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Need advice on a cheap mobo...
NF7 V 2.0 Bios 14 CPU TEMP 28 C ???
How can you tell if your system is stable?
KT7A or KT7A 1.30 - Which one is mine?
One last mobo decision... Abit KF7-S or EPOX 8rda+...
help a newbie with new 8rda+
please help new mobo scary stuff
What RAM to use with 8RDA+
replacement for ak31a
Best CPU for Asus A7N8X rev 1.06?
multiplier question.
Opinions on this board
Best Motherboard for the price.
Epox 8K7A
Soyo KT333 Platinum pcb w/AMD XP2600+ HELP
Quick Question on Soyo dragon KT333 PlatinumPCB white
I want an A7N8X, but Epox8rda+?
Can someone clarify, KT7A 1.3 & XP2400?
what will run 434mhz corsair
NF7-s Memory Solution? No Answers?
Bios Flaw???? Maybe
enabling DC memory
dilly of a pickle with the k7s5a pro
Abit NF7-S acting funny.
2500 Barton w/ 8k3a Mobo
i want FSB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who here is running an SL-75FRN2 with corsair xms ram?
comp doesnt run?!?!
a7v333 and motherboard monitor
nf7-s v2.0 1.4bios final
Post code problem.........
which is better for cooling 8rda+ sb and nb
Buzzing noise...
Soltek SL-75FRN2 + 2100 Pally = No Overclock?
Ak31 Rev 3.1 / Bios / Prosessor
Two NF7-S questions
Another A7N8X Dlx 2.0 thread
Is there someplace where I can get a copy of the 8RDA+ manual to print?
Asus A7N8X Deluxe rev 2 at newegg?
Is LAN controlled by NB or SB?
stuck with my 2500 barton!
damned SATA converter!!!
What are the highest FSBs with EP-8RDA+'s?
Heat Prob in the MSI Mobo
AT7-MAX Sensor
bios flash windows based
EPox 8RDA+ or should I temp. stick with Intel...
the best board to buy corsair/2800+
will a A7V 133-C (rev 1.05.) take a XP throughbred b CPU??
KT4V-L Dividers....
A7n8X Del rev 2.0
ah I think I got a dead Zenith
Bios Tweak Guide
Thanks Hood...
Best setup for NF7-S and 1700+
NF7-S Front Side Bus only 166?
Benefits of adding chipset voltage?
KT600 Bandwagon.....ALL ABOARD!!!!
The best Overclock NF7-S/XP 1700+
nf7 or nf7-s
Need help, windows flash
Help The Cripple out Please... lol
8rga+ or 8rda+
8rda+ or 8rga+
nf7, or nf7-s
8rda+ voltage
I hope I'm not stupid
A7N266-VM Overclocking
Does the soundstorm have eax?
Motherboard dead? (KX7-333R) I need some help...
k7n2g-l -- Where's the multiplier??
Got my NF7-S V. 2
ok im ready to upgrade
mouse problems on nf7
need help with a new mobo
nfs-7 rev 2.0 or 8rda3+ ?
Crackle in sound....
dual channel memory?
New Bios for IWill MPX
can NF7-S fan header handle 5.4W?
GIGABYTE GA-7VAXP W/ AMD 2600+ help!!
ATA100 on A7M266 ?
help me upgrade!!
8RGA+ (is there any bios update?)
Someone help a brother out...
nf7-s and barton...what happened ?
Anyone order an NF7-S from Newegg?
Whats quicker?
NF7 or NF7-S
new nf7-s overclock need help
K7S5A and MSI Ti4200 8X
8RGA+ onboard video problem
What RAM for my NF7-S???
woohoo I got my Zenith
Temps on rev 2.0 with 1.4 bios
flash bios without floppy?
8k3a just got back from rma
A7N8X- memory settings, need some advices
dissapointed in all nforce2 boards...
What died in my system?
How to get over 12.5 multiplier with A7N8X?
A7A8X frequencey range question
Soltek SL-75FRV Mobo BIOS Reset On Reboot?
i've dont it too...lol
What Board Should I Get NF7-S or The Asus?
2500 Barton and NF7-s Rev2.0
The magic unlocked multiplier
Such a shame...
Can I do this (2.6xp 333) with A7V333 mobo
a7n266 + barton2500+
What a piece of junk
8rda+ Volt questions
NF7-S and Memory?
Red LED on bottom right corner on
Fuzzy Logic 4
8RDA+ very bizzare issue
ABIT NF7-S V2.0 Motherboard vs Epox 8RDA+
nf7-s SATA data corruption?
DDR400 on dimms 1,3 on nf7-s
Lost Power LEDS?
Need For Speed
A7N8X Deluxe settings?
A7N8X Deluxe Question
kd7-raid + kd7DN bios = slow hdd ?
Explanation of this?
Couple Questions about NF7
latest EPoX 8rda bios
what board for 2500+ barton
Advantages/Disadvantages of using Serielle ATA converter
8RGA+ beeping on startup HELP!
KD7 and memory
It's on the truck!
AthlonXP 3200+, Will My Gigabyte 7VAXP Support this?
How Do You Get More Vcore On A7N8X 1.04 ?
NF7 PCI AGP lock?
NF7-S v2.0 BIOS Flashing Tips? or Horror storries?
A7v8X Overvolt Jumper
help me overclock my friends leadtek k7ncr18d-pro...PLEASE!
F13 ????
pc3500 on kt333 plus
need some help with 7vrxp
When 8rda3+ released?
nForce 2 - Abit?Asus?HELP!!!!!!!!
Boot Sector Virus?
No XP system restore with NF7-S V2?
What BIOS to flash NF7-S v1.2 with?!?!?
Too hot? - Abit NF7-S 2.0 / Barton 2500+
Do I need the NForce drivers
-motherboard hell-
Max fsb on KT400 Based Board
Locked mulitplier work ?
New nf7-s and ide problems
problem with a7n8x deluxe 2.0
K7N2G-L overclocking
RAID (non SATA!) on NF7-S?
Epox 8RGA+ $99/shipped at Newegg
A7N8X DLX OC question
Soundstorm or not
Making sure I have the right files.....
Quick Question for overclockers
changing cpu question...
Hatches for cooler broke off on L7VTA
New Overclocker needs some help...
Chaintech 7NIF2 - any overclocking ability?
k7n2-l board temps and mbm
how to install default windows ide driver?
Can mobos run higher chips than allowed?
Hacked BIOS for L7S7A2
My temps drop by far when I open the case
SATA driver for NF7-S
Should i update Bios
Seeing is beleiving
Voltage on KR7A-133
bios won't update
how much difference in 1.4 and 2400+
8rda.. 5.1 not working
what does nbridge/sbridge control>?
disk errors in event viewer
My memory and chip is on the way need help??
NB question
Why set low multi?
this may be a litle premature, but...
MBM5 & ASUS Probe
abit board
was working, now dead a7n8x deluxe?
Is this something big?
A7V8X-X Problem please help
what boards have nf2 w/ soundstorm?
250+ Fsb
Highest FSB on 8K3A?
overclock loosed!
whats up with soundstorm...
My K7T Pro2-A is dead isn't it ?
8RDA+ and Tbred B Multiplyer Problem
Review sites are useless (not this one)
MAC Lan(nNVIDIA) causes 8rda+ to restart instead of shut down
New (wrong?) BIOS question
Did I just corrupt my HDD?
how to raise RAM speed
Looks like the new nforce drivers took a nose dive :-(
Voice reporting...
high fsb killing pci/agp cards?
i've done it...
CPU interface option - NEED FEEDBACK!!!
KT3 Ultra (1) and TBreds?
another question about mobo drivers
A7N8X Lower scores with Dual Channel
1 long continous beep
Nforce board and waterblocks?
Do I need to unlock a 2500 barton?
S2 (Sleep to RAM) question
Nvidia withdraws nForce 2.41 / 2.42 Driver
who has a t-bred on a kt133
where can i find the beta bios for nf7-s 2.0
A7V8X and onboard SATA controller?
Ram to pair with an K7N2-L
Worth changing from nf7s rev1.2 to rev2.0?
what's the best brand?
K7N2-L and Memory (tried search already)
changed FSB and ram timings... now no post
What are best slots for 2 sticks memory?
Asus A7S333 bios 1.04 need ram help
8KHA+ vcore volt mod problems
Game Port compatabilities and the NF7???
8RDA & Soundcard...questions
ASUS A7V333 cpu unlocking? Help!
where can i find the newest bios for nf7-s
What is your max fsb with abit nf7 / nf7-s / nf7-m
Serious Problem Helpp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does your NF7 take long to load into windows?
I fried my 8rda+
New OCer, NEED HELP A7V8X-X 2500+
problems with win98 and getting the audio
Good OCing Board
bios 1005 question
Nforce2 2.41/2.42 Drivers Pulled From Nvidia's Site
Successful Flash but....
Flashing bios Problem
Which Nforce2 Drivers?
K7S5A Beeping
flashing nf7-s bios
2.41 and 2.42 Drivers Pulled
CHanged the multi DIP switch but still says 12.5
NF7-S on the way...
Looking for Mobo
Chaintech 7NJS Zenith
question about mobo drivers
First overclock, critique for me.
nf7-s OC help
remind me never to go nvidia again
multipliers on a7n8x deluxe rev2??
NF7-S Onbaord Sound
question about mobo drivers
what does apic do?
Death of the Dragon
oc what should i be able to do
What would you do?
Kingston hyper-x and ASUS A7N8X Deluxe!
To RMA or not RMA, need help.
Stability Questions
8rda+ unstable at ~ 185 fsb or higher
Quick question
Oh, damnit...
Best memory timing on a7n8x dlx
1.4 bios killed my OC
[nforce amd borads]
Request your input on which mobo to get...
nf7-m mystery jumpers
Leadtek K7NCR18G Pro doesn't like 512mb memory?
a7v333 rev 2.0 motherboard
Dumb Question
Whoops,, Though I posted this here... NF7
Need a quick reply.... NF7
Can't post newly installed Kt-400
8 Rda+
NF7-S Settings ?????
[Rookie] First OC, Good?
A7v333 Won't Post!! Wtf?
Locked pci bus on a7n8x?
New to A7V333 rev 2 mobo
a7v8x and tbred xp1700
Is the NForce audio better....
Question about RMAing and incompatibilities
cant get my comp. to boot after O/C applied!
NF7 2.0 and Vdimm overvolting
AMD Advantage
a7n8x delux problems
Weird Sys. Temp
overclocking 1.4 athlon on dfi ak76-sn, possible?
New Nvidia Drivers Corrupt!
Dead mobo, will MSI replace?
NF7-S Sound Problems
Help AK31
Best Bios?
dumb question about ram.
cmos battery k7s5a is low
received mobo will not post
F13 BIOS for 7VAXP
NEW BIOS:A7N8X DLX 2.0 1005 final
K7S5A Pro - great buy
wierd problem
K7N2G-L Overclocking-- Need help
Noticed the NF7-S has the 12 volt plug
Temp Readings Accurate?
anybody running a barton on an a7v333 rev1.02???
NF7-S, A7N8X Deluxe, K7N2G-ILSR, which one?
8RDA+ Onboard Lan Problems?
odd nf7-s sound!?
8RGA+ New Bios 5/05/03
OMG Serious problem
Which to update first?
NF7 will not post; maybe a memory problem?
NF7-S no POST with Tbred
help w/ mobo decision
How to know the rev # of my A7V333???
A7n8x memory problem?
Ordered my NF7-S rev 2.0, anything I should know?
Can't get my system to 200 fsb
nforce2 markings
I lost my Tbred-B & NF&-S O/C top end
Anyone else done silly like i?
Difference of NF7, -S, -M?
fsb 215 on A7N8X rev. 2.0
NF7-S v2.0 Problems entering Bios
Whish stepping 0310A1-0309A1-0307A1.. ?
best board with kt400 and 3.3vagp ?
Problems booting with 8RDA3+
Question for a7v8x users.
A7N8X 1004 bios worse then 1002A?
150FSB on the A7v8x
How do I install nforce2 ide driver?
release dates for the NF7 Rev 2.0?
NF7-S questions
KT4V-L 1.7volts limit?
400 fsb on rev1.04
OC Problem with Abit KD7
KT4V-L Limit To 1.70V.
Just wondering!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dimensions of nForce 2 NB and SB?
Nforce2 Dual DDR
Need ABit SATA -> IDE Converter
New 8rda.... crap OC
whats the highest youve had your FSB up to on an A7V333 or A7V333-X?
new VIA drivers - hyperion v4.47
What the hack of NF7-S bios 18 and 19b?
New nForce 2 Ultra 400... AN35N
Beta bios=strange thing
8rda3+ When Will It Be Out?
Big difference between KT400 and Nforce2???
Best AMD Micro ATX motherboard
NForce 2 Ultra (Lan Party Edition!)
RAM for K7N2-L
SL-75FRN2-L Vdimm mod question
nForce drivers won't install..
over clock woes
problem at 5v rail when i increase fsb mobo to blame
w00t! 1.4 beta owns!
For those running a soltek sl-75frn2 with high FSB
Overclocking my new computer !
Show "nForce2 Ultra 400 Support" at screen for C18D Motherboard
nForce 2.41 WHQL drivers - FYI
Needed: help with 8k3a, mosFET.
A7N8X stoped working over nothing?
Any one Seen this?
A7N8X 1.04 overvolt
How far will 1700+ go on KD7
A7n266-vm Aa
active cooling on 8RDA+ NB
NEW NForce Drivers 2.41
NEW NForce Drivers 2.41
Cooling Mosfets
A7N8X deluxe and MBM help
NF7-S have CPU block mounting holes?
A7N8X Deluxe Bios?
AMD Athlon XP2400
highest Chip for K7s5a
Old Abit KT7A & Athlon XP Palomino?
Can't Get past 140MHz FSB
[HELP] 2600+ multipliers
Everytihng was ok until yesterday!!!
how to skip the "detecting raid" screen on nf7-s??
No Joystick Port on the NF7's????
a7v333-x and overvolt jumper.
Higher Vcore on k7n2 Delta-ILSR?
Upgrade to A7N8X - Problem with mouse
Looks like non floppy drive people are outa luck :(
Think u have nuff heatsinks on ur 8rda? THINK AGAIN!!!
NF7-S V2 & V1.2 fsb & Bartons Help please
Board for athlon 850 w/ sound & vid onboard?
need a little help!!!!!!!!!!!1
new 1004 bios temps
when is abit going to fix...
cheap nforce2 wannabe
bios 3507 dimm voltage?
8rda+ gone mad..
new oc'er looking for mobo advice
Setting DDR 333 to 400 on 7VAX
A7N8X Delux wont load OS...
heavy sigh ! :-(
Smallest board other than mini-itx
Bios for a 8K3A+
Has anybody else had this problem with the NFS-7 v2.0?
For Soltek owners who got the 75FRN2-L cheap be happy!!
Ga-7vax = Poor Overclocker?
What's the best bios for A7N8X non-deluxe?
Looking at a new board. Which to buy?
Soyo better performance than Abit/Asus??
Help with memory choice
8rda vs 8rda+
can i turn up my AGP from 66MHZ to 99?
Why does sandra say my 8rda+ doesn't support bus mastering?
Upgrade Help....
SOYO-K7VTA-B & Tbred B
K7N2 delta-L temp problem?
Need some help !! (NF7)
What could be my problem????
Flashing through cmd window?
turn off Serial ATA ?
250+ fsb on NF7-S
Removing Heatsink from North Bridge on A7N8X?
n00b overclocker needs help with MSI KT4V-L
New Setup tips and "Gotchas
Sparks are bad rite?
Help!! New 'puter won't start
Help... new NF7-S locks up in bios menu/beeps.
Dual Channel or Not
NF7-S Rev.2 Drivers...
Asus A7N8X Deluxe and pc3500 DDR
Can I overclock with Soyo Dragon Lite?
Vbat too high?
Shuttle SN41G2: help needed!
setting up Motherboard Monitor for the 8RDA+ ?
Do I have a corrupted Bios or dead Motherboard
A7N8X-DLX 1004 Bios is DAMN GOOD!
Buying an NF7-S 2.0
nf-s v2.0 help
Epox MOSFET cooling question
nf7-s question
USB 2.0 addons???
Problems with GA-7VAXP Ultra
Discharging the cmos/bios?
L7S7A2 - finally stable
New NF7 Board wont post ? :s
AT7-MAX2 Northbridge HSF Removal
8rda+ problems
****ing abit... 2 doa nf7-s :(
does NF7-S 2.0 measure high?
166fsb on a k7s5a
Whats the best asus for oc'ing??
KD7 issues
Which to buy??
A7N8X Deluxe - I/O Shield
8RDA+ showing wrong cpu speed. Please help
Asus a7v333 KT333 supports AMD ATHLON XP 2500 "Barton" 333 ?
NF7s Power plug question
Dual Channel DDR
ASRock K7S8X
Abit release 1.8 bios today
NF7-S and Disable Raid
Comp won't boot...no video/something else...
how deep are the traces on a motherboard
Reboot at startup...
8RDA+ has angry PS2 ports
How can I tell if NF7-S is 2.0...
Decision time
abit nf7-s v2.0 help with updating bios
KT7A R1.3 and Tbred 1700+
A7n8x Help
New Overclocking utility
Soltek SL-75FRN2
replacement needed?????
8K5A2+ usb fails over 166fsb
Please help me troubleshoot
FINAL BIOS version 1004 is out for the A7N8X Rev. 1.xx
NF7-S arrives today, anything I need to know/do when I first boot up?
Just got 8rda+ at newegg w/C1 stepping
NF7-S 2.0 = Ultra400?
NF7-S v2 OC issues w/ RAM
Consumed power of NB and SB?
latest beta bios for A7N8X Delux 1.3,1.4,1.6
latest bios for A7N8X Delux non 2.0
Rga/rda Temps
any good??
my nf7 2.0 at 234mhz 5,2,2,2 DC!!
Software voltage change??
Can't complete 3dMark
OHCI 1394 Driver problems