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Looking for some help w 8K3A
8K7A+ broken raid array
8K7A+ Power supply recommendations
xp1600 will only boot at fsb100 and 1050mhz
Godly Motherboard?
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP which version do I have?
im going to destroy my kt3-aru
7VRX have 1/6 divider?
nForce2 tomorrow?
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GA-7VAXP Motherboard
Maximum fsb on the kt133a?
asus a7v333 questioin
PCI Slot Problem
8K5a2+ Power Fan
8k3a+ Temp Sensor
De Raiding
Good NIC for overlockoing on 7VRX
Regarding Epox 8k5a2+ on-die temp readout...
voltage mod kit, how is this? link inside.
Need some help / advice OCing an MSI KT4VL
Kx7 cas2 question
Hmm Some Help?
ABIT KX7-333R ? - or - MSI KT3 Ultra2 R ?
GA7-AX and AthlonXP 2000+
Motherboard burnout?
PC2700 Question
Please help BIOS problem.
8k3a+ video card issues
Where do i download Bios version 1012
checksum error/bios settings comes back to default
How do I find my KX7 revision number?
AGP voltage
Soltek SL-75DRV5 KT333 Socket Space
new mobo, now windows won't load
Get your modded F11 VRXP Bios Here!!!!
Kx7 / 1600+ / Corsair 3200c2 owners ..lil help pls
A7V USB question.
KX7-333 r1.1 won't post.. ?
building a set up for my brother
1/5 divider doesnt kick in on kt3 ultra2?
A question
MSI KT3 Ultra vcore mod...are there some some mod pics?
help me pick kt333
kt3 ultra aru ?
Forgive me fellas :)
Farewell MSI! Muhhh haaaa haaaa
No Beeps brand new gear!!
2400 and an 8k3a+
Small Form Factor adventure
Ati Fic?
AT7-MAX doesn't really like 2400+
Questions about my ASUS A7V-E
new soyo oc bios
Is a new mb worth it???
kx7 1/5 divider dosn't seem to be kicking in..
ep-8k3ae: pc2700 or pc3000?
Volt Mod for Abit KX7-333
Important info for Chaintech 7VJL Apogee owners
Chaintech 7VJL Apogee
Does my 8K5A2+ support MB support asynchronous settings for my CPU and mem?
Radeon 9700 and EPOX 8K5A2
what's your 3dmark scores
MATX mobo
Updated Asus BIOS and now Athlon1.4 only runs at 1050mhz!!!
are intigrated devices on the pci bus?
Shuttle ak32l: Good or Bad?
Newbie Question
Are my northbridge temps limiting my overclock?
Question on AX-7 on 8K3A board
AMD n00b here... mobo opinions
K7s5a & Gf4
Should my cpu temp be this high?
Who's using CPUFSB to o/c their ecs Ks75A??
looking for fully integrated mATX board
using 5:2:1 ratio
133 FSB problem
Revive this Forum!
KT4 Ultra ~ opinions please!
Does the 8K5A2+ read diode?
1/5 divider check
What's your sandra memory score on kx7-333?
How does MSI OC? KT4VL = $80 .....
Mobo's with 2.2 Voltage Capability
Curious find in new Abit KT7 bios
KT333 Northbridge Fan
Urgent question about my new Biostar motherboard..
Update bios
What do you guys think of this mobo...
Old Epox Mobo
8K3A question
A7V333 Bios/CPU Question
KT3 Ultra + Duron 1.2GHz + PC2700
Funny stuff
NV7R133 Nforce owners-what FSB are you running?and what Bios are you using?
Anyone know of a Via KT266A Tweak/OC Guide?
How far?
KT3 Ultra + CORSAIR PC3200 ??
Chipset mounting holes.
Maze and MSI boards
XP2400+/2600+ on K7T266 Pro-2RU..Will it work?
what the Best AMD XP Mobo for overclock?
What MoBo??
Question to ALL Asus a7v333 owners
NE1 with MSI nforce 1?
Oh shiiiiiz
Epox EP-8k3ae
Gigabyt kt 400 board agp x8 is this any good?
A question about my asus a7v333
looking for kt7 bios
Bandwidth efficiency dropping >= 166fsb on 8K5A2?
Wierd "problem"
New Beta BIOS for A7V333
Dragon Plus & Creative Labs Geforce 4 4600 TI
Very Un-knowledgable about EPox, got questions...
8K3A+ and Tbred mutlipliers
overclocking issue. :(
Best Dual Athlon Board Still MSI K7D?
Abit KD7 or Epox EP-8K5A3+ ???
Ohh nooo, major computer failure. Please help me.
Which board should I chose nForce2 or 8k5a2
Overclocking Blues
Strange behavior
Does A7Pro support XP processors??
Does the A7V333 report high CPU temps?
AX-7 on an AK31A?
a7v333 is xp 2800 ready
No EPOX w/ 3200 ?
xms3200c2 running as 2100?
Best AMD XP Mobo on the market?
Top DDR400 Boards
thought ya guys would like to see
Just to let ya guys know
GA 7VAXP board w/ sound only from 1 channel
Motherboard advice for a beginer.
cheap mobo for spare
Quick question
Memory Issues with the KX7-333R
What mobo should i get??
1800+ in kt7a, thank you all.
Msi K7t Turbo2 Kt133
Maxima i need youre help on my board
is GA.7VTXHP or GA.7VTX a good board
Can't get CPU to run at its designed clock speed.
best m-atx mobo.. PLEASE! :)
is Asus A7S333 a good board?
kr7a problem with games
Epox 8k5a2 or 8k3a ?
skew adjustments?
Not another motherboard question......!
nForce2, Venturing behond 400MHz Bus!
is there anything I should know about the KX7 before i buy it??
backwards bios?
KT7A and xp1600+
8K3A+ & XP1600 - Random Reboots
Anyone have any info one what Abit is doing for Nforce 2?
A7V333 switch deelys
Any experience with Abit NV7133-RAID?
1/6 Divider
Just tried to overvolt my A7V333 and windows won't boot
GA7VRXP & Raid
MBM5 on Soyo Motherboards?
8k5a3+ temps
what does spread spectrum do in the bios
Kr7A-RAID Voltage Mod... agp...
Help with IRQ Assignment
k6-2 550 on Soyo SY-5EHM?
A7A266, what kind of ram works best?
1.8 and 1.85volts don't work from BIOS
Question about Kx7-333
Chaintech 7VJL having issues with XP cpus
K7S5A question
--a7v333 questions--
120 mhz bus?
a7n266-e built in NIC card problems
GA-7VRXP difficulty at 133MHz FSB?
Abit KD7
your prosessor voltage on k7s5a?
KT7A raid --XP1600+
good choice???
Urgent help Needed!! plz
Epox 8k7a+....
BIOS problems
Epox 8KLM2 & XP2200 for $214?
wtf is going on?
Weird memory problem...
Not Familiar with Ya Msi Gents but Hello
You gotta be kidding ME
Ohhh Nooo
KT4 Ultra
Purpose of FastCommand Option?
KT3 Ultra ARU No HCLK+33 option
nForce2 finally taped out and in prod....BUT READ THIS....
A7N266-VM Overclocking?
what mobo... again...
epox 8kha+ sensor questions
Fan on NB?
Does the kd7-raid have a 1/6 divisor?
A7V frequency multiplier
A7V333 problem with finding a bootable drive
xp's and A7V133 mobo
I don't understand the manual...
Bios 1011 for Asus A7V266-E
8K3A/8K3A+/Newegg price difference ?
SOYO KT-400 comes in DEAD LAST??
Hacked Abit KX7-333 Bios!!!
EPOX 8k5a2+ will only run with one stick of Ram
A7V333 cooling other chips
unstable and too hot
usb device wont work after OC
Is there a 3:4 hack for the A7V333?
What is going on with EPOX??
10.5x Multi on 8kha+
what exactly does cpu command decode do?
ECS K7S5A SiSŪ 735
for those lookin to get abit nforce 2 and use big heatsinks....
Board Thermister Location
63 deg too much?
A7V133 Northbridge fan humming
Top 5 Amd Boards
GA-7VAXP Review
Advice on an AMD motherboard
waterblock attatchments? A7V333
Albatron MB, anybody using??
Help! Beginner wasn't paying attention!
Epox missing AGP 4X!?!?
Did I get shafted?
XP2800+ and GF4 question
Million Dollar Questions: criteria for best OCing mobo?
ABIT KX7-333R SKT A RAID my BEST choice?? is it?
how can i tell what my devider is? i got a msi k7t pro2a
my mobo's chipset is SUPER HOT is this ok?
nForce2 Ship Date?
8k3a+ onboard sound prob(can't get the 6 channels)
A7N266-VM Video out - can't get it working
broken mobo help me to fix it!!!!
help ?
Motherboard selection
full raid for kt3 ultra 2?
Which mobo should i get?
help plz?
Which MB Dragon Lite or Albatron KX400+PRO???
How high can my fsb go??
is it just me, or is the Nforce 2, not really impressive?
NV7-8X @ ocworkbench
A7V333 bios
HELP!!! this is the forum i wanted doh!!
Nforce2 and 2800 review
A7V333 vs. 8K3A+, time to make a decision
anyone have a 8k5a2+
Can K7-AMA support Athlon XP procesors?
A7V333 USERS: PCprobe vs. MBM
K7S5A Watercooling!
New Epox KT400 boards in this week?
epox error code
Help! - Which one is bad?
What happens?
Will a KT7 run a Duron 1.2
Here we go again........motherboard selection
New Rev KT 400 chipset to be released in Nov!
is my vbat too low?
are these boards good overclockers GA-7VRX
1011 bios
Witch diode should i use ?
what board for extreme overclocking?
Time to RMA my 8KHA+?
Severe BIOS problems 7DX(R)+
anyone have a m-atx board that can OC?
memory at bank 0/1
Motherboard and Harddrive Question
mobo will not boot-HELP!!!!!!Please
MBM with A7V8X
kx7 how to get the last little bit?
Help! Problems Dragon Plus!!
Voltage Mods? I need more voltage...
Great Site for Infomation to newbies
For XP 2000 which Epox model you would recommend?
What AMD Mobo to get?
12 x 138 on a 1800+ ????
BIOS updates
Motherboards with Vcore adjust
Getting somewhere now
Problem with voltage
How can u us the IDE 3 an IDE 4
Raid and PATA at the same time
KT7A socket thermistor
Epox home page?
KX7-333R v1.0 and 2400+
A7V-266-E refuses to change my unlocked 1800XP..
Need help big time KX7 333R
Onboard sound comparison...
8K5A2+ Post Code FF
memory timmings
1/5 divider
new abit 2400+2600+ bios
new board help : AT7 or A7V333 ?
ECS vid card w/K7S5A
A7S333 Freaky
I need info on a vcore mod for a KT3 Ultra-ARU
Motherboard Dilemma
Changes from 1011 to 1013
Which motherboard should I get...?
help me! checking nvram!
ASUS A7V8X does it have overclocking features ?
kt3 ultra 2, help!!!!
Asus p-299 and a P-3 866 CPU
a7v333 remobing bios
motherboards? abit or Epox? or what?
A7V8X and Coolermaster HHC-L61 (HHC-001)
Connecting Bridges, 1800XP, new bios???
Overclock the A7V8X
8k3a+ new via drivers problem? (Query Registry content failed)
Help i cant increase my fsb and my multiplier at the same time
a7v333 onboard audio
ASUS A7v266-e/aa
A7V333 Raid Stability???
How high is safe to raise fsb?
Vcore too high and wont come down...
Asus AV7333 vs MSI KT3 Ultra
BIOS Voltages not Reporting Same in Smartguardian
The great question.
Lockups In games and everthing!!!
A7A266 will it take an athlon XP 2100+ ???
MSI KT4 Ultra
kt333 board with x8 agp?
How is the power turned on?
When Does the 1/5th divider kick in on KT3 Ultra 2 Boards?
PC2700 and 3200 with ASUS A7V266-E
soyo dragon lite bad floppy controler????
Help: 8k5a2+ ram settings
My experiences overclocking the KT333 Dragon Ult Plat / XP 1900+ / ATI A.I.W. 8500DV
Smallest/Fastest AMD MOBO with AGP??
Issues with Turbo mode on A7V333
Where is the overvolt jumper on the asus a7v333? (no manual)
AGH! KT400 or KT33!?
changing the mobo
did we get the msi shaft?
ak35gt/r problem
M/B w/ Power Still Going to CPU When Fried
ga-7dx questions
A7v333 Agp
fsb on ak31v3.1 and data coruption
best epox board?
mobo help
sandra report the right PCI devisers?
ASAP if you can
A7V 333 can't run toast
More Re: A7N266-VM
MSI Board.. POwer Supply connection problem.
Making the switch to AMD (prepare for newbie questions)
MSI KT4 Ultra Vmod needed
Epox 8k5a2+ and cpu temperature
ECS K7S6A, AthlonXP 1700+, Corsair DDR333 memory- overclocking question
No video! Please help!
1/5 divider on Gigabyte 7vrxp
1/5 divider on gigabyte 7vrxp
Temperature readings
nForce 2 Boards
1014 Bios Beta
2nd 8k3a+ gone bad
ever run at half speed with an ak32?
Prob with 8K3A+
Problem with K7S5A Flash.
Find Flex ATX boards
Arrgghhh just torn what little hair I have out
9700 Pro and KT400 chipset
Overclocking problems
Which company has best customer service
8KHA+ Users - Middle DIMM Slot
Kx7333r Vmod? ALso BIOS downloads?
KX7333r and WPcredit mem tweaks?
Im giving up!!!!!
8k7a possably fried again...
gettign software for a refurbbed mobo
getting the software that comes witha mobo
kt3 ultra 2 temperatures
Getting the A7V333 RAID
8k5a3+ or 8k5a2+???
To new mobo or not to new mobo?
KT333 or KT400?
K7ADA on-die or socket?
EPOX 8K5A3+ 1/6 divider?
New A7V333 not working properly...
dividers on 8k3a+
Question about Soyo KT333 Ultra Dragon Platinum
dead a7v333?
Decided on 9700 Pro now which mobo?
Memory Timmings
kx7-333r: 200fsb unstable?
Query for a n00b
nobody buy abit 400's
Dragon lite +1900...help?
SB live 5.1 on kx7-333
KX7-333 and MBM5
8kha+ AGP/Bios setting
Ecs K7s5a
Help me overclock!! Need some Input
8k5a3+/8k5a2+ Owners please read , regarding bios tearing
overclocking advice Need input:)
Good Motherboard for OCin....
V-Core Higher than 1.85?!?
Probably a stupid question, but
Asus A7V133 bios tweaks?
Kt7a - Usb2?
Fried memory/motherboard????
scratched mobo?
A7V8X Question...
Best priced KT400?
What Motherboard shall i chose
since you can set it true it can you bypass it
bios 1013
I need a BIOS
Gaming and the k7s5a
SIS 746 or NForce2
8K7A+ 5v problems, anyone else have them?
Asus three sticks of ram
need hardware recommendations for linux box....
Modding my mobo
Think I will will release another bios for the newer AMD cpus?
bad board for the second time!
Asus 400DDR Board Ohh myyy
Proper Procedure....
i need a tiny board
Just a little advice on K7S5A Please
New A7m266 Bios
Wait for nForce2 or buy 8K3A ?
Burning hot voltage regulators!
can i put
The extreeeeem High Perfomance
8K5A2+ Chipset Cooling.....
Kx7 devidor :(
WIndows Based Flash Program anyone?
AT7 MAX2 review
Need Help with 8K3A+ Stability!
8KMM+ Micro-ATX board
Newbie Needs Help Installing Bios Update
KT7-RAID ; What's new on the KT7A-RAID ?
BIOS Logo Image
A7V333 Chipset Cooler
do you know a volt mod for a GA-7dxr?
What is the reason for "Bios/AGP tearing"?
Msi Kt3-ultra-aru Max Fsb??
MBM5 w/7AIA board
K7S5A overclocking problem
How good is this board
Epox-8K5A3+ temps correct?
pc2700 overclocking question
Overclocking a Soyo Dragon KV7 Plus
KX7-333 Not so soft, power off
do intel clock generator behave differently from amd clock generator
Best Value DDR Board
whats the best amd motherboard for an xp 2100+?
anyone with unlocked 2100+ and 8k3a+
???Best AMD Motherboard???
can't get A7N266-VM to do anything! help!
Changing mobo question
Settings for OC'ing the 8k5a3+
Apogee 7VJL
A7V333 Agp voltage
Will A Pal 8045 Fit My Abit Nv7133r
Another 8K5A2+ review: FSB=215!!!
K7t266 Help
Msi Kt7 Pro2-a Cpu Support?
8K3A+ overclocking question
New Computer help
Latest bios for a7v133 kt133a chipset?
the KT333 boards.
8k5a2+ or 8k5a3+???
Asus A7v133 wont boot into windows?
Help,I lost my floppy
current mobo's with 333 mhz fsb athlons
KX7-333 ... how to tell
Amd 761 Chipset
a Q about ondie diode on epox 8k3a..