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memoryvolt mod k7t266a-ru
where are those sensors?
anyone using 8kha+ and radeon 8500 combo?
Raid and audio
Help overclocking epox8kha
Clock multiplier on the K7S5A
I'm so stupid...
Win Xp with K7S5A??
HELP!!!! Dragon +
Nothing working...!!!!!!
BIOS issue
KR7 Memory speed? 100 and 133 and by spd give me the same thing???
Anybody have problems with the secondary IDE controller on their Pro-2A
Im about to throw the Dragon + out !
Matsonic MS8127C+(266) AGP 2x!?
HELP ME! 8KHA+ problems!
Where do the dividers kick in?
brand new and wont boot HELP!?
Duron 1 GHZ and KT7A version 1
Anyone with AK31 rev 3.1 and Lian-Li PC60USB??
I need a VMOD for an Iwill XP333-R. Someone Please Help
KR7A Owner, What Case Are You Using?
How do I install RAID onto my KR7A-R ? Help needed please !!
It won't boot!!!
I was given a KK266+, should I keep it?
K7VZA oc able?
O/c A Fic 2013
Shuttle AK31v20
KT7A-Raid mobo with athlon xp probs
Anyone with AK31 rev 3.1 and Lian-Li PC60USB??
Flashing Bios and Raid array's.
Pop Quiz for the Kt7a
Help with Soltek SL-75DRV2 BIOS please.
XP333R will not Post
gigabyte 7dxr
Asus A7V Rev 1.02???
New to this Asus A7V266-E
mobo 8hka/1600xp+/coolmaster for 199 from accessmicro.com
question? 8k7a
AK31 v3.1 and Alpha PAL 8045
anyone have thoughts about the AK11?
kt7a 2000 pro and dvd rom
a7v266-e wont restart
HELP MY FRIEND!!! please
wpcredit tweaks
New fan made mobo unstable? naaaa.....
Got K7S5A...everything up and running..but..
5v mosfet mod
Which Motherboard?
SiS 745 chipset motherboards ???
Very disappointed in the K7S5A
kk266+ & 1.4 t-bird question !!
random hangs
Overclocking the Soyo SY-K7V+
ECS KS5A Power LED Connector
Epox 8KHA+ onboard sound
BSOD on restart...what a pain!
Help with RAID on MSI K7T266Pro2-RU
abit ka/7&tbird800
Iwill KD266 BIOS help
FSB Change?
board, drivers, or what?!
How do I get a few more volts out of the 8KHA+?
Whats the difference
Abit KT7 Locks at BIOS
help CMOS clear?
Need video help
A7V266-E with FSB at 318 Mhz
A7V266-E wont run my XP 1700+ at 1.47Ghz
Dragon + help
Asus A7m266 Wont Boot!
Bios V3.2 for K7T Turbo slow
need help bios update
jacked up fan please help
Using the Pomona clips to Vmod
Epox 8kha+ kt266a results
Overclocking Motherboards
VIA with massive PCI bus problems
KR7 Post SCREEN question.
sy-K7V+ with PC2400/2700/3000( Need help)
ECS K7S5A Revision 1 - Good or Bad?
KR7a vs. KT7a
How do i flash on kt7a
Biostar M7VKD and Floppy disc drive problems
K7s5a acting funny
XP bios for KT7A
Got a xp-333
Onboard sound???
Why does it do this
POST Screen hardly shows...
DFI Ak74ec
What's the advantage of the Vio Mod?
Ocing a KA7
what do you say about this system?
Athlon Xp on K7S5A??
3 Quick (Newbie) DDR Questions
iwill kk266-plus-r temp question
ECS K7VZA How on 133 Mhz
I need to replace southbridge fan on KT7A raid board which one please?
HELP!!! Dragon+ Problem
What is the best KT 266a board?
ddr speed, pci divider speed on shuttle
Need help overclocking soyo dragon plus
Power on beep codes? I got a good one!
O/C Athlon 1Ghz (200) to 1.3Ghz fails on Asus A7V133C
A7N266 Nforce voltage mod
Asus A7N266 voltage mod
A7m266 how is it?
What kind of scores are you people getting with your RAID?
MBoards w/ built-in sound
Epox EP-7KXA performance problems
Journal: My experiences with ECS K7S5A
Gonna Ask B-4 I do it
My new scammed board!!!
Soltek SL-54A5?
Anyone having problems with Asus Prob. vs 14.08?
Need advise about Bios flash for KA266
What would..
Just wishing you all ...
epox 8kha + generic 300 watt psu = problems?
340FSB on my Duron 800 !! 8kha+ is great !!
GA-7DXR v. A7m266
How do ASUS mobos detect temps?
A7V-133 and 133MHzFSB
Which DIMM to use
Does the ECS K7S5A work with a 1GHz Duron?
A question
Highest processor on abit-k7te
-= New Bios AK31v3.1 Released Today =-
Could this be the cause of many failure on 8KHA+
EPOX 8KHA+ : 2/5 & 2/6 AGP AND 1/5 & 1/6 PCI Divider WORKS !!!
Config Guide for the Epox 8KHA+
Iwill should be commended
CPU fan on MSI KT266 PRo2
Questions about AK31
good time to buy?
New to AMD...need some advice...
MPX dual AMD chipset overview
Asus Or Iwill?
To Dual or not to Dual
NEWBIE - w00t
Epox 8K7A+ Resistor
Leadtek 7350KDA Overclockers board.
Vision Top??
xp on the a7v133?
Just Got It
IWill KD266
New Computer Help
Anyone fired up a ECS K7VTA3 yet?
AGP/PCI divisor on EP-8k7A?
SY-K7V Plus
Looking for Bios settings from every1 with the AK31 v3.1
Can't get USB to work at all
Need help selecting motherboard for 1GHz Duron (Morgan)
did anyone ever hear of the 830LR
ok guys need some advice here on choices of mobos ;)
My memory marks
FAO: Doctor
Sweet :)
What do you guys think of the KR7A???
Where is the AK35?
-= New Version of Sandra Treats AMD More Fairly =-
Soyo sky7VTA-Pro
Thax Doc
Post your success stories running AthlonXP on an IWill KK266!
For those of you having probs with XP and A7V266-E
to RAID or not to RAID
Would you... or wouldn't you?
No Iwill Section????
which revision k7s5 should I ask for?
need help with KG7 Vmod
New system won't shut down
Does the Abit KR7A support MP AMD Cpu's
Highest FSB you guys are achieving on an Abit KR7A
This is different :)
vmod on 8k7a
first one
Surprised no Iwill section with the 333 coming out
Let's See Who All Is Running A Shuttle
me and my 8K7a+
Asus A7v266- E
The board for my next system...
Help! 8kha+ won't boot
RAID - what is it and what does it do?!!
Shuttle Voltage mod
MSI KT266 Pro2 - KT266A
Fastest motherboard????????
What mobo to get
motherboard dead?
7dxr & via 4n1 drivers?
-= NEW- Shuttle AK35GTR/AK31 VCore, VIO, VMem, 5V =-
Raid Problems
Bunch of Epox 8K7A+ questions
ECS K7VZA help needed
Whats the epox 8KHAL?
-HELP- me choose a mobo plz plz plz
Aopen's Ak77
beginner system
bios question
Warning: your ECS manual may be in error!!
i would like help for bios
Very Important Question On The K7s5a
ECS K7S6A I/O question
Need help with kr7a mobo
Pc Chip Mobo
Best motherboard for an XP 1900?
The NEW addtions to the NEW old system
A7A266 and pencil trick
8KHA+, can't get to 160fsb
Iwill KK266 and the fussy USB port
New system with EPOX EP-8KHA+?
Epox 8k7a+ BIOS questions...
Which mobo should I get?
Epox 8KHA+ Prob Help Plz
RAM volt mod fried Ti500
KR7A-RAID Voltages problems
ECS K7S5A board
high fsb with PCI divices installed
1/5 PCI divider
Newbie... Preparing to o/c, need advise
--= New VIA 4in1 4.36 Released! =-
AMD says 'No' to dual Athlon XP's
A7M266 Via 3 in 1 Drivers?
What is VTT ?
HD unformatted....by high FSB?
Help Raid question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What might we have done wrong?
Doc, AK31 v3.1 question
pci 1/3, 1/4 means?
can i change bus from 100 to 133 in bios on EPoX 8KHA+
Installing AD11 motherboard
Soltek SL75DRV2
Suggestions for new Mobo
Would It Be Bad If...
CAn a mobo corrupt windows or is it the old HDD?
MSI CMOS checksum error
Dragon + & MBM5
soyo-dragon question
Boot up problems with AK31 v3.1
More MPX goodness.....
on 8k7a system won't wake from sleep
MSI K7T Turbo
mobo not booting right at 11x?
rebooting wit DSL modem on Dragon+
Chaintech 7aja2
Do I need Regged DDR RAM for the Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus???
Xp 1600+ motherboards
Need a STABLE system
anybody seen the Tiger MPX (S2466) for sale online????
soyo K7V dragon+ networking?
5v line effect on Overclocking
IWILL XP333-R and athlon MP??
1800+ (1.53) running at 1.15!!! epox-8kha+
Mobo Trouble
Hey, Doc!
Asus A7M266-D
Check out the review of the new Shuttle AK35GTR
ASUS A7V266 - E kt266a...Overclockablility?
Which ECS Motherbaord
KR7A -- Lock Ups at Low FSB Overclock, Please Help!!
Soyo or Epox
Help Please
Hardware newb
Upcoming amd xp motherboards?
ECS K7AMA...help if you can
How to overclock Althon 1600+ in Mobo with max FSB@133MHz?
updating chipset drivers?
Socket A demension question
Please help...Initial booting issues XP 1900
She won't boot
Epox 8kha+ kt266A
best motherboard for amd xp and over clocking
Please help me figure out what's going on with my RAID on my 8k7a+
ASUS A7M266 temps??
What do you think?
Yet another K7S5A question
updating bios KT7a
Greenie Removal
What the heck is RAID anyways!?
Bios Recovery
Whcih KT266a mobo?
epox 8k7a cpu clock jumper
How fast can I go ?
ABIT KR7A-RAID ~ Can someone please answer some VMod questions ? HELP !!!
GA-7DX w/o fan
Still high temps with my 7dxr. pls read..
Finally got my 8KHA+ and starting to play :)
5v mosfet mod
KK266-R Motherboard problem?
Just went to AMD regarding the Shuttle Ak31
a7a jumping for joy...... or not ?
one more time. . . ?
KG7-R Temp. Probes?
how much more?
Bios on vid card
Need help on the Shuttle Ak31 bios
When is the 8kha2 coming out?
epox 8kha+ boot error FF
8KHA, New Crucial, still poor overclock
Help i think iv blown the power for the fans ??????
will pc 100 ram work with a 200mgz bus
Sound on 8KHA+
KG7 Wierdness
Physical problem MSIK266 Pro
Abit KG7 and XP
FSB hot rodding for older boards
Password for Bios???
Next System Idea...
Xp333-r missing components
New update on the ECS K7S6A
Xps boards?
Xp motherboard
Another great Stroligo Article
How old man winter cooled my CPU.
Epox 8kha+ Win XP 1800+ Slowing Problem
So what do you Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus owners think?
DDR motherboard recommendation
oh yeah
Since my first board blew up in my face..I need help for new board
First AMD OC
Abit or Epox KT266a?
8K7A+ driver installation?
5V line/Epox
8k7a or 8kha+?
adjusting fsb on epox 8kha+
Problems with KT133
epox 8kha+
Problems with A7V133 Raid ...help is needed!!
epox 8kha+ and ?psu?
2 little questions on the K7S5A
Best ECS motherboard
Best Dual MP mobo?
AK31 v3.1 very stable at 166 FSB
KG7 Raid Volt mod. I need HELP!
Slower drivebench with KR7A...?
Problems updating K7S5A bios
CMOS batteries
MSI board and I can't get into Bios
HELP - MSI K7T266 Pro2
epox 8kha+ boot error
Dead Mobo?
New Epox BIOS Q&A
What is Spread Spectrum?
Quanti-speed architecture
XP Pro Install Constant reboot ???
Who cares what the thread subjec it just read it
New system mobo help
After purchase Anxiety ABIT-KR7A Raid.
AGP Help Please?
Will it support an XP1800
Problems with the Dragon Plus?
ACPI Woes with Iwill KK266
A ? about the SoYo Dragon Plus
2.37 V for -12.00 V
First System Idea
How to do the voltage mod on Emnic 8tcx2+ ?
761chipset size vs 266A
Best newbie board?
Epox 8KHA+ or Shuttle AK31A(REV3.1)
KR7A-RAID or iWill KK266+?
IRQ allocation issues w multiple vid cards?
Help choosing 266A motherboard?
Gigabyte & KT266A Chipset
windows XP SLOW IDE on 266a HELP!
Higher fsb overclocking
changing multiplier with no bios option
The MSI k7t266 pro2 Fan thingy!
K7S5A overclcok questions
another A7M question - VIA 4 in 1 or/and AGP miniports?
Overclocking ASUS
Fix for low 5v line on enermax ?
1/5 pci divider...
Any known problems with Matrox G400 and Asus A7V266 MBs?
Optimum A7M266 tweaks wanted.
Quick Question
Shuttle rev 3.1?
Asus A7V mobo latest BIOS mirrors?
4.87 - 4.92V for 5V rail, that bad?
Is the Gigabyte GA-7VTXH good???
Bad May, 2001 IWILL KK266-R motherboard
Best DDR MB for extreme OC'ing
Gigabyte GA-7IXEH
EPoX 8KHA+: 221MHz FSB!
IWILL KK266plus-R stuttering question
K7S5A Gurus, hackers and experts....
ECS k7s5a no video after reboot help!!!
Abit K7 motherboard... Help
Epox 8KHA+ overclocking results
KR7 OR DRAGON PLUS? I need to know!
-= Dual AMD Goodness! =-
Problems installing my KR7A -- thoughts please
XP drivers for a SOYO dragon plus?
A7V133 Raid Level 0 & Win XP/2k
What setting on my IDE controller for my CDRW
XP1700(1.47)& Epox 8KHA+ Can't pass more than 1.6GHz (volts Mod to 2.1) Please Help!
KR7A POST audio codes
SOYO Dragon Plus
kt7a-raid version 1.0 and xp1500,yes!
8KHA+ softboot fix...
Shuttle AK31 v3.1 w/ Athlon XP 1900+ instability @ 140+ fsb
a7a jumperless overclocking?
Which mother board ??
ECS K7S5A on board LAN need explination?
OC-Friendly HDDs?
kk266+ and XP 1600+ hows this sound?
Weird A7A266
Shuttle's successor of AK31
Can't make file transfers on kt7-R with winXP
Newbie qustion, please shine the lignt
Can my board split 166mhz by 5?
good mainboard for new computer?
I fear I trashed my CPU, but no idea how... Help?
List your Stable Motherboard using Athlon XP[retired sticky]
Tyan Tiger a good MP board?
Gigabyte 7vtx-p mobo any good?
New..hi..and need info on...
A simple question about overclocking side effects on the IDE bus
New 64 Bios Options?
Shuttle AK31 v.3.1 GARBAGEIO
Who can answer this one?
Anyone here live near Philly, PA HELP!
Need help again...
1.4 @ 1.7+ ?
Second thoughts about the board I ordered
So what do people think of the Iwill XP333?
AK35 or 8KHA2 where are they were in Dec already??
Do I/Should I need to use my mobo's driver disk(s)?
I think I blew my MSI mother board?
Is adjustable DIMM voltage that important???
Soyo SY-K7V+ ???
5 V, he, he, he..
BIOS multipliers below 9.5?!?!?!? help!!!
Asus A7N266
Epox 8KHA+ and PC2700 - any problems?
ASUS case stickers
How does one set multipliers lower than...
SHUTTLE AK31A + Enermax 350 watt?
Shuttle AK31 3.1r whats the highest FSB on this board without volt mod.
new Abit KR7A-R
Asus A7M666
Need Help With Shuttle AK31 v3.1!
stuck at 1000 MHz :(
What does your 8KHA+ debug LED read during normal operation?
8KHA+ and Allied PS?
Whats Best KT-266A board, except KHA+.
Won't shutdown in WinXP (just reboots)
thoughts on ECS k7s5a
New-to-me KT7-R voltage advice needed
Epox 8KHA+ users must read!!! Now!!
3.5 floppy not responding....
Weird posting screen with oc'ed XP
Sorry but...
vcore weirdness
Will It Do Both
Any bugs/problems with AMD 761 + Via 686B?
Most Stable Board that You have ever come cross
need new mobo
Need help overclocking with my Epox 8KHA+
Most STABLE and FASTEST board for 1900+?
pci and agp question
Tyan S2460 w/ dual AMD MP 1600's won't post...
what MBM do you use with a EP-8kha+ ?
Can KT7A run morgan cored Duron 1gig?
Epox 8kha+ NOT STABLE
Asus K7V133
your Suzzy
My 8KHA+ VCore mod success...pics
Any Bugs or Error in Soltek/MSI KT266A motherboards??
asus a7a and xp cpu
Read this about a major problem with all kt266a mobos
And what mobo?
KK266 and the Athlon XP
Motherboard Question (Shuttle AK31 V3.1 )
Abit KR7A-RAID review, it's not a good OCer
Two pwr sw jumpers?
Flashing BIOS in Win XP
Dual Procesor ???
Help! My new system won't boot.
need good mobo matchup for 1.4 266fsb t-bird
New System Up And Running
Mbm5 On Ak31 Board (help)
Soltek SL-75DRV2 & "Redstorm"
Looking at a Gigabyte GA-7VTXH. Comments please.
Ecs K7s6a
8KHA+ owners! This way!
K7S5A mainboard
8045 on AK31 rev3.1