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Can't get stable with FSB increase
gigabyte ga 7dx voltage
8KTA3 Voltage mod results!!!
Hardware Monitor
What produces better Performance....
MSI K7T Turbo-Raid Problems
Asus A7A266 !!! Anyone heard of this one??
RMA KK266(ver1.1) SAME PROBLEM!!!!
Temperatures and Hard drive recognition problems Iwill KK266 Non Raid.
comp had a wet dream :(
Anyway to tell the Board Rev of my KT7A-RAID?
Ooook, I give up, where can I get the Turbo bios for the IWILL KK266
questions about kt7a
Can some one explain Raid 0+1!!!
What is the best Ram PC1600DDR, PC166, PC150 or PC133cs2
Which Board? Abit or Iwill?
Just Saw Abit KT7E..
Why is this? KT7a-R question
1.33(266) .. what motherboard
Will this PSU help anyones project?
Reliablity of VIA Hardware Monitor??
Help, Can't get a POST w/ K7M and Athlon 600
Globalwin WBK on an Abit KT7A-RAID
2nd USB controller on an Iwill
Delta fan with no rpm control on Abit KT7A
KT7Raid bios settings?
KT7Raid bios settings?
problems with Abit kt7a-raid
Bad dream - Abit KT7A
Warning!!! Warning Will Robinson, Warning!!
Abit KT7A-R and 3D Prophet II MX
Abit KT7(A-[RAID]) fan sensors
FIC SD-11 Quandry
CPU AMD 1.2 266bus Temperature probs.....
Can anyone help me with a voltage mod ...AOpen AK73 Pro.
how did you do it AZZKICKER?
Need KT&-RAID help setting up drives.
Dual socketA!!
HELP: Abit KT7A Raid win2k shutdown woes
I need a good mobo...your suggestions?
Prime95 Problems...
Asus A7v133 Max FSB Speed
For your pleasure*drumroll* Dual Athlon Mobo
Need advice on this total athlon oc capable system
connecting 2 psu??????
where is the multiplier setting on a ka-266-r mb?
help- kt7a raid ,hard drive question
Whats the best all scsi motherboard to overclock, or at least the best in performance? Also, dual CP
FIC AD11 AMD760 Athlon DDR board....
If you can't boot at 133Mhz . . .
Overclock HP ?
Anyone got anything on the Asus A7V 133 Raid.
Time has run out! NEED NOW
Switching To AMD need 100 dollar Motherboard--->
Multiplier problem. Iwill mobo or do i need to redo L1's
fried mobo, smoke coming out from under it!!! wtf coulda caused this?
K7TPro2-A with Athlon1.2 not booting (need help or new Athlon?)
damn u a7v133!!
Pauls KT& FAQ TO MOVE !!!
hell diddly ding dong crap
Abit KT7A PeP66T combination
Gigabyte GA-7IXE4 MOBO Advice PLEASE!!
anyone cooking their clock generator?
M7VKB Will only boot with one processor
please tell me how i can get more vcore volts
Help Mr. Wizard!! New KT7A FSB Problems
T-Bird/Duron mainboards and SCSI Controllers?
W.T.F???? ABIT KT7A-RAID is a good board right???????
gigabyte ga 7dx
How do I change multipliers for duron 800mhz?
Why Can't I ???
KT7A-R packaging, OEM or RMAed board?
Just bought A7V 133 and Duron 850, how fast can she go
Gigabyte GA-7IXE4
Hard Drive problems
Salvage operation... need a little help...
Abit MOBO ?
Help need beep code for kt7a
what do i need to do to overclock
Turbo Bios for KK266 ???
HELP!! A7M266 mb not compatible with Swiftech MC462
iwill ka266r good or bad?
Voltage Mod On 8KTA3? Any Info?
Need Advice: Good TBird mobo
what does"DRAM Timing by SPD" in BIOS mean?
Needed-Absolute cheapest socket a mobo.
which chipset is better for socket A.....VIA or AMD, and why? let the debate begin
What Motherboard??
Question on new mobo.
Proms overclocking on a KK266R...Multiplier and dividers are too DAMN HIGH!
Problem with Abit KT7A motherboard...
k6-2-damn i hate thee
Please tell me im WRONG
3Dmardk2001 incompatible???? wtf
First boot questions.??
"Hot" bios??
Is there a Voltage Mod for the KT7a?
Would this fry a motherboard?
overclockable mobo`s on a budget.....(read:cheap)
HELP, AMD Athlon 1ghz, 200mhz???
Do pc150 dimms work on an abit kt7a?
Quick question, please reply.
HELP!! I need DDR motherboard. Which one is Good ? Please READ !
KT7A (KT133A) breaks Windows 2000?
Just got it up to 1344
PCI speed on 133DDR Bus
Advice on Motherboard/CPU
Problems with K7TPro2-A bios 2.5
Who's the smartest guy here...?
Is it possible to OC a Duron 600 to 1000 on the FIC AZ11e???
AMD mobo which one???
KT7 temperature labels / safe temp?
ABIT KT7A revision 2?
KT7 12.5x100 really = 12.5x104, any fix?
Iwill KK266R+256 MB DDR2400 ram + Tbird 1.2 GHz= no go...help?
Help Have Amd athlon KTI133/KM133????
lite-on fs020 power switch to kt7a raid???
ak73pro[a] continued..............
Which mobo shall I go with?????
Duron Questions ? :'(
KT7A RAID setup problems w/ Quantum Fireball AS
ak73 pro[a]
What does Raid mean on the kt7a raid
Help with bios and multiplier on a abit kt7-a raid
Help have a 1gig gateway need help???
Iwill mobo KA266-R good for overclocking?
Anyone figure out how to get the HDD Led to work on a kk266-r?
KK266 and controller chips
K7V + AThlon 750 O.C. to 862,can i do more?
DIP Switch Tutorial for Asus A7M266 - Help Please
KT7A - Northbridges - Do they ALL come with Active cooling?
Gigabyte GA-7ZX
Going to overclock Duron 750...What mobo?
highest voltages for an asus a7v133 on the planet!!!
4.03 volts on my motherboard's i/o!! can this be safe??
Abit KT7a-RAID Fan1 check help
Diff btwn 8KTA2, 8KTA3, and 8KTA3+
Asus A7V133's, 1.2 Ghz Heat Problem
Stupid Questions
Problems symptomatic of a weak PSU?
Iwill KK266-R + Thunderbird 1.2Ghz 'C' = No boot at 133fsb!?!
AMD K6233 and PCI SLOT???
Can an AMD chip go more than 1 ghz on a asus a7v 133A
Problem with Abit KT7 voltage mod
Building my first AMD system...need advice, opinions
Iwill KK266 with the proper resistors
Iwill kk266r constant crashing problem found finally
anyone know if there is a bios out for the a7v133 to fix the cold boot problem?
Im building a new DDR system! Help!!!!
Gateway MSI-6330 board lock ups, HELP!
OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
Abit KT7A voltage mod
ideas on cooling my water resivior???
sure... it does very well...
Can someone help setting up my new motherboard.
I have one!
Abit KT7A and RAID problems
Need serious help wiring on/off +reset + HD LED switch to MoBo
M/b combo's
Turning up the FSB on the Asus A7V, need some tips...
Its up, Its running
GOOD sound cards that work with VIA chip set
Anyone with MSI K7T Turbo-R running with a 133 FSB?
Bios update
OS tester
Blue Orb will not fit on KK266
socket 7 that never die
Help! A7V died after mod. Need to change C6 ???
bios checksum error
If I get a 750 t-bird can I overclock it by..
FIC AZ11 help!
KT7a-RAID OS Setup help
Motherboard risers??
Spontaneous reboot
enermax sensor???
Iwill kk266-r v1.2 w/pc166 tonicom memory settings and sandra scores
whoops *(^%%$#)
Where can I get the best prices?
epoxta3&tbird1.2 b(100fsb). save me
A7V133 doesn boot up at 133 MHz FSB and Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS problems
cooling an Iwill KK266
Whats the CHEAPEST duron mobo?
the voodoo3 and the abit kt7 411????
abit mobo i/o voltage
K7T Turbo-R won't even boot up when i O/C my Duron but my old K7T Pro2-A works fine what's w
bios problem!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know if the kt7a raid will support the polmino?
How to recover a corrupt BIOS ?
Iwill kk266r sisoft memory benchmark at 170 cas2 for anyone interested
will my 700 duron go to 1.1Ghz??
iwill ka266
I need an AMD system
win2k and raid
Anyone try the "beta" bios for the MSI K7T Turbo ms-6330?
What I want, I need to find with your help, please
higher resistor value = higher vcore!!!(but don't go crazy :)
A7V133 and Duron 700 combo only dose 1076 at 2.5volt
Anyone get the raid to work with Iwill kk266-r rev 1.2
Voltage on kt7a-raid
PLEASE !!! People with KA266 R V1.3 Motherboard READ THIS POST !!! KA266 R and 2x DDR PC2100 VOLTAGE
Can't get Shuttle 591P to Boot--Help if you can PLEASE
how high can a amd tbird 850 go wif a asus a7v 133??
Kt7a-Raid & Thunderbird 900 good combo???
little problem here......
What bridge to cross, and what month is it anyway???
Tbird serial numbers
Got my AWill KK266 1.2 version w/ proper resistors!
What Mobo to buy ???
Mother ef'er. Ef'in EPOX- 8KTA3 plus info here!
MSI K7T Pro2A: How to set 133FSB?
How do I upgrade my bios on my A7V?
Iwill KK-266R v1.2 and 1.2 100 bus cpu working great
Abit KT7A-RAID with 512 megs of Crucial mem CL2. I have a headacke HELP!!!
!!!!!! Someone PLEASE !!!!!!!!
!!!!!! Someone PLEASE !!!!!!!!
any 1 know how to make the Vcore Mod on the A7V133A please??
SoftFSB and an EPoX EP-58MVP3C-M won't work
iwill kk266 voltage hack?
New ????? A7A266 Asus
Lot of people cheering IWILL about their fast response to a problem
ASUS A7V help!!!
Asus A7V dipswitch problem?
New????? Asus A7A266 board
VIA Harwaware Monitor and 2.5V Power Level
Problem affects KK266-Rs only or KK266 non-raid as well?
Celeron Dissapoints me....
Crunch Time. I need to buy the processor tomorrow...
AMD Mobo ovc ease??
Epox 8kt3 or Msi k7t turbo???
Anybody overclocked on a AOPEN AK73-1394 mobo yet?
Bad Bios flash killed my kt7
MSI K7T Pro2-A
Iwill KK266 Rev 1.2 RMA Program for Multiplier Problem!
KT7A + HPT370
A7V133 don't even boot up when i O/C my TB but my old A7V work fine what s wrong?
Epox EP8KTA3-please help
Abit kt7a-raid vid card and sound card recc's
KK266 review - possible solution for 133MHz non-boots?
abit kt7a-raid mobo bios update and sb liveware conflict with dma on cdroms
ugh...can someone help me out here???!!!
Asus Motherbaord
KT7A... to RAID or not to RAID?
hey boys, i'm baaack!
ABIT KT7A-RAID problem with raid
Anyone know if a m810lmr board is overclocker friendly?
MSI fans check my site out and...........
KK266 Progress and Problem!!!
iwill kk266 - new question
KK266 and Boots with Default Vcore With Bios Set Higher
MSI Tubro Multiplier/FSB problems.....
Lucky Star M/B has anyone ever had or seen one of these
Fan on MoBo
Lucky Star m/b ,anyone ever heard of or had one?
Iwill 266R
Just got my Iwill KK266(v1.2).. Need help deciding on what CPU to buy or should I RMA the MoBo
I did a write up on the MSI-pro2a Voltage mod
Advice Needed
What are some other AMD sites?
Epox KTA3 Jumper Settings
memory performance program??
Okay, so I did the kt7a mod...
Back in Business
Installing Win2k on Asus A7V KT133A
KK266 and Turck Bios My Views on both
EPOX 8KTA2 == 8KTA3 ???
Anyone know how to use WPCredit to fix the temparature problem in the Asus A7V?
Spread Spectrum
did i fry my mobo?
Slightly Different USB Problem with the KT7-Raid
I Will KA266 Problems
I Will KA266 Problems
Raid or not to Raid
asus 1337v best video?
Problem with temperature reading with Asus A7V with GlobalWIN FOP38
a bios flash
Making the best of the Iwill KK266 problem
Poor support from MSI, beware of MSI-6330 or MSI K7T Pro 2a!
Driver Differences?
Can the Alpha PEP66 fit on MSI K7T Turbo without any mods?
Abit KT7 133A Raid Incompatibilites (my tragic story)
L1 Bridge and Iwill KK266 experience to date!!!
premade system
A little help for someone new at this ?
Changing the FSB on my AZ-11
MSI K7T-TURBO-R {Check this OUT}
having big probloms recognizing cd hdd cd-rw on kt7a raid
temperature monitoring
serious need of help!
KT7A - What is better? Looking for None DDR and cheaper then the KT7A.
What mobo to use?
Tyan Trinity 1590S / AMD K6*2 400 MHz Combo
disk boot failure
Tyan 760mp Mobo
Need Help w/Duron 700
KK266...if you have one please read
Iwill KK266 Voltage Mod
A7V-133 CORE VOLTAGE MOD Here it is.
Ak70 overclockable?
MBM and KT7A
How come in the configuration table show dimm 0?
Survey- Those with Iwill KK266 Mobo's
houston,we have liftoff
Is the Asus A7V with Dipswitches the Same as the Asus A7Pro?
Purchased an epox8kta+/duron650 intending to overclock/reviews ok...sheesh!
Asus 7Vm266 multiplier locked!!!
Multiplier wackiness on my Duron 600 and MSI K7T Turbo
KK266 Issue
Multiplier problems on KK266
iWiLL KA266 with ECC pc1600 ram, OK???
Not recognizing CD-ROM
New A7V bios out. Need your comments to encourage me!!!
pci divider
Restarts on its own ? HELP?
1ghz tbird wont go past 1.1 on epox
A7V CPU temp monitoring in Linux?
epox 8kta3 vs msi k7t turbo
Abit KT7-A - Via Temperature Monitor
brand new to overclocking
Abit KT7A Motherboard O/C Questions
Abit Kt7a-raid not too stable?
anybody with expetience with FIC AZ11-E
Any reason I should not buy the Epox 8KTA3??
abit kt7a-raid
Anyone using a KK266 and a 1.2 Tbird...can you comment on this?
I think I'm ready... kt7a mod
2k with amd/via crashes with any 3d @desktop
Turc Bios for Iwill
Where the hell is it?
Abit KT7A and WinME
houston do we have a problem?
any kt7a raid owners? please help
After installing the 4/1 driver for my iwillkk266r it starts to crash
connections on a kt7a raid,help
Uk resources
Help...My puter Does nothing
KT7 Core Voltage Test Point
A7V Boot Error
Does the IDE port on Abit kt7a-raid support ata/100 harddrive?
ATI Radeon and Ait KT7a-r. Compatibility Problems?
KT7 voltage mod. Over the 2.6 volts limit.
Iwill vs. Abit
Matsonic ms8127c mobo?
Please Help, Can't setup SYS :(!
yes i am dumb as a rock but
Biostar M7MIA
A7V - Cooling the ICS Clock Generator
Are There People WhoReally Try to Help Others On here
AMD Soltek 800 tbird
HELP HELP,,,,, BAD BIOS ????????
AMD Motherboards?
it was not that much of a fight but....
Is it my board? (KT7A-Raid)
IWill KK-266 Bios Limits?
I bought a Soyo SY-K7VTA-B, should I return it?
should I raid my motherboard???
abit beta bios
Abit Removal from AMD "recommended" list
MSI K7T Turbo - jumper error in manual !!!
Is it not a little odd.......
Asus A7V Voltage mod problems...need some ideas
MSI pro2a owners voltage mod success,
FSB Barrier Limit
Locked 1.2???? or Bad KK266????
Iwill Boards and 1.2 t-Bird
K7T Turbo: the board i'm getting... ne1 get some reveiws??
Abit motherboard question?
HERE GOES IT!!! just got the iwill kk266r
Is it the I/O VOltage?
Iwill KK266 set-up ?'s
I-WILL KA266-R Problems
Where are all the a7m266 MoBo's
WTF?? MSI K7T Pro2-A just wont power down/reboot???
1440 and going
Asus A7V133 & Win98SE Hell
OK - I killed the bios on the KK266...
PLEAS help with my A7V
pcchips M810LR
Need a Mobo for my new System!
MSI K7T Turbo VIA KT133A & Duron 800 & Thunderbird 800... Overclocking The CPU QUESTION.
Help!!! I-Will KA-266R with 1200T-bird
Resistor help please
Conductive pens
which mobo???
Slot A Athlon
FIC AD 11 overclocking experience
msi k7pro (6195) bios flashing problem
Won't boot
Please, help with overclocking KT7A, 900Mhz
Jetway 663 AS motherboard BIOS update problems
wont post i get 4 long beeps then it shuts down
Vcore Mod. On The A7M266
Critique proposed AMD base System
KK266 Out Standing My first try Thanks to ALL YOU!!!!!
Halt On
My Thunderbird fried ? Please help !
BIOS Settings!!!
KT7A-Raid performance reduction after low-power-situation
Pci and Agp divider on Iwill KK266
mobo bus
Amd And the 266FSB
Will pollyester fry my mobo?
What would cause my fans to stop???
Ram settings in BIOS
New Via 4 in 1 drivers
Question about RAID MB's
Abit KT7 - Asus A7V Which is better for overclocking?
Iwill KK266 Voltage jumpers
MSI-6341 (K7 Master / Master-S)
Switch BIOS for MSI KTPro-2A
More voltage for my MSI k7t pro2a, Please?
new VIA chipset?
The cheapest overclocking motherboard?...please answer
kt7a bios tweak question?
IWILL KK266R board got enough room??
TurcOC bios on KK266 is ok and FAST
kt7a and gforce2mx slow bench mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crucial PC133 on ASUS A7V133
I need someones opinion
Abit Kt7a Or Iwill kk266?
K7T Turbo-R
Please tell me there is a voltage mod for a Pro2a
I just bought new IWILL KK266-R and Duron 800- see what happened.
Need a good DDR board!!!!!!!!!!!!
KT7A northbridge fan/heatsink thermal grease
Found old PC in closet... help with upgrading it...
Kiss My Grits---I can only get Dur 600 to 900 stable
MSI K7T Turbo BIOS: built-in 4-way memory interleave function????
Whats the Best AMD Motherboard 4 Overclocking?
apci headaches
amptron k7-807
More voltage on the ABIT KT7A-raid
Thanks Guys
No boot No boot
help with my epox 8kta3
Help me with my tough descisions
Short question concerning several AMD Boards
Adventures in new DDR system land....
help with fic az11
Which one do you have, which one do you want and why?
A7V BIOS 1006
IWILL KK266-R vs. Abit KT7A Raid - Which is stablest?
Can the Iwill KK266 fan header handle the Delta fan?
K boys, got my priorities straight. Time to Cut n' BURN! YEA BABY!
Okay, so what about this one?!?
Help on buying a ASUS A7V Socket A Athlon/Duron Mainboard
TurkOC BIOS for Iwill KK266
Trouble o/c AMD Duron700 / Gigabyte GA-7zm mobo
Quick question here guys.
IWILL KK266 Settings?
BULL SH** FLAG!! (KT7A-Raid)
do the abit kt7a and asus a7v133 come with agp dividor?
Putting a HS on the A7V northbridge, anyone have a pic of what they did?
Epox 8KTA3 Overclocking
KK266 rulz
Is A7V Bios 1006 better than 1005c?
AZ11--Duron 700 (L1 bridge is open)--FOP(for durons)
SOLTEK 75KAV-anyone checked this one out?
Asus Warranty???
Where do I get benchmark software?
Abit KT7A T-Bird 1100 Question
What BIOS do I use for my A7V133A ???
ABIT KT7A and T-bird 800
Soltek-75KAV 110Mhz+FSB setting problem