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time on nf7-s
New beta bios for rev 1~1.2
ABIT NF7-S 2.0 memory Question...
Oc'ing a GA-7VAX witth a athalon xp 2100
512DDR and 8k3a
NF7-2 question
Does anyone have THIS Chaintech board?
new a7v8x bios
Bios flashing the k7s5a Pro?
Best mobo for me?
Epox 8k7a+ post code 52
Why the hell does Corsair XMS3500 suck so damn bad?
Buying 8RDA+! Do i really need BIOS Savior
nf7-s automated bios?
ASUS = NIGHTMARE ! Stay away from it !
Post code 52 epox 8k7a+
Help: 8KHA+ and Tbred multiplier issues
Temps on A7N8X-deluxe2.0
new mobo???
via kt600,will i be the first to test?and whos with me?
Disabling Onboard Video?
KD7 with 1700+ Please help
what is " agp fast write capability "in the bios
Good Overclock???
Recomend NF2 MB with Raid
Watch out! - Gigabyte nForce2
Raid 0 problem/question
no help
New Bios/Asus A7N8X 1.04 1.06
partial POST - then freezes
Is line-in there?
my friends pc
A7V333 rev 2. ques -BIOS
Can you help me plz
Instable uber bios?
8KHA+ post code 66 ?
A78NX Deluxe and Kingston pc2700 HyperX
cant seem to change the voltage at all...
Need to see in text that you are in dual channel DDR?
Video Card Compatibility on NF-7s
Get me started
8RDA+ issue.....
NF7-S 1.2 help
New beta BIOS for A7N8X-DX Rev. 1.04 and 1.06
Is the KT4VL backwards compatible with 4x agp?
HLT/CPU Disconnect for NFS-7 rev 2.0?
SP1 and NForce2 - Gack!!
NForce2 update??
Is it really the AT7-MAX2?...
Asus A7v333 rev 1.02 question
nf7-s rev2 bios 1.2
8rda+ died....
Anyone get the over volt jumper to work on the A7V8X-X?
KT7A R 1.3 and the 14 multiplier
Nforce microATX?
anyone have the new NF7-M???
Does the Ga-7VRX misread temps?
kr7a multiplier problem
KT333 vAgp Mod
Epox 8RDA+ not booting and shutting off then beeping, help please
Problems with NF7-S & Radeon 9500pro....
8RDA+ help! Beeping after bootup
Chassis thermometer location on 8RDA+
Several random questions
chap 17n8x deluxe, worth buying?
A7N8X Rev 2.00 No sound
nForce2 Bandwagon
Is the NF7-S the right mobo for me?
Kd7 vs NF7????
Any sources for the 8RDA3+ yet?
How possible to setup 4 HDs in Abit's SATA?
Lowest multiplier on A7N8X Rev2.00
ABIT Flashmenu available for download here...
A7V333 o/c rookie
cpu-z says single channel and shouldnt
Q-FAN not working on A7N8X.
nForce and RAID ?
A7N8X Deluxe memory question
Whats the best method of removing the the NB heatsink
New NF7/NF7-S BIOS's Available
first O/C memory prob?
AK31 and 2700+Hi
[Fried] A7n8x , is it dead
A cheap DDR mobo ?
System time keep changing
Will the NF7-S unlock my Palomino?
A7v8x O/c Rookie
Vcore mod no longer working..
Hp 7935
Validity to HyperX NF7-S Rev. 2 problem?
Need some technical help
deciding on a new mboard
Where can I get the NF7-S 2.0 ASAP!!
Is New Egg Selling the NF7-S 2.0?
Abit NF7-S v2.0 nForce2 ??
Bus Speeds
Quick Question about A7N8X Deluxe
A7N8X DLX--poor overclocker?
My first amd system and black boot screen
Motherboard Research Done (Intel)!
Motherboard Research done (AMD)!
A7V333 Beta BIOS 1018-001
getting an a7n8x deluxe; a question
sound volume low
NF7-S noob, some questions...
Can anyone explain this one?
K7N2G Delta-L vs K7N2G-L
8rda+ boot problems
tell me if it's possible
NF7-S and FSB question
Changing AGP & PCI bus speeds
NF7-S "Lag" Problem, tough one to kill
Temp/Voltage sensors
USDM says CPU temp is 0
Asus A7N8X Deluxe bios updating problem
A7n8x Center Speaker Fix
CPU Throttling?
Setting Dual Channel.........
vdd mod using a trimmer
A7V133-C or not to C , and TEMP PROBLEM!
Barton and NF7-s
I want to thank you for your help !SEE for your self.!
anyone ever screw up their dimm slots??
Volt ? on 8rda+
8rda+ With C1 Stepping
man that board look great
Soltek SL-75MRN-L
Home built problems personified.
Abit NF7-s rev2.0 is dead
Browser Crashing
Help with the L7S7A2
Voltage on A7N8x deluxe
New here a few Qs
Dropped computer
great FAQ guide
MSI or Asus
nf7s rev 2 memory settings
O/C XP2500+ @ 2.2Ghz but it's always signed as a 2500+
nf7-s v2 Vcore
8K3A+ and T-Bred 1700
what is faster on this O/C ??
New Beta Bios for A7V8X
Whats the best mobo for 2100+Linux (noobie)
Which MOBO ?
8RDA keeps saying HD is corrupt
Having problems with the TwinX 3200 Corsair memory.
Dual AMD Board
A7n8x Deluxe OC opinion : experience
nf7-s bios problem
NF7-S v2.0 question???
NF7-S v2.0 Reviews or Previews
msi nforce2, strange problem
Need a Stable setting for 2400 on air.
How can I update the BIOS w/ no floppy drive
VDD question on 8rda+
8RDA+ New Bios 5/08/03
OC and IGP Enabled???
Epox EP-8RDA+ LED Error code 10
Epox LED error 10
Best NF2 IGP board?
Semi-Bootable GA-7VRXP
Asus AV333-RAID rev 2.0 ques.
question about Soltek nf2 board
Interesting A7N8X Deluxe Story..
MPX2 boards in the UK?
nf7-2 v2.0
Updating BIOS on KX7-333
Cant decide on board !!
K7N2G-L and S-Video
How do I know what NF7-S version I am buying?
a7n8x with SATA drive, how do i get it to work!
hanging rig
nforce2 OCers - drool here
Some help plz?
Some help plz ?
nf7-s vs. nf7 V2.0
Real time OC for nForce2!!!
kt400 chipset I think
Successful 200 FSB stories with A7N8X mobos??
Dual DDr A7Nv8X Deluxe Barton 3000 Help
Asus A7N8X
NF2 board and dual channel
Can these boards run again?
kt7a compliance
nf7-s rev 2.0 display adapter problems!
Any SATA fix in site?
how can i tell if my xp unlocking worked?
Question about Disabling APIC
what progy can i use to burn in cpu
soundstorm audio
nf7-s 2.0 and watercooling
What DIMM slots do I put the RAM in for dual channel?
Mushkin + 8RDA+ = good?
KT4V-L Temps wrong?
Question about AGP Frequency on 8RDA
8RDA3+ vs 8RGA+
Msi K7n2-l
Urgent help in decision please!
Shuttle AK38N :(
GA-7ZXE - Dual BIOS screw-up
Biostar M7VIT PRO
Abit KX7-333R need quick reply!!
8RDA3+ won't boot over 1.775 vCore
2400+ MSI KTV-L Unlocked or not, if not how to.
PCI slots on NF7-S
mem or board?
New MSI boards...upset...
memory controler on 8K3A, how BAD is it?
8RDA+ lost a memory slot
Is Dual Channel real or BS?
help me buy a motherboard!!!!
Wat does these for?
Vantec Iceberg on the NF7-S southbridge
Noob Overclocking Question about VCore??
Die or Socket
Newer Bios 1004 final limits OC.
Which Nforce2 mobo is most likely be stable right out of the box?
newegg's soltek motherboard listing
KT4V-L 1.7 vcore lock?
need help oc-ing me
PCI/DIMM clock question
New A7N8X Deluxe Beta Bios 1005
I finally sold my KT7A-R, now what?
1.6 vcore
NF7-S 2.0 Bios update
soundstorm audio explanation?
Abit NF7 S or Chaintech
Abit CPU Protection
Help for disabled Line In & Mic?
Overclocking on the AD77 (KT400)
Help on setting up new GA-7VAXP Ultra
FYI: SoundStorm Noise/Feedback
dx 9 compliant mainboard sound drivers for the at7 max2?
reboot at7 max2 sets bios to default clockspeeds?
Which bang for the buck epox board???
Auto Unlock on Biostar Mobo?
good oc'ing micro atx mobo for amd
msi kt3 ultra2 + wire trick = working?? yes or no??
MSI K7N2-L Nforce 2 mobo question
Good motherboard w/ddr400 no overclocking
Can You Identify This Motherboard?
kt3 u2 need help
need help to OC A7V8X mobo with 2000+ cpu
NF7-S and unlocking?
MSI KT4V-L divider?
Buying an nForce2... is the Epox 8rda+ the one?
GA-7VAXP + Corsair PC3200 (DDR400) = DDR333 ?
8rda+ Noob
Need to RMA a KT4 Ultra but...
Mismatched Modules Crash Comp
Mobo supporting SDRAM?
WOW is all I can say
Bunch of questions about new motherboard.
4x AGP on A7N8X Deluxe???
Does 8K3A support Barton XP2500
msi kt3 ultra2 + 1700 JIUHB = unlock ?? yes or no ??
Must say 2 thumbs up on this board
8k5a2 & Tbred B JIUHB = NOT unlocked ? correct me..
A7M266 Acting very stupid.. Help!
Mobo refurb from Newegg died
Can Someone help me with overclocking this board and CPU combo
NF7-S v2 w/XP 2500+
KX400-8x BIOS checksum error. Help
Maybe its just me but i can't get by 199FSB (8RDA+)
KX400-8x BIOS checksum error. Help
Need help with my ABIT KG-7 RAID
Random crashes, BSOD's - HELP!
Epox 8rda and the newer bartons supporting 400fsb
3500 on a a7n8x
Switch from 8kha+ to 8k3a
chances of abit nf-s v2.0
i done screwed up my k7s5apro. any help?
K7S5A: Need some help
Hard Drive corruption
Best nForce2-GT Motherboard???
WARNING! NF7-S CPU fan header stops sometimes
PCc Probe wrong
Newegg already selling the MSI nForce2 Ultra-400 mobo.
Nforce memory question
Best slot for SB Live 5.1 on NF7-S 2.0 ?
KT4V mobo
What is this message: WARNING !! CPU Have Over speed about?
dont buy a 8k3ae to oc with!!!
2800+Barton OC Probs
Gigabyte GA-7VAX O/C FSB probs @ 144+
Anyone have experience with a Leadtek nForce2?
8RDA3+ Review
a7n8x deluxe dont have T1 option for ram?
169 fsb limit?
Has anyone heard of a ECS K7S6A?
KT4 Ultra with XP2000
updating bios
temp on GA-7VAXP!!!!
Quick Question about A7N8X Deluxe
north bridge cooling
AGP freg. and voltage on 8rda+..
Can't run 166mhz stable?!
Trouble with Epox 8RDA+
Does there excist a VDD mod for K7t266 Pro2?
FSB question please help.
Preventing bios corruption with NF7-S?
Ram holding me back?
Boards WITHOUT on-board audio
Stupid Reboots...
New soyo kt400 dragon bios out
Anyone using the AD77 Infinity
A7N8X Deluxe Soundstorm vs NF7-SSoundstorm
Help Seriously Needs Comp. Expert
Won't work with two identical ram sticks
NF7-S rev 2.0 mounting holes
soundstorm center channel
Vcore setting for A7N8X Deluxe and 1800+
Waterblock for A7N8X
System so far...
8rda+ bios 3501
Newegg Barton 2500+ and A7N8X
NF7-M rev 2.0 can't go past 180Mhz ?? confused..
heard that NF7-M wont go past 180Mhz.. is it true??
ABIT NF7-S Rev2 or ASUS A7N8X Rev2
One hard disk on the NF7-S' SATA
Thermalright SK-7 on Abit KR7A-133 will it fit??
put system together w/ old hardware but boot trouble
AMDxp1700+(JIUHB) with GA-7VTXH+ ???
a7n8x deluxe and MBM
KT3v Ultra Vcore adjustments
Just a little tid bit for everyone here
8RDA+ Problems
A7N8X Pencil Trick, Has Someone?
AK31a and TBred B
Which ram does the NF7-S v2.0 prefer?
Well what do you now > 8rda extra
geforce 5600 256mb video card
Abit, Epox, or Soltek????
B-bred 1700+ / AK35GT2 no go
A7N8X Deluxe on ebay: cheap, "hot?"
NF7-S 2.0, won't let me run at 1.875 vcore??
Various Questions Regarding NF7-S v2...
K7S5A Pro problems
KX7-333R Max FSB?
how many cd connectors on nf7-s v2.0
Best Motherboard for around $60
Canīt go lower then 13x with A7N8X
8k3a questions
Does a Vantec Aeroflow fit on a KT7A Motherboard?
NF7-S replacement bios?
KT4 + R9500pro = hours of gainess
ocz memory
What's dead - processor or mobo?
NF7-s ver1.2 or 2.0
NF7-S wont boot?
Run RAID on Abit NF7-S with SATA adapter
nf7-s issues with high fsb and high multi's solved!
New nforce audio drivers on windows update
K7s5a @ 66 Mhz Fsb ?
KX7-333 running a tbred?
Best Asus board for Barton 2800+??
CS players with A7N8X?
A7N8X-Deluxe death
abit kr7a
Overclocking with this board
My new AT7-MAX2
Abit KX7-333R / Tbred A :(
Lazy Question
My Chances ?
SLK-900 and Abit NF7-S v1.1?
cpu diode Vs socket temps
not reporting right bios version in windows..
k7s5a the real hardware monitor utility
Hard disk corruption on NF7-S 2.0
Anyone running Linux on your NF7 mobos?
8rda memory settings
1700+ o/c topped out @ 1650mhz? 8rda
Anybody running an FIC AD11 with an XP processor?
onboard audio device ac'97
ThermalRight SLK-800U with AT7-MAX?
My Soltek SL-75FRN2-RL arrived today!
Alpha8045 users, do you have to remove standoffs everytime you change the CPU?
Weird 8rga+ cache error
A7N8X or NF7-S
K7N2G Volt mods?????Please.
Where can I get that hacked Bios for the Asus A7N8X, that gives you VDD voltages??
KT3 Ultra2 & Barton.............
Real Newbie with a GA-7VAX looking to do some tweaking
Dual Channel DDR NF7-S Question
Wich nForce2 board have the 4 mounting holes?
o/c 1700tbred 8rda+ vs. 8rda
how to go beyond 1.75V on A7N8X?
I need last minute advice before starting my NF7-S?
8RDA+ 3402 (4/2) BIOS has problem with USB controllers
question about onboard sound chip of 8RDA+ to Soltek NF2
Installing Iceberq
Matsonic mobo wonīt overclock
Mobo mod?
Ram and 8rda?
So close yet so far to 166mhz FSB on K7S5A
What's worse on hardware, PCI freq of 30mhz or 36.7mhz
yeah baby :) shuttle rocks! new 3d mark!
What's Up with this SATA & NF7-S...
8K9A3+, DDR400, and Bartons (333FSB)
1.85 vdd and still no 200 fsb
can't get past 150 fsb
A7N8X deluxe problems. HELP!
Power supplies with NF 2 motherboards
can a kd7 have a 6:1 fsb:pci ratio?
Repeated A7N8X Deaths
Replacing motherboard in an HP
A7V8X-X <-what's the last "X" about?
NF7-S corruption and the 2.81 Asus drivers
what motherboard?
whats the highest XP processor that works in A7V333? asus site is down :(
New Bios Links
Accuracy of onboard sensors on NF7-S v2?
Fastest CPU in KX7-333?
NF7-S Version 2
n force 2
CMOS keeps loading defaults
WTF Is Vdd Mod???
Who Uses...
CMOS battery dead?
boards with CPU thermal protection?
ASUS a7v133 Wot can it handle
N7-S v1.1 is under voltage or that's only my board?
Have another basic question....
where is the PCBversion on an FICad11 MB? anybody know?
A7V133 can i do anything special???
KT2 worth it???
k7n2g-l w/ kvm
NF7 and c-1 stepping
Don't Buy ECS!
Where does A7N8X-DLX get the Vcore from, 5V or 12V?
NF7 and NF7-s
The difference motherboard drivers make...
RGA+ memory siggestions
Problem with nForce2 and IDE controllers
new mobo
cpu + mobotherboard
8RDA+ sound....
NF7-S Rev.2 + overclocked graphics
AGP8X videocard on ABIT KT7
Bios corruption?
signs of a die'ing board?
I love my new a7n8x deluxe 2.0
NB Cooling Really Improve O/Cing?
NF7 v2.0 vs. NF7-S v2.0
NF7 v2.0 vs. NF7-S v2.0
any way to get a 13.5 multi on K7N2
a7n8x deluxe made to disappoint?
Could honey x be the culprit here? help please!
K7S5A Pro -- horror!
Can't hit 200 or higher!
How high is high with your Asus A7N8X Deluxe/ A7N8X ?
How high is high with your 8RDA+/8RDA3+ ?
How high is high with your Abit NF7/NF7-S?
Plugging cpu fan into motherboard...need help
what is this
replacing nb hsf
What OSes will boot off the SATA controller?
Lots of Help Needed!!! Please!
Corsair and 8rda+
Is there a Mr. Natural BIOS for the KR7A with more PCI dividers?
KD7 vs. NF7 vs. NF7v2.0
8RDA+ NB cooling question
nforce 2 ultra. when and what
Which MB does support PCI/AGP Lock?
High FSB and USB
PC problem...seems serious
Q-FAN on A7N8X motherboard
NF7-S POST Problem
comp problem
is FSB same as system bus?
Out of hibernation! Need quick run down.
nforce2 is NOT a true dual channel chipset
Got corruption problem with SATA on the NF7-S ? Read this !
Weird A7S333
is new egg shipping 8rda+ with new NB?
n00b question... probably a quick answer..
Epox 8RDA3+ (nForce2) Motherboard
SLK-900-U and SY-KT400 Ultra Plat
DFI Lanparty ETA??
KT400 question
K7D Master L + 2x 1100 Duron
A7V333 Beta BIOS 1017
8k3a usb ports
Cant flash bios