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New, need some help
CMOS Checksum Error on 7VM400M
which bios recognizes XP-M for A7n8xdlx
GA-7N400 Pro2 UDMA issue
What is wrong with Abit
Another interesting problem.
Clearance with a Zalman Heatsink
bye bye.... asus A7N8X rev2
Abit's AV8 K8T800 mobo for the 939 A64's any good ?
PCI lock on KT880 chipset
Worth to try? Need some advices!!!!!
boot from disk not working..
MSI Neo Platinum Repeating Beep, No Screen
Help A7n8x Dlx Xp-m2400! Not Posting
abit nf7-sg2?
Post Prolbems
no more audio
A8V Deluxe probs.
Cant Post over 235
epox 8kda3+ FF Problem !
Getting SATA on A7N8X?
NF7-s rev. 2.0 vs. NF7-S2
Need Help Picking a Motherboard
a7n8x-x drivers
A few quick questions.
Cool N Quiet locks up my computer
Does GA7N400Pro have Sondstorm ?!
New NF7-s versions
Nforce 150 with PCI locks
my a7v8x-x powers on w/o switch connected!
Well, I found this out the hard way.
Is my NF7 mobo dead?
Switching to AMD, need advice....
Quick question on L12 mod
Any NF7-S BIOS experts out there?
Need Help Fast!!!!!!
multiplier locked??? Shouldn't be
To voltmod or not to voltmod
FSB wall @ 230 nf7 2.0
sock 939 mobo that supports pci express
Micro ATX with Multiplier settings
i need some opinions on the A7N8X
nForce2 Tweaker V0.2 - Online
k8v se temps
Quick ? - NF7-S have USB keyboard support in BIOS?
Why such limited voltages?
Opinions on Oc'in with 8rdavcore
which board for Athlon XP-M
Nf7-s + Sp97
lanparty II ultra b sata??
New Infinity/Lanparty BIOS's
The AGP on A7N8X-X
nf7 2.0 ( non -s) bios question.
I need a quick mobo anwser!
Convince me into switching to Abit...
do new mobos still use jumpers to set fsb/multi etc?
new board for Athlon XP-M
Slanboy and a7n8x-e deluxe
Newer NF7 or no?
A8v deluxe best possible bios setup ......
Calling KD7 owners
A8V serial number
NF7 or NF7-S
can this be a warning ?
new sata hard drive
Does your NF7-S overvolt your RAM?
Is anyone familiar with this board?
Installing games while overclocked...
help with K7 triton GA-7N400E-L CLK RATIO
K7N2 Delta updated Bios instability
939 chipset?
Critique my recent overclocking efforts
Gigabyte 7nnxp problems (weird)
What I want
Hit a wall at 240fsb
How to change and read DDR voltages
Just noticed a "jumper" / "header" on my A7N8X that looks like floppy power. Is it?
does the ASUS A7N8X-E deluxe mobo support ata133 hdds?
Few O/C ??
URGENT NF7-s problem... No beep, fans run, has good power
Nb1 + Sp97 + Nfs-7 R2
A Good Selection?
a8v and pc 4000 ?
Nforce 3 RAID or Silicon Image sil3512 controller
system starting in safe mode
Dual Channel on 3 sticks
heatsinks on the MOSFETs didn't help, NOW WHAT?!
System Freezes
Best modded BIOS for AN7 and NF7-S 2.0 ?
Recommended BIOS settings for SK8V
IWill XP333 Prob
Need some help !!!!!
OCZ 3700 Gold on NF7-S v2.0
help...can't boot from floopy/hdd/cdrom on A7N8X-DLX
PCI Lock??
K8V SE USB incompatibility
Bios problems
S939 Av8
Common problems with ultra infinity boards?
BIOS: "Save & Exit" vs "Save" and Reset button A7N8X-E Dlx
K8V SE not even a post
How's the sound on the KV8 Pro?
Mobo for 2400XP
Bios with a build date of 12/24/2020. BC22. What is this?
I've tried everything...
NF7-S's and voltage
AN7 Problems
AN7 Problems
‘System’ temperature on 7N700 Pro 2 400 Ultra
How Are You Finding Your Socket 939 Mobo?
A7N8X-E-Deluxe questions
GA-7N400 Pro 2 (rev 1) Vcore?
NF2 Ultra Infinity Problems
Help! My Abit KV8 won't post! Need your suggestions!
OCing GA-K8N Pro with A64 3200+
So, I've got two motherboards, what one should I use?
*Sigh*. My brother and his AN35N aren't posting... help?
Need Help
ASUS A8V Deluxe vs Abit AV8
3200+ compatibility with NF7
Flashing BIOS
Need to replace northbridge fan on ic7...
8R3DA+ and Thermalright SP-97
nForce2 Ultra 400 GB
One disappointment on new NF7-S
Temperature readings discrepancies
DFI Alpha Memory Timing : set them now
HELP K7S5A Pro 5.0 BIOS Flashing Problem
Multiple sticks of corsair ram on an A64 board?!
6/19 Modded Bios With 12/18 ROMSIP Table
AD77 Pro Overclocking
Any reports on ASUS K8N-E ?
A7V333 and 2100+ Help
what can you say about the ASUS P4P800SE??
Biostar m7ncd No boot issue
MSI KT4AV wont do 400mhz FSB
GA7N400 Pro2 - hissing sound
epox 8k5a2 prob's, i think?
NF2 ultra infinity integrated ethernet drivers...
AN35N-Ultra Questions
Firewire on K8NNXP
need some suggestions
Which ram for HIGH FSB on ILSR??
GigaByte GA-7N400 Pro 2 and SATA Raid
ABIT NF7-S2G... an alternative to the Ultra Infinity?
Help!! If you can....
Problems with voltage of 12v in a7n8xe- dlx
NF7-S SATA and OC'ing?
PLEASE HELP: show your genius
Need help guys :(
A7N8X Deluxe With Athlon XP 3200+ Settings
IC7 Max3 soft mod?
Bios Chip ?
K7S5A On Board LAN not working!
What's the best OCing bios for LP_UB?
Best CPC diabled BIOS solution?
NF2 Ultra Infinity Board temp = 52 C?
Removing stock NB stock cooler on NF7-S - how??
Write-Protection Bios Flash Error? Other question too...
K7S5A PCI Video Card Problem Help!
Gigabyte Nforce2 Pro 2 - Bios
Bios play part in oc'ing?
List of to-do's when setting up NF7-S
burnt out mobo?
Overclocking my mobile chip
sata/pci express
GA-7N400 Pro 2 (rev 1) Temps?
NF7 rev2.0 MBM
NF7-S rev. 2.0 and 2x 256 + 1x 512 @ ddr400
OCZ memory-- 2(512 3200)
Mission Accomplished
AN7 and d43 problem
NB SB heatsinks needed?
New to OCing - what to expect? (what will go wrong?)
Quick NF7 Question....
Simple question... is it *good* or not?
did my L12 mod work?
Barton 2500 on CT-7VJD2 (details inside)
Getting an AMD 64 3000+!! Best mobo for OC'in?
Did I screw up the MOSFET cooling?(AN35N)
Epox Users go here for support on youre boards.
Something funny...
question about voltages
Soyo KT333 outperform NF7?
Please help me with my friends NF7-S
Memory timings
NF7-Sv2.0 BIOS's
NF7-s 2.0 Dual Channel even with 3rd DIMM?
8kha+ Ram question...please help!
Temp sensors...?
NF7-S fan headers?
K7N2-Delta L probs with Multiplier
Epox EP-8KDA3j and ADATA ram
My OC'in experiences
Soyo KT400 memory snafu
A new problem every day
Can't Even get 400mhz FSB??
ECS KT600A Issues
Will Celeron D run on P4S333?
Sound crackling - NF7-S Soundstorm
How to find out what mobo
is my diagnosis correct?
what bios are you using?
Dead Asus A7N8X ?
Wake from Sleep Issue on KT600 Dragon Plus
AN35N Ultra FSB question
flashing bios
Stop ERROR Non pagefault
Question about memory on NF7-s
What BIOS for MODERATE overclocking?
Mobo not recognizing CPU...Help please
CDR problem with 7n400L
VDimm on ILSR
need mobo suggestions
Do I have to use AWDflash?
SATA problems on the 8RDA3+
GA-K8NSNXP or epox 8kda3+
Arima W720-K7 AMD Athlon™ XP-M 2400+
BIOS and performence.
barton 3000@200mhz at 12.5multi. no going up.why?
Baton 3000@166fsb but 200 will not boot.
Help with a higher FSB...
Asus Integrated NIC Issues
Testing KT880 - Results here
Intel 925x vs. ?
AK32VN wont boot up
Bad Mobo??
K8V memory options are confusing!!!
nForce 4.2 drivers any good?
The dreaded faulty motherboard capacitor outbreak!!!
NF7-S uses Ultra 400?
What chip do I have?
Memory and Mosfets HS overlapping question
My Asus A7N8X is going under the knife tonight
A7N8X/ Deluxe
NF7-S V2 bios the same as the old one?
8KDA3+ & A64 Tweaker V0.2
K7N2G ILSR overclocking capabilities.
OK maybe a noob question about the Epox EP-8KDA3J board.
dreaming of nf4
Another siren the shutdown....
DFI nforce3 Ultra-D ETA in one week
Best Heatsink for DFI Landparty Rev2
Best mobo for Athlon 64 3200+? HELP.
Dead bios, who has AWDflash???
Highest CPU ECS K7S5A?
A7n8X Deluxe AtlonXP 3000+ Barton 400FSB Help!
Gigabyte 7VT600-L + PC2100 & 2600MHz?
GA-K8NSNXP-939? Good or no?
When an AMD board as 4 ddr slots?
FSB frequency at half speed
Help me with this CD-ROM problem
nf7 2.0, d10 bios corruption? but i can get into windows...
About A7V8X-MX
Okay...What went wrong...
Msi K7n2
"PC won't boot with new Abit NF7-S Mobo...starts too, then restarts..?!?!"
Anyone know what the aggressive CPU/FSB settings do?
which socket 754 MOBO, MSI or Abit?
motherboard recommendation, please look if you have the cnps7000a
Holy abit kv8 pros **with working agp/pci lock**
Unstable @ X10 and above
Tictac's D23 3D-Fire Reversion 2
Video Stutter, MB?
Pay your Respects Shuttleheads
Is a newer biod needed if i dont overclock?
GA 7N400-L anyone running 3 sticks 512?
adjusting poll times for an A7N8X - dlx
Slight raise of FSB and now no Video!! HELP
should i try trats d24 bios?
OC'ing problems when trying new settings
Hissing sound from Mobo....
Please help with an overclock bios OCZ ram issue
Links to how to do L12 mod.
Will teh K8N neo Platinum work with the 3200+ DTR?
MB not recognizing SATA hard drive
NF7-S siren, then PC shuts down?
Hotflash within windows/flashmenu possible?
How hot are YOUR mosfets?
Will Zalman 7000CU fit on a 8KDA3+ with a 9800 Pro with VGA Silencer clip on top?
Abt bios update
Replace NF7s, any suggestions?
ECS K7VTA3 - Crazy temp / voltage fluctuations
Best HS for GA-K7N400 Pro 2?
newegg says it cant support this chip?
NF7-S Fan
Arch the chipset heatsink just fell off my motherboard..
System doesn't boot when SW1=auto on 7vt600 1394
K8N Neo just caught on FIRE!
GA-K8NS Pro nForce3 250...
Clicking/reboot when changing SW1 switch on 7vt600 1394
L12 Help
This might not have relivantice but please help...
MSI - KT4AV-L VIA not recognizing drives
NF7 2.0 don't POST
Wanna build a budget 64 bit system need help
bios for a a7n8x
Weird L12 problem....
Memory For Nf7-s
Problem with A7N8X Deluxe - Need help please.
An old one: GA-5AX
Highest stable FSB on A7N8X-Deluxe
Asus Socket 775 board - overclocking results
Best nf7-S bios
NF7-M & Screen Flicker
Asus K8V SE Deluxe buyers, BEWARE! Evga 6800GT WILL NOT WORK!!!
Post NF7-S2, S2G results.
KD7 Dead?
Epox EP-8KDA3j and Newcastle 3000+ @ 325HTT.
No Vid signal/boot on power-up
Switching motherboards and keeping harddrive.
hot flash question
NF7 or NF7-S
Disappointed by NF7-S
M2600 with nf7-s
Kv8 Pro Or Kv8-Max3?
ak31 + mobile 2600+ = not good
Post your max overclock on A7N8X
Need help Hot flashing BIOS chip
25,000 bonus point question:
Bios Savior goodness...NF7-S R2 all better now
NEW nf7 2.0 overclocking success !!!!! ( with 2 questions)
Need Help! KV8 Pro
P4C800-E Changing Ratio for RAM
CPU Socket of CPU Diode?
mbm5 w/ a7n8x deluxe-e
P4C800-E Third IDE
Diode or socket??
Overclockers with A8V, what are your results?
L12 mod via BIOS?
NF7-S2.0 DDR Problem...
ABIT NF7-S REV.2 -- Just opened it an hour ago and got small prob
mad comp problems
K7N2 Delta-L will only post in safe mode (200fsb)
Check out the new NF7-S2
245+ FSB - 222 - DC - CPC on...anyone?
Where can i get the 6/19 beta bios?
A7V8X multiplier resizing after S3 sleep BIOS bug
RAM Woes On K8N Plat
My Nvidia Ultra 400 chipset opinion.
8KDA3J + Antec 430 + 9700AIW = NO BOOT??
Arghhh...What's causing the problems!!!???
can't break 217fsb on OCZ 3700EBs???
diffrences between EP-8KDA3J and EP-8KDA3+
2.6ghz prime stable, but apps don't load?
Backplates for AMD64 motherboards?
Will Mosfet heatsinks take care of .05vCore undervolt!?!
Nf7-s Bsod
NF7-S 2.0 with M-2500+ FSB issues
KT-600A running Athlon XP 2600+ at 1150 MHz
SATA/Windows Error overclocking problem?
Buying a second bios chip... (In canada)
WTF!!! Strange problem with my Asus A7V8X-X motherboard
Best OCING AMD Mobo?
CPU Voltage w/ NFII 400-AL
a7n8x e deluxe posting questions
Bios 1011 is pure evil!
Tight on money building an uber computer KV8 question
Need some help overclocking....
CPC and dual/single channel
for all you a8v owners out there
LanParty NFII Ultra B SATA and USB
GA-7DXR, flashed BIOS, no post.
can't break 200x12.5 at 40C
Something wrong with my NF7?
Booting @ 11 x 100 instead of 11x205....
NF7-S Fried?
Newbie problems.
Just got the combo together, VERY happy
How high can I take my FSB?
NF-7 Bad BIOS flash? Need help.
SFF socket 754 mobo
nf7-s2 and nf7-sg?
A8V AGP/PCI lock problem
Worth upgrading for AGP 8X?
MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR help
Nforce 4 boards coming
MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR help
ECS K7vta3 ver.6 vs ver.8 ???
Looking for anyone with kt8 NEO-FIS2R
GIGABYTE GA-7N400 Pro2 help
Does L12 mod applicable to LP UB?
Newegg Bargains???
Gigabyte GA-7VRX Rev 2.0: corrupt BIOS
hmm where to get nf7-s bios or smth similar???
Tried flashing...I think my BIOS is dead.
Cannot access BIOS after hardware overhaul: is CPU KIA?
overclocking 2.8e prescott
a7n8x e dlx + mobile 2500+ questions
k8n audio and digitheatre dts, what can i do?
Infinity DRIVING Strength and slew rate!!!
3rd board in a row died. HELP!
3rd board in a row died. HELP!
How should I OC my new system?
Unhappy w/NF-7 ver2.... help.
Better grab this one up!!!
Multiple memory controllers in device manager?
Ahh which BIOS???
Know where to order these in Canada
DFI NFII Ultra, having problems...HELP
About msi delta ilsr onboard sata controller
RD1 8X bios savior
k8n raid problem
My Mobo fried ne help
questions for a new nf7-s 2.4
WIN 2KSP4 no boot -
kt8 neo-FIS2R help
Asus K8V SE Deluxe... anyone have SATA HD running successful?
Volt mods for NF7 v1
K8N Neo Plat beta bios
new bios for a7n8x deluxe
ocing on A7N8X-X
NEO - FSB speeds
nf7-s bios boot flash block
Can't get into BIOS
Very crazy temp readings on A7N8X
K7N2/-L Non (Ultra400 ) highest fsb OC?
Whats a good dfi board not too expensive?
msi k8 neo ms 3702 io plate
help kx7-333 and 2400+
I want it all on the abit nf7-s
socket 754 agp lock or not?
NF7-S Dual DDR
SoundStorm choppiness isnt always what you think
UMM... why arent I prime stable? ive tried everything....
SATA/RAID Problems
K7N2 Delta-L Opinion
Can A7N8X v1.06 get above 200FSB?
Quick help needed: NF7-S V2 BIOS Wierdness???
NF7-s v2 or AN7??
help decide
It's here: KT880 -- should I buy it?
Dual Processer Mb
How to OC the FSB
A7n8x Delux v2.0 and 2600M problem
Interesting Problem
NF7-S v2 - When SoundStorm is turned on do you hear sound from all speakers upon boot
NF7-S -> Which Bios to use?
bios issue
MSI Neo Platinum and Mobile CPU
What bios for your infinity?
Where to get bios
NF7-S V2.? (Blue ram slots) read points
Single Channel 216 fsb, Dual Channel 195 fsb
8RDA3+ what's your FSB / CPU at ???
What's the on-die thermistor on an35 Ultra?
RAM Slots on the NF7-S
Epox or MSI
asrock motherboards? bios options?
Modded Bios - CPC? SATA version?
K8V SE Deluxe, PCI divisor?
Stuck at “Verifying DMI Pool Data..” Epox 8KDA3+
Going Athlon64 soon! What's a good mobo?
NF7-S/SATA/Partition Magic
How do u know when l12 mod worked ?
8K7A...reads FF, but won't boot to BIOS
NF7-S on-board sound not working? Help!
L12 mod question
no usb please help
where to put extra hs on abit nf7 v2.0?
Adding sinks to a Max 3, what do I need?
Refurbed nf7-s 2.0 problem
What is the highest vCore without mod on NF7-S?
Msi Kt6v-lsr, Amd 2600+
DFI ultra infinity vs lanparty B
Epox 8Kda3+ s754 nf3 250gb problems
NF7v2 And mushkin 3200 special duel chan cant pass 200 fsb???????
Help get my A7V600 above 200FSB 1:1
how do i get mem runing 1:1 on nf7-s
Asus A7N8X-E won't boot at known good speeds
best NF7-S bios?
NF7 2.0, are there newer versions?
Selling A7N8X-Deluxe Rev.2 for $70 --new mobo needed (what to buy)
help please, which beep code is this:
Any Idea? Can´t reach any FSB higher than 200
What Mobo for fx-53 (939) O/Cing?
7n400pro 2 cpu Temperature
Funny SANDRA probs with 250Gb chipset
Worth it to move from a7N8X Deluxe to NF7-S?
Whats a good MB
equalizer & soundstorm
a7n8x Deluxe keeps turning on and off
BIOS Update
Abit 64 Boards!!