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AGP Preventing Higher OC on ABIT
Which Board???
Athlon 64 MOBOs
NF7-S BIOS volts or MBM5 volts?
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210fsb c/w nf7-s
reseting bios to default settings
Passive s/b cooling not enough??
mobo I currently have.Is it a decent overclocker?
KV7 temp ?
Bios for a7n8x-del with undervolt?
8DRA+ 1.1 : Highest FSB you attained w/o xtra NB cooler/vdd
uh oh
slk800+MSI KT3 ultra2
KT3 Ultra and Athlon XP 2500+?
8k3a+ 2500+
want the fastest AMD mobo in the world?? :)
nf7 and nf7-s
A7N8X revisions??
Best Bios setting for A7N8X-Deluxe 2.0 with Barton2500
Bios Death?
Running dual channel
L7vta Bios?
Gigabyte GA-7N400-L1 vs. MSI K7N2 Delta-L
My Nf7-s really undervolts my vcore quite a bit
Just got my NF7-S
Ak35GTR multiplier higher than 12.5x???
a7n8x deluxe and 2500+ barton?
Which rail supplies vcore on 8rda+?
SY-KT400 DRAGON problem w/ Barton upgrade
Asus deluxe
Which 4 n 1's to use?
overclocking oddities
CMOS/GPNV checksum error
Annoying noise
should i get an a7n8x?
asus p4t533r mobo overclock help me
Debug code 02
Stupid asus helpdesk!
setting up A7N8X deluxe
Sweet, just got 400mhz fsb with K7N2-L
Thermal Throttling?
AMD 1800+ , which mobo?
What other good Mobo besides Abit NF7-s outaa there?
1700B to 2500 Barton
A7N8X-DX rev104 OC major difficulties
NF7-2 version 1.2
Gigabyte GA-7NNXP & Thermalright SLK-900A
My 8K3A troubles...
Need Help: BSOD Problem !
having trouble with a Soltek SL-75FRN nforce2 motherboard
How much memory in your L7S7A2?
system failed memory test?!?! augh!!!
asus a7n8x hardrive corruptions
New Gigabyte Bios's are now available
msi board
IC7, IS7, and IC7-max3
I want to see some memory benchmarks
Any experience with this P4 mainboard ?
Mobo Doesn't Recognize CPU....please help
Asus A7n 266-vm
gigabyte ga-7n400pro OR gigabyte 7NNXP?
which one is better?
Need help for overclocking issue w/ win98
ps/2 keyboard problem help plz
oc problems with new stuff
M7NCD Pro or M7NCG Pro ??
NF7-S extra USB's and...what the... are those?
Overclocking AMD xp2500+ BARTON CPU with an MSI K7N2G-ILSR M.O.B.O.
System Failed Memory Test -Strange Thing!
18 error on display - no startup with o'c settings*?
EPOX 8RGA+ & 2500 Barton.
HELP! Pro266TD Master MS-9105 Dead
VIA K8T800 A64 chipset
do abit IS7 boards read high??
Question about RAM settings in NF7-S
need to buy stock cooler from a nf7-s
Zalman CNPS7000a-cu on A7N8X-Deluxe
A7N8X-X model.
KG7 Poblems with ram
NF7-S 2.0 weird problem
LAN Setting On The NF7-S
Fried MOBO need Schematic for repair!
I just bought a K7s5a..did I ake a good choice newbie here
KT7A Modding... All KT7~KT7A owners please read..
Real-time changing FSB on NF7-S?
ASUS p4p800 Delux MB any good
NF7-S, 2500+, PC3200, can't get past 180 FSB
NF7-S Setup Help
NF7 info needed.
Gigabyte K8NNXP
No video output
NF7 and lapping
K7VMM and T-breds????
System Failed Memory Test
Can I save my current RAM? NF7-S v2.0
NF7 or A7N8X ?
A64 Motherboards...
Worth of mobo voltage mode on V2 NF7s?
AK31a Hard Drive
Question on S/B heatsink removal
Recommended bios for NF7-S v 2
1800+ jiuhb dlt3c
For the love of god can any one find a volt mod for a k7n2?
new used a7n8x
Overclocking SOLTEKSL-KT600-RL?
A7A266 AGP issue
Dif between A7N8X standard and Deluxe
WOW!!! I love the L12 mod!!!
cmos HELP
Me again !! Fitted new mobo. Need some windows help!
What max FSB VRXP 1.1
K7N2 overclock BIOS settings?
A7N8X-deluxe sound!!
New NF7-s rev.2 problems....help please!
What is APIC????
Help Me Chose a New MB!!!!
KT400 mobo are NOT good for OCing
nforce drivers
geil pc3200 ram not working!!
Where can i measure my Vcore with a multimeter?
How do i get in dual channel?
help with motherboard wiring
What is the best NF2 for cost, reliability, and overclocking ability?
A7N8X Deluxe and Dividers
A7N8X (non deluxe) good, yes?
nForce 2 specs needed
A7N8X question
7VRXP 2.0 and booting from USB HD
Will this L12 mod turn my 166fsb barton into a 200fsb barton?
So, What Chipsets Are Going To Support 939-Pinned Athlon FX's?
Raising FSB & lowering multiplier
VCC on monitor
first timer just fitted his new mobo :-)
7N400Pro2 CMOS?
AGP frequency...
why is there 2 internet connections with my nforce 2?
8rda+ vs 8rda3+ ??
Simple Question
Problem w new bundle installation - help?
PCI lock, divider, KT4
board copping out @ 2200mhz???
Question have an NF7-S v2 on way in mail
HOLY CRAP my comp stopped working
My narrowed down mobo choice
How do I overclock my PC
Which one's the PCI to PCI Bridge driver?
Cooling RAM...may it be the next success to a higher FSB
Cas 1.5?
memory error
KT 400 chip sets
Motherboard with SATA RAID?
Can Winbond Hadware Doctor be trusted when using the NF7-S 2.0?
Best way to attach temp probe to CPU?
8kha+ and 12.5x multiplier limit!
M7NCD Pro question
ASUS A7N8X Nforce 2 Ultra 400 Future Compatibility? PLEASE READ!
the good the bad the ugly
NF7 new BIOS's read high, but how high?
My sound on the 8rda+ plays too fast??
Epox Woes C1 Error
Is this a usual result?
Opteron 140 setup
Help with installing a PRO AGP card
Fist timer fittin new mobo
Question about the nForce IGP boards
memory problem
ak31 no post, no fan spin, no nothing!
8rda+ C1 post code error?
Question for those of you with the NF-7 rev 2
a7v8x OC question..
Why won't it shut down?
nf7-m turn off onboard vid?
GA-7N400 PSU Info for Buyers - Beware
P4C800-E Raid setup help
asus A7V333 rev1.4 bigest chip?
please help
Fuzzy Logic vs MBM 5
a7v8x overclocking.....
Can this be a memory problem?
Restart problem w/ high Vcore
Northbridge fan stopped working.
7N400Pro2 Changes PSU Readings?
[Help] Epox 8l7a+ & Gf4 Ti 4600
Can my Palomino AthlonXP used on NF7?
What to buy? 8rda+ or 8rda3+ or 8rga+ or NF7??
Thanks for a big piece of crap abit
My new nf7-s wont power down
Overclockable BIOS?
Hi guys, New Preacher Modded f14 gigabyte 7nxxp bios today
lose of temps and speed readouts
Cant get onbord lan to work on p4c800-e
Computer Problems w/ Epox 8rDa
Worst possible startup? er non-startup?
8rdavcore 0.6b
Soltek SL-75FRN2-L FSB "issues"
Deluxe BIOS
Harddrive LED and A7N8X Deluxe resolved
[Help] 8k7a+ & Gf4 Ti 4600
NF7-S rev 1.1 vs. rev 2
Cpu-z and fluctuation of my overclock
A7V8X Deluxe vs A7N8X Deluxe Results
vdimm running WAY low... why?
Just a simple question
crazy floppy plug on mobo
board recomendation ( special circumstance)
new nf7/xp2500 problems
Very weird 8rda3+ problem, any help?
Question about AGP/PCI frequencies.
NF7 vs. NF7-S, for the non-power user
New BIOS for KT400 Platinum & What's the best overclock on KT400 Platinum?
Bitta help please!!!!!!!!
A7N8X Deluxe Memory CL3
No PCI Video on NF7 ?
a7n8x deluxe problem
NF7 Rev. 2.0 Problems
What board?
nf7-s v2.0 - what is this temp sensor?!
Complete Volt Mod guide for ASUS A7N8X
7NNXP gen questions
MSI / A64 Bundle
KX7-333R New BIOS
NF7-S 2.0 vdd problem?
I fear the worst
NF7-S - Factory Freak?
Dumb NF7-S question
nf7-s onboard lan settings?
a7n8x deluxe won't boot
an35n ultra problem
EP-8RDA(+) 7F error code
A7V333 & XP2500+ higher multipliers possible without surgery?
Help Me Spend $650
8RDA3+ vs. 8RGA+
Any AT7-MAX2 Users Out There?
Old mb needs a twin turbo
Dose the NF7 oc as well as the nf7-s
Performace gain with Dual Channel?
kd7-s and barton
Just installed an NF7-S...
Best overclocking mobo under $100
Bit KT7A-RAID Motherbard and 3Com Ethernet card don't work!!!
NF7-S ver 2.0 won't hit 200 fsb
new asus a7n8x deluxe v2.0 won't hit 2400MhZ
GA-7VRXP v1.1 + XP1700 DLT3C JIUHB = ??
Weird nf-7 or memory problem
Shuttle AN35N Ultra
Finding the nb's stability point...
Help w/ mod on 8rda+
wake/sleep problem new bios
2 queries re nf7-s rev2
No boot at 2400 MHz
Athlon XP 2800+ MoBo recommendations
easy q about NF7-S
GA-7N400 Pro2 400 mHz memory?
Nf7-s Doa????
A7n8x Deluxe
vdd mod for a Chaintech mobo.
Question about 1.8 BIOS
NB HSF on NF7?
BioStar M7VIZ ???
Overclocking bios for l7vta2
Newbie needs help
IDE is'nt detected
mosfet sinks touching capacitors
Got my new NF7-S :(
Debug card...
startup problem
asus audio problems a7n8x-x
newbios for 8RDA+ 3827
Constant BSOD with k7s5a pro
A7V600 HD Data Corruption - Please help!
Just flashed my BIOS and.........
NF7S Siren (yes, I've searched)
asus a7n8x
New to AMD please help
Bought A7n8x-dlx for friend refurb off newegg and it came with no cords!
What BIOS version are you running on your 8K5A2+ ?
Bios replacement?
NF7-S v2.0 - No 100mbps LAN
compatable/stable ram
8RDa+ DC mode
Sound Program ??? for A7N8X-Deluxe 2.0
Help! my GA-7vaxp is refusing to post!!
post but no boot
help a7n8x
KV7 board
Can not get my system to POST...
Abit NF7-s and SATA
Lapping my 8rda+'s nb
overclocking athlon 2500
First clawhammer board I have seen
Just bought an AN35N refurb.....
bios flashing gone wrong then what?
A7N8X-Deluxe Vcore Voltage Mod - How?
A7N8X Wont boot with any User Define FSB
Slow post
DDR 500 w/ PC4800-E Question
Motherboard question
Looking for a nice, cheap board...
Soltek onboard LAN doesnt work!!
Onboard LAN is not working!
8K5A2+ owners, how fast can you set your memory?
HELP with HotFlash
Msi Board Temp Sensors Wrong?
Should I get it or not? Model# A7N8X Deluxe Retail
Help! Motherboard TOTALLY conking out!!
Volt mod my KX7r
Rev 2 that much better?
Dfi Nf 2 Duel Channel
A7n8X 2.0??
A7n8x bus lock?
Abit MAX3 and CPU Temperature problem!
Frozen Flash on A7N8X Deluxe
GA-400NPro2 not detecting my Subzero-G Fan???
QUESTION: memory and my mobo
a7n8x deluxe rev2 --Processor/Motherboard temp!
What's happening with my KT4V? weird FSB multiplier settings
Question on Overclocking
8RDA+ Bios Problem
Dragon Lite KT-333
Should I get it or not? Model# A7N8X Deluxe Retail
A7N8X Deluxe can I use a 4x AGP card with this MOBO?
asus a7n8x
Dfi Nf2 Duel Channel Question
A7N8X DLX voltage?
FIC AU13 temperature accuracy
Bd7 II motherboard
A7N8X-X multiplier problems
8RDA+ Rev 2.x.. Where to get?
A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
A7N266-e Geforce fx5900 hell
Fastest CPU for a Soltek SL-75DRV4, that would be stable
Those annoying NF7-S 2.0 beeps!
A7N8X-X can't change multiplier???
A7N8X value n force 2
1700+ stock HSF on NB
MB Hlp choosing
k7s5a lock up
Replacement capacitors
AS3 on the 8RDA+ Round NB: Worth Doing?
cooler xp
spdif out - digital?
Iwill KK266 w/ Athlon XP?
Mobo wont do 1.875Vc+ on CPU
ERDA+ and Network won't work
Fastest CPU for a 8KHA+
NF7-S Corrupt Bios chip-need help
K7N2 Delta L , can get higher than 1.80V !!!
Good AMD mobo for 1600+ pally and pc133 ram
Can't use 83% fsb/memory ratio with 8rda?
NO 8rda+ on newegg !!! Alternative boards or retailers?
Booting from SATA? A7N8X - DLX
Epox 8RDA+ and Mushkin PC3200 Black Hi Perf Level II
KT400 and two sticks of RAM?
Does chipset need vmod to reach +230FSB?
quick question about NF7-S rev 2
Abit NF7-S Two tone siren, need help
A7N8X-VM pin out for TV/serial
Can't Get Over 168mhz FSB
Mico-ATX with SDRAM and TV-out?
best amd board from asus present and future now?
How to lap an 8RDA+ Northbridge?
ahh new help again
Cooler XP full of ****
ASUS A7N8X DLX & AMD 2500+ problem
SATA and PATA on A7V600
8rda+ mystery
my board crashes
How do I flash the BIOS ?
pwr_fan connection..
NF-7s 2.0 a few problems
MSI KT4V-L and a 2500+ Barton
help with nforce2 drivers
Really worth it?
EPOX USDM utility question.
GA-7N400 Pro2 NB HSF shuts down!
DFI NF2 Ultra-AL, not lanparty, good?
KT4 Ultra......
Athlon64 and Opteron chipset *should* be well polished.
Newbie 7VAXP LAN controller ???
Fried A7N8X dlx please HELP
computer suddenly wont start??
will a zalman 7000 fit an nf7s 2.0?
KX7-333R and Barton XP2500
Difference between Shuttle AN35N and AN35L?
System won't boot!!!
8RDA newegg refurb.
A7N8X DLX - USB Problem with Nomad
all a7n8x delux mobos have dual channel?
A&N8X-Deluxe RAID questions
AMD sdram motherboard reccomendation
Excallent results from new mobo check it out
nf7-s ver. 2 with 2800+ barton
Did Mushkin 3500 kill my NF7-s
FYI: Identify ANY MoBo.
Temp issues with MSI K7N2 Delta-L
HELP! I think it's dead!
What is to be said about the A7V600 MOBO?
DFI mobos and windows Hanging...
New 8RGA+ already dead?
please please help!!!
Asus A7n8x Temp sensors
nf7 problems, no post, no beeps, brand new
A7V8X OC's whats yours
a7v8x-x sound
IDE driver in Windows ME issues - Biostar M7NCD Pro
Chaintech 7NJL3 - Anyone know this nforce2 board?
Recommend motherboard for underclocking
Did Asus fix the A7NX8 memory problem yet?
Please Help!!! NF7-S stuck at Post Screen
what could have happened?
Need help "tweaking" my ASUS A7N8X mobo.
nf7 problems, no post, no beeps, brand new
please have a look and help me out!!
Kd7-s Fsb
What can i expect?
Shuttle mini cube motherboard availability
any a7n8x2.0 1005 over 200fsb?
Nforce drivers
D@mn This copper iceberg looks good.............
Uhh oh no power?
pci bus..
NF7-S Rev1.2 vs 2.0
NF7 and AGP
A7N8X Dlx troubles with fan monitor
7ixe4 reading cpu wrong
Abit RMA time?
DVD and Asus board not friendly
What bios is everyone using for the A7N8X2.0 DLX
O/C with k7s5a
A7N8X Deluxe Sound Issue
NF7-S overclock and corrupt Win Registry?
Where to get a new BIOS chip?
Anyone ever heard of a ASUSTek P4B-LA?
Stability problems @ 2.5 with 1700+ Tbred B
Epox 8KRA2+
O/C to 166MHz FSB K7S5A Pro
K7T Turbo2 not seeing my 1700
EPOX site down? My 8KHA+ Took A Dive..
NF7-S BIOS Configuration
VBat ~1.5V (Always) !!!!!!
Friends GA-7VAXP Ultra wont start. Help me help him
Random beeps w NF7-s 2.0
HELP!! broke a cap on a7n8x
8RGA+ Multipliers
Interesting nforce2 strangeness
GA-7N400 Pro won't even post
VDD 2.0v for 8RDA+/GA+
I scratched my mobo.
modem problem on 8rda+
K7S5A wont run 1600xp
Is this a Rev 2.0
Is there an Epox 8RGA+ revision 2.0 for sale yet?
shuttle nforce 2 problem
DAMN!!! 143fsb just right on the edge of stability...