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95* or 100* Tj max for 45nm parts?
Fan/heatshrink suggestion Q6600 & P5Q Pro
Worth upgrading from a Xigmatek HDT-984?
about to pull trigger on VF700alcu for x800 pro
Accelero S1 or ZALMAN GV1000
7 CPU Software Monitors, 7 Different Temps Which one is correct?
Enermax Twister sieries fans???
Liquid Cooling?
I want to use a AC blower fan.......
q9650 heat woes (asus p5e3 deluxe) and arctic cooler 7
maxorb Thermaltake
Millitary switch fan controller
Is it safe to apply AS5 to motherboard's heatsink?
Convert Rheostat/Fan Controller to PWM
Does anyone use LN on a quad?
out door cold air good or bad?
Laptop GPU Heatsink Gap :(
Help-Scythe Ninja Mini Installation-Gateway FX400XL
Recommendations on Quiet to Silent Fan Cooling!?
Worth upgrading to Xigmatek S1283 from Original Big Typhoon?
Thermalright T-Radē
Cooling & ATX Shutdown
Lapping a HDT cooler?
cpu cooler
Sleaving Cable Questions
PowerColor 3850 AGP with Zalman VF1000 and Rialto bridge chip
Heatsink - Help!
Busted AC Freezer Clip
Motherboard CAPS really hot!
mounting brackets for cpu heatsinks
cpu cooling for small rigs?
anyone have silverstone tj-08?
Need help with optimal air flow and gtx 260 heat
Will I need to lap my Tuniq Tower?
Fan Controller Power Rating
Which cores on which dies?
Fan for Xigmatek S-1283
Temps Question
Am i ready for OC?
Cooling parts and fan selection. [urgent]
Looks like it is time for a new HSF .
Does the extra cache in the Q9xxx series make them run hotter?
The Ultimate TRUE revision coming Soon
Di have to use the speed control that came with my zalman fan ?
C2duo cores different temps?
blue orb 2 question
Proper Amount of Thermal Grease?
Vantec stealth - grrrr :mad:
gfx card
North Bridge Help
Air Cooling an EVGA GTX 280...
over heating
Thermal Electric CPU Cooler
Temp & Coolers help.
laping ur stuff.
OCZ unveils Glaciator and Glaciator Max
Is 77 Celcius bad for Core 0?
tuniq tower 120 - artic silver 5 needed?
DIY bolt through kit?? anyone make one?
CM 690 Cooling... Need fan layout suggestions.
E8500 Heat Problem, SOLVED!!
Should I oil my case fan?
Replacement fan for Big Typhoon
Core 0 54 degrees
hot southbridge!!!
Whats better?
any decent NB coolers about for Phenom boards?
So what cooler should I get??
Core Temps on Dual Xeon 5430
Which coolers and fans to get to keep this silent on air?
I really really need help.
What fan controller can handle three Ultra Kaze 3000RPM fans?
any new info on Danamics LM Cooler?
thermal paste, choices choices :s
need CPU heatsink advice pls
Scythe event 2008 Autumn
Ambient temps now over 30°C
Yate Loons
Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler Orientation
happy thermalright 120
Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120mm
found a cool fan
need help on a new project
ghetto ac cooling
Increasing voltage on CPU fan
Help me pick a fan, please. It will not take long.
Ditch the Ultima90?
Need a cooler, availability VERY limited.
Need help chosing a Fan Controller
hi all :)
Sanded down the IHS of a Q6600 to the silicone.
Best Single Slot GPU Heatsink?
Ram too tall for CPU Heatsink, need recommendation
E8500 Temps
Yet another noob cooling question!
Turbine Idea.
Replacement Thermal "PADS"
Blast from the past?
How to install incompatible Accelero S1 Rev2 on HD4850
Good oil to relube fans
how to replace amd fan
DuoOrb Question
using Thermal epoxy on Ram sinks (VGA card)
Need air cooling advice
What is wrong with this cooling setup
Waterblock for HD4870x2 in crossfire
Xigmatek Achilles mounting bracket vs push pins
Help me install two extra system fans.
Overheating problem (I think)
No maintenance cooler?
max q6600 overclock with thermalright 120 extreme ?
New here, need advice
Internal ducting to improve cooling & airflow...anyone try it?
Intel E8400 Running Hot
recommended chipset cooler
Want to cool my case need fan input
[project] Destorying psu for ram sinks
Ram cooling
tweaking my GPU cooling to the ghetto max
defective heatsink?
Evga 8800GS OC with Cooling mods (56K Warning)
E4300 C2D with IHS Removed: Massive Improvements (56K Warning)
Trouble Finding Delta AFB0912HHB
Cpu fan controller broken, anyway to run at full speed?
120mm FAN suggestion
Q6600 safe temps
$15 C/master fan - 90CFM at 19db. bargain?
How to stop Condensation?!
Thermalright 120 vs. Thermalright 120 Extreme
Smaller HSF on a Q9550?
Advice for airflow in my P180
can someone please help
Can a TRUE's adjustable X bracket fit the mounting holes for socket A motherboards?
Scythe Kaze Maru fans. What direction?
ocz vend.2 temps
Is my case setup right?
Stock Cooling on GTX280...?
"Artic Fan" or Scythe S-Flex?
Q6600 and high temperatures
Need Help!
GFXChilla on 4850
Passively cooling an 8600gt
NB Cooler for Asus P53N Deluxe/WiFi?
Case Fan Confusion
XPS H2C Hybrid Liquid Cooling Vs. Thermalright Ultra-120 CPU
liquid cooling
AMD 3800+ SC
TRUE Black-120 need to be lapped?
need advice on this cpu cooler:
2 different temp reading
Zalman CNPS9700LED Cooling Problem
Computer NOISE!!!
Need cooling advice for Q9550
What kind of cooling would be necessary for this system?
Case Fans
ill-behaved program caused CPU to spike to 95C
Cooling the HAF 932
Thermalright HR-03 GTX
Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme now available for purchase
Temperature Monitor for P4
Do I need case fans with my config??
graphics card and CPU cooler ?
Best Cooler to fit in Cosmos S?
OCZ Freeze
E6850 with AS5
Coolermaster GemenII S suitable for O/C?
E8500 @ 50C with TRUE120?
Check my system
Scythe Infinity Question.
Best easy cooling option
690 Cooling Help
Basic cooling principles
Does Fry's have BGA sinks?
thinking of a bong
North Bridge Temps
changing cooler
Vendetta 2 replaces Zalman CNPS 9700 NT
Bending Heatpipes
will the vendetta 2 fit in my case?
ocz freeze??
50 Degree motherboard
My Panaflo 120x38mm Ultra High Speed fans
Need 120mm led fans where and what do i get?
ocz vendetta vs ocz vendetta 2
ASUS Lion Square any good?
need help with cooling an 8800gt...
9800 GX2 cooling
new gaming/HTPC CPU cooler recomendation needed
MX-2 is amazing
Thinking about getting a Thermalright SI-128 for my Q6600, but...
Xigmatek Porter N881 NB Heatsink - PICS
Zerotherm Nirvana question.
Q6600 vs E6600 Stock HSFs
Recommend me a Fan
OCZ vendetta 2?
[E7200]Running Hot
Enermax Magma 120mm fan question
Overheating Help
3 connectors allright?
Best fan for a CPU heatsink! What do you think is the best?
Cooling an AMD X2 5200+ Brisbane
Do the thermal pastes go bad?
What do you think of this
Regular Pc Temperatures ?
Current best air cooler
Where to buy IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound in Australia!!!!!!
Nehalem Cooling
core contact freezer
q6600 Running Hot
CPU fan thru fan controller
What is the lighterst grit I shoud use to lap
What temps does TMPIN0 & TMPIN1 in HWMonitor represent?
Question about Ultima-90
Good cooling for Mid tower
Northbridge safe temperatures
how often do you replace coolant on your H20 cooling system?
Cooling Advice for a Phenom
cooling soultion???
45nm Temp Monitoring
OCZTXTCC cooler + Patriot Vipers?
cooling advice
TRUE fitment on a Gigabyte P35-DS4 Rev 2.1?
Mounting temp probes
New cooler for my northbridge
DFI LT-X48 Cooling
First OC, wondering if temps are ok
8600 gts 71c
ram coolers
sunbeam rheobus
I am a TRUE owner!
Best cooling for 8800GTS(G80)
cleaning HSF.
glass for cheap
Cooling Help
hey guys look at this case made of nothing but fans... my dream has come true
Cooling on a Q6600 quad core
Do I need to try it again?
ifx-14 vrs. true
Undervolting Question
Does this sound right to you?
E7200 temps worse than same-speed P4?!
Tuniq Tower 120 Universal CPU Cooler VS ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 120mm
Asus p5q deluxe good CPU cooling that fits good.
Question about Artic Freezer 7
Does anyone own the Ultra Kaze 3000RPM fans?
CPU Duct vs. Tower cooler
Cooling problem?
8800 gts cooldown?
TJ-08 cooling?
What is the best fan for a Ultima-90
Which of these temps do I go by?
POst reviews links here please, and suggestions!
Recommend a cooler for a delidded Opteron?
Loose fitting TR Ultra-120E
Stupid Question: HSF or Air Duct?
Thermalright HR-03 GT and 4850
Good 92mm fan
ordering from jab tech?
Am I choking my system???
What cpu cooler is best for me
Best cheap quiet cooler?
Cooling the AMD x2 5200+ M2N SLI-Deluxe Mobo
hardmounting a 775 intel stock heatsink
temperature readings
Just ordered a Fan Controller - any tips?
Running different profiles? Whats your setup?
CPU Coolers to choose from.. (the best from them)
Heatsink orientation (Which way is best?)
Black mesh fan filter DIY? Plastic to cover dremel cuts?
Cooling for my CPU
New Supplier List?
Best air Cooling for the 9800GTX+?
OCZ Vendetta vs OCZ Vendetta 2
How much power does the sunbeam rheostat draw?
How true is the TRUE BLACK Ultra-120 (NO 56k)
Which Ultra Kaze?
Arctic Silver 5 'Break In Period'
Socket 754
HR-05 SLI on Gigabyte P35-DS3L?
Best cooling paste/fan/heatsink?
Very high temps while playing crysis!
Dell fan power connections
Are these temps right? Is Coretemp right? Is Abit uGuru right?! Who do i believe?!
Which temp should I believe?
cooling and overheating
First Build... v1.inf
Core temp Vs Real Temp (Which one is more accurate?)
Xigmatek S1283 + E8400 Idling in the 50's :X
Chipset coolers
How to REALLY clean a fan (some may not like this)
Any personal favorite fan controller you have?
installed 120 extreme tonight
Liquid Metal Cooling Heatsink.
Heatsink Advice for First Build
Monitoring New System Temp
Prometeia Mach II GT Tips?
Thermal Compound
Arctic Cooling Accelero S2, truly amazing performance
Lapping.......How Far? (Not 56k Friendly)
Replaced the stock Intel fan with a Zalman 9700
Need a quiet air setup for new upgrade...
Danamics LM10
Best way to cool the northbridge?
Fan Controller question
can i switch?
Corsair Nautilus 500?
Help Me Gain Better Airflow/Cooling in my case!!
Rocketfish + Lian-Li 5.25" bay fan + 2x 4850 w/ S1 Rev. 2
Question about lapping..
tuniq or AC freezer 64 pro?
New fan for Xigmatek hdt-s1283
CPU coolers The best
which nb/sb cooler should i get?
Monitoring Opteron Dual Core CPU Temps
controlling a pwm fan
Non toxic adatives
Please tell me how to properly cool my Q9450 setup
thermal compound questions...
Is this a good temp for idle?
Some advice please
Bolt-Thru questions
I Lapped too much
Have any one order pc accessories from this before www.focalprice.com ?
Lapping my P4
Fan Filter
power Second case fan
Getting high temps after OC. Help?
Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120
Installing my Zalman 8700 on Q9450
Large passive heatsink vs Waterblock for GPU
Northbridge Temps
Accelero Xtreme 8800 GFX cooler: step by step install
BSOD in summer heat:(
Can you help me identify this CPU HSF?
General CPU Cooling advice (C2D E8400)
Just installed my new Ultra 120 extreme
Arctic Freezer 7 Or turniq 120
Zalman 9700 owners - question
AS5 vs. Ceramique for water cooling
Finished first build: Have question
I have an Abit IP35 Pro and I wanna somehow cool the Northbridge
I'm looking for a new quiet yet good airflow case
How to remove a graphics card heatsink? (4870)
Backwards fans
How do I increase CPU fan speed?
removable thermal tape or adhesive?
Water's End?
am i crazy?
Rear fan in NZXT Tempest, intake or exhaust?
790i Aftermarket Cooling - HR-05/HR-09s/SLF-1 - Pics
yes, im insane but please read anyway SLI my fans
Found an old Picture of my Last W/Cing setup
yet another cooling question
Something better than Arctic Freezer 7 Pro?
Alternative to the Black TRUE
Tuniq tower 120 cooler
Quiet 80mm fan
Too High?
Cooling and Noise
Zalman CNPS9700NT and Asus P5Q Deluxe
A64 CPU Stock Heatsink to Cool a GPU?
Accelero S1 Rev. 2 question
Good Fan/heatsink combo for AMD Phenom
SpeedFan Temps question
Could it be cooler
Asus HD3870 heat vented outside
Best TIM for Xigmatek HDT-S983
TIM qeustion
Terrible Temps and Install with a Xigmatec HDT-S1283
Rating my cooling options
Does a Duorb fit on a 790i Board?
Know any great CPU coolers/ heatsinks?
Wiring multiple fans to a rheobus controller
Help With Fan Setup Please!?!
What do you think about this?
New NZXT Fan Controller
How to make a computer run more quietly.
TRUE and dual fan or single fan
New mobo and cpu, high temps with water cooler
High temps on quad core help
[Sleeve bearing yate loons] Which speed for 5v/7v rheobus?
Q6600 w/ Zalman CNPS9700 TOO HOT
New Fan, Old Motherboard
q6600 Lapping Work Log
Thermalright 120 vs. Zalman 9700NT
Help cooling my Q6600, it's too hot
Submerged oil cooling
s775 air cooling solution
Fan modding on OCZ Vanquisher
Maximum temperatures
Core temperatures
Should cooler=less voltage
Antec 1200 from Antec 900? should i do it?
775 Bold through kit for my ninja
sweet i TRUEly have cooling
Help cooling my system
790i Air Cooling Need Suggestions
Enzotech PWM sinks
fan socket for inspiron 8250
Air cooling
GPU fan from GF4 as northbridge fan
I need help mounting my scythe ninja on 775
doubling fans work?
Tension mod on Ultra 120
Keeping the MOBO in?
What can cause a fan not to work?
testing for level surfaces
How much did you underclock for Summer
applying AS5 on lapped C2D and heatsink?
What do you do with your stock HSF
AK-174BKT-B, Akasa Auto Thermal 105cfm fan.
Purdue developing mini phase change unit.
Should I change my fan layout?
New System - Ok?
TRUE 120 or IFX-14??
The new achillies S1284 VERSION 2 (yes its new)
Case or caseless?
Ultra 120 Extreme Fan options?
Dying fan?
lapped 9700
someone show me how to remove this heatsink!!
I have the worst luck with fans
ATI GPU Cooling (X2 veriaty)
Which One?
fan controller
Best cooler that fits inside a Sugo SG02
Current best thermal paste?
whats a good quiet cheap fan?
Pentium d 805 76c and throttles
Air Conditioning your PC
Single slot GPU coolers
Locked Temp Readings?
Anyone tried TRUE-120 + Noctua NF-P12?
CPU Fan/heatsink in Antec 900
NB1C or HR-05, which one is more overkill?
Zalman 9700 is loose?
Pentium heatsinks
FAHDR(Fan assisted hydro domestic relay) Cooling System
Plastic Heatsinks... take a look
anyone ever heard of/seen a fried Core 2 Duo?
Decisions, decisions!
Just installed my Lapped true ith washer mod.
whats the best air fliter?
How to select a heatsink thats right for you...Outdated?
Which of the 2 will be better for my e1200?
Q's to owners of the OCZ XTC RAM cooler
CPU Temperatures?
CPU heatsink cold?
Sleeve Bearing (Yate Loons) Fans Mounted Vertically?
Looking for where to get a TRUE 120
Two different fans on TRUE - How to setup?
140mm fan filter,do they exist?
Thermalright Ultra 120
Mounting a fan.
OCZ Vanquisher result
Good Pair? Yate Loon + Zalman ZM-MFC1 Plus
XP-90 or Blue orb II?
Quad core temp vs dual core
Need case fan suggestions
temporary cooling to see how far I can go before buying aftermarket cooler?
The best Thermal Paste?
Q6600 temperature tomonitor?
OCZ Vanquisher?
Yellow LED Case Fans? Do they exist?
Max OC?
In need of a backing plate for my Xigmatek HDT-SD964...anyone help me find one?
Bigwater 745 vs. Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme
Is the CPU_FAN optional?
NB cooling: Dk X38 [stock] vs. Dk P35 [stock] vs. Dk P35 [fan mod]
What are these temperature listings refering to?
Finally finished my comp build
Vantec spectrum fan card
CPU heatsink suggestions.
If this happened what would you do?
Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 GT?
where to put 80mm fans?
Cooling for my Q6600 B3
Info about rpm sensor on 4 pin pwm fan
Help with attaching fan to Ultra 120 Extreme
Thoughts on Scythe Ultra Kaze fans
Fans Question
warning: ram coolers
780i nb fan
Should my temps be better?
New rig advice
fan help
Case fan help?
In your opinion, what is the BEST thermal grease (paste or T.I.M ) for air cooling?
to all quad core owners....
Ultra Black Aluminus ATX Mid-Tower Case Mod Help