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I was wondering.......
asus a7a266 vs. SOYO KT333 Dragon Ultra Platinum
Tiny little a7n8x question
8rda+ & xp2200@11.5x166 not real smooth
SL-75FRN and Dual DDR
CHAINTECH 7njs bios
Trouble with OC'ing K7T Turbo 2
help with uber bios
Help Flashing BIOS
Cpu interface?
First Overclock... am I doing this right?
Can't set voltage on K7N2
A7N8X Mosfet....Hot as heck!
Plz Help!!! 5.1 Surround + A7N8X Deluxe
a7vm mobo
actual voltage readings
Floppy Error code 40
A7V333 THOROUGHBRED compatible????
On-Die Sensor NF2 Boards
A7n8x O/c...
Poll: How has no PCI on a VRXP using a T-bred "B" CPU?
Just got 8RDA+ and 3.3 rail is down....
best mobo
Argh. I can't make up my friggin mind!!!
Really need some help guys my bios cpu temp says 57c
New Bios for 8RDA+ 3303 but beware
whats with the k7n2-L always saying mcp mcp-T optional?
I may sound stupid but what 1/5 divider mean??
oh crap....
Corsair XMS in A7N8X
Burning question.
dead 8rda walking,dead 8da walking
KT7A bios mod
Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus - Which TB to use?
Power Supply Issue w/ KT400
Asus probe vs bios reading temps.
New 8RDA+ bios
How accurate are the tempreading on a 7VRXP
Albatron KX400-8X problems
A7V333 Memory voltage jumpers?
All multipiler on RDA+
8rda+: OCZ 3500 El or Twinmos 3200 w/ Winbond?
Bios resets after shutdown
Do all agp 8x boars have 3.0agp?
Difference between a7v8x and a7n8x?
A7N8X Deluxe chipset voltage
Anyone suing MBM 5 on their A7N8X-D?
8rda+ How many fans???
Thinking about the NF7... Hearing good things...
A7N8X Video Card Problem
Ok I am late to the Mod Party :)
Recommend me an nforce2!!
8RDA+ Thermal Images
Do default settings require more heatsinks?
Is the k7n2G-iLsr better then the....
nForce2 and PCIx? Is there any mfg'er out there?
Need opinion on mobo
NF7 questions
Info on KT400A with benchmark tests (faster then nforce2 chipset)
Which drivers for 8rda+
8rda mosfet heatsinks
anyone here have problems with intgrated video
On board Audio/Video?
Just got 2 A7N8X Deluxe boards.....My resaults...
Finally another upgrade thanks to you guys!
settings to work later
Just how correct is this Asus Probe on A7n8x?
Asus Wins!
Am I missing something
DIP switch question on 7axp ultra
Needing help on a new system
I bought an msi k7n2G-iLsr
GA-7VAXP slow?
random reboots?
K7s5a/ Xp 2400+
Best Bang/Buck Mobo, CPU, Graphics Combination
A7N8X and glitchy Video/sound/mouse
overclocking help for amature
A7N8X (non Deluxe) temp problem
7VAXP Ultra -- Problems rebooting
8RDA+ problem...
can the at7-max2 run barton ( y/n)?
Asus update
K7V-T Overclockable????
These are the MotherBoards I am considering:
Best Motherboard PCB color?
NForce2 Bios corruption
How to save 8rda bios settings ???
8K5A2+ Burnt up (literally!)
Does NF7-s(rev1.2) unlock T-bred B +1700 or +2100?
Looking for new motherboard...
need help! 8rda+ problems
never had this prob now I do can not burn getting error
Wanna be prepared for my new 8RDA comming.
Which 8rda+ drivers to use?
AT7-MAX2 and 200MHz fsb
ABIT NF7-S v1.2 OR Epox 8RDA+ ?
What can is good MHz with g7vrxp 1.1 & xp 2200+?
8rda+ : mem speed readings in windows ?
Overclocking lowers my cpu speed
motherboard overclocking help!
Yes! Yes!...No! NO! NO! (8rda+ trouble)
KT4 Ultra max fsb
Where to start.
Which memory for High FSB ocing on a ASUS A7N8X
mem slots and sata
Soltek Nforce2 Board / Vid Card Problems
I just swapped a P4 mobo & CPU for AMD...do I need to format?
I've hit the wall with my A7N8X I think
8rda+ can't boot...
Meed help Jetway V226B
A7N8X- Why does everyone run at sync or as close as possible?
Soltek 75FRN-L any good?
8K5A2, CPU diode
Abit KD7 or the Epox 8K9AI, which one should i get?
A7N8X (ver 1.04) Can't flash BIOS, can't load Windows
VDD mod question.
Epox moving?
Does the Epox 8K9AI have 6 channel integrated sound?
does the EP-8K9AI have 6 channel integrated sound?
Can someone post a link to the bios guide?
So Confused
So... who wins. 8rda+ with VDD mod? or a7n8x with VDD/VCore/VMem mod?
When are KT400A boards expected?
Iwill xp333 chipset fan problems
Any complaints that i should know about the Epox EP-8K9AI?Epox EP-8K9AI?
Any complaints that i should know about the Epox EP-8K9AI?Epox EP-8K9AI?
more nforce 2 boards coming, when?
Need help with voltage mod
Disappointing 5V mod with A7N8X
K7N2g network probs
I need a good mobo for $85
New A7N8X Problem
dimm1+dimm2 overclocks higher than dimm1+dimm3 for nforce2 MB?
help with AZZA 366A-AV
System Idle Temperature: 46 C (7VAXP)
Help needed please
Can't get over 160, Any help?
Soltek Golden Flame,I need help
What to do after 1st Boot Up?
a7n8xDX- fsb- only 100/133/166??
2 x 256 or 1 x 512 for a7n8x dlx?
hhhm sound problem with 5.1 set up
slk-900+kt3 ultra
Need cheap OnBoard everything
K7S5A Pro 5.0 won't boot
With Vdd Mod Im @ 221 fsb
A7V333 fan monitor not working?
a7n8x temps again
8rda+ Cannot boot-Dead Bios Chip?
A7N8X (ver 1.04) CAn't flash, can't load windows
AT7MAX2 CHipsets
K7S5A Bios By Honey X
A7V266-E watercooled with the hots!!!!
How to setup NF7-S (v1.2) Bios?
What a diffrence
8RDA+ optional features
Is a low 5V line hampering my o/c?
So far, so good. But..
rda8+ no overclocking
My NF7 Won't Boot, No fans spin, no power to the board!!!
Remove password from bios?
KT Ultra BIOS version 5.7. Barton only on KT3 Ultra 2???
MSI KT4V report temp correctly?
au11 and 8rda+
Kt7-raid (non A) Xp2100+ Question
VAXP Ultra and Crucial 2700 ?
Driver Install
question concerning memory ddr400
Whats up with the clips on the NB of 8rda/+
DDR 400 seting for VAXP
Need MB recommendations
Abit NF7-S questions?
GA-7ZXE & 1700+ Tbred
Need some help.....
KT7A rev 1.0
Finally The Voices Have Stopped!!
8rda ? about mainboard temp
What a difference a motherboard makes!!!! (8rda+)
fast writes and sideband addressing
Does the crystal orb fit the 8rda+ w/o modification or not? I need a quick response
What's new in the ga-7axp 1.2 revision?
Any Nforce2 boards have RAID?
Want to buy 8KHA+
ATA133/udma6 can't be enabled in win2k with 8rda
Dual Channel
Temperature Reading?
i have 2 hs and a a7n8x delx, can u use raid?
1002A bios
Major problem with new board
I just bought an EP-8RDA+
A7N8X DLX BIOS flash
7vrxp mod info plz.....
Whats wrong with the mobo market?
Some cool 8rda thermal pics
Hoots mod.
8RDA+ - memory or NB limitation?
A7N8X/IE6 or AOL frequent reboots
HardDrive Corruption
Newegg & 8rda+
7vrxp and higher multi's
Voice reporter
FIC AT31 Fusion
A7N8X DLX/GD oc problem
wrong voltage reading on 8rda+
Raid setup on A7N8X from a7v266e
8rda+ +5v ?
2400 at 13x166 on 8RDA+
Just did the vdd mod!
KT4V, or K7N2???
ASUS PROBE-- are these temps right!
Power fan below threshold????
Ram question
Anybody else here running the APOGEE???
Asus A7N8X or MSI KT400? Or an Epox??
EPOX 8K3A+ to the Soltek Golden FLame
Ecs L7s7a2-l
does anyone use a 8k5a2+ with a 200GB hdd
K7S5A and MBM5
I/O jumpers ?
Does the Abit nf7-s Have seral ATA raid?
A7V333-X vdimm mod needed from Modders.
A7N8X Vcore voltmod..?
8rda+ keyboard and bios problem!?!
8kha+ problems with xp2100 tbred
8RDA+ Bios Settings Questions for OCing
Who wants the 166 option on VAXP Ultra
8rda+ bios definitions..
New AMD Bandit Needs Your Help
Do you use dual channel while you overclock?
Fast Command?
Epox 8RDA+
Going back a bios revision mess up raid?
Upgraded to Athlon XP 2400+, system is dead
GA-7VA Memory Bandwidth
windows xp wont boot with 8rda+
Abit KG7-R 2000+ Tbred
Only 200
212mhz fsb killed my hard drive
MBM values for A7N8x
fsb=190 require active cooling on nb on 8RDA mobo?
Something very wrong is going on!!!
3com nic
8K9AI any good? 8K9A?
question all
temp question for 8kha+
Video Card Compatability
Over my head
8rda and 2.03 drivers problem.
1700+ and 8k3a
1700+ and 8K3a
Need some help w/ sensors and MBM5
best everything-onboard mobo
8rda+ and one stick of ram..
Best KT400 motherboard?
Vdd mod and Northbidge/southbridge Cooling
A7N8X overclock tools ?
How do I check 8RDA+ board rev?
need help with compaq presario 5220
A7N8X Vcore Mod safe voltage?
at7 max
What is you voltage regulator IC on GA-VA(X) board?
8rda+ and Maxtor problem.
A7N8X and MBM5
Help with Dragon Lite + 1700 Tbred B
QFAN is now working! BIOS 1002A Final
Nforce2 or KT400
FAST!!! how do I clear CMOS with EP-8k5a3+
I'm a noob to the board but uhh not OC :)
New A7N8X BIOS -- 1002A Final is out now!
8RDA+, the most irritating mobo I've ever come across?
Leadtek WinFast K7NCR18G-Pro
On-board Sound and the 8rda+
Installed XP 2400 can't boot to windows
Help with K7N2 Pls!!!
restarts as soon as windows loads
OC'ers of the NF7-S HELPS!
Abit KX7-333R
333 Vs 400
MSI Integrated sound card??
A7N8X deluxe and no leds activity
8rda/8rda+ Faq
Prime 95
Are the springs on the NB on epox 8rda+ supposed to be fully compressed?
Soyo SY-K7V Dragon +
I need some help with my Abit KD7-G
8rda+ and Volcano Slimline 8 + TBred2100+OC
How much juice is 2 much?
is my board partly dead? help....
Transfer Rate between A7N8X Del and Epox 8rda+
Which Mem is Best for A7N8X ?
anyone used ecc reg on NF7
Booting to FSB of 170!!
What is the best??
a7n8x wont run windows, gets lock
8rda+ Revision Numbers?
My 8RDA oc results
I just bought the MSI K7N-2 board! Need help
Will raising my Chipset voltage hurt my board?
A7N8X Revisions overclocking differences
Temp. question
Help with ASIII on northbridge
Which is better for o/c 1002 beta or 1200 final??
A7N8X - HD led connector - Where is it?
Why can't I reach 166fsb on NF7-S 1.1?
God Bless AMD
windows finds new hardware BUT.....
Epox 8RDA+ memory quetion
Will a Voodoo3 work on a KT400 mobo?
amd.com giving incorrect A7V333 specs???
normal? temperatures
need help with mod 8rda+
need some help with NF7-S stability at high FSB
Vantec Iceberg & Ram questions...
PCI lock
Any Ideas!!!
xp 1700+ vs Albatron KX400+PRO
Some opinion please between A7N8X DL and 8RDA+
HyperX PC3000 512 - AT7 Max Stability Issues
2100+ @ 2.3Ghz but...
A7N8X Deluxe won't shut down need your help!
8RDA+ USB 3 doesnt work... Help!
Soltek SL-75FRNL and RJ-45 connection or Alternative??
FYI 8k5a2+ higher multipliers Happy Overclocking!remapped
Epox's bios update frequency?
Why does A7N8X-D IDE consume 60% CPU?
GA-7VAX rev 1.2 and changing the fsb to 166Mhz
argh...argh...argh... MORE POWER
Elusive 200fsb
Just curious memory scores sissoft test
Leadtek winfast nforce2
damaged ram or damaged mobo?
BIOS question on 8RDA board
Asus A7N8X or Abit NF7 rev. 1,1..
Anyone try these chipset coolers?
Kr7a 2100 B
8rda+'s, are there alot of problems??
Customer Service
8RDA+ and pci lock?
What performance memory settings should i have?
166 FSB on 7VAXP???
A7n8X + OCZ 3500 + high FSB = "%#%&"
soltek golden flame nforce2 AGP/PCI lock??
got a refurb A7N8X
Big problems with BIOS among other things...help please!!!
can samsung ddr pc2100 get into 200Mhz FSB ? help !!
My asus a7v-266e problems with 512mb ram stick!
Can't get 8rda vcore past 1.5!!!!
FSB on A7A266
2.15ghz hate me
NF7-S voltage problems talk at ABIT-USA forum
8rda+ and front usb use
Error while installing windows xp on 8RDA
Asus A7V8X BIOS help...........
Weird multiplier happenings on 7VAXP 1.1 F10
MBM5 Temp Sensors and 8RDA+
USB won't work over 137Mhz FSB
8RDA not making it through post
Project Finished
Noobs is a bit overwhelmed, needs a lil' helping hand.
Silence your Northbridge and overclock higher!
A7V8X bootup
Are you happy with the K7N2-L?
ASUS A7N8X vs. Epox 8RDA+ vs. Giga-byte 7vaxp
a7n8x overclockers please answer...
K7N2-L with PCI video
6/2/1 Divider
fan speeds...??
flashing the bios
Acme mobo search engine
crystal orb on nb?
The 8RDA+ and Nforce
I got BEEF w/ MSI
OC xp2100 on 7vaxp question
Ok, so how many got a good one?
Picked up a new HD... time to fire up this NB3...
cold boot PROBLEMS! A7N8X DL
temp monitoring
AGP 8X question with a KD7
8RDA I/O plate prongy things makes it not fit
Help, my A7N8X Deluxe won't o/c...
Epox 8RDA or 7VJL-Apogee
Vcore Mod to A7N8X
What are the corect dimms for daul on NF7 board
got my 1700 screaming along real nice just a couple questions
Non bootin epox 8k5a3+ - could use some input
Shuttle SN41G2 Bare Bone Sys
how does the 8k3a+ get its temps?
K7T266PRO2-RU Memory Setup
A7N8X FSB Multiplier etc. works weird
Help with Jetway830cf
Did this K7S5A die
Overclocker Abit Kd7
temperature question
Vmod'd A7n8x-dlx VS Vmod'd 8RDA+
Sound on EP 8RDA+
easytune4 onGA-7VA problems
Optical SPDIF connector in 8K5A2+ question
A7n8x-dlx Videocard Issue!
Safe or Not ?
8RDA+ not posting?
8RGA+ vs. 8RDA+
Can all 8RDA (+) do 200 FSB Stable vddmod free?
k7s5a *PRO* flashable with OCing BIOS?
Slow Drive Performance with A7N8X
Mother Board Monitor and Epox 8rda issue
Having prob with FSB!!
KD7-raid problem.... 1700+
Msi Kt4 Ultra
thinking about changing mobo, need options?
couple question's bout 8rda+...just got it
BIOS version 1002 (A7n8x Deluxe) ??
5 Volt Mod, Didnt do VDD Mod
Dual channel on 8rda
8RDA+ or A7N8X-dlx for my T-bird 1.33\266 "axia"
WCPUID and Epox 8RDA+
8K9A - not sure what is wrong or if this is the right place for it
Does the MSI KT4 Ultra come with IDE ports too or just serial ata ports?
Chaintec 7NJL1 can it overclock?
ddr not working
KT400 Platinum Ed. Help
Whats the differ between 8dra & 8dra+
I Don't Get It
Two problems on 8RDA+ based system
new 8rda+ owner, tips please
Trimmer ?
How to reset the cmos on the a7v8x mobo
Lostcircuits Multiplier Unlock Mod
vdd max voltage
I'm having a maaaaajor problem please help!
a7n8x with 1GB of RAM ??
What are my chances of hitting 2.2ghz with 8rda + tbred B?
A reminder for this section. Please READ!
epox 8rda+ memory speeds
which slots to use for dual DRR a must read!!
Twin X... the future of Nforce? post your comments here.
8RDA question
need help with NForce 2 decisions...
what happened to Iwill????
nForce2 XPC, SN41G2. FSB 185MHz stucked
Weird experience with A7N8X
Asus or Gigabyte?
K7N2-L Fast Write Problem
As I wait for my Hard drive...
MSI Live UPDATE Live BIOS/Live Driver
QUick Plz, MSI 745 Ultra problem
8RDA+ and Hyper X PC3000 DDR? Help Please...
Getting 2100+, how which mobo?
overcloking a K7N420Pro
Abit RMA Service = Morons
Mosfet cooling
ddr400 and a7n8x
2800 & 3000, 512 cache
temp difference between diode and in socket
kg7-raid with tbred-B?
7vrxp and a 2100 Tbred B
KD7 and "unlocked" Tbreds
Best ddr400/PC3200 AMD board
KX7333r Ram Problem.
Well I wasn't going to do it but....
On 8RDA+ M/B which memory banks should I use for Sync (100fsb)?
Bios that unlock Tbreds "B" for Abit and MSI boards
reliability question
A7N8X Cold Boot Problem (when overclocked)
Very dissapointeed with my 8RDA and 2100+
OCZ PC3500 EL on NF7-S
What does this mean?
mbm5 sensors
FSB > 200 MHZ with A7N8X Deluxe
Nforce 1 vs. Nforce 2
Does K7S6A support sse Tbred?
bios is not correctly identifying my CPU
Epox 8RDA+ vcore max voltage?
shuttle o/c forum all dried up!
nb and sb cooling?
8k5a2+ and 2100 B=no upper multipliers
VDD stock is 1.6
YAY my USB 2.0 isn't working!
A7V333 Memory problem
Flashing my A7N8X
8rda Mod Pic's
8rda Continuous Siren
Cheap mobo for a 1900+?
No Memory Controll, Only Volt. On 7VAXP Ultra ?
Has anyone ever gotten their K7S5A to work at 166/166 or 133/166???
BIOS seeing 1 of 2 proc? why?
K7s5a onboard s-s-sound sk-sk-sk-skips
what cpu will my mobo support?
Urgent Help!!!