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Finding a Super Socket 7 motherboard
what do yall think of the MSI K7T [limited ed..
I Put A New 1.4 Ahyja And Now I Got Lag?
iwill kk266-r vs EPoX 8K7A+
A7V and new Athlons
Stable AMD/VIA board or Cpu?
Help can I overclock this?
Whats up with the ABiT KG7-Lite ? It don't post just bought it.
Abit KG7-Raid fails to boot after in bios or ...
Motherboard Questions
Shuttle AK31 BIOS for using 4 DIMMs
A7V and PCI Master Read Caching..Help!!
Voltage Mod on Shuttle AK31 Gets Me To 1764mhz
K7-VMA Amptron MB Help
Can the 8KHA fan headers handle a Delta?
8kha bios
guys you gotta help me with this[ABIT questions]!
Another question for the EPOX forum LOL using keyboard powerup with password on 8k7a?
Need help with my Epox EP-ak7A+
EPOX kta3+ post codes
A7M, great board, no way to change multiplier, need help
how do you pronounce epox?
Almost bought a SiS 735 board....
Yet another BIOS for the 8K7A and 8K7A+...
Best Epox Mobo
Epox 8K7A+...bios flashing question
Need adive form owners of these boards
a7a266 volt mod
MSI K7T Turbo
hello i have a motherboard with these probs
Will any mobo fit into any case?
1/5 divide
+5v issues
ACPI and Win2k
Best MObo to get?
Epox 8KTA2L
What board would you get?!
Experiences with MSI K7T-Turbo Limited
I need a program to check temps on my Asus A7A266, the AliMagic chip seems to be prob
Different vcore numbers
Where to get SoftFSB PLL data files
Will the 8k7a+ function at all without a CPU?
WW BIOS Still reigns for KT7AR
1711 Bios for 8K7A+
Poll...Worst Motherboard Website
8k7a+ ghosts??
Clock Generator?
Why can I only adjust my core volts in .1 intervals?
Need more Voltage on my 8k7a
Epox Kta3+
Soyo MB Problem- PLEASE HELP!
FLOPPY problem 8k7A+
Need some 1.4Ghz HSF info.
Easy RAID questions I expect...
Verifying DMI?????PLEASE HELP
Could i get a way with...
whats the best ddr board at the moment?
Clearing CMOS
Which temp monitor?
1.4 on 8K7A
Inexpensive AMD mobo
VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller
Bios Update
Which Bios is Better? (A7V133)
Can't use JumperFree mode (A7V133)
Bios flash gone bad on shuttle ak31 need HELP
KG7-raid or KG7-lite??
8k7a+ vs 8kha
Abit KG-7 Raid
8k7A owners using 1823 bios
Asus K7M Motherboard
Iwill KA266
k7vta pro
has anyone used a ECS k7vza MB ?
Why only 2.07v on my 8K7A
8K7A 1823 Bios.
Optimizing A7V setup menu
KT7-E going away, new mobo needed
HELP!!!! CD ROM Not Accessible
KG7-R or 8K7a+
error with motherboard...
No POST after shutdown/KK266-R 3.3V Voltage Jumper Mod now available
lets face the truth about chipsets and mb's
Question about DDR motherboards...
Heat Sink and fan on southbridge and clock jen
+5v Problem Solved
Boot Problem!
Epox 8k7a
Once and for all best chipset for AMD
Abit KG7
8K7A Weirdness
Which Mobo? :)
Does the Via 686B South Bridge with AMD 761 boards need Via drivers??
A7M266 Clock Multiplier
Cant get my 1.2 "mp" palamino to work in my 8K7a
I would like some of your personal experences
What is the best mobo in your opinions?
Check this out!!!!
What is the max vcore on the KG7-RAID?
MSI K7T Pro2 problem with multiplier clock
Gigabyte GA-71XE
A7m266! Anybody Oc With This Board???
Abit KA7 KX-133
Palomino Compatibility with TBird motherboards...
This is weird...
I killed it.....
Help with PCI Divider
Abit KG7 Devisors??
PSU And Motheerboard Voltage Question.
A7V133 and Promise Driver
Burning in Ram
AMD761 and geforce probs at 133fsb?
333mhz ram?
A Question on motherboards. plz help!
What is the big diff b/w T-Bird pc266 chips and the new Palimino??
?s about my Bro's system
IF the power supply isnt enough what kinds of problems will it cause?
socket thermister?
Desperately in need of help!
AK31 vCore Question
How to overcome "12xabove" limit on KT7AR Bios?
"X:don't care" on the EPoX 8K7A/+
ASUS A7V133 Raid Won't Idle
Sandra scores on Epox 8k7a
What's the best BIOS for KT7AR and 1.4/266 Gig T-Bird
DFI AK76 Mobo question....
Would you reccomend a ABIT KG7 or any similar board?
palamino'3phase PS/ mobo question?
Will registered ddr work in a EPOX 8K7A?
Motherboard question for upcoming processors
Jetway mobo
ECS K7S5A mobo can you overclock w/it ?
I only get this chance once! Give me a good recommendation!
what in the hell is happening??
Definite jump in idle temps KT7A bios 3R
help!! athlon 1200 keeps locking up
Palomino MBs
Multiplier of 14.0 on A7V133...sort of...
Question for those who got the Soyo Dragon...
soyo k7vta pro overclocking
Motherboard Dilemma
Hewlett Packard Motherboard
1.4 on Epox EP-8KHA probs
Elitegroup K7ama
VIA vs. Ali vs. SiS
A7V..........266 Fsb???
Duron 750 problem
Need Advice From The Experienced. Plz Help Me! TY In Advanced.
Epox 8K7A+ and Logitec wireless =bad?
Unknown Board
Which Mobo?
Need opinions about my lag!
A7V133 too much ram
SIS 735 Motherboard! Value but good!?
Registry Errors?
DDR mem on ASUS A7V-133
Which motherboard go above 200fsb?
epox 8k7a has higher multiplyer than 12.5
Do you know Lex motherboards?
A7A266 freezing with two sticks of DDR
Epox 8k7a+ ram timings and cooling
raising the kt7a FSB
IWill KD-266 - I love it!
changing the FSB on Linux box
KG7 & NIC question
Where is the perfect mobo?
This might be my last post for some time....
ASUS A7A266 DDR voltage mod...need help.
When do you know to up the voltage.
Epox 8kha help please?
Dragon K7 Personal Experience!
Epox 8K7A - Any Good?
what mobo?
MAinboard Cooling
Abit KG7 Raid Question
msi's k7t turbo & msi's pc alert
does anyone know how to get from low to high coreV on a compaq mb
EPoX 8KTA3Pro and Palomino...
asus A7M266 drivers?
Having trouble getting above 115 fsb with shuttle ak31
Cant find my setting in book
how to partition in raid setup?
AbitKT7A: multiplier maximum?
Epox 8kha
Help with Abit KT7E
h.d.d lead??
Msi k7t266 Pro-R Question
if i clear cmos will this clear the raid bios too?
I'm stupid.......
best next generation DDR chipset??
metal standoffs
What I think Of the Shuttle AK31 rev 2
FIC mb and Duron OC'ed
if you have a 8k7a come here pls
Availability of A7A266 PCB v1.10?
A few questions
what chipsets will suport the pc 2700 ram?
Msi K7T Turbo? Please help.
Multiprocessor AMD motherboards?
can any1 give me bios flash instructions?
iwill RAID problem
8K7A-no post
ecs motherboard troubles
A7V KT133a 266/200 & 1.4 TBird?
A mobo for my upgrade?
A7V multiplier problem!!!
DDR vs. non-DDR mobos... need advice please
soyo sy k7v Dragon
Strange floppy problems
Check this out. (About the 8K7A 5v problem)
A7V133 extreme temperature
"MSI KT7266 Tweaks Please"
Need Help Picking A Motherboard
ECS K7VZA Anyone used?
KT7A-R: which one 1.33 or 1.4 TB?
New 8K7A. Huge problems. Did my research... would appreciate any suggestions.
Picking a new Motherboard
Epox 8k7a+/mbm5
Any opinions on a DFI AK76?
Please help...
ASUS A7V-133 Question
WHICH MB???????besides stupid A7M266
Asus a7v is acting up?
Bios Chip
A7V133 problems...
HELP! Asus A7V-133 bios lockup!
Asus A7V133 mobo + Win98 = takes 30 minutes to boot
ATTN KK266 owners give me a hand
soyo k7v dragon
kt7e mobo boot problem
Help Colin or anyone else who knows
AsusA7M266 owners
EPox 8k7a Ultra ATA IDE Controller Problems
MOBO for this configuration?
Abit Compatibilites
MSI K7T Pro2 Urgent Help Needed!
MSI K7T Turbo Limited Edition..... funky problems
Kt7a Irq
A7V stuck in failure loop
about the raid settings?
A7M266 and BIOS Settings
epox 8k7a or epox 8kha
Speed variances with K7T Turbo Limited Edition
Abit KG7 or MSI K7T266-Pro?
Gigabyte GA-7ZXR
moniter not powering up
Idle temps up with new bios{Kt7a}
Epox 8KHA voltage
Help needed, Soldering resistor block off A7M266 for multplier mod
soyo dragon question (a stupid one by the way!)
asus A7S-VM twice to boot?
performance issues with MSI K7T 266 DDR motherboard
Question for AsusA7M266 Owners
Anyone have the beep codes for the A7V133
a7v133 bios version
AD11 agony
I'm tired of Mobos!!!!
Epox 8k7a+ is here
onboard RAID issues
Wierdest thing ever...
Best Mobo in the Whole World!
A7m266 .. What Have The Owners Of This Board Gotten!
AGP 2x or 4x? Is there a difference?
Every One With 5v Problems Read This!
My Mobo Wont POST! *worried*
Duron 800@1066, can't Win98/me for 1133, Abit better than Iwill ?
installing 1st mobo HELP
What revision mobos are you guys getting and from where?? Epox 8K7A & raid version
How to Flash Bios?
Ecs K7s5a Fsb
just got my 8k7a
can i use pc2400 with the a7m mobo?
making case out of wood
Abit BX6 Rev2 out Epox 8kha in
EPOX ep-8k7a floppy/cd rom error???
ASUS A7A266 Multiplyer?
Iwill KK266 PLUS need some info
asus a7v266
GEt over here all you professionals and experts!
Epox KL-133M..
Can anyone help ?. Please ??
A7A PCI 1/5 Divisor?
epox 8kta3+ overclocking
a7v-ml ?
Anyone seen the new Tyan dual-cpu AMD board?
KG7 Issues
Advice on the Shuttle AK31
EPoX 8KTA3 PRO - Help on settings
UDMA 100 Controllers?
A7V with WIN2K
MSI MS 6330 K7T turbo BIOS
Anyone with Shuttle AK31?
voltage help!
8K7A and 8K7A+ in stock at newegg
asus a7m problem
ASUS A7V-133 Question
a7v133 bios...?
Attn: Epox owners, check northbridge HSF
Epox 8kha
ASUS A7M mobo problems
Newbie is dumb!!! (that's me)
Which Motherboard should I choose
KT7-E ISA Port
weird registry errors
Asus A7m266
Overclocking newbie needs advice
A7V problems
Higher I go The Lower 5v gets?
Soyo Dragon MoBo
5V Line on 8K7A+
Bios Question A7v
ASUS A7V temps software for linux
My system is up!!!
Abit KG7-RAID vs Epox 8k7a+
Via Bus Master IDE driver probs
Iwill +amd 1.4
Help A7M266 bottoms out at 143mhz
Abit KG7
Help slipped installing heatsink on K7T266 Pro Raid, can I try RMA?
K7T266 Pro (MS-6380)
Pleas help with A7V133
fongkay FK320 atx case....is it good??
b00t probs
I'm searching for a VCore-Mod guide for the Epox 8kha
where can I find info??
8K7A Raid Problem
pc2400 no higher than 138fsb!!!
IWILL KK266 or ABIT KT7A...............
Voltmod on the EPoX 8KHA???
KK266 Socket Thermistor Qustion
reply to jon
A7A266 bottomed out at 306MHz DDR
Stupid Question abou the 1/5 PCI divisor
HELP! NoMouse? EpoX 8K7A+/Athlon 1.33
Rate this board.....
Yet another math question from me
Refurbished MOBO
Problems with 900 athlon
ASUS A7V mobo question....please respond
Asus Probe 2 or MBM 5?
mobo suggestions
The Best DDR Socket A board
new mobo suggestions
Epox KL-133M.........?
If the mobo supports a higher voltage, do I have to do something with L7?
Which is better?
Asus A7A266 ALiMagik Question! plz leave comments!
Does anyone have this HSF on this mobo?
Asus A7a266
Soltek SL-75DRV where?
Duran 800 trouble with MSI K7t-turbo
Vtech Mobo
Some EPoX EP-8K7A info.
Your thoughts of this configuration...
Help no more o/c
A7V Mulitiplactor
How should i start overclocking???
Asus A7V133 IDE RAID problem
Which Duron motherboard for O/C
problems with A7V133
which mobo's can handle palomino's?
SY-K7V dragon
If ur looking for DDR board The MSI K7T266 Pro-R is it , gets great reviews!!
A new trend??
Ecs K7s5a
Iwill KK266 and R IDE drive set up
help choosing a mobo
Need recomendation for mb w/ Athlon 1.33
Help Help Help
bios asus a7m266
What is best??? FSB or Multiplyer?
Getting more that 1.85Vcore on the 8KHA
Which DDR-board do you recommend?
New MOBO return Problem
kk266-R Does it have the 133 FSB Jumper?
8k7a+ sound card
New Cheap system
Gigabyte 7dxr or Epox 8K7A+
PCI 1/5 Divider
Voltage mod for every board!
Delta not that loud!!
Wow 210 Fsb
Quick Shuttle mobo question
wheres the threads?
Which chipset for a motherboard?
MSI K7T-Turbo CPU temp probe?
8K7A Raid ?
A7V133 went to 166 FSB...scary!!
SoftFSB type program for Abit KT7A
How fast for air cooling?
Did I kill my harddrive??
Need Much Help Pretty Please!
ABIT KG7 reviews
the new Soyo Dragon mobo....WOW!
KT7a and fan Rpms in Mobo Monitor
iwill wont allow me past default cpu speed?
some questions regarding the +5v and 12v.....
Insane beep codes!!!
New system...
Motherboard monitor
HELP!! abit KT7E problems
EPOX 8K7A+ question
What is The Best Asus Motherboard 266 fsb and ready to overclock??
So what does IWILL mean...
cheap mobo help!
8kha Bios update???
Rock Solid System!!!!!!
new bios for turbo..
did I just fry something?
An A7V133 @154 FSB & stable!!
Finally here!!
MSI K7T 266 specs Via ddr board, it is sweet
Fic Ad11 Question
Problem building system
I was scared to death when my rig wouldn't boot anymore
Asus A7M266 no fan power, big problem!!!
Volts w/abit kt7a
No choice:-{
Which DDR board should i get
lower temps with wpcrset does it work?
Link in Vancouver BC
8K7A: Is there really a 1/5 PCI divisor? I'm not so sure.
Anyone with an A7A266 that can help identify the 1006 BIOS name?
How do you recover a BIOS?
Help!! I need advice on the best AMD MotherBoard to start off with!!! Plz Help!!!!!
EPOX 8KTA3 not a very resiliant board!! ????
Msi K7t Pro 266 3ddr ?????
old school motherboards
8K7A cpu temp decrease
Epox 8KHA - please read
BCM Motherboards...
8k7a+ BIOS
Need a DDR board
does anybody use the FIC AD11 mobo
8kha slot sharing?
Hmm Maybe its time to upgrade
Asus a7v board
A7A266 jumper question
A7V FSB ?'s..........Help!!!
anyone need a a7v133 bios?
IWILL bios settings any1?
Figure this one out!!!!
Asus A7M266 MoBO chipset cooler???
Epox 8kha, any problems?
Delta Fan & Kt7A
Shuttle Ak31+VapoChill @ -7C=Athlon 1.4@1725
Shuttle AK31
+5 on EPoX 8k7A motherboard problems help needed!
help with voltage selection
Pulled up traces
ECS K7S5A what are your thoughts?
Reviews of Eopx 8K7A...?
8k7a+ vs 8k7a
Any new A7A bioses?
Mother board with more IDE
A7A266 is still Kicking some booty!
Asus A7V266
Elite ECS K7AMA ALi DDR Motherboard - ?'s on this board
KT7A revisions.. 1.1, 1.2, an 1.3??
Abit KT7A-RAID, 3R Bios Update???
HELP ME PLEASE !! I think my computer is dead after Flashing Bios
I have got one for you
T-bird works @ 145 FSB but not 130???
A7V processor upgrade
UDMA 5 ????????????
EPOX 8KTA3PRO .. anyone have this board??...
IRQ Question
ASUS A7V133 memory problem
New motherboard
A7A 266 thermal readings
8KHA - anyone up for it
stable ddr motherboard??
Can someone help me?
Damage the like of which you've never seen......
What DDR Board???
IRQ all taken up on KT7A, only have 2 PCI cards in!
MSI K7t-turbo w/ Duron lock ups
SIS735 reference(sample) board
KK266-R finally up and running!!
help...my A7V133 won't post
What mobo do you foks recommend?
MSI K7T266 Pro
Shuttle AK12A seems like running at ATA33