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Need help IDing an old AMD socket7 board
nForce 420-D or KT-266A
IdeToools and win2k
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Motherboard that can set 2+Vcore in bios
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MSI announces the Kt-266-a chipset motherboard!! I am first in line.
Question about ECS K7VZA w/ athlon tbird 1.4Ghz ?
Nvidia mobo chipset
KT74A.EXE new abit kt7a bios
new highpoint driver
Kt7 -> Kt7a?
Dual CPU Athlon XP's
Could a faulty cd-rw drive freeze the system?
RMAing a Board
8kHA rev 1.3 voltmod anyone?
Audio not working on new 8k7a!
Any got new 8kha BIOS?
Post an image!
Still Problems with dvd playback
Compatibility with Palominos?
VIA KT133 chipset question
How to volt mod ?
Well I have bought y stuff...what do you think?
Beeps at startup
T-Bird OC w/ ECS K7VZA
problemas con a7v133
KT7E, KT7A or KG7 which one?
Weird Cpu fan.
Via Kt266a Chipset Mobo
new mobo
what's the difference between asus a7v and a7v133?
8kta3 mobo issues
O/C Question!!
Quick Question about RAID mobos
heat probs with ga-7dxr
Need DDR Voltage Mod Info!!
iomega zip and 87KA+ Mobo
333 Amd K6-2
pencil trick
MSI k7t turbo - r and 133bus
A7V-133 strange FSB thing
Buying mobo
266 FSB compatible with 200?
IWill KA266R Newbee
Duron Purchase : Need Advice
Iwill KK266-R
New KT7A & Raid Bios 4A just released from Abit
Anyone Know How to Disable/ Bypass Fasttrack 100 Screen on a k7t ms-6330
Athlon 1.2 266 FSB on a A7V
Does AOpen = Shuttle?
Advise ? I want a k266A , have read the reviews ...read on...
How good is the ECS K7S5A?
dual AMD mobos
Epox Voltage Problems
IWill owners
IWill KK 266
cooling the mobo
Is it possible to turn kt266 mainboard into kt266a ???
kt7a and 5 volts
Gateway mobo :(
Bios Settings
Planned Machine!!!
Anyone Know How to Disable/ Bypass Fasttrack 100 Screen on k7t ms 6330
Shuttle AK31 in Hong Kong
Anyone Know How to Disable/ Bypass Fasttrack 100 Screen on a k7t ms-6330
What a difference a nice mobo makes!
MicroStar Slot A Motherboard w/ AMD 751/756 Chipset
Fixed 8K7A Boot Problem
Calling AMD oc's
Motherboard Advise
Bios Flash ??
A7m266--Windows xp
AK31 REV 3 ...here is the link!
Iwill KA266plus mobo... Does any1 own this mobo?
Flashing Asus A7A266 v1003b BIOS
Raid question
stupid universe!!!
A7V133 Bios Version
Epox 8KTA3+PRO
KA266-R Flashing BIOS ..plz help
Msi motherboard with duron cpu 800
Abit KR7 raid?
Need 266 MB suggestion quick
Retail KT266A review
New Abit KT7 bios noticably improves stability with the Athlon processor!
how should i up my fsb ... 2 options
Overclocking the A7M266
Good Budget DDR board?
133 mhz bus dont work! HELP!!!
Help me out, good boards for oc please
IWill mobo owners PLEASE READ!
The nForce mobo is pretty good
OC.com Readers Recommendations on SDR Mobos
Kt266a -when???
Buying a new mobo (need some opinions)
how O/C-able is
Abit overclocked- 1.6
Better Epox Mobo
1.6 not stable
IWill KA266-R Need Advice to Overclock
Just ordered a Shuttle AK31 from pcdynamic.com
fsb 200 or 266
VIA KT266A will show up WHEN?
new system woes
A7M266 multiplier
question about my mobo
IWILL KK266/Duron
OC.com Readers Recommendations on DDR Mobos
Strange multiplayer on Abit KG7 lite
What's different in the new AK31 bios?
I need some Advice....MB...AMD DDR...:) I TRUST THE FOLKS HERE FOR ADVICE......
KK266 + W2k + BIOS Flash
mobo voltage control
I Need Help Please!!!
are the via bus master ide drivers required for 8k7a+win2k
PC wont reboot with correct Vcore voltage!
new build (kg7-lite) can't format
mobo info needed
Which kt7a bios is best? Your opinion, and why...
Abit KT7E video questions
ASUS A7V-133 good for OC?
Temperature readings
Best oc able mobo
To those Gigabyte motherboard owners
MoBo ID Issues
Fic AZ11E + morgan Duron proc???
Chepest mobo
A7V266 Need Help !!
Small problem with flashing my bios...
New Puter
can i remove via bus master ide driver from epox 8k7a win2K system?
Volt Mod for 8KHA?
8k7a temp monitor?
ECS K7S5A users: Mod article for vcore and multiplier
120gigs on 8K7A?
Raid array on 8K7A
Recommend Motherboard for Athlon T-Bird 1.4
KT7a instability with higher CPU's?
Soyo Sy-k7v Dragon
SIS 730 Chipset recommendation!
GGA-7DXR, Promise Raid and Geforce 3
*Good God* - Defrag and BIOS made my puter a ROCK for stability
VIA Mainboard Drivers
A7A + Duron 700 cant do 7x133
-=New Shuttle AK-31 Rev.2 Bios Released=-
Review samples of 8KHA+ now available...
Athlon 1.4 DDR mobo
Sorry about the double MB post.
mainboard/fsb threshold
Cant get to 120Mhz FSB on Iwill KK266
LOOK NOW NOW!!! nForce!!!
Failed BIOS flash (AK31)
A7M266... the challenge!
Epox 8K7A+ (can't raise multiplier)
Any suggestion?
disappointment with nForce
Amd 1.4 And Asus A7v266
ASUA A7A266 w/ 1007 bios
KG7 Raid or KG7 and Raid Card
New pc for my Dad
PC2100 DDR mobo with IDE RAID choices ?
HELP me find a good motherboard please!!
Help Me Find A Good Motherboard Please!!
Abit KT7 run 1400/266fsb
My mobo take DDR?
AK31 rev 2 BIOS version
8KHA1911 (09/11) bois == bad?
Good Motherboard
Abit KR7 RAID?
asus a7v133
735 Chipset.....
Iwill XP333 for overclocker's.
A7M Multiplier!
Mobo Recommendations
PLease recomend a mobo , building a system for my sister.
Max supported CPU speed?
Ecs K7s5a
1.4 Athlon DDR Board
Adjusting voltages on a7m266
A good site for testing MBs
5 volt voltage reading on iwill kk266+
Matsonic Ms8127c+ Problem
-=Spread Spectrum?=-
BIOS Overclocking.
Asus K7M?
Dip switches on A7V133
Abit KG7
A7v-133c Max Fsb...
Whitch is better.....
I want a new DDR-board and need some advice
any nforce
Iwill motherboard
asus p5a and amd k62 550
8kha memory settings
Ecs K7s5a
how up the vcore on epox 8k7a+
Bad Bios Flash on iwill kk266r help me
(KG7) Wacky Temps In Bios
Please help if you can, with an IWILL KA266
what brand is m7mka?
When is the KT266A Chipset out???
1ghz Athlon socket A on a abit KA7??
Dreaming of KG7
Voltage question?
Voltage Mod Question
Poor overclocking results with Epox 8K7A
First in a series of questions I'm sure I'll have...
ASUS A7A266 BIOS 1007 is HERE!!
mobo advice
New mobo's with KT266A....
when to nforce?
Temp up 10C w/ Abit kt7a 3r bios
how can i overclock AMD K6-2 450???
Need new motherboard
Cnr = Amr?
MSI owners or supporters.. this way!
KG7 problems! Help!
abit board
anyone have a ga-7dxr motherboard?
problems with AMD761 and....
all in one mobo
Abit KG-7 voltage problem?
1 Bad 2. Great 3. Great the EPOX 8k7a and raid version
about 3 weeks ago I asked for your predictions...
8k7a+ vs. 8k7a
a7n266 crippled?
FSB speed
FSB with a ASUS A7A266
Iwill KK266-R owners with Raid 0 Enabled
3 little questions on voltages......
can alpha pep 66 be used on a socket a motherboard??
KT7A Temp Probe
Interesting stuff or us AMD owners!
asus a7m266 problems @1.4ghz
Does anybody recommend Gigabyte ga-7dxr?
2theMAX 8KHA (Epox 8KHA)
Good near all-in-one mobo
Motherboard for storage computer
KG7-R voltage mod! Anyone got a link for it ?
Problem installing AMD miniport drivers
cooling isn't the problem.has any one else seen this?
how do i get more speed with this motherboard?
Why is this happening
Errors after flashing bios
AHH! Nightmare and Urgent...
Best bang for your buck?! *boggle*
KG-7raid & Corsair 2400
8KHA questions? Please Help
Is it true!?
Ever bought something you thought you'd like?
Help my onboard sound wont work for my 8k7a in games
1.4 Thunderbird Mobo
Epox 8K7A manual
?'s 8k7a+ & 4n1 drivers
Raid 0 have become really slow on my system
Another Dual Athlon post......
anyone with ASUS A7A266 and T-bird 1.3 +
Email from enermax about 8k7a voltage
TIPS on Board!
Any one know how to Voltage mod the Abit Kg7 - lite ??
HELP Please
What is Fuzzy Logic 3?
epox8k7a highest OC! post yours here!
8k7a w/Mp or Morgan
Read this GREAT article about the N-Force chipset
RAID gone bad
Abit KA7 can't utilize 800MHz+ CPUs?
Power supply voltages with my Epox8k7a+..
PC100 on a 133MHz mobo = 2X AGP?
Very Urgent question....in middle of voltage mod
Best DDR Mobo?
ABIT Kt7a..... give me a headache!
Ecs K7sem
Which Raid Driver on KK266-r and Win XP
is there any modded bios that will let mobo set 1.85+ voltage?
Volt mod...what is the best?
Asus A7v-133 & A7v-133c
Anyone recommend PC-Chips?
Watts for Boards
MSI K7Master or MSI K7T266Pro-R
how good is this mobo HB-K7AMA Socket A DDR Motherboard
VIO/VIO1 mod?
"Panel" temp??
K7AMA vs K7S5A ECS ???
Soyo Sy-K7V Dragon
What Is Lite Raid?
MSI sux! K7T266-Pro sux
cant see any posts in this topic
VIA266A Chipset
> 1.85v 8KHA ??
Where is a Via 4in1 Driver compatability list?
Does a glaciator fit on the ECS K7S5A?
Msi K7t Turbo FSB ?
Msi K7t Turbo FSB ?
Gigabyte GA-7DXR
Has anyone put AS2 under the N.B. on a 8k7a...
First Glimpse - ECS K7S5A
KG7-Raid Problems.........
new user help me to overclock
Abit KG7-RAID @ 163MHz or higher FSB?
Abit Kt7a-raid 3r Bios
8K7A What is Wrong
Epox 8k7a+ compatibility question...
GA-7DXR quick question!!!
Please Recommend....
New BIos for Epox EP-8K7A
any body know what 4 beeps meen
need help with 8k7a+
L3 Cache
Aopen AK72 FSB setting
AMD761 n KT266 mobo
Epox or Gigabyte
helpppppppppp please
epox board
ABIT KG7 and Voodoo 5 AGP...
MSI Turbo-R Limited (no raid)
Which drivers do you need for the 8K7A
Heat Sinks of Abit KG7
Duron 750@1000 and prime95 round off errors and cdrom dont work :(
new here and I see alot about kt266a and nforce
Overclocking 8K7A Advise
A7A266 1006 bios. Keyboard now locked out?
$225 for a dual athlon bord!
which to get...
any nforce boards
Best 266 Motherboard Today
Modify a PC-Chips M810 series
Msi Ms-6373
how to lower down the AGP divider on KT7-raid
MBM didn't detect the settings for my epox 8k7a+
Power Supply Problem...Help!
EPOX 8K7A Quick question
Shuttle AK31 DDR any good? and more questions!!!
Asus A7V133 VCORE
AOpen AK73 Pro: Best AMD Chip Combo?
EPoX EP-8K7A+ vs. EP-8KHA
Is there way of converting an AMD slot A chip to a slot 1 chip?
How long to KT266A
ASUS A7A266 mobo problems
What MB would you recomend?
AV7266 -VIA drivers problem!
DFI AK76 IDE controller defective? hardware experts needed!
can the kt7a kill hard drives
A7V-133 Volt mod...
Just bought 8K7A, 1ghz T-Bird, and 256mb Crucial Ram
Raid controller question!
IWILL mobo owners.......read this!!
A7v ?
Stupid Epox 8K7A wont go over 133fsb!
K7vta3 Mob
So Now What?
Asus A7A266 ALi M1647 Chipset
USB on boot up?
FIC Motherboard
AMD Motherboard
Just Purchased Epox 8K7a+ Rev. 1.0, Did I Get Screwed?
Hey TranceBear!! Volt mod
Abit KA7 100
PC-Chips M810 BIOS Tweaker
nForce or SiS735 Chipsets
4 in 1 for ASUS A7M266 ???
Best DDR Motherboard?
voltage protection mod
Does the Abit Kg7-R supports PC-2400 Ram?
athlon 1.4 mobos
8k7a+ anyone?
Abit kt7a raid with 1.4 t.b. 266 problem
8k7a fsb?
dfi boards
Cheap reliable motherboard?
Abit KT7A with AMD Athlon 800
Halfway through KG7 volt mod...
Asus A7V266 DDR V Epox EP-8K7A+
8K7A game problems.....
Shuttle AK31 Rev 2 won't overvolt
Building A computer and I need advice
need help wiht voltage mod on msi mobo
Anybody have a DFI AK76-SN?
FSB Question
8K7A with MBM 5
o/c woes..CPU.(built like a mule?)
512mb sdram or 256ddrsdram?
Instability problems KT7A-R solved...
usb problem? elp
Abit KG7-R or Gigabyte GA-7DX-R or something else?
antec 400w + epox 8k7a+
Motherboard temperature?
12.5 multiplier on KG7?
Ecs K7s5a
overclocking on an ecs k7vma
o/c problems...help!!
R.I.P. My KT7A
8k7a owners with the 1824 bios pls fallow
Agp Sec Lat
Any clue?
I overclocked my cursor to death
KT7A-RAID does not have HOST+PCI option
Abit KG7 Voltage Mod..Help
I myself have never overclocked a cpu but..
cpu execution
Asus A7a266
MATX Sis 735 board coming soon . . .
{off topic} how do i do a screen shot?
Asus Bad! Abit Good!
is my mobo dead?!?!?!?!
what's your opinion
An oldy but goody...TXP4-X
just a post
Bios for KT7A
8kta & What Memory
Ata 133 Mobo
epox mobo revisions
Can't overclock 8K7A system once I put in a GeForce 3 video card!
KT266A and 4-way interleaving
Updateing using 4 in 1 drivers = registry problem
No display/POST problem SOLVED
MSI Raid Turbo Limited
Epox kta3+ and 1Gig T-Bird problem
Which mobo??
DVD copies and athlon question
KT-266A released today. . .
Help, please! BIOS problem ECS K7S5A..
ASUS A7V133 ATA100 and IDE 66.....?
BIOS Tweaks
new shuttle ak31
a7v133...what is this jumper used to?
A couple of ?s on 8k7a+
5 V = 4.98 - is that bad ?
KT266A Chipset!
problems with a7v133
Chipset Confusion
need your guys help
Dual Athlon for around 200 bucks
MSI K7T Turbo/VIA KT 133 A Bios Ver 2.9
Motherboard Tray Hack
Need your guys advice!!!!
Raid Administrator on 8k7a
Ok, I gotta 8k7t+, now come the ?'s
i think i scratched my board
Motherboard number ?
nForce be crap compared to SIS735
AMD Duron and Epox 8KTA
Need a good SiS735 mobo with all the overclocking goodies
Will A7V133 support 1.4 CPU?
Best choice for a 1.4g Tbird raid ?
Asus A7V 133 Mobo Question
8K7A Revision Questions
Kt7a-raid Hits The Wall!!!
<h1>PLEEEEEEEEEZ HELP!!!!!!!!!</h1>
Bios question
Please, Help With A7V133
8K7A BIOS 1824 made official.
doing the voltage mod!is it only for experts?
New BIOS's just released for the KK266 & KK266-R
Amptron K7-830LM SiS 735 based mobo ???
8k7a+ and psu question
Any KG7 users out there?
about ECS k7vza mobo
Neptune, thanX 4 the heads up!
AMD TBird Mobo
mobo/mouse woes
KG7 Raid Setup Problems HELP!!
Msi K7T Turbo Raid users... Help !
SMBUS failure on 8K7A... need help!
Will the Standard Super Orb fit on the DFI AK76-SN mainboard?
Shuttle AI61 mobo anyone else got one?
whats the best MOBO
IWILL KK266+ voltage modification ?
Abit kG7-Raid problem-Please help
Gigabyte GA-7DXR
Best MB for K6-II 500