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To Voltage Mod or not to Voltage Mod...That's the Q... Abit KT7A-R
Motherboard opinions needed.
SIS 735
haha DDR rears it's ugly head!!
A7V-133 1005a bios update.....
How do I assign an IRQ to VGA in BIOS ? please help me!
Iwill KK266 and 750 Duron Problem
Epox (8KTA3) good or bad?
Anyone building a Amd Duallie? post here!!
System slow down after reformatting??
Old school motherboard wanted (k6-3 450)
kk266/Thunderbird/GeForce2 Pro Problem....Help?
could i
Abit KT7: Error with 12.5x multi!
I Made Voltage Mod On KT7E But....
sytem freezes
another kt7a bios Questionnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Voltage on MSI K7T Turbo-r
Here's one for the KT7A owners...
Another Newbie Question
Voltage on A7V-E
Which MB to buy?
MS6167 How to tweak FSB?
266 front side bus
Can't Run my Athlon 1.2Ghz at 133/33 Bus Speed... :(
AMD proc. on Soltek??
Whats a good temp for a A7A266 with bios1004??????
ep-8k7a doesnt see sblive??
FSB abover 137 = No USB
A7V133 Temp Monitor is OK!
This board any good for overclocking?
Nearly dead KT7A Raid board
DMA 33 cable how long
Sideband addressing
How safe is a VIO of 3.66V on ASUS A7V133?
How safe is a VIO of 3.66V on ASUS A7V133?
AMD Motherboards that support ddr
AMD or INTEL????????????????????
startling discoveries with sblive, possibly because of via kt133a mobo
Newbie seeks help with Athlon 800 and ASUS A7V
Is it worth getting a 266Mhz FSB motherboard for a Duron 850
Asus A7V-E any good?
MotherBoard help needed.....
A7V133 wont boot!!! PLEASE HELP!
Does the AMD 761 chipset have compatibility problems?
Increase V on GA 71XE4
ELITEGROUP K7VZA Revision 3.0 - overclocking possible ?
Wont Boot
Wont Boot
Abit Kt7a-raid to raid or not to raid
HELP My A7V133 won't stay on
Unknown KT7A-RAID problems
How does one change the default max voltage on a kt7a-raid motherboard?
Compaq Presario, Any Hope?
Anyone have a Tyan Trinity KT-A (S2390B)?
Aopen AK73-1394 Where's the damn thermistor
Need help overclocking ka-266r
is the blorb a good replacement for northbridge on kt7a R?
ddr board overclocking
!Will 266 Freezes Just as BIOS starts to load???
nforce chipset - what does everybody think?
KT7A R, how do i update the bios????????
MSI vs. Asus
? on setting up raid
Volatage MOD for A7A266
Board that uses new Palamino and he Old TBIRD
A MB for a TB900?
CPU Voltage on A7V-E
Asus a7m266 vs MS 6341
Price of Abit KG7?
Has anyone used the new 4.32 VIA 4in1's?
Do NOT Read This! High Voltage Danger!
Abit is good mobo! Advice!
How to Check IRQ in win2k pro
Amd 1.33 with asus ddr motherboard unstable??
Asus vs Abit
resetting CMOS?
What AMD mobo?
Broken Shuttle, Help!!! (Please)
Via 4in1; installed 0of4 plus Why do my HD scores suck?
A7V133 or A7A266...which should I choose???
RAID on KT7a-RAID - I am stumped
I'm back with another request. :)
holly crap asusa7a bios 5
nVidia nForce - Who is interested?
A7V133a fan problem
nForce looks to kill
What determines a good motherboard?
Chipset cooling question
Question: i need more than 1.85v on KT7E mobo how?
Have the rules just changed?
Which Motherboard 4 me ??? AMD motherboard
Asus Probe Problem......
MSI K7T pro 2A + t-bird 900 overclocking weird
just a couple of questions
Best Motherboards with AMD 761 and ALi MaGiK 1?
Iwill KA266 bios behavior
Which Motherboard Should I choose?
AGP, PCI and PCI/ISA bus speed too high
New Abit KT7A system has "problem"
Problems with Gigabyte GA-7DX - at a loss
Misunderstood Iwill Info
need a good ddr board
overclocking on a fastfame 8vtav
Increasing AGP Voltage on 8K7A?
2 Questions on the ABIT KT7A-Raid MBD
Iwill KK266-R bios Qs + some general ones
MSI K7T Pro 266 Raid DDR
KT7A-RAID users
My +5V readings
A7A Question.... about 4 Dsw boards
tell me what you think is the best DDR mobo
KG7-RAID to be released at the end of the month
Quick Question for All Asus A7A266 owners.... Bios related
i keep freezing man,what can it be?
Abit KG7
Looking for best MOBO
K7 Master, Voltage Mod
Asus A7V 133 new bios (1005) is out now!
Jumper settings, please help
How can I tell what my board REALLY is??
Looking to build a game server...
Do I need the 4 in 1 drivers for my mobo??
I need link for OLD Asus A7A Bios........... version 1002 .....
Which mobo, msi K7 Master or EP-87KA+
Best Chipset?
ABit KT7A Bios Checksum Error, Insert Disk Into A: Drive?
udma or pio for raid?
Did I fry my motherboard also? HELP!!!!!
Best motherboard for 1GHZ AXIA @ 1.4+?
Asus A7A266 Mupltiplyer, FSB, and Voltage Chaging Without Mods.. Awesome!!
dodgy motherboard and dont know how to overclock with it
IRQ problems....
What need I to do when upgrading my mobo??
For all of you running at 1.4 and higher....
Anyone have a AZ11 with a V5 5500 that runs stable?
A clock multiplier mod for your Asus A7M266
Iwill KK266 rev.1.2 help
PLZ reply too my other post. Need fast respond
I just bought a asus a7v133 for just 2 weeks ago. The chipset fan stopped running...............
O/Cing 1.2/266 using FSB
Which motherboard is the best for the amd 1.33?
Asus A7V133 discovery
Best AMD 266Mhz Bus DDR Motherboard?
Motherboard Review Site???
Abit KT7A-Raid Bios
Stability problems with Kingmax PC150 installed?
Anyone know how to make a voltage mod on a MSI K7T - turbo raid?
Epox 8K7A+ (raid) ... some bad news on prices
um...just wondering
T-Bird Axia 1.3/100 bad to O/C?
Dual AMD Mobos???
Abit KT7A board
NEed Ali 1.74 drivers since ali site sucks ass >_<
how good is the abit KT7A?
i have a question about motherboards.
overclocking with MSI
too hot to OC...
Best MB for 1.33 AMD
Need Advice!
windows 2k ram help
Asus A7M266 and the clock multiplier
New to all this, buying new system, need recommedations =)
Abit KT7, KT7E and KT7A
pci divisor of 5
Best mobo fo rthe specs that i want-opinions
Recommend me which mobo and ram stick to buy??
Help with Motherboard Monitor 5.06 setup please.
AZ11 Motherboard + Duron 900: Is it possible?
Anyone trying to flash A7V with the newest mobo bios (ddr mobos)???
Serious problems with Asus A7A266!!! Need help!!!
Iwill 4/16 bios for KK266 = temp raise?
BIOS ? on spare comp.
Asus K7V mobo+ 650 slotA+ GFD--what's next?
yep... same case same power supply
AMD Computer Problem please read
Anybody have an ASUS A7A266 Mobo? What do you think?
kt7a-raid overclocking question?
already have DDR RAM
warranty info on A7v?
DDR Motherboard for Swiftech M 462B
poor raid performance
ATA100 question for fellow A7V133'ers
New to overclocking Help!!!
Quit with the non-ddr advice fellas
Help, I get my KT7A mobo today..... :(
What's the best overclocking mobo for a T-bird?
Just got a new piece of Kit: - I want to push it to the limit
need help finding a decent m/b
bug in abit k7a bios yh and zt if multiplier is changed
Eopx 8kta3 Overclocking when changing default Vcore
Asus A7A266 DIP Switches
Which DDR motherboard will be the champion? Abit KG7-RAID or Gigabyte 7DXR
palamino support needed, plz read
asking ALL KT7A, KT7A-RAID owners
Which Board????
?????FSB@133 @100
Question about Jetway 663AS Pro
Kt-133, or KT-133A?
Warning About the A7A266!!
maybe this link will work
MB selection
Iwill KK266-R memory question
voltage keeps dropping asus a7a266 + Premier 300w
Why is Windows installing Scsi drivers for my Asus A7m266 motherboard???
4 AMD's?????
KK266-R won't POST
Best Temp. Monitor?
SOMEONE recommend a MOTHERBOARD for me+my Duron
Asus A7V133 Problem.....
where do I verify my multiplier setting?
ocing help
Whats the Asus A7V-E motherboard like?
AsusA7M266 and the required power supply
a rookie voltage question....
Socket 7 Recommendations?
A7V stupid question
is my mb dead?
anyone familiar with a Gigabyte 7IXE4, please holler....
My mobo allows upto 115 FSB, but its running at 118FSB ?!?!?!
msi k7t
Get the Iwill
Why the agpPRO slot is usless!
200/266 fsb
FSB question
DFI AK74ec and Duron 650
Need more Voltage for your CPU or RAM than you can get from your options in BIOS ?? check this out f
Capacitor help (calling all EEs)
beta bios drives?
MB failure
What to do in a choice of MOB?
kt7 voltage mod...which one ... ?
Abit kt7a North Bridge Fan
Tbird 1gig 200 bus
KT7-Riad Probs...
Iwill KK266-R
Which is the best Mobo?
Why does Explorer.exe keep crashing, even though im not overclocked??
OC a PC Chip and Celeron 500
KT7A, Win2K and RAM problem any ideas?
Is 43 Idle, 51 full load ok for my Duron??
strange a7v mobo
The New DDR Board Abit KG7-RAID
a7v133's innacurrate temp readings. . .
Any compatability problems with A7A266?
another MSI pro2-a prob..
ad11 won't recognize hd as master?
how do I load win98?
AMD RDRAM Motherboard?This is a typo isn't it?
Future of DDR
Help with First OCD system
KT7A / AXIA C / Kingmax PC150 instability ?
KT7A / AXIA C / Kingmax PC150 instability ?
KT7A / AXIA C / Kingmax PC150 instability ?
KT7A / AXIA C / Kingmax PC150 instability ?
More "Newbie to AMD" questions.
Over clocking an Abit KT7A-RAID...
Im new to overclocking and i need HELP!!!!!
Gigabyte - 7DX and delta
Gigabyte 7IXE4 clock multiplier
ANyone know where I can get the beta bios 1005 for the Asus A7A266?
New Mobo
AGP 4X vs AGP Pro
Good Mobo for budget System?
Asus A7V-E - fsb speed
Newbie question about A7V.
KT7A temps
People with Soltek SL-75KAV, I need your help.
IRQ's, adding hardware, and win2k (a7v tbird 1ghz etc)
Asus A7V133A or A7A266 w/ DDR?
Question about AbitKT7a and Ram.
GIGABYTE 7IXE4 - what the ****
GIGABYTE 7IXE4 - what the ****
Good Lord!? Which BIOS version? Other questions.
HELP!Kinetiz 7B and Duron 800
Does the ZT bios for the KT7A make any difference?
MSI K7T PRO Socket A (6330)
Newby to AMD needs help...
What's the best Multiplier/FSB for ABit KT7A RAID with a 1.2GHz AXIAM?
Thermal sensor
Not enough fan slots???
KK266 BIOS question
Limiting Factors?
BIOS flash gone BAD !!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!
What is the highest voltage the MSI K7T will give you? 1.85V?
Vcore at 1.88volts?!
I/O Voltage
Asus A7V-E - Where's the Vcore setting in BIOS?
Does voltage mod improve overclocking?
Does A7V voltage mod work with A7V133?
Got a Slot tbird 750-what can it do
amd mobo`s and kt-133 chips
Anybody have a modded KT7A-R bios ZT?
what can i do??
tell me about the magik ddr problems
mb or video card?
won't boot
I hate the new IWILL BIOS
A7M266 now with multiplier??
How to OC this system?
DURON 800 with MSI KT7 Pro 2-A Help
bad bios flash
Specs on Socket A
ASUS A7A266 good mobo?
Palomino on KT 133A Mobo?
kt7a and delta black label
A7M266, Low SANDRA/3DMARK scores SOLVED!!
won't boot @ 133Mhz
A7V133 OC Problem-can't get fsb past 120. Please reply A7V133 owners.
What is the athalon 4? Is it using the AXIA chipset or what?
A7V-133 POST problems....
Iwill KK266-r and AC97 audio
does ata100 hard drive need a 100ata cable?
Computer Wont boot up!
Asus A7A266 w/ Geforce GTS...Compatible?
Best DDR board for 150Mhz FSB?
What is UP with Asus..... They release NEW BIOS like crazy !!!>....
Iwill KA266 AMD OHCI USB controller Fix!
Asus A7A266 Multiplyer Locked!
A7V users have you tried the 1.08 series bios
Almost there, need advice on a tower now.
Iwill KK266 fan header and the Delta fan
Asus A7V133 + Athlon C 1,333 GHZ
Asus A7A266 FSB Limitations?
abit kt7a crash
Help with Asus A7V
bios checksum error,,,,HELP
Help Soon, or I go balistic. What Board do I buy??
Hard Drive performance on the KK266
ASUS A7M266, Corsair PC2400 DDR and low Sandra scores
IWILL KK266-R can one of the IWILL experts point me streight please?
What do u think?
Solution to RAID booting?
Hack into the AMIbios or VIA KT-133 (686a) "other functions"?
h3lp m3!
Problem booting Kt7A-Raid and GeForce2 GTS
What's the difference between the Abit KT7E & KT7A?
AGP & PCI Bus speeds
Over Clocking with Abit KT7A
Iwill KK266 or Asus A7V133? Need some recommendations!
Some questions about you and your overclocking
New ASUS A7A266 BIOS BETA !!!!!!!!!!!!! 1005.001
why in the helldo my harddrives keep frying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Seriously having a hard time picking a motherboard.
Chipset voltages...
Double boot issues
Got my multiplier mod working on A7M266, thought I' d share the results
Is it possible to increase the divider on Iwill KK266-r?
Problems OC'ing Duron 850
Iwill kk266 OC
asus a7a266 @ a7a266a
Extremely stupid questions about the Abit KT7133a.
I just don't understand VIA drivers
Which is better overall motherboard MSI K7T TURBO VIA KT133A or EPoX EP-8KTA3?
Abit KT7-R & KT7A-R mobo's: RAID HELP!
Installed VIA 4 in 1 4.31 and Crassssshhhhhh
How do i instal new bios on an abit kt7a? Can you reply as soon as possible?
How do i disable the fan safe boot on the abit KT7A-R ?
MSI k7t turbo raid wont overclock; please help me!
wbk38 clip broke my socket, but only after broke my duron :(((
Athlon 4 question
KT7A @ 133FSB
KK266-r new bios support Palminos??? 0515.bin
Are ASUS reported temps really 7-10C too high?
Can some1 please help me?
3DMark2000/2001 stability with Athlon systems?
Asus A7V & ATA100 in comparison to the Abit KT7A (i think that's it : what ever the socket a
raid question
I have an Abit KT7A and I want to put a 120 mm fan in my fan 1 port.
Final Answer-bout mobos regis
iwill ka266r (at bus clock question)
raid question
Setting Up Question!
L1's connected on AXIA, Asus A7v133 can't change multiplier!!!!
Abit KT7E Update.
What would YOU ask The President ot ALi?
PC133 @ pc100??
VIA KT133E??? Plaese take a look at this one.
IRQ settings
K7T PRO no m/plier
Abit kt7A RAID or No RAID??
Epox DDR Motherboard EP-8K7A or EP-8K7A+ with RAID
Cannot Decompress Setup Cab File !!
Asus A7M266 - please sign
Questions about Iwill KK266R 1.33ghz results...
This was supposed to be simple.
Anyone got MSI K7 Master?
Best O/C motherboard?
Help PLease !!!!
Need a good athlon classic mobo
Heat Question:
Asus A7V133 vs Iwill kk266-r
Asus A7m266 Post ur results please!!
Serious A7M266 Issue.
how do i install second harddrive??
FSB overclocking with Gigabyte slot a
Any compatability issues here?
Can the KT7A bios start to go dead if it is reset alot?
KT7A-RAID System Still Dead
kk266 vs a7m266
usb problem on kk266
WOOT check out this athalon dualy mobo :)))
v5 and kt7raid
New Asus a7v133 bios?
KT7A Modding
strange bios setting
KT7A vs A7V133
I think I killed my MOBO!
trash my kt7a?
Poor memmory timing on A7M266
kt7a raid setup
Hy guys, here you are another unlucky MSI....
Help: Abit KT7a or MSI K7Ta, which one?
Abit KT7A-Raid USB problems...
think i've decided to buy... finally..
Any ideas before I RMA this beast?
Asus A7A266 owners please READ. !!
Need a new DDR motherboard SOON!
new mobo/ NO BOOT Help
Abit KT7A and Voodoo5500
Increased FSB = Mouse Stuttering on KT7a ???
Is the Voltage Mod On Asus A7V-133 The Same As On The A7V?
Have Problem with EPOX MB..... .I think....
Newbie: Abit Kt7a FSB/PCI settings ??? where to start
MSI Bios Question
Mobo and CPU buying advice....
help. Temperature and speed
Which motherboard is best??? Please help
iwill fsb problem!!!
ASUS A7A266 CPU multipliers ENABLED !!!!!!!!!!!! Its a mod however
MSI K7T Pro2-A and 1.3 Thunderbird?
A7V133 Panel connectors
KK266-r ACPI issue with w2k Quadcity could you give use some background info on this!
KT133 BIOS Updates for A7V
Via 686b chip?
Abit KT7A
Iwill KK266-R: sound and memory question
Leadman 400W PSU not sufficient?
Core voltage
Athlon overclock problem FBS and Mutiplier, Please help!!
amd cpus locked
Iwill KK266-R or Abit KT7A RAID mobo?
A simple question concerning Multipliers.
Board flash update for Vcore
Iwill KK266R Questions...
newbie - building new AMD system
Via Monitor settings
Gigabyte GA-7DXR
Gigabyte - GA-7DXR
760MP AMD Chipset
how to o/c
2.5 voltage question??
Possible Solution for A7M266 Multiplier
help kt7a problems.......please!
A7M266 Multiplier Mod not working... Help!
Problems with Graphics Card on Epox EP-8KTA3
A7A266 1.33 Temps with 1004 Vers 1002B Bios
Abit KT7A-Raid puzzler...
Iwill kk266 mobo randomly "re-starts"
This a good Mobo?
I'm having a bios flash problem
KT7A advice needed
yeah, hey, i have a question bout my a7v133. . .
Any new VIA KT266 boards due out in May?
MSI K7T266 Pro
DVD probs, is it VIA???
ka266r raid help needed
I want the opinions of the REAL experts.
Where is the system temp probe on kt7a?
Help with FIC AZ11 setup!