SG, NF7-S2...differences
DFI lanboy ut250
Did I fry my board??
What is my chipsets maximum overclocking speed and what speed is my ram at
Testing 8RDA3+ Rev. 3.2, ram issues???
What would you do? Help!
Strange problem with AN35N ultra
Cheap Mobo
ACPI problems with A7N8x
bio for power save mode??
Need to power on 2 times to POST
XFX BIOS flash
dont know what to do here.. xD
The Best Lanparty UT 250GB Bios?
Vdimm Mod NF7-S V2.0 ?
ddr400+k7vta3 v6.0
DFI Lanparty NFIII 250 GB UT motherboard woon't boot! :( please heellp
Do any hacked BIOSes exist for the A7N8X-E Deluxe?
Where to start....
best matx mobo for socket a?
Memtest Stable, Prime Stable, but 3DMarks01 = no o
AV8 mosfets...
"system failed memory test"!! Aargh.
unable to go past 240mhz htt
Do I have to install RAID drivers?
DFI nf3250gb problems
nf3 250gb with an AMD64 3400+ problems
GA-7N400L Ram upgrade query
Will SP-97 work on a LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb?
Stuttering, HDD perhaps??
I wanna get one... NOW!!!!
Asus A7V8X-X
A7N8X-Deluxe. Putting in new CPU, help.
Abit KD7 quick replies please :)
DFI LanParty 250GB Table of Voltages
Help!! Not Posting
The death of an overclocker...help me get back
Another LP ultra b down
a3700 @2.5ghz stable :) me want 2.6ghz
What's the difference?
ATIs3 NB-1 and MCW6002 on NF7?
NFS S series v2.0 mobo northbridge q?
SOCKET 754 or 939...?
Hacked BIOS for A7N8X-E deluxe?
Overclocking kr7a 133 w/Athalon T-Bird
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum BIOS 1.41 BETA is out?
Would this work?
AN35 (n) Ultra PCI/AGP lock?
ms-6389 v1 PANEL pin layout???
Neo2 Platinum...Why two ethernet ports?
Optimistic Epox
K8N Neo...SM BUS Controller?
Does NF3 need APIC disable for great o/c?
8KDA3J rev2.2 overvolt
DFI NFII Ultra Infinity + 2400+ Mobile VS NF7-S -- Infinity gets killed. Ideas?
Neo2 Plat with a64 3200+ winchester 90nm
Best UI bios...
k7n2 delta-l memory controller issue.
how does the AN7 compare to the NF7 ?
How could I get the NB fan off without having access to the back of my mobo?
SK8V and Windows 98se?
Help with a NF7's low FSB/memory bus
Picking a 64bit board.
Bios flash problem (D26 Speed fire 0.1)
Another Neo2 voltage question
GigaByte 7N400 Pro2 Ver2.0 (Anyone Have this)
which sink for DFI 250gb lanparty ut
Adjust vcore
8rda/+ max stable fsb with 3 memory slots full?
need help with chipset drivers nf7sv2
info for a firstimer A64 3400+ overclocker.
Driver Issues. Poor newb Puuulease help.
Need OC Advice for K7S5A
Cant use 11 multi and up ..
Nfs S v2 mobo Clock Speed issue
1GB ddr400 VERSUS 1.5GB ddr333
First attempt at OC my 3400+
Abit AN8-SLI Paper Launched!!!
Mega slow windows loading on DFI 250gb UT 754
Msi Neo2 - PCI cards not detected?
DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250G will not not POST...period...
Gigabyte first to market nForce 4!!
NF4 Worth the wait
Does the CPU clock higher with One Dimm
Shuttle MN31L: Dual channel memory bus @ 400mhz (without onboard video enabled?)
AN35N Ultra voltages and MBM5, what sensor are you using? Why? I'm a MBM5 n00b.
recommended RAM for K8 Neo 2 Platinum
M7NCD PRO owners...what kind of overclocking options? Does a SP-97 fit on this board?
Fried my system, need advice
abit ax8
k8n neo2 memory problem!!!
Aopen Ak-77 600N Motherboard Question
Strange NF7-S temperature problem
Odd DFI LanParty 250GB Problem
Does NF3 support JBOD?
best A64 754 motherboard available?
dead motherboard
MSI Neo2 platinum woes
Sound problem on new A7N8X-E Dlx
DFI NFII Ultra Infinity high vcore instability problem
NF7-s v2 no multiplier?
Help Me Choose An Athlon 64 + Motherboard (754)
Possible temperature problem?
A7n8x temp readings
DFI Lanparty Ultra B
Custom Bios Question
MSI Neo Platinum Board problems ...
One more try
CPU Load, Where does it come from..Where did mine go
DFI 250gb UT LP onboard sound any good?
AN7 FSB/Memory ratio question
50 dollar budget for a socket A motherboard
usb keyboard with neo2 plat
Memory Dividers on NF3 UT
New AV8 & AV8-3rd Eye BIOS v16
lp nf2 ultra b
Could updating a bios reduce memory scores in sandra?
Best ram for DFI Lanboy UT 250Gb?
Frustrated beyond belief... HELP please
Opinions on ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe?
Best Drivers for MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum?
A7N266-C w/XP 2400 Not Overclocking?
A7N266-C problems... Not overclocking?
BIOS recovery for reflashing the BIOS if it got corrupted
ASUS A8V No Video Signal all of the Sudden
I just hope that I won't get BIOS corruption with the Asus A7N8X-E
512 MB Kingston ValueRAM PC2700 OCing?
Which board?
Abit NF7-S Rev.2 Weird problem
MSI Neo2 Plat / Winchester sub zero boot issues.
Abit motherboard
project southpark mobo
Update on OC
Canīt get it stable!
Does The A7N8X Dlx Support AGP 2.0?
Weird A7N8X-E bios problem
nForce4 PCI Express Mobo preview!
CPU temp program for Soltek SL-K8AN2E-GR
Wher to find bios flashing instructions?
Dfi 250gb Lan
will an nf7s v2 swap out w/a7n8x 1.04?????
Tips for getting system 3D stable?
PCI-E for the athlon 64 platform is here
ocz pc3200EL plat. rev.2 on DFI nforce3 s754??
When will NewEgg have the NEO2 Plat in stock?
abit KT800 pro
Upgrading older AK32L shuttle
KV8 Pro temps are way off?
NF7-S v2.0 Network Problems
No Video output from A8V Deluxe
Epox Sucks
NF7-S: workaround to use 160GB HDD?
When Vdimm set to 3.3 comp won't boot!
M7vig Pro
Need help on a 64 motherboard
a7n8x deluxe 1.04 and fussy ram
UltaInfinity Nic troubles...
NF8-V is out
motherboard confusion
Horray!!! It passed Prime95 for 26 hours!!!
Cant overclock K8N Neo2 Platinum
D26 Mantarays XT-cpc question
Problem with SATA Command Queuing
help with soltek slk8an2-gr
When will ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe be avaliable?
worth cooling ut250 chipset?
A7N8X temperature help PLEASE
A7N8X-E Gigabit-Network
changing vcore/cpu voltage with ga-7nnxp
Lan Party B TOASTER CERT help!!! :)
3400+ with vnf3-250
Random NF7 lock-ups while accessing ethernet
vdd on nForce2
Onboard USB ports quit working - NF7-S
Dimm slot problem
Memory compatibility with NF7
Stupid me
K7VTA3 Crazy Voltage and MB Temps MBM5
chaintech bios flash utility?
me head is going to explode !
2500 mobile and NB going in!
Via Kt400?
Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP NF3-250 or Asus K8N-E Deluxe NF3
Athlon 64 Mobile/DTR
Casual OC on NF3 LANPARTY UT nF3 250GB? - how much can you do at lower voltages
North/South Bridge HSF
NF7 No POST from bench
Asus A8V Deluxe Rev. 2 - Bios Overclock???
no processor...
building an a64 rig anything i should now? (NOTE DFI LANPARTY UT)
Lets talk about the GA-K8NS Pro (arrrrgh!)
NF7-S v2 help
MSI and new barton
System temp question
Good Overclock...
Which Memory for DFI|NF3 LANPARTY UT nF3 250GB RT
cpu multiplier on dfi lanparty UT
MSI K8N Neo2 RAID 1/2
Booting Problems
Thinking about possibly getting an Asus A7V880 motherboard Which RAM should I get?
SOS! My NF7-S got toasted!
Got a new AV8.
Do I need extra vdd?
FSB or multiplier GA-7n400L
NF7-S and cd/dvd burning
Problem with Asus-K8N?
A64 3400+ NC Version 0.6 @ Superb Overclock
GA-7N400 Pro2 Rev 2.0 Dual BIOS Problem
Where can I find the i/o backplate for the LanParty UT 250???
Overclocked DFI
Running SATAX4 at 250FSB LP NF3
A8V Nightmares
why is the any-s2 so bad?
IS my a7n8x-x Defective??
Anyone uising OCZ PC3500Performance Series
Overclocking with 3 or 4 SATA drives on nf3 boards
Need some ideas.
how does this board look
Trouble Overclocking my LAN Party NFII Ultra B
ASUS ripping off ppl?
I screwed up and got a NF7-S2G (HELP!)
Anyone done this war mod on their Abit NF7-S ?
Help, new motherboard, CPU, not posting,
nforce 3 vs via k8t800
Abit AN8 nForce4 Ultra
amd mobile xp 3000????
Which NF7 board is the best?
L12 mod making me unstable?
Dimm slots 3 & 4 - better o/c
which hs?
Anyone's using the NF2's cooling patch?
Mirroring in latest beta Bios Impossible
About to bash my computer.....
Trying for my first OC
Zalman NB heatsink placing
1/2 multipliers and ram divider
"Bios cacheble"
What is Nforce?
ATTN: 8kda3J rev2.0
Neo2 platnum . Yes another raid problem.
Bios Backup
What CPU for my DFI Nf3 250GB
Really Weird Motherboard-Related Sound Problem
Abit KV8 v1.1 Pro no post
After tons of testing I need to find something that works.
Trats' Modded K8N Neo2 BIOS!
Dimm slots...
Overclocking my lanparty
Installing Ethernet Controller in W2K Please!
I need help identify what i have
Wierd tempratures and voltages... and not too good OCs..
Old Fart Back - Duron 1.2?
No jokes please
Is it me or are A64 boards crap?
Abit NF7-s2 HDD compatibility
AV8 vs. AV8-3rd Eye
odd ? nf7-s v2.0
Problems with my 7N400L
chipset drivers for nf3-250
Neo2- plat bios not flashing
Switched to K8T800 - Now, some startup questions...
What do you measure your temps with?
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum with FX-53
The 1.37 beta bios for the NEO2 Platinum rocks!
A7N8X-E Rev.2 & MBM5 Errors.
NF7-S v.2 & Kingston KHX3500K2/1G - unable to overclock
K8N Neo2 Platinum not recognizing RAM in some of the slots
Overclocking ASUS A8V... SATA
NF7-S won't stay on...help please!
Anyone using the Thermaltake Silent Purepower 480 Watts with the Neo2
Where can you download the 1.36b BIOS for the Neo2?
what rev of k8n neo plat
quik question about vid card 8x?
ASUS A8V Deluxe Rev 2 VIA and IDE
BIOS Question
Serious problem with K8N Neo2 Please help!
Via Hardware moniter sucks, what is better out there.
Retention bracket didn't come with NF7-S...
I'm confused, and paranoid!
What are some best known BIOSes for TCCD RAM/NF7-S MBD
What board to get for Ocin 2000 xp barton or 2200 Thoroughbred
Adjusting FSB
KG7 Raid, how do I reset a bios password
New K8N Neo2 System
where can I get A64 tweaker
BSOD running Prime95 but everything else seems stable?
DFI Infinity - Memetest86 error with Kingston HyperX Dual
Questions, Questions.....
busted mem controller or should i reflash bios? (a7n8x 1.04)
Memory problems
A7N8X-E Delux 3000+ is 2166mhz good?
DFI 250 - Rock stable ram, poor CPU overclock?
best bios for Abit NF7-S rev 2?
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Problem
Speakers sound like Rice Crispies
do I have all the essentials for an amd upgrade?
NF7-S v2 northbridge fan.
Asus A7N8X-VM no bios settings?
Can't overclock with NF7-S2!
Neo2 Platinum Question
Problem with Test #5 in Memtest
Asus K8V, A64 2800+ FSB @ 224MHz...
A8V 1t memory timing help
Fatal1ty Site Is Up
NF7-S v2.0 RMA board #2: Yet another CMOS checksum error... grr
What would my rig be worth??
High FSB and gaming instability
Motherboard beeps.
KV8 Max 3 CPU Temp Messed
A8V rev 2 a few ???
K8N Neo2 Platinum 335x7 and <3x HT problem
K8N NEO fading away
MBM5 with DFI Ultra Infinity
AV8 Post Code 04 - no boot
2600+ XP-M unknown ???
High Vcore makes system unstable?
Help with A7N8X-X
Something to consider before buying DFI motherboards
pci express motherboards??
NForce3 Ultra vs Kt880
Nforce 4
KT7A Mobo Advice
Please post your PSU, Voltages, and bios!
Hardware monitering for Neo2 plat?
Does the Akasa AK-827 heatsink / fan fit on the DFI infinity?
Need Cheap board Advice
How hot is to hot for Mosfets ?
A-Bit NF7-S Rev. 2 Overclocking Problem
Can you tell me what these do?
AV8 with 9800 pro issues
Soltek SL-K8AN2E-GR problems
new 64 bit system
ABIT NF7-S2 Problem
Shuttle AN35N-Ultra: Worth Getting?
AV8 Owners: Onboard Sound
agp lock on lanparty ut 250gb s754
Just wanna double check - Infinity A+ has soundstorm: yes or no?
Nfs 7 S Series Mobo.
PCI:E Boards for an AMD64
Epox 8RDA 6 pro, anyone else have it, max fsb?
Best bios for high fsb on dfi 250gb?
New Epox 939 Board 9NDA3+
Fatal1ty Countdown Timer
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum - Troubling Article
GA-7IXEH board views?
Need help with stability and 1GB of NH-5!
nF3 250GB Windows Loading very slot.
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (MS-7025) Guide
How high to take the vcore on air?
Which DFI motherboard is better?
Asus A7N8X deluxe. Does it have a PCI lock?
Mobo Speaker
GA-7NF-RZ Problem
2gb of ram on k8n neo2 plat o/c ??
pci-express when?
Help with BIOS flash...first time
Stupid buying an Abit AN7 today?
Cannot o/c my Neo2 Plat - RMA??
Overclocking the AN50R
Two Questions...
Rinning Single Channel XL Pro 1GB on Neo2?
Tyan's Dual CPU, SLi Mobo, worth it?
I run prime 95 for 15 hours and mem test for 86 without erros and I'm still unstable?
Neo2 Plat BIOS stops responding
Help me pick amongst these boards....
heard a rumor dont know if its true
Please help overclocking NF7 and Barton 2500
3dmark crashing with lanparty 250gb
Big Gap between Aida 32 and Sisoft Score !!!!
+275fsb problems
What mobo should I get for a business machine?
HELP! K8N Neo2 Plat refuses to POST in DC
Am i able to overclock with this Mobo?
Dual Channel Mode not working
Am I just dumb???
Dead Lanparty UT 250GB??
Soundstorm as an addin card!
Asus A8V Stability Problems - Random Freezing
K8N Neo2 Platinum - Cell Menu Options for a Stable Overclock?
Just got my NF7-S...
Anyone seen this discrepancy
want to raise memory voltage
I Mesed Up...
Anybody use this FSB tool for the A8V?
Abit AN7 help ????????
Where the heck are they????
A7v8x Or A7v8x-x
So confused...
MSI nForce 4 MBs Info
ram result on dfi lanparty ut s754
Neo2 Platinum Temps
Installation of Thermalright XP-90
7nnxp and MBM
LanParty UT usb problem
Occassional 5 second lockups - huh?
nVidia nForce3 Ultra: The round up thus far; what's on the way?
What am I doing wrong?!?! Bios help for 250GB
NFORCE4 Motherboards
Bios update for Lanparty ultra b
new board (A8V Deluxe).. got questions.
missing sound hardware
dfi ut 250 problem with bios, overclock?
Doubt about Monitor Signal
For those running A64 DTR CPU's.
What are your MB temp readings for the DFI Lanparty NF3?
a8v and fx-55 question
mobile barton 2600+ incompatible .. . yet
AN35N hangs at POST code C3
KW7-G VIA KT880 K7 Dual DDR 400
slk 947 u incompatibility
Point me in the right direction......
WHY cant I go past 183 fsb?
Overclocking 2600+ Mobile
a64 3000, dfi LanParty UT, corsair xms xl overclock
what are these BIOS options?
If anyone is water cooling, I need your help!
AN8 and DFI SLI Nforce4 pics.
nf8 info
K8N-E Deluxe RAM Question
How to Test if AGP slot is getting voltage
Infinity nf2 and MBM, can you explain temp?
could this be the best socket a mobo ever?
buying motherboard help quick?
Can't select 2T in memory settings