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Raid1 Setup
Why is my VCORE 1.9???? Looks Like asus adds Power
Higher fsb!!= Lower Sandra benchmarks?
DDr Vtt 1,248 is that right??
A few ?'s about the KD7-E
Epox 8K3A+ South bridge
Need help with A7N8X pci slots...
Southbridge heat on A7N8X
kt333 ultra plat dividers
jabil/kodaka mobo?
ETA on 8rda2+?
abit at7 masters?????
Intel guy needs amd guru's help
Asus Rocks! Thx Asus!
8k9a thermal diode
sdram frequency ?
Uhmmm northbridge hsf??
is this a reasonable o/clock & kt7a with athlon xps ?
Do you have to put cardboard spacers on the front and back?
Testing 8RDA+ with 300W PSU possible?
Does the system shutdown when CPU gets too hot really work?
Is memory SYNC the same as SPD?
Just bought a A7N8X and have probs...
abit kd7 problem!
a7n8x wont boot
ED's comments on the front page and the a7n8x
soyo dragon kt333 lite bios settings
8RDA+ Memory benchmarks - amazing. :)
newbie here...just bought the A7V8X
New KT4 Ultra BIOS
A7V333 Rev 1.02 and 2400+ TBred
how hot is too hot for on die temps on an A7N8X
Is there an Auto-unlocking board by Gigabyte?
HDD died? on A7N8X... Why?
Audio Quality on Epox 8RDA+ ?
Couple of questions about epox 8rda+
Are Epox Motherboards Reliable?
FSB speed
Jackon claims another victim!
motherboard upgrade?
New Nforce2 board - Soltek SL-75FRN -L
8RDA+ revision coming
Best board for TBred B with high mem scores
NForce2 - Post Your OC Results with your A7N8X-Deluxe
NForce2 - Epox/Asus - Post Your OC Results
MAX-2 Temp accuracy
A7V8X voltage questions
Sandra mem scores low
Stops at 05
Questions about everything!
A7V333+TBRED users, what multipliers are inyour bios
Im off track, what is the way to go?
FIC AU11 and 8RDA+ the same board?
HELP! buying a new mobo!
what program to check PCI speed on MSI KT3 Ultra 2?
Asus A7N8X Memory?
i need a new MOBO!!!!
Will the KT3 support Barton?
Chillin on the northside and looking cool on the south!
GA-7vaxp problem at 166 fsb
A7n8x jumper questions...
Best Nforce2 Board
well i tried and no boot up
KT3 ultra2 AGP8X???
MSI K7D Master L PSU
If u have a KT3 Ultra 2 then come here, i need help.
Does anyone here have an MSI KT3 Ultra 2 and u can up the V core to more than 1.6?
A7N8X + Maxtor = no NTFS? Help please.
Building a Micro ATX
Only getting right side of sound on my 8RDA+
Kt4V-L for $72USD good deal?
Boot Problems. Please assist.
7vaxp and xp usb not working at all?
Is the KX7 now the KD7-E??
k7s5a prob
Nforce2 vs KT400
a7n8x connector problems
Epox 8RDA+ VDD mod.
asus a7n8x good ocer?
failed bios flash!
how can i up my V core on the MSI KT3 Ultra 2r?
Is there a Socket A mobo with RDRAM support?
Kvx42aa5? Anyone try this bios yet, for the kt400 PE?
OCZ Memory on 8RDA+
Need help choosing...
Please Help-- a7n8x into case
Here is link for A7N8X 1001C BIOS!!!
A7N8X Dleuxe. Asus Voice says Trouble!
Mounting Holes
Flashing bios
A7N8X Heatsinks.....
My TEMPS on a A7N8X Deluxe!!! Which one one is RIGHT?
TBred B XP2100+ works GREAT on KT7 non-A without ANY mods!! Running at 2.3GHz now!
ATX size
need bios 102 beta 001
7VAXP volt mod
what's the best 8rda+ bios rev now?
Dieing AGP and #1 PCI Slot
Big Problems!! Please Help!!
Ga-7VAXP 37-39C system temp, should i be worried?
Sandra and 3d MArk shows wrong bios version
Epox 8rda overclocking help!!cant get over 185fsb
losing my mind,,,any help?
A7N8X Multiplier
bios says yes, sandra says no!!!
new bios. . . old problem?
Dead 8RDA+?
8RDA+ quicky: Aggresive or Turbo??
AK32L Bios Chip Code
KT3 Ultra2 work w/ 2100+ Tbred B?
problem with high FSB with my 2100+ Tbred B!
Question on bios support 8RDA vs 8RDA+
What is a good site to understand BIOS settings
when 1/5 divisor on MSI KT3 Ultra 2?
What is VBAT
Is Dual Channel enabled??
MSI K7N2G-ILSR Any good??
a7v266e which agp alot 1.0 or 2.0?
For those considering a Chaintech look at this...
a7N8X deluxe / 2400+
8RDA for $99 a good deal
feedback please on new Epox Nforce vs Asus
want to volt mod a7n8x
ATTN: I changed my user name
Best M/Bd for an XP1900+ with SD-Ram???
k7sem multipler
A SLK-800 will fit on a A7N8x Deluxe right?
Abit AT7-MAX2
MAXT cheapo board. Any one know of any?
website for volt mods?
IWill XP333R. How does it compair?
A7V8X and onbaord sound
My 2100XP Thoroughbred & A7N8X Del!
8RDA+ Vdd mod is evil
KT3 ULTRA ARU VMOD, what, where, how, when, why?
Differences in the 2 asus nforce2 boards
any mobos support AGP 1X *and* 8X?
What type Tbred works w/AT7 v1.0?
Which one is faster between nFoce2 vs KT333 or KT400 at 400MHz FSB?
Options for A7n8X
Disabling RAID on A7N8X Deluxe.
A7N8x Deluxe, 1001.c, and FSB
Gigabyte 7DX+ and Thoroughbred XP
Anybody else have other problems with A7N8X mobo ?
Epox 8RDA+ or Asus A7n8x?
Epox 8RDA+ or Asus A7n8x?
PC2100 -> 2700, where's my 166 FSB?
Temps on the A7N8X
best asus board for 130?
lan just stopped working?
a7n8x wont boot
got 130 to spend....
How does the NF7 from abit perform?
Nforce 2 audio problem
Memory OC on A7N8X
First time trying to change FSB
Ok, wtf................
SATA and C.O.P. help plz A7N8X
Recommended BIOS version for A7N8X Deluxe?
im bumming need help
HELP! Cheapest system needed!
a7n8x deluxe reading 2400+ as an 1800+
Will an ak31 V3 support a 2100+ Tbred B?
Stable and cheap mobo
Kd7 - Raid
Helpful Abit Owners Guide includes download links
8RDA+ W/ Corsair 3200XMS, what are good timings?
When to use 5:2:1?
Temp Calibration for MBM & A7N8X
Overclocking Question
A7N8X + DELUXE Beta Bios 1002 Beta 4 released
8k5a2+ & musicmatch
MBM 5 Temp/Voltage Sensors
A7N8X talks? Mine refuses to!
Is a Crystal Orb going to be much better than stock nb heatsink?
AthlonXP 1800+ T-Bred A on A7N8X.....OC-Prob
If running >210 FSB w/o VDD mod on 8RDA+, post here
msi or asus
Aopen MK7A
HD Install issues AK31a
I'm looking for EP-8RGA+
"C" revision bios
xp1800 tbred A
Whats a good socket a mATX MB?
N00b needs some help
Questions about EP-8K9A** and GA-7VA**
Power supply fan RPM...
What happen to Soltek
Epox 8RDA+ mobo revision?
Running two memsticks both diff timings?
Does Epox 8RDA+ read CPU temperature from internal diode
A7V8X, 1011, and incorrect temperature reading
KT7A-RAID w/Duron 1.0 & XP2000+
A7V266 and TBred support ?
KT333-Lite Won't Boot
Whats holding me back right now?
A7N8X chipset Voltage change via BIOS!!!
8K5A2+'ers, has this happend to you?
after flashing to 1002
Iwill KK266-R and 2100+ Upgrade ??s
PC Probe takes temp from socket or die? n/m
memory timing setting ?
Dragon Plus and new T-breds
What nforce 2 mobo????
A7V333 or A7S333
Shuttle's forum dormant
A7N8X and Overclocking Woes
Problems with K7VTA pro
How do i enable pci & agp lock on the a7n8x?
A7N8X Prob!
If you are looking for a new AMD Mobo, I highly recommend NForce2 !!!
a7n8x cold boot issues
Should I flash to beta bois 1002?
help with FSB asus a7n266-E
A7N8X with Linux??
Kr7a-raid Oc'ing
Symptoms of faulty 3500/8RDA+?
kt-400 dragon ultra platn.floppy controller problem.
a7n8x hard drive performance actually bad?
How are you guys getting these sick FSB speeds
I killed my K7S5A today
help with settings a7n8x
a7v333 is flaky we know but does it kill chips also?
uh... my mobo died?
Set PCI LOCK...HOW ?_?
what board will get my AROIA 1600+ to 2.0Gig???
A7N8X $ Prime95
GA-7VAXP owners- you like?
Which OS for a7n8x?
biostar m7vit reboot/bsod
Dual Athlon XP Recommendations
MSI KM266 6390-L Overclocking options
Epox 8RDA+ or Chaintech Zenith 7NJS??
Mulities on ga-7vaxp
Epox EP-8RDA or 8K3A?
Whats a good Athlon XP MOBO for under $100?
What are VIA drivers and where can i get them for this mobo?(MSI KT3 Ultra2R, r=raid)
is my mobo giving correct temps?
motherboard upgrade
KT7A-Raid performance w/tbred
ultra whhaa
Chaintech Zenith 7NJS or Epox 8RDA+??
Looks like I'll be spending lots of time in here...
8rda+ & Dual Boot System
recommend me a microatx board
8RDA+ VDD mod question..
KT3 Ultra2 Bad Usb Drivers?
ASUS A7V8X compared to the Epox 8k5a2?
don't know what is going on here...
A7N266-E & Riser Cards
a7n8x -- raid controller
Soyo KT400 and CMOS error
:( cannot get any drives faster than 14x...
Question on memory for 8K3A board
TBredA unlocked on AK31A?
overclocking problem? (or not)
A7N8X deluxe won't boot...
Asus A7A266 - Works with Thoroughbreds?
my bios wont flash? a7n8x deluxe
8K3A's case fan header
where do i go to change the FSB on the kt3 ultra 2 mobo in the bios?
can someone tell me where the power led and the harddrive led is on the KT3 Ultra 2r?
Getting as MUCH as not even overclocked
KT333 Sets ram to 283mhz DDR!?!?
Multi Mod for A7N266-VM
Asus A7A266 CPU voltage options
SOYO board problem!
About how good is the nForce2 audio?
O/Cing on non-deluxe A7N8X?
Question for anyone w/ a A7V333 and Tbred XP2200+ or faster
Boards with 1/6 Divider?
a7n8x mult question
SIS746 is up to 10% faster than nForce2
GA-7VRXP caught on fire!?!?!?
mATX board with RAID 0 capability
a7n8x non delux
Max CPU supported by my board?
How does the NF7 OC?
looking for A7N8X bios 1002
computer died after wrong bios installed
K7T Turbo-R LE
A7V processor upgrade, which one?
screen flashes past 200FSB
A7v266-E & IRQs
Higher multiplier than 12.5x on a KT7A???
anyone here have albatron amd boards?
a7n8x acting weird
8k3a + temperature diode?
GA-7zm will run a duron 1.3?
Unlock palamino or get a tbred?
New Motherboard Monitor for A7N8X
RAID question
K7S5A (Clockable Bios) Wiv 1800 XP
System Acceleration Mode
Couple A7n8x problems...
Asus and Corsair
Temp / Fan speed readings
SPDIF on 8RDA+..............any?
Onboard LAN shares IRQ with Vid
Problem with system rebooting randomly after replacing processor
A7V333 and Cmedia 8738 -- Whose had problems?
gf4 and 8RDA+...has the problem been CONFIRMED...or just a guess?
Soundstorm setup question.....
2C10 to 2C31
PC Alert
Dual DDR question
Probably been asked before
a7n8x deluxe bios question
USDM and 8K3A+
Anyone use Geil memory?
Async / Sync memory settings
A7NX8 Overclocking Question?
GA-7VAXP Setup
Random Reboots.
Does Asus SUCK?
stupid question.. but..
HUH? Am i reading this new bios right?!
Help! A7N8X Deluxe doesn't POST
No DVD drive if disable IDE
how accurate (or inaccurate, as the case may be) is ASUS's PC Probe?
Soundstorm sucks!!
MBM Out! Supports Nforce2!
Hard drive ????
cheaper board with Lan and can be overclocked 200MHZ FSB
The P4G8x (Granite Bay) will do CL 1.5... will the A7N8X ever?
a7n8x overclocking question
help with k7s5a case wiring
MBM Released for NF2!!!!
overclocking 2700 TO 3200 returns slower?
motherboards with nforce2
I/O plates
M ATX Motherboard? Help
8k5a2+ audio problems
price vs. performance
a7n8x support bartons?
KD7-RAID users
A7N8X-DX Problems,has anyone else had any of these?
A7N8X dead.......
Hiya New member
help my coputer wont start up
kt4vl great news for 100fsb chip users!
Nice A7N8X FAQ [Retired sticky]
Temps on the A7NX8
LED problems on 8K3AE?
A7n8x Vmod
At7 maxs 2
FSB and video card frequency
VDD mod for 8RDA+
Flash BIOS? Do I Need To? How?
Good, solid board for 1800XP+ (not OC'ed)
New A7N8X Deluxe - Need help pls ;)
mbm5 and soyo kt400 dragon
New VIA chipset owner here... A7V8X
tx pro-ii mobo..
Duel DDR or not?
A7N8X non-deluxe bios question
Need info on the NForce2
USB Pins
8RDA+ problems...
Confused: Epox 8RDA+ or Asus A7NX8 Deluxe?
MSI K7n2-L
new computer?
Epox giving temp trouble
MSI Monitor trouble
A7N8X Dlx Memory error on startup??
A7V-133C + 1800 Tbred B
multiplier with a7n8x doesn't work!?
HELP! A7N8x dlx Overclocking Problems
not geting hi MultiX with 8RDA+&2600+
A7NX8 and Heatsinks
Need Help!!! Very Hot Very Hot Msi Kt4v-l
Help me choose a STABLE board (Abit/AOpen/MSI/SOYO) Thankies ;)
No FSB options with A7N8X?
Why wont my computer turn off?
Memory problem in A7n8x(non-deluxe)
OCing K7T266 Pro2 RU, need input
A7N8X and AGP speed
8rda+'s back at newegg but with a hefty pricetag
The best mobo
Trying To Reformat on A7N8x
A7N8X over 7NJS?
Flashing BIOS
Help with K7s5a On board LAN Config
a7v8x and Corsair 3200C2 memory
help me find what I'm looking for...
Sim card reader
A7N8X and voltage, We NEED more for the CHIPSET!!
kd7,display problem
ECS K7S5A bios question
firewire on A7N8X Deluxe question
SY-K7V Dragron Plus Temp Sensor Acurracy
Need help finding KT7A-Raid ver1.3
Need help with a Shuttle AK35 GT2
A7V8x and linux
Epox 8RDA+ Onboard Audio
Nforce1 vs Nforce2
K7VTA3 = crap (i am being nice too)
watchin those capacitors get fatter...
Trouble with A7N8X, no video display
kx7-333 no 80 conductor cable?
arg please help...
8rda+ help
question about kt3 ultra-aru
2 out of 3 mem slots bad on Epox 8KHA+??
Athlon 2100XP MAX'S Out b4 2400xp!?
who has NF7 working with raid
KX7-333R When will a new bios be release???
propoganda ?
Ak77-8xn & Ttv9
GA-7VAXP always locks with "top performance"
NForce2 mobos tha hafve locked PCI and unlocks multis on new procs
A7N8X - New BIOS 1002 out for Deluxe and non-Deluxe
A7NX8 Owners please see if u can help me out...
Bad 8k3AE or bad CPU????
Getting a new mobo.
K7S6A OC bios wanted!
Random Rebooting Probs...
8k5a3+ serious problems
8rda/+ Questions
MSI k7n420 nForce USB problems
anyone hit 200fsb stable with VIA KT 400?
how to install the KT3 Ultra 2 R mobo with only the mobo itself?
New VIA Hyperion 4in1
A7V333 highest fsb?
Don't know why she crashes (ASUS A7N8X Dx)
Chaintech Apogee anyone?
dual lan question...
GA-7VAXP Ultra / No Divider Control?
Mobo choices?
8k9a2+ OR 8k5a2+ Or...?????
Which Mobo to get of THESE...???
overclocking options?
overclocking options
overclocking options
overclocking options
8K5A2+ BIOS Settings
A7N8X standard or deluxe?
nForce2 board owners, opionions please
new mobo
KD7 BIOS Which is best?
GA-7VAX and Low 3D mark 2001 score?
OCing woes
AGP frequency on AN8X Deluxe
8rda or 8rda+????
Need help with AK35 GT2
A7N8X dx flash write fails, HELP!
p5a processor upgrade
Temperature reporting on 7VRXP
Everyone with A7V8X look here
when will the next model will come out?
Surely there's summit wrong??
Anyone has experience about K7N2
A7V333 KB problem
what memory for my a7n8x deluxe mobo?
A7N8X-DX above 1.75v?
dragon lite (kt-333)
8k3a+ and 8k3ae
Voltages on A7N8X
A7V8X and ATI 9700 pro fsb OC issue
sis 745
I've had enough...
GA-7dpxdw not "seeing" 2nd MP 1800+ CPU
333 FSB on A7V8X
PCI universal serial bus, A7n8x deluxe
ga-7vaxp and pc3200 memory
kd7 Raid 200fsb
KT3 Ultra2
Xp1700 ??
Any one run Dual Channel with 2x2100?
K7s5a lock ups again
Need help with 8RDA+ O\C
Good board
Biostar NForce2 MATX
&vrx V2.0, 3 long beeps, a pause, then 3 more long beeps.
8K3A what is better bios than 2619
does the NF7-S have locked pci bus?
A7N8X Deluxe and AwardBios Flash Utillity
A7N266-VM not autodetecting HDD during POST
K7S5A, Windows XP hangs after POST
dual mb
A7V333R overvolt problem.
2000+ xp in KT7A?
Software overclocking for the 8K3AE PLL
Oh Man XP2600 & A7V8X
KD7 vCore