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Best DDR chipset
what should i do?
A7A266 multiplier prob
HELP ME - Tyan mobo - Please
K7S5A random reset problem SOLVED!!!!
Epox 8KHA and the USB problem
My 8kha+ experaince thus far.
8kha+ Problem!!!! Help!
Performace Bios
Which Mobo chipset?
Problems with flashing BIOS....
Jumper Overclocking Problem
Abit KG7 -RAID optimized setting
350W enough?
New overclock success w/K7S5A
8K7A support for xp?
Flashing Bios under K7S5A
8KHA+, any comments?
Volt mod on A7V-133 mobo
volt mod - iwill kk266?
KG7-RAID, memory timing suggestion....
Will there be a pure power Nforce mobo?
new motherboard? which one to get?
-= Shuttle's New AK-35! =-
Amd Giveaway Winners Here For Mb Temp Accuracy!!!!!!!!!
new mb needed-recomendations please
massive heat issues!
Memmory question for the AK31 V3.1
Is the Soyo Dragon Plus a good choice for a newbie like me?
Nforce coming next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ak31 not working with agp card
Fic Va-503+ K6-2 K6-iii, No Mouse, Help!
Where can I buy a Soyo Dragon PLUS?!
8kta3 BIOS UPDATE! LOOK AT THIS, Help me out
new via 4 in 1's
me old time mobo a 486 amd mobo is it dead???
asus boards
Epox 8KHA and hibernate, standby
my motherboard
Shuttle AK 31 Rev3 KT266A
Transfering Raid array (level 0) from abit KT7A to ASUS A7V 266E- Raid board.
Best mobo for AMD 900 TB Slot A
8KHA+ bios Tweaking Guide ?
AMD 1ghz , Alton 810lmr
Dangerous of Voltage Mod on ur borad.
Converting from Intel.......
MS dos Compatibility mode
Attn: Epox 8KHA+ users
Is my Mobo dead? Help!
Anybody have the New Asus A7V266-E yet
Best board for o/c ?
Best MOBO for my Athlon 1ghz TBird?
which board should i go with?
8HKA+ post problem - need help (long)
Help for epox 8K7A!!!
KG7-RAID, Athlon XP ready??
Is Shuttle AK31 v.3.1 XP Ready
Athlon XP BIOS Update for SOYO Motherboards!
EPox-8K7A-Error Codes
8k7a+ vs. 8kha+
voltage abnormal
-=175mhz + FSB on Shuttle Ak31 Rev3.1!=-
epox 8k7a+ and xp1800+
KK266 and new 1.2G AYHJA-9 Problems
Underclocked Athlon 1400, KK266 board - help!
im gonna get a Iwill KK266 is that good?
Epox 8kha+ or nforce?
oc' motherboard?
So.......which board is best
Msi K7t266 Pro-ru @ Fuzzy Logic Iii
Bios logo
Why aren't there any really good o/c DDR Mobo's with the SiS735??
ECS K7S5A Pin 1 Question
A7V266 temperatures
voltage mod (alternatives?)
Another 8K7A BIOS is out.
Dual Processor Support
which ABIT Mobo is it???
ABIT KG7- RAID, Memory questions
voltage mod on shuttle ak31a
DDR Raid Athlon XP Board
Vcore mod on KK266?
POST CODE on 8kha
Anyone running WinXP on a Epox 8K7A?
Anybody have a Gigabyte GA-7DXC mobo?
Cast your vote now! EPOX or SHUTTLE!
8KHA+ new bios 8khi1a25.bin
my kt7e got fried and reincarnated ... please explain
I'm back with another one :)
Soyo Dragon Plus
When will ABIT KR7 be released,info??
200fsb mobo with 266 cp? (bios settings)
Please Help!!
Swiftech MC-462 and Shuttle AK-31 v3. Will this fit?
KG7 Bios Flash
Epox 8kha and IDE problems
MSI Pro2-RU Qs
Best AMD Overclocking Mobo
kt7e meets its highest fsb :(
Abit KT7A - flash for XP 1600+ ?
Abit KG7 and Morgan 1.1 stability problems
Does Shuttle Supports AthlonXP
are AMD ever planning to use RDRAM?
a7v Temperature Monitor Question
Epox 8KHA+ and XP cpu users lets compare.
Voltage mod on 8KHA+..
Anyone know the estimated ETA fo KR7A???
bad comp probs plz help...
8k7a mods?
new to this IWILL KV200R
Why doesnt it detect?
AMD XP Compatible DDR board recommendations
Thats not much info out there for fic AZ11E boards..can any one help me?
Duron (Morgan) 1 GHZ and Abit KT7A
Epox 8KHA and bus speed ocing
Where to buy an Asus A7V266-E??
Flash BIOS
in the market for a new mobo.
Unlocking duron failed AGAIN (attn doctor)
watz the highest FSB 8K7A will handle with GF3?
i just find out the epox 8K7A......
nForce motherboards??
raid board recomendations?
K7S5A on board sound problem?Please Help
133fsb = 133memory speed?
Epox 8kta3/+ bios flashing?
MSI K7T266 Pro2 CPU probe.
Epox 8KHA+ and Ram settings..
AMD Computer
Mboard problems
Installing new motherboard
My Vcore mod on my 8KHA+ a success!!!
Help wih 8KHA+ bios
Server/AMD/SCSI Motherboard?
Looking for a decent, no frills motherboard for a duron
Anyone know about the Nforce
K7t266Pro2-RU owners Do you have this...
Voltage Mod on a Kt7E
This is driving me nutz!!!
HELP!!! Epox8KHA+
epox 8kha+ or msi k7t266 pro2?
need new mobo
msi k7t 266 pro 2 ide problem
Quick question: Is the ECS K7S5A overclockable at all?
TurboPLL-01 on a Thunder K7
What do you guyz think of shims for thunerbirds?
Shuttle ak 31 rev 3.1?
My new Sandra benchmarks....
Last Chance To Get A Abit KG7 Or any 760 Chipset Board!
Need advice GA7DXR
nother kg7?
IWill KA266R Setup Question
kg7 ?
motherboard to overclock with athlon
MSI K7T266A Pro2-RU Owners, I have a problem with Fdisk on new system
SiS730S and GF2GTS..low performance!!
MSI K7T266 Pro2 kicks
A7V266 the story of the 5Volt vamp
Need Mb For A Amd 750 Slot A
Soyo Dragon PLUS [B]AVAILABLE[/B] 10/31/2001
whats better ?
New System... "Floopy Disk(s) Fail (40)"
SOYO Dragon
Abit KG7 runs DDRII Flawlessly!
-= FYI - New VIA 4in1 4.35v =-
dual xp mobo
Abit KG7-Raid Overclocking
Looking for info on hacking VRM
AMD Athlon XP 1700+ MB which should I choose?
KT7E + duron 600 @812 still locked please help
biostar m7vkd-help!
Fic Az-31
Toruble downloading from FTP site!
Tyan Thunder K7 S2462UNG
MSI K7T266 pro2 vs. EPoX 8KHA+
Athlon xp & new mobo
IWILL KK266P problem!
Say Bye Bye to the Northbridge!
Older Stuff K6-2 450 on Tx Mainboard
best xp mobo?
8KHA+ or 8K7A+ ???
SOYO Dragon---NEED HELP!!!!
are my voltages safe for motherboard??
A7M266 multiplier change
AMD AThlon XP + KT7E?
(hello boards post)Soyo Dragon+
8KHA motherboard sensors
Abit kg7
No response to power button
IWill kk266
KT7E with Tbird 1.13/266 - compatible?
Problems - CPU or MOBO?
Low 3DMark2001 With 1800XP
A7M266 BIOS updated --- 10 degree heat change?
Newbie Question on FSB, mobo
Dual boards?
i found the mobo i want to get.
I'm screwed please help
Overclocking (FSB) w/ AthlonXP & Epox 8KHA+
ECS K7S5A Onboard Modem
8k7a or 8kha+?
ATA 133 Motherboard
iwill ka266r volt mod
more info.
A7V133 Hard drive upgrade problem
Anyone using a KA266plus with Motherboard Monitor?
Overclocking AK31 V2.0
Need help with chosing MB for Duron 850
AK-31 rev 3.1 Owners help me out please!
Epox 8KHA and Maze2
KT266A motherboard roundup
Pls. Help -- Setting up 8KHA+
Motherboard with ATA 133?
Shuttle AK31a rev3.1 or Epox 8kha?? Choose for me!
my journey to 1gig@1705 on epox 8kha+
dual socket A mobo.
Question about the EP-8K7A+
Question about the kt7266 pro 2
MSI K7T and core voltage
need new mobo
K7T266 Pro2 (MS-6380 V2.0)MSI ... not buying the epox
Anyone using a 256MB module on a FIC VA-503+ board?
8k7a1a17 new bios for 8k7a , 8k7a+
MSI K7T266Pro2-RU disk drive score
Voting Time
a7v266 voltage mod????
KK266-R Joystick alias gameport win2k
Best Mainboard
Hidden FSB multiplier?
KG7 or KT266a Based board better?
need more voltage
Ahtlon XP anyone tried this
Bios update on Abit kt7a
GA-7ZX and Athlon XP
AK31A FSB questions
where's the nForce mobo???
Please Give me so adivce..
planning on buying an epox 8kha+ all in favor?
Is there any motherboard that support Dual Athlons?
Would anyone care to share mem/agp BIOS settings?
Problem with Yamaha CRW2200EZ CDRW drive?
Shuttle & Epox Alternative
Epox 8KHA+ incredible, easiest o/c ever!
Asus a7a mobo with xp 1600+
Shuttle AK31 with PC2400 DDR ?
4A or 3R Bios?
Abit KR7A based on KT266A chipset
KT266A Motherboard..
Which Mobo?
MSI K7T-Turbo . (need VoltMod)
MSI K7T266Pro2-RU is COOL
softfsb and epox 8k7a+
Lines on screen when moving Icons/scrolling
AK31A(3.1) weirdness
Voltage mod for an A7A266?????
Asus A7A266 Prob..
dumb, dumb question here
My buddy has easy 8k7a problem..help
New Feature in 8kha latest BIOS
Succesful 8KHA VCore Mod - Well.. sort of.
ECS K7S5A - Please Help.
need help with new board!!! which one!
PCB Revision on ABIT KT7AR???
what is going on?
IWill KA266R Newbee Setup Question
Voltage increase from BIOS past 1.85 ????
Ak 31 rev 3.1
kt7 cpu upgrade
wich mobo?
registered sdram or not?
Post 8kHA+ Memory Scores
Where can I find out the 15 new cities on the AMD tour?
AMD XP supoort on mobo's
ecs k7sem question
Terrible Sisoft Drive Benchmarks! Help!
Need Some Help On The K7S5A Please!! Anyone Help!!!!
boot problem
ak31 rev?
just got my AK31 rev3
Do I need the VIA 4in1 drivers?
Epox 8KHA+ giveaway
XP Support for AK-31 Rev 3
anything wrong?
142x10.5 sound is distorted
Shuttle AK-31 rev 3
If you had the money to spend..What Motherboard would you buy?
msi k7266 ques
To Raid or not to Raid?
Thoroughbred Compatible Motherboards?
memory type on Asus K7v-rm MB
Increase Multiplier instead of FSB?
Which chipset is better and why?
Socket Problem on Abit KG7
Trouble With Shuttle Ak31 rev 3.1
Epox 8KHA+ issues (Please help)!!!
I have a Question about a Mobo for Athlon XP1800+
Gigabyte GA-7DXR
which board is better for new XP?
8K7A+ thinks XP is MP sometimes...
Help - Tiger MP Performance Very Bad
updating bios.....
i cant d/l files from epox.com
Helping a friend with his AMD 850 Athlon dunno which MB to get
Epox Mobo...
Bios flashing with 2kpro , NT , XP.....
m.b has updated drivers what are they?
bios flash for dummies :)
Which EPOX? Help!
Is there a vcore voltage mod for A7V266?
Abit KT7A, Duron 750 locks up,new system
the new 8k7a bios is kick a$$
Overclocking Fsb Or Multiplyer ??? A7v266
questions with my 8k7a+
Question for Epox 8K7A owners ...
Does Asus A7V supports more then 1gig cpu?
2 Harddisks and IDE has problems ? - HELP !!!
IWill KK266+ and High Idle Temps
Abit KT7 Flash
Cheap prices for mobos in Ottawa
Anyone Know?
KT7A owners FYI
8K7A RAM options
Where do I find my Board Revision?
NEW info on Soyo Dragon PLUS!
What is your opinion of the KG7-R?
Motherboard Schematic retailers?
MSI K7T266 read AXP Temp?
Custom MoBoz
Best Combination for an AMD CPU and Mobo
Anyone Using 8kha BIOS?
Hard locking in games
Need Advanced Advice
New ABit KG7 BIOS - Discuss
Athlon XP on Any Mobo???
New BIOS for 8K7A and 8K7A+ is out.
would i need to change my bios
New setup... nothing but a black screen.. ak-31 mobo
Dead A7V borad I think
If PRICE Were NO Option.....Best MB would be???
Best Cheapo m/b for Overclocking Athlons?
Amd Thunderbird 1.4 / Asus A7V133
I need vmod for Epox 8KHA+...
I flashed my BIOS,... I think?
Duron mobo
Gigabyte GA-7DXR; Comments?
Abit KG7
Shuttle Ak31 Rev 3.1 vs Epox 8KHA+
Shuttle Ak31-Rev3.1 @ 1793mhz!
Free speed for SlotA AMD 751 users!!!
Explain this to me please
BioStar ALi Aladdin IV/IV+
The Nastiest Crash Ever..WHAT IS IT ???
Some basic questions
new motherboard
Can yo help me out with some Epox mem timings?
Problems o/cing both the cpu and the display card.
For everyone who has used/still uses an Asus K7M...
Ali Magik AGP Drivers?
DDR for a 3yo
newbie here again
DDR Board !!!
mysterious 8k7a manual's
Can anyone tell me..
Desperation: Troubleshooting KT7-Raid Failure
Computer Will Not Start Help!!!!
PCI Latency, 8K7A BIOS
Help me decide plzzzzz
Epox 8KHA+ Manual?
GA-5AX thermal sensor
can i use my via drivers on my friends computer
New bios for 8K7A-8K7A+ 10-12-2001
How can I tell if my ABIT KG7-RAID board is faulty?
SY-K7V Dragon Plus
Probs with my KT7A-R
Abit KR7... good or bad?
K7T Turbo LE
Ddr, Sd?
help please
My mobo's mojo's KO'd?
can someone help with Epox8K7A+ settings
A7v-133 Smd Component?!?
ok I keep hearing two different opinions...
question about a motherboard.
Any one have a date, or rough guess for the KG7 bios upgrade to fully support the XP
PSU "Y" adapter?
8k7a and enermax conflict?
this sucks, just bought asus a7a266 2 months ago
'locked' VIA chipset
Just purchased a new Motherboard??
First XP 1.33 o/c report and BAD NEWS FOR KT7A?
V-core question.
Neeeeeeedddddd Help!!!!!!!!
that didn't smell good.....
Which mobo to buy?
CPU idling on KT7A RAID
problem with Motherboard
first time computer builder
Will an Athlon XP 1500 work with the abit KG7-RAID?
AMD 760 Northbridge issues?
help with an AK31
Iwill XP333 motherboard Contest
XP support
SIS 735 and XP
anything higher than 1.2 on A7V?
Does the A7V133 support...????
Which KT266a mobo is the best ???
Shuttle AK31
AV7266 TOUGH problems
Attention 8kha Owners.... Found A Voltmod Guide!
KT7A and Tbird 1G
I/O Voltage Settings
Up to what speed will an Abit BP6 Motherboard handle?
Irq_less_or_not_equal !?!?!?!?
Sound problems with KT7A
A question on future 13 micro AMD processors
Multiplier .. ??
The best motherboard
Need higher vcore on Abit KA7
A7V Dip switch settings
Epox 8k7a+ 1/5 divider?
MSI K7T266 Pro or EPOX EP-8KHA+?
Epox 8K7A Bios Questions
Problem with mobo.. Help!
Best Mobo?!?
Preorder of Epox 8kha+..DO IT!!!
Epox 8KHA+ and XP
Epox 8KHA+ order processed
ECS boards
Question for ABIT KT7 users...
any a7v266 voltage mods yet?
Whats your best memory overclock with the A7V266
AMD 1.4 underclocking problem!
motherboards for new amd xp
Raid boards
A7V and Athlon 1000
USB stops working at 139Mhz
A7M266 overclocking problem
Problem w/ the 8k7a+..
Question on Overclocking my board
I got a Shuttle AK31a! *glee*
ultra100 wont boot on kk266+ board
Ddr+ A7a266
i am sick of intel
Must read for owners of A7V
ARGH!!! My Mobo is TOAST!!!!
Lockups in Quake2 and Halflife
IEE 1394 mobo ?
Do you like your Abit KG7-Lite ?
soyo dragon mb
Help. 8k7a+ bios upgrade ????
Plz Help Me...
Anyone with hands on experience with FIC AZ11EA?
Msi K7t266a Mobo
Last post before KT133A wipe out!
Elite K7S5A Opinions please
KT266a Shuttle, MSI, Epox
KG7 Raid Drivers
Why Doesn´t My board work well???
Choices... I am ready to build a system and have to chose between two mother-boards
A7a 266
epox 8k7a+ locks up while playing UT, which drivers do I have to install?
Soyo Kt266a Mobo
Epoxy 8k7a Questions
overclocking my amd
FSB overclock problems