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K7s5a onboard s-s-sound sk-sk-sk-skips
what cpu will my mobo support?
Urgent Help!!!
EPOX 8K3A+ or 8RDA
Your KT133 board might run the 2100+ tbred
Another new A7N8X owner! (since today) ;)
KT3 Ultra ARU and 2100+ Tbred
AT7-MAX2 or NF7-S
A7N8X vs A7N8X Deluxe
A7N8X multi problem
K3T Ultra overclock settings
5 Volt Mod
If I can run 200fsb now, whats your guess when the VDD mod is complete?
OC Experience with AK37?
Problems with Asus A7N8X
Small KD7-Raid quiz
Memory Timings to Use
Has anyone tried this with nf2 mobos?
does the 8RDA epox show negative temps?
this may have been asked before
mobo wont recongize a 60 gig
Has anyone gotten 2 PC3200 ram sticks to work in an A7V8X???
Where can I get that latest BIOS
dead A7N8X count
Don't you just love this
changing cpu settings via mobo
A7N8X DL bios 1001.G
I got the New K7S5A PRO 5
What is the best nforce2 IGP board?
Things just got BAD... REALLY BAD...
Got my 8RDA+ in today
Kd7 Bios
It Verks!
What is Multi and FSB
Epox 8RDA (non-+) error "01"
K6S7A owners please read
Arrrggghhh!! Make it stop!!!
which ami flash rom should I use
GA-7VAX PLL and BIOS questions
big with coeff multi
where can i buy for less than $20 of "SMD Grabber "???
1/5 Dividers on AK35GT2 not there?
Whohoo! Doh!
Whohoo! Doh!
Whohoo! Doh!
NF7 Problem
How good is Gell memory whith the nf7 board
A7V333 New bios version. 1016 final released.
A7N8X 5 Volt Mod
Two Or Three Ram In A7N8X?
Epox 8RDA+ or Abit NF7-S Rev 1.2?
NB Heatsink snapped off...
Finally got a A7N8X mobo
XP333R & ATI AIW 9700 Pro
should ibuy the nft-s???
Arggg one of those weeks
AT7-MAX2 temp readings in winxp?
System temp of 60 on Abit max2 motherboard seems high!
Weird Temp Reading
To rma or not
8rda gaming problem
New Comp. with Specs. -INFO NEEDED
Best Nforce2 Motherboard
Hey guys, I think i got a problem.
Highest safe VDD voltage?
CPU Database
Will this help ???
AT7 FSB Overclock Question
ECS MoBo monitor?
all-in-one motherboard
vdd mod is done
What caused this?
8K9AI 1/6 divider?
Problem with overclocking
Asus A7N8X help!
Have to choose
8RDA+ memory question
Windows utility to change FSB and clock o nthe fly?
A7N8X, A7N8X Delux, or A7N266-VM?
200 FSB and VDIMM Question
flashing BIOS w/ a CD...
745 Ultra stop grant/halt command?
Flashing BIOS
any help would be great
Is that A7V333 really have 1/5 divider or CPU/PCI ratio really work?
Dragon KT333 Ultra Black
Max voltage on KT3Ultra2?
well I have got it all together now ? fer 8RDA+ pros
Question on some BIOS options
8rda questions
No Sync option in A7N8X Deluxe BIOS
KT400a chipset??
Should I Get a Asus A7N8X mobo ?
What needs to be uninstalled to change the Mobo
Looking for new Mother board
help! A7N8X dlx dead?
5th L3 bridge blowing on tbred1700+ B
Whats going on here? LESS performance with 190FSB than 166???
SOYO Dragon+ weirdness
NE1 get this annoying error..or can explain it?
agp question
8rda vs 8rda+
vdd mod clarification.
VDD mod Help PLZ !!!! :eek:
Asynch works only in one direction?
Incorrect Temp readings on ABIT NF7-s
will the nf7-s run and unlock the 2800+ barton
A7N8X-D & Smart Media Reader
Just happen to me bud !!
Nvidia nForce Driver set question
Abit AT7 rev 1.2 and xp2100B
8rda+ problems
Easy Tune 4 problems? Please help?
Has Anyone Reached 466MHz FSB?
+204 Fsb , Screen Artifacts..Any Tips..?
vaxp and 9700 pro
Nforce2 board 200fsb mod free ?
Lost Operating System AGAIN:
help please on Sata install
KT7A and Tbred processors
is a7n8x dlx sound better than 8rda+?
Changing vcore with 8rda..
8k5a3+ and 1700+ T-bred
A7V333 use with Corsair xms PC3200??
214mhz FSB on 5/1 divider....safe?
MSI 6380E - KT3 Ultra2
A7N8X Noob Help Please!
GA-7VRX rev2.0
Dual Channel DDR
L41 component on A7V266
Please help!! Need advice on CHEAP board..
nforce2 memory question
amd 3000+
MSI K7T Turbo2
#1 overclockable mobo
8k5a2+ S/PDIF Input / Blouetooth
how do i get it to display mine devices as ide instead of scsi on 8rda+?
negative temps on 8rda+
ECS k7s5a V1.x upgrade?
Need advice on Memory Frequency
lockup question...
a7v333 IDE loading..
Question on the KT400 Dragon
Newbie - Wanting to overclock, Help please.
Abit NFT-S running dual ddr question plz respond
What is Your system Temp? for a KT4-VL
no boot or flash
Abit KD7 Question
Need Help with MB
recommend a feature-rich board
3.3v line question
PLZ I need help bad !!!!
ECS K7S5A FSB jumper
Whats up with sensor three???
8RDA, latest nVidia drivers, and mup.sys
KD7 FSB, pci/agp question
Volt Mod for K7N2G-L?
Which driver set for A7N8X Deluxe
GA7vax and dividers
8RDA and win98 problems with ACPI
A7N8X Bios
New Bios for NF7-NF715
Has anyone tried 4 hole mounting heatsinks on the KD7?
A7V333 hookup USB 1.1 to Antec case?
Help in plain english, PLEASE !!!
What's wrong with my A7V333?
Epox 8RDA+ PR rating...
New PC compatiblility
F11 for the 7vaxp
EP-8K9A or KT333 ?
8RDA+ Linux
Does anyone offer volt modding services on A7N8X-DD boards and what is a grabber?
Post here with screenshots if your at 200fsb or higher.
Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Plat. OC Bios???
M810DLU v5.2c
can do 200fsb a7n8x, need advice
Help Needed - 8RDA+ FF Code
8RDA+ problems
FIC AU11 mobo = 8RDA+ in disguise!
Which software can i trust for temps and cpu speed mhz?
Nf7-S - nForce Revision 1.2 Released
Lost keyboard and Mouse
So far so good
8rda wont do higher multis
Sync or 100% which is better???
K7S5A & athlon xp 1700+ (0.13)
8k3a owners, check this out..
IO Panel is big pain
Does the KT4VL have all mults for TbredB
8rda at 225mhz dual channel 5,2,2,2!!! awsome speed!!
My 1st asus MB is DOA? a7n8x-d no boot
8RDA unlocks Tbred B?
epox 8rda+ gf ti 4200
Stupid Question: Nforce2 driver package
abit kd7
AMD A7N8X Questions/Decision
No idea what this bios option does...
8rda+ and pc3200c2 issue
Asus NF2 Board used for official Barton benchmarks.
KT7A and Tbreds
A7N8X dlux - Can U Help?
Low Sandra Multimedia 8k3a+
Epox 8RDA+
Does the 8RDA+ have the manual on the driver CD?
slk-800..will it fit?
Tbred A & A7N8X
PC problem
Dimensions of the 8RDA+ NB & SB chips?
VDD mod questions
tbred in ga7zxr
8rda+ sound riser card question
8RDA+ Vs. A7N8X
Beep codes
MOBO with COP ?
mounting board
xp 2100 and kt7 (non a)
A7N8X raid?
Unlock the 2600?
anyone haveing a prob useing an ide card on a7n8x?
MS-6390, never much talk about it...?
chache on 8rda mobo ?
Overclocking Video Card
help getting above 150fsb on A7N8X
BUS Measurement for A7V333
8rda+,, worth the upgrade?
KT7A owners...
Where is the board temp sensor on the 8RDA+ located?
Multipler on Asus A7n8x
hey folks, comments on ai61 mobo???
AIUCB worse than I thought
VDD Mod Guide? - A7N8X
Has anyone tried the lost circuts MB unlock?
Asus A7N8X work w/ SLK-800?
3dmark 2003 is out.
a7n266 with xp1800
Why are ide devices listed as scsi on epox 8rda/+
Running 2100 @ 2300 stable it that the best ?
an b&m epox retailer
MBM and A7N8X Works!!
A7V333 Only goes to 1.8vcore??
how is the 8K9AI motherboard for OC?
can i mount 2 mcx462's on the k7dmaster-l?
8rda timing and kingston hyper x?????
can't decrease the multiplier
8rda ram and bios cacheable ?
The ultimate horror
How to tell which Bios I have?
another annoying monitor problem
Epox 8RDA+ and ATI Radeon 8500le problems?
please help setup my new A7N8X-D
Nforce2 and MBM5 work?
epox 8rda+ nb/sb cooling
Newegg refurb Abit AT7 and KD7 $48 & $49
A7V266-E chipset fan screw?
8rda help needed
2100+ Crazy Chip
Highest fsb for 8k5a2+
how specific can the k7dmaster-l overclock?
Installed a new A7N8X and my cdrw will not work.
8RDA+ cooling mods, everything seem ok?
Stupid BSOD help...
CPU at 25C on AIR...somthings not right here...
Why such high A7V333 temps???
Borked board: Where should I RMA to?
funky shutdowns...
serious 8rda+ problems
Where to buy heatsinks/thermal paste/ etc...
fan speed reading on KD7
Gigabyte 7zxe, no post
A7V266-E Adjusting Vdimm?
Ga-7vaxp Rev 1.2
kg7 and tbred 1800
A7N8X FYI with Xp2600
A7V333 Vdimm voltages explained
GA7VKMLS Gigabyte board
Help on NorthBridge Tempurature
Flashing the A7V33 to 1016.002 question
Cant get more power unless i use mutilpier ?
odd BSOD on shutdown or restart
8rda trouble
4.1 on A7V333's onboard CMI sound?
Does Q-Fan Tech work with A7N8X?
kg7 -lite processor support
Problem Installing KG7-Raid board
Motherboard Monitor Diode 127C ????
A7N8X 5 volt mod
FF runs constant after boot. I guess im starting to get curious...
epox-8K7A __supportivity
Help me 8rda I love it but dont understand
Just installed new Iwill bios for XP333R
Ok now what...
wierd xp boot problem
Right temp asus prob or bios?
Hey Maxima
Kingston HyperX RAM
kt7 mboard & 1.4 athlon chip
8RDA/+ Mobo OC discovery (still in investigation)
:( Need some help, I think I got my 2nd bad 8RDA+
8khal fastest processor?
A7N8X - Can't Change the Multipliers
OC n00b could use some advice
Which prog can I use to see Real cpu Mhz
FSB vs Clock speed????
8rda & twinmos
Iwill xp333 and Tbred-barton?
Problems with caps bursting mystery
Overclocking My 2100+ and 8RDA, need to know what is safe and what is dangerous.
need help with my setup
8RGA+ Has VDD Adjust In Bios!
How to remove NB on A7N8X
Does flashing too much kill BIOS?
8rda and nvidia universial drivers HELP!!!!!!
A7N8X port question
Amaze me and see if you can fix my problem
8rda+ or A7n8x Deluxe
what board should I get?
8rda + winme
Running Memory MHZ faster than fsb
No 149fsb on 8RDA+?
8rda or 8rda+
Can mbm use the xp temp sensor on the 8rda+?
200 FSB steps for 8RDA+ newbie please?
If SouthBridge on 8RDA is A3, will NorthBridge Be A3 Also?
8K3A+ Bios for xp2400 tBred
A7V8X vs A7V333
A7V333 Voltage Regulator Output Limit (3 pin VID)
anyone running an 8kha+ with a tbred b 2100+?
Wow, Shuttle XPC SN41G2 for $295??
motherboard asus or gigabyte
Can anyone burn CDs w/ 8RDA?
What happened?
8rda help
BOO!!! 1.6 volts!
IT'S ALIVE!! I got my 8RDA+ working again I think.
I R.M.A.'ed my XMS Ram... and bought some winbond pc3200...
Onboard NIC driver installation help
best mobo
"Pertinent memory settings (R & W)" ?
how do I flash bios without the floppy drive?
A7V266e and Tbred 2100+ ??? please help!
A7V8X to A7N8X.........
The Best AMD Overclocker?
a7n8x and 2600 says 1250
USB 2.0 Jumpers
New system built, but problems
Quick questions: MSI KT3 owners above 12.5 multi- PLEASE HELP ASAP!
Motherboard recommendation/help
2.03 Unified Driver Package on 8RDA+
Can I see HD activity in a Raid setup ??
I can't get past 147fsb
URGENT! Does KD7 Support XMS3500 512MB?
VDD on A7N8x?
What mobo would be best for me?
msi kt3 ultra2 newbie lil help
A7V driver problem
A7V333 multiplier question?
A7v8x Faq & Answers !!!
A7V8X Bois update ?
Help needed!!!
1002 Final can't oc FSB?
How to cut ramsinks
A7N8X and Max Ram speeds
8RDA andPCI universal serial bus,ACPI IRQ Holder
usb on 8k3a+
Motherboard suggestion
K7S5A bios setting
Ordering 8rda+ soon have some questions
Memory setup for EP-8RDA+
Differences between 8RDA & 8RDA+?
ACR Slot?
Q on 8rda+ PCI lock
100-133 FSB Jumper setting
A7V333 won't work well with 2 piece of Corsair?
Bios updates Q for 8rda+
odd problem with 8rda+
Lapping the Northbridge...Sounds dangourous
News on the power readings for A7N8X
Low max FSB (KT133A)
Winbond 1, 2, and 3? Help.
probs with PC3200 ram on KT400 Black Ultra
dose the 8k5a3+ unlock multi on thoughbreds?
MBM5 What is it?
Buying epox 8rda board...
new 8k9a2 plus "going big for the boss"
Broken a7v333
A7N8X DX - BIOS issues
stepping on epox motherboard?
A7N8X Delux FSB Spread Spectrum
K7s6a not working with Tbred B 1700+
Having many problems A7n8x/ram
i need help with an old a-open board.
8K5A2+ & 1700+ JIUHB=w00t!
help needed please
8RDA+ question
Chances of getting NB Version 3...
A7V333 with no firewire chip
NVIDA and MSI k7t266 need pixy dust!
KX7_333r SoftMenu III problem
When will the 1/5 Divider kick in at?
New board-- 8RDA?
8KHA+ and 12.5 multi?
GEIL and EPOX 8RDA+ Probs!!!
Palomino with Asus A7N8X
Asus A7N8X or Epox 8RDA
AGP/PCI lock and Mem settings
a7n8x non-dlx + 2100+
Bad POST artifacts @ 200 FSB....
+12V out of threshold -dangerous?
Best Motherboard out?
Asus AtN8x comes with case sticker? please answer
Shuttle Ak31 - Post Your Stories
A7N8X Which bios and drivers 1.16?
A7N8X and FSB
My Harddrives are fighting
GA-7vaxp : High and normal Preformace:
8RDA+ and 2100+ TbredB 2100+ @ 233x10
8RDA FSB Problems
Epox 8rda+ Overclocking Noob. Help!
Epox nforce 2 mobo LED-error: C3! HELP!!
harddrive and cmos
CMOS Resetting Switch
What would be better?
Yet Another Vcore Mod Question using a A7V333 mb
How good is the Chaintech Zenith 7NJS?
Anyone still selling the KX7-333R?
Voltage on A7N8X
How low can u go???
8K3A+ with 2400 tb help me urgent
If you were a VAR, who would you use?
to maxima88
Defective Capacitors cause Failure on Abit boards & others
Anyone with probs/w A78NX and 2100+B
8K5A3+ and 2100+ Tbred B
a7v333 want more
GA-7VAXP Ultra & OCZ PC3700
Unlocking Tbred B with 7VRXP?
8RDA+ Dual Channel SiSoft Scores
REFURB Abit mobos from eXcaliberPC?
Who are overclocking hero's for each chipset: KT333, kt400, NF2
A7N8X Bios...whats the latest, greatest version?
Chaintech Apogee!
1/5 divider on AK35GTR V.1
corsair 3200LLPT won't post on 8rda+
8RDA+ OC Advice required
Boot from USB2 or firewire?(8RDA+)
Locked it up
KX7-333R and Barton?
help! it won't boot
8RDA/+ Memory FSB Survey, Corsair...Twinmos... Mushkin
Memeroy ? with epox 8rda non plus
MSI KT3 Ultra ARU cpu voltage max is 1.70??
1k pot for 84rd vdd mod
Chipset (VDD) Mod Success!!!
8RDA+ Northbridge chipset versions A2 and A3
Need oc Bios for my 8RDA+ !
Did i flash my mobo wrong?
Msi Kt4vl
8RDA+ Max WATT for fan headers??
help me find the perfect matx board
8RDA and AGP
Abit at 7 max + xp2400
monitor won't come out of standby
A7V333 Temp Sensors - On die??
8RDA+ How to monitor temps?
a7v8x, problem with onboard sound
My 2100+B came today... need advice on o'clocking
NForce 2.0 and ASUS Update Problem
2, 3, 4, 6 phase power????
need a way to change cpu voltage help!
Need help!
South bridge passive cooling question...
A7V333 with 2100 AIUHB overclock
GA-7vax setup issues
Newbie A7N8X Question
fsb overclocking question
duron 1.2 to 1.3
Keyboard delays?
Good Overclockable mobo besides Epox 8rda>
Which brand of RAM?
Help New XP 2100 Won't Boot is it the mobo?
Pc chip's M810lr over clockable bios
my new memory arrives today, quick question
raid ide
a7n8x high temperature
Asus A7VL133 Vm
Asus A7VL133 Vm