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shuttle nforce 2 problem
DAMN!!! 143fsb just right on the edge of stability...
Drivers problems!
8RDA+ firewire problem
Whats with these stupid nvidia drivers?
microphone just stopped working...
Offical Petition to get new bios for the Abit KX7 333 series motherboard
What's going on here?
K7S5A Pro Not Detecting Second IDE
heres a good one... soltek 75frn2_L
Nf7 Rev. 2 multi problem
P4C800-E, NO XP install with RAID? ya, got floppy.
Just Ordered A7N8X Delxe..be sure of's
k7s5a toast..
NF7-S ver2 bios problem?
7N400 Pro2
Integrated LAN or Add-In?
First OC step
asus a7n8x dlx. problem
Anyone know any websites???
ok so i did the 166mhz fsb L12 mod....
Best Hardware Monitoring Tool?
Help! NF7-s FSB keeps changing on me!!
What's This ?
Epox Motherboard's Magic Health
8rga+ Pci Lock
Going CRAZY!!!!!
power fan sensor..
What the heck..?
8RDA+ HDD LED Stay on
NF7-S v 1.2 RAID
Pencil lead for vdd mod.
How to get proper temperature readings for the A7N8X
Epox 8RDA+ FSB question
RMA contact for Soltek USA?
Which memory does the NF7 have issues with?
is this a good board to overclock
k7n2 delta
Dual Duron motherboard
Abit IS7 Wont Turn on....HELP!!!!!!!!!!
memory slots on 8rda
DFI Llanparty question
ASUS RMA Questions
7VAXP System Temp. Sensor and Dead LAN
8rda+, weird multiplier problem
NF7-S.com == BP6.com ?
I think I killed my A7N8X Deluxe
Dreaded FF post code. pl;ease advise!
NF7-S and MIDI
Can Abit NF7-S rev. 2.0 board support AMD 3200+?
KR7A & KR7A-Raid CPU options
NF7-S v2.0 w/A1 SPP & A3 MCP-T ????
Cant run CAS 2 with PC3700
8RDA+: Passive Heatsink Removal
overclocking pcibus
bios updates website
Where are the pll chips on the nf7-s 2.0?
What kind of changes are usually made in Motherboard revisions?
Abit NF7-S...one repetitive looonng beep.....
Finally a contender for the NF2 crown
Which 8RDA+ BIOS to stay away from
Got my nf7-s, saweet!
Dead NF7-S?
How can I get higher.
epox +barton 2500
error codes
kt4a ultra no sound
Can I swap 8RDA+ bios chip onto NF7-s rolleyes:
Confused by NF7 and Siren
thoroughbred on K7T266 Pro2, any chance?
A7N8X-X just got one
Is Enermax 365 watt ps enough with 8RDA+
8rda+ showing Vdimm at 3.24!
What's the problem!
No Internet
Who has the 8RDA3+ ? What's wrong with it?
what to buy? URGENT!!
Who is the person whose overclocking Database number is 19806
need a motherboard
CPU temp on KT400 Ultra Platinum Motherboard?
Onboard Sound or SB Live 5.1 on 8RDA+
NF7-S SATA Problem - Won't Boot
Good AMD overclocking board?
OVP mod tutorial/walkthrough
Dual DDR Criteria
A7V333 + hyperion = total mess.
Hyperion 4 in 1 = unstable.
Temp question with A7V8X
is newegg selling nf-s 2.0?
nFORCE2 issues
OK, Finally Posted...But..
System won't post after bios flash
Epoxy of other to mount NF7-S SB cooler?
A7N8X rev.2 & Barton2.5+ stuck with 166fsb
A7N8X rev.2 & Barton2.5+ stuck with 166fsb
Which MB with nForce2 Ultra 400
Cusl2-c, Rev 1
about 8rda+ jumper
KT600 kV7
Dead NF7? HELP!
NF7-M boot problem
PCI Latency
multipliers on NF7-S
SATA Corruption
Abit nf7------>MSI kt6????
need help picking
A7V8X @ 175mhz FSB
Asus A7N266VM Question
vdd mod... how high?
mem test killed my a7n8x dul... Help!!1
Wrong mem reading on NF7-S
Need help ocing XP1700 and NF7-S
NF7-s ? cpu fsb / dram ratio ??
Abit NF7-S + AMD 1700 - System not working >.<
HELP! I think... 2 Dead K7N2 Delta ILSR's maybe
Asus P4P800 Deluxe memory help.
K7s5a Cant Detect Ps/2 Keyboard
asus a7m266 error
Woho! Active South Bridge cooling :D
Memory+CPU Compatibility Question
K7S5A Pro
PC2700 Ram Bandwidth Int 2500 mb/s Sisoft Sandra on dual channel memory?
A7N8X DLX Cant recognise usb devices
??Uber Bios A7N8X delux 2.0??? need help...
Negatives of Biostar N7MCD?
What RAM for 8RDA3+
2.03 vs 2.45
GA-7DXR wont install Operating system ?
a7v333-x , fast question
oc question
help tunig 8rda +
Does anyone get this on thier a7n8x..
my dfi is on they way!
HELP! P.O.S. A7N8X DLX Won't P.O.S.T.
AMD board
K7VMM+ overclocking?
Asus A7N8X del & SATA not working
Another BIOS question
HEEEELLLLP ASAP PLease, problem with AGP
Acitve cooling on 8rda+ NB, noob question.
Problems with my 8500le
failed overclock
Help me steamline my BIOS for max OC
Epox SPDIF Digital out bracket noob question
four pin 12V connector
Abit nf7-s problem please help
K7S6A O/C Bios
KT400 SATA Controller
Dual memory!
Lots of problems... Temps, Volts, etc.
My buddies new system wont POST
Soltek 75FRN2-RL W/Geil PC4000 502 Mhz
question about memory
Shutdown if temp too high
How do I reassign this NF7-S IRQ?
NF7-S memory question
KT600 or NF2 ultra
8RDA+ brand new but no sound
What about Aopen?
MB for a 1U rackmount
epox 4pda2+ v2.0
Simple question - answer quickly so I can purchase!!!
Is this due to SATA Corruption??? - Help Required
Best official 400FSB overclocking board?
Just Got My NF7-S, I Can't Overclock it!
NF7-S Highest FSB
which one?
Cheap AMD board that can OC
K7D Master VER1: beeps/leds
ABit NF7-S woes.
Overclocking on KT400 Ultra Platinum
weird GA-7VRXP problems
asus a7n8x dlx slight overvolting?
Fic Pt 2012
Are there a way to change the Mulitpier on Tbred B cord with Asus board?
Bios 1006Final for ALL A7N8X boards
can not get over 189fsb, but I see others that do?
voice post getting annoying
Screwdriver slipped off HS and jabbed board
8RDA+: low voltage but stable?
8rda+ checksum error and no keyboard
Got another Asus A7N8X Delux
8RDA start-up problem
Onboard ILSR SATA or PCI card?
FSB/DRAM ratio question
Ecs K7s5a 166fsb
Just want to confirm that my ECS K7s5a board is dead
Abit NF7 Dual DDR
8rda3+ reads temps high???
2200+XP in 7IXE4
2200+XP on a 7IXE4?
Putting active fan on 8rda+ NB
8RDA3+ help
Definitive Guide to NF7-S sound
Problems Booting With high fsb
Epox 8RDA+ vs ASUS A7N8X-X
Need Help With Using IDE 3
K7T TURBO 2 Won't reboot all the time
Getting tired of Soundstorm...time for an Audigy2?
Gigabyte GA-8PE667 help/memory!
Positively ID'ing an NF7
NF7-S rev 2.0 vs. A7N8X Deluxe rev. 2.0
NF7-S rev 2.0 vs. A7N8X Deluxe rev. 2.0
A7N8X Deluxe temperature question
nb heatsink removal
NF7-S not recognizing WD 20 gig.
NF7-S rev 2.0 vs. A7N8X Deluxe rev. 2.0
memory frequency
nf7-s ver. 2 problem
Mount mobo w/ magnetic screwdriver?
Nf7-s v2 bios update options?
Asus A7V8X, Xp 2500+ Barton. Need some settings please
Quick Q
Matsonic Mobo for AMD
NF7-S 2.0 SATA RAID -- A few questions
good amd borad for non or mild o/c?
A7N8X 2.0: Can't use XP3200+
Processor killing mobo Bios?
A7N8X rev 1.04 and Multiplyers
Abit NB Fan not working
Best bios for Kr7A-Raid , new board to me for 2nd system
K7VTA3 temp sensors
do gigabyte mobos have coretemp probes or surface probes or other?
NF7-S connectors
Best NF7-S 2.0 BIOS
only get 190 fsb on my 2100+
Lap NB... Yes, No?
Lap NB... Yes, No?
Question about NF7-S Beep Codes
Best AMD OC Board
Nforce2 with Dual DDR = More presure on the n/b?
nforce2 (soltek 75mrn) problems
Soltek 75mrn issues
Need info about refurb'ed A7N8X-D
How do I setup Raid0 on NF7-S on 2xWD_SE 80GB hard drives?
A7N8X DLX R2 BIOS forgets
A7N8X Problem
Good, Cheap AMD MOBO W/video
Omg, Omfg!
Need help identifying my mobo.
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe -- HELP!
Help repair busted Mosfet
anyone made a front media panel for nf7-s
im gonna cry --A7N8X
Why Abit? I don't get it...
Flash failure: replacement BIOS chip?
nForce REV2.0 boards, r u using APIC?
How accurately does the A7V333 display temps?
New upgrades are in!! Need advice for settings.
What's up with all these sound issues
Abit NF7-S vs Epox 8RDA3+ ???
Powered off while saving BIOS settings
How accurate are the 8rda3+'s temp sensors?
No boot or beep.
Would mod'n psu raise temps?
abit nf7-s or nf7
best AMD motherboard with RAID
nforce2 agp/pci locks
Anyone use the S/P DIF (OPTI) plug?
Overclocking FSB/CPU Showling Low Speed
red light by cmos battery
Asus A7v8x-x
Bad luck.
Unplugging NB fan on 7VAXP-U
8K9A2 - How can I lock AGP/PCI at 66/33
GA-8IK1100 mic in does not work right
Accuracy of NF7-S temp sensor?
8rda3+ -12v @ -7v
Are there any Micro ATX board w/Nforce2 chip in?
That's it then.
Heat sinked my mosfets on my NF7-S
Cooling mobo
NB cooling.
A7N8X -- bios and multis
8rda+ and soundstorm?
zalman 7000A fit on nf7-s rev 2
Crackling sound on NF7-S
KT3 Ultra and no 333 busses? MSI techsupport wrong?
K7D Master, Bios update, nothing happens...
Does BIOS 17 cause NF7-s V2 to show up as V1.2 ???
Switched Motherboard; posting problems
Installed new NF7-S mobo and now it won't boot PLEASE HELP!!!
Installed new NF7-S mobo and now it won't boot PLEASE HELP!!!
cant reach stable 200 fsb on kd7-g
Little problem w/ a A7V & AthlonXP
a7n8x del v2.0 bios text fuzzy!
Help! Scared Newbie!!
Drive Image or Ghost 8RDA+ 1.1 to 8RDA+ 2.x
capsitors are in the way what can be done`
I SIT a good time to buy a computer
Abit nf7-s 2.0 looks nice but
New Abit NF7-S...no surrond sound, no CD-Roms
a7n8x deluxe sound.... again!
Newegg Refurbished NF7-S
I am a happy man!!!
Soyo 5ehm; What Is Biggest Hdd It Will Support?
?'s about my new Abit NF7-S v2.0
Rev 1 right?
oddity when OC'ing Celeron + P4P800
8rda+ v1.1 error code 29 and hibernate issues
My NF7-S 2.0 needs 1.7v at 166 FSB???
NEED A PIC FAST of nf7-s rev2.0
Installing nForce Drivers with Win98SE on A7N8X Deluxe
SL-75FRN2-RL voltage trouble...
Super mega bad!! NF7 will not stay on: Please please help
A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 problem
Biostar M7viw
K7N2 Delta and XP2100 Help multipliers
new nf7-s rev2 user!!
VIO Voltage......
ak35gtr Fried!
Micro ATX with TV-out?
a7v226-e vs a7s333
A7N8X - Overclocking?
NF7-S siren...again
Who's considered as good AMD MB manufacturers?
Epox 8RDA+ rev2.0 or MSI Delta ILSR?
Gigabyte 7vaxp and overclocking.
HyperX PC3700 or PC4000 with NF7-S board?
Could my ASUS A7V8X-X mobo be a bottleneck?
200x10 w/o cooling or vdd mods...
Blown Capacitor
Where can I get a nForce2 Ultra 400 Based board?
Question about optical out bracket.
DFI Lan Party NFII Ultra, PCI LOCK?
NF7-S and Memory Brand....Need Some Suggestions!!
How to mod Vcore 2.3 to 2.5 or high(NF7 v2.0) ?
Soundstorm mutes itself ?
how to confirm correct BIOS flash?
8rda+ 2.0 vs nf7-s 2.0 ?
Nforce2 config guide
NF7-S V2 Owners Whats your Highest FSB?
A7V8X-X voltage problems.
KX7-333 which memory slots are best
Memory for a Chaintech 7NJS-ZENITH Ultra
8RDA+ & 8RGA+ Northbridge cooler.
Abit NF7 2.0 vs Abit NF7-S 2.0
8rda (no +) rev 2.0?
HyperX 3500 and NF7-S
nForce2 chipset
is this temp too high
won't switch to 133!
uh.. soundstorm?
New NF7 setup
8rda+ FSB Question
Best ram for nf7s v 2 with 2500 barton
OCing past 200FSB
if you surf other forums, please help
Enabled or Disable
KT3 Ultra compatibility question
rev 2 wtf?
What is 5v_SB?
400mhz with, kt3 ultra 2???
SLK900U and NF7-S v1.2
Help. Cant get a post
wtf nf7-s doesnt have bass or treble
PCI Bus speed is whacked?!?!?
8RDA3+ BSODing before windows bootup screen....
8RDA+ Prob
8rdavcore 0.5
NF7-S v2.0 DDR voltage... why is 2.6v the minimum option?
couple question's about NF7-S...
Motherboard for new System
kt4a ultra/amd 2200
Is The Vdd Temp Reaiding At Start Up Accurate???
ASUS Motherboard Model: A7N266
How can I get more MHz from my FSB?
New MOBO NF-7S or new DFI?
NEW Mobo..NF7-s or the DFI?
Nforce2 lan not working.
CPU Disconnect Function
I just don't understand (A7V333 temperature problems)
CD1 header problem
8K5A2+ Questions?
Oh No! HELP!!
PcProbe & MBM5???
Best Nforce Motherboard Need Answers ASAP Please
XP1700 & A7N8X Deluxe????
A7N8X Deluxe question???
A7V600 Raid question
8RDA+ and 2100+ multiplier problems...
installing nf7-s.
Old Ambulance siren on the NF7
return or keep 1.1?
A7N8X Heat Generation
Overclocking xp2500 and A7n8x dlx
How do you disable RAID from A7n8x dlx?
Calling all NF7-S V2.0 Owners!!
Which Mobo To Get?
Chaintech Zenith
A7N8X Deluxe and Raid
1 mo KT4 Question (overclocking thing...)
New nf7-s wierdness
A7M266 Tbred 1700+ Overclocking
Highest K7N2 Delta series FSB
Volt mod guide?
zif socket probe nf7-s
HELP!! KT3 Ultra ARU, 1800+ Overclocking issues
A7N8X Dlx rev 1.04, Memory
Abits KV7 (VIA KT-600) on the market!
Dont download XP audio drivers
bios 1010a vs 1010b on asus a7v133
question about at7-max2 and SATA
GA-7N400 Pro
K7N2 Delta ILSR Barton 2500+
nForce boards and game incompatability
Soltek SL-75rn2-L Users question.
what happened to the Abit forums?
Aopen AK79D 400 MAX
Soyo KT333 Lite not clocking well =[
8rda+ question, plz help!
Anyone got the DFI Ultra II lanboy nforce2 board
Building new pc with a a7n8x delx
xp2400+ and vcore regulation
A7N8X-deluxe best bios???
MSI KM2M Combo-L
Few questions about the nf7-s v2
Which CPU sensor do i use?
8rda and cpu sensor incorrect?
Testing the A7V8X against the A7N8X
How to Disable Onboard Vid on A7n266-VM-aa
"considering Upgrade"
What do these BIOS things do?!?!
KT333 Dragon ultra plat. questions
Need Help, Need a 50 Dollar Mobo ASAP!
A7N8X-DX help needed
nf7 v2.0 help
Albatron KX400+ Pro Mobo issues/
Upgrading CPU
GA-7VT600-L and multiplier settings?
I wanna know!
Soldering on an ATX connector, can a mobo take the heat?
Epox 8K5a2...
MSI KT4 Ultra - water cooling mount problem
WTF? Can't update BIOS on A7N8X
VDD mod question
Trouble maintaining NF7-s FSB speed
holy moter! see what the L12 mod allowed me to do!
Asus A7a266
old a7v rev 1.01 take an XP?
PSU for 8rda+
questiosn on ga-7dx rev2.2
epox 8rda+ beta bios updater any good?
sata install (not really a problem......)
was i lucky??
8RDA+ HD corruption @200Mhz FSB?
A7n8x Dlx and Kingston HX PC3500 (Newbie Question)
mushkin and 7N400-L1?
NF7-S v2
first box
A7V333 + Barton?
Asus A7n8X Deluxe or MSI Delta ILSR?
EP-8RDA3+ rev1.0 or EP-8RDA+ rev2?
I need a new mobo that is very cheap any idea's?
asus a7n8x sound problem
random soltek sound issuses
quakecon coming soon...what to get?
where is the setting to up the voltage to the memory in the ASUS A7V8X-X???
crashed win2k w/ AT7 & 1700
8rda+, guess I don't need Vdd mod - 229 fsb! What next?
Couple of NF7 v2.0 Questions
New NF7-S Giving me a lot of problems
Aopen AK79G Tube Motherboard?
Epox 8RDA+ 7/18/03 BIOS changes
abit kt7a duron 800 overclocking, non-puals guide
which southbridge cooler should I use.....(PICS!)
new nf7 rev2.0 bios are out 1.18!
No more FSB inbetween settings?
folding stability @ 200+ FSB
8RDA+ checksum error, keyboard doesn't work
bought new board NF7-S V2.0 wont run 1700XP┐
Asus RMA link
Best bios for KT333 dragon ultra plat.?
Really odd problem with ASUS A7N8X and Barton 2500+
Fan Speed Question
My New NF7-S - Pics.
75FRN-L over 200 fsb HDD corruption!!
2 machines into 1 sound system
What The *(*&% All I did was take out the Memory