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Looking at a Gigabyte GA-7VTXH. Comments please.
Ecs K7s6a
8KHA+ owners! This way!
K7S5A mainboard
8045 on AK31 rev3.1
Need a Slot A mobo that can run 700+ tbird.
new 7DXR bios!!! anyone tryed them yet?
quick question!
Asus A7A266 O/C Problem
SOYO K7V Dragon+ or ABIT KR7A
Motheboard Monitor 5 Question
volt mod clip
Sparkle PSU
Anyone seen this board avalible anywhere?
New Computer Advise...
Quick question on compatibility with cpu?
Trying to decide which KT266a motherboard to get!
Asus A7v-133e & A7v-133c
KR7A + KG7 Vcore, Vmem, Vio mods.
Best Amd Board
FSB and PCI question
Newbie upgrade
whee-hee: first bios flash
Athlon XP 1900+ and Shuttle AK31 rev3.1
Overclocking King of KT266A
Soltek SL-75DRV were can i get one
KK266-R won't turn off?
asus a7v266-e cpu question
Dfi Ad70-sr
Random reboots
bad psu???
8KHA+ VCore mod (again)
AK31 V3.1 and 2 stick of memory
Hi All, need some help
EP-8KHA+ & athlonxp 1900+, PROBLEM!!!
soyo dragon
a7v266e and ECC memory?
Soyo K7V Dragon
Tom's KT266A Roundup
AK31 rev3.1 HELP!!!!!!!!!
KG7-R Any way to increase Core V past 1.85?
slot A adapter to socket
New 8KHA+ won't boot!
How can I determine my PCI bus speed?
the system reboots for no reason
arctic alumina
I would love some info on this new mobo.
Soltek SL-75DRV2
A7v133 Wont Boot!
new PSU gave me stability but now heat is an issue
Floppy Error! 8KHA+
A7V266-e or KR7A for ocing?
which is it? MB or PSU?
Shuttle AK31 Rev.2?
Someone please tell me whats the highest...
Onboard RAID......GOOD or BAD
ETA on Iwill XP333-R?
Ga 7zxe
Plextor Drive and the VIA 4 in 1 Drivers
761 and Netgear FA311
EPoX 8KHA+ What CPU? T-bird or XP
KK266 Help - Can't change values in Bios
KG7 over 1.33ghz Question
MSI K7T Pro Compatibility + Overclocking
Help Please
Doc's Grabber + Shuttle AK31 Rev 2 + AMD XP 1800+ = 1.772 GHz!
KT7a...will it do the new XP chips?
Which chipset is better?
epox sucks
Need help on picking motherboard.
Leadtek 7350KDA
Recieved new Abit KG7-Lite today!
Dual Video Card's Dual Moniters
What's your favorite Abit KT7A Bios?
Anyone Tried a XP on a KT7-raid (not KT7A)
Hail The new king!
Just got my KG7, and have a few BIOS questions.
Volt Modding Epox Question.
Newbie Problems w/ K7S5A
Overclock that K7S5A
this MSI has got to go
First review of the Abit KR7A RAID
New kid on the block
epox 8kha+ the best bet in mobo?
ABIT web address
New Motherboard & CPU....Nothing works
K7VTA3 Bios... and flashing..
how does pci divider work??
AMD Mobo's.....
ka7 or ka7/100
EpoX 8KHA+, did this volt mod but having problems going above 2.05V ?
FSB Settings on A7v133a
ka7 or ka7/100
Need some help *newbie question*
How accurate is the CPU heat sensor on the 8KHA+?
tom and shuttle
ECS K7S5A Boot 'Problem'
which KT266A mobo do u suggest??
Need Advice on my first BIOS flash
Has anyone made a 1.4 Athlon work in a Iwill KA266 mobo
AK31 r. 3.1 and XP1900+
Need a new motherboard, don't know what to get. need help.
What psu with meh 8KHA+?
No POST, and I am stumped...help!!
5v means . . . ?
cheap but good asus...
Faster Chipset or Higher Divider
Need original BIOS...
Ak31 kt266a Where the hell do i find it??
Best mobo under $200-$250?
bios for abit kt7a
Blue Screen With XP 1600+ On A7V133
new soyo
Where is Shuttle AK35
voltage mod on k7t266pr02-ru
Which ASUS board?
Best dual xp mobo?
Abit Kr7a @200mhz FSB
i need help! Wont even boot
This is getting ridiculous,
Most STABLE KT266A motherboard
Kg7 4:4:1 ?
USB Probs under XP
Ecs K7s5a
ASUS A7V133-VM and Duron 1.2Ghz
Need more volts!!!
XP OVERCLOCK question........
RAID probs
8KHA+ FF code!!!
epox or shuttle?
quick question about motherboard
Opinions needed for new Board
Whats the highest that you can get your FSB on the Dragon Plus Board? Im having probs
What stops overclocking first??????
Duron 1 gig on dragon or iwiil kk266+
Shuttle AK 31 Rev 3 issue
Help with Asus mobo.
any bugs with the shuttle AK31?
What is the sweet FSB for the 8KHA+?
New Mobo!
KR7A divisor?
GA-7NTX (nForce)
how does FSB affect PCI?
Why many of you are using 8KHA+
3 second power on kt7a
Disabling on-board sound on Asus K7V266-E
What Mobo do I Get? (limited cash, i'm new to overclocking)
Newbie needs help with Asus A7A266
what mobo. to get ???
Dead 8k7a
raid= extra ide
Help..IWillKK266, OnBoard Sound, WinXP?
Enermax and Abit KT7 problems ?
any boards with 1/5 devider and kt266a chipset?
Burnt out fan header. What did it take w/ it?
Best DDR Mobo for XP overclocking
Use all PCI SLOT!!!
KT266A's birth = KT133A + KT266's death??!??!
Need some epox 8k7a advice...
Enermax Problems with an Epox 8kha+?
anyone know when Asus plans to release the A7N266-E?
Help out a new guy
a7n266-E or a7v266-E ??
Can't find a Kt266a Asus board....
nVidia + VIA
? about two motherboards, which should i get?
KR7A-RAID Voltage Issues
AK31 r3.1
Thoughts on Asus A7V133
kt266 or kt266a ?
Which DDR board should I get?
PcChips MOBO, dont laugh
8KHA+ can't FSB over 100???
What are the drawbacks to the Dragon?
Help on an asus A7V133 mobo
Disable USB function in bios to net gains in 3DMark2001
nForce hitz the streets..will it survive? That is the question.
What About This System
Asus A7V266-E By Saturday (hopefully)
First review of ABIT KR7A-RAID
Need quick mobo advice, Asus vs Abit
Is the gigabyte 'GA-7VTXE' and the 'GA-7VTXH' the same thing?
Windows XP reboots instead of chutting down
Kt7a-raid Usb Header Pin Orientation?????
Windows XP Rebooting
Which is best the KT233A or the AMD760 Chipsets and whats the diff thx?
ABit KG7-RAID Problems
k7T266 Pro2 whoas
Abit-KG7 question???
1/5 divider
EP-8KHA+, ASUS GF3, WIN XP Problem
Msi ?
Help on old Shuttle system
kt7 & a7v266e sandra
Important Info for ABIT KG7-R owners
Epox 8KHA2 out next week.
kt7a and xp
Why Cant I install THE VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller
Doc , I need more voltage!!!
Anyone got this prob with an 8kha....?
Board or Chip?
ocing my Dragon+ & XP1700
Does the AMD761 Support 1/5 PCI Divider?
comparing kt133 and kt266/a
Question about IWill KK266 & MB Monitor
Is my CPU hot enough to burn in?
IMPORTANT WARNING about usb install on I will KA266 boards
AK31 Volt Mod - Success!!
good PSU for A7V266 with 1.4 athlon?
Witch One?
which DDR mobo should i buy??
Help with Overclock 1.4@1.5
My mobo support XP processor? How easy to upgrade processor?
Help <XP 1600 Gig GA 7DXR
Epox 8KHA+ and 29h Error !!!
Unable to unlock XP with A7V266-E !!!
Increasing Voltage to Memory...?
How do you change the PCI divider??
Can a fried motherboard fry a CPU?
southbridge getting too hot?
random boot problems. . .
8KHA+ northbridge hsf
Need your advice again.....
8kha+ Your opinion.
Highest Vcore with 8KHA+
Best ddr board
Soyo Dragon+ bios problems
Upgradind 2 Tbird 1.33 Gig. Which motherboard
AK31 V3.1 or xp1700, maybe both
i dont use any PCI slots...
kt266 chipsets......
doctor volt mod for a7v266-e
Visit amdhardware MSN communities
a7v266-e at a retailer for same price as online buying
Tried to Flash bios on Asus A7V, now cant start...
Post Voltage Mod Stats...
8k7a and 8kha
Got my 8KHA+ in.
8KHA+ 11/02 BIOS and SSED Instructions
Hardware Moniter
Where on earth?
Epox 8KHA+ and weird voltages! Ideas?
XP-333 SHWIIIIING!!! Guess I'll hold out just a little longer
trusted dealer with asus a7v266-e at decent price?
I think my mobo died.....wont post anymore
Shuttle AK31 r3.1 and XP Chip
Cost effective Mobo??
Abit KT7E and Zip conflict?
MSI Motherboard
Volt Mod Success Ends Abruptly....
Volt Mod on Soyo K7V Dragon?
8K7A+ with latest RAID BIOS.
got my 8kha+ installed.
Help on overclocking?
Need a hardware monitoring program for my AK3 V3.1
Need help with resistor question
Power Supply for 760mpx mobo
Problems With Abit Kg7 Boards
Asus A7v266 vs. A7A266
Gateway package: AMD athlon 1000 prcsr/mothrbrd - How are they for OCing
Thunderbird 1.4 and k7s5a
usb bug
Asus A7v266-e Mobo
KT266A Halt-on-idle tweak?
K7s5a Hangs on Starup
epox or soltek ? - for overclocking
Building w Nforce and Athlon XP ? advice ?
NForce good for building from scratch ?
problems overclocking an amd 1600+
install question on the Epox 8KHA+
what is the latest AK31 v3.1 BIOS
Epox 8KHA+, info for buyers/new users
Grabbers Sent Today To ===>
best SDRAM motherboard
Epox EP-8K7A DDR Power Hungery
What do you think
ASUS A7V266* and Athalon XP .... Opinions?
New, Please help.
KT7A-R How do I tell what Rev. I have?
What EPOX board... 3 Listed
Can't change IRQs.
Unlocked....I think
kk266 volt mod (attn: docter)
the new athlon xp on a abit kt7a ??possible ?
Which DDR mobo to pair with my new XP?
How do you overclock the k7s5a motherboard?
I hang my head in shame!!
Iwill KK266+ ,2.5v prob
ready to o.c. where do i start??
8kha+ locked to 200 mhz?
Iwill XP333-R
Abit KR7A-R is awesome !
1.3/200 athlon and needs new m/board
asus a7v133 kt133a does support athlon xp?
KG7 Or KG7-Raid???
Full option bios if needed 4 k7t266
Abit KT7 and KT7A bios update
xp runs in multi cpu boards
Epox 8KHA+ Vcore Issue!!!
MSI K7T Pro anyone have this?
GA-7ZX-H Motherboard
Leadtek 7350KDA
Soyo SY-K7VTA-Pro?
A7A266 bios question
Read me if you have Gigabyte 7DXR and stability problems
ECS K7S5A won't boot up
Latest and Greatest Motherboard?
L2 ECC, enable or disable?
Iwill XP333-R
8KHA+ manual error causes problems.
Voltage mod on CHAINTECH mobo
k7v dragon plus, a7v266-e or 8kha+, please help
Voltage mod with Semtech SC2422
Need info on optimal bios setting for oc'ing GA-7DXR w/ 1.4 tbird
Epox 8KHA+ Vcore adjustment
FIC AZ31 Problems Non overclocking Just annoying problems
Already corrupted bios with bios saver
another epox 8kha+ question
dual os on raid?
A7A266 Vcore mod needed
kt7e isa serial board woos
XP 1700 & Abit KG7-Raid Bios settings?
help trouble with a motherboard
AK31 V3.1 and its FBS
Overclocking with an A7M 266?
XP 1600 or 1.4tbird for a KK266??
What Chipset?
need lots of serious help here
2 months of sitting still bad for my comp?
Abit KR7A-RAID $199 at pricewatch
two cpu boards - questions
dumb reset button
Dual Socket A Goodness!!
updating bios.
Question, variation of the best board question
MSI K7t266-RU and XP1900+
Which Mobo
epox 8kha+
epox 8kha+
is the best I can expect?
more development on my a7v266 voltage problem
8KHA+ question.
link or maybe the file for new bios for 8k7a+
Bios Rom checksum error
A7V266 Good or Not
Removing NorthBridge heatsink - AK31
upgrade now or wait about 3 weeks
HELP needed in overclocking XP1800+ on Gigabyte GA-7DX Mobo
Xp + Kt266a
stability problem with a7v266 has been found
sandra and the 133a
Iwill XP333 Review
kt7ar rev 1.0 and xp?
Deperate with this KA7, wont do anything
Shuttle AK31 rev 3.1 Vcore resistor to ground?
Epox 8KHA+ or 8K7A+ ???
USB ports go dead for no reason at all on K7VIA mobo
Overclocking and the Tyan Tiger
Your attention is required
Please help, converting from Intel
N E E D A 7 V 2 6 6 V O L T A G E M O D ! ! ! ! !
Mobo/CPU tips
A7A266 Review
5 volt line on a7v266 at 4.87 good???
8kha+ FF code, no POST, HSF cold.
Noobie to O/Cing Need advice and direction
EPOX EP-8KHA+ owners i need to know your Power supply information.
A7A266 surprize
Abit KG7 Raid Voltage mod?
Are there driver updates for AMD's 762 chipset?
Shuttle AK31A+Grabber/VoltMod=Question
Good cheap duron mb?
ak31 3.1 volt mod success!
KT266A and athlon xp don't work together??????
Help with AK31 volt mod
ok all help me with this prob (one time it boots, ...)
nihili, is this what you've been waiting 4 ?
Iwill+Tbird=No video?
AK31 Rev 3.1 Performance BIOS
SOYO-DRAGON BIOS resets why?
Nforce 420 eta 11/12.
I need help setting this epox up!!
New 8kha BIOS-10-31-2001
A7v266 @ 166 Fsb (9.5*166)
Best Motherboard
Decisions Decisions
Good news: KR7A on Pricewatch... Bad news: THE PRICE!
8k7a+ sets voltage too high!!
Right drivers for KT133A?
A7V133 and XP
Help i need to clear the bios!
XP Unlock, Strange Multipliers
Latest 8KHA+ BIOS
problems with the gigabyte 7dxr?
the ep-8kha+ is amazing!
Gigabyte Ga-7dx Rev.2.2
MSI K7T Pro Mobo
problems with motherboard, old
Is it more effective to change multiplier or FSB?
Bye Bye A7m266....hello ????
System reboots
Comparing stuff on KT266A motherboards, please help
mobo for athlon xp......
Which MBM5 sensor for AK31 rev 3.1?
KT266A + XP = lower mem performance?
What goes first when a mobo goes bad
new home for AMD 1800+ Cpu
64 bit PCI/ATA 133/
KT7A-RAID Biggest Pile of S***!!!
When can I get my Abit KR7A-RAID
EP-8KHA+ w/Athlon XP 1800
8KHA+ problems
will i need help - yes
AMD Athlon XP1600+ Running Flawlessly On Abit's KT7A-RAID Rev 1.1
just installed 8kha+
amd mobo problems?
Dual or single
8KHA Instability with new bios'
MSI K7 Master
ECS K7S5A for Overclocking?
ECS K7S5A for Overclocking?
Shuttle AK31 and ECC DDR???
Epox 8K7A Question please
What about the K7V Dragon Plus
Kg7 Bios Question
Problem with Enermax PSU and Epox 8K7A ????
8KHA+ / I like it ! But.....
Jump in and help with this if you gottem.
kt266a chipsets + AMD XP = no OCing
AMD Athlon XP 1600 has 266 fsb, so what do I set on my Mobo?
Just assembled AK31A..one problem.....
Abit KR7A - Raid
Epox8K7A+Win2k=NoDevice Conflicts, do i still need to install drivers from epox cd?
266 MHz FSBs?
Video Card Probs
New Mobo??
Which Motherbard??????
AK31 rev3.1 Problem with XP
Question: MP-compatable motherboards?
What socket A mobo is best for oc-ing?
AK31 any truth to this review?
Win-XP and AK31V2
Is there a HSF for A7A266?
Abit kt7a-raid
WinXP Loading on KK266 PLEASE HELP!
KD266 Motherboard Errors, Pls Help
Memory errors loading Win98se SD-11
Soltek?? DFI??
when will we see an overclockers Nforce?
Ak73 -1394(a) Duron (morgan) 1ghz
here's a good cheap kt133-a board with a 200 Mhz FSB
AK31 Bios flash - Need help!
gettin a little weary of the 8KHA+
KK266R and AMDXP = Lockups Help
need bolt center measurements
Serious Problems!! NEED HELP
ftao Doctor "Volt Modding"
MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU
k7S5A w/Duron overclock question
Abit KR7A-RAID available next week
Upgrading, can i keep my existing os install?
8kha vs 8kha+ and bios chip problem
Ak31 Rev3.1/alpha Pal8045 Heatsink
A7V133 problem with xp install
Motherboard code XYZ
Soyo K7V Dragon problems
Ahhhhh I Got !!!! :)
Abit Kt7e Probs Help!!!!!
Abit ABKG7-Lite Problems........
Need recommendation on choosing a motherboard
8kha postcode 41
oh dear, my abit kt7a has developed a hole
amd 1ghz flipchip dilemma - please can u help?
shuttle ak31v2 o/c'ing prob
Any IRQ sharing in Shuttle?
Burnt out fan header. Can anything be done??
Iwill KK266 and pc166 tonicom good combo?