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Should I upgrade?
Will the XP2200+ work with an Epox 8K7A+?
"Older" AV7K133
HELP!!!Failed unlock2200tbreed think it is dead
HELP!! unlocked tbreed now its dead???
Where can I find the Rev # on my abit motherboard???
I hate k7s5a's
recommend me a motherboard
Asus A7V8X Question
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP & Corsair 512MB PC3200 400mhz XMS Memory
Msi mobo's
From what i hear...
GA-7VRXP and PC3000 ram
Asus A7V333's keyboard startup wont work
is my CPU locked?????
Kx7-333r problems
Kx7 Gurus
kt3 and samsung pc2700 woes
Just built and nothing
My cable modem run better on USB than onboard LAN.
Does abit have any info on there nforce 2 board yet?
Asus P4S8X overcloking
whats best program 4 overclocking?
how to get the ondie reader to work on 8k3a-e?
what mobo should i get???
HI cpu temp with k7vta3 and XP1600+
what kt400 boards have w/ 1/6 PCI Divider?
PC Chips...
Memory overclock advice!!!
PCchips 812L and Duron Morgan
Degradation in perfoprmance with a newer Bios
new kt333 bios
Wrong CPU Speed
Kr7a-raid Fsb?
Is this Chaintech board good anyone have and like it?
A7V266E & W2K Drivers to install
Asus 266m
Disabling MBFastTrak133 on ASUS A7V333?
KT7A-RAID/ AMD 900mhz questions...
Can/Should I under volt my MB
Review: Epox 8K5A2+ = 219 FSB!!!
GA_vtxe+ overclocking ????
Weird Shutdown Problem 8k5a2+
Overvolting question
Onboard sound?
K7VTA3.3 ram running slow
Can the Abit max2....
ECS K7S5A sound drivers I need help
nebee needs sugestions on boot up trouble
I need suggestions
overclocking 1800 on A7M266-D
How good is the sound on the Epox EP-8K5A3+
Were do i find the version
most stable AMD mobo?
oh man....big problem.. i THINK!
3-pin header for cpu_fan
New bios 1013.002 for A7V333
Problem Dragon Plus Motherboard
NO AGP 4X in 8K5A2+ BIOS?
How im i doing
Need to Upgrade BIOS
Anyone Know how to voltage mod a Kg7 ?
8RDA+ when!?
WUT WILL THE BEST nforce2 board be at launch
DFI AM33-EL with Chipset KLE133-8361/82C686B
Epox vs Abit
A7m266 bios update freeze RAM Voltage VIO
Need Help
no 14 and 15 multi's on 8kha+
What Do You Think Of This Motherboard??????
kg7 and winxp
Iwill MPX2 now available in the UK
Problems here too
Where's Nforce2?
installing 4 in 1 VIA drivers for a7v333
Best Mobo Continuous Round Up !!!
I Have the working GA 7 VRXP V 2 Raid Drivers For Win XP If ya need them?!?!?
Two motherboards.....
datasheet for kt266a chipset where can i get them..
Notes on A7S333
Tyan .....64 bit pci?
7RVXP OC question
i need explanation on this part of the registry table of the kt266/266a
can anyone around here do any bios mods?
at7 max 2 reviews yet?
dont find the drivers for kg7-raid on xp
Help on overclocking with Soyo 5EHM
kt3 ultra 2 - R and raid
8k3a2829 bios if anyone needs it
KX7-333R case temps
13.5 Multi and my KX7-333r
K7T Pro 2A multiplier...
Help K7D master !!!
KG7 RAID Version?
if kt266a does not support 1/5 divider does it support 1/6
new 8k5a2+ bios
Hoots 5voltmod on kx7r question?
Help Choose: EPoX 8K5A2+ or EPoX 8K5A3+
8X AGP on A7V333 ?
How to boot MSI K7D from network??
F.S.B Problem
8K3A DMA problems
Dragoun Ultra Platinum problems
big prob
HELP!!! Cant et CMOS to reset on FIC Slot A board....
Is he AMR Slot the same as a CNR Slot ?
a7n266 nforce dual DDR memory check?
Fastest Processor I can use with AK31?
Which Motherboard Shall I upgrade too from Kg7 Raid?
8k3a+ flashing bios
7RVXP Slower booting than b4..why?
ABIT AT7-MAX2 release?
8K5A2 Question
random reboot
Whats that fan for?
What about the EP-8k5a3+
Want to push my KX7 further, advice please.
no idea what forum to post this to =)
no idea what forum to post this in =)
Are these good parts to use with the 8k3a?
8K3A+ and 2815
Are there only 2 AMD boards the support AGP 8X?
KT7 Caps blown, anyone know online vendor?
gigabyte GA-7IXEH urgent problem!!!
mboard problem?fsb problem
8KHA+ shutdown problem
Unlocked Xp2200 on Gigabyte GA-7VRX
Xp 2200 overclockin ability
my abit kx7-333 wont get mutipliers under 11 help
Voltage adjustment in BIOS
kx7-333 revisions
Asus A7V333 onboard sound suck??
Mobo mult. setting... need help.
Looking for a motherboard with....
amd-761 chipset driver update
Soyo Dragon+ KT266A/Win2K reboot problems ?
A7v133, no boot up prob!
OC Mobo Plz READ
AGP aperatus means what?
Asus A7V133 vs. ECS K7S5A
K7S5A CPU voltage
best motherboard monitor for kt3 ultra2
Start up is kinda weird....Help!
Help! Is the mobo screwy!?
A7V333 with Samsung PC 2700 Memory Question!!!
ACPI question for Asus A7V
MBM5 and 8K3a+
KG 7 and new 166 MHz Athlon..
Need a PDF format of A7V333 manual
VIA hardware monitor question
Attn: Anybody who is REALLY mad at their GA-7-VRX(P) ...
My VRXP, so far.
KT7A-R, Athalon XP, 150 FSB, works fine
Aaahhhhhhahahahaha! Myu At7 Lan Does Indeed Work Afterall!
overclocking k7t266pro2
kt3 mystery beeps
AGP Driving Control
Anybody know what abit is doing for Nforce2?
Unlocking problem with A7A266
ultimate Overclocking motherboard?
Possible K7S6A problem...
abit kt400
So Many Choices......
KT3 Ultra 2 R OC - no divider!!!
I sent it back
Sent that GIGA CRAP back!
KA266plus need old bios
whats the diff?
1400 t-bird, a7v333 MEM settings
all in one board ?'s
7VRXP Divisor
USB problems at 150MHz
New Mobo not giving me temps....
ecs k7s5a questions
Please help me figure this out.
ak31v3.1 volt mod
8K3A+ RAID trouble
KT400 hitting the shelves
Could a hot chipset cause instabilty?
A7V333 Temp too high?
Raid help for the KR7A-133R please.
TT Crystal Orb on A7V333 KT333 North Bridge Chipset Sound Good?
Does Epox MoBos show low 5V?
enhance for benchmark
how to OC a chaintech board
Unstable at any Speed!
MSI master w/ u160
Does your 13+ multiplier work.
4.42 VIA's
Need magik chipset drivers!
Asus A7V333 5v mod
8K3A+ - What BIOS do I have?
HW moniter on SY-K7V Dragon Plus!
3.3v reading 1.54v i know this isnt right?
A7V333 Problem? Read to see what my prob is...
The Turbo option in the Asus A7V333 MB
cant get SB live to work
Kt400 Boards are in!!!
quick question about 8k3a+
Via 4 in 1
flexability with kR7a Raid using PC3000 ram
nForce2 Soon
A7V333 Overclockin manual
Need Northbridge fan replaced on my KT3 ULTRA
anyone have an e-mail add for g-b tech support?
System Crashes
nit picking epox layout
Xp333-r & Ddr400
Anyone care to donate a dead K7S5A?
Nforce and Det 40's Hidden Features
8K3a+ and 2100 overclock possibilities?
Back from hell ,I think at least
ABIT KG7 any good?
who can get me a copy of asusupdate
Biostar M7VKD and XPs?!?!?
k7t266 pro2-a glitch
Fisrt Gigabyte?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
* 8x AGP on ASUS mobos *
K7S6A Overclock?
Please Help A7V333
Best EPoX MB
Best dual tbird mobo?
VIA 400 and dual drr
K7s5a Motherboard For Sale !!
fsb 166X11.5
how good ?
Bad KX7 333R!!
wpcredit to change pci divider?
Which nForce1 board to think about?
vcore Abit KD7
anything special to remember when voltage moding?
What is your PCI bus speed?
no 1/6 divisor in KT400?
RAID Problems (A7V333)
bad overclock results with the AK35GTR
Looking for a new board (KT400)
MSI KT3 ULTRA2 (non raid) and PSU help?
Random Reboot
A7V266 + USB + FSB O/C = no go?
Best KT333 Mobo?
after Flashing Bios Cant boot HELP!
registered DDR and gigabyte 7VRXP rev2.0
Ocin with Gigabtye 7RVXP and EzTune4 Q? HELP!
8k3a help
Ram and fsb
KX7-333 vcore limit
overclocking without unlocking
How to OC with Gigabyte 7RVXP mobo?
whats raid??? =[
Ok, I need a little help picking out a new mobo
kx7-333 volt mod
Need new board.
ep 8RGA+
Dragon to MSI
Dragon LITE board any opinions?
best mobo
K7T Turbo, KT3 Ultra and XP1800+
msi kt3 ultra an matrox parelia card
kx7-333 and 3 hardrives
what is a good mobo with the xp1600?
kt333 and xp2700
Giga comin today responses need now!
MSI Mobos - ms-6378 vs. ms-6340
AT7 Max optimal setup
Getting Dump Message Every so Often? Help!
Please help me choose an Abit board...
Dn't know how to load New VGA driver!
Microphone wont work....
How to tell if my CPU is unlocked on my gigbayte 7RVXP mobo
Is the K7S5A the best Mobo for my $?
File Copy eats 100% Cpu Load
KX7333 bios settings
good Ocing DDR board
boot up failure
You decide...
Stupid 8KHA+
Need help choosing a mobo "will overclock"
KT7A Raid v1.0 supports athlon XP ???
A7M266 Is it possible to get PCI/FSB 1/6???
Help, my epox 8k5a2+ is insane
KX7-333r Raid 0 Block Size
A7V333 BIOS 1012 Final
K7S5A beeping ?
Epox 8k3a issues fixed?
OC your PCCHIPS M810v71c here
Anyone have MSI KT33 Ultra? Need help with 1/5 divider
Shutting Off By it self HELP !!!!
Will they make one
1011 for A7V266 (E/EX/AA) released
msi kt3 ultra-aru voltage probs?
The mystery about sensor 3 in MBM
New board?
Missing Operating System on KX7-333r
Salvaging a bad bios flash
EP-8K5A2+ overclocking
need suggestion on good mid range mobo
whats happening to my voltage??
new bios for a7v266e--anyone using it?
Xtreme Gaming Machine?
Soyo SY-5EHM V1.2 + AMD K6-2 500 - Only reading to 375 Mhz
I Hacked My Abit Bios (A Must Download!)
MBM New features for some Asus boards.
HS on A7V333 South bridge
kx7-333r and Leadtek GF4 Ti4600 HELP!
Stay away from gigabyte?
Finished the PILT Project...
A7V333 - Sandra says PCI bus is 50MHz @ 202FSB
I got to talk to NVIDIA rep in person about NFORCE2...
I want it all !! ! !
something you should know about A7V333
what is the highest safe temp on NorthBridge
plz help
A7V266-E and Temps - Whatup?
8K7A+ w/ XP1700 Overclock?
What is the latest bios revision for the KX7?
Epox 8K7A+ CPU upgrade
nForce2 Benchmark Delivers!
Just bought KX7-333R
No Mas - k7s5a Junked
Soltek mobo
8k3a+ overclock problem
PC Alert3 question
Thermal Protection Logic onboard?
FYI For nforce owners
Asus & 2200+ t-bred compatibilty chart
8k3a+ installing WinXP
OCing on A7N266-VM
8k5a2+..max recommended voltage?
Athlon XP on A7V133-C?
ASUS A7V8X (kt400)is on price watch today!
Athlon 1.4 and Abit KT7A won't run at rated speeds
KT7R w/XP2000+ ?
MSI KT4Ultra not lookin so good.
ATI R340=Nforce
Plz help before i kill myself!!!
albatron kx400
Creating a sig... its ez this way... will delete the tread once i'm done
A7N266-VM Sound/Speaker Setup
Is My Temp Normal???
overvolting the cpu on the a7v 333
Newbie in the house!!!
KG-20 ABIT Micro ATX
GA-7VRXP Problem During RAID Installion For WinXP Pro! HELP FAST!!!!
More stability?
8K3A+ and Corsair XMS 3000 problem here
Turn Switch, everythin on except Mobo
a7v333 no sound plz help
Via Kt400
T-bred on Epox
A7V333 dimm voltage??
8k3a: Only have 1/4 divider, How can I get the 1/5 divider working?
XP2200+ Works On My Abit KT7A-RAID rev1.1!
Wont allow setup of motherboard cd
Why not get rid of Vcore modding?
O/C help
need suggestions on new mobo
ABIT KX7-333R bios
need help with wpcrset
max heatsink size
Problems with GA-7VRXP
What's the best mobo for amd 1600xp
8KHAloo.bin bios for 8KHA+
Problems with A7V333 I/O plate
whats the best mobo for an oc n00b??
Motherboard temps...PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!
Asus A7A266 and AMD Athlon XP 2200+
HELP! Did I just Destroy my mobo!!
HELP!!! A7V333 and athlonxp 2200
What is checking NVRAM?
GA-7DX+ won't post after overclock gone wrong
What's your stepping and best OC
Lock up with PC133 RAM @ 133MHz
K7VTA3!!! Need some help Please
Need a new ASUS Bios chip
Dragon+ users, please read.
KX7-333r looses user define ability
ga-7vrxp accurate cpu temps????
DFI AK75-EC Mobo Temp Probs
Smoked 2100 chip and raid
A7N266-VM m/board with Nvidia - HELP
Highest O.C. with a Dragon+
Isn't it about time..
Ram on K7S5A
Help me make turbo work.
dual AMD 2200+ Processors
Asus A7s333....Memory 1:1?
DFI AK76 , 761 chipset
Insocket Thermsistors
highest XP?!........
ECS K7S5A problem, no boot
Thoughts on the xp2400/2600
Trouble installing OS
8k3a+ and 1800xp
Fic Sd11?
best mobo out?
Need help selecting a mobo
boot issues
Problem with XP 1800+
not a question just wanted to say.
GA-7DXR driver question
How far will the Asus a7v333 go?
Flashing Bios On K7s5a???
k75SA is messed up for me. Help
unsure about xp2200 unlock???
k7S5A Fried????
Win Xp And Raid Drivers
8K7A That defaults V-core to 2.5 volts.
A7V333 Beta Bios 1012.01
KR7A - R chipset cooling.
8KHA+ best software FSB ?
A7V133 RAID/Windows Messed Up-ness
Lower voltage on the 8kha+
err, is there any way to repair a socket a?
Killed 3rd k7s5a - Ultra sensative mobo ???
Althlon XP 1800+ and KX7-333
AK31 V3.x and high Multipliers
AK31 V3.x and high Multipliers
need advice
need advice
WHICH mobo allows highest stock VCORE
Epox vs. Asus??
ASUS vs. Epox???
I Need Help With Raid And D+
Whats a good 8k3a+ bios?
A7N266-vm onboard GF2 vs GF2Ti
sdr & ddr ? ?
Severe RAID / A7V133 Win2k/XP Installation Troubles!
epox 8K5A3+ and Infinite Loops?
A7V333 question
HELP!!!! No Boot!
ASUS A7M266-D Bios Upgrade
PSU survey
kt133 chipset question
Epox 8k5a2+
asus nforce2 board
help with cooling northbridge
Any one have exp. dealing with Abit
AK35GT2 and a Antec SLK2600AMB?
new 8k3a & 8k5a bios at>
Raid question(s)
Dragon+& RAID
Wow Fried. *Ring* Hello Asus, do you do warranty return?
i want to vmod my a7v266/e mother
Votages on the KX7-333r
Themal Compound?
mod into a raid?
biostar m7v1f cpu volt increase
In response to your responses....
whats the best socket a mobo for some ocing?
64 bit pci slots
What is the Best Board that Supports AGPx8?
eh and ei bios for ak31 v3.1
Epox 8k5a2+ or 8k3a+??
tbred and AK35GTR
Gigabyte 7DXR+ and FSB
A7V333 or GA-7VRX quickly answer plz!
RE: Soltek SL75DRV5
diff between 8k3aE and 8k3a?
KX7 display problem/annoyance
AK35GTR Corrupt Bios
FSB speed question
K7S5A no post! HELP!
Is Soyo Dragon Plus compatible with XP Pro?
AT7 and Swiftech mounting?
Found a Fix for GA-7VRXP Rev1.1
Just ordered KX7 and have some questions
8k3a or 8kha?
Tyan Tiger OC ~ What have you gotten or heard of?!
What board is best for...........
8k3a +3.3v @ 1.58v
another very close call....
AT7 ???'s
2200+ and 8k3a Temp Problems, concerning Bios!! Using Air!
overclockability of the AK35GTR
At7-max2 / Kt400 ...???
2 Abit KR7A's (one 133 the other a raid)
What KT333 board has 1/5 divider?
Problem upgrading to winXP from 98se
KX7-333 mobo temp monitor
What's the fastest CPU the kt7 will support?
KT3 Ultra + G3 3dmark 2k1 score??