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Abit NF7-S v. X / SLK-800U "customized standoffs"
Does Pencil Mod work for Epox NF2 Boards?
1003 and 1003C flash problem
Flashing bios taking VERY VERY LONG
I Orderd It Wooot!
8RDA+ temp reading?
where did the game port controller plug go?
A7N8X revision
a7n8x Dlx temp sensors for CpuZ program
whats with excaliberpc.com?
Coolermaster Aero7 fiting question..
Whats the Latest A7N8X Deluxe Revision?
Do i need the P4 connector in the near future?
N Force Best Mobo
NF7-S 2.0 + GF4-TI4200 + Det Drivers Problem
A7V8X and MBM diode help
ok, feeling really dumb.
What memory (PC3500) will run 215 mhz and higher on the 8rda+???
need a link to run me though nf7-s bios
a dumb question. but still wondering
8RGA+ My Thoughts
Abit NF7-M problems
8RDA+ 4/02/03 - Beta - Supposedly fixes corsair compatibility problems!
does NF7 has IDE raid? how about serial ATA raid?
Tried to do VDD mod, but...
All in wonder 7500 on Asus A7N8X problem
Speech Post Reporter
Will I have to reformat?
Strange 8RDA Audio problem
Help me find a mobo
crystal orb and a7n8x NB?
8RDA not happy with more than one stick of RAM
C1 Stepping results?
KT4 ultra-FISR
Read the CPU utilization review at Toms Hardware and have a few ?'s about NF7-S
M7VIP bios flashing
nf7-3 rev2 review
How the hell do you get the standard nb hs off?
Are the pci device speeds locked?
I/O voltage??
LeadTek K7NCR18D-Pro w/Nforce2 ST
nforce2 new revision?
Just lookaround at some other forums and all I see is bad for the nf7-s!!!!
Deluxe and strange reboots...
Question for NF7 (-S) v1.2 or higher owners
VERY "WEIRD" PROBLEM in nf7-s 2.0
Best bios for 8kha+ ?
HYPERX pc 3000 with 8RGA+/8RDA+
NF7 Dual Channel Slots?
5 volt blues
Could someone do a Hot Flash for me??
TBred on unofficially supported mobo
RMA to who?
NFS-S and RAID-0 INFO needed
Motherboard shopping...
Did Shuttle rip me off?
Need help with 200fsb stability - A1 (C1) stepping
LeadTek K7NCR18D-Pro w/Nforce2 ST
8RDA+ Onboard Audio VS SB Live! Card?
searching for a stable motherboard
Can't pass 200 FSB in DC
MSI K7N2G-ILSR Nforce2 Mobo
Just ordered a AMD Athlon XP1700+ 1.47GHZ 384K 266 Tbred (TRAY)(JIUHB:0310XPMW)
How accurate are the temp. sensors on Abit boards???
KT4 Ultra and Antec case
CPU temps goes up and down during idle?
-12 Volt problem
A7V8X: does temp. autoshut down work?
Epox 8k5a3+...FSB@218Mhz
Were is Probe sensing MB temp at?
Some silly questions about Nforce2 mobo
A7N8X D, Best Slot for Promise raid?
Can someone post a pic of where to test your vcore on nf7s
CPU to PCI Divider on KT400 Dragon Plat Ed
abit nf7 rev 2.0 Officially in stock at gameve!
Abit NFS7-S Rev2.0 fails to post with 1.85vcore
when o/c an amd cpu, is it harder to do it w/ dual ddr?
Overclocking problem!
best mobo for OC'ing
Barton/Epox combo $259 shipped
Can a Power Supply corrupt Bios at first power-up?
What thehell is wrong with the ethernet?!!
I have a PROBLEM! Please help.
KX7-333 HD corruption
8K3A question does it support 5.1
whats holding back my fsb????
Unlocking multipliers 12.5 and up on 8rda+???
narrowing down upgrade..
need advice on a good board.
can u put 3 monitors on 8rga+?
ECS L7VTA vs Soyo Dragon Lite KT333
Enabling Dual-channel. Which is it?
Problem Install windows XP
Flashing NF7-S rev 1.2
SoundStorm Glitches
holy molly connolies batman: its cold in here
Problems with Western Digital Special edition hard drives?
Mini ITX? What would you recommend
NF-7s V2.0 or Epox 8RDA+
Soltek SL-75FRN2-L 228fsb @ default vdd!
XP2400+ on A7N8X no longer able to use upper Multis (13+)
NF7 2.0 + Crucial PC2700= :)
NF7 + XP2100 Tips for a newbie
Difference between 8rga and 8rga+
NF7-S v2.0 Posted at 240 FSB @ 2640 mhz
reassigning IRQ's
My 8RGA+ can't get over 166 FSB
is the abit nf7-s rev 2???....
vmod makes chips go fubar?? HELP!!!
Overclocking and flashing bios
Diff between 8rda 8rga
returning my Zenith
Need help with NF7-S, having some issues with o/c
a7n8x bios
will SL75-DRV5 unlock my Tbred B ?
What program shows pci/agp speed?
is the pci/agp locked automatically locked in nforce 2 mobos?
Can't post with 13.5 multi.....
8rga+ Review
NF7-S temperature monitoring
Power Supplies
8rda+ FSB newby question
Newby ready to Overclock my Computer a little but nervous. Suggestions wanted.
One Speaker Sound
NF7-S v1.2 bios 1.5 will not boot.
1/6 divisor on abit KD7 ?
What is best oc`ing mobo with TH and 850cs
Volt Mod Question
What are some known probs with the 8rda+?
nf7_s 1.0 help I should be faster
overclocking Tbird 1400 on A7N8X
System POST: slow boot ups w/ 98se logo
Another problem after RMA. Asus A7n8x
New Chipset Motherboard Clean Install OS?
8RDA+ 215 fsb without volt mods
Nf7 non S bios corruption
Heatsink fans quitting, and alarms HELP
Booting from Serial ATA?
Flash or not to flash that is the question?
Flashin NF7 bios
F8 beta BIOS is out for the 7VRX, anyone try it yet?
Chaintech Zenith...oc problems
onboard nic acting wierd
K7S5A Questions
nf7-s dual channal question
112FSB w/ jumpers on Acer v75m mobo w/ Sis530
setting up 8RDA+ Need help
ocz not work on nf7 HELP!!!
a couple of questions.
nf7 or nf7-s
Best NForce2 mobo for $250 CND?
Does the Soltek SL-75DRV5 have a 1/5 divider?
NF-7 & Bios Survival Kit or NF7-s REV2.0????
8rda+ or nf7-s
Has anyone received or know of anywhere shipping NF7(non s) rev2.0
Bios Temps
VDD Mod on NF7-S 2.0
Single CPU Opteron boards...
where is the rev # located?
NF7-S Twinmos
Abit KD7 w/ 2500xp Temps/OC
NF7-S 2.0 Post Beeps
Computer Wont Post
New Corsair TwinX 3200LL Beta BIOS? 3402 ( 8RDA/+)
Would Fuzzy Logic be a good start??
GA-7ZX problem?
Leadtek nforce2 boot problem...
how max from 8k3a?
New Asus PcProbe 2.20.00
Very Important: Need Confirmation If the Bios Corruption is Fixed.
soyo kt400du what do you think its worth
help slow boot
nf7s- 1.2 vs. 2.0
new bios for a7n8x mobo
a7n8x deluxe/audigy issue?
memory for A7N8X???
just ordered second NF7-s!
Weird 8RDA+ Feature
need to remove the PS/2 port on my mobo
8RDA+ or 8RGA+....which one?
8rda+ agp voltage question..
NF7-S 2.0 help
A7N8X Need Help
8K9A bios flash made machine go crazy
Is it safe to flash my bios from a CD-R instead of a floppy?
a7n8x (non-deluxe) 6ch audio
I emailed excaliber about NF7(non s) v2.0
best nforce2 micro atx board your thoughts please
Asus A7V8X Motherboard
I just ordered a new CPU....
A few Question on the illusive Abit NF7????
Nf7-S with NB water block or stock cooling?
225 easy without vdd mod (8rda)
8K9A bios flash killed my rig (???)
Which budget nforce 2 mobo?
Will my A7V333 be able to hold it's own OC'ing my 1700+ Tbred??
Dual channel automatic?
Pin shorting for multi?
"CPU is unworkable or has been changed"
What chip(s) would i need to change?
Best memory setting for A7N8X?
PC3500: XMS or HyperX for 8RDA+
Webstores that list the revision numbers of motherboards
8k7a+ divisor
Fic Au-13
What Caused Strange Hardlock?
Frequently restarted system
GA-7VA and AGP 8X
KX7 Chipset mods?...
L7VTA Tweaked BIOS version 1.6
nVidia drivers wont load
8rda+ Full Screen Logo At BOOT
NF7-S and USB2.0 - Please Help
Modem speed is directly proportionat to the pci slot number?
nVidia sound drivers wont load
KT333 ultra plat. Other power connector??
No post code...Boards dead right?
New Nforce 2 C1 stepping..... GREAT for ocin
how off is the temperature sensor on the Abit nf7s rev 1.2?
8rda+ VDD Mod question!!!
GA-7VAX no 166 FSB?
7 multiplier gave me 15???
2100 B + EPoX 8K5A2+ => locked ???
NF7-S bios failure? Help Please
2.0's are available now!!!
Thanks for the Memories?
Latest update on lockups
NF7-s Bios failure? Need help please
Keyboard on SL-75FRN-L
A7N8X problems
Computer over heating.
A7N8X problems
New A7V333 beta BIOS 1017-001
diff. between excaliberpc combos?
Where is the SMbus on the NF7-S??
Router problem with Asus Update
NF7-S Rev2.0 + Dual DDR Problems
Anyone having trouble with onboard ethernet?
kt3v & 1700+
Are There Still Nforce2 BIOS Corruption Problems?
Abit NF7-S dual channel?
8rda+ hangs on 63 Due to using GOOD PS? 2nd one same deal.
IrDa Connection to the KT400
Does Newegg ship Rev 1.2 NF7s?
8RDA stuck at 178fsb
Stuck at 178fsb...
Just got my k7n2g-l, but I got a problem!
Cheap Bios Chips
Anyone using a Epox 8RGA yet?
Asus A7N8X and A7N8X Deluxe??
Guys and Gals, I am just having way too much fun with this setup!!!
I think abit solved the coruption issue with the nf7-s rev2.0
XP1700 Tbred on a KT7A-Raid mobo-- think the cpu killed this board
8RDA, hit or miss ???
Bios 3327,don't
New OC database
New OC database
PCI modem won't work on my new 8RDA+?
will this fit on the northbridge?
T3h Sexy :D
Ultimate comp under $1000?
Abit Nf7
What u reckon?
Abit NF7 Rev.1.2: How to do additional VDimm- and VDD-Mod?
Got my NF7 back
Mobo suggestion for mother
system temp 48c !!! , WHAT!??
on board thermal sensors, how accurate?
In search for easy 225 fsb Nforce2 Mobo?
Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus (overclocking)
Is it safe to pull off the white memory clips?
mobo suggestion? xp2100 , pc2700 ram
ep-8rda 3.3v line
Ecs L7vta Via Kt400
Question For Nforce 2 Owners
MSI K7N2-L nForce2 SSP Motherboard Good Choice?
SATA Raid with Asus A7N8X Deluxe...
NF7-S people, I need some BIOS instruction>>
bios settings and timing mode?
bus speed on k7s5a and bios question
Which Bios is best for Asus A7n8x deluxe MB
AGP volt mod on 8K7A+
1002A1 uber bios, where to get it?
Radeon 64 DDR VIVO and A7N8X dlx!?
HELP!! cant get 9700 Pro to work on 8rda+
Raise FSB without rebooting
Can't get 133FSB on KT4ultra
anyone know of any new bios release for the AT7 MAX2?
Problem installing windows XP
Revision 2.0 A7N8X
New Nforce 2 Drivers 2.03
New Nforce 2 Drivers ...... ver 2.03
Which Epox board to get?
getting past 200 fsb
ocing 2600+ D
KT3 ultra voltage prob.
Raid on K7N2G-ILSR
Chaintech Zenith IDE Raid Issue?!
Motherboard Monitor and 8RDA+
crush 18D chipset shows up on epox!
A7V8X & Motherboard Monitor
any idea when nf7(non-s) rev2 is going to arrive
133mhz or 166mhz cpu clock speed
kd7 - am i maxed out?
I have NF7-S, use onboard nic or the Intel pro nic I have
Brown like burnt spot on back of Mobo?
Epox 8rda+ low sisoft sandra 2003 results?
K7SEM's and PSU's
2100+ pally and a a7n8x
is this a good board to get?
Best O/c Nf2 Mobo With No Mods
K7S5A problem
A7V333 temp ?
Any tips to get my FSB higher on my A7V333???
Lightening storm fried my network
Prime95 OK... 3DMark Crashes!?
Peltier on NB: 40W is more than enough!
A7N8X deluxe PLL?
KR7A Help!
my 8RDA+ will only do 200fsb if the memory is at 160! Why?
EPOX EP-8K5A3+ FOR $6.50 (DMGED BOARD) RUNNING @ 195 fsb
eeek IRQ madness
bios savior for a7n8x
Nforce2 IDE controller....
Fan speed -27858?????????
dude, wheres my multipliers?-K7N2
question about the review vs your experiences
Anybody use mouse to power up?
A7N8X question
PCI locks?
here is my diabolical plan GWAHAHAHA!
spd 5/5 or 6/6 nf7-s
A7N8X or 8RDA+??
NF7-S Audio Question
Abnormal voltages ?
I can't flash my nf7-s! HELP!
how do i ?
2nd stick of memory question....
pbl with A7N8X
pbl with A7N8X and with Asus Update
AK31 (v2.0) north bridge HS
Soyo Dragon Plus mb
A7V8X southbridge temps...
about AK31a (v 3.1)
Order of driver installation using a NF-7
A7N8X Deluxe temp accuracy
Got my A7N8X deluxe running
Doh! DOA
unstable system
NF7-S Rev. 2.0 on Abits site
unlocking a tbred for a kr7a
Motherboard Ram Help please ?
A7N8X Dx Sound issues
8K3A temps seem way too high.
MSI k7n2g-l question
Abit NF7 temp sensor
How high is too high for PCI
Just wondering.......
Where to get SMD grabber?
disapointing with twinmos/winbond and epox
Is nforce2 really dual chan DDR?!?!?!
MSI k7n2g or k7n2g-ILSR?
NF7-S fan headers
Please help with my A7N8X issues
What is the reason that pre 1.2 NF7-S can't do pencil VDD mod?
Nf7-s v1.2 overclocking help
changing ram voltage
220 FSB Dual Sync w/ A7N8X Deluxe
Newegg has 8RGA+ for 139$
voltage mod for gigabyte ga-7vrxp
does nf7 have fan speed control?
Abit NF7 rev. ?
AGP and FSB Spread Spectrum
should i flash to 1002A?????
8RDA+ BIOS problem HELP!!!
Need help
new a7n8x bios
MSI D-LED Pinout info for those what want it.
Sound players won't play and slows down PC
A7N8X DLX - 12v rail at 12.5v???
NF7-M does not unlock my proc???
Best thermal paste?
Considering an XP1700 tbred
NF7 Chipset Drivers question>>
2.0V VDD Issues for 8RDA+
What online retailers carry the newest revision 8RDA
1 stick crucial and 1 stick kingston, or 2 sticks kingston in NF7s rev 1.2?
ABIT NF7 rev. 1.2 is the best motherboard out there for performance!!!!! stop asking
kt333 ultra plat bios
Best Board Under $70??
help me o/c this puppy :D
a7n8x temps?
KT4 Ultra/WinXP problems???
8KTA3+ and RAM question
new a7v333 bios 1017
Can my A7A266 read my on-board CPU diode?
I finally got it!
8RDA+ monitoring help. MBM doesn't detect everything.
so how hard is it to update the NF7-S v1.2 bios?
so whats the fuss all about? at excaliberpc.com?
on the k7n2-L what do I need to do to up the voltage for my ram?
pc3200 sync with FBS?
L7S7A now in the US
NF7-S 1.2: High MHZ or High FSB But Not Both?
tbred 1700
Soyo KT400 Plat OC Question
setting up new a7n8x deluxe
Good Mini atx/itx mobo suggestions
Cpu Fsb/dram Ratio
3dmark2001 graphics skip/tear
Mobo Choosing.
Twinmos PC3700 vs. PC3200 w/ Winbond?
asus support
a7n8x dlx chipset questions
A7N8X Need RMA??? HELP
Starting over
I see that the msi k7n2-L is stable at 200fsb easily...
Ok what is this lol
props with nf7-s drivers
NF7-S Nforce Driver
Should I flash my Bios?
tbred A 1800 and KG7
PIO only ?
Attn: Nicksub VDD reading
Abit NF7-x 2.0
A7n8x Dx , Slk-800 ???
200fsb - PC3200 or PC3500
Post temps with NF7-S v1.2
Location of thermal diode
Slot 1 & 2 Stable, 3 not
how to volt mod?
via kt400a boards question
Artifacts on 8rda+ boot screen???
2100b results so far on NF7-S without mods
Ak31 v3.1 highest multipliers
NF7-S rev 2.0??
Voodoo 5 5500 in a KD7E????
a7n8x vdd mod and still no 200
a7n8x dlx Q's
A7N8X XP Pro USB 2.0 w/o SP1??
8rga+ review
how do u do a +5 volt mod..
stability on nforce 2 boards above 175mhz
Any problems with this setup for an 8rDA+?
Newegg currently has bad batch of A7N8X, Other good Venders?
a7n8x overclocking problem (plz help)
PLEASE!! If you have an A7n266-C....
7vrxp and athlon 2000 xp temps
soundstorm on analog speakers such as logitec z-640
My vdd result's
Abit Kr7a-133
best cost-effective, feature rich board?
AK79D Max looks good?
WHich gives better performance?
Best starting point for OCing a Tbred B 1700+ on the A7N8X dlx
how to remove nb heatsink?
ABIT KD7 Kt400
slk900 and nf7-s ... specia standoffs
Endless problems with A7V-333
Soltek SL-75FRN...Questions!
How can I improve SN41G2 cooling
8rda+ hanging at 7Fh code
bios update
Pics of my A7N8X Dl rig :) take a look!
Epox 8k3a and 1700+ tbred b
mb will not power-up
Dual PC2700 vs. single PC3200 on nForce2 boards
Best nforce2 motherboard???
looking for new mobo (sometime this year)
ever since i got this NF7s Rev1.2 i have been having the following problems
Epox EP8RDA+ mods
6Channel Audio
GA-7VRXP & higher Vcore
AGP8x and KT400 isue, will they fix it?
AGP 8x and KT400 issue, will they fix it?
do u have an asusmotherboard?
KT400 boards and PC3200
A7N8X 133->166 unlocking/overclocking problem