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Barton problems w/NF7-S
pci/agp frequency
Anyone have a nf7-s 2.0 go corrupt on them?
Chaintech 7VJL Is there a trick to getting the multi's unlocked with this board?
WTF!?!?! 13x195=900MHz?
raid0 crapped out again.even with reg fix :(
New Gaming System
Just got my NF7-S ver2.0
New Computer Blues
Is it my CPU or motherboard that is holding me back?
New Rig Finally!! NF7-S v. 2.0 1700+ DLT3C
8rga+ FSB issue
My NF7 is leaking
Anyone every RMA to Asus ?
How Easy is 217MHz On NF7-S 2.0?
Need big help with NF7-M
kd7-raid - very stable
For those with the Soltek SL-75FRN2-RL
Kt266aPro2 Boot Problems
Just got a Epox 8rda+ from NEWEGG!
Strange temps with 3.4 K7n2g bios
Newegg + nf7-s rev 2.0
8K5A3+ Barton Support?
VDD poll on 8rda> PLZ post
How much VCore is too much?
NF7 vs NF7-S
A7V8X Overclock HELP
TBRED B 2100+ in KT7A-R updates....
AK35GTR v1.2 + Athlon XP 2100+ T-Bred B
Will the EP-8K9A2+ work with a barton XP?
3dmark and AGP Apeture (sp?!?!)
Best mobo for my existing ram
Chassis Fan hookups to the motherboard?
NFV rev 2.0
Low mem bandwidth A7N8X,2x256 TWINMX,DUALCHANNEL enabled?
NF7-S south chipset cooler?
Biostar M7NCG- Did I make a booboo?
Overclocking Aopen nforce2 boards
nForce3 is HERE!
Help! Why Can't I Flash My 8RDA?
Abit sucks.
How to identifiy A7N8X
Just got my 8RDA+ in
Ga-7DX and Tbred's
2100+ @ 2250
Asus A7N8X Deluxe is $h17
Im confused...
NF7-S v2.0 is $h17
Danger of Flashing BIOS with a different vendors BIOS??
any auto fan control on a7n8x deluxe?
SB is smokin' hot!!!
figured I'd post this here too...
How well does Corsair CMX512-3200C2 work in dual-channel configuration
nf7-s rev 2 sata
Use onboard NIC or use seperate NIC card?
multiplier help?
7VRXP and 333fsb Athlon?
8K3A+ boot problem
multiplier help?
Barton And K7N2-L
A7V133 Help
Sy-kt400 Bios
What are the best OC settings for the A7N8X/2400+
new 1004 bios for rev2 boards :-)
MSI KT4 Ultra and a 2500+ or higher. question.
Has the nf7 non-S with the new revision nforce2 nb come out yet?
new PCProbe
HELP!!!! Bios made screen BLUE!!!!!!!
8rda+ C1 FSB results good but not happy
A7N8X vs. NF7-S v2.0
BIOS modding
Need Some help
nf7-s rev2 help
I just heard that my psu and my nf7-s don't mix....
A7N8X DLX rev.2.0?
fsb regresses to 133mhz?
8K9A2+ or 8K9A3+
AGP/PCI Lock question......
nForce and vid card compatability
8rda+ and XMS3500 (dual channel) benchmarks
nf7-s version 1.1 - problems with mic!
First Overclock and need help
nForce 2 mobos with Raid?
nForce 2 motherboard?
A few ?'s about my nforce2 mobo
Revision Numbers...Where?
Never overclocked b4-Need help on how to O.C.-ABIT NF7-S+XP1700 JIUHB
Does it have to be Serial RAID?
You guessed it, A7N8X DLX questions o_O
I'm taking the jump!
have a 2400 for 2700
NF7-S 2.0 = No Cooler Mounting holes??
cpu core voltage
Does someone make this MB? (NF2)
Best Memory For Iwill's KA266Plus?
KA266Plus - R
8RDA+ LED Voltage?
Asus A7N8X Deluxe Modification Guide
PC3500 vs A7N8X: Round 1
Replacing NB cooler on 8RDA/8RDA+?
How to get 2.0V for Burnin on L7VTA?
"UBER" BIOS for ASUS A7NX8 Rev2.0 Boards
Woot! My new NF7-S system is in the pipeline
which boards have a pci lock?
8rda+ won't clock over 200mhz fsb??
How to fix the bios you just fried
when can we get a new kx7_333 bios?
Serial ATA / onboard video
How to tell rev 2.0???
SL-75FRN2-L is more than SL-75FRN2-RL@newegg.com?
A7N8X Deluxe with Kingston HyperX
8rda+ rev 1.1
weird on 7vxte/7vxth board
NF7-S v2.0 low vbat ??
fan connections
8rda+ Vdd Adjustment from bios.
8RDA+ vs. FIC AU13
8RDA (no +) and keyboard probs.
Best Ram Crucial or Corsair
Best RAM for A7N8X
Epox 8RGA3+
Just acquired the nf7-s rev. 2.0....need help:D
WHat does this mean
Found the k7n2-L to be more stable then the abit nf7-s rev. 2.0!
DFI's latest NF2 mobo OffOfoffering - waht do you think?
ga-vrxp giving wrong cpu speed
Kd7 Max Fsb
Nvidia IDE Drivers trash system?
decisions decisions....
MSI K7N2 problems
PCI Ata 133 Controllers = fix hd corruption @ high fsb?
KD7 optimal Bios Settings?
is this possible?
No 2k nforce2 IDE drivers?
Bad Battery
Off-Brand, Biostar MoBo
FSB 400 support
EPoX - What's the tempature program that they give you with the board.
8rga+ Nforce Rev. a3, how high fsb can it get?
does the NF7 v2.0 measure the cpu temperature correctly?
Albatron boards
How does this budget NF7-S rig look?
Optimal or agressive ?
my 8rda mod
Opions Wanted
my 8k3a died
8RDA+, or 8RGA+
anyone ever seen this MOBO?
Did i kill the board? HELP!!
highest multi on the A7V333?
Radeon 9700 Pro does not work after I install Epox 8rda+ drivers from CD
8rga or 8rga+?
strange problem o/c'ing 8kha+
NO Raid with V2.0
Need help with a GA-7DX+
do i need a votl mod?
NF7-S Rev 2.0. Is newegg shipping it?
A7N8X Deluxe No Boot!! (Please Help!)
new bios nf7
How is this abit nf7-m vs the nf7-s?
Is this MSI nForce2 mobo any good?
vcore max at 1.8v, anyway to raise this without a vdd mod?
MSI KT4 V-L and Athlon 1.4?
KT3 Ultra2 multiplier problems!
A7N8X Delux Multi settings
mounting holes on abit nf7???
8RDA+ NB cooling
8rad+ temp and stability
No front channel sound on 8RDA+ please help!
Guys, I'm at my wits end!
New computer
A7N8X Eating Hard Drives
Asus A7N8X
Motherboard thermal sensor slot?
A7N8X DLX RMA/revision question
OMG check OUT this NFORCE2 board
A7N8X CPU/FSB jumper setting?
Nforce2 rev. a3, how high have you overclocked with it?
single channel corsair pc3200 and NF7-s v2???
Advice for a better NF7-S OC
Kt7-Raid Volt Mod
KD7-RAID and Onboard NIC
01 error code in my 8rda
Random Alarm noise when booting up
Question about the AGP MHz
how high can k7s5a oc with 1700+
What is "spread spectrum"?
fsb overclocking
cpu multi question
Need help with half dead NF7-S 2.0
which one SL-75FRN2-L or ABIT K7 Motherboard NF7-S v2.0
Nforce2 w/ ide-raid
Does anybody know what PFN_LIST_CORRUPT means? (blue screen)
Count how many dead A7v8x? (kt400)
Onboard RAID or PCI RAID.....what to Do ???
8k3a+ ques PLZ help.
PSU ? for a K7S5A Pro
Auto Unlock boards
overclocking nf7-s rev2.0
New bios - kd7DN
ABIT at7 maxs 2 running at 333fsb
1.7 bios for nf7-s has been officially released
How do I know if my motherboard is PCI rev 2.2 or 2.3?
How high oc have you gotten with the a3 chipset?
Dual channel memory question on 8rda+..
NF7-S 2.0 Bios Survial Kit?
What should I use for KT4V core temps?
Best BIOS for OCing using 8RDA+
cpu, mem for 8k9a2+
NF7-S rev. 2.0 new bios
A little buying advice please.
A7V333 and PC3200?
Is there really digital optical out on A7N8x???
Mobo not detecting IDE drives
checksum error
What nforce 2 chipset rev. is this?
Best memory to pair with NF7-S?
MSI KM2M Combo-L overclock potential?
questions about the abit nf7 series..
a7v8x OCing anyone have results?
Abit-NF7-S V2.0 is here, check it AMD'ers!
Just got A7N8X dlx rev 2.0 - but a big problem...
which bios savior w/ NF7 v 1.0?
cheap mobo
whats the highest multiplier on the A7V333?
Hard Drive?
Mosfet Cooling Effectiveness
NF7-S v2.0 Power/Aux Fan Speed bug?
SLK-900-U on a NF7-S rev. 2.0. Also what fan is optimal?
A7N8X Deluxe not POSTing..
My thoughts on nf7-s 2.0
Easy Tune 4 fan speed???
K7N2 Temp problems fixed!!!
boot without video card???
nf7-s wont change multiplier above 200fsb
Argh! Cant UNLOCK!
Can adjusting just the multiplier hurt mboard?
will current boards support the 64bit proc?
How do you identify a Abit NF7-S 2.0 ?
BIOS update problem of 8K9A2+
Arrgg...no post
setting agp bus
raid on a7n8x deluxe
A7V8X prob
Anyone O/C MSI KM2M Combo-L
Nforce 2 bios backup?
recommendations please
whats a good temp monitoring program for A7V333?
Help!! I can't get Radeon 9700 to work on this motherboard.
hard to find: no on-board sound mobo...
Cheapest GOOD mobo for entertainment center?
A7N8X DLX rev 1.4 VS 2.0
Need advice to have better performance
New version of asus a7n8x?
K7n2g-l ????
I must be doing something wrong...225MHz FSB...
MSI K7N2-L Mobo with Kingston?
Honk if you want USB boot support
Is dual channel really worth it?
KT7A 1.2 and XP1800+ = HELP!!!
Help w/ motherboard
Question about the NF7-S 2.0
ISO A7N8X Deluxe bios replacement.
Asus MyLogo
HELP!!! my friend has an awesome rig to OC, but he wont do it!!!
which to believe: BIOS or Asus probe
just did a hot flash on a dead kr7a bios
A7n8x Power on option ???
Some basics with SY-KT400 Ultra Platinum
Mounting question?
Yay or nay
Abit NF7-S Rev. 2 availability (Newegg)
anyone find bios 1017 for the A7V333
nForce 2 Ultra?
8K5A2+ RAID Setup
Should I enable/disable Enhance PCI Performance?
DOES anyone use any type of Bios saver?
Just got my Soltek SL-75FRN2 today, a quick question
something totally not working
Abit KR7A overclocking help please
Spec's on 8rda3+ Released
volt overclocking
Hyperx Pc3500 or Twinmos Pc3700
Abit NF7-S 2.0 & Barton 2800+
best nforce2 igp for overclocking?
thinking of gettn a A7N8x Deluxe
My Bios is showing ",930MHZ" at 15x166MHZ
NF7-S v2 help!
Does the A7V333-x support the Barton core?
1003 and unlocked multis
Where to get new capacitors?
My MB appearently has 3 temp sensors, but I don't know what the 3rd one is
question about honey x bios...
Did I screw up my 8RDA+'s bios?
8RGA and RAM
what to trust
Overclocking XP2200 and a 7VRXP
Best BIOS for A7N8X dlx
What's new in the 2.0 rev?
ECS K7SOM microATX, any good?
NB size on A7N8X dlx
T-bred "B" thermal Diode and 8K3a+
Not a bad OC for a PCChips board.
200 fsb w/ 2700ram on k7n2-L
LAN and IEEE 1394 Oddities!
agp/pci 1/5 dividers
New GA-7VAX user with questions
System crashes for no reason..
A7V processor upgrade
AGP Voltage
New to AMD...need mobo...
Anyone have links or their own NF7-S Rev.2 Pictures?
8rga+ & IGP
Leaky capacitors go farther back than I thought...
8RGA+ Need new bios
Nf7-S 1.2 sound just died
Asus A7N8X IRQ's
any luck with xp2100 and 8rga+?
Abit NF7-S v2.0 & four mounting holes
pci/agp dividers?
when will nforce 2 ultra be out?
8RGA+ locked at the FF
Epox boards - 8rda vs 8rga + and nonplus
a7n8x dlx newbie plz read and help if you can :D
NF7's accessories
how to overclock a AMD athlone XP
Need help upgrading to 1 gig? (DC?)
kx7-333r tech help
8k5a3+ bios flash now multiplier issues
send me 2100 tbred settings plz!
8rga+ revisions bad oc?
VDD modding
Are Gigabyte motherboards usally good?
agp and pci clock speeds
Best of the Best?
DEAD BIOS Can anyone please help?
K7N2L Thermal protection
NF7 Series - Ins and Outs
NF7-S v2 - Alarm?!
where does the NF7-S check temps?
Overclocked 2100+ to 2700+
Nf7-s Slk-800?
My MB appearently has 3 temp sensors, but I don't know what the 3rd one is
Well, here goes nothing...
NF7-S new bios, v1.7 - unreleased
NF7-S and Winbond HW Monitor woes!
Epox temperature monitors in Windows?
NF7-S, voltage recommendations
sata raid on nf7-s rev2 DOES work
8rda+ 3402 bios
Dual AGP board
Low SiSoft Sandra score :(
EP-8RDA3+ when? where?
Socket of 8K3A v.1.1
Xp 2000+ tbred
How accurate is the Abit NF7-S v2.0 temperature reading?
whichn NF2 revision boards ??
SLK-800 in a SN41G2
8rda+ vdd mod not working
Cant get 1/5 divider to kick in on 7VRX
Uh-Oh...How Do I Flash CMOS?
abit nf7-s rev2 tests and results
Quick question regarding ram+board
best overclocking mobo
lm75 sensor
MSI motherboard not outputting to video card
8K7A - No KB, No Mouse?
New mobo = reformat?
NForce2 for $40???
Bootblock Bios Flash Problem
Installing Win XP PRO onto SATA PROBLEMS!!! I need help!!!
Vmod in KT4 ULTRA
KD7 Bios Help-
FSB and a 266CPU on the SY-KT400
Sometimes Post problems.....
HELP! Please
NF7-S What should my bios settings be?
new uber 1003 are out
4th A7N8X Board, ran 5 days & died, 'NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
someone please help, nf7 2.0 HUge problem(bios?)
NF7-S Memory Ratio Conundrum
help a n00b out please. i just need some info on abit boards.
Are all Epox 8rda+'s unlocked?
need Rev2 bios download or copy!
GPU,PSU,BIOS, or Memory problem?
200 FSB outta the box!!!!
AT7 vIO-voltage mod
BIOS settings
Whats the BEST OC'ing MOBO?
A7V333-x keeps going into bios safe mode
Oven fresh bios?
Which version of A7N8X is shipping now?
Asus A7V333-x keeps going into safe mode!
NF7-S Ratio table
Thinking of getting a new MOBO
North Bridge and South Bridge..
Will running Serial ATA boost performance on NF7-S?
Getting the Abit NF7-S, need CPU, memory suggestions.
problem with cd boot
Whats going on here? 8rda+/Command Rate????
VDD mod for Abit NF7-S v1.1
i just moved here.....
nf7-s suggestions please
A question about the Raid utility
Asus A7N8X-DX Abit Nf7-S or Abit NF7-M??
No kidding, Soltek SL-75FRN2-L @ 228fsb
Holy Crap! 215MHz FSB!!!
Any new bios for the A7V333?
I may have a trashed motherboard!
nForce2 dual DDR works BUT ....
can high vdd cause unstableness?
My final FSB
Chance of hitting 200 FSB on A7N8X-DLX?
Overclocking L7VTA 1.0
nf7-s rev2 from newegg
NForce2 dual channel: Blah!
Is there Raid problems with NF7s?
anyone here with 8rga+ having oc problems?
Problems with t-Breds.
Has anyone tried putting an SLK-900 on an Abit- KT7?
tempermental k7s5a
What is that site called?
8RDA+ GF4 problems.. (not transistor related)
Onboard sound on the NF7-S? Any good?
Problems with NF7-S 1.2 and GEIL DDR433
A few KT400 Dragon Ultra Questions
Asus A7V266-E motherboard
Setting up Mother Board Monitor With NF7...
Help Setting Up New Sytem With Nf7-s 2.0
Ak31 V3
Soltek SL-75FRN unable to unlock CPU?
Led Code C1
2 vdd safe?
does the 8rga+ have a chipset temp censor?
does chipset deal with fsb only? or the multi as well?
WTF 8k3ae+ more stable than 8rga+
Max Proc size for A7V133
Help pick a board
8rda & 8rda+
What to have vdd at on 8rga+
8K5A3+ and accessing multis
Why do I need more vcore when I up the fsb?
Here it is!! nForce2 Ultra!
Asus A7N8X Deluxe Problems
Asus A7N8X Shut down blue screen
New Asus A7N8X Deluxe Problems
NB cooling
nf7 v2.0 w/ xp1700+ palamio @stock 63c?
kt333 to kt400?
8RDA+ OCP Lock??
VAXP 1.2 and Hyper-X roadblock
OCZ RAM + NF7-S + single-channel PROBLEM
2 Questions about NF7-S
problem wiht dual channel
7DXR and 1/5 divider?
KD7 Problem
Volt modding on a NF7-S v1.1
Difference between NF7-S rev. 1.2 and 2.0?
8RDA3+ Press Release
O/C BIOS on K7S5A, kills LAN???
For Starters
Which Nforce2 board have Raid?
Strange A7N8X quirk...
Sideband Disabled?
EPoX EP-8RDA+ |OR| Asus A7N8X Deluxe
noobie Questions WHICH ONE?
why cant i overvolt my a7v8x?
Problems with Abit NF7-S
1/5 divider confirmation?
ga-7vrxp overclock questions...
Abit NF7-S v. X / SLK-800U "customized standoffs"
Does Pencil Mod work for Epox NF2 Boards?
1003 and 1003C flash problem
Flashing bios taking VERY VERY LONG
I Orderd It Wooot!
8RDA+ temp reading?
where did the game port controller plug go?
A7N8X revision
a7n8x Dlx temp sensors for CpuZ program
whats with excaliberpc.com?
Coolermaster Aero7 fiting question..
Whats the Latest A7N8X Deluxe Revision?