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Abit 64 Boards!!
Which A64 MB for OC'ing
Which volt mod do I need?
NF7-S thermal diode
Can't break 180fsb...aaaaaargh
Anyone familiar with this mobo and/or manufaturer?
best way to check vdimm voltage?
looking for the right mobo
New Article, NF7 VDD mod from rojackpot.com
a few nf7 questions
8rda3+ Vdimm Mod?
8RDA3+ question on SATA
939 when is it coming?
Nice to know ABIT puts good thermal paste on their board
Lan Party B ultra network connection
MSI KM4M-L/Athlon 2800+ Problems
Getting a MSI K8N NEO Platinum, should i worry ?
A7N8X-LA Rev 1?
Asus P4C800 E-Deluxe USBPW78 headers do not work!
GA-7VAXP Ultra and changing the CAS latancey?
GA7N400 clock ratio switch
Big Problem!!!! Help Please
got the RMA blues
Mobile Barton + NF7-S v2.0 question.
Asus A7N8X Deluxe. 1 long beep on startup
Do NF7-S's need Sbridge heatsink?
Need a new board, help please
Is this A7N8X-X dead??? Help?!
Nforce3 150 northbridge running hot?
A7N8X-E Deluxe, Vcore Volt Mod
A few Simple questions
Mounting holes
IS7-E? Need very quick answer!
A7N8X-E Deluxe, Temp readings go crazy
7n400pro 2 (rev.2)
buying a refurbished motherboard. bad idea?
A7N8X-X Won't Flash
Can A7N8X nondeluxe v1.06 get 400fsb?
Msi Boards bad capacitors T/F
A7V133 & new HD
I think I killed my MB
NF7 Bios menu qn
a7n8x-e dead?
You get what you pay for
What in the world? NF7-S and VDD.
ISP tech support says my NIC is dead. Why could it happen?
nf7-s... seriously screwed?
Dual Channel NF7-S
Best MOBO?
Cpu Fsb/dram Ratio
NF7-S v.2 235mhz FSB...max?
Asus K8v not performing as well as I would like
K8N Neo Platinum Users -- Please Read
NF7 - Can I have backup/dual BIOS option?
MSi k7n2 Delta
biostar m7ncd pro ver:1.1 cpu temp confussion
Updated to latest bios on K7N2 Delta, memory stopped working at DDR400.
something cheaper than the Abit NF7-s nForce2?
Dead board???!!!
MSI Kt3 Ultra Beep codes- HELP!!!!!
Ver Confused
Recommended Bios settings for Asus P4C800 E-Deluxe board?
overclocking with pheniox award bios
Anyone elses ILSR board running the CPU HOT!!!
Is7 Best Parameters Please !!!
1 long beep no boot
k7n2 delta L + overclocking
CPU FSB Correction problem
Socket problem
? about volt mods
Where can I get the D10 bios?
Can't get fsb above 166
Socket trouble
an old msi board
BIOS killed board. Is that possible??? Help...
Asus A7A266 and DDR2700
NF7 being made from scratch
Need help, which MoBo to get!
Overclock w/
Flashing A7N8X Bios - Little Help
2600+ Mobile + A7N8X-E Deluxe
MSI KT6 Delta-LSR + Duron 1.8ghz overclocking problem...
Memory Error with ABIT Board
Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu HSF doesn't fit N7F-S v2.0???
a7v8x-x and muskin
NF7-s saga continues, what can I do?
250 fsb wall
A7N8X-E Deluxe voltage problems?
To SATA or not to SATA?
Well, my OC so far: [Pics]
Help OCing w/GA-K8NS PRO
nforce 2 boards
What would you do, I have 2 choice for FSB/MEM
Weird problems with MSI K8N Neo Plat and memory
Problem with the USB on K7N2-V and Antec Sonata
Will AMD Motherboards support PCi-Express?
An7 Rocks!
Wow!! D24 BIOS+L12 mod = : )!!
8RDA3+ and new m2600
How do I flash
mATX motherboard choices
Referendum: NF7v2 Blue slots+CL3 DDR400 Samsung owners- plz enter!!
8KTA3+ Max memory?
Please help me with this problem!!!
NF-7S 2.0 CPU is unworkable error
Best Motherboards for OC
imfamous 2-tone and how it was fixed
Whats the best bios for me???NF7-S
NF7V2 regressing in terms of FSB stability?
Basics Help 7VRXP need lots of help
Can I have a pic of the REAL L12 mod?
HELP ANYONE... I just need one simple advice
boot beeps? HELP PLZ
where to get a bios chip
Cant install XP on SN85G4V2 w/raptor
Stock Nf7-s (wow!!)
Chained down by Chaintech ZNF3-250
AbitEQ fan prolems
What do you all think of this thing?
Gig GA-7n400 PRO2 OC settings
AN7 bettern nowadays?
OT: AN35N Ultra Internal Speaker help
Best ram for NF7's?
Running ram at 1:1 ratio?
Wire trick (L12 mod) on locked Barton post here.
8rda+ v2 0/c probs
cpu & system temp going nuts with nf7
64bit amd motherboards but which one is best?...
k7n2 delta l
WTH ? Can't flash my an35nu v1.1 bios
NF7-s question
WOOT, Dirty Punk's Memory Vmod worked, 250fsb pics inside !
Can you boot using bootable linux on Abit NF7-S?
is7 how to do sata?
Does the L12 mod work better on certain BIOSes?
Dirty punks Vmod question
A7n8x bit the bullet? Please help!
Little worried about 3 in 1 mod
ASUS A7N8X-DEL Rev. 2 -- HELP!
Do I need a new motherboard??
Trouble Installing D24 Bios...
looking for a asus motherboard
How do I remove the backplate on the Asus K8V SE Deluxe?
1011 Bios out for deluxe-e's
MSI KT6 Delta-LSR N/B cooling...
8rda+v2 potential
Asus A7N8X (not delux...I think it's PCB revision 2.0)
new mobo
abit nf7s rev2.0
New setup - No Boot?
New Comp builder need help bios setup
AMD 64 Overclocking
Temp readings on LanParty B?
A7V133 BIOS flash
Emergency Help!
Epox 8rda3+ Boot From Cd
Epox 8RDA3+ Boot From Cd
nf7 boot problems
VA-10? Anyone?
Barton 3000 work with KX7-333?
New board with my mobile barton
new epox nforce3 250gb on its way..sweet:)
Best AMD mobo chipset?
Biostar M7VIT oc
Old/New Chipset HSF..
VIA KT800 for AXP
AMD XP Mobile Question
help, how do you use a SATA HD?
AOpen AK79D-400Max
Have 1gb memory, 3 dimms, 178mhz max fsb, can I use divider?
Installing 9800 Pro on 8RDA+
A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 1.04 and DSL
A7N8X deluxe RAM support
Mother of all a64 mobos?
No 212 fsb option nf7-s???
A7n8x Vm 400
Has NF7-s v2 raid array problem been fixed
CPU Interface?
Where Is the DFI nForce3 250 (both 754 and 939 socket) ???
K8NS Pro + mobile a64 3200+ work or not?
NF7-S mod info
GA-7N400 PRO2 V2-->AN7=unstable 2500@3200
A7V266-E Troubleshooting
IDE Raid?
Need new mobo...
High CPU Voltage = Reboot
Temps wrong? Nope, 'fraid not :(
overclocking with N2U400-A and ram question
A few questions about the Infinity...
If you bought pc2700 ram and want to oc on a Delta-L read this...
NF7-S BIOS Questions
XPC's any good? other suggestions?
Need good/basic/stable replacement for K7S7A
Asus P4c800
Asus K8N-E DELUXE nForce3 250Gb - ETA 6/23
Anybody using KT880 mainboard?
New ram...worth it?
GA-7n400 PRO2 VER. 1 temp discepency
[Vcore] A7N8X-DLX-E [1.825 Cap] - help
where to check vdimm voltage on nf7
AK31 V2 Startup Issues - Help.
P4 plug on nf7-s?
Heatsink for MSI K8N Neo Platinum 250GB
not able to get 200x10 stable on t-bred 2200
Interesting K8N Neo Platinum Typo
when will the Epox 8KDA3+ nForce3 250Gb be out ?
new mobo!
Asus A8V Deluxe Socket 939
non-dual channel board
NF7-S stuck @ 180 FSB need help
Boo... Is My 8KHA+ Dead?
Continuous Long Beep
NF7-s arrived and its dead??? (help)
ic7 hardware dr. voltage readings
Sqeezing the last drop
Soltek SL-NV400-64
NF7-S usb mouse Problem
I have many questions about this board.
will my slk947u work on an asus k8v deluxe
NF7-S Beginner
Hard life with my A7N8X-Deluxe stability
Changing boards-XP reload?
White out=Bad?
a7n8x voltages
Where do I get new DFI Infinity bioses?
MSI K8N Neo Platinum is out and in stock!
New GA-7N400 Pro2
A7N8X-X audio out problem.....
Help w/ overclocking my 2600 Mobile
MSI Neo Platinum 250Gb is out!!!!
No POST/No Video...
!!ATTENTION - Calling ALL Infinity NFII Ultra/Lanparty NFII Ultra B owners!!
shot off problems!
i need more voltage!!!
mobile 2400 prblem on a Infinity (wont boot)
the difference between MSI k8t-neo and a mobo with nforce3?
NF7-S wont boot after trying to OC...
witch bios should i use?
can i get higher voltage for my ram in the bios?
Availability of 250GB
plastic vs metal cpu lock down bar, what does this mean?
Can A7N8X v1.06 run at 400fsb?
Water block for infinity
8rda3+ problemas?
RMA'ing my 8RDA+
Thermalright SP97 nf7 r. 2/0
can the Lanparty B take this ram??
3.3v vdim on nforce3 250 mobo?
GA-7N400 Pro2 not shutting off properly
Changing Motherboard
stuck on 226FSB at 1.9v and 0.4v remaining
Just got my infinity and I think its dead
Flash bios in KT7A ver. 1.0 with FlashMenu?
Soltek babe in the woods
what is the best barton 2500 MB?
Good Mobo For A64 3200+
Whats your chipset voltage on NF7-S???
How can i get full stability with less 1.625v?
XP-M mobo suggestions/questions/opinions??
Looks like another dead NF7-S
RAM Ratio on Ultra Infinity
Need help finding a motherboard for AMD64
strange vcore but hit 2.7ghz
A7N8X-E Deluxe Rev. 1.01?
Cannot go above 235 fsb w/ DFI INFINITY!!
EP-8RGMI +Mobile Barton
comp restarts
aopen AK86-L K8T800
nf2 mobo or kt-600 mobo?
comp restarts
Need NF-7 AC97 driver
Any UNsuccessful flashes using Abit Flash Menu?
dead ga-7vax after bios flash
IC7 MAX 3 and 1g of ram users!
Hp Motherboard
A7N8X-E BIOS Problems
K7T Turbo-max speed?
Lets hear good things about the AN7!
Does such a board exist?
AN35N Ultra breakthrough
Need a new mobo..suggestions?
I Know this is asking a lot guys...
Asus Mb P4s800 648fx 800fsb Ddr Ata133 Aud Lan 5pci Usb2.0 Atx
Ultra boo-boo; AK31 dead? Bad flash...
random mouse n keyboard non respond
help! won't post with new bios
HELP! Shutdowns when idle.
motherboard or vidcard?
Gonna try Dirty_Punks Vmod ... got a link?
A7N8X-E Deluxe Sound?
A7N8X-E Deluxe Or Other?
NF7 vs NF7-M vs NF7-S
NF-M 2500xp cant overclock to 3200xp stuck at 192
This CPU in GA 7VT600
I just spent $$$ to DOWNGRADE my system!!
Socket 7/Super Socket 7 advice?
GA-7VAXP pos haha ( no post, no bios, turns on for 1 second and turns off)
Ahhh did i fry my usb/firewire controllers??
A7N8X-Deluxe Clock Issue?
Omg What??
Hooking up audio on Soltek SL-75MRN-L
where can i get the N24AAC18 bios?
Ga-7nnxp - Where The Heck Are The Cpu Mounting Holes???
Game Port
no boot without PS2 mouse attatched???
KM2M Combo-L questions.
Abit NF7-S Mobile Barton 2500+ Trouble :(
Strange temps on DFI Infinity
DFI website down, need help!
MSI K8N Neo Platinum is here!
a7n8x-e deluxe boot problems
Turn off RAID option?
Turn off RAID option?
NF7-S help for noob
Soyo SY-KT600 Dragon Plus vs. Shuttle AN35N Ultra
A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2 Bios question.
Do I need to use the square ATX12V1 power connector?
nf7 vs. nf7-s
Bios posting problem..
Does the A7N8X Deluxe Rev 1.04 bios 1004 support Mobile processors?
Fast track raid menu problem
How am i soppose to know if the L12 mod worked or not.
Nf7-S board question
EP8RDA+ and single 512 Corsair XMS 3200
Newegg has gotten some Soltek stuff
My new 2500-M
Question on ASUS A7V8X-X/ASUS A7N8X-X
Is it my memory og what? (Chaintech VNF3-250)
nf72.0 stable settings but wont boot weird
AN7 Woes
NF7-S oc
A7N8X-Deluxe What do I need to do to get this thing stabile @ 200fsb
Need some FSB help with NF7-M..
K7D Master L bios update failed
First thing I should do before I start OCing with my new NF7-S?
shots down!
ATTN NF7 users....a new era has begun!
Quick Motherboard/Ram question
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Keeps on Shutting Off
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Keeps on Shutting Off
can i O/C my cpu in the ILSR
cant achieve high fsp
8KHA+ 2600+ 266mhz
need specific recomendations
Compatible with 1.8ghz duron?
Ak31 2.0 2400+ bios ?????
help me with my 8rda+
chaintech 7nil1 has a messed up VRM, HELP
what cooler will work on my GA-7N400 Pro 2
Wich AMD Nforce3 Mobo?
A7N8X BIOS Recovery
Frustrated: A7V600 not recognising my Athlon 3200
the 'ol flash the bios with the wrong bios dilemna
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe with Bios version 1008.
the 'ol flash the bios with the wrong bios dilemna
MSI K8T Neo Platinum Improvements?
AMD noob needs a mobo...
k8t mater far 2 usb problems
asus a7v600 suoth bridge temp
Best Socket 754 MoBo?
a7n8x (1.04) with 2x256 + 512
MBM5 and the KT6V LSR...
No sound on A7N8X
Will this work to hot flash?
Is A7N8X good for overclocking?
Help set up MBM5
Best AMD Mobo?
? lock pci,agp on GA-7N400 L
cheap mobo (asrock, jetway, etc) w/ kt266 or sis chipset for duron
The DFI support forum has changed!
motherboard voltage used for cpu?
NF7-S and old CPU
Strange L 12
best or really good mobo?
Tired of waiting for nf3 250. AMD ME!
A7N8X Deluxe, BIOS dead maybe?
Looking for cheap, inexpesive motherboard
Dfi Street Is back
No booting on A7N8X-E past xp splash screen
AN7 Overclock Bios
A7V8X-X & ati cards
NF7-S rev temp monitoring
AN35N Ultra - CPU & Chipset HSFs
Anyone with a GA-7N400 Pro2/Athlon 2800+
210fsb is 100% stable using Memtest 86, but my cpu even @ 2200mhz cant handle 210 ?
Every Abit website is so slow why is that ?
Is ASUS support a bad joke????
nf7-s and 2400 tbred stuck at 2338
Errors help please.....
How do I change the AGP aperture size on GA-7N400 Pro2?
What's up with my multipliers?
pc chips and a ati 9600
Need help with 7nxxx models
F'ing Northbridge fan
Soltek SL-KT-600-RL mobo when powering up, it flashes??
ram problem
Looking for MicroATX, socket A, 8X, 4 DDR
CMOS Checksum error!!?? after flashing bios
NF7-S V2 ultra problems with mouse/keyboard
Modded BIOS for GA-7N400-L
Which Uber Bios is better for A7N8X Deluxe?
Asus K8V Deluxe
OCZ pc3500EB on Infinity
KT3 Ultra2 R - Upgraded CPU now weird boot problem (long post)
problem with DFI LanParty
A7V133 - fans stopped
best Ultra Infinity bios 4 oc?
K8T Neo Platinum Memory
IDE controller problem on Asus A7V8X-X
Can you change the vcore on an a7a266?
difference between nf7 and nf7-s?
do i but this????
pic post test.............
KD7-raid owners I need input please.
Any ideas for this Epox 8k5a board?
Abit NF7-S CPU Diode not read?
A7V8X-X Problems
What is your favorite bios?
How good is the stock NB cooling on the NF7-S?
help setting up raid 0
What kind of overclock should I get?
NF7 and ATI Radeon 9500 crashing
A7V133 Random Reboot.
A7N8X Flash from 1007 to 1004 failed and now cant boot!
Need an I/O Plate
Abit KV8 Pro - Weird Problems
an35n raid question
crazy question ?
Memory tweaks
Does this mobo support this Duron?
Asus A7V8X
Dfi Street Is Gone~
Advice on A7N8X-X Rev 2 board
NF7 and 2600+ xp-m stuck at 210 FSB.....
NF7 and 2600+ xp-m stuck at 210 FSB.....
A7N8X question. When the agp freq set at 66mhz, pci auto sets to 33mhz?
which is batter? NF2 or KT600?
New modded bios' for Lanparty/Infinity nforce boards
I'm so confused
BIOS Question
Please send link of a review about A7N8X-E DELUXE..
DFI Infinity vs Abit NF7-S vs Shuttle AN35N
2600m in A7N8X 1.4 screen turning off help
GA-7N400-L and Athlon 2600+ bios issues
KT3 Ultra w/raid
HowTo: Make KT7-Raid boot from USB 2.0?
EP8RDA+ Ghosts in the attic
Screen saver locking up system with new board
NF7 v2
A7N8X freezing
K8V-SE vs A7N8X
WTFCHIP Mush PC3500 Lvl 1 and A7N8X r2 No workie
GA 7VT600 network problem
Inaccurate cpu temps:(
NF7-S MOBO temp sensor
Some recommendations for future part purchases.
What now? When to throw the towel in...
Shuttle AN50r + a64 3000+..help
MSI KT6 - Athlon 2800XP FSB Speed
2600Barton and NF7-S stuck at 190?!?!
help plzz ^^()
again 8rda+
AN35N Ultra Woes
Cpu voltage problem.
7n400pro2 problem again.
DO my mobo support this other thing?
Any way to enable advanced option on NV system utility?
this hurts my head
Need some help picking a board
which sensor is which
bios flash
not posting
Biostar M7NCD Overclocking
LOOK!! ASUS A8V Wi-Fi Socket 939 Beast!
memory ratios
A7N8X Audio Question
You guys even suffered from "The 4 Leds of Death"...
Cooler trouble on ga7n400pro2
Weird Port help....
Gigabyte N-force 2 FSB
Fsb On 7n-400 Pro 2
AOpen MK77M Mobo, XP-M 2500 6x multiplier startup
MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R and AMD Athlon(tm) 64 3200+ (Cool'n'Quiet Tech)
Give me some tips before I do it!!!!!!!!!