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How do I remove this bracket?
Xigmateks Thors Hammer cpu cooler
A few questions about heatsinks...
Hot hard drives!
Over heating issue/ Laptop
Push-pull and more, Xigmatek S1283
Speedfan or Real Temp
Lets talk about case cooling
New cooler, higher temps...
Whoa! 207c core temp?!?
Will this work?
BEST Cooler for GeCube X1950XT AGP video card
Looking for a fan controller
suspending a rig in oil?
Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Chipset Cooler
Say i was to go back to air
Dont FLAME! IFX-14 or TRUE-120
How important is it?
Will an Ultra 90-A cool a Q6600?
Thermalright 120 Extreme fan upgrade?
Did some testing . .
Cooler Master V10 PWN TEC Cooler + Phenom II 940
Thermalright SI128 + Phenom II 940?
Replacing loud case fan?
i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz Cooler?
Stock Heatsink on Phenom II 940 BE Good?
d3v0 - Zalman VF900 ok for 9800 GTX?
I have some questions about temps/ hardware monitors.
Recommend Thermal Pad?
anyone running a tr120 with a different backplate ? zalman backplate ?
Any Suggestions
Fan help pls
HP laptop fan speed control
Xig HDT-S1283 push-pull
Push-Pull Ram Fan ?
Use 775 cooler for north bridge?
Cooler Master V10 Hybrid TEC Cooler Tested
need cooling suggest
Q8200 Cooling question
Hi all is this any good
80mmx15mm Slient Fan needed
Lapping laptop Cpu??
uhh.. I think something's wrong with my Zalman 9500A
ZeroTherm BTF90
The XIG at Newegg is OoS, so...
Ultra Chilltec Cooler or Tuniq
Yate Loon what ones to buy?
Coolit Eliminator
TRUE temps / unusually high?
Multiple Temps in Systray?
Fan controller unable to bring out full potential of fans?
Northbridge cooling
TRUE 120 Black with Tuniq Backplate?
My first PC build and it's nice & Cool.
Get ready for the "Nano-Fridge"
Special measurement request from Ultima-90 Owners
1 fan vs 4
Kentsfield Q6600 G0 Temps
Enzotech, Xigmatek, etc.
Lots of questions...
Lapped my CPU and now idle temps are up?!
Strange Crashing Issue
CPU fans for i7 ?
Single channel fan controller for 6 fans?
Cooling a ATI 3870
will a true fit on an evga 680i board with the northbridge fan attached?
Heat pipes Direct Touch
will this fan fit with my 9800gt
ASUS Silent Square bracket
RAM Cooling Options?
Best fan for a Scythe Shuriken
What is the best fan?
Antec 900 +AMD 940 help
windows power options for cooling (cpu power management) EFFECTIVE!!!
windows power options for cooling (cpu power management) EFFECTIVE!!!
windows power options for cooling (cpu power management) EFFECTIVE!!!
Most optimal TRUE mounting direction/position?
PWM1 running to hot?
Cooling a Radeon HD4870
Possible Cool to overclock
Can I use the same retention bracket for both coolers?
LGA1366 Bolt-thru kit question
TRUE beater at a lower price?
A nick on my CPU cooler ... can I fix it?
where can i get Xigmatek fans shipped to Aus?
Should I lap my Xigmatek HDT-S1283
Hot GPU?
MOSFET coolers?
Akasa Neo Vortexx results on HD4850
Help with thermal paste
Vertical mounted HSF for LGA 1366
s1366 air cooling choices/selection?
XFX 9800GTX+ stock cooling, high noise
8800GTS (G92)
What kind of cooling do you use poll (2009)
Which Thermal paste to use?
Cooling this setup
Thermal paste question.
best cooling option
ram heasinks for 4580?
CPU Temps
Armor+ LCS & Core i7
Mounting fan on existing heatsink with no mounting points
This is why we lap!
Cooling Problems pls help
Thermalright ULTRA 120 and Intel DP45SG
Asus Silent Square ... AM2??
Fans connected to PSU!
Soldered heatsink?
Nooooooo I broke my Zalman Fan controller.... HELP!
Laptop PCs, and their lack of care...
Accelero xtreme thermal pads
Can anyone identify these things?
tweaking a TRUE
Best monitoring programs
OCZ Vendetta 2+AC Freezer 7 Pro Bolt Thru Mod
Coolermaster V8
TRU120 EXT1366 Cooling
Thermacore Lands DARPA Contract for Heat Sinks
Fan Controller
Nexus 120mm PWM fan?
Is the Tuniq tower 120 still good for silent/mild OC?
good case
PC cooling help - with pics
TRUE 120 Temps
give me some ideas on air.
Radeon 4870 Stock Cooler
Need A New Fan CPU cooler
Swap Zalman 9500 for TRUE?
Thermalright Ultra Copper (vs eXtreme) Navig review
TIM: The Line or the Pea?
Accelero Twin Turbo compatibility
Prime 95 for 4 hours..... thease temps ok??
Lian Li PC-60 and TRUE
Quietest ever home server
What temps are new CPUS rated to, and what do you like to keep yours under?
Quite 80mm Fans
How do you identify a good fan for heatsinks?
what HS do u have on the GPU?
Unable to control fan speeds with EP43-DS3L and speedfan.. Help?
!!Help!! Possible Cooling Problem
Unsure about case airflow
New-Fangled Petroleum based liquid coolant (?)
Arctic Cooling MX-2
what cooler for x1950 pro?
AC7 not doing so well. Mod it?
Thermal paste application
Which produces more heat?
do i need to lap?
Converting molex fan to 3 pin.
best cooling for Q9550?
What cooler for 8800GT?
How do i make my LED glow
ASUS 790FX cooling
good 120mm fans
molex to fan connectors only 2 pins?
Help a tard pick an 1366 heat sink.
E8400 overheating problems
Safe to unplug fan when comp on?
OCing a Phnom X3 8650
Will my computer be able to handle this?
VREG temperature - What is it?
Fan controller set to high, but rpm stay low
no boot no post
Swiftech Apex Ultima water cooling kit.
Anyone heard of a connector like this????
5 degree temp difference between cpuid, speefan & realtemp!
Thermal pads on GTX200 heatsink
lapping questions
Accurate CPU Temp display?
looking for some quiet 80mm
Help to install a 12v case fan
Which one of these coolers is better?
custom cooling a psu
478 Heatsink Retention Kit & Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme
CPU Over heating On windows start up?
I need a good flow, silent, clear fan
My Computer is almost silent...
TJMax, and it's relationship to temperatures.
TRUE bolt down kit.
Overlocking Q9550
Did carbon black TIMs get anywhwere?
Having trouble with fan for HR-05
Good & Cheap replacement CPU fan for P4 S478?
here we go again
Temp report issues
Serious Temp problems
How Much Would A True Help?
How many watts of heat does a XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 cool?
Which one of these retention brackets will work with my cooler
what are dangerously hot temperatures?
Side case fan on antec 300 (wrong section?)
Need 120mm fan 150 CFM +
What should TJ Max be set at?
Need 120mm Red LED Fans
Mounting kit for Xigmatek HDT-S1283?
Ultra Kaze 1000 for CPU cooler?
Whats the diff. between the two AC freezers?
Videocard or mosfet ram sinks?
Fan Controller/Temp Display
Simple push pull attachment solution for TRUE
Thermalright AX-7 on socket AM2???
other sinks for gtx 200 card
Processor cooling
Guide to Skt478 HSF on Skt775 M/B
need some advice on fans
Under Load Temperature Question
Trying to replace fans in a Dell PowerEdge 1900 - need quiet!
Possibly dumb question
Is this an ok cooler for 8800gt
Thermaltake Sonic Tower VS Thermaltake Blue Orb II
Are these Temps ok at IDLE?
RAM sinks for the 260 GTX
Semi-noob advice?
Anyone else have one of these monsters?
Where does the 2 pin plugin form the tuniq 120 controller go?
now i have a spare battle axe
Thermalright HR-03 GTX
Xigmatek S1283 Fan Placement
What Heatsink do you use?
Fan Wiring Question..
Cooler for Q6600
Thoughts on the Tuniq Tower
Need Some Advice
Wow, CPU backplates rule
Finding a CPU Heatsink that will fit this case.
Where to get a color changing case fan?
TRUE-120 Black with WD-40!
Question about my temps
Need to cool some dual side d9's
Where can you put a GPU fan
POST says CPU Fan Fail...Lying???
Need fan controller for 25+ wats per channel
quick question about Zalman vf700cu
In a bit of a pickle
i7 temps x58
No way my cpu is this cold
Questions about Core Contact Freezer Fan Placement
Looking into aftermarket cooling for my HD4850
Hows this for a lap?
mATX System Air Cooling
G power VOLAR
Any One Try The Freezone Elite CPU Cooler
Applying Thermal Paste to Xigmatek HDT 1283?
Are low speed yate loons really quiet?
p5q-e mosfet
Antec 900 and True120
way to hot!!!
I had Arctic Silver 5 In my Freezer For a Year Should I Use It Still?
Need source for 2pin 80mm fan
Fans in Series (CFM/Noise) - any pros here?
Zalman 9500 to Thermaltake HR-01 Plus
3-pin to usb is it possible
Anyone strap a 120x38 to their Tuniq Tower 120? Push/Pull?
looking for new air cooler for q9450
Anyone use Thermalright Mosfet Coolers?
looking for a new air cooler
I have to buy from here, this is what i got.. what do i need>?
whats a good AM cpu cooler for quad core
Noctua fans for TRUE on overclocked i7?
Anyone using an XP90c on 775?
Can Cooler Master Hyper 212 Fit on DG33FB
GA-X58-Extreme & V1 AX - Will work ?
THoughts on this thermal paste?
weight of coolers
what to do with stock coolers?
Upgrading to bolt thru kit.
Stock Heatsinks for Socket A (462) Processors Thermal Compatibilty
Side fan: exhaust or intake
Best thermal paste application method?
new i7 965 Extr Ed. and need cooling...
Yate loon 70cfm UV blue @7V SWiftech dual rad vid
How big should RAM heatsinks be? (8800GT)
How do i check whether my fan is blowing air in the right direction?
Fan placement for Cool Master 690/Lapped TRUE
q9550 lapping questions
High CPU temps at stock speeds
intel 775 stock cooler install question
TRUE or IFX-14
potentially perfect cpu/hs mating
General Thermal Compound Question
??Thermaltake V1 CL-P0401 - Q9550??
Put a XP-120 on a e8400...surprised at the results.
Is such a big difference normal between cpu temp and core temp?
Core i7 LGA 1366: Air vs Water Cooling?
where to plug in and how to control case fans?
Looking for a good LGA 1366 cooler
Weird cooling issues on stock intel HS
Bolt-thru kit for Xigmatek HDT
old airflow article - more fans not always better
Where to buy higher grit wet/dry sandpaper?
Danamics LM10-Review
About lapping.
Kinda disapointed, are you disapointed too?
Zalman or Cooler Master?
PWM Problem, please help!
setup check
Any Other Good Fan Companies?
Temp Sensors
Cleaning Heaetsink
How the heck do you remove Ninja Mini???
fan speed keeps changing automatically
Fan Controllers and PWM Fans
Attention Asus M3A79-T Owners, Vantec FX-120 a no-go
Thermalright Chill factor?
Need last help with 7v modding of my fan
Uneven cooling
How does this cable work?
Silent Blue - My 1st attempt at OC'ing and controlling Air Flow
Bad Mount?
The science of heat pipes.
How are stock AMD coolers?
Best NB/SB Air Cooler
How to do Thermal Paste?
Which TIM to choose out of these?
small form factor build, cooling concerns
Industrial Build
Tuniq vs. Ultra-120E
Something wrong...
Need some expert advice
over heating temps?
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
Need recommendation for red case fans
Best cooler for LGA 1366
Case Fans!
Single slot VGA cooler
**NEEDED** Socket 478 adapter for CoolerMaster Aquagate R80/R120
120x38mm fan on air heatsink (or rad too), shroud *needed*?
Scythe Orochi kicks ass!
Sufficient cooling for X800XT? & NB question
Giant Fans
Nexus FLC-3000
Thermal Paste Expiring?
zalman info needed
170 mm Enough space?
Accelero S1 rev2 passive - just figured I'd share
Best 775 Heatsink/Fan Combos
Heatsink Identification..
Swiftech H20-220-APEX ULTIMA CPU Liquid Cooling Kit w/ Apogee GTZ worth the $$?
Any thoughts on the Thermaltake SpinQ Performance?
Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 CPU Cooler Now Available - LIMITED QUANTITIES!
temp differences
Ultra-120 Extreme fan question
Finally replaced my GPU stock heatsink!
Whats the best orentation for a Xigmatec S1823
To TRUE Copper owners, is it soldered as plain TRUE does ? (Pics inside)
Best chipset cooler? will it make that big a difference
Recommendations for fan controller
The Air is Cooler than the Water.
Anyway to make my 800rpm fan spin at 1200rpm?
i7 coolers that are currently available
Going Passive!!! Advice for CPU cooler?
PCI Intake?
nb temps
T/T Armor+mx Fan placement
cd2 8400 stock cool... is hot
Help with W's & Amps calc 4 ZM-MFC2 please??
Cooling Fluid Additives: Useful vs Gimmick
Crossfire Cooling?
Fan Speeds
Size restricted heatsink choice
Need help picking CPU cooler
Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme 1366 RT
zalman CNPS9500A LED cooling issues?
Xigamatek s1283 fan mounting
Heatsink question
Copper true 120!!!
CM 690 Fan Placement
Cooler for AMD Socket A(462) - Athlon XP 3200+
Just need a thumbs up
Concerns with a TRUE install on a vertical board.
Temperatures A Bit High?
RAM Cooling? Worth it?
Liquid metal air cooler
Help with cooling.
help with s939 mobo and mcx6400 cooler
E8400 temp question.
GPU air cooling worth it?
what are some good red led fans
Zerotherm 1366 Plans
Another lapping success thread!@
these temps ok?
heatsink for i7?
HR-01Plus on Socket AM2
e6750 bad Temps?
HSF for AMD 5600+
what???? speedfan
AS5 of power mosfets?
True 120 resulting in lower vcore?
Good AM2/AM2+ air cooler
Just double checking on my temps
TRUE and a washer trick
Need quieter 120mm fans
I want this shroud!
Dell Cooler
XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 retention bracket
AMD 9550 HOT! Help please.
Intel Core i7 coolers?
CoreTemp for an intel M chip?
Q9450 + XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 still runs hotter than I'd like
low profile coolers
Which Thermalright for Nehalem in 2 weeks please?
Copper Coil liquid cooling idea
My 4850 & HR-03
noob question from a noob
What the ... ?
Does the artic freezer already have arctic silver 5?
computer keeps shutting off
Best Heatsink/fan for mildly overclocked Q9650?
Best Fan/Case Mod I ever did - homemade filter.
Air flow improvements ( Need Advice )
Need final decision for my Q6600.
Q6600 and temp
CoreTemp 0.99.3 is HOT HOT HOT
Double TRU120E and Antec 900 Question!
Dynatron CPU Cooler for Socket 1366
how to use a temp sensor on your nb?
High Pressure Fan For P182
Lockups.. Temps? Volts?
AMD Phenom 9950
Please check my TIM/HS install, I have a question (pics inside).
Is it possible for slack Arctic Silver to drip into a case?
Hot E4500 based system
4850 and ramsinks
Can someone link me to the best thermal compound?
Lapping made easy!
Tec coolers?
Critique my air setup
Hardware Monitors - Incorrect temps.
Ultra VGA heatpipe cooler
will this cooler fit?
Temp Question
Your Opinion of Silenx CPU Coolers
Stay away from Zalman thermal paste
any soft to control my fan speeds?
To Thermalright HR120 Extreme users, can you move it once you scew it down?
Enzotech UMH Unicorn Memory Heatspreader
Looking for a rare and obscured fan in USA
Need Help deciding.
Front drive bay panel
Looking to revise cooling
Who makes the best case fans?
Cable ties for TRUE
where to buy thermal pads?
GPU cooler questions
Socket 1366 TRUE
AC Freezer 7 Pro question
do i need better cooling
Whats the difference between these xigmatech heatsinks
Accelero S2 good enough for 9600GT
Fun multiple processors
Cool Enough?
help removing a glued on heatsink
Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme
Should I switch to water cooling?
Scythe Infinity to Xigmatek SD-1283?
Peltier (TEC) cooling scheme (check pic). Any chance it generates humidity ??
MozartTX DangerDen Build Pictures
adhesive thermal tape/paste
How can I make a temporary contact with a heatpipe?
1 Blower, 2 Rotors... OUTSIDE air pump..
Project "Wind Tunnel" - TJ07 internal ducting modification [lots of pics]
Lower temps all of a sudden = TIM Curing?
ZALMAN 9700 // Q9300 Problems HELP!
HWere can I buy 230mm fans?
Will This Work? [HotAir][ExhaustFan][duct][HS][HSFan][duct][IntakeFan][CoolAir] ???
Has anyone ever gotten good results using a fan duct to direct hot air?
Wanting most CFM for P180
My temps.
Zerotherm Nirvana Vs other heat sinks
Temp Monitoring Software causing Freezes/Artifacts.... Strange.
Suggestions for Quiet Fans
Best socket 775 cooler???
Help with Asus Rampage Formula NB 70c idle help!
Scythe Kama angle
Coollaboratory MetalPad
E8400 and Ultima-90
Help Q6600 NON OC overheating
Can someone explain Lapping for me?
Fan Speed Control
Water Cooling vs Air Cooling
Good Temps for an E8400 with stock cooling?
Phase change with lowest power draw possible?
TJMax for E2180?
Ideas For Changing North Bridge Cooler
What is the Real CFM of Xigmatek HDT-S1283's Stock Fan?
A few simple Xigmatek HDT-S1283 installation questions
Applying Artic Cooling MX-2
Should I lap my q6600 and TR U-120 E?
To much TIM? pic inside
Removing heatsink from CPU