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BIOS reversing to previous version?
USB 2.0 unrecognised on A7V333
A7V333 CPU thermal Protection
Epox sticker?
7dxr: core voltage wierdness
best mobo with the 1/5 divider
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Please Follow My Story...Help Inside
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PLEASE HELP! my 8kha+ just died?
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MSI KT#-ULTRA-ARU = JUNK with GF4-4600, prove otherwise?
KX7 333R and MSI Geforce 4 Ti 4400
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fic az11 SUCKS! help me out
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Saving original BIOS in A7V333
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K7n420 Pro Dvd
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8k3a autoshutdown Problems
CPU/Memory Frequency Ratio
Abit Kg7-raid ???
Bad Motherboard???
amd xp 1800+ fsb help
sorry! i now ive posted a lot of threads, but...
Best memory for Epox 8K3A+?
KK266 Plus Volt Mod
epox 8kha volt mod
Switches on GA-7VRXP
cant overclock xp1800*win32.sys* error
8kha volt mod
Kt3 Ultra- Can I use an older 3.3V Video card in it??
KT3 Ultra memory problem
8K3A+ and 80mm heatsink
help plz
PCChips 810LMR
Kr7a-raid V Mod Help!
ecs k7s5a!
my new stuff
How are these 3D Mark 2001 SE Scores??
Post help with KR7A-133R please
A7V333-which mobo header for case power button?
arrhhhh!!! got damn it! im stuck at 142.7!!!!
turn comp off, but not all shuts off..
Need help from masters to max settings on 8K3A KT33 board
is this any good
Can You Say Yellow?
ASUS nForce 2 release
The epox 8k7a overclock from hell
Chaintech 7VJL Apogee KT333
New mother board for over clock
Chaintech 7VJL Apogee KT333
This is why the nForce2 boards are so cool.
Dumb A7V333 question
mobo w raid problem help pls i beg u
Sing Praise for the 1600 AGOIA!!!!
Oh man!!!.. Look at this picture!
Chaintech and Athlon XP issue
any one wanna help me over clock this giddy?
8k7a error codes
Gigabyte 7VRXP overclocking
ASUS lies about CPU temps
Abit KX7-333 Vs. Asus A7V-333
recommendations for OC board
Voltage Q
question about nforce 2.
Sandra and 5th divider
flashing the bios without a floppy drive
Please welcome a newbie to Abit with info:)
Here is the first of the godly AMD Mobos!
k7vta3 v3
8k3a+ raid. how good is it?
Low 5volt line on a 8kha+
I get a BEEP then it turns off!
Core Voltage Dropping Like A Rock!
good video card for AK31.V3
Continuous long beeps on A7N-266-VM
my friend got problem wit his kt333 soyo dragon lite
8KHA+ & XP1800 - only 145 FSB?
xp 2200?
incorrect reporting thermal sensor on 8K3A+ ?
Problems with BIOS flash on Ultra
Whats the fastest chip for A7V KT 133?
will todays mobos support barton cpus?
agp driving strength
any way to get more than 2v from a7v333
fsb niggle
All About nForce2!
KT7A and GF4 problem
chaintech long beep
A7V333 - which PCI slot for modem?
question about KG7+Athlon 1.13 Ghz CPU
Stability Problem..
Special Overclock biosses for k7t turbo2
A7V333 heat/frequency multiple problem. help!
Volt Mod on KT7A-R
thoughts on the Abit AT7?
Worth upgrading? to nforce2
Just installed a Soltek 75drv4
For those with VIA chipsets, Post your Memory Scores
Can i change the A7A266 vcore?
thinking of buying shuttle ak31a any suggestion?
1.82 an stable!..but not satisfied:(
power rest help on the msi kt3 ultra
First Overclock
qiuk question
Problem with psu or cpu
new motherboard
Overclocking with multiplier
KX7-333 Problem Won't boot
V Core
How to flash BIOS on 8K3A+?
Need help replacing motherboard
kx7333r vmod
New motherboard worries
Man, the soon-to-be-here MSI nForce2 board looks great
Stable but cheap
Safe voltages?
question about AOpen AK77-333 dividers..
Problems with USB 2.0 on A7V333
LIve update bios update
a7v333 ddr voltage settings?
New K7S5A bios
200 Fsb
Is everyone here using the 2312 bios?
Few Quick Questions about 8k3a+
1/5 divisor not working on 8K3A+?
Low memory scores with 8k3a+?
AT7 MAX- cant get into bios!
EpoX will make an NForce 2 Based Mobo!!!
update BIOS
what is 'clock spread spectrum'?
a7a266 revision 1.03 and XP processor, is it possible?
Gigabyte GA-7DX+ temp sensors accurate?
msi kt3 ultra+1800xp...anybody havea good overclock for this?
KX7-333r -- 2200 tbred -- pc3000
msi kt3 ultra tempature and fsb help
What kine of 3Dmarks Scores are u guys getting?
best mobo with stock overclockability
I suck at overclocking.
KX7333 volt modd...
Help on volt mod for a7v133-kt133a
PC Chips m810 MOBO
HELP with MBM!
kx7 Raid.. raid raid raid.. mm raid. yah
MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU prob
K7S5A + XP1800 -> too hot ?
kd266 ram ???
New motherboard problem
A7V333 - Known bugs/glitches
Abit NV7-133R
Is AMD really any better than Intel?
Need Help, MSI mobo repair? (PICS included)
Is there supposed to be something here?(8k7a)
KX7-333 Memory Problem
PC Chips mobo
KX7-333R compared to a Epox 8k3a+?
i broke an inductor how do i fix?
Overclockng for the first time.
Difference between Soyo's
Weird Voltages on my ASUS A7V333
8k3a(+) questions
after i install my mobo
What are the dividers for the dragon+?
HELP!! processor Vcore select option *missing* on Chaintech 7AJA2E motherboard!!
do only the + 8k3a's have the post led?
HELP!!! I broke a resistor off!
scrambled post at 196fsb+ on 8k3a
Tyan Tiger MP-X where to start overclocking
Epox temps
kx7-333r mem timings
Iwill KA266-R prob
Can a CPu overheating kill a MOBO?
Epox 8K5A2+
AK31/Antec True 430 Power Supply
Is There any Overclocking the ECS K7-VMA
AK31 rev3.1 owners: what FSB are you able to run and what memory settings do you use?
Motherboard Manufacturers
AGP/PCI Lock at 66/33Mhz on AMD boards?
a7v133 tries to start
A7V and Morgan 1200 Problems
My 1800 XP on the 8K3A+ very high Temps
Potential problems with my dream system?
Need advice about power supply
dead motherboard
Final entry and finishing touch on mobo mods
Soltek SL-75drv5 w/ AMD 2200+ AMD
need help quick!
regarding 8k3a+ performance drop around 183FSB
Post beep codes, need help?
AMD XP 2000+ & Thermal compound
HELP... HDD slave not primary on AK31.3
Kg7 Abit
XP333R bios ?'s
abit kg7 + soundblaster live! value
monitoring cpu temps in windows?
ga-7vrx.need help
anyone using MBM5 on D+??
Epox intros Serial ATA Athlon KT333 board
Motherboard Reccomendations for Athlon XP
Help 8k3a+ !!!!
HELP for the KX133!
Bench Mark Question
KR7A-RAID voltage problem
Vcore mod on the K7S5A
Can the Bios get corrupt?
Connecting USB front header on MSI K7 master
Ordered an MPX2 today, crossing my fingers...
What the hell is wrong with this board???
KT3 Ultra owners step in....
top 333 mobo summary
using k7s5a built in LAN
difference between 8k3a vs 8k3a+?
My A7A266 crapped at about the same time as my 400w PSU
---8k3a+ Diode Accuracy?---
200 Mhz(400 DDR)
8k3a(+) & Thermal protection.
RMA and again!!
Nforce2 reviews or info
Question about nForce
A7v 133 not liking ata 100 on my WD 20gig 7200's
updating my video card.
Does SB-K7VXBP (BayOne) work?
Duron at 133mhz
KX7-333R mounting issues...
bios updates...where to get them?
MUST I use the RAIDE ADminister software if I am not using actual RAIDE? read info
motherboard is not stable with broadband activities!
Just ordered A7V333- did I do the right thing?
help this idiot set up HPT372 controller without using RAIDE
Ddr 333
MSI KT333 Ultra....NOT ARU.....no northbridge fan
Ahhhh! Nooo! !%@#$!!!
KR7A raid multiplier help !
How long for kt400 and/or AGP 8x??
Asus A7V + Athlon XP = ?
Volt modding a Soyo Plat
8k3a+ 2619 problem
Overclocking the K7AMA
giga sucks!
Sometimes won't see the CPU fan when booting.
NForce 2 ???
KR7A-133R Good or not?
Can I melt the solder plugs on an Asus A7M266D?
Highest FSB with SOYO DRAGON +
$116 credit at newegg and I need a new mobo!
New HPT Drives
A7S333 temp probes .. where ??
KT7A Raid mobo
8kha+ how far have u gone?
Epox 8k3a+ Only allowing AGP 2X with Geforce3
Strange problem with 8k3a
Highest FSB
IT7 sound card clock stability warning 0.42%
ECS K7S5A with AMD 2200 T-bred
Time to upgrade?
What is Asus JumperFree?
Help Me Select a motherboard
1/5 divider for SL-75DRV4?
SETK6 for AMD K6-2 - Please help
beeping motherboard
What athlon xp's will work on a ECS K7S5A
Tempted to try (K7AMA)
News about the 5A multi-mod
Got my kx7333r and 1600+ today
need a mobo for athlonxp1800
Soltek SL-75DRV5 and Corsair XMS3000 DDR
1.3 only at 1.0
KR7A with radeon 8500 Windows XP video conflict
New Bios for 2466N (-4M)
Aopen AK7-333, any experience?
xp333-r notes
Normal, Fast, Turbo
I need some Motherboard Suggestions
abit kx7-333r questions
KR7A-133R question
nForce 2 release data
AK35GTR Restarting Problem
KX7 Shut down problems
Voltage mod for KX7
ATA133 on KX7
Fuzzy Logic Problem
Asus A7v333 and 166 FSB
soyo board holding me back?
ak31 v3.1 temp difference
Knowing what motherboard manufacturers are up to?
Ti200 and KX7 issue
8k3a and Sandra --> Is Sandra just stupid?
soltek DRV2
I am going to buy an A7V333, need RAM suggestions.
FSB Question
FSB Question
FSB Question
Screwdriver Nightmare
Last Chance for ASUS A7V333 and DVD probelms
New Motherboard package,the best I have seen
KX7 Clock Ratio Problem
Can i...
A7v133 Ram
Newbie need help !!!!
w00t! 1700+ @ 1.74ghz
accuracy of ASUS temp readings????????
Can I use RAID for extra IDE devices and not for 2 hard drives?
Only One More Week Till nForce2 Arrives!
8kha+ vcore drop at 160+FSB?
KX7 Bios?
New to AMD O/C
8k3a/+ and MBM5 temps -- Can somebody set the record straight?
No boot.
Newbie Unlocking Question with KX7333
Question about a a7v333 mobo
[P4] MSI 645 Ultra C , not overclockable
A7V333 Questions on raid and win2k
Help with the FAQ
motherboard question
new kt3 ultra and problem with Vcore
agp voltage and vio on epox 8k7a+
Liteon AA 280 Mainboard - Opinions?
Did I make a mistake buying the Abit KR7A-133R?
Sound Drivers
Tbird works in A7A266 Asus but Not in 8k3a???
MSI KT7PRO2 + Thorobred
Fuzzy Logic Won't Work!!!!!!
help with ga-7vrxp
Fried XP
ga7dxr - via686b1
kx7333 problem
IT'S TWOO! there is no thermal paste OR tape under the northbridge cooler,so I did..
AMD Dragon+/MBM5 owners, help..
8K7A, Code FF but wont post.
xp2200+ with nv7m microatx?
the best amd xp mobo?????
dragon ultra platinum
FSB speeds on ECS mobo
What is this?
OC stability
Gigabyte 7DXR Temp Readings?
Anyone know how to/ where to find Vmem mod info for VH6 or VH6T boards?
KX7333 and memory
weird BIOS problem with KX7-333R....please help...
Warning my Abit KX7-333 not very stable.
Ga-7vrxp Owners
i am epox newbie and i have questions
Experiences with refurbed mobos?
Thin Blue line when trying to enter bios on KX7-333
Unlocked Chips and the Asus A7V266-E
A7V266-E Question
The Asus A7V266-E is better
Asus A7A266, thunderbird 1.33ghz help?
Which Motherboard
Need Help now w/ GA-7 VRX
IWill Serverboards in the UK
ECS K7S5A overclocking bios??
question on barton
Help with KR7A and Rage Fury Pro Please!!!
Prob with a7v133 recognizing 4 devices
XP1600+@7*200/8*200 with air cooling???
Which Motherboard run XP @FSB200 stable ?
Which slots are you installing your memory on your KX7 board?
Vcore mod for SOLTEK SL-5kav KT133A
Bad Bios Flash !!! Aaarrghhh !!!
A7v266, A7v266-e
BIO's for AK31a
PCI dividers
Dead Dragon+ ARG!!!
Abit NV7-133R
KT7TURBO2 multiplier
Kx7333 extreme oc
Auto-shutoff-8KHA+ question
Out of the Mainstream?!?
Overclocking HELP
Overclocking HELP
BIOS PCI Bus control settings in KX7
A7V Overclocking Problems
strange things happen when i restart...
IS 44 deg. too hot??
KT7A won't load OS
need replacement for 8KHA+ northbridge fan
Overclocking Asus A7v333 with 2000+
8k3a+ northbridge
Cleaning Motherboard :|
Nice BIOS updating tips
need help with a a7v266-e
8k3a+ not working with Pc2700 ram??
A7V333 and Multiple Sticks of RAM
Mad temps on 8K3A+
8KHA+ +3.3 volt line issue... HELP!!!
Hammer boards out November
a7n266-e Q&A
BIOS checksum error. memtest interesting results
Temps with A7V333
Epox 8HKA questions
My system has died on me
cutting video off on nv7m
Linux Overclocker
Succesfully overclocked Duron 1Ghz on K7T Turbo / 2
KX7-333 What is I/O voltage?
Which M/B to buy?
epox and 1/6 divisor
8kha+ questions
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Question
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Question
ASUS A7V333 Memory Voltage Adj. Question
A7V333 Question
USB ports have dissapeared...
Quick question
What Board For 1 Mhz At A Time Increase
Ok, Ok, which boards have the /5 divider on them with KT333 chipset?
i lost my memory
msi k7t266 pro2
KX7-333R WinXP installation woes
Good MB for OCing that has KT333 and /5 divider?
Winbond 2 P2 Diode
Gigabyte 7VRX. XP1900 problem
EPoX 8K7A the best for overclocking?
8khal00.bin problem
a few bios questions
8kha+ Bios
via bus master ide drivers
Abit's AMD compatibility a-bit dull?
8k3a vs 8k3a+
New board 8k5a2+
Dragon + ghost not working?
memory speed help
BIOS Dead?
AK31 V2.0 Please Help.....
can an Epox8kha+ w/ a GF3 ti-500 run windows 2k
Kx7-333r & Hsf... Slk-600\800
Please, Please, Please Help!!!!
changing the BIOS picture
Weird Overclock Idea - will it work?
2200+ and kx7??
K7D Master "dual"
Bad board?
no NB cooling?
ASUS A7V266-E Mem voltage help
A7V333 (No RAID) Dead?
About using higher frequency DDR RAM
8K3A bios question
Test location of core voltage on 8kha+?
8k3a+ Vs. ABIT KX7333...Why's the Epox better?
AT7? or Other?
A7V KT133 No video
KT3 Ultra ARU & Sound
Motherboard Beeps
AMD 761 chipset on Gigabyte GA-7DX+
I got a HOTROD baby !!!!!
is this a good combo??? Only 449
Bios Password?
Help with buying Board
I have a delema
Dead Dragon +
About using higher frequency DDR RAM
About using higher frequency DDR RAM
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
gigabyte GA-7VRX and ti4200 problem
amd 2200+ overclocking settings & Stats results?
kx7-333r dram frequency prob
Second opinions
8K3A and thermal diode accuracy...
8K3A and UATA100
CPU Overheating Protection
Does the 1/5 multi kick in auto?
Motherboard and what speed Athlon XP? HELP!
So in order to get high fsb...
Difference between KT333 and KT333CE ? if any...
help! cant boot from floppy or cd!!
new 8k3a BIOS...
xp1600 + iwill kk266= no boot?
New system questions
Asus A7V-266-VM
Northbridge cooling
Upgrade from KK266R
8k7a+ could it be dead?
Suggestions for a suitcase pc mobo
Temp sensor way off, proof too!
Helpppppppppppp Me Bad Problem