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KG7-Raid-Sandra 2002 Crash
I need help
Soyo or other?
Fan Header Issue!
8kha+ problem help
Asus A7A266 Help
The differences between KR7A-Raid, KR7A-133, KR7A-133-Raid
IWill XP333 and jittering
Check the Cyber Deals for a good deal on the new Soltek.
7vtxe, having trouble with new via4in1
comp locks up after loading windows
whats the best i can get right now
What is the maximum stable FSB for Asus A7A266?
A7V266 5v mosfet mod
Is the KK266+ a good board in general?
Will my KR7A run a T-Bred or future XP's
UPDATE ON K7S5A no boot problem
help choosing mb!
Considering the KR7A-133Raid/A7V333-R
help choosing mb!!!
Epox 8KHA+ and Ti4600 fit issue SOLVED??????
voltage mod??
Say It Ain't So!!!!
kg-7 and thurstmaster joystick
Asus A7V333
1.3 Duron & ecs k7s5a
jetway 867AS
Well Rev 1011 is out for A7A but......
A7M266 bios update
Jetway 867as
AK31 question
Best bios for the 8KHA+
New AK35GTR, No POST!!!! Help?
8kha+ reboot
Am I being thick?
Arctic Silver 3 and chipset
Best software cooling for 8KHA+ !! WPCRSET ?? or what ??
K7S5A Prob
Asus A7M266-D What ram is best for stability and o/c over 140 fsb?
is PC Cillin that comes with the 8KHA+ any good?
Soltek SL-75DRV5 Clearance issues
Newbe question on Gigabyte 7vtxe+
Your opinions in the Gigabyte GA-7DXR+
K7S5A new bios to support ...
Anyone using the new KT3 Ultra-ARU?
K7SEM Integrated Video ? ?
atten: dragon owners...
what should my core voltage be
Bios flash,temps went up
I think I have a voltage problem. Please help
New Definition for 8KHA+ Red Numbers "6d"
Time to pick a new mobo....and I'm looking for opinios
Need micro ATX
A7V-1000 Duron problem-Thanks for the help!
8kha+ massive problem
Mom Needs an upgrade.....help me.
Setting up my MOBO... How?
Flashing Bios
Mbm 5
dual mobo showdown...
AC2001 chip on KR7A-R? What's it for?
Asus a7v266-E
K7T Turbo
Best Vid. card for Abit boards
Soyo k7v dragon problems HELP
Can I use the KR7A raid Bios for the KR7a non raid board?
2 versions of k7s5a
how to overclock with k7t pro (6330)
A7M266-D (Rev1003) Very easy Vmod!!
RAID drivers/BIOS question
serious problem with Kt7-Raid need help
Whats your highest FSB on a AK31?
Best board for high FSB
A7V133 (kt133a) fsb/multiplier question
Iwill KA266 jumper settings and ATX connectors?
Killed my new AK35 ...should i get the 333?
A7V won't boot?
MBM5 help
MSI now dead!!!
Question about AK35 GTR
What is or will be the best kt 333 mobo?
Attn: is there a doctor in the house?!...
Does the Swiftech MCX 462 fit on the K7S5A?
A7M266-D questions....??
Is it worth going with KT333 over KT266a right now?
gf3 ti200 problem
What Via Drivers to Use?
KR7A raid 133 = ghetto
new system setup
Do They Exist Yet Guys???
Lazy SOB with KT7A
Visiontek TI4600 & Epox 8KHA+ Problems
KR7A-133Raid Question
Another GA-7VTXE question.
Problem detecting RAM on GA-7VTXE?
Gigabyte GA-7VTXE Motherboard
KG7 Problems
1.2G locks up at about 1.4 on Abit kt7a-raid
ChipSet fan-a7v133
Which is better? A7V133 or A7V133-C?
bios flashing
reset bios,8kha+ quest...
Sound problem
best motherboard for XP
What saved my CPU??? Itís a mystery to me!
+3.3 problem
raid lost array info
DRAM Queue depth and Command rate
screwy usb
SDram Frequency Ratio?
Unlocking the a7a266 multiplier
a7v-266e ps/2 port always on?
Is 'CPUFSB' the only way to get to 146 FSB ??
Klockgenerator on KT7A-Raid
HElp me before i throw my computer out the window please
A7V-1000 Duron problem
Anyone use A7V266-E & 256x3 DDR?
i give up eheh
removing NB fan
volt mod for a7m266-d
Gigabyte Memory speed.
Please Read! Hurt Mobo!
Best settings to take my Athlon 900 to the max
Anyone Knows How To Save A Mobo From A Bad Flashing?
KR7A-READ haha
How The H*** do I up FSB on FIC AD11?
can't get past 1.6
Is the nvidia chipset really good?
whats a good cheap motherboard
Is there anyway to volt mod without soddering?
OS Select For Dram> 64mb [nonOs2 ] ??
Is overclocking bad for my mobo
Shuttle AK35GTR ??
cooling on southbridge?
8KHA+overclocking and bios help...
100/133 Jumper
I Always Do Stuff Like This
How to increase my FSB
No back or center channel sound with XP333-R
Unofficial AK35GTR bios is at OCWorkBench
No audio on rear channel (A7N266-E)
Problem With KR7A-Raid
Rev 2.0 or 2.1 ?
Need good MB for Ocing and reliability!!!
How to connect to the SMBus on Mobos without a header?
I need mobo advice...
EPOX EP-8KHA+, refurbished
SO how well does it perform
Flashing KT7A Bios
The K7S5A is now my Main System
K7sem Help me please
I need some help
Total newbie to overclocking, please help
CAS 2?? where in bios??
47k Pot question-Volt Mod
Calling Iwill KK266 owners...
AK31 O/cing Help
Problem when raising FSB - HELP!
AK31 help for O/cing
What mobo to use?
Is there a PSU problems with 8KHA+ boards?
Epox - 8KTA2 M/board with Athlon XP??
How can I get 900 to 1.3 with Dragon+?
Problem with DDR slot 2
Dragon+ drive arrangement
How many hard drives can I put on my mobo?
whats a good amd xp 2000 mobo?
whats a good amd xp 2000 mobo?
whats a good xp2000 mobo?
how do u find out what revision a mobo is?
Voltage monitoring..What do you make of this?
SMBus & Dragon+
Building new pc -- need help choosing mobo!
Building new pc -- need help choosing mobo!
AK31 OCing Questions
K7AMA and 133 bus problems
Dalm USB
ka266r raid
What PSU to buy with epox?
Looking for Voltage Mod for KR7A-RAID
Where do I find my divisor in the BIOS?
Dalm Usb
K7V in jumperfeee mode.
Asus A7n266-e... Help~!!!
I don't understand.. Paul's KR7A faq says..
bios multi settings
Help with new IWILL MB
KR7A Raid boards
I am back with a Shuttle AK35GTR
k7ada.....xp 1700 shows up as 1.1ghz
Asus A7m266-d w/ Xp 1800+'s
XP333-R and 3 sticks of RAM?
best ddr mobo
A7V266-E w/ Alpha 8045 HSF
CPU Mhz reading issue on a7n266-e
why bios values reset after cold boot?
Modding the DDR voltage
AK31 Users, were you able to mount a Blorb on w/ the pins?
Asus thermometer offset
Which Motherboard?
Overclocking with the M762A
HELP:Tyan Tiger MP S2460 Problems!
what settings in bios, please help!
8KHA+ Volt Mod!
Soltek releases the SL-75DRV5
Are the 8KHA+ gold?
K7RA are they that bad!?
@@@ ABIT or EPOX ? @@@
I have made a decision
Which One
Asus A7V266-E-Raid
Which 1
Iwill DDR333 rev 2.1?
Help me out overclocking IWILL XP333
1.4tbird what asus should i get??
Vcore mod worth it?
Lowered mem settings and now back to 150 FSB!!
HELP! I think I fried my mobo
What is the best, cheap SDR duron mobo?
Can you disable the CPUFAN being required to boot?
Asus A7n266-e... Help~!!!
Dragon Sticker
I-Will333R or ABIT K7RA-133 for suicidle non-OC'er?
What bios to get?
Calling anyone with an 8kta+
A7v-e @ 133 Fsb!!!
6330 ver 2.1
Slow boot up.
M762A..... Good News and Bad News
Does the kt333 and kt266 support sdram?
I can't get my XP to run 133!!
Tiger MP S2460 change FSB??
Final Judgement?
Which M/Board is better for my Athlon XP 1800+? The Gigabyte 7VTXH or 7DXR?
help me!! A7N266 vid problem
MP jumperless boards?
Configuration probs w/ A7m266-D....
Kt7a mobo Error HELP!
KT7A doesnít recognize IDE Drives
Just built my xp333 system !!!
More Advanced BIOS settings...
OCing the Epox 8KHA+
soltek purple ray & mbm5
i have an ecs k7sem
Prob changing multi on my xp1600+
Bios and Windows Update
modding and upgrading, now no POST!!! hElP PlEaSe
VIA 266A mobo to replace ECS K7S5A
open for suggestions
Motherboards, motherboards and motherboards...
ECS K7S5A over my AK11
overclocking = ram speed decrees???
How to up my AK31 to the AK35?
Mobo temp question (dragon +)
How to change agp and pci speed on a7v133?
Post Code 00?
Does MSI make good motherboards?
striping and operating system??
Does anyone know when is abits new MB comming? and will it be better to have 333vs266
Need help OCing
amd newbie
Soltek SL-75DRV5 available
Lots-of-functions Motherboard
AK31 voltage regulator?
A7V - can I put a XP 1700 in it and work
I need Dragon+ help???? IDE 3 & 4
Need Quick Answer!
I have been looking at this mobo
Need Help!
4in1 drivers help
is this trade worth it???
8KHA+ bios update.... ?
Chipset voltage mod
--Need Help, Must RMA Fried AK31--
Worst motherboard ever used!! K7t266 pro 2
Problems with my kk266....
Kr7a raid bios vers. 2.3 performance
crucial ram should be perfect, right?
KT7 / KT7-RAID / KT7E owners can now upgrade to AthlonXP @ 1.75GHz. This is how!*****
AK11 upgrade
How to get back to the bios?
MSi Board keeps Rebooting.
I Will Mobo's
Where do you get your Shuttle VIA drivers from?
Soltec-75DRV2 Temp3?
Asus A7V266-E question
Help with My KR7A-Raid
Ata 133
KR7A-133 vs. KR7A-133 Raid w/Maxtor
Are KR7A and KT7A bad MBs or what?
New system
I feel like I had to drop out of warp!!!
A7V133 puzzle
ak35 owners
Where to OC in the BIOS?
Epox 8KHA+ only supports up to 1.4GHz???
Anyone with lots of spare time wanna write up a complete bios guide for this AK31?
Soon to be a AK31 member - Questions
K7S5A Vid dvr wont install!!!
BIOS resets overnight - the answer!
Would you Recommend the K7S5A over the Shuttle AK31?
Too Big of a HS?
Is this 8KHA+ DOA?
K7S5A - how many fan headers?
Whats going on ????
VRM on 8KHA+ getting BURNING hot
Can't go any faster :(
Kr7-Raid Probs seem sorted
how soon
New XP2000+ stuck at 3:2:1 fsb, agp, pci ratio
What do you think?
Radeon 8500 & 8kha+ ???????
Kt 333 and KT 400
ddr mobo
Soltek only please!
K7S5A OCworkbench bios on pcchips M830LR
Wont boot @ 140
wtf!got new crucial ram and can't OC past 135
Not Posible to do more 136 fsb on a KR7A-Raid
KR7A-RAID good mobo?
K7T 266 Pro 2,which Bios to use
Dual XP ?
KR7A (non-raid) question
Problems booting...
hard drive spin down from USB?
epox 8k7a+ and swiftech 462 a
Overclocking 1 GHZ Duron to 1.24 - HELP!
Ak35gtr Bios
I Need (IDE) Help
A gift to all A7V-E users!!!!!!
Another MBM5 Question
Thermistor prob on AK35GTR
Xp 333r Raiding
Awesome site for KT7/KT7A BIOS Tweaks
Warranty on Soyo boards ?
RD2 PC Geiger and XP333-r problems?
th7ii wont boot-help shed some light
K7S5A multipliers
Does the A7M have on-die diode?
Problems with my A7M266?
which motherboard
Abit mainboard question!
A7V-E info needed
AK35GTR not overclocking so good for me so far!
For those who runs 166+ FSB on their rig...
For those who runs 166+ FSB on 8KHA+
Help please I/O error
Maximum HSF Size on a Soltek SL-75DRV2
Abit Kr7a-R emergency! PLease help!
epox 8k7a help fast plz
Post your WCPUID, please...
K7S5A Overclocking problem
kR7A-R emergency! please help me
Motherboard fan connectors?
Smart Card Reader
On board sound mixer. Need to stop.
asus a7v266
which to buy?
PCchips or ECS?????? I need help
Guess my motherboard!!!
voltage mod...
kt7a 2.31 bios and drivers
no boot
AMD 1.2 T-Bird on K7ama.... Need Help
can i?
Wa-Hoo! My Kg7 is finally posting, but BIOS is freezing, Advice???
Chipset fan on AK31 v3.1 fail????
Dragon + support On-die XP temp measures ??
kt133a and divisors
do you think this block will fit on a ak35
Smart Guardian on the Dragon+
HD corruption at 145
PC Chips or Elitegroup
a7a266 +cpu?
Tyan AMD board
The final verdict:Best bios
CPU not at stock speed!?
K7S5A and LS120 drive
xp 333r raid drivers
Iwill xp333 works with pc-3000?
flashed bios and now correct temps
help help help help
Bus/Speed question.
KR7A-/Raid & KT7A-/Raid Long post
1700 running at 1.1ghz?
8KHA+ Problems
Clawhammer Mobo???
My BIOS corrupted on me?!
WinXP can't see 2 HDD's
Anybody Have The Ak35?
A7V133A won't soft boot
DDR ram settings?
Other V mods than just Vcore...
My sound
Promise ATA/133 and K7S5A Problem
DDR Boards
Slowing Time Clock
Corb on XP333-R?
My Kt7a WONT WORK!!!
divisors on the dragon+
need you holy opinion :)
adding fan to chipset on K7s5a
2nd dead kt7a and the reason?
USB problem
Abit tech uk admit design fault in KR7a raid!!
3 temp probes on the GA-7vtxe
my friends kt7a wont work the monitor! help!
8KHA+ Vmod
AT Bus Clock?
wow, I see some impressive FSBs...
What is RAID?????
KR7A problems
My interest has been tweaked
which mobo?
SL-75DRV2 Alarm???!!!
ASUS a7n266
8kha+ 4 way interleaving
K7VZA bios
Need help choosing mobo...
Can't o/c Xp1900+ using FSB on KT7A-RAID
quick question on upgrade
7dxr extreme tweaking
Soldering Idea, Involving the KX133 and KT133a chipsets. PLEASE READ.
No Lan?
XP1700 on Pro2A KT133
lock ups!
updating bios drivers
Alpha 8045 w/ Shuttle Ak35GTR
a7v promise busmaster ide HELP FAST
A7V133 Voltage/Bios/and Temperature Issues
K7VTA3 Ver 2 via K266A MOBO Problems
A7v133 Usb
Optimization of system with k7s5a MB
"true" pc2700?
Raid Controller KR7A-Raid Broken???
150mhz Bus speed problem
Old Compaq K6-2 Board
xp333 problem
Front Side Bus Problem
ohh i feel like a kid in a candy store :D
RPM Sensors on KR7A, only through fan 1 and 2?
Chipset Fan on Asus A7V266-E Mobo
Shuttle AK35GTR or Asus A7V266-E
I have a couple bios setting questions.
bus speeds?
Trying to Overclock Duron 800 and A7V-e
After replacing almost every part, comp still doesn't work!
Ram Setting on a Soyo Dragon + mobo in the bios
tips for high fsb and no unlocked xp?
Usb 2.0
Dragon+ question
Yet another "best mobo" question...
Need suggestions for board and XP selection
DDR333 for Athlon MP?
A7A266 mobo not sure what to do?
A7A266 mobo slowly killing me
Kt7a-raid: Is Striping Worth It??
Asus A7N266e: 128 bit?
An answer to a previous thread.....
abit nv7-133r available (almost...in france...)
i want high fsb
Shuttle KT333
Need Help with AK31 2.1 Please Help
Help Gratefully Recieved !
KT3 Ultra-ARU (MS-6380E)
fundamental design flaw with KR7s OVERCLOCKING WOULD BE NICE NOW OR EVEN A BSOD!!
Anyone have the new KR7A-133???
How much could i Oc this comp?
Bios Update for K7S5A
Is epox site down again.
Is there a better flash than award6.0 for k7sem
Asus A7M Bios Guide Needed?
KK266R Raid 0 setup?
Floppy reads as 5.25 not 3.5
I this mobo any good?
kt7a raid question
Memory timing settings for K7S5A
Epox Motherboard EP-8KTA3L
Thoroughbred Motherboards
Best DDR board for under $100
USB disabled?
Dual Processor MBs?