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A7N8X Deluxe is better than NF7-S
ABIT KX7-333R over clocking
7VAXP mobo prob (I suspect)
Asus K8vse
where to find new bios chip?
looking for new board
How to flash bios?
Abit mobo OC timing
how do i tell if mobo is damaged
a7n8x dlx 2.0 over 200fsb problem
New NF7-S Ver2 not like old one :(
Hot Flash NF7-S Chip
OC too far on your NF7? Do not clear CMOS yet.
Asus A7V333-x problem
New to AMD, what's the scoop?
IDE Can't Detect Anything
PWM fan off?
NF7-S Should I RMA or not?
ABIT NF7/S Rev2.0: D23 3D-Fire..online
Which mobo should I keep?
NF7 and the APIC
LP B drivers
PR3ACH3R GA-7N400 Pro2 F6 - Basic Dual Bios Pack
Dule XP OC???
A7N8X-E Deluxe & XP 2500 OCing Problems
Wont post, even after clearing CMOS
GA-7N400 and Kingmax PC3500 SuperRAM
HELLO all!!!
Need help with AN7 and NF7-S
A7N8X with a mobile 2500+??
is this a good 3dmark score?
Need help with improvements
What chipset voltage in nf7-s rev2?
How do I remove the bios chip?
NF7 won't boot
New NF7, very hot RAM and FSB!
Mobile 2400 on a AN35N-Ultra
ARGH!!! Did I kill it?
Mobile 2400 on a AN35N-Ultra
I just finished my first volt mod :)
Need Help plz
Nf7 rev2.0 cpu fsb dram ratio? help please
NF7-S 2.0 version differences?
Need help with my nf7-s mobo; 2500+ barton.
What does Post Code mean?
A7N8X-E Deluxe with 2500+ OC advice/examples
Memory for AN7?
Memory for nForece chipsets
What am I doing wrong?
Poor Manual for NF7-S
what is the advantage of the Lanparty Vs the Infinity?
NF7-S CPU diode temp??
wtf? refurb 9800p won't post, fried HDD??
Best amd barebones system?
abit nf7
Ever have this error?
The temperatures lie.
Problems with the NF7-S
SolteK anyone ???
better than Abit BIOS 19?
AN35: no V-DIMM power LED ?
Soundstorm....(READ THIS PLZ!!!)
For an overclocking rig, DFI Infinity Vs Abit NF7-S???
no post, A78nX-e
Prime95 crashes to black screen on 8RDA+
Screen keeps going blank?
NF7 and extra cooling?
recommendations.. bout DFI
Abit Case Stikers
Lookin for 250...
Bios Problem <Maybe?>
Maximum processor for 8RDA+???
Asus A7N8X-E and the stupid speaking lady
Drivers won't install and I lost sound
Asus A7N8X-E or Abit NF7-S?
KV7 Overclocking Woes
Abit KT7A (Rev. 1.0) - Best possible CPU?
Tested my XMS 3500 in the Dfi and..
good board to oc a 2600+ with ddr3500ram
Different Temp readings. Which to trust?
new nf7-s owner - which bios?
Multiplier issues
NF7-S wouldnt boot up
A7N8X-E DELUXE, 3200+ OC'n help
Fsb ???
MSI K7D Master (-L)
Think Abit will RMA this?
MOSFET Temps on nf7-s
higher fsb
this or this?
NF& Alternative Vdimm mod...
ASUS A7N8X-deluxe & FSB @ 200 problem
AMD guru's help!!!
Paltrudes BIOSmods
Question about vcore on K7N2-Delta-L
SuperPI with M2400 n Epox8RDA3+
what bios r u guys r use? ond 8RDA+
higher marks and oc
Any way to force single channel
K7n2 Delta-l Will Not Pass 200 Fsb!!!! P.o.s.
a7n266-vm overclocking woes
nf7 help please
no boot
Annoying VDD measuring problem after a VDD mod.
AN7 questions?
Newbie - GA7VT600-1394 XP 3000 Barton
Just got my 7N400-PRO2
NF-7S Bios Survival Kit
NF7, KX18D Pro, or A7N8X...
k8v delux boot up error
Overclocking a AMD 3000+ with a GA-7N400 Pro 2
MS-6123 FSB tweak
How to mount old HS on NB?
Does Everbodys MSI boards run Hot?
flashing.. 1 hour of horror
dual channel problems
sata questions
nf7-s stupid question
Total Newbie
power supply
Abit KV7 KT600 info please.
best mobo for athlon 900?
usb problem
XP wants smbus driver for k7s5a??
What Shuttle Board to buy next??
Will a 2500 mobile barton OC well on this board?
D22 Alpha 1 rev2
vcore uneven
NF7-s Modded Bios?
k7n2-dela ILSR problems
Just picked up a nf7 anytips?
tictac's latest bios NF7-S v2?
whats good bios for dfi inifinity
8rda+ bios checksum error???
Nforce3 250 boards
nf7-corsair 3200 problems
mbm5? Cant find my motherboard on the list
what is wrong
Cannot boot with SI SATA RAID array with another array on PCI RAID controller present
Overclocking help
NF7-s good or bad?
Which One?
ASUS A7A133 - Any information?
Good diagram/pinout for socket thermal monitor?
2200XP Thoroughbred
Can't save cmos settings.
Help An35 Ultra
nf-7 sata/ide adapter
NF7-S VS 2 BIOS help???
is there a way to lock hd and pci slots on A7n8x mbs?
nf7 sound... how to get 5.1 ?
A7N8X Deluxe Rev 1.4 FSB
Mushkin "222" Special + Ultra Infinity?
Who has an A7N8X
MSI KT3 Ultra 2 and Mobile Barton 2500+ ???
It's upgrade time
Intresting Problems
It is my NF7-S (Not Corsair XMS3500)
New Video Card and New Trouble OC-ing.
How are the KT600 chipset mobos stacking up against the Nforce 2 mobos?
help can't RAID0 my A7V8V (error)
Can you set up 2 SATA RAID Arrays on LanParty NF II
can't RAID0 on my A7V8X (error)
SOLTEK... Any Good?
My surround sound isn't working!
another which is better thread, ATI vs DFI
what is that SPDIF thing in my NF7-S backpanel?
I up the FSB, but nothing happens!
K7N2 and NF7-S v2 With Mobile XP Barton
SP-97 w/ neo backplate + DFI LPB, compatible with Lian-Li cases?
Which AMD64 Board?
How high on FSB before NB needs cooling help
Memory problems
temps after flash
I up the FSB, but nothing happens
MSI KT6 Delta FISR overclocking: what cooler and settings?
Should I RMA this A7NX DLX 2.0 board?
Help me please. No post
I know some of you are familiar with my mediocre setup, so I thought I'd ask you....
Accurately measuring Vdimm?
My New NF7-S V2
Upgrading from Dead A7N8X-D...
8K5A2 Question.
Sharing my success!! a7n8x-dlx 1.04 2500+ barton
New Ultra - Error Loading Operating System
System Locks up
KT6 Delta LSR HSF options??
12v Reporting Discrepancy?
DFI lanparty
advice on these mobo's please?
Is this abit NF7-S a POS or what?
a64 overclock
NF7s 1.2
NF7-S Doesn't Like Games
Please help, board won't let BH-5 RAM run with tight timings
NF7-S v2 onboard parts slowly dying
Dead NF7-S
MOBO decisions!! YOUR OPINION please
Anand nForce250 review/preview
RAID0 broken array
FSB200 with multipl locked?
Wont boot into bios??
NF7-S question
RAID performance
Odd problem, two motherboards will not got into the POST
a7n8x restarts?? help!!
a7n8x restart????? help!!!!!!
New exparament....
NF7 S V2 and PC4000?
Quick Ultra Infinity vcore question
HELP: Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev2
Mobile barton and AN35N Ultra 400
PC Probe or MBM for ASUS mobos?
Max voltages
How high are your 8RDA's going w Mobile Athlons?
asus a7n8x can you put 3700 ddr or higher in this?
Asrock K7VM4 anyone got one ?
vmod ???
Mobile 2400+: out w/ A7N8X-X, in w/ ..?
What feeds the Vdimm voltage?
NF7 First Imperssions and Assembly. (56k Beware!)
Mobo Will Not Turn On!!!
NF-7S Rev 2.0 --- S.O.S. !
Where Do I start?
NTFS file system corrupt/damaged error
F9 BIOS released
Hitting a complete wall at 220mhz FSB, NF7
Dual Channel
I'm a Noob to DFI
!URGENT FSB question!
AGP Latency?
Strange boot problem.
100 or 133 jumper XP2600+ on ASUS A7N266VM ?
A7N8X2.0 what does that 2.0 mean?
can a7a266 handle mobile xp2500+
K8NNXP FSB:RAM ratio issue
Stupid trick found to quickly clear cmos......
Locked 2500+ Barton on NF7-S
A7N8X-DLX R2 & L12 Mod
GA-7NNXP weird issues
Can't Boot after installing Tictac bios
Just wanted to say THANX!!
Which nforce2 driver should I use?
K8N-E Deluxe Athlon 64 nForce 3 motherboard *new*
ABIT IC7 IC7-G IC7 MAX3 ALL in one Modifications - The way to go!
Stock NB cooler is plastic!!!
ECS K7S5A pro Sound problem
KM4M wont post
Can I get rid of PROMISE RAID from trying to auto-detect IDE drives during bootup...
A7V600 detects 3200+ as 1700+
Big problem - 8RDA3+
Voltages way out on SN41G2
Multi boot?
Board *REFUSES* Pc133.
A7N8X-DLX Audio Driver Problems
Mobile XP compatability?
possible to swap out a7n8x 1.04 for 2.0?
nvidia or 3com
Nf7-s: Sp-97 And Zm-nb47j??
really low 3.3V rail
Your thoughts
What did I kill
Need best NB heatsink, nf7-s nb fan almost dead,making noises etc
DFI NFII Ultra Infinity support SATA?
Which mobo.....?
what kind of numbers do you have on nf7-s v. 2
NF7-S/Unlocked 2500 desktop barton bad priming...
Newegg, A7N8X-X & nF2 (Ultra) 400
abit nf7-s & 2500+ barton
good all in one?
Frustration confusion going to throw comp
Nfii Ultra-al Vs Nfii Ultra Infinity
Question about USB bus power driven HD
Serious issues with NF&-S rev 2 please help.
New AN7 very unstable.
A7N8X-X bios showing 1009?!
PC does not boot
albatron vinyl audio
7n400 Pro2 OC questions
Hard Voltage mod problems
AX-7 on Ultra Infinity?
Ram Slots on the Infinity
a7n266-vm audio
DFI Ultra Infinity A - Need Help bad!!!!
Keeps crashing windows at 200 fsb, what the hell? my abit kills this
Odd 8RDA+ problem
Can't get >200 FSB on A7N8X-X
BIOS checksum error, clear CMOS doesn't work. Reflash BIOS???
Is a new bios chip in order?
Best OC board sub $70
Help I need a new MOBO
How to overclock NF7 2.0 and AMD XP 2000+...Newbie
Hardware Problems
Where is the case temp sensor on an NF7-S?
Help! I can't install windows
Fans not spinning...
switching to soyo
Just got a gigabyte mb need help!
A7N8X-X showing IS dual channel?
Temp problems, Win Doc vs Abit EQ, please help
AK39N multipliers?
I like this mobile 2600.
N00b Question (Thermalright SLK-947U)
raid problem
HELP!!!!!!! Need to know how to force DC (long story)
8RDA3+ overclocking problems
A7N8X rev2 1004uber bios with latest SATA?
Audigy 2 Sound Crackles And Cuts Out During High OC?!?!
help overclocking new gigabyte
What mobo for a mobile 2600+?
NF-7S Vdimm Bios mod
A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 USB Problem
Can ppl who succesfully went above 200FSB with Tactic post their result?
NFII Ultra Infinity Temps?
agp/pci lock
please suggest an athlon 64 mobo
Best O/C bios for nf7-s
KX7-333 BIOS hack?
BIOS Chip Corruption
Does red LED = dead?
Can I use my Gforce 2 MX 400?
8KTA ~ use 1.4Ghz Tbird?
NF7 Vmods...
Whats a good Micro-atx board?
The Ultimate overclock.
Driver Updates for a DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B
GA-7n400L Dip Switches?
Does Abit NF7-S Rev 2 Support Raid for UATA 133 HD's (I Dont mean SATA)
Nf7-s + Sata = > : |
Need help removing NB on A7v8x
A7N8X-E Deluxe r 1.01 - BSOD's - argh!
oc the biostar m7ncd (not pro)
Beep codes for the Infinity Ultra??
Where can I find a guide for A7N8X Deluxe Vdimm mod?
Problems with nForce3 drivers for A64
asrock k7s8x/k7s8xe
Thermalright SLK-800 on the DFI Ultra Infinity
dual ddr and bios
Seeing as how we dont have any stickies ...
newbie with a Gig
A7V333 overvoltage jumper = no boot
is the shuttle N35 a stable overclocker
how to update new chipset drivers?
Motherboard,bios,or power supply
Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, etc ... what's a guy to do?
Highest FSB on a NF7?
k7n2 and 2600+
OK, this is strange
NF7-S questions
Strange NF7 bios problems
mobile 2600 will work in...
Flashing BIOS without floppy drive?
Amd Xp 2600+
Could adjusting DDR timings lead to MB or BIOS damage?
A7N8X DLX R2 vs. A7N8X-E
wut's the older dfi boards like? quick question
"NF7-S" or "AN7"
Asus A7V will not accept AMD 1.4 cpu...
Would 4000 memory work in NF7-S V2.0?
please name some boards that have the option for regular ram and ddr
Which board to get, NF7-S or AN7?
Need More Vdimm Voltage Settings From Delta L!!!
CPU Unworkible or Changed??
KT333 support 333MHz FSB?
Cold Boot???
Problems OC a7n8x and 2800, Help!
About ready to trash this ultra infinity
Promise PDC20276 ATA 133 RAID controller?
NF7-S or DFI Infinity
Newb with a problem
KT400A divisor
Overclocking a Dragon+ kt600
Question on mem bandwidth on A64
MSI K8T NEO Questions for users of it
13x multiplier on A7V333?
Does shuttle have a hardware monitor?
Abit KD7 owners! Watch out...
L12 Mod and Bios for NF7-S Ver 2
What are those jumpers for on NF7-S v2.0?
NF7-S and OCZ PC3500 EL-DDR Problem :S pls need urgent helpt
Given the choice of cooler, which would you get?
New Bios Chip ?
need info (please read)
A7N8X Deluxe optical output question
What can u do to stop me from RMA'ing this board?
AN35N Ultra400
Noob nf7-s owner Which slots do i install ram?
SLK-947U on the NF7-S Ver 2, any problems?
New Board for 2500+
A7N8X-X not going into Dual Channel?!?
where to start?
i love newegg!
m2600+=500MHZ, BIG PROBLEM
Interface (enabled/disabled)
So Vapochill is the way to go for cooling?
OCZ + Lanpary NFII Ultra B Question
nf7 chipset cooler not hot
USB problem with external drive
MSI K8T Master2-FAR (MS-9130)
HowTo Get below 1.5Ghz, with KT7-Raid & XP2400+
Good Temp for a 3200 Barton?
How do I OC NF7 ?
Possible Dead board
SATA BIOS 4247 vs. SATA BIOS 4227
NF7-S users with sata raid raptors
ABIT EQ problems
any real diff in overclocking from UI to LANPARTY?
Another stupid n00b question from me
I Need Pictures Or Explanation For Vcore Reading With Multi Meter....
NF7-S 2.0 Audio...only 2 channels?
ak35 + mobile 2400+
Which cooler?
MSi 745 Ultra + 2600+
ABIT AN7 user: i need beta tester (SIP table mod)
What memory do you use on NF7-S ver 2.0?
Nforce 3 250 in 3 to 4 weeks
Some fsb questions..
A7N8X-E Deluxe revision
Lack of Stability? Please Help!
NF7-S Rev2, BIOS BEEPING, Can't BOOT! not over heated!! HELP :(
new boards at cebit
Voltage Stability for A7N8X-Deluxe?
msi k8t master2 far boot problems
7NNXP and Pro Owners, happy days are here again
Sound problem with A7V8X-MX ASUS MotherBoard
Weird AN7 sound problem
wierd question..
Vdimm measurements
best settings?
Abit or DFI?? Help please
dfi nfii ultra infinity
Invalid Dram clocks?
GA-7n400-L & 1800XP won't OC over 148mhz fsb
Mobile2400+&Nf7-S2.0 trouble
Is there anything i can do?
I get some money in just under a month and I need some opinions/advice
Converted to AMD - Wanna Oclock...
No Post
top nForce2 on the market ?
How's this...?
HELP!! GA-7N400Pro2 R2 won't post
AN35N Ultra400 voltmod for the vDIMM?
Cant get Serial HD to detect on new DFI Infinity setup, please help quick!
Computer Seems Slow After Reinstall Winxp
Has anyone noticed with these boards,
8K3A+ and 2500+ and 1800XP
Which RAM?
Where is the cheapest place to get a DFI infinity :)
Unstable at Normal Speed
upgraded from gigabyte w/ kt600 to NF7
Possible Solution to the Infamous Two-tone Siren [Retired sticky]
OFFICIAL support for DFI: beta bios
nf7-s 2 undervolting BADLY - please help
ecs k7ama voltage to high
Sk8v Beta Bios 1002.019
power management question
GA-7VAX-FS how to OC ?
Command per clock?
8RDA+ m2500 set at 1.775v CPU-z n Sandra show 1.56v
A7N8X Dx Rev.2, PSU thermal sensor
sata boot
Fixed a familiar K7s5a Prob
Finally, I've tracked down info on the NF7-V
how much of a difference b/t NF7-S and NF7?
a7v8x-x flash prob
a64 mobo question?
A7N8X D-R2 Bios Settings
A7N8X Deluxe rev1.4 Front USB2.0 issue
MOBO or Bios Problem
Best custom BIOS for NF7-S 2.0?
so i'm looking at motherboards...
KT/-Raid USB boot, possible at all?
Configuring soundstorm on NF7-S?
What is with Newegg & Soltek
Will higher voltages damage the CPU?
PCI Express PCIE ports
Quick question on NF7 Vcore/dimm
Thermalright NB Cooler
Whos going to be making 939 boards?
The things we do to the things we love :)
Questions about nf7-s, having considerable trouble OCing
Max safe n/b temps on NF-7 m
BIOS temps accurate?
A7V8X-X Exit Bios and Computer shuts Off
HELP! bad ram or bad mobo?
MBM5 Question
Dual Channel AMD 64 3400+ Motherboards