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K7VTA5 raid
A7V333 wants USB driver?
KT400 Dragon Ultra with 2200+ problem
A7V333 RAID channels ...
A high FSB board
A7V333 Owners please LOOK!
Promise ATA100 Controller = Raid or Promise ATA100 Controller not= Raid?
Are AOPEN boards good?
PC support of an A7v333
40/80 Pci/apg
multiplier unlocked, but won't change!
What KT400 Mobos Auto unlock T-breads
Need help choosing MB for 1.2g Duron I won
2815 / 2929 bios with raid 2.34
New nForce2 Stepping
KT3 Ultra2 bootup problem
hardware monitor: ddr voltage
TBird 1.4 refuses to boot at 133 FSB
How is the KR7A 133Raid board for overclocking
kx7-333 agp voltages
8KHA+ Trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG ONE!!!!!
BIG PROBLEM!!!! Urgent!!! 8KHA+
ga7vaxp voltage?
AK32L from pc 133 to 2100DDR
What Am I Doing Wrong?
is this normal?
Do you think Gigabyte GA-7ZXE sounds like a good mb for its price?
Athalon XP and PC133 RAM
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
mobo temp sensor, what size?
3 Turbo2 boards, only one OC success
i can tseem to get UDMA 100 to work... i sthere any thing special i need to do?
just flashed A7V from bios 1004 to 1011 and...
MSI KT4 Ultra
Help with KX7-333R!
New to EPOX...
Xp 2800
AK31 Revision 3.1 Two power cycles required!
KT4 Ultra (MS-6590) Problem Help
Is there a chance??
How is o/c on this AMD MOBO?
Tons of new questions...
Xp2000+@166 Fsb
Which amd board?
How true is this? Best to overclock with PCI videocards?
New A7V333 BIOS - 1015 FINAL
Kt400 or nForce 2?
Dragon+ "RAID off line problem"
Small interview with an Abit Representative about their new NForce 2 motherboard !
Giga-Byte GA-7VRXP a good board?
BEST nforce2 setup
Fading Power Supply
Is it my board?
Just getting started
Just getting started
AT7-Max2 or MSI KT4 Ultra-FISR
News bios that fixes fsb over 166 (kx400+ PRO)
Only 200 FSB?
Dragon Ultra Plat (KT333) temp quesion
good price, bad price?
Which is best to run with a 166fsb 8K3A, KX7, or GA-7VRX?
All our lan box dreams come true! FINALLY NFORCE2!
GA-7VAXP random reboots
5V Mod for A7V8X
A7V8X Asus Probe Voltage drop?
Whats a Asus A7N266-VM AA (AMD Assurance Version)
Wahst a good dualie mobo?
Which Asus mobo is best for Overclocking an AMD 2800+?
CPU fsb vs Memory fsb on AK31A rev 3.1
I Need A Geiny-pig With KT7A Mobo
Dragon ultra plat bios upgrade help
Rev. 1.1 and 2.0 differences
A7N8X on pricewatch
AT7-max2 owners
Anybody know when abit's nforce 2 boards are gonna be out, and what there like?
Dragon + weird stuff
Take A Look At Those Mobos (nf2)
MB selection help
Whats a Good AMD Mobo with....
1/6 divisor problems
System Acceleration mode? Enable or disable?
1/5 Divider on kx7-333
1600 OC board
New 8k5a2+ Bios
NTLDR missin?
Which Main boards support Xp2200+ and up?
So, anybody know when the Nforce2 mobos will be out?
whoever uses 8K5A2+'s onboard sound, soundman.exe wont open!
A7v8x wont boot from cd rom
Recomendations on Overclocking the kt400 plat
Did I just buy a piece of crap?
Remmove Chipset cooler from A7V266-E?
differences between revisions of a7v333
mobo voltage problem
ax7 fit a Kt4 mobo?
K7VZA Overlocking?
8K3A+ AGP Voltage Mod
8K3A+ newest bios 2a25
A7V8X and Radion 9700 PRO
1st MSI motherboard
Something interesting that affects all
stuck at 169fsb
Sandra scores from my new Dragon Ultra Platinum
MSI KT4, no video, any thoughts?
Asus A7v8x wont boot
Help, I can't get it to work. A7V8X w/Athlon XP2400+
Iwill KK400 is now avaliable at resellers
Gigabyte GA-7VRX for $46 (refurb) is this a good deal?
Not enough screws?
what board for a athlon 1900+?
A7V 333 AGP4x problems..PLS help
Ga-7vaxp Help!
Which program to test 1/5 PCI divider?
Abit AT7MAX2 /ATI R9700 pro issue
Abit KD7 Raid, a Very SLOOOOOW motherboard?
Voltage mod for the KT3 Ultra2
Is it worth the Xtra 11 bux??
A7v333 & Xp2600/2700
Will a 2600+ XP work with my 8KHA+?
8K5A2+ Beta BIOS
KT4 Bios update problem
CPU Temp Accuracy
Memory Settings?
A-Bit KG7-Raid MoBo
Need suggestions on AMD Boards
Why is this happening?
front panel audio
Asus A7V8X Cpu max vcore?
Memory for the KG7 RAID
V-mod on a KT3 Ultra2
help, friend might have killed his mobo
kx7-333 ram question
Looking for alternative to Nforce 2
Epox 8k9a2+ questions
whats up with my neg voltages?
locking the pci divider
a7v8x cpu temp a little higher than normal...
kx7 333 temps
Kt - 333 Dragon Lite = good overclocker
Motherboard Shorting Out?
help me!!!!
KD7 Temps in Bios
Best bios settings for High FSB on KT3 ultra2
Abit KT7A and 1700+ thoroughbred
Motherboard dead?
True or False (Nforce2)
what boards let you lock the PCI/AGP
Vmod for Albatron KX400+ Pro?
AT7 boot problem
having an issue, can ya help me out
Which Motherboard to buy?? Please help me!!!
PCI/AGP speeds for the KG-7
P4B533 and P4B533-E What is the difference
Dragon plus locking problem, with xp2100
EP-8K5A2+ saying I have PC2100 memory?
Nforce Original Version Help.
ga-7vrxp voltages
Can I get my 8K5A2 to recognize PC3200?
Sound prob
A7V8X High FSB Problem
Will the ASUS A7M266 support the XP1600?
How come my comp wont boot at 31.3pci?
Need some help
boot without ram = ?
Epox 8K9A2+ or Asus A7V8x ??
Unused Firewire adapter for A7V333 ?
Any overclocking suggestions?
weird floppy problem, help me!!!
KT4 read on-die temps?
8k3a+ thermal compound
My Opinion of the ABit KD7 Raid I just got yesterday.
does this sound like a good deal?
A7V333 beta BIOS 1015.001 out
Do es the A7V333 have a 1/5 divider?????
Voltage Mod for the Soyo SY-KT400 Dragon Ultra?
My KT4 Ultra not going over 144FSB
Can you recommend a motherboard??
Chipsets: NVIDIA nForce2 vs. VIA KT400
Kg-7 Fsb?
First Epox board
Ga-7vax Cmos?..
Bizzar sound problem must play mp3s to get and games to make sounds
Grrr, nforce2 boards are expensive!
so, who's expecting severe problems for..
new KX7 board Great!
A7V8X 1008 Final out...
A7V333 BIOS 1014 Update Problem
Problems installing windows xp
Updating the Bios for KT400
Win XP Pro & Via 4-1
Flashing a BIOS
Inaccurate temp readings
Asus A7V-266E with an XP2400 Chip?
ill ask here
xp1600 @ 1600mhz?
BIG ? for KT4 and t-bred owners ...
need volt, multi info for abit boards
Need suggestions???
Is the soyo kt400 ultra platinum temp guage accurate ?
First time building comp
how to tell if mobo is defective
HELP ME!!!! with my asus a7v333 !
Msi K7t Turbo 2
Getting surround w/ PCworks 4point...
8k3ae latest bios ?
pc3200 recognized as a pc2400?
KD7 - north bridge has no termal paste
New Bios
HPT370/370A KT7A v2.34 RAID Driver Now Available!
Help with 7VAXP!!!
K7AMA with GF4200 128meg ddr. anyone
What memory to use on KT4 Ultra?
A7V333 "Turbo" mode
8k5a2 and xp1600+ overclock
1/6 multiplier at FSB:200MHz
flash bios
whats the highest fsb ever?
Whats he best bios....
How is epox with returns
flashed BIOS on my a7v266e
Need advice on EXoX 8K5A2
asus a7v temps
asus a7v8x?
How accurate are temps on KR7A in bios?
8k3a Best Bios
Would like some opinions for an upgrade
on board sound
GTA3: BSOD in Dragon Ultra Platinum KT333
Use RAID controller for normal ide drive? MSI board.
8k5a2+ and memory
Kx7-333r + Slk 800
What would be a goog voltage and FSB?
Volt Mod needed!
2.8V ok for DDR memory?
FIC AT31 Fusion
ak31 2.0 on die temp monitor...
Think I have an issue?
nForce 2 to be released in Europe!
FSB question
KA7-100 Overclocking
HELP Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra(black)
albatron kx4008x
the psot codes, the lights next to the raid ad IDE thingys what are they?
How are you all reaching 185 fsb?
No option in BIOS to disable onboard sound
8K5A2+ owners, what is your mobo/northbridge temp with stock heasink?
Best AMD overclocking board
I need a pic of the A7V266-E mobo!!!
8k3a+ observations
A7V8X and Drives
8K9A & 2400+ results
A7V333 FSB Overclocking
When do you update bios?
best TH7II-RAID bios & mr. natural bios
8K3A+ Overclocking Problems
So does the HP 372 prevent me from using Mandrake on my 8k5a2+?
Chaintech CT-7VJL-S-Deluxe or EPoX EP-8K5A3+/8K3A+??
OMG I'm gonna die!
RAID 0 Problems- Dragon Ultra Platinum
Revision 2
8K7A PCI/AGP dividers
A7v266-e won't boot, help would be appreciated
Problem setting up a RAID 0 array on a EPOX 8K3A+ HELP
Could my XP1800+ have hosed my KT7A-Raid?
ga-7vrxp temps
A7V333/RAID/Firewire a good board ?
New guy with a question
Thoroughbred unlocked by MB?
best amd mp dually board?
USB connectors on kx-7 mobo
My fan sensors are not reading speed
Which motherboard after bad A7V333?
is the ak37 out yet?
Ocin XP 1900+ on 7VRXP
Pick me an Abit AMD board:
Newb with A7V8X needs help
help with a new mobo?
nforce2 or Kt400
sound problem
what type of thermal sensor does the kd7 use?
KD7 Wows
Dragon Ultra Plat & UV Light
I give up, Need help now :P
8K5A series
Best Settings for Memory overclocking?
ASUS A7V333... HDD LED connector?
omg check out abits homepage!
Is it just my imagination, or...
fixed 5 volt problem with epox 8k5a3+
He guys if ya need this....
Abit Board voltage measurements
Dimm Slots
must use winamp to "boot" my sound up if i dont games are silent wtf?
Epox 8K3A+ overheating
KD7-E is offical
8k7a+ ERRR
Best AMD MB that does not have to support overclocking?
A7V333 Raid and random crashes
strange problem with kx-7, help please
USB 2 unfriendly to OC?
Epox 8K5A2 and XP diode
PCI overclock limits???
HELP! Upgrade or Not???
Will this setup work?
KD7 Fan Sensors
Epox KT400 Review !!
i want to but a motherboard
KT 400 Dragon (start)
Worthwhile to return my 8k5a2+ for an 8k5a3+?
Best mobo for 166FSB with unlocked XP??
The new board to get?
Help a greenhorn?
Anyone heard of an MSI MS-6353 nForce420 motherboard?
Epox 8KMM or Albatron
HP MotherBoard?????????
Raid? GA-7DXR
A7v Bleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's the best for the money?
8k3a+ BSOD and reboot problem...
A7N8X when?????????
Does the GA-7VAX support pc1066?
nforce2: part II
AK32L....my 2
difference in these Epox 8K3A, 8K3AE, 8K5A2, 8K5A3?
KT333 w/ 266 FSB
Help, I need somebody,HELP!
Is my board dead?
Asus "a7v"
Preventing IRQ conflicts
Not Happy With My Dragon
A7V266E and RAID problem
Kr7a-raid died what next?.
NForce2, What Memory?
Mini/Micro AMD Board?
Response to article on front page about /6 divisor
Larry's Volt Mod Kits
Asus A7V333 voltage problems
Abit KD7 Raid. Opinions?
ok best mobo?
think its time to upgrade...
8kha+ temperature monitoring
Dragon+ new bios
I am SO sick of this
K7V WON'T boot at 133fsb!
KT3 Ultra
NOOb stuff
Just made the vcore mod to my KT Ultra =]
Full RAID BIOS here!!!
Cant OC in bios but i can using Fuzzy logic?
KT3 Ultra
epox -8k7a+
via kt333 cd...ce...?
MSI K4 ultra?
Looking for info on the Iwill KK400. Help
Very Stupid Question
Albatron KX400+, anyone got it?
Cant OC in bios but i can using Fuzzy logic?
Beta bios for KT3 ultra2 or good tweaks?
8K5a2+ IDE Set Up Problems
8k5a2+ IDE Set Up Problems
Abit AT7 MAX 2 Problems?
Abit KX7-333R Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally!! A REAL nForce2 Legit Review. nForce2 OWNz All!
How to find dividers?
Any completely legacy free mobos?
What Is The Best Way To Overclock My Soyo Kt400
Anyone know a good board that can...
A7V-133C & Beta 1010 BIOS
8K3AE and HSFs
Help please
Computer Crashed!!!
Finally some one says what I been saying all along, NForce2 USELESS on an AMD...
does this board have a 1/6 divisor
I Want To Clarify This Temp Thing On The A7v333!!!!
For people using the 1014 BIOS...
syatem working really funny
Help! KX7-333 won't boot from CD-Rom
soyo kt400 ? hyelp
Winbond memory rocks!
looking for a good mini motherboard
KT266A motherboard
Wpcredit, Softfsb, Etc
new epox board
Any word on Nforce 2's overclocking ability?
Onboard Video Probs?
Who here has had compatibility probs
Overclocking Soyo-Kt400 Ultra doesn't work with Beta Bios ?
Cold boot problem - Soltek 75FRV
WTF is the deal w/ y mobo (KT3 Ultra2 no BR)
MSI K7T Turbo Limited Edition
corsair pc3200?
AK35GT/R Only reading 2x AGP
nforce2 dolby sound...
If you are interested in the multiplier mod....
A7V133 -> AC97 -> MIDI port?
What Board??
LED's on 8K5A2
Please Help...Put together comp but no post
Epox 8k7a+ (new cruncher)
help me pls, 8k5a2 wont post
help! just built comp, but it wont post!
Dragon Lite won't reach 166FSB???
Might sound simple!
newly rma'd mobo wont oc as high
Does the k7t turbo LE has a 1/5 divider?
K7T Turbo2 Overclocking
Msi gf4 ti4200 64MB can prevent from oc'ing fsb?
Just got my asus a7v133-raid back
Should I add active cooling to my Epox 8K5A2+ northbridge?
Dragon 333 vs 400
Epox EP-8RGA+
good mobo
anyone having a problem with Radeon 9700 Pro and Gigabyte
k7s6a 1+1=no boot
Newbie Info Page(for me :o)
disabling autorecovery
Asus A7v8x
Wheres my overclocking...
Mobo search almost done and need help!
mobo happiness
should i get the newest BIOS?
extra multiplier dip switch?????
1/6 divider
Need a little mobo advice...
Need Mobo advice
6378 owners need some advice
6330 Pro2-A & CPU Q
7VXRP dead????
Abit KR7A, checksum error?
Any recommendation for me to hit 200FSB??
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Big problems...
AV8xand multipliers
Azza Mobos-- Hot stuff or not so hot?
How does the Soyo Kt 400 perform
Mobo/Vid Card Issues
MSI 6330 Lite Issues
PCI bus speed
AX-7 Heatsink + A7V8X
AX-7 Heatsink + Abit AT7 MAX2
A7V-133 & 1.85 volts
a7v333 setup
tiger ram??
A7V133 & XP1600 & 13x multi
MBM5 temperature sensor
I just got a 2400+
PCI slots Died
New chaintech Deluxe
A7V333 Vs. A7V8X
Q-fan control
EP-8K9A or EP-8K3AE?
KX7-333R problem
8KHA+ - Corsair PC3200C2 sync 170~ ??
MSI KT3Ultra 2-R vs Athlon XP 2000+ gives up on WinXP boot
dual durons and cheap motherboards
8k3a dimm slots
AT7 One Long Beep?
Attn SIS buyers
highest megaherz soyo dragon
Microphone Problem
Can a motherboard Bottleneck?
CPU host clock select?
Northbridge Question on 8kha+
OCing a ocless mobo
Asus A7M-266
A7V333 & XP 2200 = Failed CPU Test
Nforce2 onboard video underestimated?
KT3 ultra aru northbridge fan died, HELP!!!