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Software FSB changers
Is 41c Ok for the mobo to be at?
PC Health info on KX7-333 needed
Shuttle Ak32l
please help me with my kt3 ultra
Does anyone have a good Asus Motherboard that they would like to recomend?
KX7-333R Problems with BIOS.. help
reboot problems
Cmos Checksum error
K7S5A board mod
Anyone tried the XP2100/XP2200 on KT7A-RAID v1.0~1.2?
GA-7DX, boot problem
KR7A + XP 2000 will not post
Abit KX7 and AMD 2200 Working?
Spread Spectrum Modulated
Help!!! No post in my 8k3a+.....
Please help, Platinum not booting to bios!
Updating BIOS
Asus A7S333 or A7V333??
ABIT AT7-Raid...?
Abit kt7a v1.0-1.2 - Nvidia Ti4200 issue
Dragon Ultra
Who has the cheapest system?
Fuzzy Logic Question
AMD Athlon 1700+ xp is not working properly with A7A266-E 133 FSB. HELP ME
will my hsf fit???
WPCREDIT pcr-file for KT333?
Highpoint 2.32 drivers?
Where to find out about BIOSes...
Soltek SL-75DRV5 voltmod???
Asus A7A266 reset bios/cmos or fried?
Lockup, won't post, switch off PSU
NB fan on my AK31 is dieing:(
Anyone managed 166mhz FSB?
to everyone on the 8k3a(+)
Better Overclock with SDRAM or DDR?
Setting 200FSB on a GA71EX4!?
dividers on the KX7333
Just wonderin about the k7s5a and da m30lr???
Good mobo for AMD k6-2 550MHz to OC
8kha+ vcore mod?? how?? help pls??
MSI KT3 Ultra ARU/CMOS settings problem
MSI K7T Turbo + Thoroughbred = ?
Changing from SDR to DDR K7S5A..
biostar mobo
just got 8kha+, need advice
bios Q on 8k3a
Epox 8K3A vs 8K3A+
kx7s thermal diode.
Thermalright AX-7 on A7v333
volt mod
Need help overclocking
changing fsb
What Now ??
Newb needs help overclocking 75DRV5
why did my mobo die?
Fear of A7V333. Q-Fan related
Gigabyte's GA-7VRXP LAN Chip Problem
Soltek DRV5
will the volcano 7 fit my epox 8k7a
new bios 2619????
Have problems when I turn off the PSU
what are via drivers?
just installed my at7 mobo, need help getting my floppy to read.
Wpcredit cooling for KT333?
Need help from someone who owns a EP-8k7a board --- important
looks like im gettin an abit
AK31 w/ Tbred?
2 dead 8k3a's
how does the ABIT KX7-333 handle DDR-3000+ RAM?
Couple of Questions
ABIT KG-7 Raids nice?
KT3 sound
Is my 8KHA+ dead?
Dragon won't boot
Epox 850 mobos any good?
AT7 Overclocking
Mobo Dead?
can I replace this capacitor?
8kha+ power led
Success --- 2 Giggers !!
8k3a Offical BIOS
New VIA 4in1
help bios choice???
BIOS LOCK String......unflashable BIOS? HELP
Power button on KB
8K3A+ memory speed
Upgrading KT7A-R 1.0 w/ a Duron 750 to an Athlon XP.. Is the leap worth the risk?
tbred and 8KHA+
does a g-force 4 fit properly on the ABIT KX7-333?
My New Toy!! S2462ungm
Chipset mod ?
8k3a specs?
ABIT KX7-333 Socket A VIA KT333 Motherboard
Disabling onboard a7m266-d audio
MSI K7T Turbo question
nForce820 Is Almost Here!
Geforce compatibilty issues
agp on an 8k7a+
What is the KT266A idle tweak???
What is Chipset?
memory problem GIGABYTE GA-7VTXE ATHLON XP 1600+ .PLS HELP
Overclocking on Epox 8kta+
Overclocking on Epox 8kta+
KT3Ultra Problems!!! or comp basics!!!
normal or turbo?
Temp problem
Temperature showing high.
Anyone run the A7V266E/AA ?
Turbo, fast , fastest...
KT3 Ultra-ARU doesn't recognize Swiftech MCXC370 w/ the copper base
For those of you wondering...
debug digit things
2 MOBO's what one to choose HELP
2 MOBO's what one to choose HELP
2 MOBO's what one to choose HELP
MSI Frequencies
Best o/c Epox Motherboard for AMD T-Bird 1.2GHz?
K7D Master temp readings?
8K3A+ and Enermax EG301P-VE = no boot
Asus A7V266E Raid Socket A Motherboard
Ak35GT2 1/5 divider?
GA-7VRXP Boot Problem
Best o/c mb for AMD Thunderbird 1.2GHZ?
XP1700 will be here today, got a question!
Maximum KT266 Chipset Temperature ?
8K3A+ chipset heatsink
KR7A 3 or 4 unbuffered DIMM?
MSI KT4 ultra?
I changed the Vcore on My K7S5A!!!
Help plz, V.Urgent..
New bios updates from Asus
kx7 5v issues
Help! Changing RAID controller
Attention Abit NV7m owners!
GA-7VRXP mo'
KR7A or KX7
GA-7IXEH mobo doesnt have multiplier changin ability?
Need a good cheap XP board for cheap. No overclocking needed
System Clock jump
USB pin order on KG7 mobo
Which MOBO for o/c?
having random restarts with my asus mobo help me plz!!
8K7A Which Drivers ?
tempdisplay+mbm5+epox8kha+ :D
BIOS Tweaking
SOLTEK SL-75DRV5 voltage mods
single long bios beep???
Problem w/ A7N266-VM
Need Help Guys Badly !!!! Comper Dead !!!!
My computer
8KHA+ C3 error.
at7 ???
PC3200 motherboard
Asus A7V266 and T.Bird 1200 help plz!!
To Volt Mod or Not?
Help....How to increase memory volt on my A7V333...?
Dragon Mobo???????
HELP! GA-7VTXH+ Temp Problems!
Dual AthlonXP motherboard recommendation
something is way off!
Processors for AK31-r3.1......
AK35GTR - config probs
MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU, Wont power on
highest cpu for AI61 mobo
8k3a and low 5v question...
FIC AZ31 Boot problems
which one is better??
Newbie: A7V333 settings for Athlon XP 1900+
Asus A7V333 Overvolt Jumper
epox warranty question.
Need help picking a board!!
a7v266-e question
KX7-333 RAID 0 /AthlonXP1900 Settings Problem. (Sonny?)
after updating my BIOS, ive got a starange problem.
Help Jerky flash his BIOS... Jerky needs help updating his BIOS.
Which board to buy
Building Comp w/ A7V333
Building Comp w/ A7V333
k7t 266 pro2
kr7a-133raid question
need good bios
Could someone help shed some light on this matter???
ABIT KX7-333R Rocks
KT3 Ultra...can t increase the multiplier with a thunderbird 1.3
whats wrong with my ak31?
Ultra Platinum Question
8k7a+ = agp slot error. help!
Abit KR7A Raid - Asus A7V266-E - Shuttle AK35GTR
torture test FATAL ERROR
How would my kx7-333r setup do...
Flawless install with one exception.. <grin>
How do I "enable" USB?
KR7A-133 -> only 1.625 in Bios ?! Help!
HELP: Reboot problems after unlock
I need some help with this new mobo
8ksa+ boot up problems
Epox EP8k3A Cold boot problems
Bargin Computer
Cold boot problem
Finally a solution (K7AMA)
someone help system wont boot
I want KX7-333 Opions
Measuring Vcore on A7V333
8K7A & Non-locked CPU
Epox 8KHA+ w/ Antec case - rounded cable length?
KR7A-Raid and Thoroughbred
Iwill IDE driver problem
Just built a nice small cheap server...
8kha C! error
Chaintech 7AJA
need advice on EPoX 8KHA+ and XP 1800+
Need help about my cpu vcore
Volt mod question using Radio Shack potentiometer and Pomona Grabber
8k3a+ mounting holes
---How Does Me Flash 8k3a+ Bios?|--
+12v too high?
I am new to AMD so some help would be apriciated
help new mobo and cpu
Epox 8KHA+ and IRQ's
Setup to run XP Home Edition
Overclocking with Gigabyte 7VRXP problem.
Help installing RAID0
Gimme all your money! I've got a soccer ball!
bios back to default on an asus board, how does one do it?
8KTA+, Duron 750@900, vCore --> HELP !!
2.1 v on Soltek sl75-kav (kt 133a)-how to do it?
Bios 2304
MB for K6-2 533mhz???
highest vcore on non modded asus board?
highest vcore on non modded epox?
BIOS Corupt insert disk... AHHH
xp 2200 compatible with a7v333?
8k3a and AMD Tbred
KX7-333R setup problems.
Need some help..
My KR7A-133's NB is 29-31C. Seems toasty!
RMA help, puh-leeze!!!!!!
OCing possibilites
8k3a+ problem w/ win98 installation
Overclocking ASUS A7M266
Considering Epox board
hacked bios
"I just put a budget system together"
New official BIOS for KX7-333/R available
New beta BIOS for A7V266-E
Volt monitor wrong?
Post Bios Help
Voltage Question
AK31 V2 - Boot Problem
Clearing cmos
K7SEM Overclocking
New Asus Board questions?
Lucky Star Mobos! Does any1 them and does any1 no wot a KT133A surports up to?
CMOS clear mod on A7V133
computer reboots periodically
GTA 3 + 8k3a+
abit Kt7a: xp proccessors?
prob w/ the PS2 connections
Reading temps and voltages w/ A7V333
Best Mobo for PC2400?
any mATX boards that have VCore adjustments?
a7v33 corect temps
FSB help needed
Having some poblems w/ Asus a7v333
Gigabyte GA-7VTX or GA-7DXR+
8K7A+ and XP?
Fic Ad11 ????
Epox 8k3a/8k3a+ w/ a T-Bird
a7v333 posts but cant load os
What Vid card for A7V133?
a7v266-e vmod work for a a7v266?
K7T turbo 2
k7t266 pro2 issues
1/5 th divisor not working?
A7V333-AR Some comments & requests.
jumpers or bios
A7v333 posts but won't load os...
The Greatest MotherBoard So Far?
Yay, now my problem is consistant...
Will all KT333 boards have the new t-bred support?
Dragon Ultra
Cant get K7S5A to boot from floppy???
k7s5a and ram??
can't get to bios
DDR Dimm Queston on KR7a-Raid
Overclocking the AGP
Hope to not be disappointed
Sweet! KX7333 Review...Check it out.
DDR or SDram(pc266)
8k7a+ bios
New BETA Bios for 8K3A/+ 2513.bin
KX7333 and voltage
Epox 8K3A Vs. Abit KX7333 - 3D Mark
Us companies that ship over seas
Possible motherboard problems?
Vmod question
8k3a+ ran good for a hour but now!!.. C3 error
8k3a questions...please help.
ABIT KX7-333R, Memory Slot question
Any news of AMD MBs supporting Dual Channel DDR SDRAM?
asus's hammer board
last question, temp jumps alot!!
Need Some Mobo Help Here Please
Major instabilty with Kx7 raid
Need To Find Out Temp On 8k3a+
random restarts on 8k3a+
8KHA+ FSB Speeds..How High?
8K3A question
I know this aint coolin but i need a quick response. HELP!!
newbie : gigabyte 7ZXE motherboard
Dead Dragon
Just a question
kr7a-raid al mest up!! HELP!!!
need help setting multipliers
8K3A+ What is latest Revision Please
Ultra Platinum Questions
helpful Dragon+ setup info
Questions before purchasing a new motherboard
Questions about KT3 ultra before purchasing
XP restore point on 8k3a+
2 kinds of help please(kt3ultra)
KT3 problems
Samsung 2700 ram and 8k3a
Nvidia mobo
ECS caught on fire..........
bwahahaha u must read :))))
1st clawhammer board!
my experience so far with the KX7-333
XP *occasionally* shutsdown itself on A7V266 - why?
not sure if my mind is made up
problems with AK31 boards???!!!
Need Some Help From All U Overclocker gods!
What MBs out there allow you to OC over 166 FSB while keeping PCI and AGP in spec?
8k3a+ Overclocking "Stability Problems" Please Help
GA-7VRXP SiSSandra Memory BM
KT400 is here!
Kx7 333raid
MB temp sensor location
Help OC KG7R
Quick someone helpo me!!!!!
"8K3A+" + "Radeon 8500 64meg" + "Win98" = Need Help
8k3a northbridge
XP333 Sensors not working!
how high did you get your FSB on the A7V333?
How long?
Asus A7v333 Good Or Bad ?
Motherboard for a Duron 1gig
Soyo dragon Lite any Problems?
KX7-333/R Users - Quick question
New nVidia board!!
What amd motherboard allow you to have over 180 fsb with a 1/5 pci divisor?
How stable is the A7V333?
Help: XP333R lost settings
need to format and install or just re-install for new mobo (need a quick response)
Questions - Audio Pin-Outs on K7S5A Motherboard
KK333 and KK400
BIOS backup
Problem on my motherboard need help!!
IGP performs like ****
Geforce 4 4400 and abit kt7a raid?
KR7A Volt mod kit?
K7S5A fsb at 66 ?
Mushkin Ddr 256mb Pc-3000
My AGOIA/Y XP2000+ only o/c's to 2200+...why?
Kx7 reviews
Voltage Mod for Soltek Drv 4
AK35GT2 Wrong Processor detected by Shuttle Board
EPOX 8K3A+ vs. Asus VIA A7V333
How to Install GA-7VRXP
8K3A+ or 8KHA
asus333 troubles
Need help choosing a mobo
Optical Mouse and 8KHA+
8kha+ boot screen
K7420 Hardware Monitoring please...
memory timings
Cheap MoBo w/onboard Video + LAN?
KX7-333R Question
nforce clock generator
KT7 Turbo Version 3 and a Duron 1 gig(Morgan)
Overclocking with the Epox 8k7a+
Mobo Upgrade
Building New Comp
Question about asynchronous memory / CPU FSB
now I can change my FSB w/A7V333
Watching-dog timer
Quirky 8K3A+
8KHA+ ................. GF4 mods ???
K7s5a 1600+ o'clocked to 1575 ?
8K3A+ problem, only on first boot...
FSB Burning up CD Roms
need help getting ym ak31 above 166 fsb pleazzzze help
epox 8k7a+ just WONT boot
Best KT266A board
whats the best amd mobo out there?
Neeed Advice Before Monday
Please help me with an 8k3a+ prob.
Increasing fsb on 8k3a+ question
New bios 8KHI2529.BIN available for 8KHA+
--Mushkin pc3000 & 8k3a+??--
may she rest in peace :(
How can I use my SW gamepad on A7V266 with Audigy?
Abit or Epox???
Abit or Epox???
KG7 question
Problems with FastTrack in bios
Mobo burned up
New 8k3a+ owner question on increasing fsb
kt400 abit???
Can you run a MP in a 8k3a+ MB?
Agp 4x?!?!
Questions about Abit AT7
I think its time for a new board
GA 7VRX vs. A7S333
AHH..the bios savior works perfectly
gigabyte GA-7VRXP
How do I install a BIOS update?
Losing stability
Chaintech 7AJA2E and KTE133 chipset?
Gigabyte GA-7VRX(&P) BIOSes ???
I can't wait!
Bad bios flash on an A7V333
Asus A7S333
Does my Gigabyte MB support O/Cing?
why would my comp be groggy? sorta slow
Help A N00b
8K3A disk write protect error when flashing bios??
A7V 1.02 and XP
Which motherboard is better? Gigabyte GA-7VRXP or Asus A7V333
nforce nv7-133r dividers?
anyone here have a K7S6A ?
A7V133 Temps ?
Ir header on mobos
which bios to flash
kg7 raid NO POST
Gig 7DXR+ - It MUST be memory now -Is it?
VIA 4in1 XP compatable?
A7V333 BIOS 1007 & Q-FAN overheating problem
KT3 - Ultra
if you have asus 333 board.. read .. i need program that comes with cd.. helppppppppp
nVidia nForce chipset
I have a question about BIO's
---8k3a+ vs 8k3a---
What is the best overclock and best stable BIOS for 8k3a?
HELP N E E D E D for KX7-333 and KyroII
Query Registry Content Failed?!!?!
EPoX 8K3A+ or Abit KX333r
Watching-dog timer
Solved my 150fsb warm boot problem
PDL - post pics of your CMOS Switch
help with friends M/B
Asus 333 .. my cpu burned out.. dear lord.. read
Chipset Coolers
Usb 2.0
hehe..... I found a useless little program!!
the A7M26 compatibility issuesthe (HELP)end of
A7M266-D HSF Mounting
Problem, no post KR7, nee some help...
What is the best overclock and best stable BIOS for 8k3a?
8K3A+ Post your temps/HSF/case/fans
IWill 333-R
Temp/rpm readings in Bios
Gigabyte 7DXR+ - No boot up now -help please
KX7-333R + Overclocking
Help picking board
Quit checking for RAID devices?
TV Tuner Card - where to put?
how do I set my HDD to UDMA 66/100???
k7s5a picky board ?
OEM Splash Screen Removal
Need a Good MOBO to MY XP 2100+