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can you fail to boot too many times?
Abit KT7
Game port issues
a7n8x rev .2 have to clear cmos everytime? after to high overclock
Is it right to lust after this board...
which nf2 driver is better for the a7n8x?
new nf7-s
Was I Lucky??
how do you "lock" the pci/agp slots?
Help me pick a mobo....
NF7 on-board LAN problem
HELP can Install XP with my hard drive on SATA
Has the SATA RAID corruption been fixed on NF7-S?!?!?
Best Motherboard Monitoring Software?
VIA Apollo Pro
A7N8X-X and no Dual Channel support
A7N8X Colour of memery slots?
NF7 Cannot install Windows 2000
A7N8X sound question
New NF7-S bios versions available...
Why doesn't Soltek get a forum of their own like Asus and Abit and the like?
Odd NF7-S behavior
NF7-S question
Asus p4c800 e USB problems
A7N8X @ 2.2 GHz (11x200): What more can I do?
Abit NF7-S Rev 2.0 not booting/posting
One stepaway from throwing this board away....
Abit NF7-S 2.0 and NF7-S 1.x new bios
what exactly does this do?
So I switched from 6/6 to auto and my fsb jumped....
Which boards will run 200+ FSB no problem?
quiet HS for my new cpu
A7N8X Deluxe from Epox 8RGA+
Asus A7V overclock guide?
Bios Flash Help Needed
where the hell is the option for rasing the voltage to the ram in the A7V8X???
8RDA+ Issues
Asus A7N8X-deluxe
Wow This Is Bs!
USB2.0 dirver
Abit NF7-S, OCZ PC3200 1GB Dual Channel Kit, And XP Professional, got PROBLEMS HELP!
Major NF7-S problems
nf7-s usb question/problem...
A-Bit NF7-s V2.0 Motherboard with AMD Athlon XP+ 2500 Barton CPU
Abit NF7-S or Asus A7N8 Deluxe
Sata Raid driver for abit nf7 - S 2.0
What's LM75 (speed fan 4.08)
CPU interface
Abit NF7 s 2.0 problems
the nf7-s must have issues...
Can't get past this screen Nf7-S
K7D Master and XP2500+
8RDA rev1.1 no error but...
o/c amd 2000+ with pc2100
Bad mobo ? wont boot to bios ?
NF7-S rev 2.0 problems...
Ram voltage what does it do?
kt333 wont run 133fsb, works fine 100
Need help buying new mobo
Vcore mod?
xp, sp1 & a7n8x deluxe
Uber BIOS for A7N8X V 2.0?
check this out plz about GA-7NNXP
What Motherboard??
Might be a dumb question. How do I enable Dual channel?
A7N8X V. 20 Not detecting Hard Drive Speed
What's the Fastest Cpu you Can Run on a GA7VRXP rev 2.0
Mobo question and memory question
Nf7-s 2.0 What The Flying Poop Is This Poop! Pooping Poop!
2.45 Nforce drivers
Delta-ILSR wont read SATA drives
need good OC mobo under 90 bucks
Will cooling the South Bridge help to OC?
soyo kt400 will not post
NF-7 Northbridge H/S mounting question.
AMD Motherboards with NF2 400 Ultra
Epox Mobos with the NF2 400 "Ultra" Chipset
A7N8X or A7N8X-X?
Looking for cheap Micro ATX board...suggestions?
MSI KT3 Ultra2 Question.
A7N8X Dlx. CAS 2 RAM posting problem
Did abit ever get s-ata working right on nf7-s?
Need replacement for MSI KT4 Ultra
A7N8X DLX problems and usb issue
does kd7 "dn" bios only go up to pr2800?
where to find tweaked mobo BIOSes?
Motherboard died..
who has A7N8x de + SLK900U?
Nf7-s question on Vdimm
8k7a+ stupid question
best price NF7 rev2?
NF7 Question
Why does my 1700 B only have the lower multi's?
8RDA3+ died :(
power bios vs oc bios vs D1.1
ftp help
NF7-S serial number?
K7N420 Pro
MOBO with Raid 1
3dmark2003 w/ k7n2 delta locking up during sound test
On Die Temp sensor
2.45 WHQL Nforce2 Drivers from NVIDIA
Boot Times
New NF2 2.45 Unified Driver
8rda+ (what error code is this?)
FIC az11e questions..
from AT7-Max2 to NF7-S
Setting for multimeter
Abit NF7-S revision number
Ecs Rant!
Ecs Rant!
Unknown device NF7-S
Do you think.....?
A7V266-E POST Problem
Is my K7T Pro2a going bad?
K7D Master HD problem
Asus A7V333-X VS. Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
NF7 circuit diagram?
KX7-333R and SB Live! Onwers
Downloading from Paul's site
No 200Fsb for NF7S :(
Uh-Oh Tick Tick Tick BOOOOOM
Which LAN?
anyone else running DFI lanparty nf2 ultra?
NF7-S - Which RAM is best? Help!
k7n2 cpu problems?????
best nb cooler for ic7?
help this soltek out mang before i kill it
need help with no-post
bummed on new a7n8x rev. 2 no boot
Finally got my new 8RDA+ running...(initial overclocking results)
Problem going over 200Mhz on NF7-S and Barton 2500+
something went wrong
200FSB stable in SIS/Burn-in but not 3DMARK2K3
amd boards that dont use that stupid clip
superglued northbridge?
8k7a+ and bios flashing...
8rda+ rev 1.1 error code 52.
How to clear the CMOS when it won't
What mem slots for nf7-s?
Update Bios?
warning! Stupid question inside
NF7 and Power supplies??
slow speeds on a NF7-M?
Load RAID drivers
A7N8X 2.0: when the 1006 bios will be available?
Asus A7v600 Mb Memory Scores
CDRoms are all screwd up on my nforce2
I need Some advice.
Choices, choices...
Can i use an lcd temp display on an NF7 v2?
30 seconds on then shutdown?
Should I expect better than this?
8rga+ Nb hot....
NF7 v1.2 vs 2.0
About to get a new NF7-S v2
Use epoxy to change Nbridge?
on this new gigabyte amd 64 board, what is this?
CPU fan fails
A7V333 owners...can you scan a page from the manual?
75FRN2-L southbridge cooling?
Does the Soltek SL-75MRN-L mobo have a pci lock?
SHould I Cool my cHIpset?
my soltek overclock
KD7 Raid Array Setup Problems
Asus A7V266-C Hi multiplier problems
FIC AN11 wont boot at 133FSB
NF7-S and Front USB
KT7A ver1,1+XP???
Did Excaliber screw me out of a rev 2.0?
matsonic mobo problems
LOTS of Questions!!!
NF7-S Audio problem
can't get pass 2.4ghz w/ a 2100+ (2700+ wiremod)
What is the *safest*, most *idiotproof* way to mod my A7N8X-DLX Vcore options?
Mofsets are hot!
CPU burnout
My BIOS says 195 FSB, machine posts 194 FSB.
166mhz 100% stable in Win98 but NOT IN XP!!!
Problems with Amptron K7-810CLM6 and 1.4ghz Tbird
dx9 compliant on board sound drivers for the AT7 max2, 6 channel
ABITs -VIA KT-600 anyone know when they'll be in ful retail?
Biostar m7ncd pro Audio
Soyo KT600 Dragon II
8RDA+ vdd mod done. results.
8k3a+ and 2500 barton
Anyone having sound problems
P4P800 Deluxe BIOS 1009
Upgrades to Current Comp
K7s5a Pro & 1800xp
abit kt7a, someone replied to me from post that got deleted
A7N8X Deluxe and JIUHB.....?
I'm rma'ing by board to newegg, I have a question about that
SB cooling for NF7S
266 to 333 Cpu socket modification 8RDA+
8rda+ Sound and NIC Problem
Temp differance...
NF7-S Bios/Memory Questions
asus pc probe?
which is better????
CPU multiplier help!
Is this XP device manager problem normal for an NF7-S?
NF7-S setup problem, long and short beep, no POST :(
Backing up the working BIOS to a chip
Temp question, use probe?
13x mult on k7n2delta turns into 5 at restart?
1d error?
40 mm fan on P4P800 Dlxe NB heatsink
Beat This
MITAC A.K.A Camaro
Big time stability issues
Need Help Choosing a Motherboard..
KT4VL Temperature Diode
8k5a3+ vdd mod?
Anyone familiar w/a Pc Chips k7 mobo???
Will the Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu Fit the ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe?
AN35N 400 Ultra & MN31N MoBos
What Did I Frey (NF7-S)
MSI KT2 Combo
well this doesn't make any since
Sorry - another Dual Channel Q?
Cant seem to get higher than 176fsb with 2500+
So I fubared my NF7-S 2.0's Bios.
KT7A-RAID BIOS'es. How many are there?
Biostar m7ncd pro
Motherboard advice
Questions for experienced OC'ers
MSI Confirmation
Does reinstalling CPU on NF7-S revert CPU timings?
Abit NF7-S....need some help
a7m266 multiplier modification
Finally! GA-7VRX rev 1.1 stability!!!
FIC AU-13 eating Vcore? (+)
New 8RDA+ BIOS (Ver. 3716)
If 9-10.5 multiplier don't work try this ?
A7v8x nightmare sorta
L12, Wire trick !
219mhz fsb no VDD
NF7 (v2.0) VS. NF7-S (v1.2)
Enabling Sensaura in soundstorm?
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
KT600 vs NForce2
how should i have my settings?
who thinks this is a deal? Am i off or what?
Anyone install an A7N8X without reformatting?
saw a western digital 200 gig for 120 after rebate, question withmy board
GA-7VA multi mod
New Mobo! help me pick an Nforce2..
nforce2 help needed, fast!!!%#@!#@%!
Need help on my first overclock
more voltage for my NF7-S
Bios Rom checksum error?
Resetting cmos
USB Drivers
Epox nforce2
8rdavcore for Win
why is my sammy pc2700 not working?
POSTing abnormalities
Barton 2500 and M7NCG not posting
Some Questions on SF7-S
Who did 3.1MHZ with...
Easytune 4 server down? Someone please send it to me?
Floppy Drive
worth to upgrade?
Unlocked multiplier on 8RDA+?
Possible MSI board prob ??? AGP
Epox 8RGA+ rev. 1.1 vs. 2.0
My Soltek overclock
Is my 8rda+ DOA??
HelP! Urgent (can't boot my system)
What is the best OCing BIOS for...
which board more likely to reach 400mhz FSB?
NEW 8RDA+ rev 1.1 WOES
xp 2500 a7n8x multiplier problem
Amptron 810xlm manual
Problem (kinda) with NF7-S
Lan died on NF7-S
NF7-S v. 2 and dysfunctional multipliers
k7s5a wont hold bios
Help Please
NF7-S rev 2.0 and pencil Vdd trick?
DROPPING MY A7N8X for ABIT NF7-S!!! Any advice???
Please help! NF7-S not posting.
help needed going beyond 200fsb on k7n2 delta
Which board? Soltek or Gigabyte...
System lockup while playing Enemy Terr
help wit oc'ing
Need BIOS Help: A7N8X(2.0) Deluxe, Barton XP2500+
memory configuration
7vtxe+ Problems *trying to help a friend*
Memory for 8rda3+, GEIL or Twinmos
setting up kt7a version 1.1
need advice on mobo for amd system
my NF7-S sound is messing up...
AV7 333 Fastest Chip Possible
question on this board
Resistor, vdd mod
Power/LED COnnection Problem
$(*#(*$&# cursed 8rda+ error codes!!!
NF7-s and pc133 ram.... OK?
Need help with 3rd IDE channel
Removing PSU connector
Misc NF7-S 2.0 temps taken with Infra-red Pyrometer
A7N8X2.0 Multipliers?
Asus A7v600
How high till vdd needs uppage?
NF7-S pci lock
asus a7n266vm need help to overclock
AOpen AK75 SIS 745
K7n2 Delta+amd 2600+
mATX board with overclocking options
WhOA!! What the hell happened to Corsair PC3500???
Cleaning corrosion/Burnt Plastic out of PSU connector
What motherboard should I buy?
Quick ? about mem on Nf7-s
Where is the CPU Clock Multiplier on a Gigabyte 7VA?
Anyone know how to increase multiplier for GA 7VA Board?
HELP!! Cant increase multiplyer on GA 7VA
HELP n00b question
abit NF7 mobo and ? what type of ram???
NF7-S V.2 Bios question
Whats the difference between
Who makes the best chipset?
NF7 v 2.0
Rev. Problem
8rda+ error code 25?
MSI K7N2 on @200fsb
NF7-S 2.0 Bios 1.7: Crazy cold temps!
problem fixed
new nforce 2 motherboard 240fsb
Time for a change
Aopen AK77-8xn
K7N2 and 2400 just shuts down
K7N2 Delta-ILSR
Epox 8KHA question
A7V8X overclocking memory Question
cpu temp sensor
Damn it! Does the new MSI nForce2 have a PCI lock or just a /6?
Swolen Capacitors on my Epox!
pci divider help please?
NF7-s 2.0 dont get it....
motherboard help
A7n8x Delux
What's the general concensus? WinXP IDE or nf2 IDE (2.78s)
a bit of help/review
Very odd temps on ga-7n400L1
lan party nf2 board any one?
NF7's temp monitoring
Nforce2 board with Mounting Holes besides Abit and Epox?
NF7S 2.0 suddently shut down, wont boot anymore.
My NB mod, simple but sweet!
Nf7-s sound and tribes2
asus a7n8x or a7n8x deluxe??
NF7-S will post but thats about it please help
A7N8X v1.04 - Proper way to save bios settings?
Looking for A7V133 replacement
Soltek FRN2-L help needed
this may seem like a stupid question
MSI kt3 ultra - continuous beeping!!!! Help me stop it!!!
epox 8rda+ v2
has your 8rda+ ATX connector had any problems?
Inexpensive Mobo with SPDIF Out??
NTLDR missing???????? Whats this meen
need some help with bios settings.
nf7 v2 voltage question
Need some help with BIOS optimization!
A7n8x And Agp4x
cooling south bridge?
woooo 8rda+ nb cooling mod
ghetto FIC
MSI k7n2g - ram settings (above 200mhz)
Can the nForce IDE drivers be easily removed after install (XP)?
NF7-S vs. NF7
ATA Raid
NF7-s + 1700XP
8RDA+ Barton 2500 Dilemma PLEASE HELP
weird new post code
People with A7N8X and a DLT3C
MSI K7N2 Delta-L XP2600+ not overclocked, hanging in Prime95
AGP/PCI lock how do i turn it on or is it default?
8K3A And XP-1700 Pally = 93 cegrees?
Help My Poor Friend Out ^_^
which is better?
does anyone have a nf7-s v2 with a single western digital 40gb working?
does anyone have a nf7-s v2 with a single western digital 40gb working?
Soltek S75-FRN2-L: "old" nforce2 vs. nforce2 Ultra 400 ?
8RDA+ and 1800 Palomino, what to expect?
NF7-S 2.0 Bios 1.7 is out
AV7333 1.04 multiplier question
8rga+ and onboard vga
NF7 or 8RDA+?
Will Barton work on K7s5a?
Damn.. Corsair XMS?
NF7-S 2.0 100% nForce 400 Ultra Chip?
8rda+ Networking Adaptor
how to change multiplier with this?
K7N2 Delta L Ram Voltages
NTLDR is missing.
How do I fix this (broken mobo)?
nf7-s v2 problem
RAM Speed causing errors?
nf7-s v2 problem
MiTAC ak.a camaro
Ga-7zx (Rev 5.0) Multiplier
stupid nf7-s question
Abit NF7 question
Rma Support
nfs-s 2.0 in 1.2 box?
NF7-S 2.0...got a question.
Got a question about 8rda3+?
what bios for 8rga+
Percentages on cpu throttling...
uber bios "?2
Why are boot times so long on my a7n8x deluxe??
NF7-S CMOS error new install
Bad kx7333 bios?
Raid array
Asus A7n8x Deluxe Sound Prob
NF7 Dual Channel Setup - What slots?
NF7 FSB/RAM ratios...
nf7-s r2 and temps
which motherboard?
Vcc voltage??
AGP voltage?
Iwill processor question
It's about that time, decision time...
Fsb locked at 100mhz GRRRRR
Leaky caps ; but runs great !!
NF7 100MHZ Problem
A7N8X-Deluxe ,Rev-1.04 or Rev-2.0 ?
cheepos and winflash.
Via 4:1 for a Asus A7V-266E? (WinXP Pro)
Buying used Asus A7V266-C
K7 Master (MS-6341) TBred Support?
8RDA+ Revision 2.1
Sound qualty of the NF7-M
8rga+ reseated water block, weird beeping
i upped the vcore and now it won't boot...
Voltage settings on 8RDA+
8k9a Beep. No Post Help
Gigabyte Board + TT Volcano 9?
A7N8X Delux have DCDDR?
upgrading board need help
Blown capacitor?
kt7v BIOS/keyboard issue
Probs installing a new mobo
K7N2 Delta-ILSR & Barton 2500
8K3AE & XP1800-Palomino
Question about Asus A7N8X-X (nFource 400 board)
which one?
like it?
How far can I o/c my AMD chip?
Help me with a hotflash!!!
8rda+ questions...
a7n8x dlx driver problems
NF7-S Drivers and WinXP problem
a7n8x Deluxe CD-RW??
BIOS crap?
best all-in-one board
I'm stuck at 190FSB
Wont POST @ 150+fsb
Iwill XP333R rev. 2.1
putting 8rad+ in Standby mode
Please HELP a noob out w/bios
A7N8x/ A7N8x deluxe /better for overclocking ??
Dead BIOS (NF7-S V2.0)
Which Board
ak35gt2 simple OC questions
NF7-S Questions
8rda+ bios that sees over 2.2ghz as an xp proc!?!
I just found the secret to higher FSB speeds on the NF7-S~
Whats with my 8rga+
Are Shuttle motherboards stable?
High Performace option in bios Ga7vac
8rga+ dual channel...does it help?
Any info regarding 8rda3+ revisions
How do you find out what kind of board you have?
Asus A7n8x Dlx DEAD in the Water?
is the NF7-S picky about memory?
FSB setting on NF7-S v2.0
Strange behavior
Mobos under $100