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Dual Channel AMD 64 3400+ Motherboards
changing fsb in windows
Is this a good deal?
SATA Raid 0 Problem A7N8X-E Deluxe
prime 95 error with a7n8x
AK35GT\R temps
Hi, new user thanking vets.
memory question for new dfi board
A7N8X Dlx. R2 & Raptor
Kr7a-133-r and pc3200 ?
mobo question
Lanparty Questions
msi kt600 or asus A7N8X-E-DX ?!
Noob settings for AN35n
4.7 in my 5 V
NF7-S 2.0 giving crappy voltages on 2 different PSU's
Why is my SATA RAID not booting?
an35 ultra startup problem
For the Love of All that is Holy!
I need a Quick update on Drivers/Bios please.
voltage mod question
DFI ULTRA INFIN problems. HELP please
Post your RDA+ Rev 2.2 Fsbs
my friends a7n8x-x and xp1600 wont oc.. or uc...
another "WTF!" dual-channel not working
OK.... I need help
Kr7a133-r help o/cing
KX7333R cd drive on raid channel?
hey on dfi infinity
A7N8X Deluxe question
Dual Channel Problems With Infinity
Last minute advice??
8RDA3+ Lan Setup Help
Video problems - just got an NF7-S
A7N8X Deluxe Question
motherboard fan connectors
Just got my new refurbed NF2 LanParty B
Any Word On When DFI nForce3 250 Will Be Available?
Replacing a plcc socket?
Cold Boot Question...
where can i find the latest bios?
8rda3+ settings anyone?
nf7-s usb mouse problem
Help, looking for new Motherboard.
How accurate are the temp reading for the NF7-S?
What is the 'Latest and Greatest' rev1.04 BIOS?
DFI Infinity System Health Monitor?
How to write-protect the BIOS on a K7TTurbo2 mobo ?
Anyone ever replace a plcc socket?
KT7A + Mobile Barton 2400
Windows won't install on this Biostar
What should I try?
does NF7-S auto unlock multipliers?
Can run ATI Radeon on Ultra Infinity?
DFI Infinity Vcore Volt Mod - a step by step guide
a7n8x (1.04) and ghetto 4.1 surround
Can u tell me anything about this board??
RMA to ASUS; had non standard bios on the chip; any issue?
bios temp altering
DFI LanParty NFII Ultra-B.....NICE!!! vs AN7 vs A7NX-E Deluxe
BIOS Backup for NF7-S
What're the best SI 3112A drivers available?
Can i run raid 0 on LanP ultra B
SATA Driver for A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
Why my abit NF7-S 2.0 cannot prime95 with 2 sticks of 512mb CH5 rams
Trouble with new AN35N Ultra
GA-7VAX Warranty
NF7 2.0, mobile 2500+, out of the 220 range for fsb?
Via KT880dual channel Chipset for Athlon XP
KT3 Ultra (HELP!!!!)
8rda3+ and aol
No stability over 173mhz FSB on Epox 8RDA+...why?
Abit, Epox and DFI, which to buy?
What is CPC?
Fastest FSB on Ultra Infinity's
SATA bootdisk
a7v8x-x 1.7v agp - possible?
Question about my Asus A7V333? Also HSF Suggestion
Which bios?
Alarm and light issue...
Which AMD MOBO w/higest FSB?
Mobo/Mem problems, haven't got a clue...
Holy TicTac! NF7v2.0 w/ CPU Int Enabled, 10/10.5 multi, High FSB!
Kt266 ( I think, not sure) and Mem problems..
Got an NF7-S v2 - Keep it or trade for DFI UltraB?
Temperature problem
hyper transport or integrated fsb
No stability at 173mhz+ FSB on 8RDA+
Cold Boot Fix!!
cheap n-force2 based mobo needed suggestions?
Giving Up!
LOve my new Infinity :)
need old high voltage vrm mb
A7N8X bios corruption???!
Sound problems at 250 fsb......
AMD 64 mobo
Is there any reason not to get the DFI Infinity?
Quick question about NF7 vs. NF7-S
PaltRudes BIOSmods
A7N8X; installing dual-channel RAM
dead board or dead cpu or both
Help me pick my replacement...
KY4V AMD2200 Won't power
Abit AN7... Your Experiences welcomed
extra 12 volt plug on an7
how does this air-cool sound??
8RGA+ question.
Voltage over 1.7 gives 2-tone siren. Need Help!!
continous beeps at startup
Can't change DDR Frequency
Abit Monitoring Application
Abit KT7 stability with three DIMMs
DFI LP NF2B Problems
Need a checklist ...
Motherboard or Graphics problem.
Epox tech support phone #
ECS l7vta 1.0 or get a DFi nf2 infinity?
Killed Fan Circuit
Help my friend
stoopid fsb question
AN35N-Ultra w/mobile 2500
Any cheap overclocking boards?
A7N8X-Deluxe Rev2, Which drivers and bios?
kt400 ultra platinum o/c?
AN7 +Barton oc'ing suddenly worse :\
NF7-S Bios Dead?
Sapphire 9800 Pro & NF7-S weird prob
NF7-S USB 2.0 Root
how to set up sata adapter raid 0?
Please help! My 8rda+ is having major problems!
Help with HUGE motherboard problem!!!!!!!!
What kind of chipset
dfi and mobile atlons
New rig Help please
8rda+ Oc
BIOS question
Four LEDs of Death
Infinity under construction
A7n8x-x, Don't Use 100%, Use Speed!!
Question about vanilla DFI nforce2 board.
KD7-Raid + Radeon problems.
PLEASE HELP with my memory problem
2500+ Barton Mobile L12 Mod?
Few questions about reaching higher FSB
temps ok?
Overclocking the Lanparty NFII Ultra A
Switch to a DFI from NF7-S?
i got the bios now what?
CAUTION!!!! BAD Zif Sockets!!!!!
Driving Strength and Slew Rate....
In praise of Abit
Best AMD Mobo
NF7-S v2 & Mushkin Black Lvl 2 PC3500 ... FSB Max-out?
Bios Problem Please Help!
which tictac bios?
GA-7DPXDW-P and 2800+ xp for mod.
NforceII Sata problem
any issues between k7n2 and asus ti4200
GA-7N400 Pro 2 ATA Raid
Changing NF7-S v2.0 Northbridge Heatsink ?!?
Dual Socket A, where to buy
BIOS Optimization Guide
not again...now the bios seems b0rked
8rda Oc Utility
need feedback quickly on AN7 vs NF7-s
4 pin 12 volt connector
Please help a noob!
Cheap Soltek SL-75FRN2-RL, worth it?
8rda+ & VGA Silencer
got my DFI ultra infinity
bios: 3.3v=3.2v multimeter: 3.3v =3.41v anyone else have this prob?
TEAM DFI website
New Stuff!
"LANPARTY NFII ULTRA B" or save a few and get the "NFII ULTRA INFINITY"
Beeps at startup? NF7-S Does 230 FSB
AN35N-Ultra ?
How to measure voltage on an NF7-S v2?
Abit NF7 Version 2 Shut Down Question
Completed rig - now what?
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 Won't Boot... ...again! :(
where is your memory according to sandra,on NF7-S mobos
Settings help
848ALU v2.1
IOSS Bios Savior
Chipset/Bios: NF7-S 2.0
GA-7N400 pro2 not to shabby
What do you think is the BEST board for AMD/Prometeia Mach I combination?
Ultra B dual-channel setup
Anybody actively cool mosfets on an35u? What did it get you?
GA-7N400 Pro2 Issues
broken NIC not fixed for me - help!
I think I fryed my board. Please help.
Vdimm Mod ?
P4P800-VM, no OC :/
flashmenu is it safe?
I cant get above 220 no matter the timing...this is weird
KM2M does not seem to accept 2600+
motherboard upgrade help
Dual Channel on AN35n
tips for DFI newcomers?
nf7s v.2 and crucial 3200: no post, bad memory per beeps
Weird "Performance DDR Timings" results
KD7A and 2400XP overclock
Diciphering bios beep codes?
NF7S V.2 Which heatsink you lot using?
Primary results!
Bios Settings question?
questions about my nf7-s
What extra cooling are you putting on your motherboards
NF7-S v2.0 or 8RDA3+ or A7N8X
windows boot up error OC A7N8X-Dx
Problem w/ AN7 Guru EQ
warantee void?
Zalman ZMNB47J or Stock NB on A7N8X?
Choose you color?
10.5 multiplier?
SoA Nforce 2 ATX A L
Wake On Lan
NF7 S v 2 Sound
Recomendations please
Recomendations please
Which Nforce drivers to use?
Albatron KX18D Pro II is awesome, but....
1.0 8rda+ agp voltage - does it really work?
8RDA3+ Vdimm Mod
NF7-S Temp sensor problems.
K7N2-V BIOS upgrade problem
NF7-S USB woes....
NF7-s lost keyboard and mouse:( HELP please
Gigabyte GA-7S748-L
NF7-S no sound
NF7-S Rev. 2.0 & SLK-947U ?
nb fan
Fix for NF7 and CAS 3?
o/clocking help
Chaintech 7NJL4
BIOS Settings
Unusual Problem?
A7A266 AGP frequency
faulty mobo?
Fans whirl...then shuts down after 5 seconds...help
A7V8X-X and OC'd fsb resets to original on cold boot!
MN31N doesn't have soundstorm?
help... flashed w/ uber bios wont boot
Replacement for DEAD NF7-S
Joining the crowd
cooling the chipset
cpu overspeed warning?
Can I Feel Safe In Buying A DFI nForce2 Motherboard?
What did I get into!
NF7-S Help please
What is causing this?
Onboard clock is REALLY fast
MEMORY for DFI Ultra Infinity
nf7-s soundstorm screwed up
which thermalright HS will work w/ the DFI nfII ultra infinity
Just got a free ASUS A7A266-tell we more about it please
Differences between NF7 & NF7-S
K8V Deluxe question
Alpha PAL8045T and Infinty Ultra Q:
The Dfi lanparty rocks!Enough said.
Albatron K8X800 Pro II, is it good?
Help Me Fast!! Pleaseee!!
Is There A Mobo That Takes An FX Series (53), Has PCI-X And SCSI Support?
which one to get
need some expert advise
Little red light on big red board!
low +12v, must be NF7 related?
override bios
Mobile 2500+ compatible with 8RDA?
NF7-S fluctuating vcore
nf7 undervolting vcore?
upgrading computer
getting lp ultra B a few q's
Lan Party II Voltage Questions.
couple of questions...
KG7-RAID Problems
New to DFI
Added HSF to "Official" Single\Dual Thread
MSI Dynamic Overclocking Technology
DFI Lanparty Ultra B multi's
2500+/K7VTA3 combo OC?
Help me w/ Nforce2 Soundstorm sound controls...
help me pick one of these setups...
KD7A & Fan speeds
8RDA3+ BIOS Problem??
RAM for Lanparty NFII ultra B
3dmark stability
Help Me Please!!!!
Another temp too high thread
A7N8X Dlx
Temps reading high?
building up a a64.. mobo & ram help..
K7N2 Delta-L Problem
Building rig
k7s5a w/ DDR400 - too much too fast?
560ohm fixed x2 = 1120 ohm fixed?
BIOS settings?
A7N8X Rev1.04 FSB limit ?
ABIT NF7 v2.0
8RDA+ Rev 1.1 and highest CPU
AN35N Ultra overclocking problem
Reset switch= no boot O_o?
for all ASUS A7N8X users(PLEASE READ)
benefits and sound issues with 1-31 beta bios for ultra infinity
A7n8x Dlx
NF7-S running sluggish! any ideas?
A7V600-X Crazy Problem
where do I get these d10 bios?
+5 or +12v
+5 or +12v
horrible, horrible infinity problems.
bad Motherboard
bios temp
2400+ mobile and a7a266
VDIMM Mod for the KV8 board?
I think I killed my SATA
KD7-RAID Barton 2500+ cache
msi k7n2 delta L (6570) Thermalright hs compatability
Help find PCI/AGP divider
Hi all, new to Abit. Have a few questions...
Want help with GA-7N400 pro2
LED Question
I am not really an overclocker but.....
Keyboard doesnt work after time
RAID channel as IDE on abit nf7-s?? ASAP plz on temp comp!!!
what to try next
mobile 2400+
Please help!
System crash, multiple problems, please help!
beta bios
NF-7S 2.0 NB Voltage
abit A7N help
Looking for 7N400-L Volt Mods!!
abit unlocked my xp2400
insert to reset bios for NFII Ultra-AL?
Just got a KV8 MAX3
Lanparty A or B
AMD MOBO w/ 4 or more SATA
Asus A7S333 Overclocking Power
Need input on which mobo to choose...
AMD 2500+ O/C Help...
NF7-S 2.0 and ECC RAM?
8RDA+ and SATA
Vdimm Mod for A7N8X Del Rev 2
do not use the new ga-7n400-l1 bios F8
Nf7 Vs Nf7-s
Voltage issues - MBM5 + AN35N Ultra
Worth it?
Alas 3sixes, to RAID or not to RAID?
LP Ultra B
N Force 3 or Via?
Max Vcore for Mobile Barton in A7N8X?
More Help Needed Plz
Does the 8RDA+ support ECC registered RAM???
NF7-S vs. AN7?
soltek 75miv2-L
Problems running 2x512MB in Abit NF7-S v2.0
verifying dmi pool data
Motherboard for AMD 64 FX-51
N8X RAM size Question
a7n8x (non dlx) and 6 ch audio
A7N8X-E DELUXE, 3200+Barton, OC questions
Uber Driver Makers Please Read (A7N8X-E Deluxe Bios)
Motherboard Hardware?
Please post OC for DFI NFII Ultra Infinity
KV8-MAX3 Memory Warning
Shuttle owners look here please.
Shuttle AK32A
kt4 ultra ata questions
200 Mhz on MN31N!!
Which board took place of the 8rda+?
LanParty B problems
k7n2 delta l
NF7s Rev2 BIOS 21 saga... (bit of a long post)
will my heatsink fit on DFI infinity ultra
couple questions about the NF7-S
Abit Temps
Infinity ultra II soundstorm?
new nf7 mouse stays lit up with pwr off?
Abit NF7-S Poll
8RDA3+ gaming build.
dual channel
agp/pci locks for socket754
nforce3 250s for skt 754
New NF7s are POS!
oc priority
nf72 bios settings
K7N2 Delta-ILSR Max FSB
NFII Infinity BIOS?
chaintech zenith 7njs ide-raid
Please Help
O/Cing,where do i go from here?
Upgrading mobo, have these components, suggestions?
DFI Infinty Ultra, lan ?
will this board run a
DFI ultra Infinity mobo problems
Athlon 2500+ A7N8X-E DLX Bios Settings
Is this board a good board
Mobo choices with adjustable vdd?
Passing the 2300mhz mark? HELP PLz.
Abit NF7, Need help installing front Mic
Nf7-s Rev 2.0 - Best Board Ever - Sticky This
Driver Question!!
KT6 vs KV7
one of the overclocking god's of motherboards
K8V AMD64 Deluxe
A7V8X Wont boot to agp HELP!
Did I make a good choice?
Question About My AN7's 12 Volt Connection
How much do you think my Motherboard is holding me back?
People w/ NF7 or NF7-S Version 2
Stuck between boards
noob overclocker needs help
HELP!!! DFI Infinity Ultra
ASAP!! Need a motherboard with better CPU placement, but which ONE??!?
A7VN8-deluxe won't shut off
Dumped KV8-Max3 for Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP
KD7-A or KD7 ?
Question for NF7-S V2 owners.
witch board to buy?
Gonna cool the southbridge
For all you DFI lovers out there!!!!!
Lanparty NFII Ultra B & 2500+ Settings?
what mb monitoring programs are the best?
Ok, I need your guy's help...
Awww NB fan stopped spinning NF7-S V2!!!!!
XP-M 2400 in KT3-ULTRA Ver1
-5V voltage rail running at .5V!?!?!
KV7 shutdown problems....HELP!!!
Now im happy
Need Guidance On SN45g
Got my board to do 200FSB, the prob was...
I need some assistance..
wrek kt7-r or 1700+???
Vcore mods for A7V8X-X???
A7N8X memory dimms configuration
LanParty b
NF7-S v2.0 boots past POST but hangs...
socket 939/940 RAM
Switching to NF7-S from my A7N8X ...
asus a7n8x over 2500 mhz
Soltek boards ... System clock issues ...
NF2: ultra or 400-AL : power question
DFI Plans for Socket 754/939?
>12.5 multi on VAXP with 2500xp, how?
Exactly how hot can Nforce2 northbridge chips get before they cap off the max FSB?
MSI KT4V Reset Multiplier ?
Does the NF7-S V2.0 work SATA RAIDs well?
where can i get the uber 1007 bios
NF7-S P2P-EXT Discard
A7n8x-x built-in sound vs SB512
how to enable dual channel in epox 8rda+
KG7-Raid's Overclocking Ability.
MicroATX Info
I find this weird?
Help with my AN7
Lost 11x multi all of a sudden?
8rda+ hangs during post sometimes
Does the infinity/lan b use socket probe or diode for temp?
mobo buying.
A+ for GrimReality!
AN7 or NF7-S
DFI Motherboard Roadmap
upgrading mobo
DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra "B" $105
Upgrade from A7V333 to Abit NF7/NF7-S
how to tell a revision B Infinity?
mobile barton
? about K7T266 Pro2 Ru and how fast a cpu it can handle?
Which Mobo is better? DFI or Abit?
Multi stopped working past 12.5 on NF7-S
overclocking a kt7a i think its a v1.3
How does 4 harddrive raid work? PLEASE READ!!!!
NF7S v2: DDR400
hmmm? :(
Chaintech Zenith 7njs
NF7-S 1.2 and running XP2600+ slow
BIOS are called "official" for a reason!!!
What FSB can your 8RDA+ sustain???
I need guidance