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Thoroughbred Motherboards
Best DDR board for under $100
USB disabled?
Dual Processor MBs?
Bios update for K7AMA
This really suxs!!!
The A7M266-D has no more USB 2.0 onboard.
Soltek SL-75DRV2
MC462A and SL75DRV2 ?
MPs or XPs on the tyan MB?
Windows mobo Monitor
1 gig Morgan Duron & ECS K7S5A Overclock
How do I know what board I have ?
How far a XP 1800 on a Iwill XP333-raid
Hey, I just bid on an Kt7A kt 133...
ECS K7S5A is schweet!
oc fsb
whats the diff. between via 133 and 133a chipset?
dragon+ question
help with freeze up when on the net..
I/O- Vmem mod
Dragon+ sound and linux
Ok Major Problems
new system components
A7v266-e Raid.....
Best bios settings for oc on ak31 3.1
This is interesting....
Well, I must say the second one was easier!
Delhi-III Mainboard
anybody here use a k7ada?
8K3A+ and 8KHA3
what does this mean?
Alpha PAL8045 with I-Will 333-R???
AK35GT-R & Swiftech MC462-A?
Do I install VSD or MPD?
What do these BIOS settings do?
need 53r10uZ help with KR7 V-mod.
Shuttle AK31 "Sweet Spot"
A7V133 Problems
Shuttle AK12 overclocking?
AK31 Temp sensors
How fast is your A7V266-e
Hey ABB!!!!
Abit KR7A-RAID + Enermax EG465P-VE( FC ) + more ...
How to set the multiplier
Just got the AK35
Has anyone tried or heard of the SOLTEK SL-75DRV4?
Suggestions needed...Mobo Monitor Proggie for AK31 v3.1
Newest Bios av7266-e
whats the highest FSB u can all get with the dragon+?
problems... please help
the new epox 8k3a+ via kt 333
kr7 raid ocing probs..slick??
looking for good inexpensive mobo
Huge problems with my new KR7A-133RAID
KT7A only supports up to 1.2 ghz? can i make it support 1.333?
anybody here use an AS-A750?
Best Mobo for overclocking an XP
ASUS server down???
GA-7IXE4 vmod HELP!! :P
new epox motherboard
PC Chips motherboards
Tigercub 100 ???
ChainTech 7VJDA and athlon 1ghz, o/c not working...
newbie-need some info please
K7S5A CMOS battery ##?
12x above
KR7A-RAID stability?
Athlon XP with IWILL XP333-R, DDR333 and 2 Maxtor ATA 133 in Raid... good idea ???
Kr7a Raid, Decreased Speed?
Epox newbie
How accurate is it?
Bios set @x10, reads @11?
New Shuttle!
AK12a NE 1 got 1?
compatability with KA266 ,XP333 and ATI Radeon 8500 DV AGP Card
please help
core voltage dropping
Best mobo for XP1900+?
PCI divider on my Gigabyte GA-7VTXE Motherboard
Help with old problem
Abit KT7A or 8KTA3 Pro ?
A7A266 AGP problems
burned out cpu...motherboard okay?
mobo for xp 2000+
Some questions about heatsink compatibility
Just got off the phone...
Will a Blue Orb fit on an Asus A7M266 w/ the pins?
DDR voltage mod for MSI k7t266a
.13micron and new board
Difference in 8KHA+ vs. 8K7A?
Question about Asus A7M266 clock multiplier
Dragon+ and MotherBoard Monitor 5
BIOS reset on GA-7IXEH
kt7a morgan duron question
8kha+ Love/hate Relationship?
ECS K7S5A mobo cpufan pin for fan rpm
No volt mods for us?
K7T-Pro 2-A
8kha+ permanently disabling onboard sound?
Iwill vs Soyo
Soltek message board
EP-KTA3+ with AMD Athlon XP
friend has a 1.333 tbird needs an sdram mobo. help us choose plz!
The so called expert needs some help here!!
O/C A7V133 & Voltage
divider in KR7A BIOS???
K7S5A Screen Goes Black!
overclock with-out unlocking
What VGA card u all using with dragon+
which MB do you prefer? Give me your opinion
BIOS settings for good overclock?
What mobo should I buy?
overclocking with the tiger mpx
My first CPU overclocking experience so far =)
Dragon Plus Stability take a look
Need a Chipset cooler...any suggestions?
unknown gateway amd board
Check out HIGH FSB!!
Love my crystal orbs, but...
Having trouble with my soundcard and motherboard
Turbo2 And Pro2?!?...
MSI-6167 mobo, AMD T-Bird, and the GFD.
Another 1 with the Duron 1Ghz and K7S5A combo
Flash new BIOS?
temp acuracy on ak31 v3.1
EpoX 8K7A+ with Athlon XP 1800+?
any new bios for EP-8K7A/EP-8K7A+
ecs K7S5A
Is there a difference going from ata 100 to ata133?
Stuck at XP1900
Vcore volt mod.
having trouble o/c with a7v
KT-333 chipset.
8kha+ Normal,fast,fastest,turbo?
first try
New 8kha+, runs purrfect
I need help
Not much overclocking for KRA7-Raid
Again My SBL 5.1 Mp3 sound Card
Looking for a mobo with onboard audio, video, modem and ethernet.
Monitoring Temps w/o Bios?!?!?!
About DFI's AD70-SR
k7s5a usb header
no boot
Success in OC A7V266?
Overclocking.. HELP ME!!!!!
Differences between AK11-AK12A
ECS K7S5A Motherboard voltage problem.
Mobo for Duron?
Need Help with Raid
K7T266 Pro 2
DDR Voltage??
Bios Clock a7v133a
? about the EP-8KTA3+...
Should I RMA it?
A7V266-E Problem adjusting FSB
Removing Sound Drivers for AK31v.3.1
Win2k IRQ's those d**n IRQ's
Abit-kt7a-raid bios mod?
WHat is OEM?
Epox 8k7a Volt Mod
anybody using a7v133 raid
anybody using a7v133 raid
Asus A7V133 and Geforce 4
I need a new board I suspect, please Help
Epox 8K7A+ Sandra
8KHA+ problem, is something dead or am I stupid?
Overiding MSI K7T266A CPU Fan Alert?
How many LEDs on your Dragon Plus
8KHA+ IRQ settings
KA266plus Died please help...
Abit KR&A-Raid and sound Blaster
usb help
Good Motherboard?
Still running fine w/2 pcs SDRAM
AK31 rev.3.1 bios with more than 166FSB
8KHA POST code 25
Reformat or Not
BIOS Flash not 100%?!
Need help ASAP!
How do i voltage mod?
KT7-Raid with 1.3 T-bird?
XP2000 question with Dragon +
FanOffControl working on Dragon Plus ?
does sharing irq lower performance in games?
Please help a newbie; KG7 won't post...
What does the mother board software do for the AK31v.3.1?
Newbie to Overclocking
USB Problem. Anyone out there know why, when I set m USB to all enabled it works fine
Canadian Distributor for Shuttle
raid question
continous restart problem???
Abit KT7E+TB 1.4 ,does it works ???
K7S5A frontside bus66Hz? 3Dmark2001
4 in 1 install trouble
GA-7IXEH problem
AK31A Audio
kg-7 fsb speed
Dragon + Northbridge
best Motherboard
Epox 8k7a
PCI speed at 150 FSB
Question on my upgrade I am considering
Anyone knows Gigabyte mainboard?
Can I use XP on Gigabyte 7DX?
ASUS K7V266-E vers. Soyo Dragon+
Good deal?
Does KR7A support OCZ DDR3000?
Important Question!
Does anyone have the IPanel Deluxe?
CDRW speed on KT7aRaid
MOTHERBOARD Ques????????
IRQ's (Again)
Dragon+ and 100MHz cpu
iWill KA266 BIOS Question
Vmod for KG7-RAID?
A7V-266-e/XP1700/512mb ddr
Mobo or Videocard error?
Should I Buy It?
Shuttle AK3.1
Dragon+ and IDE 3 & 4
Best memory settings in bios for Dragon?
Asus A7V266-e and newegg.
I hate my KR7A raid!
Basic Athlon/Duron mobo question...
Does the GA-7DX really suck as bad as the manual cover looks?
8 Years now i own a athlon
kt7a-raid/asus v7700 gf2gts
New A7V266e bios-1006 final
Lan problem.
Need Info On New Mobo
KG7-R/KR7A/KT7A/KX7-333/IT7/AT7 Owners Read!!!!
BIOS ROM Checksum error
GA-7vtxe possible problems?
older epox board and new cpu's
Abit and price ? (newbie)
Why have over 200FSB???
Problem with A7V266 and XP1800+ AMD
OC bios dont list AthelonXp
Vmod for Soltek SL-75DRV4 ?
My onboard lan doesnt work with cable modem?
basic fsb question
Where do i buy an AMR for my K7S5A ?
2 memory sticks and locks
FSB - Damage to AGP Card ? + PCI
When newer XP's come out...
shuttle 3.1 ddr board, fsb wont go much higher than 110-115.. whats wrong?
Shuttle AK3.1 Revision 3?
asus asv133
K7S5A Video Problems
HP Pavilion 8860, Asus A7V-MW
K7s5a And Xp And Failed Flash
kt7a..won't boot
Which motherboard?
ak35 and alpha pal8045
shutdown problem with Asus A7V266
Athlon XP 1800+ & Asus A7V
k7s6a reviewed....maxed out at 137fsb
Seeking for 8KHA+ Config guide
OCing with the 8KHA+
Overclock too high?
FOC on or off?
Bad Flash - need help
Alpha 8045 + 8KHA+?
Best 8KHA (no plus) bios?
Opinions on A7M266-D
Biostar M7VKB-->can't overclock!!!
MB problem
AK31V3.1 questions :)
K7S5A Sound Problem!!
ECS K7S5A drivers
8kha+ and Enlight PSUs=good?
KT7A RAID - One other RAID query
KT7A-RAID - some newbie questions......
Can someone with high (150)FSB speeds tell us your BIOS settings?
Whats the Abit KR7A-133-RAID like?
Is raid worth the extra cash?
dual duron
Adding Fan on chipset hs or change the whole hs??
Fixing Traces on a MB
Need info on interleaving
A7a266 Random Crashes and 2 sticks of ram?
attn for doctor vol mod on AK35GTR
problem in fsb msi k7t 266 pro 2 ru raid
Boot Sequence
Using a TNT1 in a K7S5A ??
anyone have using ak35 gtr
My hard drive performance is crap
Another BIOS Question
just ordered the AK35
Newest K7S5A BIOS: Broken Links and Resolutions
Newegg has the AK35GTR!
KR7A-R Bios help.
what does the beep mean!
Epox 8KHA+ or Soyo Fragon Plus?
Newest 8KHA+ BIOS
Bios Setup
SOLTEK mobo section
My Northbridge fan is driving me crazy! 8KHA
USB 2.0 and KT7AR??
Asus A7V266-E
gateway mobo
IWILL XP333 PROBLEMS...Questions,tweaks...
Which Dual Board Is Best Please help Me CHOOSE!!!!
Hmm... mild problems with a mild overclock
8KHA+ verse the 8K7A+
Unicore bios "upgrade"?
New Dragon plus
Volt Mod help for A7V!
Nobody really reads those Motherboards by Manufacturer posts up above do they?
How many times your comp freeze with KS75A
What kind of RAID scores are you getting?
HELP! Epox 8kha+ wont get past led code CF!
vdimm voltage on epox8kha+
AK 31 Compatible Sound Cards?
Power Led Connector, need help!(ECSK7S5A)
Is there any way to OC the FSB speed of a MSI-6167 mobo?
DDR question
Any one usin the A7M266D
mouse / keyboard lockups.........
8KHA+ question
Swapping chipsets
MSI's KT333 Motherboard :)
I bought a brand spanking new ASUS A7N266-E nFORCE 420 Mainboard today for $189+tax!
Abit kr7a-raid, Is this normal? (noise when is turn off)
Best board under 75$ US?
AK11 good enough?
MSI Turbo II speed settings...
ok Q about a KT7A-Raid
OT….Word power..
Whats up with the CPU Signal Strength in the Soft Menu III setup
yet another Q about the Kt7-Raid bio!
A7V beeps and monitor goes off for a second
dumb question about KR7a-raid
What MOBO should I get? EPOX EP-8KHA+? SOLTEK SL-75DRV2 (Purple Ray) ? IWILL XP333?
What HSF if good for shuttle?
MSI Nforce420 mobo: Is it worth it?
Buyer Beware … micro ECS board!!
Best board?
question about sy-k7v dragon plus
Can't get my Temp in WinXP
Gigabyte Mobo's
PCI/AGP Dividers for the Dragon+?
Need help to figure this out!
Dragon + , XP Problems , No external Cashe
High VCore readings on the 8KHA+?
KR7A-Raid not posting
Bad Gg7dx or xp1700?HELP please
howd i do this?
K7V Dragon Plus & Swiftech MCX462 HSF
ECS sis745 on sale in US here...
K7S5A to the extreme?
Dragon+ sound
Ak31 Bios
My PC hates me......
MSI SiS745 pics...
Is it too hot!?
Dual-proc. board that can accept two Alpha 8045 HSF's?
Dragon + Divisor
KR7A-Raid not posting
Soltek SL-75DRV2 XP, 1500+, vcore mod etc ques.
Cant unlock a Tbird @800, on A7V
Boot problem KT7A RAID
OC'able SDR mobo for XP 1700+?
Athlon Xp 2000+..........i Need Help.....pleaseeeeeeeeee
MSI MS-6389 Bios update??????
AOpen AK77Pro(A) overclocking problem
Raid without raid
The K7S5A is getting popular!! @ newegg
KR7A-RAID No bios modded for 1/5 PCI multiplier???
O/Cing Soltek DRV2 and XP1800+
AMD Xp 2000+ & XP333-R problems....
Power supply for ECS K7S5A...
FSB options on the K7S5A(O/cworkbench bios)
Long beep NO POST
soyo dragon and corupt files
Award Bios
8KHA+ or AK31 rev3?
Temperature monitoring.
Help! DragonPlus/Radeon8500DV/SB Audigy
anyone have a Soltek SL-75DRV2
Why are some of my multipliers wrong?
Update bios Without fdd
Anyone have 8k7a+ RAID driver?
KG7 or KR7?
Doctor - Vcore fluctuates after V Mod
Whats RAID?
Best Asus Motherboard
Can i oc da Fsb on a Av7-e
Missing 4x AGP in Soyo Dragon Plus!
Ak 32?
8KHA+ Bios Flashdisk utility available
How do i update my bios
does'nt even post...
Dragon + WIN 98 AUdio Drivers
No LAN on the K7S6A?
Another success story!!
kt7-Raid Bios
help.. my PROMOISE fasttrak 100 Tx2 on A7M266D give me X-low score.
KT7a v1.2 can u run a T/Bird 1.4GHz 266Mhz fsb
Heavy Problem with ABit KR7A-raid
Will SoftFSB work on a Shuttle ak31?
MicroATX, any that allow overclocking?
Mother board temps
8kha+ and the xp1700 problem
KR7A-Raid fan header 3 question
Should I flash the wrong BIOS?
Raid or not to Raid
Duron and ECS combo ;)
Does this sound sweet.
OC with the Raid setup
Best motherboard for the AMD Athlon XP 1.333ghz
What's a good ak31 3.1 bios?
Millennium Glaciator
Thanks Everyone!!!
Pls experts, I need of your help for a new Mobo!
K7S5A working great!
overclocking KA266
help! no POST
Epox and Enermax discovery!!!!
8kha+ & NIC card problems
ok,I give up
How are people getting 170MHZ+ fsb's on the KG7????
Core Voltage
Can only hit ~143 fsb
Soltek SL-75DRV2 with XP (AMD and WIN) problem?
Inexpensive Alternative
time for a new mobo/proc
Cheapo Duron board.
Expected Memory Scores on an Epox 8KHA+?
k7s5a whats wrong
MSI K7 Master
Which one? Asus A7V266, Abit KR7a-Raid or Abit KT7A-Raid
Prob with a A7M266 + 2x256Mb DDR
Wildly Varying Voltage
XP333-R and AGP divider?
thermal probe
KR7A Raid
Abit Or Shuttle
Soyo k7v dragon
Multiplier vs. FSB question
Onboard NIC problem solved...
Bios Chip...
Soyo Dragon, and win XP
Epox 8kta3 Pro
EP 8KTA3 Pro Motherboard?
newbie question
any suggestions on a new mobo?
winxp xp1700+ and asus A7V266 problem
Questions for AK35GTR owners.
While You're At It...(KR7A)
New KR7-A Raid wont boot at all
upgrading from K7S5A to K7S6A under Win XP
What does the panel temp refer to on Smartguardian?
Iwill xp-333 beta bios.
New Epox Bios!!!!
KR7A 1700+ with 150fsbx11 I need suggestoins
EPoX 8KHA+ any good?
Epox 8kha+ volt mod (attn: doctor)
i want to update my bios
Newbie Mobo Question!
pal 8045
New KR7-A Raid wont boot at all
Overclock on Epox 8KTA3-L?
Date For A7V333's Release?
can i oc a ecs m830lr mobo
8khaL00.bin hates me
K7s5a setup, what didnt i do?
Iwill Kk266+r
OC with Raid.
Ak35 release date
K7S5A- AMD 1600+, Should i get 400w PS?
Where is my in socket sensor?
a7v266-e bios....
Does it have one
K7S5A FAQ [Retired sticky]
dragon+ and athlon xp1700 question....
Please Help!!!