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I can't get my temps to go down
Why don't motherboard factory's sink VR's
Looking for an article on thermal paste application...
E5200 3.15GHZ @ 51c...Good?
Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer 4: Fan Setup
How to improve
need help with Q9550 cooling
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Asus silent knight Al Feedback.
hardcano 9
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My personal review of the Xigmatek HDT-D1264
Good socket 775 & 1366 air cooler.
Dark Knight fits in Antec 902 Case?
LEDs on CM 120mm fans work at random
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Yate Loon 140mm D14SL-12+4LED Blue LED
TRUE or Tuniq bolt through
Stock FAN used to 3000rpm now only 2000rpm
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WHat Cooler To Get??!
**Ez Question** Chipset cooling.
Recommend good case fans
Where's the cpu cooler database that used to be on the front page?
I can't get my heatsink on to save my life :(
Installed my XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm today.
Antec 902 + CoolerMaster V8
So I built my first system and it seems to run awful hot
How are these temps?
Where can I buy Thermalright TRUE 120 Black for i7?
Are my Temps ok? New Oc'er
Humidifier on the Intake
strange thought
ACF 7 Pro worth upgrading
Will adding a second Radiator be worth it?
Will a Cooler Master V8 fit an Antec 1200?
A new cpu cooler or a water cooling system
How good are the SunBeam Contact coolers ?
Just installed my Xigmatek S1283V Dark Knight
Assistance needed with fist time build. (first post too :))
Thermalright Ultima-90 what fan to use
thermalright ultra 120 extreme
VGA cooler (2 slot, rear exhaust)
Custom TEC Cooling Setup - Advice
Temp, Wattage & Stability Help.
XIGMATEK XLF-F1253 120mm
Recommend a good cpu cooler (air)
Quiet AM2/AM2+ cooler
Wondering about a Accelero S1 Rev. 2
Whats the real TJmax ?
Quiet i7 Running Warm
Expert Advise is needed.
Best 120/140mm fans < 35 dBA
Ordered my XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Today.
Need a new heatsink
Quick question about TRUE
Max Temp for 9800 GTX+
Socket A Cooling
Artic Cooling's vga cooler
please tell me if this system is ok
s1366 cooling - choices, choices, choices...
Should i be worried O_o?
Air Cooling, what should I buy?
The Thermalright HR-03GT GPU Cooler
New Case
Will a Cooler Master V8 Cpu cooler fit into a Coolermaster Elite 331 casing?
Cases with HDD cage similar to Antec 902/1200 ?
Will these heat sinks work?
Heatsinks without plastic retainers
Akasa AK-965 - Missing Push Pins
Socket 775 Best HSF ?
Fan question?
Expected improvement for moving to TRUE 120?
Would you be worried with these temps??
3 pin Arctic Freezer not adjusting speed
Am3 Mobo/CPU cooling
Question about swapping AM2 and 939 heatsinks
Ultra X-Wind Copper opinions.
New All-in-one Water Cooler: Masscool 7WA002L Water Cooler
Noob here Looking for north/southbridge/mosfet aftermarket cooling for i7 board.
Recommended RPM for a cpu cooler
zerotherm fz120 & fz120s: different?
northbridge / south bridge rampage cooling
Thermalright Ultra Series (need explanation)
Unusual cooling question
Looking at a new HSF what would you recommend?
Push/Pull without second fan support ?
Dimond thermal past?????
Need some advice from the experts!
Cooling the back of the motherboard
i need a realiable fan controller!
Twin exhausts (hear me out!)
different fan for my psu??
Akasa ak-967 Nero ?
9 system overclocking needed
Did they discontinue the TRUE?
will the ocz vendetta 2 fit in my board?
Decent Low Noise Cooler For My 9550
Speedfan fan speed controller not working
Computer CPU cooler problem
vegetable oil cooling
Geil Cyclone Memory Cooler
Push pull with TRUE in Antec 300
Everything on Air
Scythe Kabuto
Arctic Silver 5
Cooler Master V8
Too much pressure?
3 way TIM round up?`
AM2+ Air coolers
Is my Q6600 cool enough?
Back to Air Cooling Question
[HardOCP] Thermal Paste Shootout - Q209
my rig cooled by xigmatek dk pics
Question about CPU/Core temps
T-Shooter, Something completely new.
Are stock case fans junk?
Sunbeam Core Contact...
CoolerMaster V10
need an aftermarket heatsink that fits in an antec 300
Zalman LQ1000 - Pump Issue - Need Advice
Cooling for 4850
Ga-x58-ud5/extreme fit enzotech heatsinks?
new heatsync needed?
Zalman CNPS9700 to? Ultra 120 Extreme? Or?
Recommend A Retention based 939 heatsink!
How bad was this done?
Need some advice on fan controllers
top or bottom
CM V8?
quick question
Wall plugin fan controller
Hey guys recommend me a heatsink!
what you guys think of these? Help needed
Stock i7 Temps w/True
Q9550 - Are these safe temps?
Large temperature gradient acrocc cores
Enzotech on Asus P45 Northbridge
yateloon makes??
Best Cooler for install on Vertical MB
Silver Plating
Positive and Negative pressure
Original case fans or after market?
Best way to cool my new i7 pc.
Need the best fans I can buy for Silverstone TJ09 & fan for TRUE Copper.
Any 775 to 1366 adapters for heatsinks?
Strong Potential For OC?
Looking for and aftermarket cooler..
Suspenion wires for heavy heatsink possiblei? Whats good wire to use???
how to reduce temps?sugessions
Looking for aftermarket COPPER COOLERS to go with TRUE Copper...i7machineGTX295?
my C2D temp is 61C idle?!?!? and glitchies
Are gains to be had with a different heatsink?
AMD 6000+ Overheat Need advice
Does Thermalright mobo heatsink fit x58 lga 1366 boards?
tuniq tower not working need replacement
Best way to hold fans to something
Q9650 Temps
Problem with i7 temps
Loudest Cooling Component
Looking to get some better coolin on my 9950be
Core i7 cooler
Can I get better temps...
What's The Best Thermal Tape
Which 120mm fan filters will be better ?
What's a good air cooler for a Q6600?
Question Aboput Coolermaster V10
Zalman ZM-NC1000 notebook cooler
TR HR-01 Plus or Noctua NH-U12P .. does it matter?
Xigmatek HDT S1283
TRUE Temp Woes
Will I be able to run either of these systems completely fanless?
How to Hook up more then one item?
which of these vga coolers should i get
Thermal Sensors for quad core
Need info on 120mm or 140mm PWM fans.
need a source for push-pins
TRUE ultra-120 extreme lga1366 horizontal?
Please help me figure out which temp is which.
Coolit Domino or TRUE 120 Black?
E8400 overheating problem
Passive HS that scales well w/ fan?
AeroCool EasyWatch and Thermal Sensors
stupid question about installing a cpu fan
X1800XT Cooling mod
This look kinda wrong?
replace the scythe ninja?
I have a large Audio equipment rack that I need cooled...Can I just use PC fans?
temp monitor programs
127mm Filters
heat-pipe question
Haven't used air in awhile...
Planning aftermarket set up for GTS 250 cooling vregs
am I cooling my PC by the best way
Temp monitors
spinq review
Looking for advice for a fan controller.
Cooler for my Alienware...
Mount Powersupply fanside up or down?
IDC7 and am2 retention clips
Is the air flow correct?
i7 920 cooler vs i7 965 cooler
ZALMAN cnps9900
TRUE 120 Swap
Will this case/MB/Heatsink fit?
Help me cool my desk!
What heatsink is this?
Thermal compounds! high cpu temp!
scythe mugen 2 uneven core temps
Thermalright Fan Clips on a Noctua
Will a 775 sink work on a 1366?
Fan filters
Bolt through kit that will work on EVGA i7
Need a favor(measurement) from S1283/S1284 owners
Help Cooling Evga 295 Cards
cooling my 100c i7 920. Indecisive. What do you use?
Cooler Master V8
choosing a CPU fan help
Removing LEDs from BTF80
E7300 OC Temperatures Normal?
holy mother of air HS!!
Fan running full speed??
Best not too tall air cooler.
Will adding these fan REALLY make a difference
100mm fan grills
750i ftw Air Cooling
Xeon Heat
Need HSF recommendation please
And Dell XP One cooling mods?
CoolerMaster Hyper Z600 vs tuniq tower
Extra fans.
Best cooler to use to OC a E8400?
Exhaust or intake?
CoolerMaster GeminII (not the S version) on Asus P6T (vanilla)?
Modded 780i cooling w/ heatsinks
Cooling my E6600
Need Help!
Temp. Problems with E7400.. help!
Chipset cooling
cricket sound
Newbie Question
Musashi cooled 4850 crossfired
Use the old intel cpu cooling for video card
Yate Loon
BEST aircooling solution for an I7 on an X-58
Cooler Master V10
Titan EC-TTC-SC-03 PCI Slot VGA Card Cooling Fan review
Side case and tube question
need advice on aftermarket cooling for my 4850's
has anyone used thermoengine socket 370 coolers as northbridge cooler?
has anyone heard of this fan?
9800gtx+ Cooling
high temp gtx 260
Accelero S2 fitting on nVidia 9500GT?
Abit IP35 Pro, E7400 Temp Problem...Help
Intel x6800 running warm?
How to stop CPU temp spikes
Urgent. Mugen 2 seems not to be compatible with AM3! please help
Wanted OCZ Freeze, ended up with AS5
Temp readings
What are you using to cool your AM3 proc?
Thermaltake Lanbox Lite. Which CPU cooler?
Measuring Heatsink Gap
best cooler for a PII 940 BE
TRUE with E8400 High Temp
How does fan-controler work?
TJmax for Intel processor
ask2 or Tuniq 120 Tower?
Xigmatek Dark Knight v version Results (PIC)
need a lapping guide
Help identify this Heatsink
Thermaltake Armor LCS and asus striker WC
Original thermal paste?
4850's in xfire & cooling
Case cooling problem
Stand-offs are terrible
need advice as to what heatsinks to buy
DPS Mobo Loud Fan
Final choice between core-contact and Mugen 2 for X3 720...help
Good Heat Sink For a q6600 and quite fans
PLZ help - Q9400 not doing well on stress test
Looking to replace VGA and CPU HSF's.
HD4870 cooling. S1 Rev2 and vf1000
stock to water cooling?????HELp plz
Xigmatek...What cools better?
Is it possible to watercool......?
Item question
adding a switch
120mm fans
Help Me Cool my eVGA 9600 GT Silently
temp issue with E7400
My true temp
Coolers for gigabyte ga-g31m-es2l?
VGA Cooler Question
Temp problem :(
Asus p5q deluxe with Xigmatek S1283 and Crossbow mount
I beliieve i have found the best air cpu cooler out ther.
Is Thermalright okay?
Mad with thermal paste
Fan Selection
Wow, my CPU fan died.
Which Thermal Paste?
Cooling Southbridge on EVGA
Thermalright 120 ultra or Coolermater v8
Custom Heatpipe VGA cooling.
Tuniq Tower 120 help please!
Case Cooling Setup Questions
cpu temperature question
asus silent knight
Idle temps on air (1920x1200 safe)
12" Fan manufacturers?
cooling on an acer aspere 5515
Need some post market cooling help
Cooling SilverStone FT01 + CM v8 - Need tips!
Noob question
XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S128
Special Discount:Buy 3G Iphone 16Gb,HTC Touch 3G,Samsung Omnia at lower prize!!!
Which air cooler would you get?
Classic air cooling
Replacing 3850 stock cooler with vf1000
Cooling capcitors?
ati gpu coolers
ugh zalman thermal paste...
Jab-Tech vs. Petras low speed yates.... a deep look.
Cooler Master V10 results
Compact H20 220 leaking bad(almost killed my PC)
[noob] i7 - safe temps
Low profile haetsink
should i change psu fan
..if a heatsink is bigger that the chip
inverting cooling fan connections
what could make a computer abnormally hot?
Socket 1366 - Core i7
HR03-GT or T-Rad2 on Gigabyte HD4850?
Yate Loon Fans
Air Cooling for HD4870
GTX285 + Accelero S1 - should I?
Case Fan Recommendations?
Where can I buy small, fanless, cheap, aluminum or copper heatsinks?
The case im getting .. Good for cooling?
Evil Laugh... I've Done It
[Ignore-bad batch of fans]Yate loon saga continues.... dont buy open corner!
Madshrimps Fan Round Up (low noise oriented)
Xigmatek SD964 to SD1823 worth it?
Positive case pressure vs Negative case pressure
What Thermal paste with COPPER HDT heatsink?
Thermal paste question
After replacing heatsink the computer will not boot
Case cooling question?
How do I remove this bracket?
Xigmateks Thors Hammer cpu cooler
A few questions about heatsinks...
Hot hard drives!
Over heating issue/ Laptop
Push-pull and more, Xigmatek S1283
Speedfan or Real Temp
Lets talk about case cooling
New cooler, higher temps...
Whoa! 207c core temp?!?
Will this work?
BEST Cooler for GeCube X1950XT AGP video card
Looking for a fan controller
suspending a rig in oil?
Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Chipset Cooler
Say i was to go back to air
Dont FLAME! IFX-14 or TRUE-120
How important is it?
Will an Ultra 90-A cool a Q6600?
Thermalright 120 Extreme fan upgrade?
Did some testing . .
Cooler Master V10 PWN TEC Cooler + Phenom II 940
Thermalright SI128 + Phenom II 940?
Replacing loud case fan?
i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz Cooler?
Stock Heatsink on Phenom II 940 BE Good?
d3v0 - Zalman VF900 ok for 9800 GTX?
I have some questions about temps/ hardware monitors.
Recommend Thermal Pad?
anyone running a tr120 with a different backplate ? zalman backplate ?
Any Suggestions
Fan help pls
HP laptop fan speed control
Xig HDT-S1283 push-pull
Push-Pull Ram Fan ?
Use 775 cooler for north bridge?
Cooler Master V10 Hybrid TEC Cooler Tested
need cooling suggest
Q8200 Cooling question
Hi all is this any good
80mmx15mm Slient Fan needed
Lapping laptop Cpu??
uhh.. I think something's wrong with my Zalman 9500A
ZeroTherm BTF90
The XIG at Newegg is OoS, so...
Ultra Chilltec Cooler or Tuniq
Yate Loon what ones to buy?
Coolit Eliminator
TRUE temps / unusually high?
Multiple Temps in Systray?
Fan controller unable to bring out full potential of fans?
Northbridge cooling
TRUE 120 Black with Tuniq Backplate?
My first PC build and it's nice & Cool.
Get ready for the "Nano-Fridge"
Special measurement request from Ultima-90 Owners
1 fan vs 4
Kentsfield Q6600 G0 Temps
Enzotech, Xigmatek, etc.
Lots of questions...
Lapped my CPU and now idle temps are up?!
Strange Crashing Issue
CPU fans for i7 ?
Single channel fan controller for 6 fans?
Cooling a ATI 3870
will a true fit on an evga 680i board with the northbridge fan attached?
Heat pipes Direct Touch
will this fan fit with my 9800gt
ASUS Silent Square bracket
RAM Cooling Options?
Best fan for a Scythe Shuriken
What is the best fan?
Antec 900 +AMD 940 help
windows power options for cooling (cpu power management) EFFECTIVE!!!
windows power options for cooling (cpu power management) EFFECTIVE!!!
windows power options for cooling (cpu power management) EFFECTIVE!!!
Most optimal TRUE mounting direction/position?
PWM1 running to hot?
Cooling a Radeon HD4870
Possible Cool to overclock
Can I use the same retention bracket for both coolers?
LGA1366 Bolt-thru kit question
TRUE beater at a lower price?
A nick on my CPU cooler ... can I fix it?
where can i get Xigmatek fans shipped to Aus?
Should I lap my Xigmatek HDT-S1283
Hot GPU?
MOSFET coolers?
Akasa Neo Vortexx results on HD4850
Help with thermal paste
Vertical mounted HSF for LGA 1366
s1366 air cooling choices/selection?
XFX 9800GTX+ stock cooling, high noise
8800GTS (G92)
What kind of cooling do you use poll (2009)
Which Thermal paste to use?
Cooling this setup
Thermal paste question.
best cooling option
ram heasinks for 4580?
CPU Temps
Armor+ LCS & Core i7
Mounting fan on existing heatsink with no mounting points
This is why we lap!
Cooling Problems pls help
Thermalright ULTRA 120 and Intel DP45SG
Asus Silent Square ... AM2??
Fans connected to PSU!
Soldered heatsink?
Nooooooo I broke my Zalman Fan controller.... HELP!
Laptop PCs, and their lack of care...
Accelero xtreme thermal pads
Can anyone identify these things?
tweaking a TRUE
Best monitoring programs
OCZ Vendetta 2+AC Freezer 7 Pro Bolt Thru Mod
Coolermaster V8
TRU120 EXT1366 Cooling
Thermacore Lands DARPA Contract for Heat Sinks
Fan Controller
Nexus 120mm PWM fan?
Is the Tuniq tower 120 still good for silent/mild OC?
good case
PC cooling help - with pics
TRUE 120 Temps
give me some ideas on air.
Radeon 4870 Stock Cooler
Need A New Fan CPU cooler
Swap Zalman 9500 for TRUE?
Thermalright Ultra Copper (vs eXtreme) Navig review
TIM: The Line or the Pea?
Accelero Twin Turbo compatibility
Prime 95 for 4 hours..... thease temps ok??
Lian Li PC-60 and TRUE
Quietest ever home server
What temps are new CPUS rated to, and what do you like to keep yours under?
Quite 80mm Fans
How do you identify a good fan for heatsinks?
what HS do u have on the GPU?
Unable to control fan speeds with EP43-DS3L and speedfan.. Help?