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Considering a new mobo
Help!!! probls starting up Windows XP!!!
LAN driver for 8RDA3+?
NIC on NF7-S with High FSB?
LP died today
adding heat sinks to ULTRA B
Asus A7v333 Pcb Rev 1.01
USB Port power error
Soltek SL-75frn2-RL
7IXE4 w Athlon underclocked. Anyone has ever made this trial?
Which slot to enable DDR??
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 Temp Inaccurasies
DFI getting the b00t!
HELP with NF7-S 2.0, Vmod didn't work on 2.3rev
Simple question about nf7v2.0 chipset voltage
NF7 v2
DFI Merchandise - Why do we have to pay for their screw-ups?
An7 Or Nf7-s?
Max NB voltage 1.7v?
which mobo
Does the ASUS SK8V K8T800 have vga/pci lock??
New Nvidia unified Drivers
Abit nf7 question
Nforce3 250 MSI ETA?
change t1-t2 timings on a7n8x
Abit nf7-s and Ati Radeon 9800pro
urgent heatsink the VRM controller chip on NF7?
agp 8x
NF2 Part 2 (NF U400GB)
new mobo!
New Nforce Driver!!!!
Best BIOS settings for NF7-S (Rev.2) ?
new mobo!
AMD Athlon 3200+ Motherboard Recommnendations
open case alarm plug in? on lanparty
Asus K8N-E Deluxe Release Date???!!!
o/c an35nu VS a7n8x dlx
NF7-S vs Infinity benchmarks
Abit NF7-S... case front audio jacks
Everybody.. I Give You D24 - Modded ;)
Socket 939 motherboard.
Cooling mosfets and VR's
7ZXR Rev 1.0 Mobo 160GB HD ????
Where can i find the D10 bios, cuss Abit-usa.com all thier downloads havent been work
Shuttle AN35N Ultra upgrade to DFI Ultra-Infinity worth it?
Need to buy something new
I got a complzint about the lanparty
7N400Pro2 Post Trouble
Do you recomend the new NF7's?
I love my Infinity
Prime95 error - what do I tweak first?
KT4V Bios Sttings
cause of Sirens
Best board for a mobile?
rip asus delux and hellooooo
CPU Interface and PAT Enabled ... What's it mean?
When to raise chipset voltage?
Emergency-Please help--no boot
GA-7N400L and Mixed RAM
Random reboot problem with NF7-S v2
question about vcore mod
Have I fried my board?
Via K8T800 Pro & HTT
Help me tweak my A7N8X Deluxe rev 2
KM2M Combo-L - bullet proof?
NF7-S 2.3 S-ATA Bios
Ok, reset + two tone siren out of NOWHERE...now it won't post either
Epox 8RDA3+ & old video card...
Highest FSB overclock motherboard out today?
cheap mobo for experiment
Whats the fastest board out?
Can't get to 166 or 200 FSB?
Question: do you feel that Epox qc has dropped?
A7V8X dying?
NF7-S lock-ups
want a better Oc "please help"
Check sum error ?
From NF7 -> KT600 ? Help needed!
k8v se deluxe agp problem
any solution to disable the siren?
Epox 8rda3+ vs 8rda+
feedback on ECS nforce 2 board
FSB Blues on my NF7-S v2.0
comp froze now wont boot a7n8x deluxe
Ultra Infinity Rev A+
Clockgen compatabile with Nforce?
Kt3 ultra 2 voltages
Bad mobo or cpu?
Volt mods
Is thier any bios better for overclocking other then the d10 for tne NF7-S 2.0
what good co'ing board has pci/agp lock?????
Need Help!! jumperfree on A7n266-vm
Please help !
trats modded d24 bios
dead mobo? =(
GA-7N400 Pro2 | XP2400 (Unlocked) | Temper RISING
Fastest ram for Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, more than pc 3200???
Where to get TicTac/Oskar Bios?
NF7-s Rev. 1 vcore mod?????
OC: 2800XP (Barton) and A7N8X
Seems I'm 220 FSB cursed
Higher FSB
best mobo for a64 3200?
fastest fsb acheived w/ a7n8x deluxe -e?
Which mobo for xp3200? no overclocking
Help plz! Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe problem
does ocing the fsb effect the raid or sata on this board?
can ocing the fsb effect the sata???
DC to Firewire on an NF7-S?
Questions about BIOS..
K8V SE Deluxe ISE or SATA
KD7-raid sensors question
Abit AN7 and multipler
ABIT AN7 vs. NF7 Rev. 2.0
GA-7Ax with 2600+ Barton - Unknown cpu
What's up with the 222fsb barrier?
After tweaking nf7s 2.0 since december, I've got it...
DFI Update Mishap
A7N8X-E Deluxe Problem
corsair 4000 dfilan
The best mATX/uATX board money can buy.
1/31 bios a godsend
A good Duron MB?
new board strange prob SOLVED
what is the difference betweennf7,nf7v2
VDD booster
Can Abit NF7 V2 handle 230 bus without mods?
XP2600+ 1,92Ghz or 2,6 Ghz
ASUS A7N8X-E prob
NF7-S Thermal Diode w/ AS5
Hard drives larger than 120GB in a DFI Infinity
K8V / 3200 system build
Problems OCing on DFI KT600-AL
Abit KT7A + asus ti4200 video error
asus a7n8x-mx problems
New 8RDA+ rev 2.2
results on trying to turn on powernow in NF2
Problems with A7V333 and multiple speakers with onboard sound
Troubles oc one Ultra Infinity...
A7v333-x Help Please
clear cmos to boot
Asus A7v333 rev 1.02, Will it work with a 2500+
NF7-S SB cooling
abit nf7-s V2
Need a favor...
nf7-s sata controller
Epox 8rda3+
A7N8X-D2.0 hot-flash on NF7-S *HELP!!!*
Lots o' NF7-S Questions: Bios, MBM5, Cooling, etc ...
FSB problems A7n8X Deluxe Please help
BIOs upgrade
Unlocked Athlon XP 1600+ Multi Probs
az11e bios setup
NF7-S rev. 2.0 Can't post over 200 fsb
GA-7N400 Pro - Will not post
Modded 4/29 Bios, Working for Infinity
big problem with nf-s an its vdimm... = (
DFI ultra B and Ultra OEM
Help! How do you remove/hotflash the bios chip?
KV8-MAX3 Voltage help needed......
ABIT NF7-s or DFI Infinity for my new athlon chip
NF7 Fully modded with DC DDR.
New Motherbord
NF7-S V2.0 what is this thing for
i need stupid help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mobo or ram?
Help "OC" Please
What are the best Bios for OCing on the NF7-S 2.0??
Eh i flashed with wrong bios, but still working?
Via KT266 chipset question?
Has this cooling idea been done before?
Screwdriver + mobo = working computer?
NF7 v2 vs. NF7-s v 2.0
Will Try again NF7-S Ultra
K8v Se
CPU type unknown and OC problem
anyone running 235+ FSB on DFI mobo post here!
DFI Ultra Infinity doubt.. Pls help..
Uber bios did wonders
My NF7 FRIED!!!!!
Hardware/Win2000 Startup Problem
VDD helpful for me?
Ultra Infinity SATA questions
Kd7-raid + Mp 2600+
Need Ram Advice for my NF7-S
How to set Switch Overclocking K6XV3+
New mobo for XP2800
new board strange prolem
A7V8X-X ver 1.07 Volt/Mulp Question
Rails on the AN35N-U
Is XP2400+ the best CPU for my K7T Turbo2?
Lanparty Ultra B + Applebred 1.8 Summary..
BIOS Update
NF7, How reliable are temp readings bios 23/24 ?
What FSB can you run in dual chanel?
GA-7VT600 & top performance issues?
A7V8X-MX and S.M.A.R.T.
2 problems
Clear Cmos
Im a vein *******, where do I get the lanparty cheap?
166fsb on asus a7v133c?
A7N8X & Barton 2500 OC Problem
Cant Find Compatible RAM for NF7-S
weird instability on a7n8x 1.04
Onboard NIC on add-in?
bios not remembering changes
Get new mobo?
k8v se help please
CD-ROM only works on IDE1?
Problems after mods
KT3 Ultra
What is the specific problem with the nforce IDE drivers?
msi k7n2 multiplier above 13?
Revision A?
EP8k3a+ oc. with XP1900+
Same board, right?
DFI LanParty_A vs. A7N8X Dlx Rev.2
AN35N-ultra and thermalright sp97...compatiable?
What are the reasons for DFI LP B to drop LAN?
mobo f. multiplier oc'ing ??
Is there a known issue with the NF7-S AGP?
NF7-S and ECC ram?
NF7-S and ECC ram?
Good NF7-S story!
new Nvidia driver update
hey is it ok to use ducttape on mobo
Problem with front panel audio
Infinity Temp sensor..
think my raid controller is bye bye
GA-7N400 Pro2 RAID ?
DFI Ultra Infinity vs. Abit NF7-S Rev. 2
Which A7N8X??
Welcome Screen Beep
Abit AN7 Maximum FSB? Does Anyone Know?
boot from pci?
fan on my abit nf-7
Fan headers on MB ?
DFI UI Dead in the Water. Crap.
stuck at 205X11 please help
Overclcking board with Audio & video?
Running dual chanel messed up my PC!
Overclcking board with Audio & video?
BIOS 23 giving me grief (NF7-S)
Max CPU a KR7A Raid Mobo can handle?
question bout my MOBO!!
This motherboard
Switching from NF7... procedure?
K8N help needed...
Sata Raid0 disk size
Best AthlonXP board for Joe Sixpack
asus a7n8x
Any fan fit on a7n8x's NB heatsink? and whats a good heatsink for the SouthBridge?
How to run dual channel?
Bios with USB Keyboard?
What type of mosfet / bridge cooling do you use...
DO DFI ULTRA INIFINITY have auto locks ?
KG7 problem with BIOS
Dual Athlon64 mobo
safe to swap out the bios chips?
HELP!! NF7S. 2.0 conflict with soundstorm and winamp
Small, cheap matx board choice
DFI infinity/mushkin pc3500 lvl 1 combo.. anyone?
m2600 & AN35N-U
Memory on the a7n8xdelux
Anyone running 3200 Barton?
LP and 9800xt install problem
which board for a Tbird 800mhz
Athlon 64 worth it? or another athlon xp?
8RDA3+ don't like OCZ?
random 2 tone siren
Anybody's got their mobile 2600+ a7n8x running ~3200+ speeds? Stable?
Epox Convert!
A7N8X-E or AN7...for M 2600+ OCing?
Serious Abit quality control problem...
NF7-S Rev 2.0 HELP
Tictac's Latest Bios (NF7/S) - D23 ES.
SATA install on A7N8X Deluxe
CPU Temp ?
Which DFI should I get now
Keyboard and mouse not recognized...
AN7, NF7-S, or NF7-M
A7V600....max vcore?
A7n8x 14.5 multiplier
how high of a fsb with stock nb? nf7
A64 board with pci/agp lock at newegg!
datalogging software for temp/volts
Can you control fan rpm in BIOS? NF7-S
Brand new NF7-S 2.0 wont boot, beep, anything, no display...
Building a new system
8RDA3+ Strange memory issue
FLashing to new tic tac bios
does the k8n pro have locks or not?
3200+ on 8rda
how accurate are the temps on nf7-s?
Pro's and Con's of D23-Subzero BIOS
looking for new m/b cpu
WTF...... I got a weird NF7 (even *newer*)
D23-subzero BIOS
Cmos battery low. Cmos memory size wrong?
help!!! nf7-s not booting
Additional Info in Dual\Single Channel Thread
stuck at 223fsb nf7-s, l12 work?
NF7-S and 9800Pro
looking to upgrade my mobo...again -_-
If anyone can help here, it would be great.....
Help setting AGP 8x on Asus A7N8X-x
Lanparty NFII Ultra B
Trancend PC3200
What are your NF7 rev 2.0 load temps?
Biostar M7VIZ
*shoots kv7*
DFI Lanparty Rev B mem voltage
recomend memory timming for FSB overclock
Looking for the cheapest MOBO with...
Kr7a-133 Cpu?
GA-7VAXP Die????!!!!!!
rebooting all the time; can't get into WinXP
WTF!!Artifacts when oc'ing cpu??
Does the DFI have the "insert" trick like the NF7?
A7V600 Mobo temps
a7n8x delux
SATA Raid v SCSI Raid
GA-K8NNXP Problems running high graphics games on std. system
How do I get SATA with NF7 non S
Suggest me a dual MOBO for audio recording
What do the FSB figures represent?
Epox 8Rda3+ C1 error message on boot
Epox 8Rda
uber bios on a7n8x deluxe 2.0
NF7-S at newegg wrong?
ABIT NF7-S at newegg wrong?
Possible to capture my BIOS Screen settings??? not sure
Need BIG help with SATA drive & WinXP Install!!
Infinity Madness
A7N8X-Deluxe Vcore Mod Question?
Vcore too high?
a7v333 any good?
A7N8x-e noise!
MSI K7N2G-ILSR 13x multi screwed?
My NF7-S v2.0 mods (56k beware) R. I. P.
questions about the NF7-s/ NF7
ASUS A7N8X, any good for OC a mobile chip?
Hehe I didn't even notice....
What Board? - Gonna OC AMD 64
nf7-s and ATX12V Switching Power Supply?
8RDA Needs Surgery
Vdimm & VBT/VTT mods done! :)
BIOS ver. 1007 too old?
Whatway round do HDD Leds, Reset Switches ect go?
Soundstorm not working properly
NF7-S Temperatures
Has anyone bought a refurb NF7-S from newegg lately??
A7V8X-X crashes with more than 256MB PC3200
Question about K8T800 and PCI/AGP dividers...
Abit Nf7-s Or An7
MS-6382E Motherboard HELP PLEASE
About to get Lan Party B.....
A7V266+Xp2400,Bios reports "2000"
S-ATA Drive and HDD Light
KD7 and the 2500XP issues
Kingmax pc-3500 & A7N8X rev 2.0
I need some suggestions <_<
A7V333, help with manual setting.
need help with mobo
sound problems
K7N2-L & K7N2G-L BIOS Ver. 4.0 Released
help me bring my infinity back to life!
K7N2 Delta ILSR/Amd 2800+
Where to buy ABIT Serillel2 Kit?
CD Writer/DVDROM won't post! (NF7-S)
need Aopen AK89 information...
Another Need help deciding on a mobo thread.....
SY-KT400 Multiplier problem.
my multipler is locked at 5 now!!!! HELP!!!
AOpen Users post here
NF7-S won't POST, unexplained beeping
Delta ILSR AMD XP+2600 Overclocking problems
<sigh>....NOT AGAIN!?!!?!??!
Best mobo for Athlon 64 - 3200+.
DFI Ultra Infinity and NF System Utilty
Asus A7N8XE doesn't do high fsb?
NF3 250 Pro?
Onboard nic suddenly dies?
nf7-s and dual chan. mode...
NF7-S owners, quick question.
AN7 @ 200FSB unstable. Help plz.
HELP!! Bios setting/Memory problems with infinity ultra!!
sound card & AN35N
Damn,I'm really happy with Dfi.
BIOS chip hot swapping
Lanparty and memory
need mobo for A64 3200 (high fsb and ocing)
8RDA3+ SATA issues.
Bios updates
KX7-333 replacement Northbridge fan
chip set voltage
7ZXR Rev 1.0 Mobo - upgrade question..
Too low fsb on nf7-s 2.0?
HeY GuYs
NF7-S rev2.0 with 2500 barton
which mobo is newer?
What power supplies are powering your 8rda+'s?
MBM settings?
VIA KT880 looks promising
Is this normal??? I've outlined some of my woes with FSB OC...
Max. Vcore on AMD mobos??
Recommend 4 Athlon 64 with Nforce3 Mainboard
V ram on AN35N
OCing differences between Nf7 and NF7-S 2.0
NF voltage
Newbie Help With OC
Flashing BIOS problem on Soltek MB
A7n266 vm/lan/aa IRQ Errors??????Plz HELP
Is there only 2 Vmods for the NF7-S??
When OCing what voltage do you run your NB at??
stronge beep
NF7-s 2.0 and chipset temp?
k7n2 delta l
NF-7S / Mobile Barton L12 mod
nf7 (NON S) sound... how do i get 5.1 ?
wth, my Athlon Xp 3000 wont get over 1.09 ghz!
cpu interface question?
Question on switching an existing Os with Ide to Sata
Possible 2,5 ghz barrier on Lanparty ultra rev b board?
nf7-s mouse detection?
Trouble with my NF7-s V2
DFI nForce3-250 Available Soon? Chaintechs Out!
KT6 Delta-LSR and Mobile 2400+
Albatron KX18D Pro
Need Help....(Badly)
If you are using WINXP Pro and an A7N8X-X, can you please tell me what your IRQ's loo
WHICH bios for the ultra infinity?
Help!!! Please with onboard network!
Weird sound Problem with NF7-S
Cheap/quality board??
Chipset voltage on NF7-s vers 2
A7V333 not OCing 1800XP at all
for you tbred 2700 clockers
KT400 & Barton 2800+
8rda3+ or NF7?
Help. Can someone decipher what went wrong here?
Booting from powered down state...
no multipliers on biostar m2ncg??
KT600 DRAGON Plus questions
Floppy drive problems
Best processor for the abit Nf7s v2?
KV7 vs NF7-S
Question about upgrading my bios
BIOS chip backup ?
N2U400-A and AMD xp3200
Can I put a MOBILE Athlon XP in a 8K5A2+?
Updating drivers
Epox and Geil issues?
sig test...
I broke my botherboard, is there any way to fix it?
can someone tell me what one of these tictac ver. to use
bios problems.....
an35n ultra Memory
Can I run 1 SATA drive and 1 IDE drive concurrently?
1200MHz Athlon at 900 MHz
kv7 - winbond system temp off?
MSI board/XP2800+ cpu
DFI BIOS Support?
KT7a REV 1.1 : Athlon XP 2000+ : FSB 133 PROBLEM
Best motherboard for a amd cpu?
KV7 problems with sata hdd
KT4V help
-5V warning??
which raid driver to install?
Gigabyte K8N Pro
Can't start windows. !!HELP!!
8RDA+ games better w/o Onboard Sound???
gaming shuttle
A7N8X-E Deluxe overclocking, bios question .... pls help
What raises the temp more?
Epox Micro ATX EP 89GMI users
DFI Lanparty NF2 Ultra B; I need help with the driver disk...
a7v8x-x fsb cause of corruption?
never had any beep code / fried UI
Just got NF7-S and 2 Maxtor 80 GIG ATA 133 8 meg Cache What do i need for Raid Setup?
I very much need help...
New vs Old NF7-S v2's
Difference between B and non B
VGA controller
old nf7-s
nf7-s rv2 BIOS
Heatsinks for Mosfets
Boys i did the L12 mod
BIOS for Abit NF7V2.0
Any Via KT880 boards out yet?
Problems getting over 210FSB
My dumbest question ever