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Is the KK266+R XP compatible
Soyo K7ADA
question with kr7a-raid bios setting utility
Multiplier questions
attention kt7a owners
Overclocking help
Northbridge cooling a KR7A133R
Soltek SL-75DRV5
AMD Dual processor MB?
A7N266-E 2x/4x?????
no cpu0 detected on a7m266-d?!?!
AK31 Bios / MBM temps vs on die probe
Raid on board or off?
Probs with my Kt7
Asus Temps: My experience.
Flashed new OC bios...NO PROBLEM
Toast CPU by flashing BIOS?
memory dumps
ak31 suddenly wont post with fsb other than 100
KR7A Help
A7M266-D and Dual AX-7's?
HSF Mounting holes and 8K3A
stupid sound won't play cd's
A7V266-E Owners
budget for mobo
1008.002 BIOS A7V266-E Here !
IDE Performance and Q's on KR7aRaid, heeelp me
Booting from a CDROM on IDE 3/4
Help please
Does the A7M266-D Support PC2700 DDR ram?
Volcano 6cu+ fit on 8KHA+?
Is anyone here planning to get the Soyo K7V DRAGON ULTRA! (KT-333) MOBO?
ECS k7s5a new o'cing bios?
A7N266-E rocks!!!!!
Will 8KHA support 2100+ XP chip
New Soltek 75DRV5 won't boot
A7V333 truly an awesome board
Hardware Monitoring Software ??
Overclocking Sucess...
8KHA+ and Enermax
TigerMP OC Features?
K7S5A temp monitoring
HELP!! Very bad!!!
Iwill KA266 1.33 AMD can i make it a 1.6?
IDE Performance and Q's on KR7aRaid, heeelp me
Which KT333 Motherboard???
RAM om 8k3a+
Whats diff between 8k3a and 8k3a+??
To be or Not to be - Vcore Mod ?
GA-7ZMMC S3 Savage ProSavage Win98SE MESS UP
KT3 Ultra Bios 5.2, how good?!?
Ak32l ?
What M/B to buy
A7V266-E Flies !!! couple of Q's tho.
The best DDR board
which board best for overclocking + KT333
Need some advise.
Stable MP Board??
Does any KT333 have a /5 divisor?
Memory for 200+ FSB!
looking for a recommendation on a good micro ATX mobo
Floppy drive probs on the k7s5a
RAID Question for the A7V266-E
Who holds the OC-ing record without unlocking?!
8k3a+ ata and raid question
Motherboard Upgrade?
Gigabyte GA-7DXR Voltage Mod
A descent review on the Epox 8K3A
How high of a FSB are you able to use?
MSI KT3 or GA-7DXR which one ?
Chipset guide or FAQ or....
nForce 420-D
multiplier on k266-r plus !!?!?!?!?!?!
Kk266r + Xp2000+ = Kool
Time for a Soltek section?
New Bios for 8K3A/+ 2328.bin
Anyone having problems with a radeon 8500 on dragon+? Its giving me nightmares
Support 2000+?
SMBus on K7S5A???
Kr7a-raid + Samsung Tcb3,so Nice Together
Need quick advise please
How to update bios
Gigabyte ga-7vrxp
Epox 8K3A+ w/Swifty 462
SIS735 | 830LR |K7S5a | K7AMA ...
The AT7
Kr7a-raid And Xp 2000+???
2 questions temp probe and sound
anyone know how to
AX-7 fit on 8KHA+?
/5 divisor possible on A7V133?
Max multiplier and fsb
ASUS A7A266 voltage mod
Has any one used or seen an article on..
Soltek DRV-4 Volt Mod
Iwill Xp333
what resistor to use for vcore mod on ak31?
/5 divisor on KR7A?
Odd USB problem with A7A266
power problem with K75SA heeellllppp!!!!
Faster memory
Problems with a7v133
What kind of O/C's with what bios?
Asus A7A266
nforce people lend me your ears!
Soltek Sl-75drv4
Mobo reviews, who do you trust????
Corsair PC3000
Soltek Sl-75drv4
Soltek Sl-75drv4
Soltek Sl-75drv4
DDR ON 8kha+, problem????
T-Bred supported motherboards?
volt mod question
KT7A-Raid and AMD-XP processors
K7VZA Problem
any Ideas?
FSB & Hard Drive Corruption
XP333-R and PCi Latency need to be FIXED !
8KHA+ - No NB fan, No post.
Problems with Abit KT7A-Raid
ATI Radeon 8500
13x multiplier in Abit kr7a-raid
About DDR333 on KR7A-133R
2100+ and the 333-R
Best audio/video/lan board for duron/XP
Need help finding correct mobo
DDR333 on Abit KR7A-133R???
Abit KR7A, okay for new system?
Looking for a good MOBO to support overclocked amd900mhz w/pc133 ram?
running into a wall please help
new via driver for asus board?
Long continuous beeps
Multipler on KT7A-RAid
ddr voltage
BIOS 1008A for A7V133 released
A7V133 @ 133 FSB is actually 134
another big question
Problems with new 8K7A+ BIOS!!
dragon + need help
Help!! BIOS Flash has dropped 3Dmark scores 3000 points!!
bios wont flash on ak31 rev 3.1
Gigabyte GA-7VRX how is it
ak31 rev3.1 and hard drive powering down when its not supposed to?
which board best for overclocking + T-breds+ KT333
Tweak your 8KHA+/The Definitive Guide
A7V266 and Athlon XP support -please consult
Where can i find a7v266-E bioses?
Epox 8K3A+ or Gigabyte 7VRXP or Soltek SL-75DRV5
Building a new system, please advise
voltage mod for asus as7v133
Need help updating BIOS on 8KHA+
Soltek DRV-4 Temp Diode
How often should i clean the motherboard?
Format or not?
GA5AX Mobo - thermistors?
Asus A7V-133 Problem
Latest official SIS735 AGP Driver
AK35GTR temps with MBM5. Is it accurate?
Can the 8KHA+ go over 2.1V? VCORE
good OC'able dual MP boards
Iwill XP333, still worth it?
Did i get a beta 8k3a instead of the correct one?
Game Port/Midi
KK266 USB ports not working
Video RAM cachable
what BIOS t o use for AK35GTR KT266A
Epox board info
Can 8kha+ users help me out a sec?
Might have done it right this time-8K3A
did i fry my KK266????
Asus A7V133-One long beep and then shuts off
Newbie needs some help here
CHAFAN on mobo question (fan rpm)
KT-400 already???
My first overclock! Yay! (need some advice, though)
ASUS A7V with 1010 BIOS
How about some input on an upgrade!
I'm new to this - K7T 266 Pro2
dobly digital
WHO'S OC'd the KT3 ARU the most?!
Blue screen nv4_disp.dll
Cold boot with ddr ram?
Make your own OC-Bios
Problems with Dragon+
Iwill beeps what do they mean???
Gigabyte 7vtxh+ FSB overclocking
Best Bang for the Buck
a7n266 igp question
remove north chipset cooler
Live Bios Update fries board!
Any one try the K7S6A
Dual AX7's on A7M266D
1.4TB(266) + KT7 (non-A). Is 1200 the best I can get from it?
8kta3= and pro
Abit kr7a- No Display
Hows this for ocing?
oops - pls delete
Drive Problems under WIN XP prof & release date of a OC bios
how well do solteks perform compared to the higher end mobos?
can kt333 boards use ddr 266 ram?
ecs k7s5a built in audio
8K3A Problem
What the heck is turbo mode???
Registered DDR and AK31a, will it work?
A7V133 RAID & WinXP Pro, need help
8kta3+ How fast can I go
Soyo Draon Plus --raid--
8K3A+ w/ XP2000+ Unlocked results
8K3A+ w/ XP2000+ Unlocked results
Help! XP on 8KTA2 can't work perfectly?
Multiplier COnfiguration in A7V266-E
MSI K7T Turbo Limited w/RAID dividers...
Drilling MOBO for heatsink need HELP!!
K7T266 Pro2 chipset: fan or not?
K7VTA-B voltage problem
USB trouble with Epox 8K7A+...
How can I overclock my ECS k7s5a mobo
Alpha PAL8045 on a 8KHA+; yes or no?
Hardware monitor on AK35GTR
How Do I ....?
a7v266-e /XP cpu help!
Somthing died A7V133 or CPU?
Getting ready to Buy a KR7A
prob with shuttle ak31 kt266a
Where on the mobo is the mobo temperature being taken?
ALi MAGiK 1 and 28.38
Question on CPUFSB vs BIOS
Hard drive corruption with High FSB
Dead Mobo or Dead CPU????
new os for new mobo?
What exactly is the VIA KM133A Chipset?
K7T266 Pro2 voltage mod
Multiplier changing problem on the A7V266-E?
Where do you turn on the RPM Sensoring?
Anybody know volt mod for AZ11EA ??
VIA has new 4in1's V4.38 available
i have a big question
8KHA+ Northbridge fan
Anyone use Azza boards?
K7ama a bust?
XP install,Raid,AK35GTR?Please help!
Got me a Gigabyte 7VRX KT333 board
High End Server Mobo
8KHA+ mobo and Case question
FYI...A7V133 bios flash
Shuttle Beep Codes:
Iwill KA-266R question.
check this out Shuttle AK35 GTR VER2.2 KT 333 Board
A7v266-e Bios.
Does anyone really know ide 3/4?
AV7266 and USB support
How to lower core voltage?
Best XP OC Board?
Can you help me upgrade?
what mainboard best for overclock
Iwill XP333 reveiws!!!!!!!!!Submit yours:]
Duron 1g @1240 k7s5a
ThermalRight AX-7 on AK35
Stabilize the K7S5A
Abit KG7-Raid Volt Mod
2 Dead Abit boards?
Everyone w/RAID-0 with ABIT kt7A-R using XP HELP!
Fried Motherboard?
how to overclock EP-8KTA3L+?
is overcloking the FSB better advantage than chnging the multiplier?
guidance on buying a new mobo for a new system
Opinions on amptron boards
wahts died?
Where to buy a K7V Dragon Ultra?
MSI PRO-2RU OC'ing help
what chipset?
Building My system
ECS K7S5A - 350w or 300w AMD PSU?
Abit KT7A &(R) owners, READ!
what is your recomendation??
Which memory slot for Epox 8KHA?
Dead CPU/Motherboard?
A7V266-e and PC2400, PC2700???
Thermalright AX-7 or Swiftech MCX462
EPOX 8KHA+ or 8K3A+
ak35 highpoint bios
Comos checksum error =(
ak35 - fyi
ABit's upcoming 760MPX dual socket A motherboard.
Anyone try the new 3-14 bios?(xp333-r)
MSI K7T266 PRO2-RU o/cing help
Any use the MC97 modem?
What is the best nForce Motherboard?
A7N266-C Asynchronous Ram Timing
Soltek SL-75DRV5.anybody use this?
Just wondering about Skew settinss?
CAN'T FLASH BIOS! What am I doing wrong?
need an opinion for athlon XP and KT133A
I could use a little help here.
Giabyte 7DXR+ or 7VRXP????
K7S5A is it a good O/C Mobo???
ak31 w/o usb@1705
KK266r & AMD XP --- HOT TEMPS!! Help :)
need new mobo
Constant HD Activity on AK35GTR
Broken capacitor
i think i've kill my mobo pls help
T-Bred on A7V-133
8KHA+ or 8KHAL? difference?
Asus A7V-333
Need Cheap Mobo Replacement
My 8kha+ LIT ON FIRE! no joke!
8kta3- support a multilpier of 14?
Help with Installing Ultra Family Drivers
Linux question -- Dual Booting RAID
BIG problem :(
8kha+ new bios
Some Probs with Abit KT7A-Raid
GA - 7VTXH+ Voltage mod
Popping sound with onboard audio on AK35GTR
Anyone running an AK31A + GF3 Ti500?
GA - 7VTXH+ Voltage mod
K7S5A ram issues...
Micro-ATX DDR Athlon motherboard, is there such a thing?
Differences between VIA's new KT-333 and KT-333A chipsets???
Help with Bios
FIC AN11 + Athlon 1900
someone help me overclock ABIT KR7A-133
FIC AN11 + Athlon 1900
I need an AMD board with 2 ISA slots!!!!!
clear cmos
A7N266-E what MB monitor?
any word on the AK37?
A7M266-D w/ dual XP's ?
What Mobo for an xp 2100??
The Best MOBO on the MARKET???
¡Bios Flash Problem!
AK35GTR with the Thermalright AX-7?
Voltage mod for soltek DRV4.
Life expectency:burn:
K7S5A Memory Questions
Is the asus a7pro a good board for overclocking?
better way to get temp off a Asus A7,266-D mobo
asus me99b motherboards how fast is fast??
How do I flash XP333 Bios?
KR7A-Raid CPU Fan voltage header
Soltek SL-75DRV2 Comparison
Does the Abit KR7A-133 support USB 2.0??
Maximum voltage with Air?
fsb rejects
whats the dif between tyan s2460 and s2466N?
Have i fried my CPU ?
Abit KT7E
XP 333R NO USB ports work at all???
Who in the heck makes this motherboard?? Please someone help!!
Will The Pal 8045 Fit On A Xp-333-r???
EPOX 8KHA Reading Athlon XP 1600 As Athlon MP 1400
SOLTEK SL-75DRV5 (Purple Ray) mobo
Abit AT7
overclocking with k7t266 pro ms6380
Has anyone tried another makes bios
good temp reader
Serious A7V Troubles Help needed quickly
What fan for Xp2000 and Dragon+ -hurry!
Shuttle AK12 overclocking?
Abit KR7A multiplier reset after rebooting!
Asus A7N266-e probe not working right
dead abit kt7a??????
AX-7 and Asus A7V266 ???
freeze up
boot disk help
asus a7m266-d pll?
help me with datasheet
MSI k7t266 Pro 2 win xp problems.
Setting in KT7A to run at 2-2-2?
Kt3 Ultra plan to buy looking for feedback
8KHA+ Help
Remove The AK31 Northgate Heatsink?
Looks Like a Good Mobo-Epox 8K3A?
K7T Turbo
Xp Crash!
have k7s5a in mail ...best bang for$
MSI KT3 Ultra .... Problems
Cheap Overclockable Amd Mobo?
which BIOS works for the AK31
Got the Epox 8KHA+ but cant oc it properly
kzs5a questions???
help flashing
Asus MOBO temp question
HSF Lugs on socket
KK266 and throughbred
Keeping the Dragon alive.
Will K7S5A take PC2700 333mhz memory
bios flash
Might help those with an Iwill333
highest FSB
A7N266-E vs. A7N266-C for Overclocking
K7 pro Slot A
AK31A $57 @ NewEgg.com refurb..
will a Glaciator 1 fit on a AK31A or a AK35GTR?
AK31 or AK35GTR??? help me decide please
winXP upgrade question
Why oh Why...
Argh! Dragon+ plus memory test equals reboot
help, ahhhh!
XP on a 8k7a+
Soltek SL-75DRV5 and Mushkin PC2700
8kha+ and mcx462
950 duron and 8khax
MoBo review
Choising help
A7M266-D, No keyboard
unlocking the bios on a compaq mobo
A7M266 stability issuses
Chaintechs anyone use 'em?
PCI Latency Timer
ak 31 rev2 fsb question
3/4/02 bios?
A7v133 + 1900
AK35GT-R Experience
Mobos above 1.85 Volts.
Cheap Dual Mobo for Folding
Abit KR7A-RAID FSB fan
Black sreen? Video Card dead?
IRQ conflict
Question about FIC AZ11E motherboard
Thunderbird on A7A266,
High FSB, low mem scores
What's the best KT333 board out currently
No multi's on this mobo? normal?
my info
new ak31 v3 bios
Asus mainboard temps all the same way?
Need help soldering....
Iwill tech support
VCORE Mod For K7T - Turbo ???
What FSB's are you reaching with the K7S5A and what chipset cooling are you using?
How do you stop Memory Testing in the bios?
Best way to hammer a Dragon/XP combo?
Memory problems with my XP333-R
Big hard drives on an XP333-R?
new epox 8k3a+
ASUS A7N266-E BIOS update 1001.d released!!!
How do I enable IDE channel 3 & 4
M/B selection for AMD processor!
temp monitor
What Should I Do Soyo Dragon + Or Epox 8kha+???
Dragon + Vs Epox 8kha +.what Do Ya Think????
pc restarts
Soltek SL-75DRV2 overclocking
Overclocking with multiple hards
pal8045 & other 80mm 'sinks...Good News!
SP-A586b Dead Mobo?
Need help installin RAID drives
Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God!!!!!
What do you all recommend?
Audigy Platinum eX problem on 8KHA+
Epox 8KHA+ and Enermax 465P-VD
What are the only available chipsets for multi cpu XP's?
8k3a and 8k3a+ Available in the US now
a7v133 to run 266 fsb
How to mod a mobo to get the diode reads about the core temperature ?
Can you modify an ob-board thermal probe?
OverClocking More with pc2700!
Volt modding a KR7A RAID
inregards 2
will K7VIA boot with pci video card???
MBM5 and 8kha+
A7V266-E RAID question-Plz help
AK31 vmod
A7M266-D Socket temp acting up
Gimme a Clear KR7A Volt Mod.
voltmod/ohm resistance question
Desperate Help Needed!
KRT-Raid install w/XP help
K7S5a floopy probs
can I put this on?
A7M266 Users 1006 Final Bios Out
A7V266-E Voltage issue.
Suprise,Suprise K7S5A Problem
OPINIONS for soltek and tyan please
ABit's upcoming 760MPX dual socket A motherboard.
Fic VA 503+ jumper info needed
latest KK266R bios
New BIOS for AK31 v3.1
Help Me Name My New PAL!