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Abit KT7A- RAID problem
Iwill KK266--SBLive--Western Digital--Win2k issues RESOLVED 100%
KT7-Raid issues
a7v-133 voltage mod?
200 or 266? PEASE HELP!
Abit kt7a-raid HELP!!!
What is my CPU ratio for a 1.2Ghz with a 266FSB?
I'm only scorin a 750 on 3D mark #%$##&^
Abit KT7E, Duron 800.
Highest FSB with KT7A-Raid board?
what is the best socket A mobo for under one hundred bucks?
Abit KT7A wont go over 133 FSB
FSB question......
Iwill KK-266R and MBM5?
FSB question.....
Help! System freezin' up since RAID
AMD 900mhz athlon/t-bird A7V stops at 963mhz
Does anyone have or know anything about this board DFI AK76-SN
Abit KT7A & 1.2gig 266
What kind of memory should I get?
Wich DDR motherboard to get for my T-bird 1200
the kt7a drivers dont seem to work???????
Anybody Know where to get the MSI KT7 Turbo limited mobo???
Instaled K7V mobo & need help
A7A266 New Bios Update = Aa261004.awd
Lock upand other Area 51 probs.
illegal operation
What to get???
KT7-RAID setup
Asus A7v133 M/B......Geat News
AMD recomended Mobo list - Abit KT7A
1000 mhz Axia @ 1370 mhz. Want advice to get even higher
Is DDR ram worth it for just gaming?
Is anyone running a Radoen VE on a Iwill KA266???
How to select an AMD mobo??
Iwill KK266.... IRQ changes in BIOS does nothing in Win2k
Duron/Biostar system constantly freezes
trying to get control of k7t pro (ms-6330)
ASUS A7V FSB Capability?
Is the Abit KT7E /KT133E chipset worth it?
Win2k, Iwill KK266 RAID, need benchmarks....Sandra2001se
Strange X-Files Type Problems on a Abit KT7A-Raid Mobo
AMD Duron 800 + ASUS A7A266 Question...
Iwill KK-266 problem
Is this voltage mod correct?
asus a7m266 onboard audio & ati radeon AIW conflict
How do you clear the CMOS on the ASUS A7V133???
HELP My new A7V133 isn't workin
Gigabyte 7IX motherboard
IDE Prefetch mode - is there really a difference?
Which motherboard would be best??
Which motherboard would be best??
Temp Readings?????
Weird Beeps
Iwill kk266-r and Axia 1 gig wont go higher than 1335 mhz stable
K7 Master BIOS< Phoenix or Award ?
I/O Voltage Question
setting memory speed
BEEEEEEEP!......Why does my IWill KK266 do that?
SCHWEEET!!!!! check this out anybody know if its any good for ocing?
IWill KK266 + MSI StarForce 815 GeForce 2 GTS 32MB, both from NewEgg.com = Wierd Problem!
Iwill KK266 RAID, slow performance...
Bios or resistor? (Only for.... K7T266 Pro users)
RAID worth it?
kk266r new bios 42600
USB hub for A7V not working, can someone help?
poll most stable md
Ahhhh!!!! Added multiplier change support to my A7M266.
Iwill's page removed the 4/16 bios update!
overclock 750 slot a @ 1050mhz & k7v mobo
overclock 750 slot a @ 1050mhz & k7v mobo
overclock 750 slot a @ 1050mhz & k7v mobo
Abit KA7 question
ABit VS asus, and this is where it counts
RAID mobos...
PC166 RAM overclocking
No half multipliers on KT7a?
BIOS Help on a Gatway-AMD setup mobo? NEED REVISION
newest BIOS for the KT7A?
Fan Headers On An Asus A7V133
Paul's KT 7 FAQ web side address needed, Please help
How do I overclock my computer?
ABIT KT7A-Raid and CD Burner Help!
this Iwill is sweet
Damn, forgot one more question...
clearing cmos on msi k7t pro2-a
anyone having probs with HP370 latest drivers and win2k & whistler ?
1Ghz Athlon CPU (blue/purple core) & Asus A7V133 fsb limitation?
Latest KK266 Bios.... 12.5x = 13.0x
Ka-266-r problem sorta
Iwill KA266 BIOS ????
trouble with A7Vkt133a...need help
Enabling SBA on Asus K7V...
The Best Motherboard
which board gives the best raid performance?
Cant Bootup
Asus m/n k7m Slot A, Hardly can overclock!
The 200/266 FSB Thing
PC150 setting
Biostar M7VKB
Ahh, PC100 with 266FSB? HELP!!! HELP!!!
A7V266 when will it be released???
TBird 1Ghx AXIA/266 + Asus A7V133/Raid = SonOfA$%(#$&#)@!
TBird 1Ghx AXIA/266 + Asus A7V133/Raid = SonOfA$%(#$&#)@!
Dumb Question about Via Hardware Monitor
TBird 1Ghx AXIA/266 + Asus A7V133/Raid = SonOfA$%(#$&#)@!
Does KA266-R MB Supports SDRAM videocard?
Duron 800 mhz
urgent RAID HELP needed
What M/B for an AXIA ?
OC'd Slot 900 Tbird on K7v.
motherboard monitor ka-266-r mobo?
What Via KT266 mobos are available...now?
Doh...Ijust realized I can't overclock the 1.3 300FSB on a A7V.
msi kt7 pro2a Frying t-birds????
Microstar mobo's: Good, bad or ugly?
voltage mod link
Building a new computer, what mombo?
Voltage Modifier for Asustek A7A266
Need some 101...please :)
What is RAID (on some motherboard)?
A7A266 and Swiftech MC462
Iwill KK266 will not post
why cant i get 133 fsb on my 1.2 tbird??
Which mobo?!!?
Is there any Programs to adjust the clock multiplier and not just the fsb?
How can i get my computer too?
Registry 52 Hack.......On an AMD mobo/756 chipset can it be done
Voltage mod on A7V133
Epox 8KTA3 mobo and the power/reset switch...
Soltek SL-75KAV????
KA266R Performance Setup Questions
New motherboard
What to believe
Which one?
which mobo do you know as a fact will get me up to the 1.7ghz range
Another KK266-AXIA success!
grrrrrr icq problems on my asus board
what is the best bios for the abit kt7 raid?
schlwapi.dll error over 1070mhz
Abit KT7E
Iwill KA266R VCore question
Which mobo?
Ah Jeez! I broke it! *#!@>#!
iwill kk266 kt133a pci problems with win 2k pro
just unlocked 1gig tbird on a7vkt133a need more help
Asus A7M266 - Multiplier Settings? - BIOS Update?
Will my mobo go to 1.3ghz
A7V133 + T-Bird 1,2 + Elsa Gladiac Ultra = Problems?! HELP!
MSI K7T-Pro I/O voltage mod?
Asus A7V kt133a irq prob...
Whats the best Heatsink for a 1ghz T-Bird that will fit a Abit KT7A Raid?
Iwill KK266 and IRQ Conflict?
will a pep66 fit on a kt7a?
Someone explain this whole SB Live! Problem...
CAS2 ram required for running T-bird 1GHz with KT7a-RAID ?
Unlocked or not unlocked?
iwill kk266 questions.
Abite KT7E motherboard
Question for KK266/R Owners
help me with my t-bird 1ghz
Need Help on setup
Fan header on Abit KT7A
A7V133 and incorrect PCI Bus Speeds
I lowered my motherboard temp by 8^c by putting the case cover on!!!
pc-133 with a7m266?
P4 vs T-Brid on front page
IwillKK266 ver. 1.2
asus a7v133 need help please!!!!
Did I fry my K7T Pro2-A Clearing the CMOS?
what duel athlon board to get?
KT7A or MSI KT7 Turbo and 124Mhz bus
Abit KT7E-Raid?
VA 503+ mb AMD k6-2 400
newbie...help please
Bios flash gone bad!!!
PC 133 or PC150
Hey!! Whats going on here?
Iwill KK266-R Bios update????
help!!!!!!! im building a computer with a abit kt7a! i get no video!
Gotta questipn here guys....
Abit KT7a-RAID - can I change FSB fractions
KT266 vs. AMD 761
What is the best MB to get for a 1.33ghz chip?
help i just got a new kt7a
a7v133, how to clear cmos? nothing works!!!!
HIghest FSB?
Whats wrong here ????
Help with A7V settings
How can I OC 1.2G AXIA TB 266fsb to 1.5G
Just Bought MSI-K7T Pro2-a Can't Change Multiplier With Duron 650
Asus A7M266 MOBO
Credit vs Crset
need advice on motherboard for 1.2 ghz athlon
is there a VI/O mod to go higher than 3.87 and get vcore to 2.6 or something
Giga-Byte GA-7DXR
Can't get 133 FSB on Abit KT7A
Who utilizes WPCREDIT?
Iwill KK266-R raid question
KT7A-RAID quality is lacking.....severely
Crucial DDR and KA266-R
New system, no luck...
voltage and temp on Abit KT7A
NEW 1.33 AXIA and KT7A-RAID...won't run default at ALL!
Iwill KK266 needs a new video card. If you have this board, what are you running?
Iwill KK266 Voltage Mod
BIOS updates
Are there any DUAL AMD 1.2 > motherboards ?????
WTF why wont it post?
A7A owners post your SiSoft benchies
Can't get it to boot! EEK!!
Is it possible to Change RAM voltage on Asus A7A266 MB ?
Abit KT7-RAID setup
Wanted Cheap ~ 1 GIG machine
New AXIA 1.33 and KT7A RAID...problem....
The MSI k7 master-s, r u familiar?
virtual channel ram
molex to 3-pin converter!!!
Anyone else having problems with USB and IWill KK266?
Question for Amptron 807 owners...
RAID 0, KT7A-R, 1.33, first timer!
Asus A7V onboard fan problem.
Abit KT7 raid bios
Power supply troubles
iwill kk266-r ver1.1 or 1.2 or 1.3 ????
A7V to A7V133. Reformatted, but now I can't run Black & White?
Voltage Mod for A7V133
help please
Dram Frequency
New Iwill KK266/R and KA266/R bios that fixs the 686B problems is out today.
Help needed Tbird 1.0 gig and Epox 8kta+ via kt-133
Does the "686 bug" affect the cr-roms too?
New Bios for A7A266!!!!!!
Abit KT7A MoBo "weird problem" Please Help if u can
A7A C-media gameport + Logitech Extreme Digital???????
KT7A beta bios
Any one else had of this
Asus's official word on A7M266 multiplier issue...
Asus DDR boards... you can change your multiplier now!!!!!
I turn on the power supply and...
A7V133 dont post to 133 !
Best board for an AMD 1.2 or 1.3?
Anybody using an AMD board as a DAW???
Abit KT7E motherboard
What FSB from your Fic AZ11E
ABIT kt7a memory settings?
A7V Problems
Iwill KA266 does anyone have this setup?
MS-6167 Hardware monitor chipset???
Question about IRQ Numbers.....
Best board for a tbird 1100?
really weird FSB problem
Iwill KK266-R BIOS ROM Checksum Error?
Ever heard of this one ? (problem)
a7v133, will going from 3.3vio to 3.2 will help or harm for overclocking?
Need some AMD Mobo Specs Questions Answered
When to buy DDR!
Okey I need help: What happened to my A7V?
kk266-r warning about multiplier
A7V133 No POST
Anyway still have a FIC VA503+ with a SBLIVE ??
Abits KT7E board
KT266 = Disaster
hey guys, any comments on asus a7a???
Iwill KK266 PCI frequency settings
higher multipliers on Abit Motherboards? And what about 1.3 GHz t-bird?
For anyone with a kinda flaky KT7A
MSI K7T Turbo-R - Mistake in Manual
A7V133 Rev. 1.04 and Rev. 1.05
Thanks for the replies.
FIC AD11 Problem - Any suggestions?
Highest FSB attained with the A7V133?
FSB too high ?
The DDR mobo with de best stability ???
Can I use 2 PSU's seperatly. 1 for devices, other for MOBO?
VCore on Iwill KA266
AMD overclocking with MS-5169
What is the best DDR MB I can get
New KT7A Results
KT7A-R and DRAM clock setting
1gb amd cpu
Asus A7V and ATA100 Hard Drive
Does the Blue Orb fit onto the chipset of the Iwill kk266r or the Asus A7V133?
Overclocking using the Fic AZ11E. where to start
A7M266 voltage mod
Asus A7V133, download MBM5.05 its better
MS-5169 MoBo
Any intake on the MSI K7T266 Pro?
dual Athlon mobo?
Computer restarts on its own.
Asus a7m266 got some dead fans
[b]Blue Screen of DEATH!!! Please Help![/b]
Help !!! A7V Overclocking Problems
Abit KT7A and USB DSL Modem
My final thoughts and has anyone else seen this?
Why does my 2.5v Value only say.....
VIA data-corruption bug in the KT133A (686B Southbridge)
KT133E chipset?
What's it mean When it says.......
I think I figured out how to change the multiplier on the A7M266 Without a soldering Iron!
HELP!!! KT7A-Raid
KT133A or DDR? (1 month from now in mid-May)
iwill irq and ata100 questions
Abit KT7ARaid IDE sequence
Will my PSU cut it for my upgrade?
Why no 166/133/133MHz memory setting on Iwill KK266?
Motherboard ? Please help !!!!!
voltages higher than 1.85????
VIA 4.30 Beta drivers
Asus A7V133 wont accept the PC133 Ram I bought
best place to buy mobo
Is the A7V 133 documentation for v-core settings wrong?
MOBO sites
For those using MBM 5 adn Iwill KK266
KT7A PCI/AGP divider
Help... Cannot set Multiplier
Which Mobo to choose?
Help!!! Cannot set Multiplier
Abit KT7A & Enermax 350w Psu
in need of assistance......
OC troubles with KT7ARaid and TBird 1G
Electrical conductivity of dried blood?
kt133 vs kt133a M.B. what's the difference??
Building my first box, help!
So your going to build a box to run 2k Advanced Server.... Iwill KA or KK raid?
Help !!!Asus A7V133 behave like crazy ! Does not boot, does no activate fans!
Question in mbm5....
Any reason to change I/O voltage?
"?" about Abit KT7 boards
Looking for a Baby AT Mobo
Advantage of 2 PSU's !?!?!?!?
mainboard temps
epox 8kta3 or msi k7t turbo which should I buy ?
USB not working
FIC AD11 Rocks - BIG time!!
250 W power supply-enough juice?
arghhh!!! comp freezes randomly for a couple seconds?????
Step by Step on flashing an Iwill Mobo
post ya asus mb temps here
how do u install windows 2000
Guys how do i modify my ABIT KT7-Raid to go higher than 1.85 V?
Help! Win2k Raid-0 and recognizing HDD
My new Iwill board!
We got it stuck up our *****
Ok, got a friend in need of some opinions.
Underwhelming performance on VIA KT266 DDR Boards!
running a7v fsb greater than 100?how do u ppl do it?
A7V, should i continue to cool the Green Menie? Green Menie raised my system n CPU temp by over 3-5C
How Can I....?
A case question...
probs w/ msi k7tpro2-a and TB 700! HELP!
Will the A7M266 ever get Multiplier?
Can someone help me with my IWill.....
Low ESR Capacitor Mod for KT7/KT7A
Look at this
um... how hard is it to retrace electrical lines on my a7v?
Duel CPU AMD motherboards
attached a small fan on top of chipset of A7V, felt lotza heat coming from d chipset but CPU n syste
How to switch PCI Latency on Kt7a
Guys, what's your opinion on this MOD...
Old equipment - is this board able to overclock?
A7M266 Asus Mobo
1st o/c Abit KT7A 1200 axia 266.
Multiplier problem MSI K7T
IWILL KK266 and flaky USB ports
CAS 2, SPD setting in Iwill KK266 gets me 1420Mhz....
Kt7a raid with 1.1 ghz only overclocking to 1.2 GHz help
Iwill KK266 memory timings and bios
What's faster?
Observations on WPCREDIT Register 52=EB tweak
POLL: Best dual-cpu AMD board?
Fried My NIC
Abit RMA Experiences?
Decrease Pci and Agp speed
Windows ME restart problem with ABIT K7A mobo, please help
AD11, K7T266, or A7M266; which would you buy?
New A7V133....now what??
losing overclockability with 2 dimms on kt133a
Doing my 1st overclock... so far so good w/Iwill KK266 and AMD 1.2 266
Upgraded bios on Kt7-R and won't restart
Did ASUS release NEW BIOS for A7A266 motherboard ? a7a owners please read
Problems up the butt with Abit KT7A-Raid and win2k
I have no idea what im talking about...
KK266 Question
Raid question
this pic is dedicated, to AZZKICKER
damn asus alsways shows higher temps
Asus A7V Multiplier Problem
Abit's KT7A-Raid and a 1200 T-Bird
VGA errors on Iwill KK266
I think I might be going there
Problem with VIA 4in1 drivers for Abit KT7A-RAID
Motherboard monitor not showing core voltage
Switch from KT7-RAIDto KT7A-RAID
Abit KT7A + 1.33?
AZ11 vs AZ11E
How do you flash the bios on a kt7a-raid
where can i buy 24 KOhm Resistor? for my a7v133 mod, please help
Any Iwill KA266 impressions?
Any input will be greatfully recieved
Duron 600 whit gigabyte ga7zx
ok guys post ya temps of cpu,s
Running Asus P5a @ 115 MHz
Iwill kk266-r rules !
Should i update my BIOS
how to do the voltage mod to a kt7a-raid
Need Help with EPOX on board sound.
Matherboard would post 150fsb only after i boot it at 145fsb! please help
KT7A-R and 4 Pin Connector Fans
Has anyone heard of reserving power on KK266 or any AMD for that matter?
Mobo upgrade
Feedback on Iwill KA266R
Fic AD11
ASUS A7V wont boot!!- no POST- Please help!!
this is what i did broke tab of my socket 462
Volt mod??? for an iwill kk266r?? i need more volts
iwill ka266-r northbridge chip
I need some help with my new computer setup!
Asus a7v, cant raise FSB greater than 102 can anyone help =P
4 way interleave for mobos that dont have bios support for it and VIA MVP3, MVP4, Apollo Pro 133/A,
Will this work?
say, does the a7v133 can do more then 146 fsb?
Shootout- 3 Asus T-Bird/Duron mainboards, 3 different chipsets.
Will Silverado fit on MSI KT266?
Problems With a7va 133 raid0 and SoundBlaster Live
Who is making the fastest pc133 mainboard at default??
abit kt7 or asus a7v133?
Easy as Apple Pie!!!!!!!!!!
Vcore & voltages going up & down
AZZA mobo any one know them?
So kind as to answer 3 or 4 questions
kt7a bios above ww fsb problems?
asus a7m266 mobo
Iwill kk266-r questions and performance tips needed.
So So Sad
Gigabyte 7DXR
Question about External Freq. Setting. A7V 133 Duron 850
Tweaking the register 52 on the KT133A chipset.
Another KT7A-Raid question
--Gotta get a board that works!!--
Abit KT7A or Iwill KK266??
KK266 installation questions
Need Advice, I need a cheap overclockable MB, with Video, Lan, and sound onboard.... ??
Safety of combining Jumperless/Jumpers on A7V?
hardware site
Compaq Socket A Mini ATX Motherboard
MSI K7T TURBO ver. 3.0 with Beta bios ?
MSI K7T-TURBO Question.
KT7A-Raid Question. Will this Work?
KT7A-Raid, Creative geforce 2 GTS
best DDR motherboard???
From ABIT KT7 raid to KT7a ??
hope someone can help with this..its driving me crazy
CRUCIAL DDR PC2100 STICK OF 256MB for 97dollars!!!
Got my 1.33 AXIA, MC462 is on the way.......which motherboard?
KK266 owners
New question: Voltage mod on Kt7a-raid
Iwill KK266-R resistors
Just got Motherboard, Ram, CPU
urgent peltier question, especially for those with Alpha PAL6035
MSI K7TPro2A doesnt change multiplicator
Vcore voltage in BIOS vs VIA hardware Monitor
Can't get stable with FSB increase
gigabyte ga 7dx voltage