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KX7-333 mobo temp monitor
What's the fastest CPU the kt7 will support?
KT3 Ultra + G3 3dmark 2k1 score??
CPU Voltage!
A7v333 & 1600 temp trouble
A7M266 on die or in-socket temp sensor?
1/6th divider?
k7t266 pro 2 ru temp diode reading
8KHA+ Memory Voltage Mods
~~ Auto/1.1/4.5 ~~
trash kr7a-r for kx7333-r????
NB fan replacement
Newegg issues with EPOX??
8KHA+ purchasers please read
problem with this socket..
ax7 on the kx7?
166 fsb on ecs k7vta3 v3
KT7A V1.3 and Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred 0.13micron.
A7V266-E --- Duron 800
KX7333-R and XP2200+ ?
why won't A7V333 VCORE go higher?
Freezes randomly
8k3a+ wanna use onboard audio
will boot K7s5A with no video?
RAM voltage increase.
k7s5a little bit different cold boot problem
users of epox 8k3a with t.bred 2200++xp please help...
What is the max?
What does clock multiplier do?
Abit 400s
Just cant get it right.
AMD XP and SDRAM Motherboard
KT3 Ultra 2 +OC
how do i kno if my friends kt7a is v1.3?
problem w/xp and ak31v3
3.3v problem
in abit mobos' bios' can u set memory to 4:3 ?
Tyan Power Up/Down problems
8k3a+ with ddr @ cas 2
Pally v. Tbred temps in 8k3a+
Will we be able to run the new 2400+ and 2600+ on kt3?
asus k7m
A7V333 help needed urgently please...
Good chip cant oc anymore
big problem with k7s5a
Boot Problem, MK20N w/ Duron 1.2
AMD Hammer & KX7
xp2200 & KX7333
What's wrong? my cpu or kx7-333?
Who has the highest memory bench?
Soyo SY-Kt333 Dragon Lite
Anyone run A7V266E & XP2200
Gigabyte 7VRXP rev2.0 and XP2200+ thoroughbred
Very close CALL !!!!
8k5a2+ cpu burning in problem
best bios
XP-333 Help!
sk75a not detecting both cd roms!
Brand new 8k5a2+ registry problem
Is 200fsb max for a7v333?
A7V133 chipset fan removal
---ARGHH 8k3a+ problem---
kx7-333 devisor question
different mobo types
latest bios
strange system lag-g-g-gg-g
KT 400 Review !!!!
Abit KX7 OC'ing issues
Need HELP: KX7 and Gainward Ti4200
A7V333 Overclock settings
Instability problems
Help me learn the curves of my board
8k3a+ temp
Which Fan???
f.s.b help!!!!!!!
nforce driver or detonator? nvmax works?
instability issues
VID1-4 Configuration and results!
how to set memory speed on A7V333
4 beeps
Best budget/economy AMD mobo
Microwave PC - Speeds up 7VRXP
Hoot's 5V mod
XP2100+@1960 mhz
XP2100+@1960 mhz
MSI 745 Ultra problems
Cendyne CD-R/W wont work on XP333...why?
A7V333 bios settings for a stable overclock
A7V333 temps too high?
A7v333 - misreports cpu speed...plus...
Raid performance probs using MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU
Bios 1011 temps accurate?
KT7a-Raid help please
How to get safe mode???
video with sdram, but none with ddr? (ON asus A7A266)
Unlocking Vcore on a MSI KT3ultra2
stable motherboard advice
Unlocking Vcore on MSI KT333 ultra2
Abit KX7 and ThermalRight AX-7
CPU Fast Command Decode???
Asus A7V333 Latest Core
I took the plunge, flashed my bios and now have accurate cpu temp
A philosophical question...
Anyone have a great BIOS setup for KX7-333-R?
Will my cpu work in this motherboard
Upgrading a MotherBoard
How do i use this .AWD file to flash my A7A266's bios?
Link to IOSS RD1 Bios Savior page for K7S5A
EP-8K5A3+... is it available yet??
New A7V333 BIOS 1011 is nice!
No Video On asus A7a266!
Do Asus boards really read higher?
A7v133 Multiplier
KX7-333-R &xp2200+ BIOS PROBLEMS
Intagrated or not
Replacement for 8KHA+?
When is the nForce2 Due out?
A7N266-C or -E bios on A7N266-VM
Biostar M7VIF + 2200xp Tbred == Just a spinning cpu fan, help!
Bios Flash, now it won't do Ultra
8kha+ sound problem
New 8k5a2+ bios>
new 8k3a 2812 bios>
C1 Error 8k3a+
KT7A (& RAID) rev 1.0~1.3 - Post Your Max FSB Obtained!
Increasing 7RVXP voltage?
Is this a good OC? ( 8K3A+ )
Switching to MSI
A7V333 mobo temps
KT3 Ulta2
Anyone ever used/seen the InnoBoard BD-7300D KT266A???
Epox 8K5A2+ review
Extra..Extra..read all about it!!
Lost my KT3 Ultra Aru quick users guide! need help!
New Bios A7v333 To 1011
* HELP! * A7V333 Bios...
Gigabyte 7VRXP ver 1.0!
Epox 8k3a+ what pci slot to use for network?
I flashed my bios, and my temps are down, my voltage is up?
8k3a+ undocumented 1/6 divider?!
epox 8K5A3+ reviews
Soltek DRV5 Problems
Asus Motherbroad setup problems
No Burner???
Questions on the Abit AT7
Help! KT7A-R 1.0 & XP1700+
Look At These Voltages!!!! i need help
Check your motherboard NB Coolers!
Warning for users of PAL8045 on K7S5A!!
4 beeps
Question about nForce mobos
Possible Socket7 Sticky/FAQ [Retired sticky]
SY-KT333 DRAGON Ultra (Platinum Edition)
kt7-ultra ARU problems
north bridge & blorb
I got a great deal today!
EP-8K3AE CPU Voltage won't go up!
hey... coool!!!
OC probs on 8K3A+ blue screen in WIN2K.
just got an kt7-ultra aru, and now got probs
Processor Upgrade?
8kha+ max fsb pole
Chaintech Apogee
Well I ordered me a KG7 raid board
Wrapping are on mobo around cpu with neoprene?
OK, serious problems with 8k3a+...
Does KG7 Raid board support XP1600
need advice on a cheap asus a7v333
Which KT333 Mobo has the highest PCI dividers?
does changing the vid jumpers change the default core or just what your at?
Is This 8K3A+ Bench Good?
KR7A Raid Temps
onboard LAN doesn't work.
Memory timings on the IWill XP333, how do I change them?
Got 8K5A2+ today
Ok...about Memory
Set Up Guide
8k3a+ w/ DDR333 + GF4 Ti4200
Mobo with a port 80 card
Of the 2 what would you choose
Need suggestions for new MoBo
When KT400 & nForce2?
voltage mod
Jumper for CPU host on 8k3a+??
Does Abit KR7A Raid board support pc 2700 & higher?Need quick answer.
New Model 8k3aE Problem
New Model 8k3aE Problem
bad OC
msi pr2ru and xp2200+
Planning on buying a K7T Master-S
Win XP setup wont allow RAID setup
A7S333 memory question
RMA turnaround
KR7A + 2200 TBred + 9N = 1.775vcore
Msi k7t266pro2ru overclocking problem!!
New Power Supply Didnt Help!!
Best KT333 Motherboard Poll?
PC3000 RAM on 8k3a+?
any K7n pro users ???
gigabyte - athlon xp
8K3A+ Northbridge heatsink
PCI bus dividers?!?!?!?
1011 BIOS temps = Real temps?
Hey maxima, why does this happen?
asus a7v266/e reading 6-10c higher
AGP tearing at 200fsb
A7V333 new bios 1011, did you check your new temps?
boardus interruptus
My GA-7VTXH+ temps correct?
A7V333 - Enable Turbo?
EPOX EP-8K7A Motherboard. AMD-761 for $31 refurbished question
multiplier switch wierdness (GA-7DXR)
A7V333 bios flashing
Athlon O/C query
Suggest a good oc mobo
Screen tearing with my Abit KX7Raid
DDR Memory
MSI SIS 745 Ultra Mobo
just got the 2.0 vrxp
Help KR7A
Suggest a mATX motherboard with can run the CPU at 166 and keep the PCIs at 33MHz
need motherboard advice
Need help ASAP...damn shuttle, damn windows ;)
KT3 Ultra2 & XP1800+
AT7 max with 2200+ xp
HELP!!! FIC 503+ BIOS for K6-3+
Bois fix
Bios questions/best one for 8k3a??
A7V333 question
Probelms with Dragon+
Bios 1011
A7V-333 Desperate Help Needed
bios info please
can't go past 138FSB
KT3Ultra problems
Why Can't I go Higher!
Any Athlon XP, DDR Board with an ISA slot?
MSI KT3 Ultra2
abit kx7
hsf and vcore
New System Comments and Questions
k7s5a wont post
Asus A7V133 RAID Nightmare
Newbie seeks help - KT3 Ultra ARU.
Biostar Motherboards
8k3a cpu screw holes problem
PNY GeForce4 Ti4400?
Soltek SL-75DRV4 Question
any1 w/ a P4 & 4G4A+ !?
Best Mobo
EP-8K3A+, MSI GeForce4 Ti4600, AthlonXP 1900/2200
KT3Ultra and Athlon XP 2000+ incompatibility
A7V333 Bios Revision?
KX7-333 and Maxtor D740X ATA133 Problem
blorb cooled KR7A - R chipset
Has anyone bought this CHEAP Chaintech 7AJA2E? Is it good or bad?
still having trouble w/hdd slave problem
Gigabyte NForce 2 ?????
NForce2 price ???
Shuttle AK31A
Had a horrid crash - been told it was caused by temps...
running an XP2200
8K3A+ system shutdown before booting HELP
Trouble with Voltages
KR7A wont overclock!!!
Someone Have A Poor Perfomance Using Raid With Promise Raid Controller Kt3ultra-aru?
ecs k7s6a
A7V, Thinking of Moving to a K7S5A
k7vta3 v3 pci latency timer
Graphics card - A7V333 issue
is 1.9vcore safe?
Can anyone help me?PLEASE
ASUS,ABIT or EPOX which is better
this is bull!
No longer a MSi fan..**PART DEUX**
Motherboard or OS problem
freakin a7v133
KX7-333 vs KX7-333R
SHUTTLE AK31A Please help
Shuttle Ak31a Please Help!!
A7N266 (non -E) sound
Hey Crazyman you won't believe this !
KX7-333 Temp probe fell off
updating BIOS FIC AD11
How do i make my Raid disk(s) be c:\ instead of the HDD on the IDE port?
Help me with my Gigabyte 7vrx
Are these temps O.K. for A7V333
MSI K7T266 Pro2-A ????
8k3a and leadtek geforce 4 ti4600, will it fit?
Volcano 7+ wires
Northbridge question.
post your mobo's that work with Tbreds
can not complete a drawing!?!
Mobo doesn't like modems?
T-Bred Question on 8hka Mobo
Can't Find the AGP divider in the a7v333 BIOS... help guys!
KT333 chipset
settings for overclocking a7v333
new 2100 running at 1500
a7v333 pci controller not working in xp pro
need new bios
high fsb = no sound???
Help! Abit KR7A-Raid Prob :(
Capacitor's dying? KT7
does newest abit kt7-a bios support over 12 multis?
South Bridge Speed Question
Will this video card work in Dragon Plus?
Technical info on KX7 333
ABIT KT7A + IBM deskstar80gb
KR7A-R & Xp2100+
Keyboard and mouse dont work in windows xp.
What's the best value board?
A7V333 Overclocking question.
Alright, My new A7V333 mobo has 1008 bios!!!
Increasing FSB and PCI Stability-KT7
anyone have problem with 8k7A plz help me
8K3A+ and cold boot prob
Drives on Raid "0"
Gigabyte GA-7vrxp rev 1.1 w/ Radeon 8500 problems?
problem solved!
FIC Motherboards SUCK!!! Freeze all the time.
cpu tem 66c/150 wtf help if you can
A few questions from a newbie
AMD mobo reboots under winXP
ecs or asus a7v266e or msi pro2 ru
Gigabyte 7vrxp temps
Gigabyte 7VRXP 1/5th PCI Divider Info
New Via kt400 Gigabyte board !
turbo settings question A7V333
OC an XP2000 on an A7V 333
No LED's on my new 8K3A:(
Dragon+, WinXP and shutdown issues
Help with KR7A-Raid...Can't figure it out...
What the hell is wrong with my temps
sign the 7VRX & 7VRXP partition here!!
2cdrms 2 hard drives
Epox 8k3a+ temp problem
PCR File for KT333 Chipset
KT333 PCR File
Strange problems with Abit mobo`s, (capacitors)
raising FSb to 140 causing D3d games to crash
mobo CPU temp thing off?
New Epox Roadmap
PC ChipsM817LMR Overclock?
A7V133-Raid Bios
MSI NForse2 Board Price ???
New BIOS for A7V266-E/AA/EX
Soyo K7V Dragon + BIos Hang
KT7A Raid is unstable
how do i update my bios?
has anyone tweaked "DRAM DQS LENGTH" on Dragon+ ?
Which Motherboard???
More confusing temps
RAID/IDE on 8k3a+??
Mounting a NB block onto the 8k3a
weird 8k3a problems
C Media Chip on Dragon Plus
Memory holding back?
Question about mobo and memory for XP 2200+
KT7A 1.0 w/ beta bios A9 + Athlon XP ??
Any ideas about this error
confusing temps
please help me choose a motherboard.
Ga-7vrxp 2.0
A7V333 And an XP2100+
different temps on KX7-333
AK35GT2 vs AK35GT2R (?!)
kx7 + this fan?
A7V333 Compatability problems?
Help me decide
Help me decide
Help me decide
Where to buy EPoX 8K3A+ 1.2 Online?
GFX on MSI-MS 6378
A7V333 and SOUND !
Should I go for ASUS?
T-Bred Mobo Recomendations
Question regarding Biostar M7MIA and ECC memory
Jetway 830CF help!
A7V333 and 3 sticks of ram!
A7V333 and 3 sticks of ram!
Two choices which is the best!
Changing settings in jumper free mode
Abit NV7-133R: Doesn't detect cpu as Athlon XP
Minor 8k3a+ keyboard problem
AT7 and AthlonXP 2100 Yes/No??
Look Flounder.
just built 1st pc and monitor wont work! need desperate help!
Voltage Mod....
Anyone heard of a Jabil motherboard?
Attn: Air cooling XP333Raided user's
kr7a raid- on board temps
KX7333 Memory Problem
Memory and the KR7A-133
Integrated mobo?
Promise Big Problems Instaling Os Into A Kt3-ultra Aru
My brand new A7V333 is broken!!!
i overclocked my AT7! whoohoo!
Has anyone gone higher than 155MHz FSB on KT7A ?
need an opinion
thoughts on Iwill XP333R???
I need a quick response! Its a VIO Voltage Question.. ?
Friend needs help in selecting which new mobo to buy... need opinions.
i need help for overclocking my pc
Need a Guide
irq pci question
Question about FSB on K7t266 Pro2
8K3a BIOS temperature bug?
Get bios settings in win ?
cs server....need a motherboard
insert key bios restore
KX7 333 Bios Guide
Does anyone know anything about cracked/burned CPUs???
K7VZA v3.0
Hmm...multipliers are weird
Asus A7v333 Problem!!!!
Brand new everything....and nothing works
Problems with xp 1500 and 3dmark2001
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP divider???
Soyo KT333 vs Abits
Finally let's get down to O/C
Help Please! - New Soltek 75DRV5 won't post
Need a good OC board with raid.
Vmod's for the A7V
Swiftech MCX462U
This Is The Best Boot Disk Ever Created For Updating Your Bios!
K7S5A with XP?
What memory tweaks with KR7A 133?
Best 4in1 via driver for Epox 8K3A board with 2619 bios
Woah.... any one tried touching the capacitors?
KX7 and vid card mounting
8k5a2+ question
Gosh darn it!
Please Help Please Help I Will Treat You Like A God
What are your A7V333 MB temps?
XP333 Flashing Problem
Slk-800 on epox 8k3a?
Help-New w/overclocking
Can't reach beyond 141 FSB
Safe but nice OC for XP2100 Palomino on a a7v333 motherboard?
something is seriously wrong
Easy Tune III
Best BIOS version for OC
Volt mod for XP333?
Question about K7S5A V1.X
Any canadians here want to volt mod my ABIT kr7a non raid?
Gigabyte Troubles
gigabyte mult switches dont add up
Soltek 75DRV5, Mushkin PC2700, Athlon 1600+ Problems
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP or ABIT KX7-333R or other?
8KTA3+ Problem - Please help
Which mobo do I get?
case temp sensor/memory question
Setting FSB with Jumpers on K7ADA ??
A7V266-E Hangs when using AGP device..
Epox 8K3A+ temp monitoring in windows
Plz Help! Computer build problem :( video wont show
no mic
KG7 problems. Very very unstabile.
how do the sis 745 boards do FSB wise?
Anyone using a K7D Master???
nForce2 tops out at 450MHz FSB...
rebooting problem
New AXP1600 on K7S5A @150 FSB
Epox EP-8RDA+ (nForce2)
Bios updating ????
Is it worth an extra $50 for epox 8K3a+ over KR7ARAiD?
new 8k3a 2719 bios
KX7-333 and SB Audigy wont work!
No longer a MSi fan...
are mbm5 temps accurate on epox 8kha?
Floppy errors with 8k3a
motherboard manuals
Abit KT7/A/R Owners READ!!!! New Bios!
KG7 Bios update question.
Is 300W enough?
Does this make any sense to anyone?
Quick VMOD kit question... how to ground
better way to overclock