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Atx 12v Connector neccesary?
sb cooler on 8rda+ - a Must!
Question about these boards?
Which mobo to buy
L12 Mod Really Does Raise Fsb Up 20+ Mhz!!![Retired sticky]
Does Barton work an KT7A-RAID boards?
Seem too good to be true
HOT coils and mosfet's nf7-s 2.0
Found something out today....
Placing the Asus A7V8X northbridge heatsink onto the NF7-S's northbridge?
EZTune 4 - Temp Sensor and Other Q
i dont see nforce 2.03 sound panel
dual 3.3v?
CMOS battery
BIOS chip checksum error!
8rda+ rev2 at newegg?
A7v8x KT400 or WinFast K7NCR18D
KT333 Dragon Plat. Ultra + PC3200?
What huh??
Mobo problem?
XP won't install on my nf7-s!
Flash bios from windows?
3dmark shutting down on me during testing
NF7-S question about USB
8RDA+ "C1" failure after BIOS update
8RDa oddness
hot swapping
Stuck at 195fsb clock
FSB and Memory Frequency
Is Newegg selling ABIT NF7 Ver2 mobos?
NF7 onboard sound or audigy with live drive?
is the mobo dead?
msi k7n2 delta
Where's www.nforcershq.com?
NF70S does NOT undervolt at all!
what BIOS did my board ship with
can't get cpu to oc on soltek
computer resseting
k6 hsf for nf7-s nb cooler?
Athlon XP 2200+ / Which motherboard will enable 5.5x-20x?
RPMS showing zero WTF??
Nforce 2.0 and USB 2.0 problems :@
a7n8x new question
EPOX board layouts
A7n8x Dlx 1.6-2.0
Best overclocking bios for 8rda+
A7N8X DLX owners, help me with bios setting.
advanced chipset features
8kha+ stops at C1 or C0
Asus A7N8X-X ????
Asus A7N8X-X ????
8rga+ and a 2500+ barton
will motherboards ever come out with voltage greater than 1.8 stock???
Is there some kind of timer chip on the motherboard that could be causing my problem?
Another new bios for NF7-S (1.7 for 2.0, 2.0 for 1.x)
MSI K7N2-DELTA-ILSR -no hard drives?!
Anyone using Soltek NV400-64 MB?
Nforce duel channel achievable with 2 normal sticks of 3200+ ram?
cooling mosfets lowered temps by 8c...
Who is shipping the Ultra400 version of the 8rda+?
Stupid question?
8rda+ won't post "FF"
Word of warning :) NF7-S & 5900FX
budget mobo
Bad IDE controller on KR7A-Raid
FSB/DRAM = 3/3 or 4/4 or 5/5 or 6/6?
My 8rda+ is Dead
nForce2 boards with Cambridge Megaworks
Chaintech motherboards any good?
no rpm at 7v
Soltek 75-FRN2 owners - Read!
Where can I get a bios chip for my A7N8X Deluxe?
Mysterious Motherboard Faliures
help me get STABLE overclock
Whats a good Micro - ATX mobo?
Getting an Abit NF7-S Rev 1.2 - Help?
Help! nforce2 board with dual ddr & mounting holes!
Whats up with my 8rga?
NF7-S owners, what is your Vbat voltage at?
Which one?
A very bad day (DEAD BIOS ???'s)
NF7v2 non-S and old corsair pc3200c2
Abit Kt600 ..... Doh!!!!!
A7V8X Deluxe and SATA drive
So far, have anyone get an NF7-S v2.0 board from Newegg refurb?
Have you done the VDD mod on your NF7-s
Which Nforce2 to choose?
ga-7vrxp with card reader
NorthBridge Temps are crucial
Horrible overclock!
Nforce3 and opteron
Having troubles with 8k5a and unlocking
SLK-800u and Delta-ILSR
Cooler installation???
multi on GA-VRX
8rda+ nb and sb cooling
A7N8X dlx 1.04 officially supports FSB400 MHz now?
should i keep the nb hsf on my nf7 v.2 ?
need expert opinon
my new nf7 is messed up.
Soltek SL75FRN2-RL
When do the nforce2 400 boards come out?
C.O.P. on A7N8X not working
Help with vCore needed
CPU-FSB-memory ratio?
Best NF7-S REV 2 Bios For High FSB???
NF7-S v2.0 power
another token 8rda+ problem
nf-7 rev2 high fsb's
8Rda3+ Dead
screw hs mount
Consecutive Single Beeps in BIOS
v dimm
Opteron Mobo with 8xAGP
mosfet cooling?
8RGA+ and 4 pin aux need help hurry please!!
who do I return to abit or excaliberpc.com?
Cpu Unlocking? How To?
RAM Timings On An GA7VA ? Can`t be found
NF7-S Rev 1.1 Random restarts during games... ARGH!!!
Can't believe I don't know this....
NF7-s temp indicator
Isa Motherboards
K7S5A and K7S5APRO?
how do you raise the FSB???!?!?
can you help me find a mobo?
Before I Buy, Is The NF7-S Having Problem's?
Bios: So many choices!
A7N8X Dual LAN trouble
whats the best AMD chipset
Help! Pweaz!@#$$
is my board this bad???
serial ata
Dad Rev x.x for the Abit NF7-S ?
t-bred temps on ep-8k3a+
north b
Where to read Vcore
Im gonna *I|| someone!! Help 8rda+
Start up problems on Dragon +
KD7-RAID kills Hard drives?
How to mount Crystal Orb to NF7-S Northbridge?
Motherboard, Memory, & CPU Overclocking Guide
NF7-S rev2 mosfets
New Nforce drivers.. ver 3.44 2000/xp
8k3a+ died
nforce 2.....
8k5a2+ problem :(
What's a good $50 - 70 mobo to overclock with Ath 1700+ B core?
corsair xms and 8rda+
quick question on how to disable apic....
Here is my mobo mods :D...
check out my chipset fan...(pics)
Show me an overclocking walkthrough
which nf7?
mmmm nice and new
nf7-s vdimm overvoltage?
abit kv7 (kt600)
Where are all the 8RDA3+'s?
my 8rda+ is dead :(
my 8rda+ is dead :(
RATIO (FSB : AGP : PCI) question...step in please.
volt mod
Cant Change AGP Appeture? HELP!
is this good board? GA-7N400 Pro
PCI limit on a KT400
Opinion on A7V333-X
KT7 problems
Cables That Come Along With a 8rda+ : Compadibility
Need opinions on my system.
A7N8X DLX + MBM5 + Hot Proc shenanigans.
mATX nforce 2 board?
please post here the highest fsb on your 8rda(+)..
bios flashing
Unlocking higher multipliers on 8k3a & Tbred
Best Speed Fan settings for A7N8X Deluxe
K7N2 Delta-L mounting holes
Computer Shutting Off..help!!
Giga Byte 7VT600-L any good???
NF-7 2.0 FSB Expectancy
8rda Vdimm mod
NF7-S rev2 Major SATA Driver problem / bug
nf7-s dvd no play ? cdrw? no burn please help !!!
A7N8X rev. 1.7 ?!?!!?!?
Can't connect to Internet
Sisoft Sandra question?
8rda+ And XMS3200
Revived A7n8x Dlx!!!!
Deluxe and audio question
nForce II showdown, 8 boards, there can be only one...
Will switching versions of a mobo require reinstall of Windows?
Temperature question!
Someone try to explain this one!
KD7-E / Is it a good board to OC
Spacewalker AK32A V2.1
unlocking an AMD 2500+ Barton
Anyone seen any reviews on a board with a Via KT600 on it?
GA-7VKMLS unlock multiplier?
A7S266-VM/U2 - big problems
Low 5Voltage with A7N8X
Soltek NV400-64: A top performing single channel Nforce2 motherboard
KT600= What a joke!
A7N8X ram? (im a newbie)
Need help, I screwed up ...
FSB/DRAM ratio > 1
A7V133 and a XP1700
BIOS flash that went wrong...sort of.
Nforce chipset board must have Nforce Driver to work properly?
Raid drivers setup without a floppy
anyone have or heard of an ms-6593?
Using an 8x AGP Card /BIOS Driving Values
Abit Media XP in Canada?
"nForce2 Ultra 400 Support" 8RDA+/8RDA3+
Asus A7N8X DLX vs. Epox EP-8RDA+
looking for a xp1700+ mobo for budget system...
High FSBs
Were Is The Best Place To Buy Nf7-s V2.0
Soyo Ultra Dragon Paltnium Question
Weird NF7 boot problem
What Are The Best Boards for 2400+ or 2500+ Barton?
Intergrated sound: Realtek ALC650 6-channel audio
USB just...vanished!
Weird 8rda+ 1st bootup after being unplugged
ak31a.....has anyone flashed w/ak35gt2 bios?
OCing with the Asus A7V333
Cheapo nforce 2 for overclock
Dual Channel question
ASUS A7V266-E Overclocking Problem
NF7-S Firewire?
220mhz FSB 8rda+ !!
A7v333 raid problems?
nf7 pci clock
KT3 Ultra (1) Barton 2500+ Help
mobo beeps
sata and raid
A7N8X Deluxe Video Problem...
rev 2.0
How can i do the Vcore MOD ABIT NF7-S Rev1.1
KT4A ULTRA/geforce 4 ti 4800(gainward)
Overclocking Potential of This System?
SATA Prob.
Need help with a GA-7VAXP
Have you rmaed your NF7-s?
A7V8X-X question ?
Dual channel vs single channel?
A7N8X-X with 2000+ xp tb 266
Shipped a computer via UPS / Heatsink issues now :(
How Do I Tell Which 8RDA+ Version I Have Without Removing The NorthBridge Sink?
How high should I push my vcore?
GA 7N400 Pro - Have this MOBO ????
Has Asus Nvidia Nic Died thru Overclocking?
NF7-S V2: another mem ?
MSI K7N2 Rebooting?
Is it really an Abit NF7-S version 2 the board that i have?
best BIOS?
Absolute best
vdd says 1.82v w/ a 680ohm resistor??
KT600,There Out.
what do you guys think of the DFI nForceII Ultra?
New Mobo Yay
agp, pci, and ide dividers on 8rda+
Wierd Bios question
Whats the best BIOS Version to use..
KT3 Ultra question
Epox 8kha system crashed
A7N8X or NF7-S?
Upgraded to a C1 from an A3....BIG MISTAKE
Watercooling Northbridge Chipset? Necessary?
Doomed NF7-S
KX&-333R and best XP chip????
twin oem newegg corsiar?
found a way of getting over 200 fsb
is Vio 3.3v?
Epox RMA Practices
8rda+ rev.2 vs. nf7-s rev.2?
Hard Drive Compatibilty with NF7-S 2.0
Dual DDR question
NF7-s want post<<<
anyone use an ms-6953?
Ratios and timings for generic ram?
Abit KD7 users give me some advice.
soundstorm trouble
k7n2 L vs. Delta-L
Gonna F***ing Snap
distorted sound in cs
A7N8X just keeps going and going....
DFI KT400A LAN Party Motherboard Bundle
Nforce2 sound messed up.
how to rma
Is the MSI K7N2-Delta-L any good?
Mobo and Video Card Fry after a reboot
K7N2G-L Ram problem
Found this on the OCZ web site.
bios flash
o/c on a 2500+ ga-7vax
Where are the PLL chips on the NF7?
O/C BIOS for MSI KT3V (MS 6712)
What is a good grit sandpaper to lap a NF7-S northbridge with?
8rda Vs 8rda+
What Version Winbond Hardware Dr. come with your board
My first AMD
STR won't work
NF7 VVD Mod forRev 2.0
Setting up a NF7 for best results
Highst OC with DL3TC and rev 1.04 A7N8X Dlx
AT7 Max and AMD Barton 2500+
BIOS flashing..
nf7-s 2.0 at compusa LMFAO
KX7 333-r
Abit vdd mod ?
USDM no longer functions? please help
A7V133 Chipset Fan
Dfi Mozbo
Post your hish FSB's on NF7. (ram) (voltage) (dimm voltage) (timings)
Walk me through the ne MB process
CPU on NF7-S
First Post..any place that's sell pre-overcloked MB's
just my my NF7-S v2.0 in
soltek 75FRN2-L
Where can I get raid drivers for 8k3a+
NF7-S revision question
Classic: Which motherboard to buy.
8rda3+ temp sensor dead
Refurb NF7-S rev2 floppy doesnt work HELP
NB & SB cooling help?!
See if you can find out this problem! KX7-33 mobo memory problem
Does The 8RDA+ Support 3200+?
Sudden System Instability
A7N8X DLX problem HLP PLS!
jumping the power on
Need tip's for NF7-s setup.
Please help! S3 Inconsistent
Think my NF7-S is smoked...
Audio Drivers on Win Update?
GA-7VA sudden restarts?
8rda+ twin,os and hyperx qeustion
Asus A7v333 OC
overclocking with asus a7V333
NF7-S v1.2 Help Please
AT7-MAX Sound Driver
Be sure to run memtest86 at high FSBs if you are having Prime95 errors...
Solved long IDE-detection on A7N8x
A7N8X Deluxe BIOS chip?
dual channel....hmmm
Vio Voltage?
Sudden system instability.
xp 2800 barton help overclocking
Quick question about installation of mobo
[u]Highest FSB on NF7-S [b]1.2[/b] you have hit [b]STABLE[/b]
Cooling mosfets = cpu temp drop in BIOS?
Best software temp monitor for 8RDA+?
cannot install win xp on K7S5A PRO REV.5.0
Cant drop multi below 9x166 on VAXP rev1.1
cpu voltage and multiplier change = freeze? fixed by bios...
sound on NF7-S v2.0 vs Philips Seismic edge705?
O/c my k7s5a
Best Nforce 2 Board for OCing?
Drivers and bios
issues with NF7-S's sound
NF7-S v1.2 bios
Beepin' Directional Keys
Should I flash BIOS?
K7S5A Pro v2.0
KT400 and K7ADA
good benchmark data?
New Media box board..whaddayathink?
Abit NF7s rev2 help!!
8RDA+ won't detect my keyboad after flashing BIOS with Magic Flash...
What would be good choise with NF7-S V2.0
Audigy 2 makes popping sounds with NF7-s
a7n8x 2400+ ddr400 / multi 10 and 10,5 don't post?
A7NX8 Deulxe Driver CD?
Is my NF7 dead?
Chipset Limitations
8RDA3+ and TNT2 M64???
XMS in nf7-s R2
a7n8x wasn't stable at 200fsb, now it is?
NF7 R2 and BIOS scrambling.
Need a chipset volt mod for the NF7-S v2
NF7-S R2, BIOS scrambling?
Where can I get SMD grabbers?
fsb or multiplier increase to have better performance???
Looking for a Mobo for next system
anyone have pdf of the a7n8x deluxe manual?
If I disable APIC can I just run repair console to fix?
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP & Athlon XP 2500+ overcloking woes
Should I remove my old Nforce drivers before installing the updated ones?
Twinmos 3700 with a NF-7 R.2.0??!
GA-7ZXE in combination with AMD Athlon XP 2400+
A7V333 rev1.01
agp 1.0 card in nforce2 mobo? will it fry?
Re: FSB Jumper on A7N8X Non-Deluxe
Memory issue
NF7-S Question! Cant boot up!! Oh no!
Can't reset 7n400pro
A7V8X-X and a 2500+ barton core....
nf7-s sound problems
Nforce2 Driver confusion
8RDA+ and Crystal ORB..
NF7-S RAM Question:
1st system, nf7-s driver issues.
need a guide
8RDA+ Northbridge
best 8rda+ bios fo overclocking?
FINALLY!!! 200 FSB on a A7N8X rev.1.04 board
NF7-S: How to enable USB2?
revison question NF-7
is this possible for a7v8x + 2500 barton
Emergency Bios Came in, now what?
loosing sound and nic
1/5 mutiplier for GA-7VAXP?
8rda+ new 3609 bios, any experiences?
N00B needs help with nf7-s
thoroughbred cpus + msi k7t turbo=ok?
Looking for review for 8rda v nf7
overvolt protection? nf7-s
Smallest Athlon XP mobo?
Post your Barton Die temp's
For those of you with an NF7....
Need help, 1333 tbird overclocking on a A7V133
Old Ambulance siren sound after NF7s-V.2 Drops out???
208 fsb with artic silver and a happy castle
A7N8X del. wont get into windoze [HELP! please!]
is L7S7A2 good?
Noobee needs help 1st build
Anyone using both an EIDE drive and SATA drive?
Abit KD7. I cannot get an OC for crap on this board.
Lower the voltage???
Nf7 Nf7-s?
Problem with 8RDA+... First time building a comp, need some assistance.
There is a NF7-M Version 2.0
Help needed with 8RDA+ FSB
Newbee Install NF7-S 1st build
227+fsb at last
NF7-S v2.0 Installation Checklist
KN72G-L Not recognizing IDE drives
Bios corruption in nforce 2 boards
Soltek SL-75FRN2 onboard sound, crappy? whats going on? Help
Delta Ultra 400
Need a mobo and ram for a Duron 1200
Removing Northbridge HSF on Abit NF7?
Is it dead?
north or south?
rasing fsb prob!
Does the 8RDA+ hate me?
Problems with new NF7-S v2.0
Nf7-S raid funny problem?
Help with GA-7VTXE+
Who Uses EasyTune? Worth It?
abit kt600 board
New nf7-s rev2.0 and old Harddrive
new NF7-S and heatsinks
NF7-S raid woes
Micron Ram
General newbie Mobo questions
Where should I buy my NF7-S rev2 "Ultra 400"?
Worth an upgrade? 8RDA to NF7-S
Nf7 1.1
Need help ! with A78NX Del. 2.0 no post
Is the 8RDA+ a problem board?
Which Board?
how to use raid as normal way
Potentiometer+SMD Grabber for vmod
a7v8x front panel question.. and your answer thxs
when to raise vdd
New NF7-S install
A7V8X Bios Question
Nf7-s Raid??
KX7-333-R = Highest processor speed?
can nf7s support 3 DDR400 DIMM's?
8RDA3+ installed 2.03 drivers and no sound
New mobo time
Need some help OCing 2200 on KT3 Ultra2!
New mobo purchase... HELP!
nf7-s v2.0 2200+ Tbred A
How do I enable 8x AGP on the 7vAXP?