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Panaflo to MOBO
So I have a spare CPU heatsink...
Ultra 120 Extreme Lapping Results
heat sink
mofset cooling on biostar tf570?
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Zalman VF1000, PRACTICAL Review
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Where can i get a 775 backplate???
Question to Panasonic Panaflo fan expert, please jump in !
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TR Ultra 120x & TT Armor VA8003BWS
Has anyone ever heard of..............
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Temp monitor for C2Q and Vista64?
Fan Noise
120 extreme vs Zalman 9700?
reccomendations please?
SpeedFan Flakey Under Vista
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Poor heatsink contact?
Tuniq Tower flakey?
Highest C2D Overclock?
Need a Fan/Heatsink
Is IFX-14 worth the extra $$ over the U120X?
Coollaboratory liquid pro - are people actually using it?
AC5 on laptop GFX memory
Is this normal?
sythe ninja ok on 5200+?
Zalman 9500 in a CM 690?
Can I do this? Pentium III
Fan Controller Knob of Tuniq Tower 120 Too Big for a PCI Slot
Thermalright Ultima 90 **pics*temps**
My Celeron 420 + Gemini II Thread
Proposed Ninja mod for better heatpipe absorption
YEAH! Coolits 30% off trade in! I got a!
Placement of external cpu temp. probe?
Will those 3lb HSF's cause mobo damage in a tower over time?
Cooling on a M2N-SLI board...so AM2
GA-P35-DQ6 v1.0 Q6600 CPU Cooler Recommendation
Temps mysteriously increased... by ALOT
I suspect my case temps are too high
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video card cooling help
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HR-03 + Stock Cooler Idea
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fitting an x1900xt stock cooler on x800xt
Ripples O.O (TR120 Ultra Extreme)
Just ordered a TR Ultima 90
Server fan says its not running
Requested proof of Thermalright quality control issues
CPU cooler to fit GA-P35-DQ6
whats the diff between these!?!?!?
thin 80mm fan
TR Ultra Extreme, should i lap?
High Temps w/ Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme
Looking for easy installation HSF
Thermaltake Ultra 120 extreme on LP NF590?
Yate Loon : Closed or Open
Yate Loon 120mm fans: LED vs. stardard black.
Pieces showing up - have to pick some cooling now!
LED Fans
Nano-lightning cooling. Is it for real?
TR Ultra 120-E
will this fit?
Best athlon Socket A heatsink
Is this fan decent?
lol @ crab cooler
New PC Build **Pics**
Not bad on Air
GPU Temp 58 C to hot??
Emergency makeshift thermal paste?
Thermaltake Hardcano 12 Fan Controller LCD Display Problems
What are you Quad usersing using to cool ? (AIR)
eVGA 680i + 2xUltra SLi air cooling help
Smoke stream to see air flow?
Has ne1 bought the Ultra 120 (Non Extreme) on the basis pf a better mounting bracket?
Zalman CNPS9700 NT or Rosewill RCX-Z775-EX
Looking for a cooler
Anybody use a Scyth Ninja Plus Rev. B with a Gigabyte Skt. 775 mobo?
Best air cooler?
HS for Tforce TF570SLI
First time lapping - Did I mess up?
Is this good, bad or ok?
Fan question....I know, this sounds stupid.
CPU HSF and NB HSF Touching, Problem?
AM Air cooler
Hard Drive Cooling/Silencing
2gig(1x2) Temps Up now at 4gig(1x4)
Q6600 2.4 > 3.0 up to 3.6
Spark plug grease to replace AS5?
Running a thermofan (from a car) on pc case
Cooling help!!!
Thermalright questions
Can these temps be right?
Where do you buy your fans from?
Mounting + cooling 3+ hard drives
Thermal grease Q
I have one of these in the mail
Is there such a thing as a "Fan Hub"?
Fan types
Which case is better?
Sunbeam Rheobus - LED Resistor Mod
3 different programs, 3 different temp readings? Huh?
Looking to replace my Zalman CNPS9500??
typhoon case fans
No control over heatsink fan
Best CPU cooler?
HR05 on asus p5k
Cloth in Crucial ram heatspreaders?
how loud are the high speed loons gona be?
CPU Running Hot After a Move
Cooling questions from a new overclocker
Sunbeam Rheobus - LED Dimming Tips
Laptop heat issues..
Does the Ultra 120 extreme fit in the Antec P160 case?
difference between HR05 and HR05 IFX
X1950XT AGP Replacement Cooler?
Ultra 120 Extreme
Is there a good narrow cooler for an X850XT?
Installing Stock Intel HSF
8800gtx cooling
Thermalright HR-11 review
Replacing a fan on a heatsink
1766CFM @ 1290RPM - WOW!
Best chipset cooler?
Nvidia 680i Chipset fan
Ultra 120 vs Ultra 120 Extreme
Antec spotcool
Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 and Stock Intel HSF speeds
Is 73 C too high.
Variable vain (or pitch) computer fans?
Help me get Opty 165 temps under control
Suggest a fan setup for me please!
Should I replace the Tuniq tower fan?
SilenX 120mm fan noise/airflow ratio, wow
Everest, WinXP, Vista64 and HD temps.....
Tower Heatsink for AM2
DFI HEAT-MINATOR question (yes DFI sell some coolers in retail)
Where to get Yate Loon D12SM-12 In Canada?
Rosewill RCX-Z5-Ultra - Dual 92mm fans
Quiet OC: GA-P35-DS3L, NB heat issue?
Are you better off running high speed or mid speed YLs in the ~1300RPM range?
Re-mounting HSF - Two Newb Questions
OCF *nonoffical* Air cooling gallery
Fan with TR Ultra 120
Seeking good heatsink for my board
GPU idle at 39, load at 88
temperature monitoring?
Does Anyone NOT Use AS5
Thermalright's new memory coolers! HR-07 Duo
IFX-14, Ultra-120A or Ultra-120 extreme
Using a Temp Probe for CPU Fan
HR-03 vs VF-900
Tuniq Tower 120 stock fan and Motherboard fan control
Reccomend me a good RAM cooling solution
Fan comtroller vs MB fan control
Low fan RPM
Thermaltake CL-P0401 or Rosewill RCX-Z5 92mm
Where to get 92x92x15/20mm fans?
PWM cooling on a DFI 680i motherboard.
MY CPU temp is higher than my core temps in Everest and in CoreTemp (AMD X2 4400+)
Quiet Fasco motor?
Case Cooling
120mm with 4 pin (not molex) plug?
Another HR-03 Question
Cheepo HSF
Need Hard Drive Advice
Need silent cooling, help, puppies are dieing!!!
Noctua 120mm Ultra Quiet Fan?
Question for TR Ultra 120 Extreme "AND" Tuniq Tower 120 Owners
does anyone else LIKE fan noise?
Cooling enclosed area
Really high temps!!!
Is the truth being told about temps ?
Ultra-120 Moves after mounting
I'm having some trouble understanding where all my case fans plug in
CPU fan mounting direction?
FPS greatly affected b/c of heat?
I need a new heatsink
My temps safe?
new thermal paste = bad temperatures
500MHz Celeron - Want Passive Cooling
looking for good 120mm fans
Looking for something to keep this cool
This is a very newbie question but I must ask
Cooling Advice for a Q6600
Are these temperatures ok?
Taming the 8800GTS?!
Power boost on initial startup for fan?
Packing on thermalright heatsinks
Toshiba Laptop 100c Loaded!
Pressure vs Aerodynamics question
Attaching RAMsinks...need a creative solution
Panaflo noise question
Fan suggestion for Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme
Anyone have the Thermalright Ultima-90? It seems pretty good.
Looking For a good Heatsink
-How do you orient your Heatsink fan
NF680i Chipset at 80 degrees! What's wrong?
How hot does the G0 Q6600 get?
Heat problems :(
Opinions on the Zalman CNPS9500?
7800gtx heatpipe Thermal Compound
Southbridge cooler for 680i Board, help needed.
Need opinions on HSF
Has anyone upgraded from a XP-120, and been happy w/ the results?
Which HSF to get for e6750?
P5kc NB thermal compound
Thermalright Ultima 90
Fan needed on thermalright HR-03?
bracket screw size
120 xtreme orientation
Replacing Fan on AC Freezer 64 Pro
best heatsink to fit my case
Fan controller?
8800 Ultra Temps (fan speed?)
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme
A QUIET yet effective Heatsink for Q6600 G0
My Lapping : Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme
Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme
4 Comair Rotron A/C Falcons plugged into powerstrip plugged into a single variac???
Termaltake Air VS Water
Do I need a cooling upgrade?
Question about Thermalright XP 120
What would you do to make this case Quiet As Possible?
lapping e6420 on watercooling
thermalright 120 extreme Vs Arctic freezer 64
775 backing plate
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu to Vantec NXP-301 fan ctlr, not Fanmate2 for HSF rpm!?
CM Centurion 5 Caseflow planning (again)
best thermalright air cooled
Lapping a tuniq
120mm FAN or Air Duct?
Is my stock HSF still seated improperly?
Evga 680i + Lianli v1000 + Asus Silent Knight
Case cooling options
heard of this stuff?
Zalman MFC2 and Antec 900 trouble
refrigerated cooling question
What model is this fan/heatsink?
cup of tea anyone? -GPU
Air Cooling Reccomendation for 7800GTX
Near silent 80mm fans?
Cooling Questions (New GFX Card)
Xbox 360 Cooling help!
Push Pull Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme on Q6600 B3
As passive as possible?
Case fan rubber anti-vibration screws
Choosing the right fan in 2 simple steps
usb fans controller
thinking of getting thermalright 120 ultra extreme :)
Need advice on thermalright ultra 90
any other heatsinks besides thermalright 120 extreme?
10c difference between 2 cores
What Fan controller can handle this delta?
Will this heatsink work?
Quite effective fan
Zalman ZM-MFC2
Ultra 120 Extreme Installation
Serious Q6600 Overheating!! Please help!
low priced,quiet,low profile,60mm cpu fans??
Water vs. Air
new build....
Case Fans
Cable tidy cooling mission pics inside 8c temp drop
Toledo 4400+ Why is CPU Temp higher than my Core temps?!? Please explain. :)
Cooling decision??
any news on accelero extreme?
Ultra 120 E Are these temps normal on my Oc'd E6300 56K death
Looking for fan clips for Ultra 120 Extreme
Intel Q6600 Quad Core Socket 775 Cooling Solution
temp monitor
Zalamn7000 in P35mobo:Reaper HPC fit?, Ocing E6750 ~33%
Theramltake Beetle
Overheating issues...
STFU computer! Case fans and noise.
Case fans not staying on
Heat Issues with eVGA 680I??
Read this if you're getting Tuniq Tower
Need to pick out 2 cheap fans before tommorrow
CNPS 9500 skt 775 adapter....
Core Temp is either wrong, or I have a huge issue on my hands.
simple airflow question
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Questions
TT120 tuniq paste
chipset fan solution / ultra-d
Need to replace p180 stock fans..
When a geek get use of an IR camera..
Worried about temps...
northbridge cooler help?
A lil' help diagnosing my heat problem..
Fan for a Ultima 90
coolant to get...
powering the PSU
Temps going crazy!
Is my AS5 bad?
how to put thermal paste on a cpu w/ heatspreader?
enzotech ultra x fan
best low profile heatsink
eVGA 680i CPU fan issue
Ultra 120 Extreme Fan Recommendation??
The smell of BURNING
Thermalright HR-11 GPU sink
Cooling for a 2900XT
q6600 fan major problems
What is the best 2U socket 775 cooler
New thermoelectric Cooled Q6600 (B3) + Water chiller + Custom Case
Zalman VF1000 out! Guinea Pig Here...
Applying Arctic Cooling MX-2
Questions about cooling my case??
Blower Redux
CPU cooler to s939
To all A7N8x-e Deluxe, 2800+ barton users
OC's on a NV Silencer 5
hdd watercooling
What is a good high-quality PC tool-kit?
List your cpu cooling on MSI K7D
making acrylic case by hand, need best suggestions (help!)
Need Help Urgently!
10 Delta 130 CFM fans for $40.00
Rubbing alcohol in water cooling?
Rosewill 500w....why is it bad??
XP-90's @ Xoxide For $26.25!!!
How many computers have you built?
Never OC'd, Wondering about a watercooling case
how to reduce 12v to 9-10v
Old PC beats Macintosh G5 in new benchmark
HorseCrap Customer Service!!!
budget water cooling
Reaching -C
waterblock fins or pins
ocForums Running Slow/Freezing????
$28 heatpipe coolermaster at svc
Need Some Help Please !
Got my sys and want to show it off
1st time watercooling.
Ever seen a block like this B4?
found this
iTunes visualizer - Insane Stress Test or No?
Here comes the water!
Prometeia Mach II GT X 3 The SUB ZERO Project
watercooling idea
My monitor just broke...
Hurricane Rita Casualty?
Is WaterCooling Worth The Trouble
12v Chiller (Advice/Example)
Now its quiet PSU's
Swiftech Storm - Worth it?
program that stops cpu load going above x%
What entry level watercooling kit for my A64 S939?
Liquid Routing Help?
Is my pump too powerfull?
A few watercooling related questions???
Can I install a triple...........
To Watercool or not....
Good Watercooling Temperatures
My first watercooling rig!!
Help OCing my P4
minimum CFM rated fans for BIX2
need psu advice
Pcie Bus
Danger Den Liquid Cooling
Benchmark INVITATION: Sciencemark 2.0 > need more benchers!
OCForums needs galleries!
This is what I want for my upgrade 2 vista...
Push/pull set up.
A7V333 and 3 sticks of ram!
rheostat knobs
my very first attempt at casemod
Pics of my dirt cheap blocks
folding ???
What heatsink is best for a 2.26b processor?
Suck or blow?
URGENT - > Windows XP Users..
Conductive Greese or Silver Laquer?
Turning a Temp. controlled PSU into manually controlled?
maximum limits of overclocking
A source for copper and aluminum locally
Gap Filler Question
Rounded cables all the same?(copper braided)
Cheapest LED Fans...Where?
Antec case for Water Cooling?
PICS of my awsome water cooling system (and rig)
At last cool & quiet on air
CPU Temp Programs
MBM5 or Bios?
Explain different types of airflows...
Swiftech MCX478
dust proofing
Huh!? What the HECK!
Clear case, better cooling?
Sufficient Heatsink?
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Vapochill Mod (remove heat pads)
swiftech waterblock experience
WOW...temps are down 10 degrees already
Need a heatsink quick!
PICS! Of my water
Best P4 Cooler
j/w what a good temp is for a cpu and a mo bo?
MBM5 and TT Active Memory
anyone replace KT3 ULTRA HSF on northbridge? I need to!
i dont know what the problem is....
Do Asus boards really read higher?
Finally started building my blocks
Which is the best waterblock?
Problem with thermaltake volcano 7 HSF
Ghetto case cooling...
Pelting the C3
Would a Crorb be better then the 9700 stock cooling?
Best 120mm Fan ?
Check this cpu fan out. (pic)
hows this
Best heatsink/fan for P4 2.53
-MAX478 compatible with ASUS P4T533 ??
How to mod fan voltage?
i need help please
Not sure where to post? 3pin molex connectors
need advice on hsf
NewEgg bargain cooler?
Wow... thats odd...
2 CPUs - 8 different temps!!??!?
Can/Should I under volt my MB
Will this cooling solution work?
Need advice on case kooling (koolance)
quietest 120mm fan
Water block shootout with the big dogs!!
Info on Spir@l problem with Poly Top cracking
H2O Cooler Users Here.
sk6 with weak fan?
READ READ There are much better stuff for heatsinks than copper!!
OC help
peltier setup
I need a severe lesson in Peltiers.
Things needed before setting up Prometeia?
Hoot ! 1/5 divisor question ?
Mr. Natural Bios
How to make a 486 run at almost 9000MHZ
Is my design feasible?
Any OC.com Member make waterblocks?
Some questions
Anyone heard of this watercooling company?
Help filling Swifty H2O-8500
Eheim 1048. Good deal or ?
Watercooled, cannot overclock 1%
watercooling help
PSU reccomendation
distilled water in contact with air
120 mm noise
Links needed ->science project
Water Cooling ??? Price ???
cheap watercooling
Radiator suggestions?
Water cooling NOT HELPING?
Prometeia Problems
Rip Ttgi 520 Watt
Arctic Silver III thermal compound, TWO 80mm case fans for $8
Actualy Increasing CPU Speed
Rubber Foam = Silence?
Which MB with nForce2 Ultra 400
will PCI Express change the ATX form factor?