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Can my MSI 745 Ultra run an XP2800+ proc?
The age old question -- What to do with $1000?
GA-7VRXP ver.2
random reboots with all four slots of ram full (ak31 rev3.1)
A7N8X Help
Does my Mobo just don't like the Ram??
NB cooling
Epox 8k5a2 and tbreds
KT-400 mobos w/o onboard audio/lan?
A7V-133 Beta Bios
Asus Probe and A7N8X
Irq's ?
Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the KT400
MoBo question for a vid editing rig
8RDA+ or 8K9A2+????
KT4 Ultra Voltage settings....
Fried Mobo?!?!?!
i killed my 8k5a2+
A7N8X and multiplyers
a7n8x and volcano 7
i need a new mobo...suggestions?
Auto Shutdown and AMD Boards
MSI options
8rda nb fan
Question about "vertically" positioned processors
8RDA+ Vdd mod
EP-8KTA3L+ rev 1.0
A7N8X Deluxe & LAN Problems?
kt4 ultra
New MSI board, TV Wonder not working
IGP nforce2 when?
okay.. now wtf am I doing wrong?
Asus A7N8X and XP 1700+ problems
software for FSB setting on 8K9A
What are the differences between the KT3 Ultra2's?
Any problems A7N8X & Ati 9500 Pro ?
which value fixed resistor for tbred on kt3 ultra2?
SATA drivers
Soyo Dragon KT333 and 2700+ XP?
XP2000 Oc question.
Updating Bios F4 to F9 on Ga-7VAX problem
Help w/LAN Config on K7s5a!!
heatsink for A7N8X
Just ordered the MSI KT3 Ultra 2R....
Voltages hmm....
Help A7V8X Memory timings.
I need a Manual for a 7VRX, but at Gigabytes website, only gives me errors....
best air-cooled OC settings w/ 2600+ on A7N8X?
How many SATA drives per channel?
Yet some more questions on A7N8X
8RDA+ new BIOS "8RDA2C31" posted in EPoX's taiwan site
EP-8KHA+ & tbred
where have all the goodpriced epox 8rd+'s gone?
best bios for kt3 ultra 2?
A7N8X deluxe Mem.timings
Suggestions for a better OC
k7s5a and pc2700 ram?
Suggestions for a better OC
8RDA+ Audio
Just orderd my stuff
a7n8x volt mod work?
HELP!! K7s5a won't detect HD
right clip for volt mods? and any mobo's go over 2v. with no mod?
Mobo w/ SD-RAM
reguarding the 7VAXP
What SHould I get?
socket broken
Reading Memory Stick on 7vaxp
8k9a.... or 8RDA???
Is this a Kt7 or a kt7a ???
trying to flash BIOSfor 8RDA+
8RDA+ with Corsair XMS 3200
NF7-S + TBred 1.8a = ???
Which socket A motherboard has 1/6 PCI divider
where will IGP nforce2 motherboard be out
Having Trouble with K7s5a and Evercase 4252
kt3 ultra-2 does not recognize large drives? is it a good board?
anyone have a shuyttle AK32a?
All you guys with 8k5a2+ boards...
K7S5A + WCPUID = Reboot
New mobo + cooling, or new CPU + cooling?
Win XP install doesn't see RAID on an A7V333
Albatron Board Problem?
Help Volt Mod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does the KT4VL unlock Tbreds?
PROOF that 8KHAL+ has 1/5 AND 1/6 divider!
Note for anyone updating to ver2.0 Nforce drivers...
ThermalTake Crystal orb good for NB cooling?
Announcment 1001.c Found Here!!
XP2400 & Xp2600 with A7V8X
Where the H is the 1001.c for the a7n8x!!!
FSB options
What Is The Best! Abit..
Cant raise the FSB
Anyone use a XP 2400 in a Epox 8k3a+?
KX7 + Tbread 1.75volts question
Anyone with 1Gb (dual channel) @ 200 yet???
wuts the best nf2 board and why
How do you flash the bios?
What mb is best? Kr7a-r or kx7-333r?
8K3A+ PCI divider issues
FSB = 2 *CPU external frequency???
HD corruption with FSB??
FSB = 2 *CPU external frequency???
AGP Pro on the KT-400 Plat
Epox EP-8k9a2+
"aggressive" to "optimal" settings in A7N8X what are they?
Question about memory frequency option in A7N8X bios
BIOS and Drivers for Asus A7N8X
a7n8x vs a7n8x deluxe
troubles with the kt4oo black edition
Trading my KT4 for an A7N8X...questions
GA7-vrxp and TI4200
MB Temp Readings.
How do I contact Mobo Maufacturers?
No drives detected WTF??
Is this possible....
at7 question
Optimal or Aggressive?
Help with K7S5A PLEASE
KD7-RAID and Floppy crash in Win XP Pro SP 1
ok have a serious problem with K7S5A
is there any other board that supports sdram and ddr
The official kt400a thread!
multipliers, tbred, 8k5a2+
Unlocked AMD XP MOBO
dead a7n8x?
Epox 8RDA with out the +
i need a socket A mobo, cheapest place?
playing game, comp bottles out!?
A7V8X weird problem
5V Mod to A7V8X
A7v266-e & 2400+
This should be a Requiem for a K7S5A but for some reason it still works
Kx7-333 Question
A7V333-X issue (bios / win search)
A7V8X question
CPU Overspeed
best socket 7 mobo
what does coolerxp do
is my northbrige cooling holing me back??
A7S333 CPU fan getting no power...
What should i do?!?!
GA-7VRXP version?
Cheap MSI for Athlon 2100XP¿
abit kd7-raid - attached front usb/spkr and now no POST :(
8RDA+ = low 3DMark
195+ FSB and GF4 video problems?
which memory slot on asus a7v333 to put..
7VAXP ver 1.x fans speed on Easy Tune4??
is it true that Corsair XMS 3500 has problems with the Epox 8RDA+?
Which BIOS to O/C?..
What is the latest rev of teh Asus A7N8X D?
Any AMD mobos that actually read the thermal diode on the processor?
Review Of Gigabyte GA-7VAXP ??
CPUFSB How to?
Question about the multiplier mod.
A7V333 Backplate question
Epox 8k7a limited.. help?
What MOBO do you recommend?
upgrades + improvements.
Best Board? Im leaning towards the MSI KT400
K7S5A temp sensor
Asus A7N8X prob
anyone know when the new bios for the A7v8x is coming out
8rda or 8rda+?
Just got my A7N8X Deluxe baby
Big problems with new 8rda+ motherboard
Asus A7M266 posts but goes no further!
GA-7VAX 2400+ Need Help O\C
7vax and audigy?
which board has less troubles?
acer v58xa
Strange A7N8X
Overclock A7V8x
Another Prove of Dual Channel DDR
Basic Questions
Did I fry my mobo
Media XP
need some opinions on mb's
Difference between the two ASUS nf2 boards?
8RDA+ onboard audio
what type?
Memory on A7S333
Help ocing A7N8X
Where to get 8RDA+ REV 1.1 ?
Dual Power supplies
Abit KT7A v1.3 and Athlon 1.4ghz...problem
8rda+ v1.1
Is the Abit Nf7 unlocking multi under 13 on 2400+
NF-7 vs. Nf7-s
ECS K7S5A question
overclocking xp2400 and kt400
Choice Abit KD7-E or Epox 8k3AE?
mysterious voltages
KX7 333 & Sound Blaster Platnum
My Processor doesnt post right.
A7N8X bios 1001E worked for me!
Asus Nf2 wont unlock 2400+ ???
Run To New Egg I Got My Xp1800+ 0.13 Micron For $66 Free Shipping !!!
brothers amd duron 950 on ga7zx-h mobo
fsb messing with t.v.
Need help on mobo selection!
a7n8x temperature accuracy
Just got my A7N8X
Can't Access BIOS
Which BIOS Version
8KHA and TBred = unlocked?
Soyo Dragon + diode
How soon will we
vmod for KT4 uLtra, Someone?
KX7 333 Pci slot install order ?
8RDA+ Problems
nforce 2 dual channel memory question
GF4 on Epox 8rda+
To buy, or not to buy....
a7n8x 5.1 surround problems
Which motherboard?
333 Bus and KT400?
Bios on A7V-VE
A7N8X bios 1001g
Hole spacing dimensions for socket-a heatshinks.
Setting arepeture size?
xp cpu
Epox 8RDA+ is the King of NForce2
Asus A7N8X & Corsair XMS problems
Asus A7N8X & Corsair XMS problems
PLL on 8kha+ & 8khal+
God get in here and help me!!!
KR7A CPU Voltage
Best Nforce2 ?
which BIOS for the KT3 Ultra ARU?..
motherboard got burnt
Tips for upgrading to a new bios
K7s5a and Nvidia Drivers
Bios Flashing
Question about connectors with an Asus P4PE and Antec Trupower 430 PSU.
Same old boot problem
MicroStar 6340 ViaKM133A
a7n8x Nvidia drivers!
2400+ Voltage Drop...
8rda 8rda+?
A7N8X = Good overclocker :)
Problems with 8k5a2
Which nforce 2 mobos are unlocking multi's less than 12.5 in bios on tbreds?
KT4 How to turn off C-media?
Epox 8RDA+ (NF2) does not fry GF4... here is the explaination..
Chaintech or Asus
How much OC do you have with KT4?
A7N8X Deluxe Ram settings?
A7N8X 1001.c bios - can't find anywhere help!!!!
A7N8X 1001.c bios - can't find anywhere help!!!!
Anyone got the ak37gt?
ASUS C.O.P (CPU Overheating Protection) Question
Epox still frying Geforce4???
A7n8x T-bred 1700
Old Duron, New MoBo
Chaintech nForce2
How well does this OC?
nice setup??
A7V333 = Long boot times?
5.1 Sound?
A7n8x + Sk800
for 50 bucks........
One beep with NF7-S? right after power on..............
Changeing Multis
More computer troubles
Quick question about 7VAXP and 8X AGP
locking AGP bus speeds on AK32?
KX7-333R & XP 1700+ Tbred
Omg Help Me!!!
How to setup creative inspire 5300 5.1 with A7N8X-DX?
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP vs EPOX EP-8K3A
nforce2 best OCers?
a7n8x and corsair Question
problems never end with 8rda+
Help Please :(
a7v266c no post....help
AMD mobo
New A7V333 BIOS - 1016 beta
Have a ..
nforce2 boards
Hearing alot of bad things...
locking AGP bus speeds on AK32?
a7m 266
Soyo Motherboard
Is the A7n8x unlocking 2400+'s in bios?
small question about Dual DDR channel setup...
BIOS stopping me from oc'ing to a multiplier of 11, even though it gives the option..
KD7-RAID temp monitors
Which is the Best Nforce Mobo
best 4in1 's to install after a format
8K3A mem timing settings in bios
8k3ae beeping
BEST mobo out there??
Software that came with the MSI KT4 Ultra
Help! K7S5A w/ 1700+ model 8
MSI KT4 really sucks
A7N266 XP 1700+ Tbred help please
A7N8X too hot in BIOS - HELP
KX7 & 1800 Tbred Boot problems
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP question
Help On What To Get
asus A7V333 BIOS Question
8RDA+ Does have locked PCI!
Mobo Monitor 5 doesn't work with my ABIT
A7N8X and AX-7 Heatsink...
A7N8X-DX questions
8K3A High FSB problems
KX7 2100+ > Board MOD needed!!!
temps w/A7N8X
Abit Kd7 Not booting
ECS k7S5A performance?
Why nobody is helping me?
MSI KT4VL KT400: Opinions?
7VAXP ****ing Me off!
When are the MX440 NF2 coming out?
New ram purchase
What are the dividers on 8khal+
system temps
? about 8rda+ and corsair xms3200
Are the KT333 and KT400 models stable?
Heatsink on a MSI KT3 ULTRA
nforce2 sound/lan
burned out headers
Hows the chaintech nforce2?
A7V133 BIOS recommended settings?
A7N8X rebooting
ABIT hardware monitor not coorect?
did anyone ever find out if there is a lock on the epox 8rda+
odd problem with 8rda+ and 2c10 bios
Can someone tell me if its dead?
Asus A7V-333 QUESTION!!!
a7n8x northbridge
flash bios for pc chips 810?
Yellow exclamation mark next to mobo resources on A7N8X?
OC xp2100+
Hzzzz Static Sound on A7N8X?
bios help needed
does this mobo have a PCI AGP bus lock?(8K3AE KT333)
is this epox a good mobo?
gigabyte 7vaxp
8k3ae problems
A7N8X Overclockers I need your Help!
best ak31a Bios for OCIng?
Proves of Dual Channel DDR benefits
Whats the highest you have gotten on the kt3?
Do NF2 boards support 5.1 sound?
Epox 8k3ae, good overclocker, locked PCI and AGP bus?
A7N8X question
A bunch of bad investments!!
Epox Boards Which one
Bios and 3d-mark
Motherboard bios
Vod for RAM
8rda+ and watercooling
Epox problems
anyone have the msi nforce 2?
How do I enable AGP8 on the Abit KD7?
8rda+ temp question
check out chaintech 7njs..without mods.
Reasonable MOBO for System Building and Selling
Abit KD7-E
My opinion on nforce2
A7N8X DX OC Setup?
Epox 8K3AE Heatsink Recommendations
How do you guys like ur abit nforce2 boards?
ASUS A7N8X or not ?
Newegg has Nf7 and Nf7-s instock!
I hate new computers sometimes...
Which mobo to buy?
high temperature on Asus a7v333
how good are these two?
Quick question about memory frequency
Board suggestions for TBird 1000
VIA KT400A to Be Single-Channel. No Sensation to Come
A7N8X DX: cpu overclock?
KT4 6590 New Bios 1.2
N2 questions
A7V8X vs A7N8X
Weird readout on A7V8X
KA266-R Memory issue
Bios Flash Help
Would nyone else like to see a new section on the boards?
First AMD Computer Comments
8K3A+ hangs during post
Shuttle AK12a and T-bred processor
8RDA + OWnz?
A7N8X DX: cpu overclock?
A7v333 Owners Help Plz!
Is it worth going from my 8K3A to 8K9A2
which mobo locks my pci/agp
ddr 3200
NF7 Raid
New to AMD CPU won't Idle ?
Only 191FSB stable on A7N8X?
need an nforce 2 mobo that has two things
KX7-333 vs KD7-400 Differences?
K7T266A Pro2
I just recieved my A7N8X but i think it's been used
8rda vs. 8rda+
This is torture!
Out of touch
A7N8X Prob w/ 4 hole mounting
Should I get the ASUS A7V8X OR A7V333?
Best 200+ RAM for 8RDA ?
DCDDR: Intel versus AMD
Latest 8K3A+ Bios Hangs at Raid Boot?
Best board for overclocking?
Help with o/c: XP2200+ & GA-7VRXP
Be as well getting another 8k3a
Epox 8RDA+ or Asus A7N8X DeLuxe?
Upgrading. Need some help.
KT7A-RAID Ver. 1.0 Max overclock speed?
Bios flashing
Advise on New A7N8X
A7N8X bios 1001.g
A7N8X and Iceberq
MSI 745 Ultra - will AX-7 heatsink fit?
at7-max 2 's RAID sucks??
Sweet, check this out
flashing bios for performance gains?
sis745 chipset
Socket thermister readings.....
KD7-raid w/ KT400 and KD7-E w/ KT333 share the same bios!
KD7-Raid and Motherboard Monitor
A7vs-vm and duron 1.3???
Hows this setup sound?
Wrong rail displayed??
Abit AT7 mobo any good
my KD7 morphed into KD7e
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Does GEIL work well with N´Force2 chipset?
ECS K8S51 Revision 1.4 Help
Help with FSB
asus probe temp=40 C ALL THE TIME
My Review of the Albatron KX400+ PRO
8K7A+ & 1700 t-bred
Epox 8K3A+ question
few abit at7-max2 questions
**NEW** AT7-Max2 Bios
need good cheap mobo recommendation
Ga- 7vaxp
KT7A-R + Asus V9280S/VTD Any problems?
biostar motherboard cpu support
@BIOS failure - Does't find F9 for 7VAXP
XP2000 FSB Overclocking
Good & Cheap
another thread :) MAX CPU??
Bios Where!
A7V8X where is the HD LED!?!?!
8rda+ sound question..
KX-7 vs. KD-7E
I have a question on this ECS mobo, is it good?
What Temps are you getting with the a7v333 Board
GA-7VAXP should i get it?
Wow NF7 for sale in UK and only £106!!
Whats up with these NForce chipsets on MOBO's
fan question
8RDA+ ram settings
GA-7VAXP should i get it?
Dont waste your time on the kt333 ultra
8K3A+ Bios
A7N8X Overclocking
Overclocking on PC CHIPS 810 Mobo
K7T266 BIOS help...
K7T266 Pro2
how high of fsb on av133
nF2 boards: ABIT NF7-S vs. ASUS A7N8Xd
nforce or standard??
How big ?
New Motherboard - do i need new case?
Asus A7N8X Deluxe new bios 1001.g
A7n8x New Bios!!!
a7v333, new bios replacement
Soundstorm vs PCI Card
8K3A+ Bios question
****need Advice Plz!!
Cant get ddr memory to boot with k7s5a
A7N8X and monitor troubles. Coincidence?
K7S5A Rev 3 problems
Dang. Can't get the MB I ordered
A7V333 Problem