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8kha upgrade
BIOS Flashing and 4in1 Driver updating
Help an Abit virgin... AQUCA 0306 2500, locked?
AN35N Ultra ddr voltage mod
What Totally Stable FSBs can you run in GAMES with your Asus A7N8X and TEA BREAD XP?
NF7-S Users...please help.
New rma board is ****ing me off
A7N8X-E deluixe ...???
Glue in my AGP slot, will this work?
where to find bios 10?
nf7-s v2.0 & memory?
ASUS A7N8x a few general upgrade questions
K7VTA3 with Athlon XP 2000 at 133MHz fsb setting only seen as 733?
fsb divider in a SB75G2
Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZENITH
NF7-S Thermal Diode?
Floppy Troubles
My NF7 V2 won't post at CAS 3, why?
KD-7 has no 14.5x multiplier?
help with voltage settings
Lock Up
Epox 8k3a+ and sata
Fastest RAM 4 A7V333 ?
K7N2 Delta ILSR won't pickup my 80GB Maxtor SATA drive
Best bios for MSI K7N2 Delta-L
which mobo?
NF-7S & Barton 2500 Maximums
A7N8X - Could use help on settings...
NF7 Not Detecting Input Devices
DFI-AK-75 rev.a POSTing issues
NF7-S Bridge cooling
How to lower your CPU idle temps by 10C!
wtf with the onbord LAN?
LED Voltages
What's the problem with the system?
GA-7N400 Pro2 SATA Install << how to
Videocard/Mobo issue.. (after installing heatsinks)
How can I tell if this is a ver2 or not?
Boot 8RDA+ (rev 1.1) no video card?
nub question vout nForce2 Boards
big problem, help
nf7s2.0 ?
Nvidia Nforce Drivers for Soltek 75FRN2?
8RDA+: Can I fit a Thermalright SLK-900U
Best OCing RAM for A7N8X
V-Dimm Mods ---More Needed---
EP-MVP3C ps/2 mouse connector.
USB drives on A7N8X - any problems?
GA-7N400 Pro2 / SATA problem
8RDA+ locked multiplyer
KT7A / VIA KT133A... please, help!
Asus nForceII Drivers vs nVidia nForceII drivers
New board blues (pictures)
Need help with my NF7-s 2.0
is the abit nf7-s compatible with my video card( or is it somthing else)
do i really want a NF7-S?
A brief foray into the D10 bios
a7n8x manual online
An35n temperature sensor
Rock bottom budget upgrade
AOpen AK33 and XP 1800+
RAM!!! KT7A Raid
Any hints for optimal bios settings for NF7-S?
Epox 8RD3A+ post your results
Volcano 11+ / 7N400 Pro
Lanparty NF2
Stability problems. can anyone help?
anybody tried bios 1007.001 for a7v600 ?
Interesting results with Modded BIOS D10, and the L12 mod.
what is this bios 10 from abit
Anyone try the new AN7 ?
Do I really want a NF7-S
Purchase new BIOS chip
new system for dad A7V8X
alt source for BIOS files for SL-75FRN2-L mobo
How many errors?
Overclock 2800 (333) to (400) ?
Shuttle SN41G2 Problems --- need immediate help
KT3 Ultra CPU question
Problems with dual channel? NF7
KD-7 just plain sucks....
Prob With a7v600
Abit NF7-S Onboard Sound
Nforce3 Motherboards
KT7A-R w/ OC Master's Hacked A9 BIOS - 1800+ = "Unknown CPU" ?
Just installed my Abit NF7-S!
My NF7-S V2.0 will no go above 200 FSB !!!
A7N8X-X Fan Header Question
NF7 or NF7s?
planning to get another A7N8X
Can a barton work in a a7v333?
Value OC setup
NF7 Bios 10 is AWESOME!!!
Bad bios flash
Anyone use card readers?
anyone get an35 to (fully) work with nvsu?
AN35N-Ultra Northbridge cooling mods a?
memory? on nf7-s
BIOS update for ASUS A7N266VX?
Will Abit come out w/ a bios for NF7/S for 225FSB and higher?
AN35N Ultra bios oddity
mainboard destroyed?
Any need to upgrade an35 ultra bios? and other questions
A7N8X Deluxe rev 1.6
How do i do the multipliers on this, please read!
Wierd nF7-S problem after NV2 Driver install
Check my voltages...
Something to ask here
a7n8x deluxe hard drive problems
Thought NF7-S had locked PCI and AGP
A7N8X deluxe FSB and SATA
Does Nf7-S come std with RAID?
New Rev2.0 Bios
Overclocking problem
nf7-s not good?
how do i get in my bios
Voltage Fluctuation...
usb ? on Nf7s
This a good overclocking board?
Newegg does not sell the 8rda+ anymore?
problem flashing BIOS
nf7-s overclocking
A Few Mobo Questions...
Problems with 7n400pro2
NF7-S on board sound problem?
Random Reboots (overheating?)
Gigabyte Nforce Elixir Ram Incompatible
LAN will not work on k7s5a mobo
Does 8RDA+ post all multis on unlocked 2500+ (It doesn't on 2000+ & lower T-Breds)
Which NF7 board??
NF7-S bios setting for 2500+ @ 3200+
which BIOS for A7N8X-Deluxe-Rev2
Pin Mod with NF7-S
****ty biostar motherboard -help
9800AIW + KT7-Raid(non a)
FEEDBACK NEEDED: Most stable mobo for AthlonXP?
RAID in Soltek 75FRN2-RL
Any way to change a motherboard without a format?
VIA KT400 Based AMD K7 Mainboard opinions and help please!
Where the sensors go? 7N400 Pro2 Question
Which mobo should I buy? ABIT NF7-S or ASUS A7N8X Deluxe??
upgradeing too athlon 64 need info on best mobo's!
My A7N8X & 2500+ at 2370mhz
Bios Limiting me
northbridge cooling
Epox to Abit switch?
VT600 overclocking barton 2500+ to 200FSB
New NF-7s performance
Vantec iceberg 4 with a7nx deluxe rev 2
bios settings
Need Help Clearing CMOS
400fsb on the NF7-M
Did I get a blessed system?
Who has an ABIT AN7 ?, tell us your experience with it
SATA problems
A7N8X DX - Two Raptors and a PATA?
GA 7VKML Advanced BIOS
Does Disableing APIC really help?
Abit NF7-S vs Aopen AK79D-400Max
Mobo or something is dead...no POST.
Need help finding a good AMD sdram board for a xp1600+
no FSB
SL-75DRV5 with a XP 2400+
got my nf7-s
AK79D-400Max vs NF7-S
KT7A compatibility with large heatsinks
Abit Kx7 333 advice?
KT7A + Athlon XP = underclocking
So, you CAN run 3 sticks of 3200+ ram in a NF7?
Modded nForce2 drivers
Nforce2 IGP
A7N8x Deluxe and boot voice issue
A7N8X Rev2.0 vcore undervolt...
A7V600+Audigy2 ZS=Trouble
a7v8x-x, 400mhz ddr w/ athlon xp 2000
Problem : Two toned beeps
with bios 1.0 or 1.9, can't get 9-10.5x multi
A7N8X Dlx and voltage
Computer shuts down
Shutdown and 2 tone siren @ 40c
can you guys give me a good bill of health based on this info??
Got my 2500+ barton and 512 XMS what settings?
NF7-M vs. NF7-S
Abit BIOS RANT NF7 Junk.
mem timings~!
BIOS Corruption????
8k3a question
Onboard LAN&Sound versus expansion cards (AN35NU)
A7N8X DX DDR Voltage question
Who still has an 8kha+ working?
A7N8X non deluxe sound
A7V600 vs A7N8X-X vs A7N8X
How good does an Asus A798X-LA motherboard oc?
A7N8X dx v1.04
Does upping the agp voltage help oc ing?
A7N8X-X problems
A7N8X 2.0 Oddity
Am I The Only Person Who Has This MOBO?
cbox3 compatiable?
I can't get past 178, i thot i was gonna get 220!
A7N8X Deluxe and memory
MSI K7N2 Delta-L - how to make my PC3200 run at 400MHz?
Confused about AN7 SATA feature, please read.
Nforce 3 250 / 250 Pro?
Opteron Time...
anyone using the new nvidia overclock utility
Information required
Overclocking and MSI
Computer shuts down when playing
My new NF7-S 2.0 have no screen at bootup
Possible problem with ram slots.
CAn someone help me get 220 FSB on my NF7-S and Barton 2500??
overclocking onboard GPU on K7N2G-L
A7N8X-DX Rev2 USB oddity
Nanya memory on A7N8X a problem?
DFI Ultra B or Gigabyte 7nnxp
I'm through with EPOX.
NF7 Ver.1.2 need help.
AN7 has digital post codes!
Soundstorm 3.75 Driver and Controll Panel
Two Tone siren
bad bios flash????
What differences has changing bios made in obtaining your highest FSB?
what is uGuru?
8rda+ and barton not playing well together?
A7N8X V2.0 not reaching good OC
A7N8X V2.0 not reaching good OC
Unified drivers
Need a new mobo, not cheapo or pricy.
KT7A Boot Issues
7NNXP and mushkin PC3500
Need some help choosing....
Problems with Gigaraid IDE channels on GA-7N400 Pro2
Where can I find good mod explainations?
FN41 - CMOS "trick"?
did i blow my board?
NF7-S Ram timings
my last epox board
AN35N Ultra problems
Albatron KX18D ProII voltages
It's all microsift's fault
NF7 Problems
biostar m7viz (km400) probs
Xp2800 pc2100 ??????
AN7 vs NF7-s 2.0 which would you choose?
Strange BIOS flash problem
Syntax, what are THEY?
Question about compat with xp 2800+ with pc2100
Added fan to northbridesink
Abit BW-Raid
Anyone Know if a 2400+ will work in the 7dx+ or 7dxp
how do you enable sba on nforce2's?
A7N8X deluxe and 400 FSP with barton 2500+
AN35N-Ultra...which DDR to get?
Help plz. which NForce mobo?
Checksum/Keyboard Error
I need a better NF7-s VDD mod...ideas?
Can someone give me steps for setting up RAID 0 SATA on NF7-S w/2 Raptors?
NF 7 version 1 and 2
Abit AN7 @ NewEgg
This about right?
Rev 2.0 worth a swap?
What specific Brand of memory for nf7s?
abit nf7-s
Hacked 7N400 Pro2 bios
Abit KX7-333
AN35- no post, all fans on...Help?
Bios ROM Checksum Error
Why use pc3200 if you're running dual channel DDR?
NF7-S Can't Reach 200 FSB
AN35N problems in need of resolving
Question on NF7-S
Feel like a noob
KT7A-Raid, Highest FSB you have seen?
Kt7a + Wdc 40gb, 7200rpm, Ata100
Help Me Choose
Onboard GeForce4 MX??
does NF7-S read temps correctly?
Anyone know about OC on the Albatron K18D Pro2 Mainboard?
Albatron Motherboards
What is that green chip?
how slow is 7N400PRO2 raid?
crunch time!
reboot problem GA-7N400-L1
A78NX Deluxe and SATA Maxtor drive
My board keeps going dead.
GA-7DPXDW Drivers anyone?
GA-7DPXDW audio drivers?
Really annoying thing my NF7-S is doing - it buggers my FSB!
Quick question
a7n8x deluxe and serial ata
dual channel slots?
building budget system
superfast 7n400 boards
Asus A7N8X - HDD LED Connection?
SB heatsink
chipset cooling?
AN35N -ULTRA 400 HyperX3200 Problem Fix!
XPC owners: A taste of things to come
1800+ unlocked muilti problem
whats the difference between the GA-7S748, and the GA-7S748-L??
My NF7-S and athlon xp2500+ barton oc
do all epox's come with a backpanel???
the Epox EP-8K9AI, and VIA KT400 chipset
shuttle AN35N400 and overclocking
Boot device Selection
Maxtor DimodMax+9 on NF7-S
What BIOS for A7N8X-Deluxe v1.02 and XP3200+ 400FSB?!
AN35N-Ultra sweetness...
DFI's Raid 1.5
NF7-M onboard video
Whats a good voltage for 2500+?
Multiplier woes 9-9.5-10-10.5 only at 200fsb
nforce 2 3.13 drivers safe to use
Some questions about RAM, CPU & A7V333
logitech z560
NF7-S added to my 3dmark score
FYI - Got my new NF7-S!
Unknown settings on an A7N8X Deluxe
an35n... yay or nay?
What Memory NF-7S ?
Killed my motherboard???
A7N8X-X System build problems.
FSB running too low
NF7-S Thermal-throttling?
setting up sata!
a7n8x v2.0 Barton 2500+ stability
Stable to unstable a7v600
NF2 Problems with scsi ?
nf7vcore 0.2b
Purchased MSI KT6 Delta any tips?
Nf7-s Red Led?
nf7-s problem!!!!!!!!!
Random lockups on NF7-S
Raid controler on the NF7-S?
What is a good nortbridge cooler for the a78nx deluxe mobo
Soundstorm vs. Audigy
A7n8x Dlx
USB keyboards and NF7-S
Southbridge Overheating?
SLK-947-U fits A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
mushkin or corsair for my a7n8x delux
Need help with K7N2
what the difference in memory deviders?
A7N8X Bios Question?
Confused....About nforce 2 Ultra 400
BSODs with Leadtek Deluxe Limited Pro II and 2500+ Barton
IC7-G or IS7-G
A7N8X DLX wont post
NF7-S V2.0 A4 or A3 ?
nf7-s with 5.1 and mic?
Another USB question...
Best nforce driver version for A7N8X Deluxe
What brand are ASUS Power MOSFETS?
Anyone have a Abit NF7-S and want to tell me about it?
Strange NF7-S Beep
Unknown processor Type
DFi Lan Party or NF-7s
Help, A7N8X acting strange
Epox 8RDA+ temps
Aopen boards?
NF7 question
couple ?'s
Machine hangs on XP setup
New Board...Wont turn on!
A7N8X Raid/Disc question
T-Bred 2400+ and a K7S5A
budget boards
A7V8X Deluxe and 2500+
Really need some help w/ 7N400 Pro2
Which AMD Board to Buy.
HD LED connector doesn't work on NF7-S
8RDA+ questions
PLZ Help, MSI MoBo Won't Start
No VGA output, Hardware problem?
so many nforce2 boards. What's the difference?
Ecs L7s7a2 Sis746
stability problems
What nForce2 drivers do I download? And from where?
7NNXP and firewire/iLink bracket
7NNXP and changing memory timings
NF7S - multiplier bit #5?
power supply temps socket - thermal probe??
A7N8X won't post
Which NF7 BIOS enables 10x Multiplier and CPU Interface Enabled?
amd chipsets supporting registered memory ?
anyone using a Gigabyte 7VAC board and a 200GB HDD ?
Anyone use NVIDIA System Utility on their mobo yet?
Buffalo pc3700 BH-5 back @ newegg? FOR $50 a stick?!?!?!?!?
V-Dimm Mod
recommend a oc'ing mobo for my barton
guaranteed 2.0 rev
HOLY CRAP! NF7 for $30
Overclocking..first time..need some help please
new 2 pcmark, scores for nf7-s?
Need help
What is the 5th Multiplier Bit?
433MHz DDR, SuperRAM, KINGMAX and 8RDA!?
Early Results NF7-S & Barton 2800+
2 Tone siren with NF7-S and 2500+ Help!
why did abit change from the insert key idea?
New Build (Sugestions Please)
what is the default chipset voltage???
Nf7-s and Sapphire Radeon 9800 pro
NF7-S New System Questions
will the NF7-S unlock an old T bird?
Sync vs. Async on NF2
So when will the Athlon FX hardware start coming out?
Help buying new mobo?
KV7 or KD7A
Changing Multiplier With AN35N Ultra
KT333 question
A7N8X DX agp
Sound Problem
Motherboard Monitor and Gigabyte board
volt mod for Soltek FRN2
problem with a7v8x deluxe v2
KT400 and Palomino Help
If you have a 2500 and NF7S-v2 post here please!
Possible mobo/soundcard conflict?
Problem with SndStorm.exe
Raid on NF7?
Where do I measure my RAM voltage on my NF7-S
A7N8X-Dlx. + good ram
new DFI landparty any good??
looking best nforce board...
A7N266-VM Vs A7V8X-MX
Floppy error!?!
got a problem here
HELP!!! A7N8X Delux Mobo NOT POSTING!!!
Best slots on Abit NF7-S for Dual Channel
7n400Pro2 questions??
a7V Max cpu?
A7N8X Deluxe and MotherboardMonitor 5
a7n8x no boot
nomad JB3 and a7n8x (1002A) - WTF???
A7N8X Deluxe and ECC memory
ECC memory with NF7-F
NF7-S and Santa Cruz Problems
hdd question for NF7-S
Highest Possible FSB w/Abit NF7-S Rev1.2
Windows XP freezes
Contacting Asus for RMA
NF7 replaced with AN7?
MSI KT4V Bootup
Looking for a good quality board......
vdimm voltage mod nf7-s
FLashing BIOS in windows?
Anyone intrested in helping me OC for the first time?
NF7-S and 2700DDR Mem
NF7-S+Barty 2500=BSOD
cant quite decide between the a7n8x or the nf7-s
AN35N-Ultra and Western Digital HDD
agp/pci lock on the an35n
one last look for advice before getting AN35N
Can't quite pick an nforce2 motherboard
RMA'd ASUS nearly destroys other hardware
My Overclock
I Need Some Help!
Zalman 7000A on A7N8X-Deluxe
a7n8x how do you enable 2channel mode for DDR?
Zalman 7000A on NF7-S?
Asus A7V8X-X and 133 DDR ??
KT3 Ultra2 R...Help with AMI Bios
AN35N Ultra BIOS probs - 2 in a row?
New Abit nForce2 Mobo Out
NF7-S NB fan
Infrared Module For A7n8x
4 pin connector?
A7N8X Rev.2 ... regarding bios
Abit Releases the AN7...
ABIT NF7-s Quick Question
K7NCR18D Pro II Deluxe Limited
Crazy temp readings -- NF7
MicroATX nForce2 Motherboard?
Overclocking abit max 3 help
l12 mod and cpu interface
Should I get the AN35n-Ultra?
CPU fan plug DIED!!
Which is the best "overclocking" BIOS for the NF7-S