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Can A7V333 handle extreme oc'oing without ruining BIOS?
Variations in temps due to WC.
TBird 1.0Ghz mobo that will support an XP upgrade
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Chaintech 7njs Zenith
FYI. FF on LED is good, not bad
NF7-S Inaccessible Boot Device?
A7N8X DX, Won't post when Mulitplier is not set to Auto
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Abit KD7-Raid and 2100+ Tbred b
Does OCing AGP BUS give better real life performance?
System powers off while running prime 95
A7N8X @ 230 fsb (50% Mem) - wierd!!!!
KT333 Platinum Ultra + AMD XP 2600+
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A7N8X DLX problem
A7N8X Sound Quality in comparison.. ?
MBM5 sensors on A7N8X Deluxe
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uhhh, I have a strange ? :)
8RDA+ ver1.1 with TI4600
disabled host controlers?
NF7(-S) different layout, any pattern?
My Struggle to be Content
OC Help Just updated Bios
2100 tbred unlocking???
Just ordered FIC AU11... Some questions..
How stable is stable enough?
Fastest Cpu, Ram in K7S5A???
Setting asus mobo to default settings?
Hyperion drivers on KT333 Board
KT4VL - Termination voltage?
what is the point of the NB fan?
A7N8X Delux - Dead
a7n8x with dtek spiral?
Which nForce Board?
pc3200 bios settings for A7N8X
My 8RDA+ is killing me!!
Abit NF7-S or Epox 8RDA+ (or maybe something else?)
Advice Needed on MoBo
Noob Overclockers Questions
High FSB erda question
Msi Kt4vl & Xp2100
8RDA/+ Temp Test & FAQ version 1.0
any feedback on the A7N8X Deluxe MOBO?
need a good mobo for the new gforce FX??? help
250mhz FSB SYNC reported and 8rda/+ North Bridge Stepping info
RDA+ doesnt recognise 2800+?
Whats the newest version for Asus Probe?
8RDA+/TwinMOS PC-3200 = Can't get past 185Mhz fsb! Help!
About CMOS info being lost on A7N8X
8rda question
Flashing Bios
NF2 and raid0
best sd-ram mobo
How are these temps
What should I trust to tell me my CPU temps?
Need help deciding which Mobo to get.
new chipset on old HD
Did I hose my A7V333
8RDA+ Problems
Epox and Firewire????
8RDA+ or 8RDA ??
Big Problems. Keep getting Bios Checksum error with my 2100B!
A7n8x Dlx Hates Audigy 2
200 FSB jumper trick on A7N8X
replacing MOBO need some assistance
Higher FSB by Cooling NB on KT4 Ultra
ASUS warranty?
Putting together new computer...need tips
Forcing BIOS settings
Dying Mobo? 8KHA+ --Weird BIOS problem--
Serial ATA??
Serial ATA??
GA-7VAX Compatibility
Sound Distortion... A7N8X
My A7N8X overclocking
8rda+ win-me driver question
Best Memory coupled with A7n8x?
AT7 -e questions
Abit KD7-RAID PCI queries
A7n8x Dlx
Anybody tried the 3117Beta for the 8K3A +??
Would the VDD mod help?
Request Help Epox k3a+ and 1700+
Will The Asus A7M266 support athlon xp cpu's?
Temperature program for windows?
Has anyone tried theses yet?
NF7S Bios Freeze, now wont post :(
Epox 8k5a2+ compatibilty with WCPUID
i dont have 12.5 multies and higher?
A7n8x Nb Stuck?
8rda + memory
overclock my new 2000+ tbred A and 8rda+
8RDA+ RMA: exchange or refund?
HELP! problem with 2.03 drivers from nVIDIA
A7n8x (where Do I Set The Pci Lock)
Help A7v8x Owners !!!
My Vcore is bouncing around like a ball.
To Sync or NOT to Sync...
Help Please :). Quik Question
Nth bridge HS
ASUS A7V333-Whats it cable of
DV - Gamer Mobo????
F9 - F10 - F11?????
Just bought an 8rda+!
AGP Voltage in Bios
A7V333 with Corsair pc3200 Platinum serier at 2 2 5 with 202FSB low in sandra score.
AL35GT/R bios on AK31ARev3.1
nForce 2 SPP chipset has 2 kinds...!!!
A7V8X which temp. sensor is which?
KT400 Southbridge cooling??
Looking for O/C AMD mobo <$100 that's rock solid stable
Im trying to win the free pizza for the dumbest question of the day!!!
Uhh A7n8x Problem
I need tricks to remove Arctic Silver Epoxy
Athlon XP 2100+ in Asus A7V133-C mobo?
A7n8x deluxe temps
Soyo Dragon kt333 platinum ultra
Epox 8RDA+ I'm Impressed!
Double DDR Question
KD7 Master
how to enable dual channel
fsb 200+ on 1/5 boards
Asus a7n8x-dx problems
TBREDS on a 8K3A
Epox rda+
Reformat needed for 8K5A3+ --> 8RDA+ ?
KR7A OC probs
Did you know?
Can I Tune my Vdd Potentiometer live ??
Few questions before I buy Chaintech nforce2
2 questions about Abit KD7-E
I want to up the northbridge voltage...help
To make a Aplha 8045 HSF fit an Epox 8k9a...
A7N8X, chipset limit, or motherboard limit?
I am stumped on this one! mobo overheat
New Bios for GA-7VAXP Ultra
8RDA+ vcore problems! need help
FSB wont go over 185... A7N8X Dlx
After kissing A$$ for 2 hours, I am allowed to buy a new XP for my 8RDA+
A7M266 - Multiplyer overide using 5-pin FID MOD?
Any Gigabyte nForce2's soon?
Need HELP with finding DUAL AMD
2100+ tbred B : 8k3a+ or kt3 ultra2
Need some help with my Epox 8RDA+ and 2700+
Problem W/AsusUpdate
Soltek nforce2 motherboard?
Uber Bios 1002 ( final ) released
1002 final bios, get it here!
New nforce2 unified driver
overclocking... More bios qustions...
1600+ multi????
XP 1600+ w/gigabyte
K7S5A Mother Help (Newbie)
Question on lan setting in bios
duron 1300 on a k7t turbo
Would this work to cool the NB on my 8RDA?
Should I ever increase my VDD Voltage???
Working link to final 1002 bios..??
VBAT line on erda question.
8K3a+ Corsair 3200
asus a7v266e users
Asus A7V8X bios ver 1011 final
A7N8X dlx and PSU voltages
8rda.com is up!
Question to 8RDA+ owners.
Volt Mod Consequences
switching from KT-400 to nForce2 ??
Does K7N2-L unlocked XP1700 TredB CPU
nf7-s R.I.P
8rda pci lock is bul*shi*
Which nForce2 gives me the best shot at a rock stable 200 FSB?
New Asus Updates
Anyone liking the new BIOS for A7N8X?
8K5A2+ & LiteOn 24x10x40= 8(
New official 8RDA and 8RDA+ bios's v 3129
Via 4 In 1 Drivers
fault in non-paged area?
2100XP@1400+ TbredB on and A7V
Epox 8K9A3+
New bios for a7n8x delux..?
A7V333 New BIOS 1016.002
How high of an Overclock should I expect?
Mistakenly purchased 8RDA instead of 8RDA+
Low Speed Tbreads and nForce 2 motherboards question...
Need a solid Asus board around 150.00
wanna know how to get a whole lot of motherboard batteries for dirt cheap?
T-bred b 2100 works with the kt7a!
A7V33 OverVolt Mod Pics
Why over 200 FSB I get this
Is there any other damn way to turn on your comp
Nobody buy an Epox 8RDA board
Soyo Dragon + & T-BRed works great
My New Epox 8RDA won't start up ... help plz!
My New Epox 8RDA won't wprk ... HELP
RAM Voltage?
Clearing CMOS w/jumper boots system on K7S5A?
pc3200 XMS wont boot with 8RDA+
New nVidia Drivers for A7N8X D
mobo prob?
Is my i-will kk266-r dead?
Help needed with A7V133
A7V8X only Beta BIOSes???
Horrible 8RDA+ Problems
Advice needed
Simple Reason For No Abit AT7-Max2 Refurbs
8RDA+ Bios options
Very impressed with this A7N8X-DD
Rev 1.0 or 1.1??? How do I tell which one I have?
A7V8X Expansion Slots (Firewire) + Chip registry
can k7s5a support amd 1700+(0.13)
8RDA+ & no 3dmark past 160 fsb?
new comp down, possible reasons?
nf2 locks vs kt333 dividers
8RDA+ which PSU?
no 1/5 on the KT3 Ultra ARU?
Is there anyway I can change a motherboard without formatting?
My voltages suck. Power supply or mobo?
Bios question on 8RDA+
ASUS's site has been a huge chunk of flaming cow dung for the last few days...
Installing W2k on A7N8X deluxe, need to RMA quick if I can't get to work, please help
Shuttle SN41G2 w/ 1.4Ghz TBird?
The New K7S5A PRO 5
Epox 8RDA Questions.....
A7N8X Owners please
A7N8X Dlx or 8RDA+ ???
NooB Overclocker: Epox 8RDA+ and 2100+ AIUHB
8RDA+ overclocking problem's
GA-7VAX & Atholon XP 2000+
ECS k7s5a w/9700 Pro?
Ep-8RDA+ How do I enable 6 channel surround?
must suck the power big time!
new ep-8rda user: need a few answers
A7N8X-deluxe sound that much better?
mother board advice
Increasing VC past +10%
Nforce 2 Question
KX7-333r bios
is my kk266r dead?
8K3A+/2100 Tbred/..No multiplier control ??
which onboard nic on the a7n8x
TCWO: 8RDA+'s in stock
Beta BIOS for 87N8X-deluxe
8k3A+ VS 8RDA+
Why can't I get my FSB any higher?
Best board for gaming
Just bought an Epox 8RDA+. What should I becareful with?
8RDA Bios oddities and ???'s
flashing bios
help getting onboard nic working, please
message to shadowdr
AK31 support tbreds?
No FSB luck on NF7-S AT ALL ???
8RDA+ question
hehe must see, Radeon9500 hack & A7n8x
Audigy or SoundStorm.
8X deluxe and XP2800 issue
KK266 support?
A7N8X ram voltage 2.6v default
Solution to those runnin NF7 and cant get high fsbs...[Retired sticky]
"Official Response" from Epox
Success OC with 2400+ and 8RDA
K7T 266 ram
Anyone with Tbred 1700+ & A7N8X
Vantec Iceberg on NB question on fit with AX7
no sound?
Should I go with Asus
The multiplier
Can mobo socket fry if chip burns?
Got 2 NF7-S v1.1s
just got my nf7-s
Epox 8rda. Anything i should know ?
Sapphire A3-M275 CPU Support
MBM5.2.2.8 vs. Asus Probe
MSI KT4 giving me wierd beeps
Data corruption with a7n8x?!?!?!
KS75A Periodically "forgets" hard drives
1001C available from my company's site
Prime95 download?
A7N8X bios cpu temp low
KT7A givin up on me.
A7n8x Dlx 1.85v????
Getting 8RDA+ for my birthday have some questions
Had to underclock XP1800+ (Palomino) to 100Hz FSB on NF7 to run stable!!!???
Volcano 9 on 7zxe?
GOD! aus's sight is fuggin slow!
KT3 Ultra2 and Tbred B socket voltage mod...anyone tried????
Is the A7N266-VM "good enough"???
GA-7VAXP Ultra -- Not so bad after all...
Anyone using Kingmax PC2700 on a 8RDA+?
8kta3 and Athlon XP
Where to check voltages on a7n8x
Need new mobo?
OC wont Stay After Periodic Booting, A7N8X Deluxe...
8K3A+ Tbred B Temp Update
where to dl a7n8x 1001.C?
Does anyone know how to overclock a ecs k7vmm+ mobo
CD Rom won't show files
Bios Ftp?
Serial ATA to IDE convertors or Promise RAID card
a7n8x delux volts jump ALOT
Mid-Range MoBo
Will VIA meet the N-Force2 challange??
Asus a7v133 whoas....
8k3a, tbred combo and mbm adjustment.
switch abit to asus !! Good Thing
Will A7v266 support pc3200 ?
A7v333 Bios 1015
High M/B Temp with MSI KT3 Ultra 2
For People Having Problems with 4.1 sound a7n8x
Epox 8rda or 8rda+?
AK35GTR power supply question
Epox 8RDA and Audigy 2
overclocking a k7vmm+
booting problems at 133mhz fsb
long multipart question
A7V266-E users, is it a good O/Cing board? Need your expert opinions please.
Ga7 VAX resetting cmos.
MSI KT3 Ultra2 - temp monitoring?
8RDA+ 6ch problem
8RDA problem
flashing to 1001C bios question
Mbm ???? A7n8x Dlx
how to unlock multi on a7n8x???????????
Is there anywhere that I can buy motherboard cables, like the fire wire cable...
Voltage mod not good!!!
Is there anywhere that I can buy motherboard cables, like the fire wire cable...
Help!!!!! i think i broke my new epox 8rda+
KT7A bios question.
MSI KT4VL w/ XP2400+
A7N8X BIOS problems? read this!
best bios for A7N8X DLX?
8K3A and 2100 tbred
8RDA+ Vdd MOD needs Additional Cooling
a7v8x + 1010 BIOS temp monitor question
A7n8x Deluxe 1.16 drivers needed badly
Is anyone using a Tbred-B with their Dragon Plus?
What are the Benefits of having Dual Lan??
What is side band ,and do i need it enabled?
8K5A2+ Memory tweaks
Is this a good 3dMark score?
can't install OS on a7n8x
via 4 in 1
Better mb or cpu ?
8rda+...bios/boot problems
New T-Bred..old mobo and memory!!
Serious Problem--I'm confused...
100% CPU usage(System is so slow) when copy CD on 8RDA+
100% CPU usage when copy CD on 8RDA+
8RDA+ Reporting Vcore off by .4v?
Problem with Epox 8rda+
A7V333 1.8v max? This bites.
Why are all my multipliers UNLOCKED?
Friend cant change his multiplier up OR down!
ooh, a GOOD side-effect
trouble in paradise
via 4 in 1s
NVIDIA drivers help
Shuttle AK31 bios issue
help! 8kha+ will not boot with 1700+ tbred
Where is the 12.5 multiplier on 8k3a
A7n8x overclock help!!!!!!
a7v333 volt mod??
8RDA+ is the lan worth using
Overclocking Xp 2400
best bios for a7n266-vm?
KT7 Turbo2 Version?
8RDA Temps
A7M266 XP2100 Tbred B
Help! 8rda+ won't post
how do install bios for 8rda+?
how to disabel the sata?
A7A266 Upgrade Options
Little problem might give bigger ones!?
A7N8X boot fsb
a7v & wiNXP
help! iwill kk266 won't post with xp1700+
Q-fan technology
What is ASUS RMA turnaround???
8RDA+, and T-Bred(B).. All my multipliers are unlocked!!!!!
Question about ocing a7n8x
A7N8X, Be Careful!!!
KT3 Ultra2 2100+ Problems
a7n8x onboard sound
Raid-0 for A7N8X Deluxe
Abit Kd7 problem...
What the heck? p4s5a talks to me !
8K9A boot problem - need help.
no sensors?
pc2100 mobo @ pc2700
Soyo Dragon + Raid Problems
Anyone Know What To Do?
whats the lates on the new epox killing video cards?
Which drives? for a7n8x deluxe
suggestion on which mobo?
Where are the >13 multis on my kx333? Are they even there?
All this 2100+ talk
Highest multiplier on the 8kha+?
Epox 8RDA+ needs good Nvidia video card
New Board won't boot. PLEASE HELP!!
A7V8X Problem
Epox 8k3a+ compatible with higher Tbred-B's?
soyo kt333 dragon plus
Volt Mod for kt4vl or general tips on modding?
KT7-RAID chipset problems
Bif Problem AT7 Please Help!
Looking for Riser Card for
ATX/IDE connector placement
Does MSI KT4V-L Board Unlock TBred B Multipliers?
image tearing
Anyone used EasyTune 4 yet?
8RDA+ wont boot after changing FSB even 1 mhz!!!!!
8RDA+ and 8RDA
help me OC my 2100+(tbred B) on my 7vrx
NB cooling for 8RDA+?
Thinking of A7N8X and want suggestions
Buying which mobo ?
Is this ebay seller selling a good mobo for a good price?
alright, bios chips? all the same?
On board NIC
socket 7 mobo need help with fsb?
KR7A-Raid Crashing
Iwill Xp333
Is there a BIOS for A7N8X non-deluxe that unlocks 13+ mults on a 1700?
Quick Question about replacing my Epox MB
Chaintech Nforce2 Multipliers
Anyone have a link for the 1002 beta 1 BIOS (a7n8x deluxe) ?
I hate a7n8x!!!!NEED HELP!!!!!
Dual Channel DDR, FSBs, theoretical bandwidth..
want to purchase a new motherboard
7VRXP - how can i measure current fsb and pci mhz?
Onboard NIC on A7N8X
KT4 Ultra question
Question on KT4 Ultra Temps and OC
Bios 1002beta4 crashed A7N8X!!!!
A7n8x not taking 3 sticks of pc2700
MCP-T is too HOT on Epox 8RDA+
MCP-T Chipset is very hot on 8RDA+
Where is a good place to buy SDRAM based motherboards?
f11 bios for tha 7vaxp!!!
Should I be RETURNING my COSAIR Memory????
MBM and 8rda+
Solution on A7N8X Northbridge problem
"Detecting IDE drives..."
what's the highest fsb,that will not reset itself? (7vrxp)
hello all, just a question about A7S333
8KHA+ and Fast write
Flashed Ami Bios with Award
Is Abit gonna hassle me?
Vantec Iceberg/a7n8x chipset?
NF7-S - Comments Please
Epox 8k3a northbridge cooling
Random Restarts?
motherboard problems
Anyone with a A7N8X deluxe or non deluxe please post here if you have HD problems..
upgrade concerns with RAID
A7N8X Deluxe unlocks multipliers?
Waterblock mounting holes
Unable to run FSB and memory at 200Mhz at the same time.
Leadtek WinFast K7NCR18D-Pro??
RocketRaid Card on A7N8X
Need Your Help with Memo/Board
Where to get SMD grabbers?
usb keyboard/mouse problem
xp2100 thouroughbred 'B' ok on KR7A?
Big problem
Need help on my overclocking.
7VAXP Problem.....
Epcx 8rda+ and AIW 9700?