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Need serious help...school-grades on th\e line....plz
ATI's Statement on PSU issues with upper 9XXX series AGP cards
K8N Neo Platinum series bios downloads?
Bios 1.3 - K8N Neo Plat
SpeedFan And KV8 Max 3
Need help with a motherboard setting
I cannot get the nforce unified drivers to install
NF7 v2 and Win2kPro Fresh Install Problem with SATA
AGP/PCI lock on K8v se lock?? Written on the board?
8kda3j Ethernet Problem!
K8N-E oddities
Help me get more FSB out of my NF7Sv2`
K8NSNXP-939 - set password/enable
AN35N Ultra & 9800\Pro cards
Cold boot needs reset 8RDA3+
Best D24 Bios?
Neo Platinum and RAID
Upgrading CPU on old compaq mobo
8k5a 2+ with bad ram message on LED
Newegg owns : )
Vdimm mod guide for the Epox 8KDA3+ and 3J
MSI Neo2 Platinum
LDT voltage, temp?
My Un-modded NF7v2 with xpm-2600
Asus K8N-E Deluxe Boot from USB???
NF-7 S ver 2.0 MOBO does not boot up
MSI K8N Neo Platinum feature
K8N pro and K8NNXP?
K8NSNXP-939...the Odyssey Continues!
Bios 1004.003 beta for K8N-E
Help with K8V Memory Ratios
Max off my K8n-E deluxe?
CPU-Z doesn't show Vcore for K8N-E Dlx?
HDD Problems - Due to mobo?
Problems with DFI LP Ultra B
PC Chips mobos
L12 Mod - NF7-S v2 (I am really confused)
Reconfiguring Internet/Network Problem
Shuttle "AN35N-Ultra" stupid boot up problem
Ahhh!! No POST!!!
NF7-S won't display HD temps when in raid?
Abit NF7-S, -S2, -S V2.0 ugh..
A7N8X-X retension clip difference?
Won't Post (vidclip)
Asus P4P8X ,,, NO mem ratio ??
I need help finding a board
Chipset cooler on 8kda3j s/b?
NF7/s with high FSB
K8N-E overclock
does the Abit EQ report the correct temperature?
Having Problem with 8kda3j, error code 26?!
Voltage settings on K7N2 Delta-ILSR?
problems with 8rda+ at 166 FSB
General Thoughts on OCing an A7N8X-E Deluxe
dual channel
K8N Neo2 better than AV8 K8T800?
PLEASE Help with K7S8XE
NF7-S V2 / XP-M 2600+ won't post when FSB > 166
Abit KD7 owners and heatsink compatibility
K7N2 Delta-L problems
Thinking about getting NFS-7. What should I know?
How do i fix my NF7-S V2 mobo
building system question?(asus A8V) ??
AN35N-ULTRA and Radeon 9800XT 256 = artifacts
I think something is dead...
how much Vdd is ok for good air......
k8n-e and 1001 bios...
problemn with abit ic7-max3
So what's this Sempron TM processor all about?
Sleep(?) problems... NForce2...
New uber bios... resulting VDD question...?A7n8x deluxe
Bad BIOS order for NF7
overclocking xp1700 with a7n8x-e deluxe
8RDA3+ & Winbond RAM
FSB vs Ghz
Need info on Corsair Memory for Mobo
You are all wrong!
7N400 Pro 2 Problems
AN35-Ultra 400-Ultra vs.ASUS A7N8X Deluxe???
Overclocking an Athlon XP 2400+ Thorton (Help needed)
Unable to revert to a previous BIOS?!?!
SK8V "beta bios" 1003.004 get it here!!!
Can't hit 200 with Mushkin BH5
A7N8X-E Bios 1009->1012 now noboot sata
Stock NB / SB Cooling on Infinity
How do you remove Northbridge HS once clips are released?
ATX12V1 power connector on NF7-S
possible to undervolt on A7N8X-X?
Temps all over the place
KT3 Ultra + XP-M 2500 Problems
Which A78X MOBO?
A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 Internet/Networking Ports
NF2 Dual Channel query again ...
DFI Nforce 3 launched - available end of Aug.
USB Devices are FUBARed
Any ram voltage change = no boot
A7N8X D fsb problem
Fix for all A7n8x-e deluxe that won't boot
a litte help needed......
NF7-S big problem.
Asus P4S333 Dilemma
trying to find the best 939 mobo
k7n2 ilsr
Soyo KT-333 Ultra Plat.
A8V 2.0 in stock at zipzoomfly $139.99
longevity of normal PCI slots?
How is the DFI Ultra-AL?
a7n8x-e deluxe and 2500 barton problems. Please guide me
k8v se deluxe bad flash but got friend chip and want to try hot swapping
K8V SE Deluxe memory ?'s
Should i get the EP-8KDA3j???
an7 dead?
Can't OC worth a Damn
!!!Please Help!!! I killed 2 motherboards
My poor A7N8X-Deluxe
nf7-s driver question
Can't get above vcore 1.75 with my nf7-s board
No other AMD mobo pages??
Asus K8V Deluxe - Memory Speed Mystery
flashing with cds
Temperature Misreadings on Gigabyte Motherboard
Oh my god, I love my motherboard!
Don't laugh!
K8Vse 3000+, 9800pro OC'ing help, PLEASE!
Continuous beeps on startup after lowering memory timings?
ABIT NF7-S Northbridge HSF Removal Prob.
Removing NF7-S Northbridge
NF7-S/FSB/2600 Mobile
? for 8RGA+ & 8RDA+ owners
mbm5 diode
Best bios for ekda+
A7N8X V.2 and 2600+ mobile barton?
nforce3 250 incompatible with radeon 9800?
err... soemthing missing on my mobo??
AN35N and 8500LE not playing nicely...
Artifacts on the BIOS and Windows XP screen
bios flashing error
Need help with NF7-S
T-Bred 1700+ Best Board?
cheap 754 overclocker
BIOS Corruption on LP / Infinity Motherboards
Dual memory or no?
How do I flash this bios???
O.K. stupid question...
OCZ DDR Booster + NF7-S
Ram led
3 512 MB PC3200 sticks
Help me please!
nf7-s version 2 manual
NF7-S v2 heatsink compatibilty question
Beep Codes for A7V8X-X
NF7-S v2 No POST
Best Bios / Drivers
Had a bad flash with NF7-S so what do i do now?
Buying 8RDA3+
PCI express
FSB overclocking help
KT400 crash problems
Give a newbie a Mobo recommendation?
GA-7VAX rev: 1.1 overheating
K8NS Pro Cmos Saving Problems
I need a new mobo ASAP(going to college soon!) mine is BROKEN!!! :(
Help choosing motherboard for Athlon64 754
albatron kx18d pro bios
Socket A board with 4 DDR slots?
high vcore kills fsb stability
A7n8x Deluxe ver 2.0 bios mod?
Ga-7Vax ... agp lock???
How to Change Memory timings/mhz?
K8N-E Deluxe Problem with onboard sound help please
Memory upgrade for the GA-7N400 Pro mobo
Best mobo for AMD mobile 2600?
AMD Athlon 64 MB graphics card compatibility question
8RDA3+ Temperature monitoring
fs400 problems
Haha what a joke the MSI K8N Neo Platinum is....
NF7-S + Logitech z-5300 = no control over right channels???
8RDA3I error code help
Why would USDM report like this? (pic)
Best 8rda3+ bios?
k8nsnxp and geil ram
who here volt mods?
here are most or all of the current beta and offical Bios's for the 8KDA3+ and 3J
upgrading from an epox 8rda+ to a ..... ????
Help choosing between 2 motherboards
"No Hard Disk Detected" on K8V se
K8V SE Deluxe - discoveries and ramblings
a7nx8-e floppy SATA drivers????
Cold boot out of the box? O_o
NF7-S v2 and CPU Fan
Memory Speeds on A7N8X
8KDAJ Sound question???
Asus A8V 2.0 & 1.2 official news>
Need urgent help: an35n ultra not booting
xp-m temp comparison on nf7-s rev.2
Low voltage after bios flash
need advise to build new pc w/ NF7-S v2
Best Bang-for-your-buck nForce3 250 mobo?
Dern the luck... (Another 7n400p2 problem)
RMA time?
Dual Channel in NF7-S, what slots for the memory?
MSI Kt6 Delta Multiplier problem mobile amd
A7N8X dual channel problem
How to check AGP bus speeds?
ABIT KV8 beeping!!!!
A7N8X DEL. V.2 and DDR voltage
8KDAJ chipset heatsink and VGA heatsink
WTF: Abit KV8 "CMOS Checksum error" or"CPU has been changed or is unworkable"
ASUS K8N-E Deluxe is awesome
8rda3+ bad power connectors?
MSI KT4AV Help???????
help setting up raid? i'm a newb =(
K8V SE Deluxe -- Turbo = Reformat?!?!?!
AN35N speed issue on power-on first boot
Options for overclocking my system
Ghost corrupts mirrored raid
2 VERY basic Question on SOYO SY-KT400 DRAGON Ultra
Lil help
Need recomendations for KK266 replacement!
Rebooting when change resolution in UT 2003!!
msi kt3 ultra
Best Socket 462
Can't push higher than 2V on my NF7-S
K8V SE Deluxe problems with KVM switch?
K8n-E Deluxe Memory
A7N8X-E wont boot windows
Epox 8K3A+ rescued by Abit!
S939 micro ATX board
K8N Neo2 - supported memory?
post code help on AN7
And the battle goes on !!!
a8v 1.02 working cloks?
NF7-S2... Shoot me
how to 8KTA3+ RAID??
K8V SE Delux and ATI... (plz help)
8k5A2 fried my monitor??
need micro-atx K7 OC mb recommendation
trying to get my cpu at stock speed but...
Nf7 S Series V2.0
Need help quick on a new nf7-s
NF7-S v2.0: Scared to boot: Failsafes??
How much did better NB cooling help your fsb overclock on your NF7-S?
Can Someone Tell Me Something about this mobo ?
What memory for NF7 v2?
MSI "K7N2 Delta2 Platinum" Opinions
2 Different K8N Neo Boards Which.......
k8v se dlx another bad flash help?????
7N400-L and no video on boot
BIOS displaying incorrect clock info
A good beginner mATX board, socket A
overclocking amd 800mhz
Mobile 2400+ in NF7-S
PLEASE HELP! Onboard sound and internet connection not working on NF7-S!
issues over 230fsb..plz help
Gigabyte 7N400 Pro 2
Is my NF7-S crazy, or is everything just reporting it wrong...
Guidance with my CPU speed
8KDA3+ reporting installed memory wrong?
KV8 Pro Rev 1.1
more problems with k8v
A7N8X deluxe version2 vs. E models
NF7-S: Soundstorm or...?
Zalman CNPS7000 on Epox 8KDA3J?
Last Post For Help
temps on amd64 3200+
Nf7 2.0 maxing out. Any way around it?
hookin up the frills
Best AN7 Bios for 1 gig of ram
Bad flash, k8v SE DLX, help
k8v SE DLX wont recognize raptor ? ?
k7n2 Delta-L
How 2 clock NF7!!i'm [newbie]
A7nx8 ...onboard raid info
Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra Platinum & RAID0 Desperately Need Help!
MSI K8n NEo platnium VoltMods...
NF7-S v2 maxing at 205mhz....
7vaxp and Agp 8x in bios f14
Real Temperature ( 8RDA+ )
Hmm. NF7-S 9-11x multis not working? How can I fix this?
Odd bios update
KM2M Combo-L and 2400 Mobil.
what the heck does this mean?
k8v se deluxe won't flash bios
Help me pick a board
Asus or Abit?? HELP
Which mobo? HELP!
No CAS 2.0 setting on new 8RDA6+ Pro?
Ak31 OC? Maybe? Help!!
AMD flex atx / mini ITX board help
8rda3+ oc problem
Yet Another L12mod question: 166-->200FSB Desktop Bartons
What Socket 754 Mobo has a PCI/AGP lock
Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 + Zalman 7000CU Cooler - WIll it Fit?
A Thank You
New Abit AN7 1.6 Bios
help with bios update
GA-7VRX rev1.1
FIC AZ11E volt mod?
"CPU Interface" Not an option
Best Socket A Motherboard?
asus k8vse deluxe
250GB Graphics card and NB cooling worries
OCZ DDR Booster + NF7-S questions!
djxbnepiubcp nF7 -soib-
Vcore & 2tone siren
strange problem
A7n8x-E deluxe no gameport
safe pci/agp
somebody revive my bios
Sub $100 Socket 754 mobo
SB on a nf7-s
Installed OCZ DDR Booster, Comp Wont Boot
ECS K7S5A with PC133 SDRAM at 166 FSB
Overclocking with 8RDA3+, XP 2500+ Barton
GA K8NS Pro o/c help
IDEQ 200V Mobo woes
Athlon64 3200...whats the best mobo for it
Asus K8V, 2x512 DDR400, Antec TRU480 PSU, Reboot problem. Need advice.
The a8v deluxe revision 2.0
A8V Deluxe Help needed
Your stable memory timings for the GA-K8NSNXP-939
PcChips 830LR (SiS 735) bios update
Athlon64 3200...whats the best mobo for it
gigabyte GA-7n400 pro2
Question about mobo
Will this work?
Epox 8KDA3J is back in stock @ Mwave
nforce2 ultra 400gb vs. normal ultra 400
NF7-S v2 and Windows XP SP1 Install
Do I need a NF7
Is this board Flaky? Need new bios
What Mobo and processor should i get?
whats the difference between the infinity and the ultra B?
Results: OCZ ddrbooster and NF7-s
Is is Ok to control your fan speed using SpeedFan
CPU fan speed not reading
Whats this, and where does it go?
SP-97& NB-1 on an NF7-S
A7N8X dlx v1.04 w/ 2500+ & pc2700
Help with CPU clock speed plzzz
No Video... HELP!!!
Is this all compatible?
Everyone with the GA-K8NSNXP-939 --PLEASE READ--
I'm in some serious need of assistance!!!!
Board to replace an NF7 2.0
DFI Lanparty Ultra-D for A64 ?
My NF7 Died, What board now?
MSI K8N Neo Platinum, 2 problems here:
ASUS "K8V SE Deluxe" Anyone have this board?
modded bioses?
I keep hearing this crap from idiots...
ABIT with the GURU chip onboard???
Can anyone help me with my Corsair XMS/7N400 Pro?
I think I killed my DFI board AGAIN!
GA-K8NSNXP-939, same onboard audio?
will this RAM work in an Abit NF7-S 2.0?
A7N8X-LA: Most similar A7N8X?
8RDA3+ problem
Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 Bios not saving properly - HELP!!
highest fbs
dual channel and using all three dimm slots
NF7-s 2.0 battery what kind of battery
NF7-S sound problems
7N400-L1/7N400-L what is the difference
K8NSNXP-939 4 Dimms Ram Installed - Problems!!!
K8NSNXP-939 4 Dimms Ram Installed - Problems!!!
a intresting fact
How do YOU pronounce Abit?
NF7-S beeping from speakers
Which chipset for non-overclocker?
GA-K8N Pro CPU temps below 0C?
2 Epox board for A64 difference??
Microcool ChipSinks worth it?
Is Anyone having trouble with ASUS.com ?
Nforce 2 or KT880?
K8N-E Deluxe
Bizarre Bios Probs
tnt2 and nf7 ?
Buying a new motherboard!
Can the NF7-S handle DDR 550?
What ddr400 are u running??????
NF7-S & DDR Booster
Idiotic mistake??
Anyone know anything 'bout the KM4M-L??
the soft clock on A7N8X-E
A7N8X-Deluxe+Barton 2500+Crucial 512 pc2100
KT6 Delta Overclocking mishap - won't POST
AMD64 3400+ mb?
Soltech 250gb
Weirdness in Dual Channel on NF7-S
MB setting or video card
A7n8x dlxe Jumper setting???
Probe vs mbm.. wierd readings
Kingston ddr400 not working!!!!!
NF7-S wont boot after 200mhz FSB
GA-K8NSNXP-939, bios temperature read error?
ldt setting?
epox 8KDA3+ vs 8KDA3J
should i wait for 939?
AN35N - Wont post with 3200 Speeds in Dual Channel
DFI LanParty
nvmixer woes
AN7 Overclock Bios : N24AAC18-RevC
NF7-S v2.0 bios?
A7N8X-E deluxe no post
Cheap Mobo Wanted!
The only nVIDIA Pro250 board DK8N
K8N-E Deluxe + 9800 pro problems. help
what's the word on the NF7-S2G?
power stability issue? nf7 2.0
Getting New MB. Down to 4
A7V600+Radeon 9200+1G Memory = Trouble. Need help.
The right motherboard....
overheating tbred B 2600 on A7N8X
KT6V-LSR success
Will the Asus A8v Deluxe motherboard work with my pc-4200 A-DATA?
A7N8X Deluxe + 2500+ Barton = Bad at math (Help!)
Better BIOS Availible?
7N400Pro Win2000 and IDE raid installtion
DFI Nforce3 ?
Thermal Throttling?
ASUS A7V333 - Athlon XP 1800+
flashing bios on a nf7-s with mobile
Worth the upgrade? A7v8x-x to a7n8x-e?? Will extra mem bandwidth really help?
NF7-S mosfet cooling
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe Issues (Sound)
Best Socket 939 chipset
NF7-S 2.0 Versus NF7 2.0
NF7-S v2 / XP-M 2660 questions
A few tips for overclocking with the AI7
In Serious Need Of Help...
Help choosing mobo (sorry)
Want more voltage control/options
Multiple SATA RAID controllers on new Epox boards
AV8 Athlon 64 3500+ Problem....
Abit D.25 bio????
question regarding cpc
Barton 2500 (mobile XP 2500)
New or old NF7-S [how do you tell which you have?]
XFX NF2SAED -- Anyone know about it?
Quick vdimm+ vbt question
I may have cripled my board. Thoughts?
NF7-S2 v1
Voltages on NF7-S v.2
Anyone else running an AK39N?
NF7/S rev2.0 : D25 Modded bios by -=Merlin=-
bios setup oriented questions on a7n8x-x mainly
Please help with memory frequency.
nforce mcp vs mcp-t
Post code "F"
Mobile 2500+ on a NF7-S v2.0 - big problems!
8k3da+ problems
Best memory for this board
A7N8X-X questions
Working on a friends computer
Do mobos read internal thermal diode?
A64 Mobo With AGP/PCI Lock and Vdimm 2.85V or greater
Asus A7N8X Deluxe & Athlon 2700+ 333fsb
AN7 went POP?
i'm confuse about which mobo to pick for A64
sff mobo
Ic7 owners
Asus A7N8X-LA
Help me choose the right motherboard! Thanx!
can MSI K8T Neo-FSR install windows xp 64 bit on SATA?
Can I OC w/ K7S5A Pro 5.0 w/ software?
AN7 250fsb 256 hyperx3500
an35n ultra without 12 volt power connection?
Asus A7N8X Deluxe & ATI Radeon 9800 PRO Help
comp won't turn on...help
Voltage problem after bad flash on NF7..
any reason to get the lanparty?
Got 250fsb?
Maximum memory for K7S5A
abit nf7-s volt mods?
Resistor Values - GA-7VRXP
post your a8v serial number
how do i activate USB 2.0?
NF7 RMA Question
need help bios says my chip is a 1.7
Possible to burn out AGP slot?
rebooting problem
A8V Deluxe probs and solution?
Ramalama Ding Dong (AN35N)
Looking for new Mobo
NF7 6 channel Audio
Mobo For a AMD64