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AV8 / AV8-3rd Eye
GA-7NNXP and SATA Card question
Asus A7v880
dfi LP nf3 250gb felling slowwwwww
Can the NF7-s use ECC Registered memory?
BIOS mods for GA-&N400 Pro 2 rev.1
Finally took the plunge, grabbed the new 250GB board!
HELP: Asus K8V SE Deluxe
Advice needed
Fried board? Screwed up Jumpers? Help!
Socket 939 Mobo questions
DFI Lanparty AMD64 Board in Stock
Socket 939 Boards?
would an overheated NB cause this?
Does the VNF3 with 7/29 bios work with DTRs?
athlon xp mobo
NF7-S V2 Mods
abit bh7 ?
Decent Overclocking Board
DFI NF3250GB BIOS Settings For TCCD
Windows boot freezing
What should I use to cool the mosfets?
ps2 not working?
I think i hurt something?
MSI Neo2 Plat problem with NV raid.
How is the new DFI 250gb board for the A64
which bios version for nf7-s
A7N8X dlx Rev2 or Abit NF7-S?
What heatsinks are you using on your Neo 2?
a couple fo bios settings?
Beeping sound with Gigabyte K8n
bios question
M7VKS Mobo CPU Specs
Chassis alarm on the nfs-7 v2
New NF7-S, New Problems.
I/O Ports quit working at high FSB or Vcore
AN7 vs NF7-S
A7N8X-E deluxe limiting speed to 2.5ghz?
Resource sharing
AGP driver for K8N-Neo Platinum
EP-8KDA3+/J compatible with XP-120 heatsink?
v core voltage
Two Siren Nightmare !! BEEP beep BEEP beep
Nf7-s doing stupid things
NVIDIA secretly installs apache service
Anyone using a D10 Bios on the NF7/s?
s939 & PCI-E Available?
dfi 250gb just WONT POST at all
A7N8X-Deluxe can't pass 190Mhz ?
Soyo Kt600 ultra
Flash Bios???
250 ut vdimm
Infinity and sata
K8T Neo2 beep codes and LED Diagnostics
What to do before Windows Install?
best bios for my pc?
QC from DFI
removal of northbridge fan ?? nf7-2 v2.0
Need Opinions
URGENT question about 250gb board!!!!
Connecting front sound ports with nf7-s V2
New Bios for A8V 1007
Can I wire a USB 1.0 port to a USB 2.0 board?
Biostar M7NCG 400 newbie ?s
K7N2 Delta-L (Red Board)
Quick, dumb, DFI 250GB northbridge HS ?
Nforce 5.1 WHQL
Large fluctuations in voltage & temp, DFI nF3 250...
big problems wit mobo anyone help?
Abit AV8 or gigabyte Nforce 3 ultra?
K8N-E Deluxe serial ATA driver disk
MBM5 and NF7-s
30 mhz FSB loss for DC? Normal?
Advice on removing the backing plate on the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum??
Asus boards as a whole, how are they?
nf7 v2 digital output help
Further GA-k8nsnxp-939 problems
i need help please
Explanations of DFI NF3-250GB Bios settings/Ramtimings
K8N Neo2 Plat Owners: Best Dual Channel DDR memory to (Compatible)?
mosfet hs placement for dfi 250gb?
A8V Delux just turning off - PLEASE, please help
8kda3+ memory devider or MHz limit?
Biostar M7VIF bios update or new board ??
My NF7-S Made Me Crap My Pants...
nf7-s v2.0
Pci Latency Timer Question
New Board!
Chaintech VNF3 have any XP120 fitting issues??
just installed nf-7 and can't get into windows
$2000 upgrade suggestions
an35n khypermedia 8x dvd+rw detect problem
DFI 250GB Raid and WinXp question
nf7-s BIOS help
CPC on or off?
2600+ and nf7 help plz
System Freezes or Screen goes Black
Blue Screen of Death
NF4 Chipset
NFII Ultra-AL dual channel 400 memtest errors
ClockGen with VNF-250
BIOS Savior on DFI Infinity HELP!
Abit NF7-S V2.0 Voltage question
best onboard video for socket a
OC on Gigabyte K8N Pro
Finally ! The bios that makes the MSI K8N NEO2 what its supposed to be !
cpc off bios for kt8 neo
Someone assist please
DFI 939 Board
Need to set AGP speed to 67 for working lock?
Are these typical errors? SATA
Abit AX8 with PCI Express for A64
Fan connectors
D26 NF7/NF7-S Speed Fire by -=Merlin=-
New BIOS available for 8KDA3+/J 9/10/03 and 9/15/04
AN35N-ULTRA and Radeon 9800XT 256 = artifacts... maybe I found the cause
NF7-S V2 heads up.
Looking for a Bios
Exactly where on the is case temp measured on the NF7-S?
NF3 and watercooling (Swifttech MCW6002)
Abit-eq (overclocked System)
how good is the...........
help!!! dfii ultra infinity
8rda+ FF on boot and caps bulging
xp-120 & DFI NF3 250GB LanParty UT
Need a quick answer plz
Who stocking DFI and is it worth it?
Best config Guidance Please .. abit NOOB
Nf7-s ..vdimm..over 2.9v?
MOBIL support being worked on.
Problems with NF3 Lanparty UT
n00b question on removing bios chips
NF7-S v2 Freezes (?) right after attempting, and failing to detect IDE drives.
is there a problem with k8n neo and 6800gt?
250gb bios and Vdimm...
No MBM5 with my new DFI now what?
Nforce PLL
NF7-S v2 SATA Question. Urgent
KT600 Dragon Ultra Platinum and AMD Sempron CPU's
GA-7N400 Pro2 rev 2 problems
NF7-S USB 2.0 help!
Lanparty UT in England
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum & Thermalright NB-1 Problem
higher fsbs from nf7s
DFI LANPARTY UT NF3 250Gb or........
New mobo installed... but no USB working ;0(
Ahh, please help
ASUS A8V Problem
cant increase FSB on KM3M-V, only 100Mhz
Problem upgrading RAM !!
NF7-S question.
want oc my amd 2800+
How much of a performance boost should I expect?
Trouble with AGP 2X and 4X
Recent bios flash problems....
abit kd7-333 vs barton
NF3 250GB UT - Network connection dropping?
MSI K7N2 Delta-L, multiplier don't lower! help plz
Northbridge heatsink&fan install tips
Infinity After 200fsb = no windows
AN35 N ultra issues
SN41G2V2 Doesn't POST
MSI K8N Neo Platinum Powers down after 5 seconds of being on
GA7N400-L 195 FSB Limit?!
Getting headache with all of those bios!!!!
NF7-S, this happen to anyone else? scrambled bios
by how much do abit mobos really over read temps
Cooling Q will it fit?
NOW what????
Nf7-s bios settings question.
a question for a64 enthusiasts
Problems with EP-8KDA3J
O/C Athlon 2400-Mobile with PC2100
Please help/advise - XP3200 showing as xp 1900
DFI Motherboard fried my Logitech MX500?!?
NF7-S stuck at 218
DFI 250gb Bate bios - Download
kt4v help voltage mod
nf7-s dead?
EP-8KTA3+ Max supported CPUs?
bios 1.4 released for k8n neo platinum!
Speedfan and 8KDA3J
DFI LANPARTY UT NF3 250Gb site???
7N400 Pro 2 Rev2 Sound Ports Bad?
Computer posts then hangs
What NForce drivers are you using?
CMOS Checksum Error...and no, it's not the battery
cpu TEMP WENT FROM 38c TO 58c ON 7nnxp AFTER bios UPGRADE
NF7-s v2.0 and SATA
how to see mobo?........
A7V400 and the AMD XP 2500+ M
DFI NF3 250GB LanParty UT problems, Q&A, etc...
nforce2 wattage output
A64 + Ati Radeon 9800 pro mobo?
A good 64 mobo
ep 8kda3j modded bios? Links?
A64 O/Cing Hurdle - any idea?
DFI nF3 250 and more
EPoX EP-8KDA3+ Queries.
strange cold boot behavior
Dual Barton 3000+'s????
Quick Question..
NF7-s Great OC's not great FSB
At around what FSB should I up the vdd? Nf7-s
Can't flash bios.... NF7-s.. HELP
What happens when the north bridge overheats?
download of drivers
Troubles with k8n neo2 and A643500
2400+ Paly in a 7VRX?
CPC On versus Off Bios
What do you think of Abit KV8?
Need some help with OC bios on DFI LANPARTY ULTRA rev.B
Xp3200 bios help
Wont Overclock (A7V8X-X)
Bios settings for 3200+
Mobo going out?
The 250GB DFI board is here.
DFI board is here
K8NE-DELUXE onboard audio question
NF7-S SATA trouble?
880 via and....
K8N-E Deluxe
upgrade memory time
Asus VT8237 or onboard promise RAID chip - which is faster?
GA-K8VT800 Pro -can't enable PCI Video card in the BIOS
Which bios? L12? Nf7-s 2500+ mobile...
Can't get over 215FSB XP2600-M on NF7-S
ASUS p4c 800 e deluxe
NB Water Block on ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Gigabyte (Triton) K8NS Pro 250
Bios Update: K8NS Pro 250
Nf7-s and 2500 mobile.. questions
A8V Rev 1.02 board VIA Raid corruption
asking new MOBO......
Power Supply or ?
Magic Health POST Help
Advice Please
KV7 Please HELP !!!
compatitble memory for shuttle an35n question.
NCIX.com has the DFI Nforce 3 preorder up !! (Canada)
boot from a usb floppy
8kdaj and usdm reliable?
NF7-S BIOS Memory test
Program to see cpc on/off
socket 754....1 stick 1024mb or 2 X512mb?
CMOS Clear Error
CMOS Clear Error
Shutdown Computer For The Weekend, Now No Restart?!?!!? HELP!
Is there any hope for me?
LAN PARTY B NFII question drivers
Bios Chips
Urgently need photo of K8N Neo2 Platinum with SLK 48U installed?
Asus Probe a7v600-x prob.
motherboard + psu
What to Enable/Disable in BIOS
entering the 64 bit world
Good to be back...
Does 7N400L have CPU disconnect function?
Asus K8V Basic Bios update to 1004
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Rev help??
NF7-S v2 - Sound Problems ????
SATA RAID choices on Asus AV8D-v2....
Internal Diode - Haywire!
Does SP-97 fit on the LANPARTY NFII ULTRA B ??
Usb-fdd ?
How much voltage to get my 2500+ to 2400mhz?
Replacing an Epox 8rda+ Which Board?
System monotoring software ?
No Cool and Quiet feature?!
hey how do i get bios savior
USB on k7n2 delta?
Random stall and reboot
Exploring NF7 bios
Semi OT: PC Chips buys Soyo.
GA-7VT600 1394 - DDR voltage too low
Abit 'New' NF7-S2 not even close a NF7-S Rev2.0
Did I make a mistake sinking my NF7-S?
I think this board is going to drive me insane (NF7-S)
EPoX EP-8KDA3J support Native Command Queuing?
on board lan problems K8NSNXP
Trouble OC'ing.
ultra infinity bios
socket 939 mobo with 3.2V Vdimm?
back on abit
LAN Party - AGP Corruption?
a question about EPoX EP-8KDA3J
What memory to use with 7NNXP
abit ktra temps high?
k7S5a Pro motherboard
Advice on buying a Motherboard.
raising vcore SOLTEK 75FRN2-L
an35n ultra and ocz EB 3200
A7N8X Deluxe + Corsair = not happy
Question to anyone with aftermarket NB HS
Quick BIOS Question...
So when can we expect Nforce4 mobos?
What did I do
Comparatif de 40 processeurs
My Amd Mobile 2600+ is running @ 600mhz on my Lanparty....
Wont start from hard disc?
New to building , need some help
help! a7nx8-e deluxe OC problems
BIOS chip swap question
Finding Max FSB
BIOS keeps freezing
Help me help a friend...Chaintech 7KJD "no post"!
an35n/barton 2500
Installing ram help
What is 8RDA+ Official Latest Bios?
long weekend project
IT7 - More RAM Less Doom!
FSB or MHZ for Photoshop CS?
Need NF7-S v2 cooling double check
NF7-s v2 BH-6 - Hi I'm new at 235x11
K7N2 Delta2 Platinum
Anyone use Samsung TCCD memory on NF7-Sv.2?
8KDA3J or VNF3-250
NF7-S2 Sound?
Got a new A7N8X-E Deluxe
GA 7VT600 board with 3200 barton
NF7s V2.0 Help
Biostar M7VIB - running an Athlon XP 1600 too hot!! :(
Is there a fix for the 8KDA3J/+ VCore problem?
A few questions...
AMD MB and XP2000+ CPU for 110$ BRAND NEW will this work as a server.
Really weird (ep-8kda3+)
Help with deciding which mobo to get for a 2500+ Barton
Command Rate Impact
Hey I'm new here! HELP!
Want to narrow down my [Bios Choices]
Can't even reach 200FSB (AN7)
best asus a8v memory(help please)
nfs-7 v2.0 short circuit?
AN35N-Ultra voltage ?
DFI Landparty can't go over 182fsb? RMA?
Soyo K7-VTA Pro, weird problem
Dfi Nforce 3
Bit of a problem, suggestions? Regarding NF7-S System
will it fit on a msi k8n neo plat?
best bios for an7??
CMOS jumper on A7v8X-X (where)
HELP! bios update gone bad. GA-7N400E-L
Best MB for FX overclocking
Pushing My Processor
D26 Bios Romsip & Bpl Mod Final by -=Merlin=-
Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro any good?
Going FX-53 best mobo?
Lots of issues..
XP-M 2500+ issue
"Hot Swap" bad bios chip
question about merlin's d25
Soltek SL-75FRN2-L 5.1 Audio Backplate Question
Do I need a new mobo?
NF7 with colored DIMMS...
Best motherboard for AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (S754, 2,2GHz, 1MB)
DFI vs. ABIT??
Does 8RDA6+ Pro support 0.8V AGP cards?
MSI K8N Neo Platinum2 - CPU Temps?
A7N8X-E Deluxe Rev. 1.01 Questions.
Any Problems?
Everyone That Has A K8nsnxp-939 Board Read!!!
I want the best cooling for my NF7-S
Dead KV8
No POST! Please help me!!!
Replacment NF7-S -- KEEP IT?
How To Reset Fsb On A Msi 845e Max...need Help Quick
k8v se deluxe rev 2?
What Mobo for my system?
K8V SE Deluxe 2GB Memory? (2x1024MB)
GA-7VRXP 2.0 and 2600+ issues
Overclocking a7n8x dl rev 1.04
Weird startup problem please help
Lapped my bowl, I mean NB ;)
Wireless keyboad + K8V SE Deluxe = can't get into bios?
SN41G2, swappable?
Best 939 Combo??
Arrgh. Oc'ing problems. Do my parts hate each other?
K7N2 Delta-L Processor???
My Abit Mobo already knows...........
Help me choose motherboard
Artifacts & AN35N
Delta-L FSB
New BIOS / FSB help
k8vse del?
anyboby running a 6800 on abit kt7RAID??
Possible Problem A7N8X
Adivce on Boards please
Arima w720k7 socket A cpu upgrade??
a7v333 software overclock
OC Newbie needs guidance
Bios corruption on DFI, A guide to Preventing and Recovering from Bios corruption
changed mem settings and now no image
board supports 754 and 939.
S939 A64 Rig Will Not Power On After Random Shutdown
When will the AMD PCI-E baords come out?
Bios FLASH(word?) button
DFI infinity ultraII hotflash issues
Ello. No multi above 10.5? A7N8X-DX
Installed new harddrive, now I get NO SOUND!!!!
Help!! Neo Platinum Boot problems
Which driver is fastest for RAID for the SIL3112
Big Problem BIOS Resets dinged motherboard
not able to update bios
Motherboard suggestions
9800XT\Pro Power Consumption
4xSata Raid 0 Only 115mb/s???
Help with USB plugs
NF7-S rev.2 and PATA to SATA convertor help!
Chaintech SKT600 + Mobile, Boot Multiplier
GA7N400L not detecting tbredb
Chipset Differences
Sen's Massive NF7-S 2.0 BIOS Vault
Little OT, but what the heck
ASUS A7V600, Via KT600
Hardware or Heat?
A7N8X- series
Where can I find the D10 4x4 by Tictac?
Help I cant break 210X12.5
Prime temp file error
New Shuttle AN35N Ultra 400, 08/18/04 Bios?
need help on sata
2800+ on A7N266: unsafe at any speed
Sata help.. a7n8x deluxe
GA-7N400 Pro2/Thermal Throttling
When will nforce4 mobos hit the market?
Switching to AMD
Quick MOD question for NF7-S
BEst Ram for DFI UT 250 board
Enduro's NF7 and EB Support thread.
ide bus master
Finally got my new toys from the UPS man!
Abit NF7-S V2
help with overclocking!!
GA-K8NS PRO audio problem??
Update to Gigabyte Lan Drivers
Mobo or CPU dead?
Need serious help with p4c800 e deluxe
Dfi Matx Board
KV8-Max3 & ram
nForce drivers
Help with overclocking my new NF7-S v2.0
Can't make the 240 mark.
What does the red LED mean?? (ABIT n00b)
Give Me Some Ideas
Won't boot properly - power light flickers. Help!
kt6v-lsr problem
AN7 with Mobile 2500 Stability Issues
Case temp sensor placement on the AN7
GIGABYTE GA-K8NSNXP-939 vs MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard
YAY! Need MOBO for AMD64 FX 53 2.4Ghz 1600FSB
burn spot on 8K3A+
AMD XP1600+ with ASUS A7V?
ASUS K8N-E Deluxe
Now THIS sounds like a good MB... (link)
need help overclocking
Chaintech VNF3-250 impressions and questions
A8V bios voltage monitor not matching windows reading...
fan speed control ultra infinity
unlocking my 1400 thunderbird.
abit kt7a fsb overclock question.
Ram Not running fast enough
amd 64 mobo please help :(
Prime stable, memest stable - still unstable
K8t Neo-fsr
A terrible thing
NewB Question
Best MOBO for AMD64 FX?
A7V266E doesn't like 2 sticks of RAM?
A general poll regarding thoughts on socket (939)
can I get my 2400+ to run at 2.4Ghz with an Abit NF7-S or a AN7
Best chipset to OC on NF7-S v2.0
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (ECC or regular ram?)
Chaintech VNF3-250 or Epox 8kda3j?? Help
"RMA Question Getting a Updated board"
K8V-se Deluxe AGP/PCI Locks
a7n8x-x Vcore
Got crackly sound? Try this alternative fix.
Do I need to reinstall Windows?
xp does not recognise the partition
CPU Utilization of PCI Cards
MN31N at 200fsb ?
good micro ATX board?
KT880 Restart Error
Return AN7 for NF7?
Good mobo for AMD 64 3200+
an35n ultra and samsung tccd compatability
Need serious help...school-grades on th\e line....plz
ATI's Statement on PSU issues with upper 9XXX series AGP cards
K8N Neo Platinum series bios downloads?
Bios 1.3 - K8N Neo Plat