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Soor about mis-posting
Can I O/C this system?
newegg nf7-s
New Bios 19 for NF7-S
I am totally stumped (SCCI Raid controllers) On A7V8X
Anyone modded their north bridge?
Something weird...
A7N8X drive configuration
options to lock PCI fsb or whatever...
Having probs with new nf-7s, need help...
I think 200 FSB is within reach now, but...
what settings for 8rga+ (problems HELP!)
8rda+ vdd mod
Anyone running HyperX3500 on their 75FRN2-R/L?
NB Heat
Zenith Ultra 400
AMD MotherBoard Password question....
Still freaking...
M7NCD PRO giving me probs
nf7. not -s
A7N8X Dlx sound Problem while Gaming
Unstable OC'd SL-75MRN-L Soltek.
*** A7v8x + Barton Xp3200 ***
Help Keep The Forums!!
Learning stuff the hard way!!!
horrible HD performance, how to enable udma on an78x?
AMD 2800 barton or 2700 tbred??? asus or abit mobo?
AMD 2800 barton or 2700 tbred??? asus or abit mobo?
chipset driver wont install
Slowest mem timings on A7V333
Lookin for volt mode for Shuttle MN31N mobo
Getting a second audio out on A7N8X dlx
New Motherboard
AN78X POSTs at 7.5x243, and 12.5x166 but no go at 9x200???
System temps on the diagnostic LED!
AN78X POSTs at 7.5x243, and 12.5x166 but no go at 9x200???
Case temperature probe location?
BIOS 14 blows big wind
mb won't reconize more than 512mb of ram
KT7A v1.3 & XP 2200+ Tbred A not work
a7n8x pin assignments
Very Very Tough Abit KT7A Question!
mounting holes
MSI having temp Prob?
CPU temp on a NF7-S v2 dropped when I repossitioned my memmory
the filds that nobody talks about In 8RDA+
Check a 1st build please; I'm awaiting delivery
??Worth an upgrade??
Southbridge heatsink cheapy?
A7N8X revisions
Gigabyte Face Wizard
KT2 Combo mobo LAN?
Easy Tune my PC
Shuttle mATX MN31N....
is revision 1.2 bios on the nf7 2.0 still king?
Do you have to use the 4 pin 12V connector?
kx7-333 doesnt like high fsb - xp2500 Barton OC
Setting MBM5 with A7V333
Convert from Asus, yay!
8rda+ No Digital?!
Chaintech 7aja2e
Epox 8RDA+ w/ 2500+?
Barton 2500+ is running excellent on my old KT7
Abit NF7 and multi's?
bios woes
8RGA over 220fsb?
Another new NF7-S Owner with questions
CDRW Installation Problem!
nForce2 WinXP 2.78
8RDA+ and Thermaltake? HELP!
New Bios... anyone try it yet?
8rda revision ?
my 12 volt line is nuts
A7V333 Wont power up
Unstable in Dual mode?
What's the Deal with Intel Forum?
how do i get it not to show the enter sata setup?
Best Ram for NF7-S
8RDA+ & Enermax PSU = instability ???
1017 Bios for A7V333
bios flash!
asus driver
Audigy1 vs Soundstrom
kx7-333 & Barton 2500 ?
Asus a7v8x memory question
ASUS Probe
SL-75FRN2 Second Question.
Soltek Sl-75frn2
Voltage setting?
uber bios's
Memory problems on A7N8X
Which is better/faster?
8RGA+ voltages
a7n8x 1.04: 1002A vs. 1004
The Newegg ABIT-NF7-S V?
8rga+ won't boot with ram in 2 and 3
SERIOUS HEAT Problems with my A7N8X DLX!!!
stupid siren on my nf7-s
Fastest CPU For Abit KG7?
Best AMD motherboard?? Money is not an issue
MSI 745 Ultra users: Where's your temp at?
Urgent Buying Advice (CC in hand now!!!)
8RGA+ problems
Which NF7 is better?
8rda NB cooling
emergency! HELP
CPU recognition by bios... question.
NF7-S Rev 1.2 vs. 2.0
NF7-S in Canada?
O-Clock NF7 - Setup?
How common is the BIOS problem?
LeadTek K7NCR18D-Pro Question
Can't install printer on BioStar M7VKQ
k7n2g - soundstorm?
Thermalright SLK-600 on NF7-S northbridge?
a7n8x with barton 2500+
Nf7 v2 agp question
Abit = POS?
My Upgrade list. Input please.
No boot after Cmos clear?
How to disable the Soundstorm sound?
Difference between MSI Delta-L and Delta-ILSR
abit kd7-raid
Games randomly quit!
Fourth A7N8X RMA
RAID on NForce2 boards
Lex KT400-8235
Low FSB numbers
8RDA3+ SATA Question?
KT4-Ultra PCI/AGP divider
8RGA+ Temps
Which Asus Mobo
Serilell help.
which one is it?
Best m/b with videocard?
NF-7 versions?
A7V333 V 1.04 333fsb support???
Problems starting...HELP
Burnt RAM slot
Is the NF7-S right for me?
MBs that unlock multiplyers?
The New King
where can i find BIOS updates for my mobo?
Why do I need to clear CMOS after flashing bios?
Beeping sound?
Abit/Asus/MSI fastest?
Expected overclock
A7N8X three pin fan connections.
Abit NF7-S 2.0 or Epox 8RDA 3+ need results.
errors installing os's on a7v8x-x
A7n8x Deluxe Overclocking
Rescue 911, system dead
ThermalRight SLK-900U on ABIT KD7-E?
best NFORCE2 Drivers for 3Dmark01
Abit NF7-S
8rda mass refund (newegg)
my BIOS mess up, Plz HELPPPPPPPP
which of these should i get
8RDA hot flash?
has anyone had a problem with the FSB/DRAM ratio???
NF7 2.0 + 2x512 TwinMOS 3200 @ fsb 220 with stock voltage (dual channel enabled) !!!
NB Heat sink
ok... whats this RAM compatibolity prob ive been hearing about the 8RDA+?
Anybody running Tbreds on GA-7VRX(P)s????
Multipler on A7n8x
8RGA+ graphics
A7N8X Temps
Need Help Please Cant Install Windows
that's cool:)
getting temp readout on A7V8X
Acorp 7A1647A with 1700 paly ??
Is NF7-S @ Newegg v2.0?
Which one? Asus A7N8X Dlx or Abit NF7-S
Another 7VAXP config Prob!!!
A7V8X Deluxe
NF7-S fried???
A7N8X Deluxe Bios Swap
HD light always on!!!
Voltage readings ?
Just received Nf7-S rev. 2.0 refurb from newegg. Some ????'s
blue orb push pins not for 8rda+?
A7N266-E CPU speed.
A couple newbie questions..
Need help with SATA drive
can't change multiplier on 7vaxp...
non oc-ing budget board
Best HSF for XP2100+ Pal
nForce2 mobos
nf2+amd overclocking=stuttering
would my NF7-S 2.0 need more cooling on the nb?
NF7-S v2.0 bios, which verison should I flash to?
MSI KT2 Combo mobo?
My NF7-S gives 2.96v to the ram. Looks like I have to send it back. ARGH!
Stupid 8rda!
8K3A+ Heat Problems!!!!
Need some help guys, I've read and still cant get anywhere.
What Nforce2 board ABIT/MSI/ASUS?
Ga-7nnxp Problems
Looking to build AMD system
which is better ?
Beyong 1.7v?
Mofset and NB cookin
A7V333 ASUS Probe vs MBM 5
my nf7-s came! some thoughts...
KG7-R XP T-breds - YOU BET
Very wierd...I don't have 176 fsb, do you?
Good board for XP OC'ing
Unstable LAN...still
p4p800 how to boot after overclock failed
Strange audio problems with Geforce on 8RDA+
What Northbridge do I have?
SD,MMC, Smartcard Reader
Weird 8RDA3+ and 2500+ issue...
Abit kd7?
Need an Opinion
how to attach fan to 8rda+ nb?
8RDA+ CPU temp low reading roumor???
8RDA+ VDIMM not working above 2.62 volts?
Is the nf7-s a problem board?
Does 8k7a support xp2000 (2400+)?
Asus A7N8X and Radeon 9800pro Problem
Biostar M7ncd Pro
Beeps and Errors : (
8rda+ not completting 3dmark at 200fsb
a7n8x and 200fsb..
GA-7VAX-A questions
Greetings and some help please
Duel AMD Motherboard?????
Question about NF7-S ...
Dual Channel Memory
NF7-S hitting a wall at 227Mhz FSB!?!?!?
plz help guys, let me know if u had same problem!
Chaintech Apogee 7NJL1 lan audio
Can't get NF7-S 2.0 stable with XP2400+
Asus A7N8X Voltage settings
NF7-S ver 2.0 looping reboots
Weird startup problem with new case/PSU/mainboard
Help with o/c A7N8X-X/AthlonXP 2500+
Question about 8RDA+ ....
a7n8x deluxe and ram issue?
8rga+ dual monitors
In a dilemma.......
8RDA+ dead?
noob OC help question
Spontaneous reboots?!? A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
8rga+ or n7f-s?
Which mobo is better?
2500+ overclocking
Who is selling rev2.0?
soyo k7v dragon plus Overclocking
8RDA mobo dead?
8KHA+ OVP Mod - is there oneż
8RDA on the Fritz? Constant 1D error. how can I fix it?
Thermal Throttling
motherboard reversed polarity on my fans
A7V8X-X help please
most appropriate ram??
what options do i have?
Flashmenu ?
Why is my NF7-S chipset voltage high?
Oveclocking Problem
KK266 freezes at 133fsb but runs fine at 100mhz
overclocking on my soyo kt333 black
Newer then a newbe wants to stress system!
A7v 266-e
Any reason NOT to get Gigabyte nf2 400 PRO board?
Boot freezes at 'detecting ide devices...'
lets see your nf7-s!
ABIT NF7-M Bus question
Game problems with my new A7N8X
mobo and vidcard temp questions
A7V8X-X Midi Port
I just got the new nforce drivers and....
Fic Pa-2013
EP-8RDA+ bios
do I have to change anything in my 8rda+ to oc my vga?
OC'ing A7N266-E
Need massive help with my motherboard
2100+ A7N8X Deluxe @ 200fsb??/?
A Bad Bios Flash , Need Some Help Here....
Tips on getting faster FSB?
please help with my system
2400 on A7v333-help please
Which board?
where to get bios??
8RGA+ 200fsb, VDD=1.8?
a7n8x and pc2700--->pc3200
KT4 Ultra and ATI Cards
new NF7-S SYSTEM SETUP advice needed
Who uses the LFE or extra center channel?
overclocking help
confused and in need of help
kingston ram + nf7-s = good?
Asus boards + temps...
well i can't shut down my nf7-s help?
I got working Zenith
How high is too high for vcore?
Ok, better oc i think
question about the nf7/nfoce chipset
NF7-S v2.0 multiplier question(TBred B users especially)
Nforce 2 Code A7n8x... Which Pcb?
Help me pick
How do i know what revision i have?
How do I know if I have a c1 stepping?
a7n8x and voltage
does fried mb = fried cpu, ram, video card etc?
Does your NF7 shut down and scream a two tone siren when out of spec vcore? Read this
which sound better: nf7-S onboard or turtle beach
NF7-S v2.0: Siren when o/c with vcore > 1.85 volts
need help
Which Bios am I using?
ASUS POST voice reporter not working
Best MicroATX Motherboard for Athlon?
Win2k SP3 problems
need help
Motherboard needed Cheap
Quick NF7-S and NF7?
New Motherboard advice
For those who like Giga-byte and NForce check this out.
For those who like Giga-byte and NForce check this out.
Since i can't lock the PCI/AGP on my board what are ok speed limits
varying correctness in hw detection
Huge Problem!!! Plz Help
how do i tell what motherboard i have?
NF7-S v2 jumper by the ps/2 connector?
A7n8X Sound?
8RDA+ V1.1 - certain CPUs trigger overcurrent protection? (Post if you own 8rda/+)
How hot does your MCP2-T get?
Multilayer PCB on K7S5A?
8RGA+ Questions? urgent?
Lower or Upper Multiplyers for A7N8X v1.xx 2100+ Tbred
8RDA+ bus speed question
AV7333 USB controller....help !
A7V8X temp diode's
K7S5A PRO - System BIOS cacheable
new user
New NF7 2.0 bios 1.4 temps are wayyyy off.
Epox or Abit, HELP!!!!!!!!!!
External bios backup mod on the L7S7A2
A7V266 Vcore settings to high
nf7 from newegg
Need help for Barton 2500+
Fan hookups on a7n8x dx?
shuttle docs..etc
Unstable LAN on NF7-S
1.86 VDD Safe?
Crap OC?
How to remove the stock NB heatsink???
stuttering in games...
KX7-333 and over 512Mb RAM Problems.
A7N8X Dlx Sound Not Working
Best Motherboard Available?
Are the 8RDA3+ getting good results?
Quick Question
Dual Channel DDR Prob
what is the best bios for my 8RDA+?
cheap mobo for cheap system
A7v8X cold boot probs
Mouse problem w/ NF7-S 1.2
Mosfets on NF7-S...Where are they?
Asus P5A-B Is this a good Socket 7 motherboard?
RAID 0 on NF7-S
How do you monitor temps with nf7 2.0?
Overclocking checklist?
Abit NF7 or Asus A7N8X? Which has better options and a better bundle?
Anyone ever try the wire trick on K7S5A?
4 pin atx connector?
Asus P5A-B Is this a good Socket 7 motherboard?
NF7-M aren't v2.0 ?
suggestions for breaking 2.3ghz with 2500+
My NF7-S can't do high voltage
ATX12V connector needed?
K7n2 overclocking q's
Surrond Sound On A7n8x Deluze not working
What do you know about the A7S333?
Finally !!
Socket T462 ?
Need stats on SLK-900.
over 1.7volts?
8RGA+ overclock/temp help
CPU Help
Getting 200 mhz FSB with an A7N8X rev2.0
"FF" Post Code Error - 8RDA
how well has your 8rda3+ performed
Anyone got C1 stepping 8rda+ from newegg??
8RDA+ shuts off right after POST
Driver Issues
CMOS checksum error. Brandnew bios chip.
Whats the differance
A7N8X-D reboots while gaming
NF7 2.0 14 BIOS Temps
8rga+ problems...help?
siren on my nf7-s 2.0?
How is the A7V333??
Anyone still using the K7 Master MS-6341?
Newegg sell 8RDA3+, so how well it o/c?
MSI KM2M mobo..
Red Light on NF-7
Possible memory issue
Epox 8rda3+ out now at Newegg!
Hot flash a A7V333 bios on a nf7-s 2.0
KD7 showing AGP2X?
Whats the diffrence between 4X AGP and 8X AGP ?
A7N8X Deluxe problem, can anybody help?
how to get surround sound a7n8x
CPU perform worse on 8RDA3+ then on A7V8X
Learning to overclock
Odd thing happen last night with my o/c....
NF-7 undervolt???
What do BIOS upgrades upgrade?
KD7-S Good Board?
asus probe
KX7-333/R Bios Help!!!
NF7 BIOS corruption?
Abit BIOS Update... Do I have to?
200 fsb on SN41G2 WOOOHOOO
EPOX 8RDA+ Ver. 2.0 is ON SALE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
A7V333-r setup
Barton in original nforce board
Trouble getting past 200fsb
serial ata on nf7-s rev2.0
NF7-S Ver. 2.0 poor HD/SuperPI performance
Need help OCing on my Ga-7vax with a Athlon xp 1800
Fastest CPU the 8k3a+ supports???
Soundstorm Problems... I don't hear anything!
gigabit or no?
Post your settings with SL-FRN2-L or RL
Make sure you pick up the new Leadtek BIOS for K7CNR18D/G's
OC asus A7N8X
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
Why did my system clock(time) just start running way too fast?
Cannot see the drives
dual channel?
8K7A+ and no video
motherboard question.....
Cannot get it to post
Bios corupttion on nf-7 v2?
Adjusting Vcore on epox 8k7a
Buying mobo on a tight budget
What you think? M7VIT Pro OC
POLL: what NF7-S v2.0 bios revision you running?
Another "which nforce2 motherboard" thread
I need help Urgent
Looking for the perfect Mobo
Abit NF7-S V2.0 Bios Update... Whoops!!
A7N266-VM intergrated graphics question.
8rda+ Mem Speed Question
Driver Installation Issues
cpu temp for amd 1700 b
Quick Question
NF7-S rev. 2 and Red Hat 2.1 Adv. Srv???
Biostar M7VIT Pro, DDR400 and Barton cpu
Replacment board...More issues..Please help
nf7-s sound help
Ak37gt ??
NF7-S And Barton 2500+
KT3 ultra and mem problem
Biostar M7VIT Pro, DDR400 and Barton cpu
A7V multiplier
My Computer Keeps Restarting!?!?!
OC'ing A7N8X Deluxe
My Computer Keeps Restarting!?!?!
Memory for Asus A78Nx deluxe
Just got the NF7-S and other goods. What now?
NF-7 Updates?
NF7-S with Barton 2500+, what multipliers are available?
NF7-S help needed
FSB...Doth Thou Mock Me?
Need Advice on Motherboard to Buy
ASUS A7V8X AMD 2200+ at 166FSB?
a7n8x rebooting, but heatsink doesn't even feel warm?
PS/2 mouse doesn't work after CCMOS discharge...
Where and when can I buy an 8rda3+ in the U.S.?
wich is better?
asus a7n8x questions
Asus OC problems...
Need advice on a cheap mobo...