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k7s5a picky board ?
OEM Splash Screen Removal
Need a Good MOBO to MY XP 2100+
kt7a fans still run in standby
HELP! need a very queit HSF (anyone know best place and what type)???
A7V333 BIOS 1007 problem solved (overheating!)
Newbie to O\Cing KX7333 Advice plz...
Need to find out what my motherboard can handle.
Where to go with AMD Xp2000
MOBO monitoring utility for in Windows?
Hey Guys
VIA bus master driver wont install
Need help, a7v266e and usb scanner
A7v266 vs. A7v266e
gigabyte K7VTXE+ won't shut down.
reliable amd mobo
Do I need to enable 4 way interleave on my Nforce Abit board
KT3 Ultra ARU Overwhelmed
A7v266-E /AA
Onboard sound on 8k3a+, any good?
SL-75DRV2 vmem mod help needed
are all the mods for the KR7A good with the AX7?
AMD xp 1800+ on a GA-7ZM m/board
help on buying a mobo
Will there be an Athlon mobo that...
How come the ASUS NForce boards have better BIOS for OVerclocking???
8k3a+ game port problem
KR7A will not go above 142 FSB
Score results + tweaking ?
Warning A7v333 New Bios Alert !!!!!!
What NForce board is good for overclocking?
Warning !!! Bios Alert !!! Look !!!
Fun with MBM5
IRQ sheering
IRQ's on 8KHA+
case temp in 8k3a+
*New bios for A7V333*
what is the speed of my cpu?
I cancelled my order (until next week)
K7S5A FSB Overclock it?
Which AMD motherboard will hit the highest FSB consistantly?
quick question
A7V266-E pci cards & IRQs
MSI Nforce board?
Finally, my CMOS switch!!!!
pics of my vcore mobo mod
ECS bios problem
oh dear
looking for good ddr tbird motherboard and case
new computer with the k7v dragon plus problems
OC-tips for the Soltek SL-75DRV5,please post.
RAID optimization
A7V333, "System failed CPU test"
ASUS A7A266 and Athlon 1900XP Instability...
DFI Mobos
is 266A that much better than 266 chipset
Memory Multiplier on A7V333 - Help please
SY-KT333 DRAGON Ultra (Platinum Edition)
MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU
A7V333 - Setting up a RAID configuration with Windows XP
motherboard opinions
ak35gt2 and radeon 8500le help please!!!
Help! what settings do i change to get from 133 to 166? in bios!
Ipanel 5 sec update in bios, i cant find It anyone know what bios supports it???
memory setup on 8k3a+
Help With TERRIBLE GRAPHICS performance.
A7V333 need help on bios file extension's ????????????????????????????????????
A7V333 and the Ipanel = Need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A7M266-D Heatsink
A7V266 owners - CPU temps?
*Shakes fists at AK35GT-R*
Epox 8k3a
What voltages are you guys running?
k7s5a bios question(need answer asap)
Overclocking non-overclockable board?
shuttle ak35gt2
kt3 ultra motherboard no post
Just got my new 8K3A+ today....
I did it, I ordered some new parts.
Changing motherboard do I need to format?
A7V333 & Duron 1300
Help choosing new mobo!!!!!!!
shuttle ak35GT2
Thermalright AX-7 + Abit KR7A?
Why can's Epox get a better naming system
Help with memory timing settings
Newbie Questions
WinXP stops boot up at amdagp.sys
8KHA+ drivers
this board any good
Flashing my BIOS...
8k3a problems?
Just got the c*** scared out of me
AK31 rev3.1 with a AX-7
low mem score after wpcrset
Which motherboard for XP's
kr7a bus ratios
windows XP slow hard drive fix?
Abit KT7A and Athlon XP 1800
Why might 4X cause instability?
fsb question
will A7v333 support new athlon proccesors?
SIS-730 Chipset boards w/onboard video
K7S5A not booting from IDE
my computer wont recognize my optical mouse
Which is Asus' best A7V266-E, EX, or C
C1 post code and "beep" gone mad
8K3A+ where can I check what BIOS I installed??
nforce audio\video problem
what do you think of this game plan?
Any tips for a new A7V333 owner?
KT3 Ultra-ARU (MS-6380E)
A7v266-e, Ex, & C
Kt7a-raid & Winxp Upgrade
Setting up AK35GT
Iwill Chip Set Issues?
Need a little help from you EPOX folks
A7v333 Fsb
MBM 5 and GA-7VRXP
Epox 8k7a's new BIOS
flashing bios of kt7a
Epox 8k7a voltage mod?
Your fsb with 8k3a+
MOBOS!!! Pretty ....
More prob's with KR7A-Raid performance.
RMA department
VIRQ Jumper? What's that?
Epox 8k3a+ Vcore Settings
A7N266-E video playback probs?
any owners of ak35gt2 know if 5:1 divider exists?
2 8k3a+ both won't post
Chipset Hsf's
8k3a+ 2403 Bios
A7v333 Fsb
Looking for a KT333 mobo
60gig hd on 8k7a+, problem
What do you guys think abou the Maxx Boards
aopen ak77-333
Changing AK31a's Divisor
Is hitting 166 FSB easy nowadays?
what motherboard monitor program on Gigabyte GA-7VRXP....big mess..
Epox 8K3a or Iwill XP333
Troubleshooting - May have destroyed mobo
My A7V-e can I flash it
8k3a+ RAID HDD ?
A7v333 Raid
A7V333 need help pop in!!!!!!
advice here please!
board won't boot to windws!!
K7S6A Cap Lock Light stays lit
k7t266 pro2 and pc2700
Abit vs. Epox
XP Continual Reboot problem
adjusting the FSB
Is my 8KHA+ Dying???
Can I OC with this MoBo?
MSI KT3 Ultra ARU and 166FSB
Soltek SL-75DRV4 issues!
better result with lower FSB?
Bending In-Socket Thermistor for 8k3a+?
Need advice for slot-a motherboard
Reseting the CMOS of an ASUS A7A266?
Flashing BIOs
k7S5A Problem with winxp pro
PCI dividers on 8k7a+
Got my KX7-333 in! It works!!!
A7n266 audio connectors
What is a good epox board
Best board to get for ddr
All time best mother board?
EpoX 8K3A+... What's wrong with this thing?!
system pauses...
RMA'ed Mobo..got the +.. now i need opininos
AMD nebie with an AK31 r3.1
KT7A-R Bios
Problem with multiplier for 8k3a+
May handle it????
KX7-333 in Canada?
installing maxblast for partitioning
Little problem with my newest K7S5A
A7V333=Athlon XP burnout ?
333 Mobo Reviews?
Wrong multipliers? Epox 8kha+
KT7a and MBM5.... help
--Swifty MCX462 Fit on AK31?--
Kr7a Crashing on games
Yo! Just got my a7n-- compilation of tips?
cant get my 1.4tbirb past 1.6 with ad11...
8K3A or not
what is the latest PCB version for A7V333
is this any good
motherboard and chipset -help-
KG7 Raid w/amd xp1900
Vcore Questoin
tastest cpu for a7v
My temps seem Very high 8k3a+
New K7S5A bios
Motherboards that still have the socket holes
Any Aopen boarders out ther?
What the #1 best socket A motherboard without onboard sound?
32c at idle? lol
What will increasing my cpu voltage on the chip do for me?
---8k3a+ Mem HELP!!!---
problem with FSB
is it possible to make a vmem-mod on a K7T266 Pro2?
A7V333 I'm very confused!!!
Epox and PS
Is this Maybe My problem..8k3a board?
8KHA+ Memory Help!!!!!!!!!!!
COP on A7V333, where is it?
P4'er is giving amd a shot help me out here
Abit Atz
is the kt266a chipset better then amd 761 one?
Whats the better chipset?
Whats the better chipset?
Soyo KT333 bios accept thoroughbreds?
AMI bios program..lets all figure this out !
Another question about shuttle ak31 rev 3
question about updating bios..
kx7-333 or kr7a
Using RAID connectors as independent IDE channels?
sy-k7v Dragon plus
legacy ports
How do i volt mod my mobo without soldering? KX7-333 Abit.
1/5 pci divider
MA-AV363 BIOS update
is the KA266 anygood?
How do i plug all these fans into the 8k3a+?!
Asus IPanel?
AK31 WinXP Freezing only when left Idle
Please help, confused??
Happy Camper Questions
odd vcore on tbird w/ epox mobo
Asus A7V266 and athlon xp
Your memory timings in bios??
8k3a+ 2nd and 3rd fan header prob
8K3A/+ Reads Internal CPU Core Temp!!!
8K3A+ Reads internal diode!!!!!!!!!!
Big discovery for ALL "AK31A" users!
Mobo recamendation
Quick question about 160 and 177 fsb on shuttle ak31 rev3.1
Help getting above 145 FSB with AT7
Installing Cheap BIOS
Dragon Ultra = No Post
preliminary KX7-333R results
A7M266D compatibility
KT 400 chipset?
Stuck at 138/138 MHz using Cheepobios? Any suggestions??
OOps on my ASUS MOBO
Nforce bios/XP unlocking tale and tip..
Soltek SL-75DRV5 issues
Clearing CMOS
Hacked BIOS for ECS K7S5A (I wanna overclock)
Help w/ a step-by-step
Water and Motherboards
Header on 8k7a+
RAID + NIC + CDRW = Need Help!
Window XP install problem
Gameport gremlim with A7V133-C
Cheepobios is fun...
Compatibility of A7V133
Finally! DDR!!! Need some comparison/input
Ka266 Plus Bios Updates.
8K3A+ Bios Tweaks?
Alpha 8045 fit on Epox 8K3A+???
KT7 Raid bios info request
Wierd A7V333 problem
AMD Motherboards
Newbie Question...
funny colored dots after switching back to pc133sdram
ABIT KR7A-RAID, I need Help
my problem for epox 8k3a mobo
FF doesn't always mean dead Mobo...?
1/5 divider for epox please help!!
problem w/ motherboard cmos battery
can't get unlocked xp to read the 13x multi in bios of dragon +
I need a motherboard monitoring program
my friend has problems ocing, no matter how little..
8k3a+ Bios
memory help with KG7
Hoot's Internal Temp Diode reader
Just got my new MB and CPU (8k3a&1800+)
Needed: Asus P5a manual
Getting lockups @150 FSB w/CheepoBios
Ak 31 Rev 3.1 Usb Problem
kt333 how does it provide 166 mem bus and 133 cpu bus?
Question about a good stable mobo?
K7T266 Pro2
8k3a rev 1.1 good or bad???
Anyone used Gigabyte GA-7DX+ or GA-7DXR+?
How to identify AGP port speed on A7V266?
Turn off 3/4 RAM divider 8kha+
Is CPU temp. reading accurate in BIOS?
What Kt333 mother board to get?
4/5 cpu divider
Faulthy mobo ???
I Can't make up my mind... PLS help
A7V133 help!
EPoX 8k3a ssetup help
CPU not unlocked?
ak31a divisors?
KX7-333R Review
PCI divider on 8k7a+(revisited)
How do i install driver for motherboards?
Need your Opinion...
Best RAM slots for AK31r31
Need help picking a good SDRAM mobo for Duron.
Alpha PAL8045T on ak31a rev3
VIA MVP3 Chipsets??
Cold boot problem!!!
WOnt boot with Volt Mod
8K3A Problems...please help
Shuttle AK31A or ECS K7S5A
New Ak31 3.xx BIOS AK31S2EI
A7M266-D Revision
K7SEM Users
question on memory to buy from www.pricewatch.com
epox 8k3a+ wont boot
Asus A7M266-D with Volcano7+
AT7 has Major onboard Lan problems
Asus A7V133 FSB
settings for 8k3a+
A7V333..I'm Knocking but no one is home...
Does anybody has this board and know where to raise the Vcore voltage?
changing the multiplier in BIOS on A7M266
Cold boot problems w/ GA-7VRXP
K7 Master Bios showing 91c?
Kr7a - Xp2100 - ?
RAID 0 shows 2 partitions same size?
temp accuracy
KT7-RAID, how many 3-pin fan connectors?
Disabled USB 2.0 and hit 180fsb!!
Help!!! Ak35gtr
What is this?
Keep the Abit NV7133R or get the Epox 8K3A+ ??? again sort of..read
Epox 8KHA+ OC walkthrough?
overclocking the s2460
Cpu Sensor
plz help overcloacking my amd 1700+
KR7A Memory question
disabling onboard sound, AK31 r3.1
XP Freezes when shutting down
K7S5A with PC2100 ECC Registered
Help about a motherboard
Whats the differences betwen the AT7 and KX7-333
Guess I don't have to worry about my temps anymore...
getting a rma from msi
Overclocking Duron 800 with A7S-AV (A7S-VM)
AT7 Gforce 3 Problem I think Please Help!
A7V266-E NEW BIOS...again
thoroughbred support
Cable modem....so very nice!!!
cmos checksum prob's on k7s5a
Any problems with the AK31 and Radeon 8500?
ASUS A7V133 compatibility
A7V to support tbred???
ABit KT7a v1.3, how can you tell?
8KTA3+ and 8KTA+ Pro
Building New system please help!
AK31 v3.1 vs AK35 GT-R
Vcore problems
Help me with Bios settings!!
8k3a+ rev 1.0 and 1.2
LAN and cable modem
Memory Which one???
Is it any good?
divider settings for PCI and AGP
soyo dragon + not recognizing my usb!
How many K7S5As do YOU have?
KR7A Volt Mods The Easy Way!
Need help with my dragon +
Which Motherboard??
Gigabyte GA7VXRD & Raid setup Prob
dragon plus question
Planning on KR7A, Question on RAM
my turn for problems....
Must I Have a P4 Power supply to run Abit Nforce board?
Abit Nforce owners tell me how yours is working
PCI divider on 8k7a+
Onboard Lan(k7s5a)
SL-DRV4 and Athlon XP 1800+ problems
Which board to get?
745 Ultra FSB
help me...!!! help me...!!! abit at7 video problems.....
Epox 8K3A+ 2415 BETA BIOS
A7M266-D did not support +2000 MP !
RAID 0 and a 3rd drive
Does nforce mobo get Much performance if using 2 ddr ram 2gether??twinbank??
FIC AZ11 and Duron / Morgan support??
Will the Cooler Master HHC-001 fit on the Epox 8K3A??
which is better?
Best Overall Motherboard??
anyone with an Abit motherboard plz help...
CheepoBios 1.0 = !!!SWEET!!!
Mobo Upg for XP 1700 Recommendation?
Mobo Upg for XP 1700 Recommendation?
Ecs K7vta3-raid Via Kt333
abit at7/siluro gf4 ti 4400,boots but no disply
KX7-333 reviews?
ASUS temp difference
quick question on 8kha+(8khi2304.exe) bios
Upgrading Bios in Dragon Plus
cant go to "my computer properties" after overclocking - need help
KX7-333 vs KT3 Ultra
Bit of a pickle
Epox 8K3A VER 1.1
how does kt333 support 333mhz mem, by setting fsb to 166?
Solution to temp readings on a 8k3a
Is KT7a still best for SDram & Athlon XP
AT7 Question
A7v333 Voltage Mod?
8k3a+ pci problems
My 8k3a+ and its Temps!
help 8k3a+
I want to put a XP1800 in a Iwill266+
a7v333 & xp1800 performance
Which DIMM on a AT7 with one stick of RAM??
Raid-0 on my Dragon Plus???
maximum vcore setting on dragon+ is + or - 1.00?!
dragon + problems
can't flash a7n266-e
A7V266-E Disabling Bios Password?
A7S333 or MSI 745Ultra?
Quick question about memory on XP333 MB
8kha+ and fsb over 180 ok?
Side Band Addressing on KR7A-133R. How do I disable it?
8k3a+ and pci slots.
KG7 vs KR7A
My computer came, what now?!
Heatsink on chipset for MS-6380
83KA+: An overclocker's board? Sure doesn't seem like it.
**sexiest Mobo Ever Imo**
Is anyone else getting oddly high temp readings from the 8K3A sensor?
FIC AZ11 multiplier setting ??
PR rating on a T-Bird
Does the 8K3A+ have POST temp on-screen readings?
A tight squeeze
Need opinions on these boards.
Wierd BIOS 13 = 12.5?????
KG7 problem
my k7s5a problems
8kHA V.S. Sis735, which one?
regarding soyo dragon plus
A7V133 - Help! Help!
thinking of 8k3a+ with a vapochill
i've a few questions to ask u guys for mobo msi kt3 ultra and epox 8k3a
Shuttle AK31 & 35 TBred Support Confirmed
PC3000 and the 8K3A+???
Best motherboard
Asus A7V333 + logitec extreme 3d joystick
The best motherboard, money no object.
Full Raid Modified Bios for Pro-2 RU
dram speed and fsb ceiling
Mobo audio connectors different from the manual? A7v266e
MSI KT3 Ultra-aru
need help
changing mobos a pain
modifying mb to support athlon xp
FIC AD11 mod to support athlon xp
RAID w/ A7V266-E
GA-7DXR PS/2 port problem.
What power supply to use? Antec/ernmax
What's the best power supply for 8K3A+
I'm about to order my first AMD!!!!
On die temperature probe
Ultimate Ecs K7s5a Modded Bios
8k3a+ mobo
problems boot from CDROM ...BIOS ???
Multipliers on KK266
KA&-100 and USB Not happy together
CMOS Raid Settings on K7V Dragon +?
two be or one to be
Can't use over 143 FSB on a K7S5A
motherboard with s-video out, sound, network card minimum
Temp question on Duron900/K7S5A
MSI boards
VMod 8k7a
sl-75drv5: skew adjustments?
Just what is the name for my mobo?
KA266 voltage mod
Fan Plug not working on A7M266 Need HELP PLZ
Which motherboards have a 1/5 PCI divider?