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This is so weird!
custom voldmeod ?'s
Soltek SL-75DRV5,need help
K7SEM standby problem
what version?
black screen
mem timing settings for speed:
AK31A KT266A memory timing question
Soyo KT333
kt3 ultra problem
kt3 ultra board problem disregard in the wrong section
Just bought another K7S5A!
A7N266-E floppy
Epox dually mounting holes
A good look at the 1/5 Divider
Western Digital Corruption on 8KHA+
Best bios for OC on a ep-8k7a?
I there a way to up the IO voltage on a Pro2?
New Samsung DDR 2700 wont do 166!
Epox T400 boards
some advice please re: amd motherboards and kt333
Multi. vs FSB
At7 = Big Disappointment
Soyo 5SSM MOBO: Cannot disable onboard agp soI can install PCI GeForce2.
best soyo amd board to buy
1.4 T-bird + KT7a + overclocking
A7V333 raid setup. AAAHHHH!!!
good ddr board?
k7t turbo2
need super socket 7 mobo reseller info
alpha compatible
Who Is Selling 8K3A+ REV 1.2
Cheap k6-2 board
lastest via 4 in 1's
An AMD board for a nubie who wants it all
How is the 8k3a+?
Unlocking question.
amd thoroughbred support
150fsb at 1.79v~2.15v
MSI K7N420 problem
XP1800 CPU Warranty
AK31 V3.1 - WinXP - ATX PS doesn't power down at shutdown
XP333 WIN98 and game port
aggressive memory timings
WOW what a MOBO
EPOX 8K3A KT333CE DDR333 Need help!!!
M571 Upgrade Lock-ups
Ak35 Raid ?
KR7A-133 Fan header max watts
best RAID motherboard?
what is a good overclocking p4 motherboard
Where i can get a 2403bios for epox 8k3a+?
How to lower voltage on a Gigabyte board
Warning, my dumb mistake
Upgrading BIOS Help!
if probs with pci slots full on booting read this !!!
AMD 2000 XP running temp what is it ???
8K3A versus 8KHA+
Newby CMOS questions
I'm trying to come up with the PERFECT setup for gaming for a friend, help!
PCI latency problem with Via KT333 chipset
Ep-8k7a- It says my apg is disabled, need help
How fatal is poor unlocking?
All my IRQ's are set at 11 ??? how do i change???
best board for athlon xp?
temps on 8k3a+
first off... does epox have a dual m.b?
KR7A133 question
rev 1 and 2
Looking to Upgrade
A7V133 chipset temps
asus probe problems?
Helpppp with clear CMOS
Voltage Mod for the Dragon +
ITE SmartGuardian
kk266plus r which bios!?!?! help
PC2700 on K7S5A??
Reset BIOS
newby dragon plus beep code question
power connector on the soyo dragon ultra...
I Got My Ultra Finally
Best Msi Board???
8 k3a+ voltage?
New K7S5A BIOS problems
Will Not Boot
AV7333 real ram voltage jumper settings?
give me your point of view
Biostar M7VIB
FSB vs MULTIPLIER (a7v133)
kr7a133 beta bios
thermalright ax-7 fit on KT7-raid board?
what i see is bad about new 8k3a+
Kt3 Ultra Setup.
hehe i need some help
So what Abit board should I buy?
oerclocking the xp
Gripe and Moan
Ghetto mod - lemme hear your opinion
Need help guys.
kx7 released this wee!
K7V dragon.....
Some opinions about the best over clocking MB
My AK35GTR system
A little factoid about HDD setup in bios
Crucial, Samsung, or Corsair?
what setting for dip switch on an a7v 333
Good OC Mobo for a AMD Duron
Msi Ms-5169
problems with my KK266
New 8K3A+ What REV IS IT?
how do I use CPU FSB with my athalon 1800+
8k3a northbridge fan
Nforce 415D board. ABIT or ASUS???
RAID question
A7V333 Memory Voltage
KT7A-Raid back in business! (fixed!)
Flashing your Bios,need help..
Stuck @ 1740, Suggestions?
AT7 and sharing of PCI slots
overclock a A7M266-D (i am new)
A7V266E Owners-some info plz.
I Am Looking For The Best Slot A Board
KX7-333 bios in KR7A mobo. Enabling PC2700 support?
black screen and no boot @ cas2??
A7V133 + morgan duron?
Bought Epox 8K3A+, have questions.
Helppppp A7V333
Abit NV7-133R
upped fsb down usb
PC2100 shows pc1600
A7V333 or Epox 8K3A+ ?
Abit KR7A, VidCard Hot..PCI cards hot
has anyone taken a look at the AT7?
abit stickers
Can't reach 133 bus
ABIT's other KT333CE
Shorted Mobo?
Can the 8K3A read out AXP thermal diode
K7S5A 10/100 Linux - any success??
Best asus board for xp1900+
NForce boards???which, what, when? I need info!
I need a KT333 board for under $100.
Smallest Mobo
On Board Audio
Ecs with 1800xp or Good Epox with 1600
bios keeps resetting,help!
Epox 8K3A (REV 1.1)
BIOS help
vid card for dragon plus
gf3 ti200 and 8k3a+
highest fsb for ak31
Is this board dead today???
BIOS Savior for Epox 8K3A+? RD1-PL not working...
Nforce Audio working??? (A7N-e)
Commate K7TA-H
AK12A vs K7TTurbo2
AK31 Odd error
Can't reach FSB speeds over 152Mhz on Iwill KK266+
PCI divider on 8k7a+
Best Memory
Shuttle AK-31 to Epox 8K3A+
New KR7A-133 wont boot !!
A7v133 ChipSet and Dip
How to modify EPOX-8KHA+ of DIMM VIO AGP electric voltage?
how do i change PCI/AGP divider on K3A?
8kha+ Newb question; which PCI slots should I use?
AK31 VCore Voltage Prob.
Biostar M7VIB
overclocking on a Biostar M7VIB
Best dual?
Can't get past 143 fsb
HELP Soyo-5ema+ v.1.1
Anyone Can Help Me
a7v266-e - first oc - kinda,need advice
kt7a dividers
A7V333 Question
Some comments on the A7V333
go there to find some info about the mobo
Couple Questions about the 8k3a!
Do I need IDETool for my 8KHA+?
Should i go dual?
Overclocking my Duron on Epox
8KHA+: Vcore-mod without soldering?
KR7A-RAID USB pinout?
MSI k7T266 Pro2 won't recognize my 1800+
WPCRSET setting....
K7ama Ram-up to 2gb?
A7M266 BIOS update nightmare
Anyone Tried the 745 Ultra
ASUS A7N266-E V1.03 Has a HUGE Fan!
Epox 8K3A+: reasonable expectations?
OCZ 512Mb PC3000 on Soltek 75DRV5 mobo
I need to know if overclocking on my scummy Amptron 830 XLM is possible
A7V333 and memory voltage?
pc2700 vs pc2100
question with k7s5a and hard drive swapping
is the MSI KT3 Ultra any good?
softFSB for ak31
A7N266-E bandwidth
*cries* KT333 recommendations? Soltek?
When i s the KT400 coming?
Need a greenie chipset heat sink!!!
Quick Dragon+ question....
Need help deciding
Soyo Dragon+ Questions
What am I doing wrong?
New beta bios for the xp-333.
Best SDRAM Socket A board?
Fried ?? suggestions
soltek drv5 and unlocking help please
ECS Question (split by mod from AMD FAQ)
THIS is Asus's take on the KT333?!
KR7A-133R- How do I monitor the chipset temp w/MBM5?
so far so good but a few questions.
A7v266e folks
Asus A7v266-E reboot?
kt266a prc file for wcpedit?
Replace mobo chipset heatsink with crystal orb?
Asus 5.1 sound card on Asus A7N266-E
bios unlocking
does the radeon 7500 work with nforce m\b
Which kind of ram is better?
8k3a and memory timings/voltage
KT7A-RAID & Reboot/Lock-up Problems
quick question
AGP ISA aliasing in BIOS
gigabyte 7vrxp
My first O/C with the ECS MoBO
Using ASUS update
Anyone have this problem??
COrrect me if I am wrong...I hate the Upgrade Bug
AK31S2EC Bios Question
Help! Epox 8kha+ codes...
Sandra Mem scores, post 'em up
Wont post
Grandma needs good stable computer
epox 8K3A
a7v266-e and XP
K7S5A -- Power LED Flashes Constantly. Help, please.
Freezing/screen shut of problems
which way shall i o/c my kr7a raid
Low A7V333 Scores...New Info!
windows dectects ISA on 8KHA+ ????
Where to put RAM on 8KHA+ ?
need 8KHA Voltmod.
Epox or ABIT?
Making a new computer
A7V133 with Athlon XP?
8k3a+ help
Help finding drivers please
m/b with ?USB 2.0, Firewire & Optical Out
8k3a+ And Chrome Orb :(
Motherboards with 1/5 pci divider?
Question about Epox boards!
k7s5a review, thumbs down
kr7a-133r slow raid with xp?
8K3A+ Success Story!!!
Loving my 8K3a+
K7S5A and floppy - Final
FF post code / no rpm monitor -- 8KHA+
8K3A vs 8K3A+
Boot Block,how to get passed it.HELP
how to change memory voltage on 8k7a+
VCore setting disappeared from bios!?!?
New 8k3a, No Post,no Boot, No Anything-just Blank Screen?
Is the 8K3A+ really better than the Dragon???
No sound, No Raid
Question about the AK31a
New Asus A7N-266-E
got the Vmod for 75drv4
AMD Mobo
Asus A7V-133 Vcore problems
"turbo" mode question
Can i put PC2700 In my EPOX8KHA
I need some Insight
MP capable bit identity (enable, disable??)
Dragon Ultra or Epox 8K3A+?????
Bios,need help
ak31a rev3.1 level setting
crap-you mean the 8k3A is a terd?
need 2403 BIOS for my EP-8K3a
I Need Advise
EP-8K3A runs well one piece of RAM, crashes w/ two-HELP!
No Mods
EPOX EP-8K7A , 8k7A+ or 8kha+
k7S5A with wrong cpu speed
MPS Table Version?
PC Alert III - Chassis temp?
at7 new abit mobo, looks SWEET!
Shorting Out Mobo
Chipset in 8KHA+
k7S5A and hard drive need help!
Enalbing FastWite and new arepeture size?
??? on the 2304 bios for the 8k7a+
shuttle ak31 v3.1
8KHA+ Removal of capacitor for GeForce4's
a7v333 unstable, is it my psu???
8K3A+ is like WOW!
new mobo
I need more help. Please help
XP2100 with K7VTA3 problems
I got a "60'...
which abit motherboard shall i buy
Give me your thoughts on different MBs
Is the newest bios worth it?
KT7A-RAID probs solved
XP333 problem installing any OS at 133
Abnormally Slow Sandra scores on A7V333
K7S5A Installation
M/B Upgrade?
Windows Protection error at 150fsb
New Beta Bios for A7V333.....
MSI K7T266 Pro 2
Sis new AGP 109f
Just got my gear...
A7V333 Features questions...
Brand New A7V333 was a turd...thank god I supply my bud w/a lot of biddness!!!
Can you use pc133 in a ddr mobo
Unmountable boot volume + 8KHa+
Dfi Am 75 Tc
Anyone know motherboards?
8K3A+ Raid
CPUFSB problem
What FSB speeds are A7V33 users hititng
dragon + and mem what can it use
How do you remove northbridge heatsink?
Epox 8kha+
Second Temp Sensor?
i wish i hadnt bought a tyan board!
unlocked duron won't post on ak31
i need higher fsb speeds
Anyone have a vcore mod guide for the K7 Master (MS-6341)?
bad BIOS ?
8K7A+ ~ Mobo Fried?
8k3a+, 8k3a, 8kha+????????
Question about Raid channels on A7v-133
What does the thermistor look like?
How good is this?
Mother Board choices
KR7A-RAID and USB issues
For starters
changing multiplier makes k7t pro2 not boot
Just got my 8K3A+,not happy..
Help AMP Newbie switched from PIII
sorry my ? was about muliplier setting
sketchy A7M266
8K3A+ @ 90 Degrees?
Asus A7M266-d Rev.1.04 and 2 XP work?
Voltage settings
How is Iwill's RMA department
pci divider on ak35 gtr
Overclocking A7266E and jumpers?
would someone be able to tell if my motherboard is s*%# and worth the trouble
Good DDR Board for OCing
Is the SY-KT333 Dragon Ultra out yet??
Anyone ever hear of.....
Turned to the DDR Side!
Pro2-ru=Can you bring the PCI speed down while still OC'ing?
2403 still have not fixed OClock problem for me help!
Ugh.. This is beyond me.
Hard drive won't work as master
"BIOS Savior?" Anyone use it?
Need Advice For Proper Settings!!
Abit K7A or Abit K7A 133??
MSI 6191 wont post.....
Need new Motherboard... Socket A ?
Anyone need volt mods?
Shuttle AK35GT-R
What are your thoughts on the 8k3A+?
KT7A Raid & this processor -- will they work?
A7V266 vs. A7V266-E What's the diff.?
A7V-133 MBM5 and VIO voltage
torn between boards
temp probs on kr7a ?
Does the 8KHA+ run with 66MHZ PCI slots?
What is the 5VSB reading on the 8KHA+?
Motherboard advice
5v mod for KT7E
K7T266A Pro 2 Temp sensors
8KHA+ build in audio ?'s
cpufsb for k7s5a
easy questin on 8k3a
EPOX 8KHA+ Problems...
Tyan Tiger dual motherboard
Changing FSB jumper causes system not to boot?
Possible Memory Timing Fix For 8K3A/+!
Problems with KT7A voltmod
can't get W2K to install on new HD...read inside
Will the KT7A Raid support the XP 2000?
Multiplier settings for a GA-71xe4 AMD 750 chipset athlon 900
Whats your FSB record on abit KR7A?
Question about asus a7a266
Abit KR7A port 80 debug mod???
I hope I'm not being annoying but...
KT7A Raid jumper question
Modem going to sleep
K7T266 Pro 2 and 750 Athlon
Need a new MoBo
Problem with a k7vta3
magic setting
Need a lesson on FSB for my a7v133
something died
my first OC
north bridge cooler
SetFSB for K7S5A upgraded to Ver1.4b3(Supported ECS K7S6A.)
A7V333 Revisions!
Questions before I buy
Phillips CDRW on a KG7Raid
A7N266 Over Clock
Need help on kt7a running Windows XP
hot temp
which one of mainboard in the list that can to overclock cpu and fsb?,is the highest
Can use heatsink AX-7 on ASUS A7V333 and EPOX 8K3A+ ? (AGAIN)
Can use heatsink AX-7 on ASUS A7V333 or EPOX 8K3A+ ?
MSI KT3 ULtra ARU problems
Dragon KT333
A7V266-E Voltage
raid question
AX-7 fit on EPoX 8K3A+ ?
New KT333 Motherboards
support for the mobo
supporting the mobo
what to believe mbm or kk266
KT7A-Raid 1.2 + XP 1700 + Siemens memory
Best Mobo for what I need please
A&V-133 rev1.05 Will blue orb fit?
Need Mobo Recommendation (K6-2 500)
best motherboard mods
pal 8045 on ak35
Soltek SL-75DRV2 USB Problem.
Also any users using Epox 8kha+ with Enermax?
My A7N266-E is dead new?
Epox 8KHA+ Questions..
KT266A or KT333?
SiS 730 + memory interleaving
On-die thermistor readings on any new boards? (8K3A?)
How do you guys do it...
Weird Booting problem
where are those lugs
where are those lugs?
Sonny, I Gotta Question
Startup Problem
Iwill XP333 or Epox 8K3A?
Gigabyte Motherboards
geforce and msi
8kha no plus bios
mod vcore soltek 75drv4
Aopen Overclocking
A7n266-e And Vcore Help
EP-8KHA+ & FSB/PCI ratio
KT266A vs KT333
When We will have a new bios (abit kr7a-raid)?
Volt Mod KR7A-Raid
is there a good micro ATX mobo out there?
Award BIOS flash question
-32 C on A7V133-c for mobo?
80mm heatsink and 8k7a+
About to purchase an 8K3A+
screwy mobo
dragon plus, cd-rom drives...
New owner of 8K3A+
Joining the Epox Ranks w/ 8K3A+
8K3A/+ New Bios, 2403.bin
How accurate is the thermistor on the KR7A?
8KHA+ overclocking experiences
VH6-T based overclocking ...
XP 1800+ on KR7A-133 RAID.
power LED on 8K3A+
KR7A and MBM5
AGP and PCI slot 1
Effect of 150 FSB on External modem?
A7V133 supported CPUs?
AK31 or AK35GTR,which one?
What chipset rules? kt266a or amd761?
8k3a+ high temps?
my friend thinking about a soyo dragon+..
8K7A+ Shut down problems
K7V DRAGON Plus Problems
I need some help picking out a new mobo
Your feedback on the KR7A133-RAID
Support a Soltek Motherboard section Here