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Epox web site down ?
need all mods for a7v8x mobo(please)
kt133 and kt133a
Where is a good place to get the 8RGA+
Asus A7V133 and multipliers above 12.5
Newbe question
random rebooting problems
Boot and Clock Frequency Problem (FOC)
Best RAM for 8RDA+??
Flashing Bios!
MSI KT3V or Epox 8RDA
Force Boot
got my nf7-s 1.2!!
kx7-333r fsb's
A7V266-E no sound
Nforce2 bandwidth Vs. Intel/SIS P4 Dual Channel
A7N8X Deluxe VCore Mod, help!
abit nf7-s
Worth it?
NF7 S revision
Best mobos around 150$
HOT!!! The NF2 Southbridge is way too hot!!!
Optical Mouse won't Turn Off
KR7A133-R Problem
I read bout a 8rda+ new version coming out soon....anyone know when?
whats diff between 8rda+ and 8rda???
Me Stupid?
sata raid or do ide raid card on nf7?
Abit Kg7 mobo question
Beyond frustrated... pls help
Please check it out if you can.
Raid driver not loading
SOYO Dragon Ultra - Overclocking questions
SMBus connectors on EPOX 8rda+???
oc results on a 2400+ b and a7n8x
will the slk800a fit on the k7n2-L msi board?
NF7-S problems. Please help.
whats the fastest a ak31a can handle
A7N8XDLX - problems (mem & raid)
Poll: TbredB 2100+ with A7N8X Multiplier Issues
KX7-333 and 333fsb chips...
A7N8X Revisions
How does Nforce backup bios work?
Epox 8k5a2+ w/ Corsair 3200 C2 and Xp 2100+ AIUHBboot hang ;(
C1 error code? HELP QUICK PLEASE
MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU issues (LONG explanation)
I cant install the 3.2 drivers
A7M266-D & Vcore adjustment
Higher multis than 13?
NFS-7 VDD reads 1.81?
a7v333 qfan
How accurate is the volt setting for cpu on nf7-s?
KT7 3.3v question
new to oc / GA-7vaxp
bios flash gone wrong
Floppy Problems on K7N2-L
A7N8X DLX problem
Is anyone using XMS 3000 ram on the 8RDA?
well im screwed!
Those familiar with the KD7, have questions>>
8RDA+ Vcore multimeter check
Best Nforce Board
What memory??
Are the mountinmg holes on the NF7S 1.2 non-grounded???
How can I tell if its my northbridge keeping me back?
k7n2-L where should I put my 2 sticks of ram?
Installing motherboard
8rda+ & kingston hyperx 512 MB PC3200
failed bios flash, what to do?
WinFast K7nCR18GM mobo has poor TV-OUT
AMD slot A motherboard
VAXP - Need DEFINITIVE Answers (please help)
PC3000 on A7V8X
ram in bios
Where should I RMA of my 8rda+
8RDA(+) And Disabling ACPI
What BIOS for NF7S Rev 1.2?
XFX (PINE) Mobos, are they good?
Dead Bios EP-8K7A+!!!!
Can't get A7N8X onboard LAN to work for the life of me!!
No Beep and No Bios
GA-7VAXP Install XP with RAID 0
Any info is greatly appreciated!
Has anyone ever sent back a motherboard that the business said was not bad?
What size heatsink for the southbridge?
VAX(P) Northbridge cooling
New Motherboard
O/C Result: 8rda+, 2100+, OCZ PC3500 (DC)
Asus My logo
k7n2 vdimm settings problem
how do i..a7v333
Where to start?
8rga ...
Check out the supposed vvd mod done with a pencil
Duron can fix nforce Bios glitch?
Sound problems
Fan not detected
No Boot EP-8k7a+
anyone know how to change past 1.8v
How accurate is temp for cpu on nf7-s?
Dual Slot A Board
Which A7N8X BIOS?
A7N8X DLX problem
a7v266 MB w/ 1800+ palamino cpu
a7n8x and pc3200 memory
Vcore too high
am i doing this right?
Am i running in Dual Channel Mode?
plz help me
abit nf7 rev 1.2- deaths opinions
nforce2 + FSB
cannot get higher than 145Mhz FSB :-(
chipset cooling
IS the NF-7 ver. 1.2 that much better?
HeLP! 8rda+ wont post (16 error code)
8rda+ Hdd Led
Very Low Temperatures with Bios 8RDA3303
Need a northbridge HSF...
A7N8X won't start, it keeps shutting down
YES! 220FSB Sync 8RDA+ after VDD mod!
8rda with xp 1800+
Which Drivers ?
initial settings!
Onboard sound comparisson
a7v266 cd rom sound cable
Cold boot problem
flashing bios
Heatsinks to fit NF-7 ver 1.2??!!?
Highest FSB on Ultra2?
My new A7V8X
I never did connect the atx12v1 on my NF7s
RAM slots
VIA KT600 to be released Q2 2003....
Should I or shouldn't I
low 3dmark2003 scores?
A7N8X & Motherboard Monitor 5
DVD ripping problems on 8rda+
PC Upgrade help please
Nf7 Won't Boot!!!
A7V333 system failed memory test issue
SOYO H/W Monitor not reporting CHA fan speed
put a blue orb ON TOP of the 8rda+ northbridge hs?
asus a7v266 hdd led
do i need heatsink on sb?
12x175,16x133,10x180 and not faster??
12x175,16x133,10x180 and not faster??
Artifacts on 7VRXP with high fsb
fuzzy what?
no cold boot with High FSB
Okay, this is driving me nuts! LOL
Problem Hot Flashing
Gigabyte tech support
Where to get the abit nf7 rev 1.2
Left-click mouse to power up SOYO...!!!!
Need a new mobo for my 2100. Which one?
Which mobo for XP 2100
Overclocking Question.
This was wierd!!!
Is it just me !!!!!
XP overclocking chart V2
Epox 8RDA+ won't shutdown!!
New Soltek based rig
Unified System Diagnostic Manager help
A7N8X-dlx problem, pls help
XP overclocking chart.
Motherboard unlocking multies
so how the heck to i make a bootdisk in winxp to flash the a7n8x 1002A bios??????
Need help quickly!!!
What is a realistic overclock with this setup?
Epox 8rda+ and Fic AU11
Too chicken to do mb mods-so I buy premoded
Anyone using the SmartCard reader???
I got bit by the BIOS Bug!
does the a7v33 show higher temps?
8K5A3+ Video Problems
8rda+ won't post!! Code FF
Wow This Board Rocks
Iwill sata converter
Shuttle AK35GTR cpu ratio
Need 8K5a3+ VDD mod!
Hardware Docter turns off my cpu fan???
7VAXP Ultra - Restart Problems
Heatsink on southbridge
new 8rda+ combo - ready to start modding
o/c with 2100 th/b and A7N8X deluxe - please help!
Need help flashing bios on a a7v266!!!
please help me overclock or change the fsb....
A7N8X Deluxe onboard sound...
Guess who fixed his a7v333?
Boards supporting DDR400?
A7V333 Bios problem?
New twinmos, same fsb
Leadtek K7nCR18GM no sensors?
SLK-900u on NF7-S 1.2?
Windows hangs on boot with sata.. HELP!
A7n8x Fsb
Using the Windows BIOS flasher
Does any one know why?
MSI KT4V-L and a 1700+ T-Bred
Jetway v266b ??
a7n8x, and what to replace it??
chalk up a dead 8rda+
kt3 ultra + high fsb
8RDA+ and FSB above 220NHz
where does the nf7-s get its cpu temp from
nf71.2 vs 8rd/ga+ test/review!
BSOD during A7N8X-Deluxe setup
take a look at my setup whats best
2100+ and MB FSB won't go above 165???
Asus A7N8X Deluxe question...
Ga-7vaxp Help!!!
replacement for my a7n8x??
Got my NF7-S!
8rda+ recall ?
Problem with KT4?
8rda+ 3305 bios good?
RAID 0 on a 5a2+?
Can't boot to BIOS, but can when hardrive not connected
Advantage of using Serrillelo converter???
NF7-S and 2500 (barton)
Nforce showdown NF7 1.2 vs 8RDA+
How to disable RAID on NF7 1.2
New BIOS released for SN41G2
Have anyone modded your A7V333 North chipset w/ fan?
333 Xp2600
New Via driver!!!
KD7 and SLK-900
Nothing but 13x?
Mounting WB
K7N2 MS-6570 o/c features
screwed keyboard port?
8RDA+ and Alpha 8045T
not bad!!
A7N8X Boot up question
KD7 + GF4 + UT2003 -> locks - pls help!
K7S5A Won't Boot Past RAM Test
how do you guys like the NF7-S?
sis 748 to support 200mhz fsb
MBM 5 Temps/Sensors
New VIA 4in1 Hyperion 4.46 drivers
can nf7-m adjust chipset voltage?
settings for 7vaxp ultra
K8 Mainboard?
Very Low Temperatures with Bios 8RDA3303
Dead in 48hrs
mem for soltek nforce2
PS2 keyboard suddenly not working 8K7A :/
A7N8X Deluxe Spread Spectrum
Another new bios for the A7V8X
Anybody who HAS the Biostar M7NCG
Does 2100 tbred work in A7v266 mobo's?
Why can't I download the 1.6 BIOS??!
BIOS Corruption Advice for You!
best EPoX mobo
NF7-x BIOS 1.6 now official
I have two words HELL YEAH. MSI is my saviour
Serious problem with Nforce 2 chipset motherboards?
8rda+ good/bad
problem with K7N2G-L...
K7N2 heat problems
200MHz FSB on Kt4 Ultra
A7N8X Bios Flash??
8k3a or 8k5a2+ ?
166x13 on GA-7VAXP
flash bios
a7n8x w/ 2400+ first boot problems
Reference Boards
Overclocking AOpen AK75
nForce 2 RAID 0 with IDE hard drives
VDD mod ? about fsb
help me fix my usb
Is NF7-S Rev 1.2 Reporting CPU Temp High?
8k3A CPU temperature
k7s5a with geforce 3 problems
the a7n8x
Nvidias making a k8 chipset YAY
A7N8X startin to act funny now..
the best email i ever recieved!
At7-max and Athlon barton 3000
Can the NF7-s use RAID 0 without SATA?
multipliers on jetway v333 pro
on board sound weirdness
which nforce2 is best for my needs?
a7n8x need help!!!
A7V8X(beta bios 1012 seems to be stable)
Abit NF7 CPU related problem?
Does 8rda+ Includes C.O.P Technology..
Looking for Mobo Recomendations (cheap)
New bios for A7V8X
Which Board's Have The PCI Lock For O/C'ing?
A7N266-VM Problem
Ahhhh said the blind man..........
A7N8X woun't boot after changing Vcore
WTF???!! now I need some serious help here! :((
A7N8X Vcore mod
Rock solid mobo NEEDED! Help....
Nvidia admits Bios Problems and has a FIX! Nforce2 Users read on!
Question on the KR7A-133 and Tbred 1700+ "B"
GA-7VA multiplier
A7v8x - Great News
Setting the FSB too high on NF2's gives no POST
Ppl with DCDDR nForce2's come here
A7V8X vs A7N8X ...help...
K7N2-L & @2100+ TbrebB
i have a a7v333 rev 1......
Epox 8k3a BIOS
KT266 Pro
What controls power to the led in 8rda (plus other probs)
A7N8X and Barton question
First Overclock!!! I'm happy
Good Motherboard/Processor Combo
VDD and VAGP "Linked" per Epox Tech
1400/200 on a KT7-raid
a7n8x & fluxing Vcore
Thermalright SLK-900 on Abit KR7A - 133?
a7v333-x and ram timings
Fastest Processor for Epox 8k3a+?
kt3 vmod
200 FSB on 7VA(X)(P) setting via dip switches?
fic am37 ocing help
What memory to get?
Reaching your full potential overclock wise.
Anybody had any experience with the KM266 chipset?
Nforce2 memory bandwidth
Uber Duber Bloober bios.
Is it possible to make the A7V333-r have multiplie 12 or lower when using 2100+ on?
Stable Clock after a week
GA-7VAX Temp sensor locations
Chip above mosfets?
abit NF7 review
Will FIC accessories work with the 8RDA+
20x ?!?!?!?
220 FSB DC Sync with VDD Mod
7VRXP and memory setting
Epox 8RDA+ or ABIT NF7-S?
waterblock on nforce2 (what fits)
I need an Nforce 2 mobo with SoundStorm, which one? (Need one cheap)
nForce2 mobo for parents
SATA Raid Question for A7N8X Dlx
KX7 and T-breds
8rda+ help! freezing
I have killed it WAAAA! :(
Just tested voltage with uber bios.
6C difference from bios 3303 to 3305
A7V8X vs A7V8X-X
8RDA+ 2 issues: sound & timings
at7 max2
SY-KT400 DRAGON Ultra Platinum Ed. Question
KX7-333 vs. GA-7VRXP = Abit Suxs?!?
193+ FSB kills 9700Pro ???
Bios Flash Walkthrough?
Hitting 150FSB+ ON 7VAX
witch one do you think is better
New Via Hyberion 4.46 drivers out.
K7N2 running hot with volcano 7+
V7333 Update
KT400A Preview!
dif between 8RDA+ and 8RDA
Need Help
NF7S Beta v1.6 bios released.
8RDA & xp2100 0304
KD7 Temps...
Warning- Hot Mosfets on 8RDA+
I Need A 8k3a+
KT7A Raid (v1.0) and XP1900+
How loud is Vantec Iceberq Copper Chipset Cooling Kit.
NForce2 Asus 1.16 or Nvidia 2.03?
How to display temps instead of the ff on led screen?
Abit AT7
Nforce 2 cold boot after power loss problem?
so how do you know if you need vmod 8rda+
vcore on KT4 with TbredA
would you buy the kd7 raid?
Help me choose between these nForce2 Mobos:
Nf7 and mounting holes??
A7N8X *CPU* Voltage Mod
What is difference on NF7 with rev 1.2 and the normal one?
boot problem (8RDA+)
unlocking 2000+
overcurrent protection mod
Which ethernet is faster on A7N8X
Fan on Northbridge
KT400 w/ 1/6 divisor?
Do u have to have 2 ddr sticks in an Nforce2 mobo?
a7n8x AGP,PCI locks
Why do people clear the cmos after bios updates?
! can't get more than 174 fsb KX7
KT400 suckage.
Do I need to install drivers to get my cd rw working on this board?
2 fresh K7S5a PROS this week! I Cant wait!
DDR Timing Issues with the 8RDA+ ???
8RGA = winner?
The Cheaper Twinmos mem from MemoryX
Dual DDR
Epox 8k5A2+ I turned on my com with mouse click
Gotta say I am happy 200 fsb
8RDA+ Bios Guide???
how can u tell if an Nforce 2 mobo has SoundStorm?
Corupted bios? help EluSiOn
nForce-2 mobo choice
Barton cores and the kt400 mobos
Can a bad mobo cause a burning hot southbridge?
can't burn with 8rda+?
Over 166FSB with 8RDA+
hmm.. got this wierd mobo here.. where do i connect power sw and stuff..
can u help with settings?
Need 8RDA+ help friends
SN41G2 several question.
8rda+ And Twinmos pc3200
ASUS Rma's?
3303 and 3503?
Steps For 7VRXP @ 166 FSB?
Help updating BIOS
SLK-800 or 900??
8RDA+ help !
A7v-266-c + 2400+ = #%"#
Just got a second A7N8X
XMS Corsair PC3500 & A7V8X = HELP!
why is the 8rda+ so wanted
A7N8X Dlx 1002A?
broke something on my nf7-s...please help!
Ethernet Drivers A7N8X
KT7A might be dead.... :(
Burn in northbridge?
Need mainboard decision help
just oredred my 3rd NF2 mobo! what and why inside.
8rda+ VDD mod
8k3a+ and TT SLK 900
ABIT's New Products
system stats yea or nay
should i get the NF7-s or NF7
Crystal swapping ???'s
Volt mod and capacitor question about my KT7
Could it be...?
My dog has driven me to EPOX
overclocking XP200+ CPU
8RDA+ Can't Underclock mem C1 and alarms galore...
nforce 2 with raid?
nforce2 mATX... how many
8RDA+ performance just aint right
Is my Cpu to hot and chip clooing
HELP! A7V8X HELP! Plz.......
Best NB cooler for NF7s 1.2???
No thermal compound ?!
new 2700+ 8rda...keyboard dies after a few hours. Help
New 8RDA - Couple Probs
what do you guys think is a better buy?
A7V333 or A7V333 X/L
8rda+ and Raid..
Any downside to running 3 x 256 memory on 8RDA+
Divider Question
8RDA and SB Audigy problem
Does your voltage jump around a bit?
Fired up new Mobo and ********
AOpen AK79D
K7N-2 questions
NF7 FSB help. save my sanity please
Uber Bios for A7N8X help !!!
8rda+ vdim questions
which of these mobos? Abit KD7A, ASUS A7V8X, or Epox 8K9A2?
why isn't the k7n2-L a more popular mobo choice?
Epox vs Abit?
DRAM Voltage won't stay at 2.7v ?!?!?!?
Help I need a notherbridge hsf for a7v266!!!
Mem speeds with 512mb Kingston PC2700?
Does abit nf7-s have the same heat problems as epox?
What's the ABit nforce 2 to get?
Mods for Epox 8rda+
OFFICAL 3d mark scores... 8RDA only please...
KT4 Ultra Bios 1.3 overclocking?
Drawbacks to NF-7 ???
KT333 vs KT400 vs NForce 2?
What is the SPD650 Card?
need a nforce2 board with sound storm
A7N8X Deluxe wont post
Difference between A7N8X and A7N8X-Deluxe
a7n8x - probs w/ flashin' an8b102a.awd
reboot caused by overheating?
Ok, so now I got the board working how do I....
help in choosing mobo
8RDA C1 error
k7s5a pro dilema
The "Cold Boot" problem....
Multiplier Lock on A7N8X???
abit nf7-s volt problems